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2023.02.13 17:21 lastofmyline c&c 27 mk1 prop shaft size.

Friend and I recently grabbed a c&c 27 mk1. I noticed that while it's on the hard, the zinc is pretty pitted and has mollusks growing on it (Lake Ontario). Where would I find the information to ID the shaft size so the zinc can be replaced?
Sailboatdata doesn't seem to have the information.
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2023.02.07 14:02 CanIBuildThat What is the impact on a genoa with a Leech Dimension longer than the Luff?

I'm looking to purchase a used Genoa for a boat I bought in the fall. I've found one with a leech dimension that is 5" longer than the luff dimension. I haven't encountered this before and can't seem to find any answers as to the effect this has on the sail.
Any resources would be appreciated.
The boat I'm purchasing for is a 1980's Viking 28 (C&C design built by Ontario Yachts)

edit 16'2" foot - 31'4" luff - 31'9" leech to be used on a furling forestay
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2023.01.09 15:25 one_of_orlandos_hos What are the capabilities of the Shipmate Senior 16'?

What are the capabilities of this boat?
I'm new to sailing, and looking for a boat that I can sleep on for 2-3 night trips. I'm considering one of these Shipmate Seniors. Assuming one has the right level of skill, is it good enough to say go across the English Channel, or is that overly optimistic?
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2022.10.07 18:41 ManWhoSoldTheWorld01 First Boat Questions

I’m looking to get my first sailboat/dinghy and I have a few questions.
Background: I’ve done sailing lessons with my girlfriend and we really enjoyed it and been around powerboat a lot as a child/teenager and always liked being on the water but other than my lessons I have no other experience sailing and no connections to a person who has.
So for now, I’m just looking for a small (like 16ft) sailboat/dinghy to continue to learn and make sure I’ll use it before committing to something larger. It also has to be trailerable. Where I live there are a few (full) private sail clubs but almost no public marinas. I want the boat for 1 or 2 years and if I confirm I use it and enjoy it, I would probably donate or resell (not worried about resale value) and go from there.
Anyway that lead me to my questions:
I found one but it had repairs where the mast is inserted. Is this a critical fault or something not-repairable? The picture is of the ad with the repairs. I’m not worried about cosmetic in any way. It's pretty cheap and I know you get what you pay for.
That boat is specific supposed to be a 1980 Falcon 16 ( Am I right to read the displacement as the total weight excluding trailer and equipment? It seems way heavier than other 16ft boats, so I’m just confirming.
Otherwise, anyone have any suggestions of other boat types that kind would meet my requirements that I should keep an eye out for? Or tips in general?
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2022.09.19 18:04 GlamorousBunchberry Wires in my mast -- help me figure this out!

Hi all!
I recently bought a 1978 Spirit 23. It's been pretty well maintained, so I'm happy with it. Recently I took the mast down, put it on saw horses, and replaced the running rigging. While I'm at it, I'm interested in replacing the VHF coax, which is broken -- and while I'm at that, I'm interested in adding whatever else it might need.
Trouble is, I have no idea what else it might need! There are about infinity things that might go on there. Can anyone help me figure this out?
The most obvious ones are:
But then there's:
So my first question is: which of the above should I be installing? And what's the "right" place to have each exit the mast?
I've popped the cap off the top of the mast, and there's no conduit in there whatsoever. My Dad talked to a rigger about it, and he said there's no need -- just bundle your wires together. I don't like the sound of that, and I'm inclined to try a DIY installation where you drill two holes, use one to insert a tool and position the conduit, drill and rivet the conduit, and then rivet the second hole.
The biggest challenge I foresee is the fact that these wires are all popping out of the mast in different places, so good luck "bundling" them. Also fishing wires somewhere other than the top and bottom.
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2022.06.27 16:36 takeoff_power_set Boat sailing at anchor viciously - what's the cause and some strategies to stop it?

Hi all,
My boat is a Hullmaster 31, basically a version of the Ted Brewer designed Douglas 31 with a regular transom which later became the Douglas 32 (with a reverse transom).
The boat is very well behaved in almost all respects. Very pleasant to sail through any kind of bad weather, very smooth through waves due to the high buoyancy at the bow and the narrow hull.
But at anchor, if there's a tiny bit of wind, it will hunt viciously back and forth. I don't mean a gentle swaying, the boat rotates to be broadside to the wind, then nose through the wind and broadside again on the other side with a period of about 60-90 seconds. If there are any kind of waves in the anchorage it can become very uncomfortable, and sunlight and shadows constantly moving around in the cabin is not ideal either.
I've asked a number of people with the same boats and those with the Douglas built version report no sailing at anchor, while a few people with Hullmaster built versions have mentioned theirs suffered from it too.
1) Aside from the obvious (Wind), what is it about the design that is causing our boats to sail at anchor so badly (while the Douglas boats, nearly identical, don't)?
2) Are there any permanent fixes i.e. with the boat weight and balance that don't involve an anchor riding sail or second anchor deployment?
3) Do anchor riding sails really stop the behavior when it's as vicious as I've described?
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2022.03.29 02:45 FlashesandFlickers Is someone wrong on the internet? (O'Day 222 production number)

Ok, I'm feeling like I'm going crazy. I keep reading that only 130 O'day 222s were made. That's what wikipedia says as well as and a few other sites. But the sheer volume of images, stories, reviews and testimonials regarding 222s is perplexing if only a few were ever made. By comparison there were more than 1500 Columbia 22s produced, though they were built more than a decade earlier, an images and information of them is incredibly thin on the ground.
It really seems like this number is wrong, or am I reading too much into this.
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2021.07.14 02:22 jersauce Bought an Escape Captiva this past weekend - dolly options?

Hi all, I bought an Escape Captiva this weekend that I stumbled upon at the beach. Excited to finally have a sail boat of my own! Here's the data:
Looking at dolly options, this looked pretty promising and being reasonably priced. Need to cart it about 700 m to the beach over asphalt, gravel, and then sand. Thoughts if anyone has similar?
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2021.05.28 19:48 Cheap-Pack-4215 Olympic Dolphin 23

Has anyone heard of the Olympic Dolphin 23? Made by olympic yachts apparently in Greece and also Canada.
Specs look good
I'm in a light-air venue doing PHRF racing and a fin-keel version is available on the cheap. My main concern is a narrow beam and a somewhat shallow draft might mean no chance of moving upwind fast when the breeze comes up, but it does have a lot of waterline for its size, is lightweight, and a decent SA/D ratio.
Help? Opinions? Experiences?
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2021.04.07 01:42 _jenni4 Everytime I see a MacGregor i wonder if i have my glasses on crooked

Those double-decker windows, eh?
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2021.03.25 22:18 itsTimBro Russell Vivacity 20 - For free?!

Well, my searching seems to have paid off. I've found what seems to be a complete boat for free. I have an appointment to go see/pick it up this Saturday.
It's listed as a V24, but it has twin keels and looks more like a 20, so as of this point that's what I'm assuming it is. The only photographs I've seen look like they were taken with a potato and then photocopied three times, but from what I understand the owner cared for it and is simply retiring from sailing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't need something prohibitively expensive.
Anyway, what I really came here to ask is if any of you fine folk have valuable information about what kind of known issues or shortcomings these boats may have. I've looked them up on sailboatdata and other sites but haven't found a lot more than technical data.
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2021.03.10 02:07 vaneynde Need Advice: 1984 Wellcraft Starwind 27

Need Advice: 1984 Wellcraft Starwind 27
Hi sailing - been reading the site for months - great community, thank you.
Bought myself a 1984 Wellcraft Starwind 27 that needs some TLC. Getting ready to do some spring work, but it is ready for sailing.
Any tips with the Starwind? Anything I should know?
  • Any tips on de-masting and stepping the mast?
  • Thinking of adding a roller fuller. Any suggestions, tips?
  • Has a Westerbeke Model W10 inboard engine. Any resources or advice? Can't find a manual anywhere.
Can't wait for summer!
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2021.03.09 21:28 Natalin123 Hanse 35 from 2009

I am considering upgrading from my Maxi Fenix (28 ft) to a Hanse 35 from 2009 (3 cabin version). Any advices / pros and cons / cautions regarding this model? The price is around 100K USD / 84K Euros - the boat looks top services, new sails and stuff - does is sound like a good deal for you?
I like like Hanse silhouette better than Bavaria and (ups, I'm moving on dangerous ground) other French models and the sailing data (source: looks fine to me. Am I right?
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2021.03.04 17:05 aDemilich Would a 5.18 ft draft be a major annoyance for cruising the ICW?

I'm looking at a Lancer 30 to replace my current project boat (C&C 27), and I'm really interested in it it but the draft is deeper than I'd prefer- 5.18 ft according to
Would this be a major limitation for cruising the ICW/US East Coast? It's currently near Tampa, where this draft will definitely be annoying, but I plan to use it as a liveaboard coastal cruiser, going as far north as Maine hopefully. Also, has anyone here owned/sailed a Lancer 30 before? I've heard mostly pretty good things even though Lancer as a whole doesnt have a great reputation. Here's the listing while it's still up:
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2021.02.03 22:44 lordfawqua How far can I take my boat?

I'm the proud owner of a Bayliner Buccaneer 305 from the 80s. She's not the prettiest or the fastest, but she's mine <3
I've taken her to Catalina Island plenty of times, and now I want to go to the next level.
I'm planning a trip from Southern California to Baja, and I was curious how "seaworthy" the boat is in heavy seas. I was reading the Annapolis Book of Seamanship, and came across the Limit of Positive Stability (LPS) and Stability Index (SI). I have no clue what this would be for my ship. Does anyone know? I've been in 40 kt winds and heeled around 35˚, just want to make sure I can handle a little more weather if I'm way out.
Any ideas as to how far out I could take her in relative safety? Hawaii???
Here's some measurements for anyone who's curious:
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2021.01.30 06:38 Tdcsme Anyone have any tips on inspecting an Islander Wayfarer Bahama 24 ?

I'm going to look at an Islander 24 flush/raised deck ( After a lot of google searches, I haven't been able to find a lot of information aside from several positive reviews. Does anyone have experience with this model of boat and know if there are any particular weaknesses to look for?
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2021.01.09 09:21 simuhn Affordable Bluewater Monohull Suggestions?

I am interested in something in the 27-34ft range roughly that has the capacity to do open ocean crossings and holds up to weather. I use the website (very useful if you haven't heard of it) but find a lot of boats are more inter islander or coastal cruisers when they are in that range and affordably priced. The Westsail 32 is a tub though I know it fits this search I am nixing it for now. Affordable to me is sub $40k but cheaper is better as this is a first boat. I am able to do my own work and have a few years of sailing experience with larger boats.
Anywho, any thoughts, suggestions, articles, etc. would be great!
P.S. I live on West coast U.S. so if the boat suggestions are common in the states that's a bonus!
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2021.01.05 22:30 RedsRearDelt ELI5 S# or S-Number

On the website, sailboatdata, under Sailboat Calculations, the last calculation is S#. I think I have a decent grip on the other calculations but S# escapes me. Any help?
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2020.12.07 19:58 ubuntu9786 Timeline for Cruising/Buying a Boat

Hello /sailing!
I am reaching out to the knowledgeable community here to get a better grasp of the timeline for purchasing a larger sailboat for cruising and how that process works. I will try and give as much detail as possible as not to have an ambiguous post, so I apologize for the wall of text. Also please let me know if you'd like to know something crucial that I did not think about.

The overall Plan: My current partner and I would like to buy sailboat and go cruising in the next year or so. We have jobs that line up when they end (next year September) and have been and will continue saving for the time between. Currently we live in Seattle. Initially we were thinking: Finish jobs, show up in Florida, tour some boats, purchase appropriate vessel, set sail for Caribbean, thinking it'd be probably two years of cruising. Hopefully get to Columbia eventually.
The Budget: We are probably looking for a 36-42ft boat for $30,000 or under. For the past year I have been monitoring YachtWorld, Sailboat Listings, Craigslist and Facebook Market place for any and everything in this price range to get a feel for what is available for what price and how that changes over the year in mainly Florida but also just around the US.
Experience: Currently we own a Clark Boats San Juan 23 up here in Seattle and absolutely love this boat. We have done 20 day trips aboard through the San Juans and have gone through most of the islands and coves reachable within 3 days of Seattle. Rain or shine, 45kts or no wind, winter or summer, we are out anchored as much as possible. I'm not sure how much of this translates to full time liveaboard, but we don't feel cramped for long periods of time aboard our luxury dinghy, and it seems to work well.

So knowing this, I think my questions boil down to the following:
  1. How long is the large boat buying process from finding something to stepping aboard. We completely lucked out and winged our current boat purchase, so I think our timeline is misguided a bit here.
  2. The Caribbean is what we thought of initially as it is sort of the stereotype cruising grounds. We are not necessarily set on that, would it be more prudent to find a boat in Seattle and go south from here as we could use this whole year to buy a boat and prepare it before we set off. The more I read and research about cruising, the more other places aside from the Caribbean sounds great for places to go.
  3. Number two being said, I think the appeal for us is moving at whatever speed we like and hanging out on anchor, I have driven and cycled La Paz Mexico to Whistler Canada, and I don't really picture many anchoring spots down the American west coast, though I could be totally wrong here.
  4. Are there other places I should be looking for boats aside from what I mentioned above?
  5. Are there any other important questions/considerations I have just entirely overlooked?
Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing what you all have to say! I was thinking I may also post this on /sailboatcruising though they seem to be less active then here, but I can crosspost if you think that'd be prudent.

Have a great day!
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2020.12.06 14:34 coastertrav Thoughts on a Hunter 30 Project?

Locally there is a Hunter 30 for sale that seems to have taken on some water while sitting in its slip in the marina. The owner is just trying to recoup some costs it seems and is entertaining all offers (most likely in the $1k range).
Details on the boat below, any major red flags you all see from the ad? Owner said sails and rigging are all in good shape, and I am going to check the boat out in person this week. I’ve got a place for hauling the boat out and placing it in a DIY yard for storage/work lined up, and personally am very mechanically and electrically inclined.
Details from the ad and owner:
Yes so we just got to the boat to do some cleaning up. She has taken on a little water because the bilge pump wasn’t pumping. Got it all pumped out but she is dirty and some cosmetic work that needs done. So going to post it for $1000 obo. We took her out last year and everything ran. There are 2 new batteries but need one more 6v. Assuming engine and everything works. She is a great solid boat.
Alright, here's what you need to know:
Pros: 1977 Hunter 30 (Cherubini) Shoal-Draft Keel Yanmar Diesel engine (2QM15 - with manual) Modified V-Birth with (1) XL foam mattress (2) loose headsails: 110% Genoa and 85% Jib Water-cooled 110V Air Conditioner (3) owners - kept in fresh water for past 10 years Cons: Needs paint job. Needs new batteries ( I will replace)
And from out PMs:
“Ok here is what we know about the boat. She took on some water because the bilge wasnt pumping. We cleaned her up but she needs new cushions and stuff. On top of all of that she is having some electrical issues (fuses blown from what we know) had a diesel mechanic look at the engine (it cranks manually but we cannot get it to start all the way, but it is not locked up so that is good.) the mechanic said the following
“He said the primer bulb would definitely need to be replaced, And he could spray some starter fluid in to try to get it started.
His biggest concern was with the wires and corrosion. He said it would be a lot of labor hours to work thru it.”
There are brand new batteries on it. So if you are at all mechanically or electrical inclined she would be an amazing boat. She is solidly built and just needs the love we couldn’t give her being so far away.
I am sorry it took so long to get back to you. We thought we had a buyer, but it ended up being more of a project than they wanted.”
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2020.10.11 22:44 Jebediah_Johnson I don't know how to hoist my mainsail.

I have a Vagabond 17. So when I've been hoisting the main, I've been attaching the halyard to the head of the sail, putting it in the track and hoisting it. Then securing the Tack, and lastly the Clew.
This works fine except yesterday while sailing is strong gusting winds, I was unable to get the sail tensioned to the boom correctly.
Should I be securing the Tack and Clew first and then hoisting the mainsail?
Also is there a better method for securing rigging than clevis pins and rings? It seems like I'm always fumbling with tiny rings and pins over the water. There's gotta be a better way.
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2020.09.03 22:01 slick8086 Better search options on boat selling websites?

Is it me, or are the search options on boat selling sites not that great? For instance, sure I can easily set a search parameter for length, but not one for hull form. Like, I want to be able to search for: cutters or sloops, between 30-36 feet, with long keels, with transom hung rudders.
Is there any site that lets you search with these options? Is there some reason this ISN'T a good way to search?
I've been searching through to find specific models and then searching for those models on YW and BT and even CL, but that is really painstaking. Also this has the problem of finding a boat model that looks great, but turns out they only made like 7 of them in 1966 and then the company went out of business, so it's really super unlikely there will be any on the market.
How do you search for the boat you want?
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