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Is there an easy way to download many mods on FS22?

2023.04.27 06:42 Dan_the_Chef Is there an easy way to download many mods on FS22?

I want to try out all of the Giants Software mods for FS22, on pc btw, just to get more variety but there's like 120 of them. Is there an easier way to download them all that just using the modhub?
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2023.04.08 21:28 evangamer9000 Here are the main improvements I want to see in the next FS

It's interesting to see what people ask for here on this sub and on the official forums. For the record, we have enough green and red tractors, we have enough equipment, and the quality of what the modders (bless their hearts) put through modhub is usually of higher quality than what giants puts out in DLC.
The things I'm looking for in the next FS are things that modders can't affect change on directly, if at all.

  1. More aware traffic. Every playthrough I do, I can't help but notice how binary the traffic is. They give zero insight into what's around them, and it's either "go from point A to point B (leave the map or appear on the map)". But if you approach them within say 5M or so, it's "slam on your breaks". I'm guessing this is difficult to address from an engineering perspective, but damnit this has been a pet peeve of mine for years. However playing a map without traffic just feels like a ghost town.
  2. Weather that impacts the game beyond if you can harvest or not (or harvest with a loss). It is unfathomable that a game about farming doesn't take into account how weather affects crop growth.
  3. Better map optimizations that can handle larger rendering distances and higher resolutions. Even on my 4090 w/ 32GB of memory, depending on what map it is, my game on max settings still gets sluggish frame rates. I do manually increase the rendering distances in the game config file to get rid of the 'circle' distancing problem.
  4. Increase engine and equipment sound variations. It seems like most tractors, and all combines, sound exactly the same. *especially* combines, I don't think theres a lick of difference in how they sound.
  5. Continue expanding on the usefullness of AI workers. I think they had mentioned AI workers were improved in FS22, but I don't really see that. They slightly extended the feature scope of AI workers, but any field that's not perfectly squared and you might just see your AI worker 3 fields away flipped over.
  6. Mod. playlist. PLEASE.

Lastly, Giants, please continue to develop into deeper game play elements that are more in tune with a simulator. There are a lot of areas in the game that are either completely under-developed, or are totally half-assed. The financial and management sections of the game haven't been touched since you added "farm manager" mode. The financial record keeping is incredibly basic but is desperately needing an overhaul so that players can have more insights into their operation.
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2023.03.14 11:07 No_Marzipan_9056 giants modhub news....
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2023.02.18 12:22 Common-News5382 ModHub suggestions (web & in-game)

With the ever increasing amount of mods on ModHub for FS22, which by itself is awesome!
However, because of that the need for improvements how to find mods increases, especially when you don't know exactly what you are looking for.
The Latest and Top Downloaded is great on the website, but it needs to also be possible to do this based on a category as well.
Same for in-game, there needs to be a possibility to view Best/Recommended/Most Downloaded/Latest based on a selected category.
Aside from "re-using" the existing sorting options, I would also suggest adding a Trending option based on e.g. weeks and/or months.
I would love to see these kinds of improvements if not for FS22, at least for future FS games.

TLDR: The ModHub website and in-game needs to have more filtering/sorting options due to the ever increasing amount of mods.

(If there's a more suitable location to post suggestions please let me know.)
Edit: I've now posted the suggestion on , thanks again Dazed .
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2023.01.08 09:17 AlextheYF Does anyone know.

Does anyone know when GIANTS or someone will be bringing the 7030 series John Deere to Modhub for FS22
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2023.01.02 14:48 Conservitard_Fundie Is there a way to get long planks and Iron Ore outside of SilverRun?

I am playing on the Calmlands with a hand placed forest starting area and I was hoping to enjoy some of the PE production chains as I clear out land to farm in. I just noticed though most of the PE shops need long planks and iron and I cant seem to find anything that produces those. (Well I can produce iron, I just need iron ore production)
I did a quick look through the giants modhub and I didnt see anything adding these two things, am I just missing something or is there really no way to produce Iron Ore and Long planks?
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2022.12.03 21:41 SirPancakeI How "official" are GIANTS' mods?

I notice some mods on modhub being made by GIANTS Software themselves, and I'm just wondering how "official" they are. Are they considered to be as official as their DLC, as the other mods or somewhere in between?
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2022.11.25 23:56 LittlebitsDK So we can't have meat products why?

So we can't have meat products why?
I went into Farming Simulator 17 out of nostalgic reasons... After finding the fix to actually make it launch since it autocrashes on loads these days...
Right click on FS17 in Steam, click Properties, and paste the following into Launch Options:
cmd /c "set OPENSSL_ia32cap=:~0x20000000 && %command%"
But while I was fooling around on The Old Stream map (used to play it back in the hay day) it was on their "official modhub" so it was approved of Giants...
Now just give us meat products/productions etc.
Ps. I actually like the older The Old Stream map better than the new one... it feels more roomy and generally feels more like a real farm... the new one is "pretty" but not as worm... it's crowded where the old one "just works"... (didn't try it in FS19 since FS19 always acted up on me, but I played the heck out of it in FS17 and now FS22
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2022.10.04 06:30 heybabalooba question: visual glitch issue

Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and would possibly know what caused it.
Playing on no man's land, I think it was my third winter, spring hits and the snow doesn't melt. I advance a few months and in July there is still snow and I can't mower or harvest anything. I try turning snow and seasons off which was recommended on another post, advance a few years and still snow. Rebooting also doesn't fix it.
Then I deselected a few mods that I had recently installed (I only use giants modhub mods) and when I booted up the ground was black, there was a bit of light in the sky but I couldn't see anything.
I'm on Xbox so no changing game files like some forums suggest. I'm a little bummed because this is my first time really playing fs22 and I've put around 50 hours into this save (I know it's not much compared to some of you guys). I feel like this save is done for, bit if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated
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2022.08.16 16:49 _MongolianBBQ_ Lizard: Who is it?

Fairly new to Farm Sim, I noticed that many of the mods in modhub are "Lizard" brand. Is it an entity that makes sim/mods, or is it Giant's rebranding of others' mods? Just for curiosity's sake.
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2022.08.07 20:53 2003chev WHERE IS THE LIZARD TT IN FS22???!!!!!

Still researching on how a person can find a modder or a way to contact Giants to get The Lizard Pickup TT from FS17 into the FS22 Console modhub. It’s frustrating because of how limited I Am to mods as a console player. Is there any modder out there willing to submit a Lizard Pickup TT from FS17 for review to be used in FS22 console??? Thank you.
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2022.07.17 14:18 Su1_Gener1s Are there any legit jobs for the little New Holland methane crawler? Or is it just a gimmick?

As per title.
As soon as I saw it in the trailers last year I fell in love with it. I have a thing for small tractors so...beefy little mini crawler? Oh my days yes!
And then it came to actually trying to use it.
Ok, so first, it's slow. It's continental drift kind of slow. But that's ok, I can live with that.
What I can't live with is nothing being suitable to attach to it. Aside from mulchers at least.
Subsoiler? Nope. Clips through the ground. 3-point doesn't lift high enough.
Towing grape trailers? Yes. But no. Towing linkage so low it tips the trailer forward.
Grape pruning? Ok, yeah, this one it can do. But of course no front 3-point so it has to be done from the rear (oh my!).
Even the tiny little trailer that Giants put out tips forward when attached because the damn tow point is like...4" off the ground.
Plus it's the only methane powered tractor out there (aside from one other New Holland on Modhub), so it just seems...pointless.
Sorry, rant over.
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2022.06.30 12:26 Tina_inc 🎊Validation ModHub Map The Lost Corner of Dezign !!!

🎊Validation ModHub Map The Lost Corner of Dezign !!!
🔊 Hello Hello, Grosse News avant de Déjeuner les Amis !!!!!

🎀La carte Lost Corner est partie en test Modhub Giant's ce Matin pour Validation PC et Console !!!!!

▶ Nous avons déjà commencé une nouvelle carte (En Stream Hier Soir) .
▶ Cette carte là annonce du très très lourd sur Farming Simulator !!!!!
▶ Le travail est réalisé avec S-Corp Modding et Bardecau

🌐Link Original Post :
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2022.06.28 15:59 Mr_fantastic_987 Can my Laptop run FS22?

I really want to play FS22, but as I'm currently in University I can't afford a gaming set-up.
All I have is a Lenovo Thinkpad T14 with an AMD Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U with a Vega 7 (I believe), 16GB RAM. From the information I have from the Giants website I should be able to run it (obviously not on the highest settings).
Does anybody have experience with this notebook or a comparable one?
All the videos I found on YT only use base game stuff and no mods. I know I can't run a lot of mods but I'd like to get at least some of the basic modhub vehicle mods.
I'd really appreciate any tips or advise
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2022.06.26 21:29 Environmental_Bid871 Mod hub and multiplayer issues

Edit: IM AN IDIOT! I was wondering about the extender I was connected to.. turns out that was the issue. I connected to the actual router and all my problems went away. Sorry for a giant waste of time everyone!
Me (Xbox series s) and my brother (xbox one s) can’t load modhub or join each other’s game. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with this. Not a network issue.
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2022.06.22 18:37 Wakomas Any other way to remove Objects from a modded map in FS22?

So i want to remove some stuff from a modded map i donwloaded from the modhub.
"Just use the Giants Editor duh"
Well... My problem is i get a ton of "faild to load xml file" errors making it impossible to edit the map in the Editor but when i try to open an official map in the Editor it works just fine. I even tried to find the objects i want to remove in the map folder and delete them that way but i couldn't find them. Is there any other way besides the Editor to get rid of Objects on a modded map in FS22?
The map i´m talking about is "Waldstetten" by nrxEcki if this helps anyone.
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2022.04.19 13:55 dukenasty1 Noob Question - ModHub

Noob Question - ModHub
2 Part Question: I'm new to FS22 for PC (and farmsim in general) But I've played through a "year" successfully and wanted to try out mods from online modhub. I only have the in game mods.
  1. When I dug I found the typical instructions go to MyGames>FarmSimulator2022>Mods or something to that effect. The issue is, I don't have that file path at all. I have this in my FS 22 file path (see picture 1).
  2. I can't get the game to play from the blue "22" application file. I actually have to use the X64 Giants branded application to get the game to start. Not sure if that is weird or normal or not but when I've watched a few YouTube videos the file directories they pull up look nothing like mine. Picture 2.

Love the game but I guess maybe it's because I'm noobie to PC games in general but this seems a little odd that something so simple as copy and pasting a file to the proper folder is becoming a challenge for me. I almost wonder if my install isn't complete. Any helpful advice is appreciated.
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2022.03.21 22:27 Deftallica So I got my first desktop gaming pc in almost 20 years…

My grandpa passed early last month and left inheritance to myself and my family. I saved most of it, paid off debt, and decided the one treat for myself would be a new gaming pc. I e had a couple laptops over the years but they were never meant for gaming proper.
I’ve played FS on Xbox since 15 and have always loved it. I knew I was missing out on unlicensed mods like name brand pickups and such, but Giants does a pretty good job of adding new content in ModHub.
One of the first games that came to mind to repurchase was FS. Besides those aforementioned unlicensed mods, I knew pc got a lot more in the way of maps and such.
I booted it up for the first time last night and wow. I knew as a console player I was missing out on some stuff, sure. Especially mods that alter scripts and such. But man, I never realized just how much content just the PC ModHub gets loaded up with. Some categories have literally 100+ mods already! It’s going to take me probably, no joke, a few hours to handpick all the stuff I want to try.
Anyway, I just wanted to share how excited I am because it feels like a whole new game has opened up to me with the amount of options here.
And, if anyone would like to leave recommendations for trusted mod websites, I’d appreciate it! I’d like to try to find a Ram pickup like my grandpa had
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2022.03.21 19:30 DeadshotOM3GA Issue with ModHub (Website and In-Game) Canadian Servers Found

Finally figured out where the issue is that's been causing me to have 7-15 KBps download speeds both from the Modhub website AND in-game.
Problem seems to be with a couple of their servers, specifically (so far):
However, I have absolutely zero issues with downloads hosted on this server:
With cdn68 and cdn69 server I'd either get between 7 - 15 KBps download speed or it would fail outright.
With cdn10 all downloads would come through perfectly at around 5 MBps
I've replied to the email their support team sent me this morning about it (which was less than useful unfortunately). But hopefully with this info they can figure out what the problem is.
Unfortunately there's no way I've found to force the downloads to use cdn10 instead of cdn68 or cdn69. Until this is fixed I'm essentially blocked from downloading most of the mods or updating any of my current ones.
I'll update this post with more info as I find it or when they reply to my email.
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2022.03.18 22:11 DeadshotOM3GA ModHub Speed

Anyone else experiencing VERY slow ModHub download speeds?
I'm on the West Coast of Canada and for the last few days my download speed from ModHub (both in game and from their website) has been about 14 KBps... I can't seem to figure out what the hell has happened in the last few days that would cause this.
Edit: I used Chrono on Chrome to see which server I'm connected to (from the ModHub website) and I'm getting
It seems all connections to downloads are stupidly slow. It's weird though since the download will start at like 100 MBps and then drop quickly to 10 KBps
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2022.02.24 11:38 Daesed [News] FS22 patch 1.3 now live!

From the announcement:

Hello folks, Patch 1.3 for Farming Simulator 22 and 1.1 for the Claas Saddle Track Pack are currently going live (probably are already live for most platforms and regions). Please make sure you update your game and check our changelogs here:

If you experience any new glitches (that aren't in the FAQ) please report them to Giants using this link

Patch Notes

Bugfixes & Changes
New additions
New vehicles and tools
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2022.02.23 01:18 K_love85 Did anyone else notice Clarkson 4x on the mods in testing list today?

I know it will probably fail since most maps fail the first time in testing, but I'm just happy to know it may be coming to the modhub soon.
Link for those who don't know where to find the testing list:
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