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The world has fallen into chaos. With war, crime, politics, and other things that make you unhappy. Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to a simpler time? A time where if you didn't like someone you could toss them into your crocodile-infested moat. Well that is the goal of this sub. To restore moats to their glory days. We envision a Utopian world where every house has its own moat. Maybe not in our lifetime but one day...

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A subreddit to discuss Canada without political correctness run amok.

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A subreddit dedicated to taking Trump’s speech and turning into poetic formats

2023.03.26 11:14 okin107 [GUIDE] Installing and running WeMod on Lutris

I have managed to install and successfully run WeMod from Lutris last night. I want to give big thanks to the creator of WeMod Launcher repo, which had the steps that helped me actually get WeMod to install. The repo linked has the steps on how to make WeMod work with Steam Tinker Launch, which is fine, but games that are installed manually and added to Lutris will most probably not work with that method. So I was playing around to see if I could get it to work on Lutris. I will use some steps for installing WeMod to the Steam Deck from the repo itself and then add my own details for making it work specifically on Lutris.
Installing WeMod
Wemod's installer has some issues running under wine (I believe it relates to UAC) and so may fail to run. A workaround would be to either copy the files from a Windows PC or with the steps below.
Configuring Lutris
Using WeMod
You can now use WeMod the same as you would use it on a PC. Just run it, select the game you want to play and either install the game or select the executable of the game manually from WeMod. You can run the game from WeMod and it will run within the same Wine prefix. You can also start the game separately from Lutris and then run WeMod after it. As long as you have added the executable to WeMod and hit Play on it, it will recognize the running game. I tested all of this myself with Motosport Manager and it worked perfectly fine in both Desktop and Game Mode. I do not know if it will work with every single game so YMMV here.
PS: I tried to make Aurora from Cheathappens work but it was throwing a lot of errors when it ran. Probably dependencies missing in the wine prefix, but I did not spend too much time around it and gave up. I suspect with the right dependencies it should work the same as WeMod.
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2023.03.26 11:14 chrisdolmethbabe Question about IV:

would like to start this off by in the most respectful way possible ask for everyone not to preach to me and say "don't" because trust me i have read ALL the comments and posts about it in several subreddits and already read & heard it all so nothing within that subject & also this is PURELY just a question, mainly because loved ones of mine IV & i am curious about this. (mainly for their sake & we had different ideas and views on it)
have i considered it myself? yes, do i know its a really bad idea with no ultimate good outcome? also yes. have I read all the horror stories and the end results of others in the IV situation? yes yes yes.. so please refrain from all of that if you can. ❤️
ok the question: lets hypothetically say you were a couple year chronic user (smoking, snorting, hotrail, oral) and its no longer really doing much and making someone lazy, umotivated, not even wanting to conversate with people type shit. all that opposite of what it's supposed to do feeling... if you were to switch to iv, does these symptoms lessen/go away? will one feel speedy and productive and can wanting to do stuff again & start projects again & clean the house & hangout socialize and converse with people again? mostly does it give you ENERGY and not feel like a lazy pos? If so... how long does it last until things arent that way anymore? because knowing all good things come to an end.. I have more to ask, but I'm just gonna keep this as short as possible, and maybe make another person in the future or answer DMS about it for those really interested in helping me with these questions.
thank you much love & respect to all of you! ❤️
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2023.03.26 11:14 rehiremyauntie How do I make sure I’m not asking for sex too much from a fwb?

Me and this girl (both teenagers) started hooking up a few weeks ago. For context, she was my first. Everything went well, we kept it oral since it was before school and school was starting soon. We also made out a few days ago in her car, which these things are honestly a good milestone considering how insecure I used to be.
The thing is, I’m possibly hypersexual, it feels like I could be and I feel like I ask kinda often when we can meet up. I don’t think it’s causing any issues, she seems to be happy when I’m around and I accidentally ran into her at this theater concert (neither of us knew we were going until our friends decided to go) and she seemed really happy to see me and she seemed happy when I texted afterwards.
The reason I’m asking mainly is because I know she has struggles with depression and mental health and I really don’t wanna add onto that. Like, I don’t want her to feel like she’s just a piece of meat or anything because honestly she’s an amazing person. I don’t think I’m doing anything bad since I’ve asked and she’s said it isn’t me doing anything bad and we’ve made out again since the first time but I still be nervous. How do I make sure I’m not asking too much?
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2023.03.26 11:13 No_Ground6678 Completely fine being a recluse

Yea man IDK, people say that being isolated from people is a bad thing but I feel good not talking to anyone or having the responsibility of relationships. I'm wondering how this will pan out in the future because I only seem to lose interest in people more as time goes on. But back to the point. They say its unhealthy and deviates from our nature as humans, but I am wondering if this evolutionary law cancels itself if you grew up without a 'tribe' or family or whatever. I gotta say though I never really was amused in my relationships with others before anyway. Time and time again I had people upset by me not making time to hang out with em. I lost two relationship situations when I was younger, the first I was cheated on because I kept rejecting seeing my Gf for months. I don't blame her for this at all. The second I lost because the girl kept wanting to hang out and I was just beat by it, amongst some other stuff but I didnt feel any incentive to see her being the main one. The only time I can really recall being fully invested in my relation with another person was a girl I knew in college and stuff from 17-19 but I guess that's because I was attracted to her and that sort of made me want to invest in our friendship more. Had a boyfriend though so it didnt go anywhere. Wondering if anyone else feels this way, just not caring about establishing connections socially or just only rarely caring about them. I hear a lot of emphasis on people wanting to build and fortify friendships or relationships. I try to introspect on this where I can and I think maybe my standard for this stuff is so high that I cant really find people within that standard so a lack of interest results. I read manga and you get the occasional brotherhood between two characters and I feel like Id do well with that in my life but its still not exactly enough for me to seek it out or leave my solitary lifestyle. I have an avoidant attachment style too if that plays into it I don't know
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2023.03.26 11:13 StephanieBecky LionCEO Fair Launch Today Liquidity locked Huge Marketing Wallet Giveaways in TG group SaFu LP locked

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2023.03.26 11:13 puneristud [Socialists] How would you convince an average European middle class person that Socialism is better without appealing to conscience?

Let me be clear with what I mean by this. Arguments other than "muh Social Democracy exploit the working class of the Global South," and the crocodile tears that come with it.
Many Socialists are guilty of downplaying Chinese;/Russian exploitation of African and Asian developing countries and always keep saying "SOCIAL DEMOCRACY DOESN'T WORK/HAS A TIME LIMIT BECAUSE EXPLOIT GLOBAL SOUTH." Nah nah nah, I'm not willing to listen to that. In fact most people aren't. It's the same thing as vegans trying to convince people that they are villains to eat meat/milk/honey, etc. because it promotes animal torture or some shit.
While yes, some of what these arguments are do hold some undeniable truth, it's not AS ABSOLUTE as you make it seem Socialists, it kinda makes you feel like a Death Cult of sorts, essentially "kill all Americans and give their wealth to Africans" kind of thing.
I'm also not completely sure why you want to "BAN THE PROFIT MOTIVE RAWRRR." Profit motive has been around longer than any of us have even existed. It ultimately works. Now, I know some of you are gonna point out Climate Change, but see, renewable and lesser-waste alternatives are being built, through crowdfunding/government investment/even Capitalist investment. Fighting Climate Change is ultimately profitable because it allows for continuation of humanity and the Capitalist society, it's ultimately profitable, to quite a few people. So IDK why ya'll blame Profit Motive for Climate Change. From a nuanced perspective, it seems like a natural consequence of Industrialization. Would ya'll prefer to go back to agrarian times where people are constantly dying of the Bubonic Plague?
Continuing with Climate Change, idk how you're going to convince people to not use their air conditioning/heating in unpleasant climate. Our aims should be to reduce the environmental impact of these devices, not to attempt appeal to conscience like many of you do. Forcing people living in tropical climate to not use the AC and people living in the North to not use heating is tantamount to Eco-Fascism.
And also your arguments against "Absentee Ownership" and Inheritance. Time and again it has been proven that accumulated wealth doesn't last long unless you take actual efforts into maintaining it. Yes, hiring an investment banker is also an actual effort, because you still have to monitor their actions, you don't leave them alone, they are essentially advisors who you also allow to act on their intuition on your behalf. I do not see how that is not effort because it creates more employment and keeps your money flowing in the economy for re-use. ( Like seriously, shouldn't workers have the ultimate right to decide what happens with their wealth, even after they die?
A lesser moral and more practical argument for inheritance is lifestyle shock. If a rich person with a non-working spouse and dependent children dies, and their wealth is taken away, it puts the family through a harsh lifestyle shock because they don't have wealth beyond basic welfare to cope. Like, as if just losing the working male wasn't enough, they are essentially forced to live in poverty BECAUSE SOCIETY CAN'T HELP BUT STEAL THEIR MONEY. HOW FUCKING RICH SOCIALISTS!! FUCKING DARE TO CONVINCE ME THAT THIS SCENARIO IS ACCEPTABLE YA PLONKERS!! Ahem, I think most sensible people here would agree that in this specific scenario it absolutely makes sense for the family to keep the passed one's wealth, so that they aren't forced into lifestyle shock.
I don't even understand the arguments that "WEALTH ACCUMULATION IS BAD." WTF?! Unless somebody is buying fucking gold bars and keeping them locked in some closet somewhere, their digital money is already in use. That's the main reason banks fail, because they can't pay all their customers back at once, they've already spent much of the money deposited with them. The wealth is not accumulated, it's all being used. The same is true for insurance and retirement funds.
Finally, renting living space. This is the ONE ARGUMENT of Socialism I find some agreement with. Safe living space should be a right and I support the Viennese Social Housing model for this. If everyone is guaranteed a living space, renting is merely a matter of convenience and not of requirement. And we pay for a lot of services that are just for convenience, so in this specific matter, renting should be absolutely acceptable. In fact, it will enable renters to decide what to pay for the living space, and remove power from the landlord. The landlord's income would be completely at the mercy of the person just using the property for convenience.
Side point if regular Socialist politicians support BS like this: the upper-middle classes (engineers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc.) would never support Socialism, let alone the rich.
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2023.03.26 11:13 DecoupledPilot I feel differently about the game it seems

I have so far been able to play to level 11 on PC and somehow I have the feeling like some of you are playing a different game.
I would especially like to know your opinions on which of the following are likely to just be beta issues and which would be to be expected in the final product.
I see so much praise for the details and art. What I saw and thought while playing was more like this though:
I have now seen this exact same dead body model twenty times now in the same area. From a next gen game I had expected at least some procedural variation on base resused assets. And not "torn open torso type 1,2 and 3, copy & pasted everywhere.
And this asset repetition is everywhere. I know of games much older which managed to give reused assets much more perceived variety through different tricks of angle and perspective.
Then for example the cutscene where the hermit horadrim guy rides off on his horse.... The horse animated isself along with moving legs as if it were a childrens funfair roundabout. An animation style I would expect from mobile games.
Then the very limited character customization which makes it seem like much by having many simple to create modification options such as earrings. But different noses? Nope. Maybe just beta limitation? I am not sure.
Then the transitions. I interact with an quest item and my character "tweens" to the correct location instead of walking there.
And the open world parts seem wrong. The parts where we encounter other players... For example that 30 souls collection event. I did it, got my loot, came back not even 2 minutes later and the very same event happened again. This makes my previous cleanup action feel utterly meaningless especially from a story driven perspective. Just pure loot box with extra steps.
I love the sound effects and music, but again the art and animation of for example skill effects don't keep up with the power of the sound. Such as the new "scorching ray".
The fonts used for all descriptions look like someone forgot to embed the correct font and it dropped back to system default.
I won't go deeper into rubberbanding or such because that's obviously intended to be fixed in the final release.
And side quests.... Using an clapping interaction for soldiers? Who don't even react to it. Cheap and silly tutorial mission. But ok, yea, I just hope silly suff like that is rare.
The skill tree is plainly boring. But this I would not see as an issue yet because I expect the true depth to come with more items and other trees. Though the depth would really have to multiply manyfold.
I mean the game looks good and the atmosphere is very good for my taste and I love most of tge audio and voice acting.
But from overall technical quality the beta was underwhelming for me.
I know most of you praise the game and for me if the main story and atmosphere were not so good I think I would have stopped playing already.
The open world encounters so far really feel artificial and not fitting into the main storyline experience at all.
Just my 5 cents I wanted to share somewhere.
Thanks for reading
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2023.03.26 11:12 Secure_Traffic_5273 I made a plate carrier

I made a plate carrier
Hello everyone. Just looking to get some feedback and improvement suggestions.
This is my first PC made from scratch. I made the pattern based on some Airsoft plates I had so it's not real world dimensions but between medium and large.
It's all 1000d milspec cordura, proper webbing etc. Proper velcro.
Traditional olive green with a light olive webbing. I would have liked to have done the shoulder straps in light olive too, but didn't have any 50mm. These colours make me think of old school Paraclete, Blackhawk and the like.
I'm now making a side plate carrier for 150*200mm side plates. On a previous PC (I have made two before, both recycled from Osprey body armour vests) but this is the one I'm happiest with so far, except for a bit of webbing I cut short and didn't get seamed in.
Also I didn't spend a lot of time stitching it together as it's a essentially a final prototype. I'm not going into production but I'll be happy with it and move onto something else once I make one more :)
PS: plate carriers look a bit daunting to begin with but are pretty easy to make but I put things in upside down and backwards if I don't check and check again! I accidentally sewd the shoulder straps inside the plate pocket once :)
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2023.03.26 11:11 newaccuser Some inputs regarding my situation and couple of queries I have Pls

Greetings! I'm 26 year old. Last year with a lot of motivation I was able to loose around 22 KG of weight in 4 months with intermittent fasting and walking. Was very proud of it but you know how people are, everyone around me kept saying things like it's enough and all even though I wanted to loose 6more KG to reach my ideal condition. After that for 6 months I have been somewhat inconsistent on my plans. At times I eat in a window, at times I don't, at times I restrict myself from eating bad things, and at times I just eat thinking it won't affect too much. The result is that I have gained around 3.5-4 KG back. And now I'm worried that if I didn't plan out and do things right, I'll loose all my progress from those months.
Now of course there are several issue, one of the major could be the strong motivation factor which originated from an accident, that cannot be redone (obviously), and I try my mind to get back in that zone.
I'm trying to plan out best course of action now, I feel summer is the time I can get more goals accomplished compared to winter. But I'm confused whether just to focus on fat loss or muscle building too and if so what elements are supportive in both goals and what are the ones which work opposite ways in both those goals.
I got book on bodyweight training, I'm planning to start incorporating bodyweight training, but again my major goal still is to loose a lot of fat fast compared to muscle gain, my only thing is to look lean and shaped, nothing like desire to make a lot of strong visible muscles.
I have used apple cider vinegar, but only once before eating, I could not figure out if ACV is safe to drink while fasting, so can someone confirm if it's fine to drink that throughout the day even during fasting? As I think it helps with craving alongside water. I feel like I'm staring from zero again.
Also, any advice about the balance of weight loss and muscle gain, knowing that me loosing the extra fat/love handles is my major goal. Gym are great but I'm thinking to keep things at home for now, I have 2 dumbles of 5KG at home that's all.
I think once I'm able to formulate a good plan that I can trust, I can follow it, but planning is confusing so please guide me to be able to plan my next 90days or so, to get a good change, of course I know few things will be life long, like better food choices and other things but still a good result can be accomplished in 90 days to motivate me even further.
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2023.03.26 11:11 17181012 Crazy alternative ending I just thought of for the dome.

So, during the entire book or at least the second half, Big Jim Rennie is really thankful for the dome and wants to make sure it sticks around so he can keep doing his evil plans.
I'll be honest I don't have the specifics worked out for this like what he would use or how he would get to a safe part of the dome with fans on the other side when before he was in the middle of it, but just hear me out.
So Big Jim is with the rest of the cast or at least the government, maybe Charlie Cox in particular. He knows they want to get rid of the dome so as like some sort of protest from a newly insane Jim Rennie he somehow tapes or glues or just sticks himself to the side of the dome, he's probably too heavy too but I'm sure there's something that could work that he could get his hands on.
So he's like glued to the dome, screaming about how he doesn't want it to go at the same time Julia convinces the Leatherheads to let them go. As a result the dome lifts... with Big Jim still attached to it, now hollering and screaming about wanting someone to help get him off and save him but the dome whisks itself and him into the sky, never to be seen again.
Or you could even say what is holding him to the dome isn't strong enough but the dome lifts so quickly into the air by the time the glue gives up and he separates from the dome he's falling a big enough drop that will kill him.
I dunno I just thought that would be interesting and satisfying if something like that happened. Yet again I don't know how he'd be able to stick himself to the dome in the first place but still.
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2023.03.26 11:11 jamesboone132 This might be controversial.

But the Diesel business is dying in America. It's so hard to find people to hire. Literally doesn't matter what you offer. Younger people think a gender studies degree is more valuable than someone who works on equipment. Diesel mechanics definitely need to be paid way more. It's probably one of the most unappreciated trades in the entire industry. I live in a small town, and I met a Diesel tech he was making $150,000 a year. He is quite literally a millionaire in my town. It's super cheap to live where I am. I went to school for it until I found out the cost would be $30,000 for a community college. That is just unacceptable. These classes need to be free to get people in the door to the trades. I know there're apprenticeship programs, but the colleges need to be free for the trades. Just rambling, what do you think needs to change?
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2023.03.26 11:10 msbeachwave My first alergy on client

My first alergy on client
I am so damn sad. I knew this was going to happen someday.. but honestly. Im so bumed down.
I must say I am a begginer. I am a tattoo artist starting to lash. I always disinfect everything, use new material, good glue, isolate correctly, no excess adhesive, checked the patch wasnt hurting, the eye was clossed, the lashes not touching the skin. You know... The full drill.
I know I am slow as a begginer, and it took me 2.5 hours and 90% of the lashes was done (I have trouble making a real full set every single lash done).
I applied to an lash assistant job the day yesterday. I did a demo on the sister of the owner of the spa. The lashes looked so good.
Lo and behold. Today I already had a message telling me that the girl was al swollen, had eye boggers, and her eyes hurt.
I told the owner of the spa it was a possible alergy. That the job was well done, but was best to remove the lashes for the safety of the customer. They never even answered the phone again.
I suppose of course I am not getting this job. I am just so sad and thinking about quitting the whole lashing thing...
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2023.03.26 11:10 Shot-Sun8662 Can I ever be happy

I’m 46F and my mom is 76. My mother is narcissistic and has an extremely negative view of the world. From as young as I can remember, she terrorized me in a specific way and I’m wondering if anyone else experienced this. For background, I was raised in a fire and brimstone Pentacostal church and the main thing I remember was endless sermons and hell and death and how we, even the children, could die at any moment and burn for all eternity. My mom would go to these churches for a few months, decide they were full of people who hated her and were mistreating her and then we’d be off a new church, rinse, repeat. When she was upset with me, she’d threaten to end her life. For example, if I didn’t comply w her wishes, she’d get sullen and say things like, ‘well, when you call the paramedics, make sure my body is decently covered.’ Horrible to do to an 8yo, but it’s standard manipulation. I can ‘understand’ it. What I didn’t and still don’t understand: She made me scared all the time. I’m playing and cuddling a pet— ‘well, just remember they don’t live long, so enjoy them bc they won’t be here forever.’ Enjoying Christmas? —‘it’s sad to think that we may never do this again. You never know what will happen.’ Looking forward to summer camp? ‘I hope we’re alright when you get back. Don’t worry about me, you go have fun and don’t think about me you siblings,’etc. This has been directed at me much more than anyone else. It turned me into a child who was completely unable to be ‘in the moment’ bc all my moments were spent ruminating about whether something awful was about to happened. Until recently, I’ve gone through life with a huge stone around my neck. I developed panic attacks and bipolar disorder. It is truly awful to think of how much of my life has been wasted or miserable bc I couldn’t have a moment’s peace bc the the thoughts of death and loss always drowned out any enjoyment. Now that I have kids I realize how aberrant this behavior is I wish I could say it’s over, but it’s not. Every day I deal w these thoughts. I wonder if anyone here has experience w this kind of thing
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2023.03.26 11:10 rudy_dsouza Unpopular opinion - gale had it coming

Real talk - Gale deserved to be shot in the head
He understands what he is doing. He acts and dresses all innocent but when your standing in an underground supervillain lair with a cartel kingpin, after discussing and watching it be excavated for however long, it is no stretch of the imagination that he would have started to fully comprehend the ramifications of what he was doing. By the episode "winner" in BCS, Gus has dropped his smiley facade, and all pretense of doing favours for an old friend has long since gone. Gus is undoubtedly an evil man, and gale, despite acting like a child, is not stupid. Gale cooks the purest meth the continent had seen, second only to Walter white. His justification of doing it "for the chemistry" is pure BS. Gale wants the kick of being the best in his field, an admirable trait, but conciously chooses to sell his soul to Gus and corner the meth market. There is no need for him to cook meth, he just does it because fuck it, why not, he likes chemistry. The sort of naive innocence he pretends to have shows not that he has a good heart, but more that he couldn't give less of a fuck about who's out there smoking the deathsticks he's making. There is allot to be said for someone who chooses to excel in that particular field. With his skills he could have worked for grey matter, or the litany of other pharmaceutical companies that exist within the breaking bad universe. He could have done anything, but chose to go meth or go home, a wholey unnecessary choice. Yes, it is mentioned that he was given a scholarship to a prestigious university with the aid of Gus fring, but Gus would not coerce someone with moral scruples into cooking meth, they'd be a liability. He knew gale deep down had the stomach for it, and offered him a very wrong kind of existential satisfaction
He's an oddball, a great colleague, and has a winning smile. But cookiness can only carry you so far. I understand Jesse being torn up on the inside about killing someone, but he was doing the world a favour.
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2023.03.26 11:10 fraxe86 [request] [steam] sleeping dogs definitive edition $2.99

Hello everyone i hope you all doing well a ne steam sell has past but the prices where in fier so the best deal is to go back a little back and look at the old gold games and of thous games is sleeping dogs DE the game is super nice and for it's age it looks pretty good
Why this game?
Well i looked in YouTube for some gameplay and this game looks great the fighting still the open world the exploring the side missions it looks super fun to play especially for a guy like me who just have a few free hours to play it with all the masters degree am studying it ain't easy to have time to enjoy yourself with something fun like this plus the price looks pretty reasonable and i don't want to miss this chance to enjoy this master peace a fe people now days know how fun the old games are they my didn't have the best graphics but the details and the work out in the game is in a nother level and always calls you back to try it again caus now days games lost there charm you play it one time and you get bored of it without mentioning the bugs ND crazy stuff happening lately Other than that thanks to you all and to this community for what you do you guys are amazing and thanks again Steam
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2023.03.26 11:10 xXPawnStarrXx Is ports now worthless?

It's been a while since I last played so it's obvious powercreep has just removed many things from the life cycle of the game, that is to be expected. I however didn't expect something as big of a project as ports to just... die, the only benefit seems to be for ironmen who don't intend to boss much.
To illustrate my point; Does ports provide ANYTHING, that is not bested by stuff you can just buy on the GE or obtain much easier.
Tetsu armour - Masterwork and Malevolant.
Seasingers - Cryptbloom and Tectonic.
Death Lotus - Tempest and Sirenic.
The weapons too; Drygores beat Tetsu, Ascensions beat death lotus darts, Seismics beat seasingers.
Pocket slot items are bested by the god books in most (if not all) cases. The cape is bested by the soul cape, skill capes and pretty much most other gear for that slot. The ring may be the only thing that possibly has any usage due to the ability for it to reduce incoming damage, but in most cases other rings are just better.

Could someone inform me if I am incorrect? It's sad to see content that looked great just fade into obscurity of uselessness. They could just make the superior armours a psuedo hybrid set, Giving them tier 88 defence, but power armour offense too. Making the untradeables actually worth getting.
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2023.03.26 11:10 FuckM3Tendr Broken Trust w/ my dad

My dad and I aren’t extremely close, but I liked to think we had a good relationship. It was always that we were cut from the same cloth; we were both pretty chill ppl, same taste in humor, and he showed me tons of movies growing up that he enjoyed and we bonded over em
Moreover, I always felt like I could talk to him about things because I truly felt that I could tell him most anything and he wouldn’t care what it was so long as it wasn’t immoral or illegal.
I have a love/hate relationship with my mom. She’s had several years of migraines and the pain management, IMO, has affected her mental capacity to hold a conversation. As a result, attempting to hold a conversation is a challenge and sometimes not worth attempting
My mom is also excessively overbearing about her new grandson. And I can understand, my mom only had two boys and now she has a grandson to dote on. Except they’re 2 hours away from us, which I personally like cuz I don’t like spending time with them.
I’ve only been a dad for about a week, and the biggest messages I’ve got from my parents were first when they came up to see my son when he was still in the hospital and I was told by my dad that they felt essentially screwed out of their time with him.
Gimme a break, he wasn’t in the hospital by choice, his blood sugar had to be drawn, we had random ppl coming in and out and there’s family quiet hours I warned my family about but they chose to come by during anyway only to be turned away
Now fast forward a week, the first text I got from my mom was when can we see our grandson again. Not, how are you or how’s your wife just when can we see him again
I tried to address this with my dad in a more tactful manner, my mom can’t take criticism or that ppl don’t want her around which makes having an adult convo impossible.
I tell my dad I want to talk to him privately about some things and don’t want my mom to hear them. Told me to give him a few minutes. We talk, we hang up, was gonna video chat them to show them their grandson…only to find a text from my dad that my mom heard the conversation
😤 are you shttng me?! This isn’t the first time this has happened to me either. My dad used to be a confidant, and now I feel like I got the final knife in the back
For anyone who might tell me to talk about this with my wife since that’s what she’s there for to help be supportive for me. For the record, My wife is a great person to talk to and she and I communicate very well. That said, she did not grow up in that type of family situation and it’s a foreign concept to her so it’s a bit of a challenge for her to wrap her head around, frankly it is for me too
Just needed to vent that not impressed with my dad, that’ll likely be the last time I confide in him about anything which I will admit hurts a lot
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2023.03.26 11:09 jamorant420x Am I the asshole?

Tonight was the second time I’ve gotten cussed out and verbally assaulted by the manager of college bar…….
For context, I’m a 20 year old dj on a big college campus, I have residencies at the 3 biggest bars in town, and I have my own promotion/event business. I’ve been djing for 2 years now and have played over 30 paid gigs. If it was up to me I’d play house all night but due to college crowd I gotta play open format/rap. I think I’m one of the better djs my town has to offer but that’s beside the point. Anyways,
Bar has recently had a problem with there crowd and they told djs to not play rap music. Two saturdays ago I played and twice during my set manager came up to me and told me not to play rap. Crowd was pretty dead and wasn’t responding to dance music so I naturally kept playing rap to keep crowd engaged. The night ends and i asks manger to write me a check and he blows up on me. Saying stuff like your the worst fucking dj we have, I hope you never play her again, your a cocksucker etc etc. The tirade was extremely out of line, and they additionally underpaid me $100. I have played at this place probably 10-15 times and have good relationship with owner. I talked to him the following week and he said eveything was just don’t let anything like that happen again. All was good until my gig tonight.
Everything was smooth, bar packed to the brim, high energy set, no rap music. I thought I definateky earned my cred back. I cut the music off at 2 and call last call like i have at every single gig I’ve played there in the past. As I’m cleaning up manager walks up to me and I was expecting a friendlyish comment cuz I thought might went well. He proceeds to go on another tirade, saying that last call is at 2:30 not 2. Saying I’m sabatoging the bar, I fucking suck, calling me cocksucker, pussy etc. keep in mind this dude is probably 50 and I’m 20. Anyways, he writes me a check and tells me to fuck off. Before my Uber arrives I go back into the bar and call him a piece of shit in front of staff, he tries to come at me and has to be held back by bouncers.
Am I the asshole? In the first instance I did disobey orders of not playing rap, but honestly as a dj my goal is to make a crowd dance and I’m not gonna torture them with tech house if they’re not feeling it. As for tonight, I feel like the guy was completely out of line and I’m gonna stand up for myself in that kinda situation.
Would love to hear any comments and I’ll do my best to answer any questions or provide context as needed. Best.
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2023.03.26 11:09 Agile-Caterpillar421 The Fermi Paradox of socialism and is capitalism really the great filter?

The Fermi paradox points out the contradiction between the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the fact that we have so far seen no convincing evidence of such life forms. If they exist why haven't we seen any?
One of the explanations is the idea of the Great Filter which describes natural phenomena that make it impossible to advance a civilization beyond a certain stage.
We could apply the same reasoning to socialism. If it works so well why is there an absence of successful and thriving socialist countries that are vastly better than capitalist states?
The most common explanation of socialists is to blame capitalism. Supposedly capitalism sabotages every socialist project before it can become a success.
But is capitalism really the great filter of socialism or is there something innate in socialism itself which prevents it from advancing beyond a certain stage?
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2023.03.26 11:09 HenrietteMonette I hate myself for being spineless

Long rant ahead kaya tldr: I don't like engineering and I don't want to take engineering for college, but my parents want me to take civil engineering anyways, nothing else. I wasn't assertive enough and so I caved in, kaya when college came, I became miserable and I can't even express my frustrations because my parents are saying that I'm doubting God's power for doing so, because "nothing is impossible through prayers" daw.
I really hate myself for not being able to stand my ground before going to college, to the point na madalas iniisip ko na sana sinadya ko nalang babaan yung grades ko noong highschool palang ako para hindi na nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob yung parents ko na pagtake in ako ng engineering.
Even when I was still in grade 7 reluctant na talaga ako na magtake ng engineering, kasi I'm not really interested sa field na yun and not to mention hindi aligned yung skills ko para sa engineering kasi mahina ako sa math. Sure, mahilig ako sa mga buildings and gumawa sa sims at minecraft, but that's it, it was just a hobby. But no, my parents took that as a sign na para ako sa civil engineering just like my uncles and cousins even though I don't like that field. Ang gusto ko talaga maging doctor or psychologist, but seeing our status, tanggal na kagad sa options yung pagdo doctor dahil bukod sa mahaba yung taong gugugulin ko, mahal pa tuition. So psychology and architecture nalang yung natitira sa mga options ko.
But they also don't want me to take architecture kasi bakit pa raw ako magtatake ng architecture when yung civil engineer naman daw yung mas masusunod kesa sa architect, they also don't want me to pursue psychology kasi "sayang" lang daw ako, because they "know" kung ano talaga yung kaya ko, na kaya ko lang daw gusto magtake ng psychology dahil masyado raw ako naiintimidate sa math, and wala raw akong future sa psychology. But I said na hindi lang yun dahil doon, dahil mas interested talaga ako sa psychology and mas marami naman akong idea about psychology than engineering, but no, parang nagbingibingihan lang sila, they gave me the silent treatment the rest of that day.
Then fast forward, grade 10 na ako, I improved in math kasi nagkaroon ako ng magaling talaga na math teacher, like yung way ng pagtuturo niya madaling maintindihan and mapapafocus ka talaga, but that's another story. So ayun gumaling ako sa math, nakakasagot na talaga ako sa mga test imbes na nanghuhula lang like in elementary school, and my parents took this as another sign na bagay ako sa engineering— God's plan daw (I forgot to mention that my family is very religious). During this time, gusto ko pa rin maging doctor, but just like before, tanggal na yan sa options, I then became interested sa medical technology, kasi interested naman talaga ako sa stem, sa biology nga lang imbes na sa engineering like what my parents want for me. But just like last time, dinismiss nila ulit ako, saying that wala rin akong magiging future sa medtech dahil hindi raw ganun ka common yung medtech.
Then fast forward once again, graduated na ko sa shs and this is the moment na talaga. I already expressed to them multiple times beforehand na ayaw ko talaga sa engineering. Psychology, architecture, medtech, and interior design, lahat yun ligwak kasi mababa naman raw sweldo sa mga yun, so I said why not IT? Mataas din naman sweldo non, in demand din tsaka mas interested naman ako doon compared sa engineering, kasi I started learning how to code while I was still in shs. But ayaw din yun ng parents ko kasi "sayang" daw ako doon, bakit magtatake na nga lang daw ako ng course, yung wala pa raw lisensya (edi sana pinag taxi driver nalang nila ako tutal lisensya lang naman din pala habol nila jk).
Kahit anong pangco convince ko sa kanila, they wouldn't listen to me. I already told them that I don't like engineering kasi nga bukod sa wala akong interes sa field na yun, di pa align yung kakayanan ko sa engineering. Nothing. I told them masyadong risky kung magtatake ako ng engineering dahil mahal tuition, mabigat workload and hindi pa biro yung course na yan, isama mo pa na mahina ako sa math, and sagot nila? Lahat naman daw mahihiling sa Diyos dahil walang impossible. Ginawa ko na ring example sa kanila yung mga kakilala kong civil engineers na nagrereklamo dahil mababa sweldo, to the point that they would rather work in BPO companies, because it seems to me yung habol nila sa engineering is yung "high salary", pero ang sagot ng parents ko? Ganun lang daw yun sa simula dahil mga baguhan palang kami pero after a few years pirma palang daw namin sa isang plan 6k na raw yun.
They also added that if I can't make up my mind sa program na itatake ko for college, di nalang daw nila ako pagaaralin. I'm not against sa option na to, in fact mas preferred ko naman to rather than diving in mindlessly sa isang program na di naman ako sure, especially since kakagaling palang sa pandemic, mahal ng bilihin tapos ang mahal ng gastusin. I expressed to them na in the meanwhile subukan kong magtrabaho nalang muna, sasabay ako sa mga kaibigan kong magaapply as call center. But pinigilan nanaman ako ng parents ko, ayaw nilang magtrabaho ako before finishing college kasi baka tamarin na raw akong mag aral nyan, eh mas maganda parin daw kung may natapos ako. Eh so anong gagawin ko? Maging full-time palamunin lang sa bahay? It's either civil engineering daw or nothing.
They said na subukan ko lang daw, baka magustuhan ko rin, kasi tulad noong nakakatanda kong pinsan, di nya rin daw gusto magtake ng engineering noong una pero bakit siya raw nakaya naman according sa parents ko. Tsaka matututunan ko rin naman daw na kayanin yung engineering basta mag pray lang daw. So caved in, no choice eh, ayaw nilang magtake ako ng ibang course aside sa civil engineering, ayaw din naman nilang ipostpone ko muna yung pagcocollege, most certainly di rin naman sila papayag na maging tambay lang ako sa bahay dahil katakot takot na sermon everyday aabutin ko nyan and I can't run away either like the suggestion of some of my friends na naglayas din, it's not a good idea, saan ako pupunta? Anong gagawin ko? Di biro yung perang kailangan para bumukod 15k nga lang naipon ko from elem to hs, na nabawasan pa kasi mga ipinautang nila mama.
So ayun ce yung tinake ko for college. 1st year, 1st sem came, so far okay pa naman, madalidali pa mga subjects kasi puro mga napahapyawan din naman samin noong shs, kaya nakakakuha pa rin ako ng matataas na grades. But then 2nd sem came, ayun na nga yung sinasabi ko, nag parkour yung grades ko, from easy uno to nanlilimos ng 1 point sa calculus prof para lang maka tres. Dito na nagsimula yung grabeng stress, tapos dagdagan mo pa ng shitty schedule (7:30am to 5:30/7:30pm) kaya di ako makapag self-study ng maayos, traffic, and pressure na makakuha ng matataas na grades in order to please my parents and to get a scholarship grant.
It all doesn't seem worth it for me, di ko naman gusto engineering, mahina ako sa math, yung mataas na sweldo na nga lang yung hahabulin ko na mukhang malabo ko pang makukuha, kaya yung title na "engineer" nalang yung natitira, which is a shallow reason for me para ipursue yung engineering, and it's killing me fml. I can't express my frustrations either, kasi sermon lang naman aabutin ko, na kesyo I'm doubting the power of God daw kaya nagkakaganito ako. Fucking hell, parang ang sarap nalang lumayas sa mundo at buhay na to 🙃. I hate school and yet I'd rather stay there than come home for additional, unnecessary stress.
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2023.03.26 11:08 KingoftheRednecks Spears Among the Stars, ch 24


Mogan would have thought a beach-side wedding would be a more romantic affair, and perhaps for them it was. For the tribe, it was a sign that the next generation would be wildly different from the one before it. In few cases would it be this extreme, but Mogan wondered if they would know anything like the hunts and the gathering trips he grew up with.
Perhaps, on the other hand, it was a sign of life, something to counteract the death that had surrounded the tribe for months. Perhaps the problems were really eased, or perhaps Mogan thought so since he didn't have to deal with as many of them.
Not that there weren't problems, here and there. The prohibition on fighting carried outside the tribe—otherwise, how would disputes get settled?--and so there were a dozen duels, two of them resulting in deaths. It seemed that the use of laser pistols, starting with both weapons holstered, was becoming popular, and while this was slightly less dangerous than microflinted spearheads, it was considerably moreso than knives, which were the usual weapon of choice. Then again, one of those deaths came from knives, modern knives with monomolecular edges.
On the other hand, medicine was so different here that nearly anything short of “dead before he hit the ground” was curable. Infection was a thing of the past, and while Mogan had treated infected wounds and outbreaks that swept through the village, thanks to his own implant he had never gotten sick. It was seen as one of his “blessings,” that the spirits of disease were frightened to touch him, and it was taken for granted that Ellisan never got sick either.
For that matter, perhaps fifty women were with child when they left their planet, and not a single woman had died in childbirth. That was a new thing, one which confounded every shaman. Everyone knew that a woman's first birth was the most dangerous day of her life, and for this to no longer be a danger at all was a sign that the San were definitely on the way to better things.
He was right in what he'd suggested to Ellisan, in that the minor explosions were more a result of stress than excess. He himself hadn't touched a woman since Hyeshi, not in anything approaching lust, but he suspected that were it not for that, and were he a younger man he might well be out there himself, appreciating the planet's bounty.
But instead of growing, the fuss died down, and while there were still a few who insisted on drinking too much, control of the budget helped to ease that back as well.
Chadnov, amusingly, had settled into the life of a married man. Ellisan had told him that he'd even asked her quietly for advice on what would make a pregnancy easier. Mogan wasn't sure how serious the man was, but he hadn't been responsible for any of the messes that Mogan had had to clean up, so that was a good sign.
Perhaps even better was that they had spent some time talking. He had seen some marriages—especially ones that started with a child on the way like this one had, where the two of them went months learning about each other in the physical sense without having any discussions about what they were and wanted. Perhaps Chadnov was wiser than Mogan had given him credit for.
And Mogan, in turn, had more time to relax. He never got used to the vehicles, but he was able to swim and to spend time walking among the prettier parts of the city, to try different foods and drinks, and sometimes to just sit on the beach like an indulgent father and watch his people enjoy themselves.
He wasn't the only one who spent time working. Many of them tried to find more information—the stealthiest of the fore-runners were picked to look over the barracks, and others were sent to befriend soldiers and see if they would talk. Ellisan insisted on doing some of it herself. Mogan didn't much like it, but she could pass for Sylfa, especially with cosmetics making her look older, and Mogan did trust her more than the Sylfa poachers with them. He didn't truly think they would betray the tribe, but they weren't part of it, and the people of the San were not their people.
That was why it was a surprise when somewhere around the third week Chadnov wandered over in a way that he probably thought looked casual, sipping one of his now-rare drinks.
“Good eve, Chadnov.” Mogan nodded, thinking. “How is family life treating you?”
“It's a surprise... but how do you do it? How do you live, never seeing her?”
Mogan paused, blinking back tears that he certainly didn't expect. “It's... it's not easy, Chadnov. We... we knew what would happen. I had to disappear, or they would hunt me down, and our daughter to. And she had to show elsewhere, or else they would have looked for her and found us. She landed the shuttle, I carried Ellisan off.... then we turned around to look, and she wasn't there.”
“All this time, I thought you were lucky, blessed more than any of us. It's the opposite, isn't it?”
Mogan stared at the horizon as it tried to crash down on him. Their last few days. The moment when she came back from her meeting with the captain—Shirfa, his name was, but they called him Shircha, Captain Cloaca, because “asshole” just didn't go far enough—when she let them know that she had failed and humanity was declared a non-sapient species. The months they'd spent together, bittersweet months when they'd toured the Sovereignty and also knew that it would tear them apart.
“That's neither here nor there,” Mogan said roughly. “Has something gone wrong?”
“No,” said Chadnov. “We're, uh.. we're actually doing well.” The fact that he had to be defensive about that said that Mogan had failed to hide his feelings as well as he had hoped.
“Please,” Chadnov said. “Be silent and listen.”
Mogan bristled for a moment—this was a hunter in disgrace because of his own dumb decisions, after all. But he paused, and with an effort of will, he didn't respond to the command with any insults. “Alright, Chadnov... Speak then. I'll listen, and I'll try to understand.”
Chadnov nodded. “You wonder how it happened, right? I saw some of you looking at her—she has no chest, she has no hips, her legs are just strange—none of you find her sexy, and... really, I don't either. But we talked, every night around the fires, and she and I sort of have the same place, the same role. She stands in the Sovereignty the same way I stand among the San. Not really insulted, but not really respected, either.”
“Look, I'm... I'm not a smart man. I'm... I'm not like you and Ellisan and Burya, I don't always just... know what I should do and do it because I should; I just... try. I know you think I married her because I can't lead anything if I don't... but I can't lead anything if I do either. Everybody knows... I'm very strong and not very smart; I'll never lead a war party or a hunting party or one of these new units, and sometimes I'm angry about that but I think if I did I would get people hurt.. I can't just... somehow come up with the right way, like you guys can. That's magic to me, just like these implants were magic pebbles once to you and the laser rifles were magic firesticks.”
He took a deep breath. “I'm sorry if I caused trouble for everyone else. I'm trying to make it right—by her, not just by you—but sometimes I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. Maybe I'm the kind of guy tradition is made for. I guess there aren't any real decisions to make if tradition makes them for me, right? That's OK—I'm... not good at making decisions. This way I can let all the wise men for generations back make them for me. And they're wiser than me—by the Frozen Valley, maybe everybody's wiser than me—so they're probably right even if it doesn't make sense to me, right?”
“I'm going to be a father, and I never really thought of that. Not smart, I know—I poked everyone that came close enough; I knew I'd be a father someday, but I just let that be in the future somewhere. But then again, I'm not smart, so I try not to stab myself about it; I can't do what I can't do.”
Mogan nodded. “I think I understand, Chadnov. Believe me, I've felt foolish more than once when I first came to the stars. Nothing made sense to me at all. Besides that, I'm a craftsman. I'm the best craftsman I've ever seen... and then they showed me a machine that can make anything. Right away, perfectly. I think I understand how you feel.”
“Maybe,” Chadnov said, “But I've always been like that. I guess I'm lucky—everybody knew I... wasn't good at thinking stuff through. They didn't expect me to. You came back and all of a sudden they expected you to know everything.”
Mogan chuckled drily. “And you call yourself dumb. You're a good man, Chadnov, and you'll be a good husband.”
“I... thank you, Shaman. That's what I'm focusing on right now. But Karshta and I were talking...”
“That's good. Talking with each other, learning about each other, that's a good start to a marriage.”
“I hope so. But she was talking about how the soldiers didn't really want to be here, and how they were happy for an excuse to get away from this. And I was thinking.... And I'm not good at thinking, I know it. But I had this idea. My ideas are bad ideas, everybody tells me that, but I thought, maybe I'd tell you this one, and you could decide for me.”
“Maybe you're judging your cast a little short before you throw, Chadnov. But what were you thinking?”
“Well, the soldiers at the barracks, they don't want to be here. Karshta says that everybody thought this would be a vacation, but the Governess made them run around out in the woods hunting down people they don't really care about. They want to be relaxing out here on the beach like us, not walking all day every day, especially because, well....”
Mogan chuckled. “Because they really can't.”
“Yes, but nobody wants to spend their time like that. So Karshta and I talked, and we thought... I'm sure this is a stupid idea—go ahead and laugh, but I have to say it just in case... What if we just... went to the barracks and asked them to leave? Just.... give them some sovereigns and tell them they can go somewhere else if they say “I surrender”?”
Chadnov flinched and almost fell off his chair—or bed, Mogan was really still not sure—as Mogan leaped to his feet.
“Ellisan! Get the elders, now!”
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2023.03.26 11:08 underwater0069 I do not want to be friends with my past crush

Some background : I(currently 21m) had a friend(currently 21f). I met this girl through a mutual at the start of 2020. We immediately became very close friends and used to chat a lot online. We never really met each other at that time because of the lockdown. Even though we never met in person, we became very close. We used to talk to each other for hours and she would tell me everything, things that she had never told anybody. I had never had this type of with anyone else before her and I always used to feel very comfortable talking to her. We even met a few months later and had a great time together. We had a few more meetings in the following months.
I started to have some feelings for her but didn't really want to confess it to her because she already had a thing going on with that mutual friend of our and I didn't wanna spoil my friendship with either of them. After a few months, things started to fade away between the two of them and I decided to finally tell her about how I feel. I waited a few days so that it didn't seem like I was taking as advantage of the opportunity and then I finally told her.
She said no, in a very friendly way. She said that she had never felt the same way about me and will probably never will. I won't lie, I did feel bad a little. I'm glad that she was completely honest about it but still, it felt bad. She insisted on us staying friends. I knew that it won't be the same as before but still, I tried getting along with it and staying friends as before.
To sum it all up, it was horrible. She eventually got a boyfriend and used to tell me every little detail about their relationship. I felt very uncomfortable hearing all of that. I tried to get over her but the feeling were just not going away. That made hearing her relationship stories ever more unbearable.
So I eventually distanced her and just stopped talking to her. This all happened a few months ago. Yesterday she texted me again. Asking how I am and I responded casually. Then she immediately started questioning me why I am not talking to her anymore. I told her that I just do want to and that things have changed. She started accusing me that I am destroying this friendship and started telling me that this friendship is not a one-sided investment. Tbh, she is right.
I just want her to know that I don't feel like getting involved in her life anymore. I don't have any feelings for her anymore but I know that getting involved in her life again will not work and it would just be uncomfortable for me if not for the both of us.
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