Da dadada dadada

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2023.03.25 11:24 eunderscore What's the name of that old music bed that's now the stereotype test card tune?

Be came an ubiquitous meme tune in programmes where, say, in a comedy show footage was sped up and they needed some music to cover it, but they used this track because it's gentle, like hold music.
Played on an electric piano, maybe even a xylophone or marimba or something.
Goes daa dada dumm dadada daa da dumm, de de dee dumb da dumm
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2023.03.25 09:48 toxictrappermain Thoughts about JoJolion's big bad as a fighting game character?

So I recently finished Part 8 and at first, I thought to myself "Wow, a lot of these stands would be nearly impossible to add to a fighting game roster, especially Wonder of U". At the time, I couldn't really think of a way to do it that wouldn't either be completely infuriating to play against and/or boring to play as. I've come around a bit, although you'd still need to nerf him to hell and back, but thats a pretty small cost. I think his move set could be made a lot more useful just by including Obladi Oblada and Dododo De Dadada. Wonder of U also has some pretty nasty looking blades on its arms that never get to see any use, which could be used in its basic attacks.
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2023.03.23 09:51 RepulsiveAd6989 Beast is really cool to be added but i feel like it was really low effort

The transformation doesn’t even use an appropriate voice effect, my namekian says “dadada” when he transforms, the mission took like 30 but it was still neat, and the transformation animation looks a little underwhelming, still really nice to have though and i like the unique combo but i think the hair looks a little to whack to use on my saiyan
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2023.03.23 02:36 SwitchbackV2 Whats that song that goes BUMP BUMP badadada dadada dadada

i think it has someone saying So Freeee! at some point and its like electronic style music but not super edm. Maybe more like house music, I commented a clip of me humming it.
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2023.03.22 17:18 drcaliflax The moans and groans - when will they stop?

Our daughter is 14 months old and is developing in all the right ways. She is in a phase where she is super observant and wants to tell you about everything she sees, wants and experiences. But since she can't talk, everything comes out in moaning and groaning, incessantly from sun up to sun down. It is absolutely grating and expedites a day already full of exhaustion.
Other kids her age seem to at least try to articulate what they want. And when she plays or is otherwise being social, she will happily babble with her "dadadas" and "bababas" etc. But when it comes to observation, wants and needs, it's the moany groanies.
We happily talk back and tell her what she's looking at, or what food she is eating, etc. And she is very responsive to it (albeit in a groan or grunt of affirmation). I'm just so tired and on some days even concerned, and I guess I'm looking to hear this is normal, and how long this phase may have lasted for others.
If nothing else, thanks for letting me vent on this. This group is great and I visit it often. Appreciate you all for the stories and wisdom you share.
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2023.03.17 19:22 Fox-427 In The Bed

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2023.03.17 19:19 Fox-427 In the bed.

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2023.03.16 08:22 n0l1ge Its the final countdown (dum dum, dudududum, dadada dadadada)

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2023.03.15 19:17 skot2k6 what classical song goes: DAH. DAh. Dah. dah

EDIT: SOLVED... and here's a 9yo playing the song bettee than I could even hum it incase anyone's interested.
The capitals signify a higher pitch.
It's faster paced and lively
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2023.03.10 00:21 halapert The sub where people post things like “what’s the song that goes du du dadada di do” and ppl try to ID the song?

I feel like there’s a sub for this!
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2023.03.08 08:44 Spare_Ring_4843 Can’t find a song I heard

SOLVED: mercury by ghostemane!!
So I’m 99% sure it was a $uicideboy$ song and I’m pretty sure it’s a scrim line but the only lyric I can remember is what sounded like “but I know I’m not” in that deep gravely voice. And this makes no sense but it goes ~dadada dadada but I know I’m not. Dadada dadada dadadadada~ It’s at a break in the song like a bridge and the song is similar to materialism as a means to an end. You can probably tell I’m desperate…this one part has been stuck in my head for weeks and I can’t find it. Edit: I just got done skipping through all sb songs and couldn’t find it so I either have the artist wrong or I missed it.
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2023.03.07 06:55 cabell622 Expressive language delay, super worried

I have a 15 month old son and he recently had his 15 month appointment. I told the Ped that he doesn’t say many words, babbles dadada, mommamomma, sometimes says cookie. He gets frustrated sometimes because he can’t express what he wants to do or express that he’s upset I won’t let him crawl up the stairs for example. He doesn’t have a lot of gestures, maybe 3, claps his hands, tries to blow and kiss and maybe will attempt a wave here and there. He doesn’t point but makes great eye contact, responds to his name, runs straight to us when we say come here or come to mommy/daddy. His receptive langue seems great. He’s affectionate, social but also will do his own thing. She said he has an expressive language delay and of course I know that’s big with autism so now of course I’m worrying and watching every single thing he does. I guess I’m just looking for some advice and some stories where your little one has had an expressive language delay and it didn’t turn out to be autism. We have an eval with infants and toddlers program at 16 months old so we’ll see what they say but again I’m just trying to get some advice. Thanks!
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2023.03.06 22:40 Hallucinogenic_Bread Anyone else have a babbling tic?

Ive noticed for the past week or so ive picked up a new tic. Sometimes i say whole words, but most of the time it’s gibberish like “ratatata” or “dadada”. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this..
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2023.03.04 20:06 junovyn Whats this song?

These could be completely different songs but I believe it starts with some like Yeah, ba da dadada dum and says in another part wait, let me… something
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2023.02.26 18:11 bigneega3000 r/shitposting sings my singing monsters

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2023.02.24 20:44 kyool_ Da-da-dadada-dada circus,

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2023.02.23 22:37 ThatBuriedFriend [TOMT] Random indie folk/pop song with female singer I heard in 2019/2020

I'm probably not gonna be much help with the clues but it was a random indie folk-pop song I heard a LONG time ago on a stream (Ster's stream) in a playlist. It had a woman singing (sounded like she may have been from a European country since she had a slight accent). She had a higher pitched voice (sounded sort of like Aurora but it wasn't her) and all I can remember about it was during the chorus, she would howl in the background like a wolf (she would go awwoooooo after the first line of the chorus).
The song is mid tempo to my recollection and the melody is something like duhdadada duh dadada or something like that.
I believe the song may have had "red" in the title somewhere. I thought it was "red balloon", but none of the songs I searched was it.
I used to have it on my Spotify playlist but accidentally deleted it and now I can't find it anywhere. It's literally the only song I cannot remember the name or artist name of. Hopefully someone can come close to finding it because it's driving me crazy.
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2023.02.22 18:15 thenguyener2 [TOMT][Song]Song title for movie outro

I’ve been turning to think of this song that I think might have been a movie outro. It’s a male singer saying “la ladadada la dadada lala lala ladida” or something similar.
I can’t put together if there’s a saxophone as well or I’m just getting in my head.
I got reminded by a Depeche Mode song so it kinda sounds like him I think.
Link to Depeche Mode song- https://youtu.be/aOt0bUAzqD4
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2023.02.19 10:20 21AfterTheFall Is this the right place for me?

I had an extremely rare brain infection in August ‘22. I was found unconscious at my home and rushed to the hospital via MedFlight. They did a craniectomy, put me on a ton of antibiotics. I was Unconscious for 8 days.
When I woke I had hemiparalysis on my right side and couldn’t communicate, all I could say for 3 weeks was “dadada.” I was in the hospital nearly 3 months.
My speech is still getting better but my reading is the same. I’ve been in therapy since September for my arm and leg and speech.
I’m at home now, but far from over. I’m going for a second surgery within the next few weeks. This one is to remove some cysts from my head and biopsy them. It’s predicted I’ll have my cranioplasty in May.
Just looking for somewhere that I belong..
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2023.02.19 03:50 RemarkablyIntresting [TOMT] [classical music] background music used in this YouTube video

Shazam couldn’t pick up on it due to the talking over it, but it’s very popular so I hope one of you knows it.
It goes da-dada-dadada-bird chirping imitation.
Here’s the video. It starts at the 2 minute mark
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2023.02.15 10:51 OrneryAd2578 [tomt][song][1990s-200s]Song that starts w a guitar and it goes da-dadada da-dadada

I wanna say 90s? But im not sure? here a voca tho
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2023.02.14 21:32 gemziiexxxxxp Hey, I need help finding a song. I’m pretty sure it’s a kpop boy group

The only thing I remember is, it goes
“Da-da-da-dadada da-da Circus” a couple times. With the well known circus tune
I might be wrong too. If anyone knows what it is, pls help.
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