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2023.03.26 10:49 kazuroward I really don’t know what he wants or how he feels

Hi. I (24F) met a guy (24M) last year in December and we’ve been talking ever since. We kissed on the second date and we’ve only made progress ever since - we eventually ended up dating exclusively on Feb 6th. We went on many dates, had a really good time together and I genuinely had the best time with him. I can be a toxic person because of my last relationships which all ended up with me getting hurt but I tried my best to not let that side of me come out while dating him and it worked because of how comfortable I felt around him and how he made me feel.
We last saw each other last week Wednesday. On that day we had a conversation about how it felt weird to me to finally be able to say that I have a boyfriend after a couple of years of not dating anyone but he told me that he didn’t call me his girlfriend yet as the word felt too 'deep' for him (you must know that we’re both German and the German word does in fact feel deeper than the English word) and that he simply said that he was dating if someone asked him which confused me because we already had reached quite a few milestones together (I had met his brother and best friend, all of his friends knew me (most of them don’t even live in Germany as he’s spent his childhood and youth in the country he originally is from), he regularly had posted pictures of me on his instagram, he was supposed to meet my sister next week and my friends the week after etc.). The thing about him is that he has never had anything serious which lasted for more than 6 months - and even that was an exception.
Anyways, all of this led to me writing a rather long text message on monday in which I asked him if he can imagine a serious relationship with me some time in the future (and I only did this because I just wanted a reassurance that he cared about me, even if he wasn’t quite sure yet - I mean we can’t know what the future will bring us but I think after two months of dating you should have thought about stuff like that) and he wrote back saying that he hadn’t developed any super deep feelings for me yet and that he could therefore not imagine anything serious with me. I genuinely had expected a lot of possible answers but this wasn’t one because he really had treated me as if he was falling in love with me. He was almost always the one who asked me when i was free to see him again, whenever we met he looked at me like I meant the world to him and he never let go of my hand, always stopped while we were walking to give me a kiss and never failed to make me feel appreciated so it really felt like I fell into a hole. I cut off contact to him on that day and we only talked once on the phone afterwards because I insisted on it but the call didn’t last for a long time, we were both obviously sad and therefore didn’t talk a lot.
Yesterday I messaged his best friend because of an event at our uni that takes place in two weeks (his best friend and i attend the same university). We originally wanted to go to the event together along with my best friend but now that this happened I will go to the event with my friends and his best friend will attend with other friends and the guy I used to date won‘t come. While we were talking I kinda told him how I was feeling and how it had affected me and to my astonishment he told me that H. (the guy I was dating) wasn’t feeling well either and that he had failed his exam because of how much it had affected him.
I don’t understand it - why would he feel bad to the extent that he would let it affect his exam when he was the one who determinedly told me that he didn’t want to deepen our relationship at any point in the future? I genuinely feel confused now and don’t know what to do, I miss him a lot and I‘ve been crying every day ever since we stopped talking but I don’t want to message him because I am not the person who was determined about how I felt about him. But at the same time I don’t want to let him go if there’s a tiny chance that we actually could get back together because of how he has felt ever since.
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2023.03.26 10:49 Overall-Principle409 Just a vent about my past.

Just a vent because I have no one to talk to. I grew up shy and I am autistic, so it's hard to make friends. I had a friend in 5th grade, but due to military, they had to move. Since then, met my first girlfriend in 8th grade. 9th grade, on Halloween, she took her life due to issues with family. After that, I met my best friend. He got me to continue going out and see more people. He got me with my next girlfriend and after 6 years of being with her, I broke up with her. She also didn't know how to care for animals and I had to bury newborn puppies. She was mentally and physically abusive. Then, shortly after, my best friend killed himself and I saw his corpse. His suicide note was covered in blood and brain matter. I found my next girlfriend shortly after, but she ended up cheating with another guy, got pregnant and left after 3 years. After that, I gave up. I spent time traveling the states and met lots of people and had a great time. I found my 4th girlfriend and it was long distance. We traveled every few months to see each other and it was actually amazing. After 4 years of dating her, she started talking about meeting people closer. I knew it was over. Months later, she left me saying she didn't love me anymore. When I asked her about it, she just said, "Please. No. :(" Once that relationship ended, I gave up entirely on dating. During these relationships, I had 6 friends. One got drunk and drove 2 others into the wrong lane and they all died. The other 3 took their lives and left me here alone. I've been spending a lot of time trying to develop new relationships just to find out that they are all fake. If they can't use and abuse you, they don't want anything to do with you. It's either that or they have no interest in me. I work so hard and do so much for everyone. I never expect anything from anyone, but it makes me feel unappreciated. I care about people but no one seems to care about me. I have my family, but they live across the country. I live alone and it seems like no matter how hard I try, no one ever cares to be a friend. They hang out with their friends and post it all the time. I always ask to hang out and they make it seem like it's going to happen, but they always cancel or some emergency comes up. I've heard all the excuses, legitimate or not. I get things happen, but it's just annoying. Billions of people in the world and not one wants to be my friend. I've done a lot of self care and worked hard to not be a negative person, but it's hard not to be when the world rejects your very existence. Even in the Army, it's difficult to make friends. But also, because I'm in the Army, people turn away instantly without ever getting to know me. I literally just want friends that genuinely care. People say to be comfortable with being alone. I've been comfortable with it for 29 years. I'm an introvert and I enjoy my time alone. It just gets old and boring after so many years. People don't understand because they are used to having friends and were never forced to be alone for so long. People would always bully me and call me a school shooter for my emo looks. I don't have the look anymore, but I still get people saying I'll shoot the place up. I don't care to hurt anyone. I'm just a lonely and sad person. I've exhausted all my hobbies and whenever I try doing new things, nothing works. I've been to therapy, took medicine, but nothing seems to help. I really don't know what to do anymore. I want friends so badly, but no one cares to be one. I've done so much for my "friends" and would buy them food, take them to cool places, and we'd always have a good time. Lots of them had no car and I was always driving people around. I call them fake friends because I knew they used me. They made it clear when they ghosted me or purposely ignored me. I'm just tired of fake people. I just want to go out and hang out with people and have a good time. I feel like I'm just not good at finding the right people. I work so hard and it all just falls apart in the end. I'm sure there are plenty of others out there dealing with similar issues too. For those out there dealing with loneliness, don't give up. It's not worth the pain to those that do care. I've attempted to take my life 4 times, but each time failed. First one was rope and it hurt so I chickened out. Second and third time were with a knife, but again I got scared. Last one was with a gun that I cleaned well. It had no safety and for some reason my body froze. I screamed as loud as I could and froze in a cold sweat. The trigger was pulled and it didn't fire. I gave up and decided to live on. I live to see what I would have missed out on. I want to experience happiness, no matter how little it is. I still haven't seemed to have found that happiness, but I am still able to keep going because I know someday life will change for the better. I've come to a point to where I am comfortable in my own skin and I am doing much better. I just want those struggling out there to know that things do get better. The only one who can change it though is you. If you hate things, change it. The best thing about humans is that we have the ability to change and grow. Sorry for all the text, but I just really didn't know what else to do. The loneliness was consuming me and driving me crazy.
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2023.03.26 10:48 ArtisticFurrball It’s been less than a year and I cry every time I think about her…

I had a dog, her name was Pearl and we were inseparable, I will never get tired telling our story. I used to be a very lonely kid, not even my parents have me that much attention and I was pretty much obnoxious to everything due to how lonely I felt. One thing I’ve always loved: animals. They are wonderful, specially dogs. One day at my grandparents farm one of their dogs had puppies. I was overjoyed and went running to see the mama with her pups (obviously from a distance). Then I saw her: the most beautiful and amazing and perfect doggo. She was a beautiful cream-colored puppy with the prettiest black nose. I swear that the moment we saw each other it was then that I knew she and I were meant to be together. I was the happiest 6 year old when my grandpa said I could take her. It was something out of this world, I can’t explain how our bond was. From moment one she was extremely loyal to me and so I was immensely loving towards her. I spent days and nights playing with her and my grandma world became the brightest since then. Even at my lowest she was the only constant I had. I suffered through many things: bullying from family and classmates, constant rejection from others, being alone, not having any friends, being diagnosed with depression as a kid… She was always there for me. I would come home after school and she always greeted me like this. Looking at her smile always made me feel way better about my life. I bought her the best things and gave her the best opportunities I could bringing her to the best vets in our city. Not once I left her alone, every time I could I would bring her along with me and we traveled our country together. Beaches, forests, cities, and countryside: you name it we went together. I always felt as if she was a part of me. I couldn’t explain it but it was as if she and I were a single soul. We were the best friends ever. Then one Thursday as I was getting ready she seemed off so my mom and I went to the emergency pet hospital nearby. When we arrived the vets saw her and ran to attend her. She had entered a shock and there was bloody liquid bubbling out her nose. I was panicking and crying like I’ve never before. I’m not one to cry easily but at that moment I was very vulnerable. My mom had to hold me back to me not to run behind the vets. We spent there more than two hours. After this, I couldn’t go to school and I was so extremely tired from crying that I fell asleep the moment I got home. Pearl had been hospitalized, and was intubated with oxygen. We didn’t care we paid proximately $370 just for her to be ok, she was our Pearl. Then later at 11 o’clock they called us to tell us she had passed away. They had tried everything they could but her body gave up. At first I couldn’t process the shock it was to me. I acted extremely cold towards everyone and everything. I just locked myself in my room and didn’t speak to anybody. I kept telling myself I was OK, but I know I was not. At night, when I finally could process what had happened I cried, Innoway I cannot explain. I felt like a part of me had been ripped off and I couldn’t breathe. My mom tried calming me down, but I just simply was having a mental breakdown. Now it’s been less than a year and I know I was just 16 years old and I should be getting over it, but I can’t. Pearl was my whole world, and I miss her with my whole heart every day. I have other tree dogs, but things are just not the same with them. I keep giving them love and playing with them and bringing them places like I would normally do with Pearl. However, I cannot get over that feeling that she’s just not here. I love my other doggos with all my heart and I wish I didn’t feel this way, but sometimes I cannot see myself loving them in a way that’s nearly as much as I loved Pearl. She was something like my pet soulmate, and nothing will ever change that. My family knows that for me talking about Pearl is an extremely touchy subject because I can’t even think about her when I’m already crying. I’ve been writing this and I’ve been crying nonstop. That’s a lot for me because I am a person that even when she’s depressed or extremely overwhelmed, doesn’t cry just keeps to herself. Right now this is something way bigger than me. How do you even deal with the situation? How do you get over a 10 year friendship that was so special? You just simply can’t. I believe I will always have her in my heart. Even after she died not much then a couple of days later I had a dream about her. I was in the backyard of our old house, and suddenly she came to me. After I saw her, I immediately started crying, part of me just knew that was her. Even if I was just dreaming, I knew that was her soul in that very moment. Even when I knew I was dreaming (sort of) I knew she couldn’t be there because she was gone and she had to go. I didn’t want to wake up. I wanted to hold her forever. Part of me even wished I was dead to be with her, but I kept telling her that she needed to go, because even if I love her she had to rest. Part of me regrets it every day because after she went away, she has not come back in any dream. However, I know that it was the right thing, she had to rest. I know I am selfish for not wanting her to go, yet I know it was her time. I just can’t see myself without her in my life, I promised myself I would keep on going every day for her because that’s what she would’ve wanted. I know I’m talking as if she was a person here but that’s just how important she was to me. I hope that as I keep on living, she wil accompany me with her soul, and that the day I die, she will meet me in heaven. She has been the purest soul. I know God will take care of her for me and I am sure she’s happy by his side while I’m gone. It sometimes feel as if no one understands the emotional and even physical pain I’m undergoing because of this. I swear the day I got her ashes, I felt as if I was stabbed 1 million times in the chest. I felt great pain every time I cried, holding her urn. And I may never get over this, but I know things will be better end that I have three more beautiful dogs that love me and that can be awesome fur friends. Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest. I hope that anyone in any type of similar situation to mine gets better to, us humans really don’t deserve their beautiful perfect souls. I am sure that they watch us from heaven and that neither they or us will forget about each other. Please don’t DM me. I am OK. This is just something I needed to get off my chest as I said and I can assure you I’m better now. Now I am 17 years old and she’s still 10, she will keep on her age, and I will go on growing mine with our beautiful memories we had.
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2023.03.26 10:46 cimma Support please

Hello all,
I am post break-up since November and no contact since January. I feel like it's gotten only worse since no contact I enforced.
For context, in November my partner told me that while they "loved me, they weren't in love with me." Upon asking what the factors that caused the break, I was given that I was perfect, considerate of my ex's numerous boundaries, and that things were fine. Her words before she left were her "desperately" needing me in her life. It was nothing but confusion since there nothing I could base the break up on. During the contact trying to be friends, she gave severe mixed signals in which her family, best friend, and my friends have labeled it as manic/not sure what she is doing/etc. All the individuals still reaching out to this day wishing to maintain a friendship. We were planning a wedding this past summer and I was actively looking for rings.
I went full no contact when I began to clean out the rest of her stuff and found a journal. This journal began to state how she was worried what everyone else would think and that they would have recommended she communicate her issues, that she felt unhappy and stuck. Using a Phoenix analogy about how her happiness would rise up. This felt like a knife when her feelings of stuck felt like protection with a depiction of our relationship below.
We were together 5 years, living together for 2. We began living together as she was feeling stuck at home (she also had stuck feelings with her work). During this time she had a lot of boundaries due to past trauma, needing a very slow pace and support. Once we began living together, she hardly did anything besides the occasional trip to target for things we needed around the house. I cleaned, took care of animals, cooked, and initiated any sort of intimacy or plans that involved leaving the house. She on the other hand only wanted to play video games and watch YouTube. She would sit in the same spot before and after work until bed. When trying to communicate these issues of one sidedness, I got a "out of spoons and exhausted" reasoning. She often said she was waiting for the other foot to drop or that she could be more help around the house if I had more income to allow it.
To this day, her family informed me that she has continued the same behaviors. I set a boundary regarding not to speak about her for my own sanity. I've been following my therapist's guidance and attended CoDA meetings but I'm afraid it's not very beneficial with only 2 members (an old couple, who attached to me due to their issues)
Even with all this above, I desperately want to reach out and attempt to atleast communicate since she and I were planning a wedding and were very excited for our future regardless.. I just don't know when?
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2023.03.26 10:45 swervindaburvin84 Off the deep end

After broaching a subject that have been steaming for a while, one of my best friends had completely checked out whilst I solemnly dealt with breaking up I almost 10-year marriage because I couldn't deal with the way that I was being treated anymore.
We had a nice bonfire at my place a while back and he told me that he was embarrassed about how I was acting, embarrassed about how I was acting while I was going through the most traumatic thing in my entire life in my own backyard at my own bonfire with what I assumed was my best friend and a couple other best friends..
It was a rough moment and I had to put him in his place and tell him to stay away, the way he had chosen to be for the last 5 months that I was dealing with the roughest thing ever while he had no interest in helping or advising or caring or helping anyway whatsoever..
Unfortunately my emotions got the best of me and I drove by her place/the house that I had poured my own blood sweat and tears into for many many years with remodels and being the sole provider paying for everything always..
It's late Saturday night she wasn't home, my phone for a few times and got the classic Fu button..
So I took a sawzall and trimmed a bit of landscaping..
I know she's out with somebody else in their bed clicking the red button when I've called her phone..
It's my weekend to have our daughters and they are over at the best friend's house having a sleepover with his daughter..
It's been a rough process throughout and my emotions got the best of me.
I'm not really proud of any of it except for maybe 3%..
Ponytail palms birds of paradise all kinds of good stuff, I just can't believe this existence this world or any of it really..
I've been watching healing from narcissistic abusive relationships audio books while I drive to and from work and everything makes total sense, it just blows my mind entirely..
Things were quite a bit amical before but I don't know if they will be afterwards now but I don't really care..
Anyway I hope somebody gets a little bit of something out of this, I know I did.
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2023.03.26 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass

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2023.03.26 10:45 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Course (COMPLETE) Full Course Download

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2023.03.26 10:43 AyeshaSehar Best Practices in Home Care in Dubai

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2023.03.26 10:42 balfourmanagement Compassionate Assisted Living in Louisville: Providing Individualized Care and Support for a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Balfour's nursing homes in Louisville are staffed with experienced and trained professionals who are dedicated to providing individualized care and support for residents at every stage of the senior continuum of care. From skilled nursing to memory care, the staff at Balfour's nursing homes are committed to helping residents live their best lives possible. Located in Louisville, Colorado, Balfour's nursing homes are situated in an award-winning community that is known for its appealing qualities. The location provides a beautiful and peaceful setting that enhances the overall experience for residents. Balfour's nursing homes in Louisville are committed to providing high-quality care and creating a welcoming environment where residents can feel at home.To know more, visit at:
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2023.03.26 10:41 AchtsamerMolch People tellin me that I’m a ,,nice‘‘ person and nobody believes me that I want to di*.

Hey im 17 female, people sayin that I’m really respectful to other people. Should be normal right? Yes, I’m kind and don‘t want to hurt other species so I’m a vegan and I try to live a consistent lifestyle.I workout, eating healthy, draw, read, I’m a volunteer in a kindergarten,I share food with homeless people. If I make a sleepover I’m the one who take the couch and all that stuff. Please don’t get me wrong I’m doin this cause I want and love to be like this. At the end im just a human who’s trying his best and also doin mistakes. And I always try to grow mentally. (Also the people in my life appreciate me and always givin me somethin back! )
But I feel empty, like nothin really matters to me. I would not care if I do not wake up tomorrow. Often when I tell others about my feelings they don’t really understand. ,,you are so kind and pretty!‘‘ ,,how can u feel that way?‘‘ ,,U Kiddin me right?‘‘ (Ik they are not mean just bewildered ). I don’t understand why I feel that way and I don’t want to be a waste of space anymore. I’m freezin inside and I want to end this all. I’m tiered.
(Not a native english speaker)
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2023.03.26 10:38 AUGUSTUS-KHAN Log Book Entry #1 - Where am I?

Log Book Entry #1 - Where am I?
Last thing I remember before I came to.... this place... was that I was buying a journal for my friend. I went to my local art store to buy that journal. I put the journal in my bag, and I went to my friend's house. I don't own a car so I had to walk the way there, and my mom had to take care of my dad's fracture on his left leg. Well, I must've not been paying attention, because I tripped and fell onto the pavement. If I'm correct, I went right through the pavement for some reason and now I'm here.
I've been walking for 2 hours now. My phone isn't receiving signals or any form of communication. I'm gonna decide to ration out what I have and hope for the best. If I die and someone finds this book, I'll be praying for you.
Page 1
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2023.03.26 10:36 midwifecrisiss hiii local bartender here, some tips on how to order at the bar to get more efficient service

first of all, this past few years of jmu students have been great and i feel like the townie/student divide is finally ending. as i said, im a local bartender at a bar downtown and i know a lot of y'all are new to bars/ bar etiquette so here's so tips to receive the best service: 1. understand what a tab is
*there is no reason to tell us you want to "open and close" you can just say you want to just cash out
*saying you want to "pay your tab" means you have one started with all your other drinks on it so just say you'd like to cash out if you don't have a tab running
  1. please try to order ALL your drinks at once, if you want three lemon drops, a long island and four Malibu's and we make it and come back to you and you want to add another two lemon drops you will likely be waiting awhile because we have already taken someone else's order and there is a line
  2. there's a line and i see you and i will get to you, i promise. if you interrupt us it will slow everything down.
  3. IF YOU EVER FEEL IN DANGER OR UNCOMFORTABLE PLEASE TELL US, we will take care of the situation. we want everyone to feel welcome in our bars so if a person is being creepy or phobic then let us know.
thank you guys ❤️ hope this helps someone and y'all rule
-secret townie bartender
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2023.03.26 10:36 partlyavillain i lost my youth and fucked up my life

so im not a good story teller (18 F) just recently turned 18 as well. Most of my life i have been struggling especially i grew up in an abusive household. don't ask about children's protection justice system is fucked up in the PH. but this isn't about me being abused or what. maybe on how recent events led me to my lowest point in life?
so for context, despite what i experience at home my main escape is school. irl, people label me as a 'model student ' but i live a double life - if y'all are familiar with 13 movie well that's somehow simillar to how i ended up here minus the drugs. I don't have a good relationship with both of my parents obviously since im born out of wedlock. growing up i was always labeled too mature for my age at 7.
the thing is i try my very best or so atleast i believe to leave this household and take care of myself. hell, i dont want to be miserable. im ambitious if y'all can tell at this point. but i guess its never enough. escaping such household is tough. i cant even get out of it. everytime i do it will always follow me that's how toxic it was ...i envy my peers who get to enjoy their lives meanwhile i dont. my family has a very backwards type of mentality so fighting with them dont make anything better.
a few weeks ago it was my birthday but prior to that i had already attempted unaliving myself countless of times I don't even remember how many. all i can remember was ny first attempt back when i was 11. i never expected anything from anyone, but there i was receiving boquets and all. i managed to reach this age despite so many times trying to die on my birthday. now i dont know what to do with life even if i wish to better where do i start
oh and if y'all are wondering what happened with school? I've dropped out. it spiralled from there. i dropped out because my mother stopped supporting my studies and even if i tried working hard for myself it wasnt enough since im also supporting my aunt's place. i tried reaching out for my father's help i revieved nothing but empty promises. a lot of my relatives kept asking me to forgive them for the abuse but i can't. how do y'all forgive? im no god to forgive
well now that I'm a senior high school drop out, the smarty-pants kid in me died along with what i intended to be. i had a lot of plans in mind but all of that went down the drain. with no direction and such all i do is sulk in my room and barely go out of the house while poisoning myself with ciggs and alc whenever i can. the depression is getting harder to deal with and worsens everytime i see my peers doing well already. i feel left behind. im more caged than i am right now than i was before.
i feared this all along since i was 14. i swear i tried everything to be better but damn im rock bottom miserable. and with everything happening to me i also kept losing people and lived many regrets. i watched how my grandparents passed away and haven't grived properly because a friend of mine committed suicide recently i just cant find myself peace.
i did not even develop any sort of real hobby or passion since i did not have a good childhood as well. my basic needs are met fine but i know to myself i lack the propper nurturing and guidance i needed.
as i drink to myself today and smoke a cigg perhaps i am grieving to my lost childhood and unlived youth. idk what to do at this point and im not reallly looking for consoling. maybe i just need this one to get out of my chest. but its like dropping a big ass nuclear bomb on the internet.
i swore to myself I didn't want to this but here i am
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2023.03.26 10:35 balfourmanagement Understanding Alzheimer's Care: Providing Compassionate Support and Care for Individuals with Memory Loss

Balfour Memory Care communities provide a comfortable and elegant environment that is designed to engage the senses while preserving the sense of self of the residents. The facility caters specifically to the needs of individuals facing memory-related conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease. Balfour's staff is highly skilled and experienced in caring for individuals with these conditions, and they are dedicated to ensuring that residents receive the best care possible. The facility is designed to be safe and secure, providing residents with a sense of security and peace of mind. Overall, Balfour Memory Care communities are committed to providing exceptional care and support to their residents. Visit here: to get more information.
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rolled dog collar with a nameplate can be useful for keeping your dog safe and secure. Choosing the right size and material for your dog is essential, as regularly checking the collar and nameplate for security and readability and ensuring that accurate information is engraved. Monitoring your dog closely while wearing the collar, and choosing an appropriate collar for their needs, can help prevent discomfort, irritation, and potential hazards. Considering these precautions, a rolled dog collar with a nameplate can be a practical accessory for your pet's safety and well-being.
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2023.03.26 10:34 Deadlydiamond98 Using AI, I have made 3 scripts based off of the beloved Bert Strips (Also Image in order to stay in line with bertstrips)

First... Here's the required Bertstrip in order to post this.

Big Birds War Crimes and Incelmo is Incelmo

[Scene: The streets of Sesame Street. Big Bird is seen standing in front of a destroyed building with a gun in his hand. Elmo and Abby approach him.]
Big Bird: [Proudly] Ah, hello there! I just committed some war crimes in Czechoslovakia! [Chuckles]
Abby: [Horrified] What?! That's terrible, Big Bird!
Elmo: [Excitedly] Wow, Big Bird! That's so cool! I wish I could've been there with you!
Big Bird: [Grinning] Well, Elmo, maybe one day you'll get your chance.
Abby: [Angry] Big Bird, how could you do something like that? Innocent people were hurt because of you!
Big Bird: [Offensively] Oh, please. They're just foreigners. They don't matter.
Elmo: [Incel-like tone] Yeah, and besides, Abby, you're just a woman. You wouldn't understand.
Abby: [Furious] That's it, I've had enough of you two! I'm leaving!
[Abby storms off]
Big Bird: [Laughing] Good riddance!
Elmo: [Creepily] Yeah, I'm glad she's gone. She was always so uptight.
[Elmo looks at a group of children passing by and starts to follow them]
Big Bird: [Grinning] You know, Elmo, I always knew you were a man of my own heart. We should do more stuff like this together.
Elmo: [Enthusiastically] Yes! We could go around scaring women and children together! It would be so much fun!
[The two start to laugh as the camera fades to black]
[Scene: Later that day. Abby is seen sitting on a bench, visibly upset. Elmo approaches her.]
Elmo: [Smiling] Hey, Abby! What's wrong?
Abby: [Tearfully] Oh, Elmo. I just can't believe the things you and Big Bird were saying earlier. It's not right to hurt innocent people.
Elmo: [Trying to be comforting] Come on, Abby. You're just upset because you don't understand how the world really works.
Abby: [Angry] That's not true! I understand perfectly well that it's wrong to hurt people.
Elmo: [Creepily] You know, Abby, you're kind of cute when you're angry.
Abby: [Horrified] What?! Elmo, that's disgusting!
Elmo: [Incel-like tone] I'm sorry, Abby. I didn't mean to upset you. It's just that... well, I've been feeling really lonely lately. I thought maybe you and I could go out sometime?
Abby: [Appalled] No way, Elmo! I would never date someone like you!
Elmo: [Getting angry] What's wrong with me, Abby? Am I not good enough for you?
Abby: [Backing away] No, Elmo! You're not good enough for anyone! You're a convicted rapist, for goodness' sake!
Elmo: [Fuming] How dare you bring up my past like that! You don't know anything about me!
Abby: [Firmly] I know enough to stay away from you. You and Big Bird are dangerous and immoral.
Elmo: [Threateningly] You shouldn't have said that, Abby. You're going to regret it.
[Elmo's eyes narrow and he takes a step closer to Abby. Suddenly, Big Bird appears from behind a nearby trash can, holding a large rock in his hand.]
Big Bird: That's enough, Elmo.
Elmo: [Surprised] Big Bird? What are you doing here?
Big Bird: [Racism seeping through] I was just taking care of some business in Czechoslovakia, but I heard your conversation with Abby. You're making a scene, and I won't stand for it.
Abby: [Backing away] Big Bird, please don't hurt me.
Big Bird: [Menacingly] Don't worry, Abby. I'm not going to hurt you. But Elmo needs to be taught a lesson.
[Big Bird raises the rock and brings it down hard on Elmo's head. Elmo falls to the ground, unconscious.]
Abby: [Screaming] Oh my God, you killed him!
Big Bird: [Shrugging] He had it coming. And you should know better than to get involved with people like us.
[Big Bird walks away as Abby stands there, crying and shaking. The camera zooms in on Elmo's motionless body, his eyes staring blankly up at the sky.]
[End of scene]

Grover Killed Mr Johnson's Wife and Procedes to Torture him

The scene opens on Mr. Johnson's house. Grover has just finished killing Mr. Johnson's wife in a gruesome way, and he's now standing in the living room, staring at Mr. Johnson with a sick grin on his face.
Grover: (laughing) Oh Mr. Johnson, you should have seen the look on your wife's face! It was priceless! (he pulls out a knife and twirls it in his hand) And the way her blood sprayed everywhere... (he starts to lick the blood off the knife) Delicious.
Mr. Johnson: (sobbing) Why did you do this? Why would you kill my wife?
Grover: (sneering) Oh come on, Mr. Johnson. Don't act like you don't know. You've been a thorn in my side for far too long. I needed to send you a message.
Mr. Johnson: (clutching his head) Please, just let me go. I won't tell anyone what happened.
Grover: (laughing) Oh Mr. Johnson, you're so naive. Of course I'm not going to let you go. I'm going to make you suffer. I'm going to torture you in ways you never thought possible.
Mr. Johnson: (begging) No, please! I'll do anything!
Grover: (smirking) Anything, you say? (he walks over to Mr. Johnson and leans in close) Well then, let's get started.
The scene fades to black, and when it fades back in, we see Mr. Johnson tied to a chair. Grover is standing in front of him, holding a blowtorch.
Grover: (smiling) Now Mr. Johnson, I'm going to give you a choice. I can either burn off your fingers one by one, or I can burn off your eyelids. Which would you prefer?
Mr. Johnson: (screaming) No, please! Don't do this!
Grover: (laughing) Oh Mr. Johnson, you're so melodramatic. Just choose already.
Mr. Johnson: (sobbing) Fingers. Burn off my fingers.
Grover: (shrugging) Suit yourself. (he turns on the blowtorch and brings it closer to Mr. Johnson's hand)
We hear Mr. Johnson's screams as Grover begins to burn off his fingers one by one. The camera pans away, but we can still hear the screams and the sound of flesh being seared.
The scene fades to black again, and when it fades back in, we see Mr. Johnson lying on the ground, his fingers now stumps. Grover is standing over him, holding a gun.
Grover: (smiling) You know, Mr. Johnson, I'm getting tired of this game. It's time to end it.
Mr. Johnson: (weakly) Please, no more.
Grover: (sneering) Oh, I'm not going to kill you, Mr. Johnson. That would be too easy. (he puts the gun away and kneels down beside him) No, I'm going to let you live. I want you to suffer every day for the rest of your miserable life, knowing that your wife's death is your fault.
Mr. Johnson: (crying) Please, just kill me.
Grover: (smiling) Oh Mr. Johnson, you're not getting off that easy. You're going to live with the guilt of her death forever.
[Grover]: *smiling and happy* Oh, Mr. Johnson, I almost forgot! I have a little gift for you! *Grover then takes out a small bag from his pocket and hands it to Mr. Johnson*
[Mr. Johnson]: *uninterested* What is this?
[Grover]: *laughing* It's a little souvenir from your wife! *Grover then walks away while laughing and waving goodbye*
The scene closes as Grover walks upstairs and shuts the basement door behind him.

Bert's Secret Sex Dungeon

The scene opens with Bert and Ernie on the Sesame Street set, playing with their toys.
Bert: "Hey, Ernie, have you heard about the secret Nazi Sex dungeon we have in the basement?"
Ernie: "What?! No, Bert! That's terrible! We can't be involved in something like that!"
Bert: "Oh, come on, Ernie. It's not that bad. We just keep Bort locked up down there, and we have a little fun every now and then."
Ernie: "Bort? Who's Bort?"
Bert: "Oh, you know, that little blue guy with the big eyes. He's our little secret."
Ernie: "Bert, this is wrong. We can't keep someone locked up like that. It's inhumane!"
Bert: "Relax, Ernie. Bort likes it down there. He's our little plaything."
Ernie: "I can't believe you would do something like this, Bert. I'm going to have to tell the others about this."
Bert: "No, you can't do that, Ernie. This is our little secret. No one can know about it."
Ernie: "I'm sorry, Bert, but I have to do what's right."
Ernie goes to tell the others about Bert and Ernie's secret Nazi Sex dungeon, but they don't believe him. They think he's making it up to get attention. So, Ernie decides to take matters into his own hands.
He sneaks into the basement and finds Bort locked up in a cage. Bort is crying and begging for help.
Ernie: "Don't worry, Bort. I'm going to get you out of here."
Just as he's about to unlock the cage, Bert and his friends catch him in the act.
Bert: "Ernie, what are you doing down here? You know this is our little secret."
Ernie: "I can't let you keep Bort locked up like this, Bert. It's not right."
Bert: "You're right, Ernie. It's not right. But we can't let you tell anyone about this. We have to keep our little secret safe."
Ernie: "I'm sorry, Bert. I have to do what's right."
Bert and his friends lock Ernie up with Bort in the cage. They tell him that he'll never be allowed out, and that he'll never see the light of day again.
Ernie: "Bert, how could you do this? You were my best friend."
Bert: "I'm sorry, Ernie. But you left me no choice."
The episode ends with Ernie and Bort locked up in the cage, crying and begging for help. Bert and his friends are shown laughing and walking away, satisfied that their little secret is safe.
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2023.03.26 10:33 TheTrueGamer66 I'm Lost in My Standing

BAD TITLE. Should be "I'm lost on my Gender Identity"
This first part is the background story:
Part 1 Early Stages: Hey there guys. I'm AMAB and I am beginning to feel lost in my position. From about 3rd grade I had small feelings of wanting to be a girl, but I shoved those away. . At one point I found a dress in a tub and had temptations to put it on, but I was scared of getting caught and that cause me to shove those feelings away, but they were still there. At around 5th grade they came back. I always found myself looking up fictional stories of becoming a girl on fictional story sites (cringy, I know). Things began to get complicated by middle school. In 6th grade, I began looking at girls skirts and finding myself wanting to dress up in them.
Part 2 Manifestation: It manifested until I went into the bathroom/laundry-room and put on my sister's skirts. I was caught after only 2 times by my mom. My mom is mildly homophobic and probably more transphobic. She didn't ground me or anything, but she definitely gave no approval. She had me have a talk with my dad. I don't remember what exactly was said, but I don't remember Dad having anywhere close the disapproval mom did. I ended up stopping for a certain amount of time out of guilt. But I found out about what trans people were and I found myself putting on my sister's clothes many more times and even began trying on her bras. The word trans would stick to me and never left my mind. This time I would make sure mom and my sister weren't home when dressed up. I had kept telling myself one more time each time I did it. I had even wanted to put on my mom's make up, but didn't dare risk it, but I tried lipstick once. This would go on until I graduated high-school and am now in college.
Part 3 College I live in a dorm. My roommate's girlfriend regularly in the room and practically lives in the dorm. I have had many temptations to put on her clothes, but didn't for fear of being caught and it was weird to me and seemed disrespectful to wear a stranger's clothes. This temptation built to where I finally said fuck it and went to a clothes store and began putting on girl's clothing. I felt liberated, and I took photos with that girl filter on snapchat, and I began to wish it was me. I then after that went to a Wall-greens to buy makeup because I thought it was cheap and looked up tutorials for how to do makeup to look like a girl. It was $100 and the most I ever spent on myself as a "luxury" at one time ever. I could not fathom spending that much prior. I began to put on makeup and nail polish and showing up in class (unfortunately don't look like a girl, but the makeup is obvious). No one cares and it feels good going out with makeup. Not only that, but I have also gotten really close to buying hormones (spironolactone and estradiol) off the internet, but stopped out of fear of University mail think it is contraband plus that stuff requires a perscription so I'd still get in trouble. I eventually told my sister (didn't give her an affinitive on my identity, but told her about what I had been doing after she realized I bought make up and she's also part of LGBT so I knew she would be a safe one to talk to). She said she was ok with it and she would be supportive of whatever I did and told me about sites where I could get clothes cheaply. I spree and got my self quite a bit of girl's clothes. I want to get more, but the other clothes are too expensive. I have begun wearing my clothes privately and secretly publicly and even picked out a name for myself, but the more I wear those the harder it is to change out of them. I have even risked getting caught returning to my dorm (they're partially separated by gender with a boy hall and girl hall) just to wear them longer and have even bought a wig and with makeup I look like a girl which is an absolute win.
Part 4 (Final part for background) (Dysphoria? Euphoric Moment?): I have found myself when I go out, I go out as a girl more and more and have been noticing some issues regarding how I feel about myself. While I look like a girl in the face(only with makeup and long hair unfortunately), my arms are, while not muscular, look beefy, and it really shakes my confidence. I have been looking for cardigans to cover my arms, but no luck and have been using a hot(temperature-wise jacket) because it honestly looks better than my beefy arms. I also have a squarish build and worry it looks boyish. Lastly are my legs. I am afraid that my calves look too muscular and it also shakes my confidence. I'm really worried how people will perceive or if they see through my veil of makeup and wig and recognize me. Then I also have small Euphoric moments when I look at a face mirror. Not only that I noticed I am piling up selfie after selfie of myself because of how much I enjoy looking at my face when I looks like that of a girl's. Then came a big moment. I was out in a dress and presented as a girl. I went to Mcdonalds as all the other places around were closed and it was late. I was heading to the bathrooms and a woman stopped me and asked for my name. I gave her my chosen name and she said she was sorry for bothering her and she then said I looked like her daughter. That sent so much happiness to me that I can't describe. I wasn't at all tearful, but it was probably the best I've felt in a while and has still stuck in my head.
Now this is where things get complex:
ISSUE 1 (Early-early Signs not so apparent): Growing up as I said, I had temptations and thoughts of being a girl, but doing research on dysphoria I am doubting myself. I looked at early signs and early signs often show a rejection or less adherence to things of masculine construct in favor of feminine. However, I notice I don't necessarily fit feminine as a child, but I never outright rejects things of feminine or masculine nature. I liked Spiderman and Sonic and Mario etc, but I also liked Winx Club and the Barbie Movies and etc and while they were my sister's movies, I never felt like I was just tolerating them, but actually enjoyed them. I know these aren't decisive, but they are known indicators, and most trans people I have seen as activists very much were all in on these signs whether they were MTF or FTM. I know that those things shouldn't be gendered and are not decisive factors, but even people like Jammidodger (FTM) admit that he liked footballs as a kid and hated wearing clothing specifically designed for women in our modern day world (also not exclusive to men, but that is considered a potential, but not at all deciding,sign for FTM individuals like himself as well as having mostly opposite-sex (not gender as he is a man) friends and trying to fit in with boys. I found myself with mostly guy friends growing up, but I was always more of an outsider, but the fact I never really tried to fit in with girls also makes me question myself.
ISSUE 2(Name): Outside of that nitty-gritty is where I am afraid. I've been watching and reading many trans people's stuff and the biggest is their assigned name. The thing is, I don't outright hate my name and I mostly enjoy my name my family calls me(Buddy). My birthname I have a complex relationship with. I don't like it being a boy's name, but I only sometimes feel dysphoric about it as the name also reminds me of my dad and I love my dad and he is the strongest and hardest-working man I know and I hope to be a lot like him someday in terms of heart and spirit. I sometimes do feel dysphoric about it like when I sometimes write my name or when people call me by my birth name. When my mind isn't thinking about fearing everything else going wrong, I feel dysphoric, and I'm worried if I'm trans if changing my name will hurt his feelings and about losing the name. Not only that, but I fear losing the name as I feel it connects me to my dad. I have chosen to make it a feminized variant as a middle name, but I still fear hurting my dad as it won't be my first name anymore as I still prefer my chosen name. I also don't wanna lose being called Buddy by my family (However, I much rather would prefer being called Buddy-girl over Buddy-boy by my dad). Even though it is a "masculine" name (I have great uncles who are named Buddy), it has been one that has been one used to distinct me and my dad and I always thought of it as a name of endearment and I don't consider it a strongly masculine word.
ISSUE 3(Boobs): Boobs. I gained quite a bit of weight in middle school (junk food) and developed small boobs (I don't know if it's actual breast tissue or just chest fat). My mom said she was concerned I would be made fun of, and I felt dissatisfied with them as I associated them with being fat. I told myself that as a boy I couldn't have boobs. However, as I have been actively trying to lose weight, I have been afraid of losing them and hoping by some miracle that they are from a hormone issue and thus won't go away as I lose weight, and I have also been wishing they were bigger as I have been exploring my identity.
(Final) ISSUE 4 (Puberty): Another issue trans people talk about is puberty and how it affects them. For me it wasn't the worst thing, but still not good. I went through puberty and things are weird here. I don't like it, but unlike what others say, I don't say it was the most excruciating thing. It is quite painful, but not by any means almost suicidal level or severely depressed level like most seem to mention. It sucks though. I'm not a fan of my voice at all. It is while higher pitched, very heavy and quite buzzy and it makes it difficult to sound feminine where I'm scared to order food or speak to anyone. I already mentioned my dissatisfaction with my arms and legs. I also think my height sucks, 5'9 is a little too tall, but I don't mind my height at all (mostly cause I can make fun of my sister lol). I'm also not satisfied with my body build as I am almost squarish. Outside of serious dissatisfaction and quite a bit of dysphoria, I haven't felt this utmost severe dysphoria that everyone mentions. I don't have any facial hair (thank god), but I worry about getting it in the future as my dad's facial hair was late, so I worry on that future, and I don't have an adam's apple, and I don't think my build looks terrible when I wear outfits that make my boobs appear.
As seen by the issues and background it has me questioning things. I really think I am a girl, but due to not having as strong dissatisfaction that most seem to talk about I am doubting myself. I know everyone's experiences are different, but mine seems so far outside the status quo that I am getting nervous. I thought I might be Non-Binary, but I don't feel that way at all. I feel more like a girl than non-Binary. Yet I also wonder if I'm just a feminine man as I don't adhere what most trans people I've listened to. However, that doesn't satisfy me as I don't feel like man either. If I am a girl, then I'm afraid of the consequences. It gets worse as time goes on because I have been wanting more and more to go to class as a girl and spend most, if not all my time as a girl, but my voice isn't good enough yet, and I'm worried of what my peers will think of me.
Consequences and fears (You can & probably should just read TLDR here)
***TLDR: TwinSisterWouldbeCoolMomNotsoMuch:***I know my sister will be supportive (she's a twin btw) as she is LGBT herself, and she already knows about my questioning on identity. My mom however, is, as I said, mildly homophobic, but she denies that. She thinks trans(especially non-binary) people are loony. She thinks most people are gay because it is taught. She acknowledges gay people exist, and claims she doesn't care if anyone's gay (she told my and my sister we shouldn't have any issue with an LGBT roommate as that was a question for helping match a roommate(neither of us did surprise surprise), but you have the issue of literally everything homophobic she says, it's so paradoxical), but she seems to say that someone who is gay has obvious signs they are gay from an early age. While true, gay people can have signs from an early age, obviousness varies, and some people don't find out until much later. Unfortunately to make matters worse, my mom is damn good at reading people just from a photo due to years of working fast food (accurately guessed the character of my classmates with about 95% accuracy without crunching numbers), so trying to convince her I'm the 5% will be fucking impossible especially with me being her kid and being trans rather than just gay.
TLDRDadUnknownReactionIsScary: Then there's my dad. The scary part is I don't know how he'd react. My dad seems very lax on gay people and seems to genuinely not mind on people's sexuality and has shown to snigger or say sarcastically "Yes honey." when mom says something homophobic, not in an agreeing way either, my dad has only ever said "Yes honey" when he's sarcastic. However, I have no idea what his opinions are on trans people as that is likely something he's not too familiar with. The only thing I can think of worst than my dad being angry, as I don't think he'll be too angry, is him being heartbroken. If my dad is heartbroken, it would hurt more than any yelling from my mom. Because I think deep down he would feel like he lost his son and there is some more serious background around dad that I'm not going to get into out of respect for him. It was a sad time for my dad.
TLDRConservativeFamily My family is very conservative as far as I'm aware and much of them are individually. My grandma is very religious and my mom is mildly. I think one of my cousins and an aunt wouldn't be too bothered, but the rest of the family is a no-go.
TLDRPeersatCollegeRisky The college I go to is particularly odd. There's quite a bit of religious influence, but in the city people (especially younger women) have been increasing
Final Thoughts and Questions
As a result of these feelings I have had I have considered coming out as trans at least to my sister, but as I had these conflicted feelings I thought I would ask you guys what you thought as I don't wanna come out for it to be more awkward explaining I wasn't x but actually y as it takes a lot from me to have the courage to do so. I'm wondering if you guys could help me out, I'm pretty sure I'm a trans girl, but due to the issues above, I wanna make sure I get it right. Also I would like to know if I should tell my sister whom will be cool about it. I know she will want to tell her friends, but I don't want her to. I know she'll respect my wishes, but I think she'd be a little heartbroken by me telling her she can't tell her friends as she already told them about my previous tendencies of putting on women's clothing. Thank you so much for reading. I apologize if this was long. It is a complicated story.
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He chuckled, and I couldn't help but to feel as though I were standing on the outer edge of an inside joke. "Two reasons. One... it was kind of scary looking at you and knowing that I desired you in every possible way. I had always thought of you as a little sister, and then out of nowhere you weren't a little kid anymore. Jon may have had the title of my best friend, but you were the one I could tell anything to and the first one I wanted to tell everything to. Admitting those feelings to you meant risking you not feeling the same and then things not being the same ever again. When you started dating Dean, I wanted so badly to tell you and have you be with me instead of him, but I didn't want it to seem like I was only admitting those feelings because I didn't want you to be with him..."
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The blonde was a bit dazed by the speed of the analysis and nodded absently. She returned her attention to the floor of the gymnasium, where a microphone stand stood in the center of the court. Several members of the cheer team worked the crowd, their largely white and glittering costumes standing out starkly against the blue of the audience.
“See, every since I was involved in the car accident a long time ago I have not had fertile sperm. And when we decided that we wanted to have another baby we thought the only way would be for you to get Julie pregnant.” he said.
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“I’m sorry Marta but you weren’t invited, it’s nothing personal but…,” Abby tells her friend who is as I said, frustrated.
"What??" she said "how did you get this??"
At home I made an extra point to myself to not let my mom know anything about the possibility of Montana visiting while she was away. I knew she would either say no to it or find a way to stay home that day or come back early. And more than anything, I was just flat out ready for some alone time with the man of my dreams and my absolute best friend.
Once she was hurrying down the steps of her staircase, Ivy decided to treat herself to an on-the-go breakfast before departing to her job at the local café. She immediately hustled into the kitchen to be met with the sight of her mother preparing rice and her dad seated at the table, sipping coffee. Her Chinese mother had sleek black hair and slanted eyes, while her white father had warm green eyes and a shaved head. Stubs of brown and gray hair were noticeable though, and Ivy took note of that as she reached over her dad to snatch a piece of toast.
“Okay well you know what this means now. You haven’t done your homework for three days. I have to call your parents.”
As I lowered the sheet she said” you look so beautiful at only 10
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“Lookatme,” he moaned out, all as one word. “Kellie, look at me.” I pulled away as little as I could, and he did the same. His beautiful eyes locked with my own.
Chapter Seventeen – The First Task
I was shocked the he didn’t believe me and said, “I haven’t left one thing out. I want to be totally honest with you about everything. Now, I understand I got hard with her hanging on my body and all but that was just the friction between us. I couldn’t help that. But this is the type of thing I’m talking about Chad. I didn’t plan for this to happen. I didn’t go looking for her hoping to catch her naked or something. I didn’t creep on her or peek at her when she was in the shower. So, I could stroke my cock and fantasize about her. This isn’t a porn movie Chad this is my life. This is the type indiscretion just always seems to happened to me.”
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