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2011.11.07 20:14 speedraceman A Place to List YOUR Cars for Sale!

Have a car for sale? Easy! Just post your car (with pictures and description) here and find out if somebody's interested! You can also lurk to see if there are any cars you'd like to buy!

2010.09.01 20:57 つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Low prices take my energy つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

A community for links to products that are on sale at various websites. Monitors, cables, processors, video cards, fans, cooling, cases, accessories, anything for a PC build.

2018.03.21 23:24 CannibalVegan Gun Accessories for Sale

MODERATORS WILL NOT ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT INFO FOR ANY REASON. USE COMMON SENSE. This subreddit is dedicated to the legal sale of firearm related accessories and add-ons that are not banned by Reddit Policy. It was created after the Feb 2018 unannounced rule change and subsequent blanket ban of innocent gun-specific communities. In the event of quarantine, our backup is

2023.03.26 11:37 Think-Music9986 BlockFi 1099B for Tax Year 2022 has inflated value of Proceeds

I'm wandering if any one has the same problem I have, and how should I proceed.
All of the purchases, and sales of crypto in BlockFi, for US customer, it us GUSD.
However, when BlockFi reported in 1099-B, It inflate the USD value of the GUSD proceed while keeping the same USD values as GUSD, so for each sale, it resulted in higher gain than it should be.
If you made a lot of sales for the year, the additional gain is not a small number.
Does any one has the same problem? and how did you proceed?
If I use the information generated by, then will I be audited by the IRS, and if so, which side the IRS will side with?
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2023.03.26 11:34 OGPromo D2 vs D3 advice

Recently we moved from the US to Europe and had to sell our petrol d2. We all agree it was our favorite car and we would like another. The problem is, they rarely are for sale in Norway. Currently there are 2 for sale in the whole country and both are parts cars. So I've started looking at D3's. I don't know a ton about them as I've always read/researched D2's and their issues. So I guess what I'm wondering is, what are the issues with a D3 I should be aware of, and is it a viable option over a D2.
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2023.03.26 11:31 RSKCS2 How to Find Cheap Skins for Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) on DMarket

Hey fellow gamers,
Are you a fan of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) and want to upgrade your weapon skins without breaking the bank? Look no further than DMarket, the online marketplace for buying and selling in-game items. Here are some tips on how to find cheap skins on DMarket:
Sort by price: When searching for a specific skin on DMarket, make sure to sort the listings by price. This will show you the cheapest options first and save you time scrolling through more expensive options. Check out the sales section: DMarket regularly has sales on various skins, so be sure to check out the "Sale" section on their website. You may be able to find the skin you want at a discounted price. Use filters: DMarket allows you to filter your search results by various criteria such as weapon type, rarity, and wear level. By using these filters, you can narrow down your search to find the cheapest skin that meets your desired specifications. Look for new listings: Sometimes sellers may list their skins at a lower price to make a quick sale. By checking the "New" section on DMarket, you may be able to find a great deal on a skin before others have a chance to buy it.
Consider the trade-in program: If you have unwanted skins in your inventory, you can trade them in on DMarket for credits. These credits can be used to purchase other skins on the website, potentially allowing you to get the skin you want for a cheaper price. By using these tips, you can find cheap skins for CS2 on DMarket and upgrade your in-game arsenal without breaking the bank.
Happy gaming!
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2023.03.26 11:31 tigerthug Are people chill in Daily Ops?

I am new to game. I been playing for about three days. I brought the game on Steam Spring sale. I am currently level 10. I hear that Stims and ammo are more abundant in daily ops. Are other people cool with low levels and low damage in daily ops? I am coming from WoW which can have crazy people saying "you are a noob" and kick you from a dungeon.
I also have severe CP.. My hands aren't the quickest but once I get the feel of the dungeon or ops. Then I do much better. Especially, after the first couple of times of doing them.
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2023.03.26 11:30 WorkeTech Email Marketing - WorkeTech

Email Marketing - WorkeTech
Email Marketing Services: WorkeTech certified advertising agency specialized in fully managed and approved Email Marketing Campaigns globally.

Email Marketing Services
Advertising firm recognized by WorkeTech that specializes in globally accepted and completely managed email marketing campaigns.
Email Marketing allows you to update customers on your email list about new goods, offers, and other services. Another more subtle kind of marketing is to inform your target market of the advantages of your brand or keep their interest after the sale. Potentially, it might fall somewhere in the middle.
By creative digital marketing campaigns, raise brand awareness. Get a diagnosis right away. WorkeTech serves as your one-stop shop for all of your needs in digital marketing.
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2023.03.26 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

[Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint
Get the course here:
[Get] Derek De Mike – The SMMA Blueprint

What You Get:

All of our Legal Agreements, Sales Scripts, Client Meetings Guide, and Much More!
We have spent over $20,000 + a lot of time learning things the hard way. We are going to give you everything that we have when it comes to scripts, documents.. you name it!

  • Bulletproof Ad Template: Our crazy simple strategy that kills it for our client campaigns!
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  • ​All of our Legal Agreements: Literally everything that you need to start and run your business!
  • ​Much, Much More!
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2023.03.26 11:30 tonnie_taller Boost your job search with a $67 AI that can send 150 applications a day

TL;DR: As of March 26, a lifetime license to the LazyApply job application AI is on sale for only $67 instead of $149 — that’s a savings of 55%. The stress of job hunting certainly isn’t helped by how frustrating some online applications can be. You may have already attached your résumé, but that doesn’t … Continue reading Boost your job search with a $67 AI that can send 150 applications a day
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2023.03.26 11:30 IllAd452 Denon prime go for sale

Hi, i live in Holland and have a prime go for sales! Anyone i can make happy with it? Only used it for a year but lost the microphone knob cap.
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2023.03.26 11:30 xX_INGVAR_Xx Buying a laptop from another country

All my life I was buying computer hardware/laptops in local stores/online-stores in Russia and never had any problems, but because of current events I moved to Georgia and there is no way to buy any Legion, so I have to order from another country. The following questions have arisen:
  1. From which countries should I buy if I need an europlug and a qwerty keyboard with only english letters? (ideally also with russian letters)
  2. Does laser engraving the keyboard void the warranty?
  3. If something happens to my laptop, do I have to send it to the Lenovo service center of the country from which I purchased it?
I want to buy a Legion 7i Pro, but in Russia there are no such laptops in the official sale, so their prices start from 3200 euros on local eBay, and in Georgia I found only one store, which has it for 4000 euros. It seems to me that it is easier to order from USA through some intermediary for MUCH less money, but there is a problem with another plug.
Is there anyone here from Georgia who has bought a Legion?
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2023.03.26 11:30 AndyWarholDeservedIt Socialist candidate for Nicholls releases "Pledge for Women's Liberation"

In response to the appalling misogyny of the outgoing LNP member for Nicholls, ahri_ah, Socialist candidate for Nicholls AndyWarholDeservedIt has released a "Pledge for Women's Liberation", which she is urging all candidates for the seat of Nicholls to support.
The pledge consists of 3 simple tenets:
  1. As a candidate and a prospective MP, I will always denounce and stand against misogynistic policies and views, which are a threat to all Australian women;
  2. I will always consider women and girls in policy making, and make sure that the effects on the rights of women are considered in every policy or initiative I propose;
  3. I will always stand for the cause of women's liberation, defending the gains that have been hard-won by feminists and suffragists, and working in the future to stand for an end to sexism and institutional discrimination against all women, notably women of colour, lesbians, and transgender women.
These are basic principles which any reasonable candidate who opposes sexism and misogyny should support. AndyWarholDeservedIt's principled stance on this issue signals her unwavering support of women's liberation and of the feminist movement, as a candidate who condemned ahri_ah's disgusting sexism from the beginning, and who has always stood up for the rights of women.
AndyWarholDeservedIt specifically calls for the LNP candidate for Nicholls, whoever that may be, to support the Pledge for Women's Liberation, to signal their complete disavowal for ahri_ah's putrid misogyny and support for the cause of women's liberation and the rights of Australian women.
Quotes attributable to AndyWarholDeservedIt, Socialist candidate for Nicholls
"I'm proud to support the Pledge for Women's Liberation. It is a basic declaration of my support for the rights of women and an affirmation that I will always support ending misogyny and fighting against discrimination."
"ahri_ah's disgusting sexism, which fits better in fundamentalist Saudi Arabia than in Sale or Ararat, must be disavowed by every candidate who seeks to represent Nicholls."
"The rights of women are under attack globally, and Nicholls deserves a representative who is committed to achieving women's liberation and fighting for women's rights."
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2023.03.26 11:29 Alarmed-Sector6418 What's the most ridiculous product you've ever seen for sale?

What's your biggest pet peeve?
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2023.03.26 11:29 Think-Music9986 BlockFi 1099B for Tax Year 2022 has inflated value of Proceeds

I'm wandering if any one has the same problem I have, and how should I proceed.
All of the purchases, and sales of crypto in BlockFi, for US customer, it us GUSD.
However, when BlockFi reported in 1099-B, It inflate the USD value of the GUSD proceed while keeping the same USD values as GUSD, so for each sale, it resulted in higher gain than it should be.
If you made a lot of sales for the year, the additional gain is not a small number.
Does any one has the same problem? and how did you proceed?
If I use the information generated by, then will I be audited by the IRS, and if so, which side the IRS will side with?
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2023.03.26 11:28 Orka90 LG 38GL950G-B

Hi Everyone.
Looking for a new IPS ultrawide (previously used AW3418DW, but have no monitor at the moment).
I need it for productivity (~75%) and gaming (~25%), therefore I don't want an OLED.
Initially, was planning to go with Acer X34GS (895 eur), but LG 38GL950G-B is on sale now for 899 eur.
I heard LG QC is not good and this model has a noisy fan. Can someone share on their experience with 38GL950G-B?
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2023.03.26 11:28 Under48 How can you tell if you've fallen victim to an RCE exploit?

I recently purchased bo3 during the steam spring sale so I could experience zombies again, I was enjoying myself thoroughly for a few days, until this evening, when I encountered a hacker.
He was shooting a bunch of powerups onto the ground, spawned an undulating single-file line of Richtofens, etc. . I was enjoying the spectacle, as it all seemed pretty harmless, until at the end of it, a window appeared in the top left corner of the screen that said something around the lines of "this game will be nuked... courtesy of *hacker's IGN*". Then the screen briefly went black, and I was returned to the lobby.
This was extremely suspicious to me, so I started checking online and was horrified to read about RCE exploits that allowed hackers to gain remote access to your computer and obtain sensitive information. I'm worried that while he was distracting us with all the flashy godmode tricks, he may have been embedding such an RCE on my system.
I primarily use my computer to make music, write, and do schoolwork, I haven't done a backup in a couple of months, so if I had to wipe my computer, it would result in weeks and weeks of hard work being utterly destroyed, but I don't want to risk my accounts being compromised. Is there any way that I can reliably scan my files in order to see if I'm safe from an RCE? I feel like your basic antivirus scanner wouldn't cut it...
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2023.03.26 11:26 FormalSmoke Air Jordan 6 Low PSG Dropping This Holiday Season

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Air Jordan 6 Low PSG Dropping This Holiday Season
Following the Air Jordan 6 PSG which dropped in 2019, Paris Saint-Germain is slated to release another collaborative offering, this time utilizing the Air Jordan 6 Low, and it also marks as the sixth collaboration between both brands which initially kicked off in 2018 with the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG PSG.
While images of the forthcoming silhouette have not surfaced online yet, reports indicate it will sport an official color scheme of “Light Bone/Magma Orange-Iron Grey-White.” A rendering of what to expect has been produced, which reveals a Light Bone suede upper that is nicely contrasted by pops of orange throughout. Additionally, PSG’s logo is suggested to adorn the heels, insoles, and lace locks, while a white midsole and an icy translucent outsole rounds out the profile. Lastly, reports indicate the sneaker will be offered in men’s sizing only, and feature an exclusive co-branding packaging.
Retailing for $200, look for this colorway of the Air Jordan 6 Low at select Jordan Brand stockists and online during this holiday season. Stay tuned for the official release date. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news, release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.
In related news, here’s when to cop the Air Jordan 6 Low Golf Bordeaux.
h/t: Sneaker Files/SBD
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2023.03.26 11:26 FormalSmoke Nike Air Max 95 Red Stardust Coming Soon

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
Nike Air Max 95 Red Stardust Coming Soon
The Nike Air Max 95 “Red Stardust” consists as the next variation of the popular silhouette and it’s slated to debut later this year, according to sources. Officially draped in a combination of “Vast Grey/Red Stardust-White,” the runner boasts its signature materials consisting of mesh, leather, and suede. Overall, light and dark grey tones comprise the majority of its profile while the highlight Red Stardust hue adorns its eyestays and branded areas. Finally, a white midsole and black rubber outsole rounds out the design.
Retailing for $175, look for the Nike Air Max 95 “Red Stardust” at select Nike stockists and online this fall. Stay tuned for the official release date. Always keep it locked to KicksOnFire for the latest in sneaker news, release dates and where to purchase your favorite kicks.
In other Swoosh news, here’s when to cop the Nike Air Foamposite One Dream A World Black.
h/t: SBD
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2023.03.26 11:26 rrmdp 📢 Chattr - For Peltz Shoes - 4491f997-f724-41a6-a7 is hiring a Full Time Retail Sales Associate!

Apply →
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2023.03.26 11:24 joeTrinidad Never seen post

Never seen post
First time buying this way, I'm normally against it. But I remember those from my childhood when in my country costed a month base salary and my mother made me wear the cheapest shoes in the market lol, I understand her, too many kids for buying something not on sale of with a known brand.
Know my nephew wear dunks the little bastard.
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2023.03.26 11:23 ramyakh_jain It’s so tough making new friends here 😩

Hey guys! I moved to Bengaluru from Delhi for my new job last month. I hardly know anyone here (all college/school friends are in the north, and most of my colleagues are older than me and are pretty bored of Bengaluru).
I managed to find a house in Indiranagar (after putting up those kidney for sale posters that kinda went viral) but haven’t got any chance to meet any new people here. Weekdays are still fine but bro weekends are tough to spend in your house. I would love to meet some new people, maybe just chill, maybe visit some of the popular places around, maybe watch a couple of IPL matches, board games, drinks, dosa etc etc.
Little about me - I am a 25 y/o working on the creative side of marketing since 5 years now. I was at Zomato before my new job here (no I wont be able to get you discount on Zomato, I don’t get it myself). In terms if interests, I can discuss anything and everything. Sneakers and Naruto are my most recent obsessions.
Would love to know if there are any meet-ups that happen (no professional networking please). Feel free to DM me if anyone’s going through the same.
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2023.03.26 11:21 incyweb Finding Our Initial Customers

Hunters was a wonderful cafe in Bath that served craft beer, coffee and artisan food. It was a meeting place for tourists and locals. In Hunters I developed my mobile app game, Conxy, and found its first players. It was hugely exciting persuading people to download and play my little game. Without my mini sales hussle, over an IPA, to get things off the ground, I don’t think Conxy would have been downloaded 4,000 times.

Do things that don’t scale

For a startup to succeed, at least one founder will have to spend a lot of time on sales and marketing. - Paul Graham
Founders tend to believe that a good product is all that is required for success and that growth will take care of itself. This is not true. Products evolve into good ones through engagement with and feedback from customers. Startups take off because founders make them do so and a big element of this is the manual recruitment of customers. This is often a scary prospect for founders who prefer to work on the product instead. Paul Graham’s essay Do Things That Don’t Scale explains why founders should directly engage with customers. Based on Paul’s advice, Airbnb’s founders met early customers and improved their property listings with quality photos and text descriptions.
Founders should sell because they:
  1. Get to know their customers and what matters to them.
  2. Establish credibility with their customers.
  3. Can dynamically adjust the product based on feedback.
  4. Have control over their destiny.

How to sell

You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and by falling over. -Richard Branson
As explored in User Growth, for users to engage with our product, it needs to be visible, trustworthy and valuable. The best way to do this is face to face contact as Airbnb’s founders and I can attest. Another, somewhat more scalable, approach is via sales emails. Cold Emails to Hot Leads explores how to optimise the chance of attracting the attention of key people. Good sales emails:

Sales process

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. – Theodore Roosevelt
Our initial customers are early adopters who love new things and do not expect a polished product. We can expect this group to represent less than 5% of the total user population of a successful product. Hence, to a fair degree, finding initial customers is a numbers game.
The sales process is:
  1. Prospecting: Establish a list of potential customers, including name, title/company, email and social media profiles. This can be drawn from our personal network and research.
  2. Prioritise the list: Based on desirability of the prospect, expected ease of engagement and sales success.
  3. Qualification: Send sales emails or otherwise approach prospects.
  4. Sales call, including a product demo. Proposal, including pricing, is made to the prospect. Attempt to close the sale.
  5. Customers start using and paying for the product.
Sales success metrics should be tracked, including: emails sent, open and reply rates, product demos and customer signups. Tools to help include:, and

Other resources

Paul Graham Startup Essays post by Phil Martin
The story of Airbnb talk by Nathan Blecharczyk
Founding Sales book by Peter Kazanjy

In 1910, it took much effort to crank the engine of the Ford Model T to get it going, but the journey was worth it.
Have fun.
A Bit Gamey
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2023.03.26 11:20 Shaloamus Octopath Traveler II (and HD2D) dev costs vs. sales

I was talking to a friend today about the future of the HD2D initiative now that Square Enix has a new incoming president, and was curious if anyone had any sources for a ballpark estimation of how much an HD2D game costs to make. Square Enix, like most Japanese developers, don't publish development costs for their games, however I was curious whether the four HD2D games (Octopath, Triangle Strategy, LIVE A LIVE, and Octopath II) had continued to turn a profit for the company. With a new president coming in and their recent disclosure of the disappointing Q4 they had last year (which admittedly was entirely their own fault), I am nervous that HD2D may get canned so they could focus on blockchain or something.
From what I can gather the former president was a huge supporter of the initiative and specifically asked for more HD2D games in 2019. However, the LIVE A LIVE remake has yet to reach one million copies sold, and Octopath II had "lackluster" physical sales in Japan when it released (however there have been no sales numbers for overseas physical sales or digital sales of any kind given yet). While I am sure Octopath II is doing fine, I want to know whether it is doing well enough for the higher-ups at Square Enix to leave the studio alone and allow them to continue doing what they've been doing the last few years.
If anyone has heard anything or has any information or thoughts on this feel free to share!
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2023.03.26 11:20 thereisnoinbetweens Is it worth selling while prices are high?

We are currently contemplating selling our house. Property prices are still high in South Australia currently. We currently owe $310k, worth $600-$670k. So we have built up a decent chunk of equity, we are on a fixed interest rate of 2.79% for two more years. The sale won't be because we need too , more of realising our gains in anticipation of housing dropping. My partner wants to sell , I've sort of dug my heels in wanting to stay.
Just thought I'd seek some advice from other people that could help with our situation. I seriously feel like it's a massive gamble selling now ..
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