Batwoman and catwoman kiss

Stephanie Brown: Greatest Comic Book Character Ever

2013.10.15 01:39 harris5 Stephanie Brown: Greatest Comic Book Character Ever

A subreddit celebrating Stephanie Brown, the Spoiler, also Robin and Batgirl.

2013.11.04 03:49 Sanomaly Anything that has to do with DC's The New 52

In September of 2011, DC Comics cancelled its entire line of monthly comic books. This included series' such as Action Comics which had been churning out issues for over 75 years. DC then completely rebooted and relaunched 52 different comic book series', calling it The New 52. This subreddit is for people to discuss and post about anything and everything related to The New 52.

2023.03.26 10:10 supergoose2446 I’m in a gay relationship and a friend just tried to make a move on me after I made clear boundaries

So a guy I spoke to years ago randomly messaged me a few weeks ago, we had a catch-up but very early on in the conversation I made it very clear I was seeing someone to set boundaries. I was only looking for it to be a friendship.
We hung out last night and decided to get some food, afterwards he asked if I wanted to come back to his and I agreed. We had a glass of wine and watched some TV, when we were chilling he tried to make a move on me and kiss me.
I pulled back and said to him no. I’m seeing someone and I’m not gonna do any of this. He apologised and I stayed for a bit longer and explained I’m only after friends. I felt so uncomfortable I did end up leaving in the end, he kept saying I was welcome to stay for the night but I refused.
I feel violated and I feel like I’ve cheated in a way? I just feel bad for myself and my boyfriend and don’t know how to move forward from it.
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2023.03.26 10:08 Flomsy Why I am Muse.

Let’s start with that Matt was definitely singing to me in I Belong To You. Because he sang to me, he also confirmed that I’m his Muse. But here’s the problem, I’m only his Muse. So, we have to look at another song called Crying Shame. There was sung “we were kissing gods” (and because Matt is always singing to ME) that means that i and Matt were kissing while we were gods, so i’m Matt’s Muse and a God. Gods are EVERYONE’S father, so I’m therefore also EVERYONE’S Muse.
Conclusion: I am Muse
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2023.03.26 10:08 ThrowRA-230422 (30f)(33m) what do I do?

Me and my bf of almost a year had a tough conversation this morning. About how stuff is not going well and we need to talk more.. yesterday we were together but the whole evening in separate rooms. I thought he needed space so I let him. But this morning he gets out of bed without saying anything or even giving a kiss or something so I’m like what’s going on? He’s like we need to get to know each other more and talk more about stuff that bothers us. We didn’t really finish the conversation as he had to leave for an appointment. Now I’m left behind here and I feel like I haven’t said all I wanna say. Do I just stay here and wait for him to come back or go home and see what happens? I really don’t feel great right now about it all and I do wanna address my feelings today. Or just go home and see whatever.
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I came three times that night. I’d actually stolen an old margarine container and put my own stash of Vaseline in my bedside drawer. The third time, especially, was the beautiful agony you hear about. There wasn’t much cum left in me by then, but I kept myself on the edge for about an hour before that final load dribbled out.
"Almost done," I reply, kinda down.
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My sister Carmen was crying at that point and so too was I. For 5 minutes we consoled each other. I held my older sister in my arms as she rested her head on me. I kissed her forehead gently and then she raised her head up to the sparkling discolored sky. "Is there anything you wish you had done Josh?"
“I’m okay.”
"Christie, can I put it inside you?"
Jane continued to talk to Edith “They are certainly good looking boys and that was a lovely experience, how on earth did you manage not to come yourself?”
"I just got a call from the police to inform me your father is dead," she said. He could hear the tears in her voice and her voice caught in her throat with a sob when she said 'dead'.
I said nothing but drew back the blankets to invite her into my bed which she wasted no time sliding in closely beside me. Replacing the blankets and taking her tightly into my arms, I kissed her deeply to show her how much I was enjoying finally having her in bed with me.
“I would think that you still have left, but I don’t, that is why I’m running away”
“Until I ask you to stop. You will stop when I ask you to, won’t you?”
Finally, she lowered her hand down his chest, across his belly, and began swirling around his belly button with her fingers, teasing him. It wasn’t quite enough to start turning him on yet, as he was still in his cuddling mindset, but she started moving her hand just inside the top of his pants, and that quickly brought him into a much warmer mindset.
“Will you be my girlfriend?” Nick asked.
“Haven’t you had enough Ashley?”
“Look son” he began in a deep gruff voice. “I could easily pull you both down to the station and book you.”
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“I know” I smiled. “Thanks to you”
I looked down, and to my shock, my hardon was outside my shorts. It had raised the material, now it was outside, standing straight up. Before I could react, I felt two hard nipples being pressed into my back, as Mrs. Davis's hands reached around me, on each side. One hand pressed into my stomach, while the other suddenly sent sparks through my throbbing erection. "What is this, young man, you seem to have something sticking out, down here." Mrs. Davis, whispering those words into my ear, made my hormones go crazy. I forgot what I had promised myself.
“What it do, girl?”
I couldn’t help but smirk when I saw their fridge. They had one of those rich suburban family fridges with the water tap in it. I quickly found a glass and helped myself to their water, opting for the ‘cool’ tap, since the fridge was kind enough to ask. Unfortunately, I nearly choked on it when someone turned the corner.
One of the girls whispers to the others, "I bet she's playing with herself again."
“Why is he looking at me?”
She did as I asked but still trying to talk me out of what I had planned as she sat first on the bed and just lay back with her legs hanging over the edge. She kept her legs closed.
Almost immediately I dropped off to sleep. A sleep that was deep and dreamless. In the morning I woke clear headed and rested. I showered to freshen up before going down stairs. I still wore the oversized black t-shirt but with nothing else.
Adam - oh god that spot i think I feel it.
"Actually, I don't think I do. No," she answers. As a response, some of the tension in Daniel's body goes away. Chloe can feel it.
Samantha yelled after us, “Have fun!”
"Oh, yeah. That's it," Freddy unintentionally remarked to himself under his breath, accidentally dropping his outwardly-stern demeanor for just a moment, as his fingers felt Bea's already-moist pussy crack become noticeably wetter. And he was proud of himself, because he realized that he had just caused Bea to orgasm. And that was something that he had never done to a girl before, although he had read several books that had described in detail how girls masturbate. Freddy also breathed a big sigh or relief, because he knew that Bea most likely wasn't going to do anything from this point onward to try to stop him from having sex with her.
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Rick leant over her and kissed her, savored his sister’s kiss as the clean scent of her hair filled his nostrils. She was passionate like her mother and her body writhed as his tongue explored her mouth. His kisses flowed like warm water over her throat as he sucked and licked her soft skin. His lips slowly explored her bare shoulders, licking each pore on his way to lightly lick around her perfectly formed breasts as her chest lifted, hands holding him lightly to her body as his tongue tip circled her nipples, breath wafting over them like a warm summer breeze, kissing them with its gentle touch as they throbbed stiffly erect. She moaned her disappointment as his laving caresses moved lower, tongue laving flatly along her rib cage til her stomach sucked in as he licked her there. Her skin felt so soft against his cheek as he lay his face upon her and savored the scent of her arousement. Rick felt an intense love for his sister as his head lay upon her while listening to the rapid beat of her heart. Her warmth warmed him inside as her arousement scent intoxicated and drove his mouthing lower on her groin. How many times had he imagined doing this as he stroked his dick, never for a second believing his sister would want him to in real life. Now here she was writhing beneath his touches and gentle kisses. His tongue explored the gentle valleys of her groin and thighs, licking slowly along each of them until his lips sucked at the soft skin above the throbbing, tautly swollen torment she felt. He wanted to just ram his dick in her and fuck her hard and relieve his own tormented need deep inside her. But this was his little sis and he needed to savor every inch of her in case it never happened again. He wanted to commit to memory every pore of her body, its taste and feel beneath his fingertips and his tongue. He sucked at the skin surrounding her intense need, sucked hard directly beside it as her moans became desperate. He watched her clit swell and grow until it throbbed visibly beneath the breath he blew over it.
Jenny’s smile did not waver. “Come on, just one picture.”
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I was confused so I picked up my clothes and threw them on and walked quickly out of the room. I liked having sex with him, but I felt like he didn't like it. The rest of the night I felt so awkward and used. At the same time I felt accomplished and excited. Kayla always treated me like a little kid and thought she was better than me, but I had sex before her. He was so cute and nice, but now he seemed like he hated me. I didn't know how to feel so I slept.
“I'm sorry.” He pulled her to her feet and hugged her. "I wasn't thinking. I should have warned you or—"
“Well, I… Morgan huffed. “Yeah, I’ve gotten blueballed like seven times tonight. Sue me.”
Me: So…are you going to want a ride with us this morning?
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2023.03.26 10:04 yanchiminie Confessed my feelings and it went well but not sure what’s next

I’ve met a girl from Bumble BFF since 4 months ago and we’ve been spending time together a lot. From the first time we met, I knew that I really like her and I am head over heels with this girl 🥺
We both just got our of a long term relationship a couple of months ago. During one of our conversations, she told me her first relationship was with a woman, it was toxic and that girl cheated on her and she kind of got traumatized and realized that she’s only interested in men romantically. So I tried to switch off my feelings but it grew stronger everytime.
Last night, we were drunk and she felt like I wanted to say something. I confessed my feelings for her and she told me she knew for a while now and I was soo obvious. I told her that I wasn’t planning to tell her because I knew about her gender preference but she said there are “exemptions” and said we could try dating and see how it goes. We made out a lot after and she held my face and kissed me and was holding my hand the whole night. 🥰
Before we go home, she asked me If I couldnt’t see her only as a friend right now, I said no and I told her I think we should stop hanging out so I can get over my feelings If she doesn’t feel the same way but she said that we should keep communicating. Then we hugged and parted ways
A day passed already and we haven’t talked about what happened. Should I ask her how she feels about it? Are we now dating? Should I ask her to have a talk?
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2023.03.26 10:04 Ok-Anybody1132 My [27F] boyfriends [27M] breath is extremely bad, advice?

Disclaimer: My bf has a rare throat disease that causes bad breath!!! I am fully aware of this and accept it. I know he will never not have bad breath. However…
He doesn’t properly take care of his mouth either. He never flosses, he denies tonsil stones exist despite the smell of them being strongly on his breath, and doesn’t brush his teeth daily. I find poor dental hygiene in a relationship to be unacceptable. But because he has a disability that makes it worse, I have a hard time being stern about this, yet you’d think if he is already predisposed to bad breath, that he’d take care of his mouth… I also think a simple mouthwash before kissing (without needing to be asked) can go a long way. He’s prone to bad breath with his disease, but that doesn’t mean he can never not have good breath if he tried. It also doesn’t help that I have an extremely sensitive nose.
Im more than willing to look past the bad breath which he cannot help, but he doesn’t even take steps to make it better. And it’s so bad that I cannot even face his direction in the morning or night before brushing without wanting to puke.
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2023.03.26 10:02 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 57

Early upload cuz work. Sorry for the cliff
First Prev Next Royal Road
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pan looked between Joseph and Tel as the grey-furred female maintained her hold on him, The Human stilling his lungs with expectations for the worst in mind, Tel’s taste still lingering. The baited breath by most of the two couches stagnated the air as even Violet paused her scratching to pay attention.
“Our promise?” She asked him with a tip of her ear, though her tone remained inquisitive rather than scornful.
“Fulfilled.” Tel answered in his stead, her voice carrying a taunting cadence as she glanced between the two. “Or i would assume, based on the scent on both of you.”
Joseph’s cheeks flushed in time with Pan’s, him forgetting again just how sharp their noses were. “No hiding that one, huh?”
Tel released him a smug look on her face as she seemingly enjoyed the wide eyes watching the exchange. “From some? Perhaps. Me?” She leaned forward to nip as his ear, her claw lightly falling down from his chest. “I know the scent of my male to its finest.”
He swallowed back his unwanted reaction, his reason retained due to the company and Pan’s paw resting in his hand. Harrow raised her own, speaking when Joseph cautiously raised a brow in her direction.
“So... Did you bed Tel or Pan first?”
He blinked, inhaling to respond but finding words impossible to form due to the brazen and unexpected question. Jax chuckled as he smirked at his mate. “As i have said, I have won our bet.”
Harrow kicked back at him, though her shorter legs meant that she almost fell off the couch to achieve the retaliation. “You haven’t won until we know for sure.”
“There is little doubt.”
“You don’t know yet!”
Joseph shut is eyes forcefully, the interaction sapping his resolve for the moment. “What was the bet?”
“Jax bet that you would bed Tel first. I said that you would wait for Pan.”
He pinched the bridge of his nose, happy for the distraction, though wishing it departed more from the subject. “And you’re betting on my sex life... why?”
The two looked at each other before shrugging in sync. “We’ve been betting on most of what you do. Seems weird to stop at who warms your bed when.”
Joseph went to rest his head in his hands, the attempt stopped by Pan holding one and Tel supporting her weight on his free shoulder. He looked at the two and took a breath before addressing his mate.
Pan smiled at him with a squeeze of his hand, stopping him from speaking further as the reassuring action took the wind out of his sails. The guilt wrenched at him regardless, worry about what she might have to say digging deep. Saying that he was going to just turn around on his affection for Tel would be a lie, but he couldn’t help but expect some sort of fallout from this. Instead of chastising him or the like, Pan looked to Tel with a calm expression. “Do you care for him truly?”
Tel flashed annoyance until Sahari answered, the female having grown annoyed with the display. “She is a Blade. A Sheath is one chosen with their life on the line. She would face an army alone to assure his safety and likely leave only a graveyard in her wake should he request it.”
Jax snapped his head to look at her. “She is an assassin?”
“I am amazed at how long you remained ignorant to her nature, yet recognize the moniker.” Sahari replied with a sigh.
“Wait, how do you know that?” Harrow asked, excitement building in her voice.
Sahari waved it off. “I spent much of my time as a mercenary. One should not be surprised by those whom they end up working with. I knew she was of such line, though the specifics were new to me as well when i was exposed.”
“Tel!” The orange-furred ball of energy yelled suddenly. “Teach me assassin things!”
Joseph succeeded in resting his head in a palm as Tel stood up to raise a brow at her. “You wish to travel the path?”
“Don’t.” The Grand Hunter interjected tiredly. It was first thing in the morning and this had already made him more than willing to go back to bed. “Trill’s girls being here is enough ‘cloak and dagger’ for one settlement.”
“There are multiple assassins?” Jax asked in disbelief.
“You get used to it.” The Human commented dryly.
He cycled a breath. “Well, let’s just say that the trip was... a lot.” Jax grimaced at his answer, but his funk was broken when his mate narrowly missed his leg with her foot, prompting him to refocus on their little game.
Sahari, finding humour in the first event of note, decided to provide the initial context. “Joseph was discovered by a vassal pack of Grand Hunter Trill while bathing in a river.”
“Like i needed more people to see me in the buff.”
“I guess Tel had fun with that.” Harrow added with a wink, raising her brows when Tel gave her a dismissive frown. “Oh, no? Just the other pack?”
Sahari cleared her throat, an understanding gaze was given by the inquisitive Lilhun when she noticed the ex-Grand Huntress avert her eyes for a moment. “After we affirmed that they were not hostile and cleared any suspected misintentions, we were escorted to High Hunter Loptr’s settlement for the moon.”
“Where our dear Human scared at least one male to wetting his fur.” Tel added with a trilling lilt, her regard of him gaining a seductive edge. Joseph scowled, though if it was over the events of that night or the ones after, he wasn’t sure. His bond gave his fingers a squeeze in support regardless, easing the density of his brooding.
“What did he do?” Harrow asked, her rapt attention obvious.
Sahari smirked. “He held his crossbow to the male for not accepting Tel’s rebuff. He was quite enraged.”
Pan’s thumb pad rubbed over his hand as she listened to the story, her expression attentive with a slight smile now that he had passed the initial annoyance of remembering that night. Joseph eased and returned the affectionate gesture.
The black-furred female’s face fell to one of scorn, a glare directed at Tel. “It seems as if she forced her mark upon him without explanation after the events.”
The mention of a forced mark caused Nalah to instantly bare her fangs at the offending Lilhun, venom in spades coating her words. “You forced a mark?”
Tel took a seat on Joseph’s lap, surprising him as he adjusted Pan’s paw in his hand out of the way to accommodate it without thinking. “Were it not for the mark, he would be a corpse rather than mine.”
“Explain yourself. Now.”
Tel sighed, leaning back on her improvised seat and forcing Joseph to shift to allow it, his free arm absently resting around her side to her stomach to support her weight. He was too busy cautiously watching the interaction for if, or rather when, he would need to step in. “Trill does not much care for that which is not documented and signed. A new creature that claims power may be a novel discovery, but it is a disruption to that which he has constructed.” Tel rested an arm around his shoulders, a somewhat protective note to the action. “Disruptions are dealt with those like myself. He would have been cold before the moon, if not simply when he held a dagger to Trill’s throat.”
Even Pan seemed surprised by the announcement that he had threatened not only a touchy male, but also a Grand Hunter. She looked at him with worry until the brewing irritation in his expression, and likely through the bond as well, informed her of his absolute lack of regret regarding the matter.
Either way, Nalah seemed stunned by the assertion, glancing at him and Sahari to confirm, though Sahari seemed as irritated by the situation as he did. “You tested the life of a Grand Hunter?”
Joseph scoffed. “I made my point to a piece-of-shit father.”
Harrow was the one confused this time. “Who’s den-father?”
The Human, noticing only now that he was effectively cuddling the bored-looking assassin, used the opportunity to gesture to her with the hand on her stomach. “Hers. Direct parentage. ‘Blood-father’, if i remember correctly.”
The answer befuddled Harrow, her looking around the room for confirmation and only receiving a nod from Sahari to agree. Perplexed, and accepting that no one is going to address the matter of Trill being Tel’s dad not being brought up before now, she turned her attention back to Tel. “You’re okay with that?”
Tel rested her cheek on his head, either testing to see how much contact she could get away with before he complained or trying to see where Pan would take issue. Whichever one it was, neither of the two put up any objections, Pan instead leaning into him as well once he noticed how comfortable he found it to be. “Were it not for his involvement, i would not have returned, instead held to be bred for more in my image while being rested upon a pedestal in a gilded cage.”
Nalah eased back into her seat, Sahari putting an arm around her and patting her shoulder in comfort. Joseph raised a brow at how intensely she reacted to the subject, but he wasn’t really sure where ‘marking’ sat in their morals. He figured it was pretty important, but it was temporary and was closer to just making someone wear a wedding band more than anything, as far as he understood. He held two fingers up while not releasing Tel to interject.
“What’s the deal with ‘forcing’ a mark anyway? I’m getting that it’s bad, but i don’t have context.”
Nalah bared her teeth, the building tirade silenced by Sahari pulling her in and rubbing her shoulder soothingly. Satisfied that her blond-furred pack-member was pacified for now, Sahari answered.
“To force a mark is to say that it was imparted upon the unwilling.”
His eyes widened as he made the connection. “OH. Oh. Okay, I’m following now. Jesus Christ.” His face scrunched in disgust. “Holy shit. Okay.”
He noticed the slightly worried expression on Tel’s face, himself quickly adding to his response. “To be clear, it wasn’t ‘forced’ forced.” He averted his eyes away from Pan as embarrassment and more than a touch of shame crossed his face. “It was... It was a bit of a night.”
Pan gave him a sympathetic look, some concern present. Tel felt the need to address it. “He refused to part with your promise, worry not. Even in the height of his heat, his thoughts focused on you.”
Joseph couldn’t help but notice the mix of longing and annoyance in her voice. He allowed himself to gently squeeze her, the action instantly improving her mood, if her tail was anything to go by. Pan shook her head. “I am merely glad that his world is one where such does not exist.”
He pursed his lips, unsure how to counter that without ruining everything. Unfortunately for him, Pan caught the hesitation through their bond.
“Oh, Joseph...” Pan wrapped her other arm around his, encapsulating it carefully. “I suppose there are those of lesser qualities in every people.”
He wanted to disagree, but he quickly failed to think of an example. “Anyway. What does the mark do? Besides say that you’re involved with someone, because I’m getting the vibe that there is more to it.”
Tel subtly twitched as Jax offered the answer. “It discourages others from courting you.”
“Like a wedding ring or something, yeah. Harrow told me that a while ago.”
The mentioned female raised a claw. “Yes and no. I said it was close enough for the purposes of understanding. It detracts from others ability to perceive you as a possible mate.” She gestured loosely to Pan. “It’s why defectives have such a hard time finding one. It’s hard to want to bed someone who your body instinctively doesn’t find attractive.”
Pan tightened her hold on him, though the satisfied expression suggested that she was quite pleased with having him be hers rather than using him to distract from her previous struggles. Harrow smiled at the affectionate display.
“For example: Jax would be much less likely to cause interest because of my mark, and me because of his.”
“So how do you end up with multiple ‘den-parents’”
“Not all attraction is physical, Joseph.” Sahari chastised him playfully, amused with his lack of knowledge. “The effect is negated once they are marked by yourself as well.”
He opened his mouth to counter that, but it failed after the briefest of consideration. “Okay, fair.”
“It is also why bonds are a boon in such arrangements.” Jax added casually, him and Harrow having resumed their attempts to kick at each other.
Pan tilted her head at an indirect mention, Joseph blinking away his confusion. “And that would be because?”
The two bickering mates paused, sharing a look before both giving him a flat expression. “They are influenced by their bonded one.”
“So? What does that...” The Human stalled, glancing at his own bond with a raised brow. Pan noticed his expression and smiled in return, her grip on his hand gently increasing.
“I know the depths of your affections.”
Deciding that the half-answer was the best he was going to get, he shook his head to dispel his curiosity, disrupting Tel from enjoying her perch in the process and drawing a displeased glance before she reclaimed it.
“That... Well that brings up something I’ve been meaning to address.” He tried not to look at her as he attempted to figure out how he was going to broach the question. Tel seemingly got impatient with his tip-toeing and spoke for him.
“I wish him mine, if that wasn’t obvious. This one seems to be reticent in regards to his reciprocated desire.” She punctuated the announcement by patting his shoulder, though the touch was slightly more forceful than he would attribute to ‘affectionate’.
Pan blinked, a tilted head accentuated by a further displaced ear. “Yes, i am aware.”
Joseph faltered, expecting... Well, he wasn’t sure what, but something more than that. He tentatively pressed further, anxiety rearing as unease settled. “No comment?”
She paused to consider, eventually meeting his eyes with a fairly blank expression. “I have known you wished for her for quite some time, though i can tell this is beyond mere infatuations. I have no qualms with such as long as all feel the same.”
He felt Tel physically relax, as if some tension had been held since her vow with him in the forest. There likely was. She had been much closer after the fact, but it was always subdued, as if she was worried she would be rejected and he would discard her at Pan’s wishes. He didn’t want to actively think about the scenario. He would much rather not have to make choices like that.
“I’m surprised you would expect her to say anything else.” Harrow commented passively. “It’s not exactly weird.”
“Especially involving a bond.” Jax added, successfully landing a light tap with his foot to his mate, the latter protesting as she tried to remain seated while stretching out to return it.
“The issue is with her.” Sahari waved a loose paw to Tel as she remained oblivious to her continued cuddling with Nalah. That, or she didn’t want to mention it aloud. Nalah certainly seemed content with the arrangement.
Pan followed the pointed appendage, giving Tel a questioning look as she fixed her grip on his arm. “Am i insufficient?”
Tel looked at her, the expression somewhere between a scowl and regret before she closed her eyes to sigh, her tail joining Pan’s in an effort to constrict his torso. “There is but a single Blade to a Sheath. Were he in possession of a mark besides my own, i would not pursue him, assuming i did not remove the other first. You being unable to do such is...” She paused to think of how to explain her reasoning, a wayward glance was given to Sahari as she finished her thought much more quietly. “I am willing to overlook the discrepancy for him.”
Pan’s eyes gained a touch of fulfillment to mirror his own when he internalized how big of a concession it seemed to be for her to accommodate his desires. He absently played with the fur on Tel’s stomach, the attention earning him a slight squeeze from her tail.
“Then i am content.” Pan declared softly, snuggling back into his shoulder, the matter settled in her mind.
He furrowed his brow, unsure of whatever the hell just transpired between the two, but took a breath to depart from the topic. Well, until Harrow prodded his side.
“So, who first?” She reasserted, fending Jax off as she continued poking his side.
“I’m not answering that.”
She ignored him, addressing the two females who had turned him into a cushion at one point or another. “Come on, i have a lot riding on this.”
Tel smirked, the amusement from annoying the pack outweighing the slightly displeased expression she had on since she arrived back at the settlement. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”
Harrow threw her arms high in victory, Jax bemusedly exhaling as he surrendered their physical confrontation. “I win!”
“What makes you say that?”
An orange claw was pointed at the disappointed cook. “If it was you, you would have spent forever teasing details.”
Joseph couldn’t help but tip his head in concession. That sounded like what she would do.
Tel huffed, annoyance returning in her expression as Pan seemed somewhat sympathetic. “And what has our ‘serial-catastrophic-failure-causing’ Technology Head earned?”
Harrow paused, a slight blush overcoming her enthusiasm. “You knew about that, huh?” She tapped her claws until she was ready to announce her winnings. “Jax owes me ten moons of back rubs.”
Pan and the Human burst slightly, the laughter proving to be infectious as the rest joined in, much to Harrow’s embarrassment. Tel chuckled, but she looked to be enjoying the mild chaos she had caused for the moment rather than the actual subject. The orange-furred female waited until they calmed down enough to continue.
“So, what about the other things? We have carts full of stuff and new people.”
“Ah.” Joseph vocally got himself back on topic. “Right. The carts are metals, clay for the forge, and alcohol. The new members are two servants that Loptr was fine with us having and four of Trill’s girls that are here to observe Tel.” He glanced at the Lilhun in question making use of him as a seat. “I think. It’s a weird arrangement right now.”
Tel gave him a bored roll of her eyes, her lack of desire to input conveyed concisely. He accepted it for what it was, not overly concerned since the girls seemed to listen to both of them anyway.
“Past that...” Joseph hummed in thought. “We have craftsmen moving in with the first trade caravan, though when they arrive is pretty fluid due to them needing to arrange things from various settlements. Servants and animals will be included, so we should start on a barn of sorts sooner rather than later.”
“Animals?” Pan questioned from her snuggling, though she seemed more than happy to just stay there instead of turning to address him.
“We’ll see what they send specifically, but even if it’s not overly promising, we could just treat it as a fresh meat delivery and make do.”
Sahari mused for a moment before entering her opinion on the matter. “I suppose Ferra would be of use.”
Joseph nodded. “Atrox’s mate, or one of, anyway. Yeah. That’s who i was thinking, too.”
Nalah sighed, making no attempt to separate from the arm around her shoulder. “So we shall build the Hall, a barn, and perhaps additional barracks.”
He squinted an eye a bit as he considered. “Yeah, give or take. Will that be too much?”
She waved him off lazily, tossing a piece of meat into her mouth. “I shouldn’t be, though it will delay the desire for a bath house.”
His eyebrows shot up. “Bath house?”
“They lack a bathing facility like we have.”
He lifted his hand off of Tel’s stomach to point at the planner, a slight embarrassment occurring as he noticed how comfortable it was to rest his fingers amongst her fur. “Do it. The barn can wait. Make it a decent size.”
“What else?” Harrow asked, likely requesting more gossip or interesting tales as Nalah stared off into the distance passively, probably thinking about where they should put a public bath.
“Nothing much to mention.” He admitted, deciding to omit the whole thing with Tel and his talks with Sahari.
“My turn?”
Joseph raised a brow.
“Come on!” She hopped from her seat, pausing when she noticed that removing him from his chair would involve detaching two females. He patted Tel on her stomach to request freedom, a momentary thought within her broken as she defaulted to teasing him with her claws before acquiescing to his wishes. Pan put up much less fight, instead assertively pulling him in for a kiss and a quick nuzzle, the combo leaving him dazed for a second before Harrow used the opportunity to drag him to his feet.
“I have something to get your advice on and something to show you. Which do you want to start with?”
The Grand Hunter shook off the surprise at his mate’s uncharacteristic forwardness, thinking about his answer before shrugging. “Whichever is cooler?”
Harrow patted his chest with the back of her paw before marching off towards the facilities wing. “Good choice!”
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Sahari remained behind with Tel as all else filtered out of the hub to start their respective duties, the Blade idly laying on the couch while chewing some of the cooked food she had brought out for Joseph that had been left behind once the male was carried off by the excitable Head of Technology.
The ex-Grand Huntress approached, blocking the sunlight from on high that fell on Tel’s closed eyes, eliciting one to open lazily in inspection the person interfering with her lounging, a long exhale preceding her disingenuous query.
“Need something, Sahari?”
She maintained the repressed smug expression, feigning ignorance to the obvious. “Feeling at ease now?”
Tel closed her eye again to disregard the notion. “Why would i be uneasy? I am back at our den, bathed, and i may rest from my tasks for a while.”
A light chuckle escaped Sahari. “You were accepted by his bond. I would think that had been on your mind these past moons. That much is quite plain to see, given that you made no attempts to join his rest.”
The female paused in the process of depositing the last portion of meat into her mouth, giving Sahari a frown before continuing. “They required the moon alone, and i care not for the opinions of others than my Sheath.”
“And he would have been forced to choose her over you should she dissent in regards to your addition.”
Tel fell silent for a moment, eyes wandering the ceiling before she sat herself up. “Then i suppose we are most fortuitous that such shall not come to pass, no?”
Sahari ignored the dismissive tone. “What are your plans for her?”
“What might you mean?”
She crossed her arms. “You have complaints, surely. What do you intend to do about them?”
The Blade stared at her. “Complaints? Such as how easy it is to catch her unawares? Her lack of weaponry maintained on her person? How little effort it took to engage with her mate, despite her proximity?”
Sahari nodded, suspecting that Tel’s mind would go there. “Do you plan to address them?”
The cook sighed. “Time will tell, but it is clear she carries his carelessness.”
“She carries much of him within her by now.”
Tel got to her feet, a look of resignation on her face. “Yes, that much is obvious.”
“Perhaps you should be thankful.”
Sahari received a raised brow. She returned a knowing nod.
“She would not be as willing if not for his influence. She has gained that which she would never. Were it not for his temperament, one could not blame her for wishing to monopolize. Instead, she seeks his happiness as her own. If it includes yourself, so be it.”
“Telling me to ignore her faults?”
Sahari shook her head. “I am merely advising you to embrace her as an extension of your influence rather than an obstacle to account for. She wishes for his safety as much as you, though she only holds the tools to repel that which is obvious.”
Tel tilted an ear, a slight smirk playing at the corner of her mouth. “You suggest i make a Blade of a defect?”
The black-furred female grinned, turning on her pads to head outside, a paw waved over her shoulder. “You are expected to raise the next, no? This may be a chance to test your proficiency, even if it may be the only you attempt.”
“It is a bloodied path, Sahari. I highly doubt my male would approve.”
“Then craft a clean edge. Form one from nothing. You are the heiress, no? Prove yourself worthy of your presumed station and allow your Sheath to perform without worries.” Sahari called out through the exit, allowing it to close behind her when Tel’s expression became contemplative.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
“You doing okay?” Harrow asked once they were in the gym. She dug through the various prototypes she had been working on to find the things she wanted Joseph’s input on.
The Human rubbed his neck. “Yeah, why?”
She paused her search to glance at him with a deadpanned expression. “You looked like you would have evaporated if you could.”
He pursed his lips. “Yeah, kind of. I don’t know. The whole ‘polyamory’ thing seems like a minefield to me.”
A nasal sigh was given as she returned, taking out the first piece and laying it to the side as she resumed her search. “Yet you come back and have no problems with Tel fawning all over you while you’re next to your bond.”
“That...” The male faltered, a defeated tone taking place. “I didn’t really think about it in the moment, it just felt like the natural thing to happen.”
“Isn’t that your answer?” She offered idly, placing another piece to the side.
“To what?”
“How she fits in to your relationship.”
“How so?” Joseph replied, confusion evident.
Harrow laid the second-to-last piece down and sorted through the box from the beginning. “Pan feels about... well, everything the way you do. If Tel feels natural to have around, then Pan won’t feel anything is wrong.”
The Grand Hunter groaned, the hollow tone suggesting he had cupped his face into his paws. “It just feels like jealousy and shit should be an issue.”
Harrow fetched the last piece, laying it with the rest and plopping herself onto the ground to observe the frustrated male. “I can’t speak for Tel, but i think she was more worried about it than you were.”
“She’s a ball of confidence. I can’t really picture her being worried about anything other than being told to not to fuck around.”
She waved him off. “You’ve had all this time to make sure everyone knew how much you care for Pan. It’s stressful to think that you would be compared to that if it came down to one or the other, especially a bond.”
Joseph raised a brow as Harrow put on the first piece of experimental armour on her arm. “I wouldn’t compare them like that. They’re different people.”
She fixed her gaze on him as she moved on to the second piece. “Pan knows you to your core by now. She has claimed a position of a den-mother of your adopted kit. Now, she has affirmed her placement as your mate.” The orange-furred female shook her head at his momentary flush. “Mix that with your societal standards, and she wouldn’t be able to worry but think that she might be seen as lesser and thrown aside if Pan took issue.”
Annoyance filtered into his voice. “Both are irreplaceable. Period. I’m not excited about it, but I’d rather do my best to make sure they’re happy. Even if it meant trying to convince her as best i can. I’m not ignoring what Tel has done for me and what she has ended up meaning to me.”
“Is my male proclaiming his affections out loud again?” Tel prodded playfully after having silently entered behind the male and wrapping her arms around his waist, her chin resting on his shoulder. Joseph jumped slightly at the unexpected presence, his face stricken by embarrassment after being caught in the act of vehemently defending his new-found relationship with the female.
Harrow smirked as she moved on to the last piece. “He seems to be rather taken with you Tel. Makes me wonder what happened that moon he defended your honour.”
The Grand Hunter furrowed his brow as he glanced back and forth between them with a warning eye. “Not talking about it.”
Tel ignored him, her tail lazily swaying behind her. “I fear not for his bond. It seems that she cares more for this one’s feelings than her own.”
“Not like there’s much of a difference.” Harrow commented, standing now that all four pieces were on. She adjusted the fitment as Tel hummed in agreement.
“I have no idea what’s going on.” Joseph lamented openly, the cook leaning on him more in response.
“You,” The Head started, pleased with the preliminary checks of her equipment. “are going to help me solve a few issues with these, and she,” A claw was waved at the mildly interested female. “is going to be happy with me.”
Tel adjusted her grip under his arms, wrapping one paw over the wrist of the other as she applied more weight and idly observed as Harrow started explaining whatever it was she had on her arms. Joseph cycled a breath as his plight remained ignored.
The orange-furred female wore two large bracers, their outward arm coverage a fair bit wider than what would be typical. The second section of each was a large piece that slotted over the more form-fitting attachment to her arm.
Curiosity seemed to have prevailed over his premature exhaustion. “Are those supposed to be a shield when you put them together?”
Harrow winked, a mischievous smirk suggesting that he was only half right. “They also do this!”
The female engaged a pair of spring-loaded protrusions placed on the inside of the outcroppings, two broad daggers extending forth in an instant with a visible recoil.
Both the Human and the female raised their brows, Harrow proudly explaining her invention. “I took inspiration from those Katars you told me about and the spring system you used for Tel’s roped daggers. Add in the need for a shield that wouldn’t hinder our claw-to-claw training...”
“And you end up with hidden blades inside of a wearable shield.” Joseph mused, an impressed tone clear. Tel viewed the items with interest from his shoulder.
“Why might these make me happy?”
Harrow pointed the worn knife, its edge blunted until the details were sorted. “Because you can add this to your armament as a backup, and because i figured that your little declaration back there meant you would rather Joe stay armed and protected.”
The assassin hummed in understanding, though didn’t comment further as she continued analyzing them.
“So what do you need my help with? It seems like you got all the important parts down for a prototype.” Joseph furrowed his brow in confusion, looking over her work from a distance to find an issue.
Harrow took a breath, wincing at the need for overview. “Well, this is it.”
“What’s it.”
She held the extended blades outward. “This. They don’t go back without taking them apart.”
The Grand Hunter’s expression fell neutrally. “Ah. Yeah, that would be an issue. I’d need to see it disassembled to weigh in.”
Harrow’s ears fell as she heard that he wouldn’t be able to know what to do about the problem at a moment’s notice, but quickly regained her enthusiasm as she removed the prototypes. “We can do that whenever. Next, i found out something neat about the den while i was doing the wiring!”
She nodded, her tail threatening to fly off with how active it was being. “Whatever species occupied this place before us must have been a massive mix of high and sub-harmonic vocalizations.” She paused when the male gave her a blank look. “They spoke in an an extremely wide frequency range. Or at least utilized such.”
Joseph blinked, a light tilt of his head showing that he was a little confused at the apparent non-sequitur. “And that has to do with wiring because...”
“Because,” Harrow tossed the braces back into the box. “I discovered a defunct circuit used to power a building-wide public address system!” She threw her arms wide as her main discovery was finally being announced to someone who would appreciate it. “I rigged it to the terminal! We can play music to the whole den and outside, if we want! I checked and there are tiny acoustic projectors everywhere, though they look to be far more capable than the size suggests.”
Tel perked up at the mention of widely accessible entertainment while Joseph looked to the side in thought, his face carrying a contemplative shade. “That’s cool and all, but do we want to inundate everyone with music all the time? I have a lot of variety there, I’m pretty sure someone would be drove nuts by the end of the week.”
“I need your help there, too.” The Head added in counter, approaching the pair with a bounce to her step. “I can’t read your language, but there should be a setting to split the zones and allow playlists by room.”
“Why would there be a setting like that?”
Harrow shrugged. “We’ll see what we can do, if not. Worst comes to worst, we can just open it up during celebrations.”
The Human paused, conceding the point after a moment. “That doesn’t sound like a terrible idea. I’m down.”
She separated the two, shoving Joseph out the door in her rush to get started on the idea. Tel allowed it to happen, a mild interest passing her eyes all the while until she tapped Harrow on the shoulder.
“Could i have a set of that prototype created for Pan once it is complete?”
Harrow waved Joseph to continue once he noticed he was the only one still going to the terminal, raising a brow at the female. “Odd for you to ask.”
The prospective mate shook her head. “It would benefit him to have more at his disposal. None have taken to his philosophy of using one’s fists like she has. This would merely allow her to expand her repertoire while still adhering.”
Harrow hummed, a skeptical eye scanning the female’s face for a hint at her true motive, a sigh escaping once she decided that Tel wasn’t going to clarify further. “I’ll get Mama to measure her once Joe straightens out the retraction mechanism.” A second glance was afforded. “You sure you’re okay with Joe threatening your blood-father and having a preexisting mate?”
Tel maintained a placid expression, boredom hinted by her quick break of eye contact. “I have stated my opinion on such. Why do you ask?”
“Because he’s my friend and part of my den.”
Tel returned her gaze. “Would it worry you so if i took issue?”
Harrow failed to answer immediately, a breath being required before she quietly responded. “I just don’t want anything to ruin it.”
The Blade chuckled. “I may find myself desiring to hold him to my own, but i must accept that she is as much a part of him as he is her. As for his threats to Trill?” Tel’s voice grew wanting as she slipped a teasing smirk towards the curious Human waiting at the end of the hall. “That is far from a problem for me.”
Joseph leaned against the wall, his arms crossed as he patiently waited for the two to finish their sidebar, Harrow noticing his idle expression now that Tel had been accepted was a stark contrast to before. She smiled with closed eyes, happy that the dynamics of the pack didn’t seem to be shifting in a bad direction.
“Okay.” She breathed out, changing gears mentally. “As long as everyone’s okay.”
She turned to face Tel, noticing that she had gone on ahead without waiting for a response to harass the Grand Hunter, the latter struggling not to laugh as the female poked at him.
At least it seemed that she could keep this den.
She hurried to catch up, wondering what music Joseph would be using to test her ideas.


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I run everything with my job, and a lot of stuff at home too, and it’s just sort of exhausting.
I mean, like, I wanna be slammed into the wall and kissed. I wanna be told that we’re having sex, not subtly asked if I might possibly maybe be up for it. (Obviously, this is all consensual.) But that type of stuff is just so out of his nature.
I’ve expressed this desire to him in the past but little has come from it. So, my question is, is it even possible to shift that power dynamic after this many years? Has anyone been able to do it, and if so, how?
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2023.03.26 09:47 BurnerB1010 27F Dating 33M That I Feel Unworthy Of

I met a wonderful man 3 months ago that I've been spending a lot of time with and I can say has truly changed my life for the better. I'm deeply in love with him and he appears to feel the same way about me.
The problem is, he doesn't really know me and my past.
I met him at a workout class we both go to and sparks immediately started flying when he approached me to talk with me about the workout. I had noticed him before and how many of the other women had tried and failed to flirt with him. He's tall and pretty fit. 33 years old, never married, and no kids. Very handsome, but in a humble kind of way. He's always lifting people up when talking with them. He's a lawyer with the government and is very passionate about his work. He goes to a Presbyterian church and is some kind of leader there.
Over a few weeks, we had a couple of nice dinner dates and then he took me to a concert for our third date, which to me is always the date where things get physical. Whether it's sex or just heavy petting, that was always my personal milestone and seems to be with my friends too. Our concert date went well and he took me home and gave me a kiss and made sure I made it in the building ok. I turned around to ask him inside but I lost my nerve since he's definitely someone who knows what he's doing.
Fast forward about three weeks and we're having brunch mimosas and I ask him about his last relationship. He tells me that he had split with his last girlfriend about four months before we started dating and hadn't been with anyone since. He had two previous girlfriends and implied that he had never been with anyone outside of a relationship.
I was crushed. I knew he was a lot different than me, but that really confirmed it to me. I kept the conversation on him and hoped he didn't ask me about my past relationships. I think he picked up on that and didn't press me. He started talking about his dog and telling me funny stories about her.
That brunch date was last Sunday and he hasn't asked me out again. I know he's busy with work, but he usually texts at least once every couple of days asking me what my schedule is.
About me: I'm 27 and I've been with 12 men and had 4 relationships that went absolutely nowhere. I'm not religious, but after meeting him, I wish I was so I wouldn't feel like such a piece of crap around him.
I have no idea what to do next. I know I need to tell him the truth about my past after he told me the truth about his. He's the only truly decent man I've ever dated. Even if it kills my chances with him, I want to give him the choice. I just don't know how and when to tell him and how to not come across as manipulative by framing it in a certain way or being emotional and making him feel guilty.
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2023.03.26 09:42 iii11qq D and Diana Kissing Video 2

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2023.03.26 09:39 TeenThrowaway13 A sad spring break story

As a background: I’ve never really been in a relationship because I’ve never really connected with anybody in that way throughout college. I’ve had hookups and talking stages but never anyone I’ve really gelled with significantly.
I just want to share a story with you guys. I’m a junior in college, so I should expect things like this to happen, and I’m aware of the transitivity of these things. But…
When I went on spring break, I met this guy. Let’s call him Sam. The entire spring break, I’d been with my straight friends, and other than some people who weren’t for me, nobody had really paid attention to me. But I saw Sam at the beach, he was obviously gay, he was gorgeous, and I just had to talk to him.
We hit it off for like 4 hours straight. I acted as smooth as possible, so much so that it exhausted me after we met (and it worked! He laughed at my jokes and kept staying close to me). He told me that he had to leave back home in a few hours; Yet, I was too afraid to make a move, even to kiss him. I went with him, we ate, and I helped him find his friends. We left, and said goodbye, but we only hugged. We also exchanged social media, but that doesn’t matter, we lived far away from each other in the country.
Right after we left each other for good… he texted me and told me that he wished he kissed me. I kicked myself in that moment. I knew that nothing would come of it, but Sam was one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever met.. and we connected so well, which felt especially cruel because we had to go our separate ways. When I was talking to him, I wanted nothing more than to kiss him.
I don’t know why I told you guys this story. There’s obviously the message to be bold, but im just sad. I’m aware of how it looks, I’m over it, I wasn’t seeking a relationship. But for me to have gotten that close to someone I really wanted… it hurts.
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2023.03.26 09:38 frostbyte6 Why did Walt try and kiss Carmen even though he’s married? Is he stupid?

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2023.03.26 09:35 MKFirst Japan Trip Pt 2 - Incall at Love Hotel

On my last day in Tokyo, I decided to check out Tokyo Hentai Club. It’s a listing for call girls that’s very foreigner friendly. Remember that selling vaginal sex is illegal in Japan. So they list everything else that’s legally on offer. And that’s what your fee covers. Then if you and the girl happen to decide that you like each other enough to go all the way, that's your decision, but definitely was not a part of the paid service... I was originally going to do outcall, but the girl I wanted got fully booked by the time I figured out my schedule. So I decided to do incall and chose Rika. Standard is 35k yen for 2hr incall. I got in touch with them using Line, but they have multiple ways to contact. They speak very good English.
For incall, you go to THC’s office, which is a booth amongst other escort agency booths in a building in Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Their website has a YouTube video that’s a step by step guide from the subway station to their office. There, I was put in a waiting room (no towel or tea this time). The way the incall works is you meet the escort at the office and you go to a love hotel nearby. For those that don’t know, love hotels are rented by the hour although they’re actually pretty nice and more spacious than normal Japanese business hotels. I actually almost booked one for my whole stay in Tokyo but ended up choosing a different place. They are clean, soundproof, and have a lot of amenities including lube, condoms, sometimes sex toys, and a whole host of toiletries. For most love hotels, since they're basically unmanned, once you open the door after you get in your room, your session ends. It's a pretty interesting system.
About 5 minutes later I was told to meet Rika downstairs. I went down and a seemingly cute girl is waiting for me on the ground floor. I say seemingly because we were all wearing masks and she had a bucket hat on as well. She was dressed just like any other Japanese girl out shopping (late at night in Kabukicho). What I didn’t expect (because I didn’t read carefully) was that she was 145cm which is about 4’10”ish. Added to that she had a little anime voice and a lisp. She was about the cutest thing you could imagine.
We made small talk while we walked through Kabukicho to her preferred hotel. First one was full. 2nd one she thought was overpriced. 3rd one was the charm. You book it through a screen in the lobby and your time starts when you enter the room. Ours was about 5k yen.
We got up to the room and she ran a bath, gave me a toothbrush and we brushed together. She then proceeded to undress me, and had me help her. This girl was adorably hot. I mentioned 4’10” but she was very cute and had nice sized perky tits and ass for being so small. Also, half our convo had been about all the foods she loved but she couldn’t have weighed more than 90lbs and her body was tight. Anyway, we took a quick shower before we got back to the bedroom. Once there she started some lfk and kissing me all over while I fondled her nice body. Proceeded with bbbj for a bit then she broke out the lube for some cameltoe sliding. I think I would’ve been happy just having her slide on my dick until I came. A few minutes into it, she asked me if I wanted a full service special, just for me and just that night…lol. She started at 50k, but I only had 20k which she accepted. After this brief business interlude, we got back to it, Some more teasing and bbbj, and she just happened to have a condom, so on it went. Her pussy was so tight when she slipped me in. This isn't always the case just because a girl has a small body, but it was for her. She rode me like a champ, then we did mish, and I blew in the bag while we were in doggy. I was initially afraid to hurt her, but she seemed unfazed so I got really into it. Afterwards, we took another shower, then got dressed to leave. She was really excited to go home to eat her dinner from the combini. I had to catch the late train back to my hotel otherwise I would've asked if she wanted to grab a bite (and probably would have been nicely rejected).
She gave me such great memories for my final night in Tokyo, and had me kicking myself that I hadn't tried THC for more nights during my trip. I wish I could've taken her with me as a tour guide to Nagoya and Kyoto for the rest of my trip, but I also probably couldn't afford it. Everywhere on my itinerary I mentioned, she'd give me advice on what foods to eat when I got there. And I would've loved banging her for the week I was traveling around.
Typical of Japanese service, she was professional, friendly, and caring about providing great service, and making sure I was comfortable and enjoying my time. It was not quite gfe, but not the mechanical or transactional performance so many western escorts give.
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2023.03.26 09:35 Otherwise-Relation20 Fiber art isn't real art

For anyone who is confused, I'm saying that fiber art (embroidery, knitting, etc...) isn't an actual form of art and shouldn't be treated like the rest of other fine arts like painting, sculpting, drawing, etc... I've used to be an embroidery artist last year because I was very interested in how embroidery works. I've seen many embroidery projects that were hung in galleries, museums and even commissioned by people. But what I realised that it's not a real art. I have some arguments to show that why I believe in this: 1. Unlike other arts, it doesn't have a set of fundamentals. What I mean is that in painting/drawing for example, there are many fundamentals and rules for drawing such as anatomy, perspective, depth, colour theory and gesture/flow. In embroidery though, it's just "Oh wow, it's some bland ass needlework of a woman and a man kissing" and you can tell it's definitely traced on a reference. Sure there are many pieces of embroidery that are very detailed but I still won't qualify it as an art. So just because something is hung in a fine art galery, doesn't mean its actual art.
  1. Many fiber arts always rely on a pattern of repetitive stitches, it's present in many kinds of fiber arts like bobbin lacemaking (basically the traditional way of making lace by braiding and weaving threads to create lace, it's always done on a pillow with a piece of leather or paper showing where to braid and where to pin), embroidery, sewing, knitting and even crochet. They all have the same kind of pattern that results in a piece of little to no emotion! I just simply don't see the point of fiber art apart from being decorative or just eye-candy!
  2. Final point: No message, meaning, morale or even a story. I'm usually a big fan of paintings with heavy symbolism and story to it. Heck, I wish i could read a still life painting to know what it means and what it shows or even interpret a complicated baroque painting showing some conflict between the gods or the humans! It's very fun to read all about what's in the painting and know what the author is conveying- It's a sense of mystery is what I like. But fiber arts? it's nothing. It's all about the person's life, it's used for this and that and that's all. Like where's the fucking symbolism? the story? the moral? the message? or even the conflict?! None! Just nothing about this piece of cloth with cotton and wool stitched onto it is actually telling a story or something!
That's how I see fiber arts, you can go ahead and tell me how do you all see my opinions towards fiber arts.
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2023.03.26 09:34 noobductive Not sure how long to continue dating to see if there’s a deeper attraction.

I asked out a guy I was interested in; he seemed friendly and I thought he was handsome. It’s a bit confusing because back then I do believe I felt butterflies (or it was just (social) anxiety and I was lying to myself). I was trying to convince myself I was able to feel things those days. Maybe I was projecting?
We went on a date which went great, I guess. He is respectful and opens up easily, so did I, we kinda just talked about tons of things and it went well. It felt like talking with a really good friend even though we hadn’t spoken before. We are pretty similar. We have a similar ideology although we apply it differently, which gives us totally different lifestyle/future goals. I remember thinking I could befriend this man so easily. I do believe he was testing future compatibility because we did speak a lot about both our plans.
I didn’t feel any physical attraction though. We hugged, sat next to each other, walked next to each other. We made eye contact and smiled, but I felt absolutely neutral. I don’t think he’s ugly or handsome, he just looks like a human and he has a face I feel comfortable around, like I’ve known him for a long time. I didn’t have a desire to do anything with him. He didn’t initiate either; I think he feels the same platonic vibes currently.
Both just getting to know each other and see what happens I think?
The thing is, we’re in different life stages. He’s finishing college, I’m finishing first year. He’s going to travel next year, I’ll be studying. After that, he’s going to travel more. I’ll probably still be studying. He’s only in my city for college afaik. The end of the school year is near and we already had difficulty matching schedules.
Alongside all the other factors, this causes me to just miss motivation for the commitment of pursuing or testing romance.
I wouldn’t want to send wrong signals and make him think I already feel more than friendship feelings. I don’t have much experience when it comes to the physical aspect of dating/ romance. I can’t easily sexualize people whose bodies I’m not familiar with. I think I would feel awkward kissing early on. He also seems hesitant because I’m younger than him and maybe also because I am similar to his sister or what his sister could be like at my age (she’s a year younger than me).
People are being weird about whether I should communicate my feelings already or not. They assume he must feel the same as I. I wish I could just talk about this a bit on the second date so we both know where we’re at :(
I don’t really know what to do next. If we were in similar life stages, it would be easier to keep dating slowly and casually. But we really met at such weird times. We already know our future plans don’t match up. It would take like 10 years until we were on the same page again probably.
What could I do?
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2023.03.26 09:32 VHML I (23F) was raped twice. And I can't tell anyone.

I was raped twice.
Sorry, English isn't my first language, so this thread may have some grammar mistakes. Of course, this is a throwaway account.
I (23F) was raped twice since I was a teenager. The first time was 10 years ago, and the second time was 3 years ago. In my country, rape victims are not respected as human beings. Even our parents may blame us for what happened. I was too afraid of what they always said, so I haven't talked to anyone about it. When the second one happened, I told my ex-boyfriend about it. And he just did nothing. NOTHING. So I swore to myself that I would not trust anyone, especially men.
I know that not every guy is a rapist or a bad guy, but I am still afraid of them. I can't touch them or let them touch me. I can't hold anyone's hands, kiss somebody, or even let a man sit right next to me, or I will scare the shit out of me. Lucky for me, I met a guy; he's 3 years older than me. I met him 2 years ago, and I love him so much. We just met twice, and we haven't seen each other again. But you know that feeling, right? I love him, but I can't find a way to tell him what happened. I can't tell him that I don't want to do the deed and that I haven't been ready to let him touch me. What can I do? Make him wait for me to heal myself? I can't. It's just not fair. I am not happy at all, but I don't have any right to make him miserable like me. I don't want anyone knowing my secret, especially him. I always feel so ashamed.
I still love him; I think about him every day of my life. I try to look for him anywhere I go. Every day, I dream about maybe meeting him again, somewhere in our city. Don't worry, I've never stalked him, spammed his DM, or done any creepy things. From the inside, I miss him a lot. Today, I just found out that he had moved. I don't know where he lives now. I don't know why, but it makes me so sad, like I've lost someone I've never had.
I tell you guys my story, but I don't need any advice. I just want to say it out. I just want someone to listen to me. And thank you for listening to me. I really, really appreciate that.
If you can read this thread, I know you don't know who I am and won't know that I talked about you. But I love you so much, and I wish the best for you. Someday you will find someone you love, and she'll love you too. Thank you for everything you've done for me.
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