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2011.06.03 23:42 dyebhai Get your bike fixed here

A forum for folks with questions about bicycle repair. Post your problems, and we will try to get your bike rolling again. It really helps if you can provide pictures and/or video.

2012.03.16 01:23 ShittyNoSleep - Where horror tropes go to die

home of the scariest stories, trust me.

2023.06.01 16:36 s5ean1 The REAL s5ean of MicrosoftSoftwareSwap (Unlike the imposter, I have proof I'm real)

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BEWARE OF THE USER Phrasedi AND HIS FRAUDULENT microsoftsoftwareswap website. This individual has gone out of his way to impersonate me to profit off my likeness. Unlike him, I still use same discord account I used when MicrosoftSoftwareSwap was still around. Since he likes to copy everything I post word for word, Id like to see him try to fake the Web Archive link below.
Need proof I'm the real s5ean? Click Here. This is a web archive of my post on Microsoftsoftwareswap from back in August 2022 which shows the same discord name s5ean#9505, I do not use any other discord accounts. Web archive cannot be faked or altered in anyway, also visit for a short blog of what happened.
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2023.06.01 16:36 adultanim I can only start SF once?

Hi all,
There are many, many guides out there for SF and I'm surprised to see how vastly branched AI imagine is. I thought it's the realm of payed corporate realms only for now...
So, being on Linux Mint, I downloaded Stable Fusion for Linux from this repo. This downloads Easy Diffusion. I opened the zip, followed the instructions and ran Ran fine, downloaded whatever it needed, and opened in my default browser. I played around a bit and wanted to quit. Ctrl+C in terminal and it existed. Fine.
But now that I want to start it up again and try to run it exists with an error: from pygments.lexers import guess_lexer_for_filename ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'pygments'
After that, pressing any key exits the process. I think this is only the last error in a series of few of those. I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. So:

  1. This being easy diffusion, is this just one version of standard diffusion that is recommended / popular for Linux? Perhaps there's a more popular one I'm missing?
  2. For easy diffusion, assuming this is the popular one most Linux folks here use, do you start with each time? How do you exit?
Thanks in advance! much appreciated.
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2023.06.01 16:36 SuicidalNugget 31/M/Swiss - I'm not alone, the voice in my head tells me I'm handsome and great in bed

When you got chocolate, who needs sex? I can just wank to a text instead
With the edgy song lyric out of the way, let's get right into it. I don't really like people. My buddy tells me that I need to be less of a grumpy cunt and become more approachable again. I can see where he's coming from. If groups of teenagers run away screaming after they spot me strolling behind them on my usual walk in the dark, I might have gone too far. Not that I'm really trying to appear hard or whatnot, but honestly, I'd probably piss myself too, having someone like me appear to be following me. I'll keep enjoying their fear for just a little bit longer.
Good thing they don't know that there's a high probability that I was listening to some girly breakup song or something the like. Love me those. I'm a cheesy fuck. Taking bubble baths in candle light while singing along to love songs at the top of my lungs is the absolute shit. My neighbour hates me. He really does. Had him at my door more than just once because of my music, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Petty wars are fun. Anyway, if I'm not busy scaring teenagers or just generally being a dick, I quite enjoy thinking. I know, sounds weird, but reading and thinking about things is my kink. Sometimes I even write my thoughts down, like a grown ass person. By a really low standard, some of the writing could even be considered poetry or literature. Surely not by my own standards tho.
Yup. That has to suffice. I'm down to talk about whatever. Just don't be lame.
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2023.06.01 16:36 ThrowRATiredMuffin My (20F) mom (48F) is driving me crazy and acts like the victim.

I can’t handle my mom’s tantrums anymore. Ever since I was a kid she loses her shit and starts crying and is always in this mood. Whenever I make progress with my own mental health her tantrums bring me down again, I feel like I’m going insane. Yesterday she was yelling at me to the point that I started yelling back at her, and her response was “Ohhh, this is how you treat me, how you make me look in front of my daughter-in-law” bla bla.
Today she came crying about how she’s depressed, and I tried to hug her and make her feel better asking what’s wrong, and she ranted how changing her workplace has been hard for her, how she isn’t ready for my son to bring his wife home, it will ruin her freedom and all these things. And I tried to be positive, saying she works at a better and higher ranked hospital now, earns more money, and that she’s very close to our daughter-in-law and loves her and it won’t affect her freedom. But no, all she did was cry and moan and push me off and storm off to her room. Started yelling how I don’t help her around the house, and I lost it again and started yelling back and I said she never appreciates what she has, such as her new job etc, and she started screaming and yelling so loud I thought my ears were gonna burn off. I told her that instead of wasting her money on shopping she needs to visit a therapist and she went “I can’t tell my life problems to some random l0w-life.” I said with that mindset she’s gonna be depressed and manic till she dies and her view of therapists is messed up, and she kept yelling at me.
I’m so tired. I know all her secrets, I’m the only one who constantly defends her from my dad and brother, I’m the only one who’s always there for. But all she does is yell and be a pain in the a$$. Whenever I say this she goes “I do everything for you” and I tell her paying for my tuition or buying me clothes and giving me money is not enough if she ruins my mental health and she calls me ungrateful. I’d rather not have any of these things but live in a healthy household.
Just wanted to rant about this, because I can’t handle it sometimes.
Tl:dr; My (20F) mom (48F) is driving me crazy and acts like the victim.
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2023.06.01 16:36 nandeesh23 Yuzu android error

Yuzu android error
Getting this error on trying to launch game.. help as am an yuzu noob.
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2023.06.01 16:35 HeIsTroy 7900 XTX worse or same fps as 6700 XT

I recently switched from 6700 XT to 7900 XTX, im getting same and sometimes worse performance.
Latest drivers installed. Freshly installed windows 11 Tried DDU and installing drivers again nothing have changed. Updated bios to the latest version.
PC Specs :
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2023.06.01 16:35 regretfullyraye Coach Ben’s Moral High Ground

i know that this topic has been beaten to a pulp, but there are a few things that have not yet been mentioned in regards to coach ben. i was thinking about these during the rewatch and think it’s worth mentioning.
going off of the theory that he did burn the cabin, how fucked is that? i mean, when we really digest everything the girls are doing, it makes sense, and doesn’t justify him trying to kill a cabin full of teenage girls.
if anyone is to blame for how the girls are acting, it is lottie. again, in the last episode, adult shauna suggest that “it” is just them, and lottie says “what’s the difference?” i love lottie as a character, but her being off her meds really led to this ritualistic cult thing. as someone with a couple mental illnesses, that doesn’t excuse how she is acting, just explains it.
it appears that she deals with psychosis or some form of schizophrenia, but i’m not a psychologist, just a psych minor. because of her mental illness, it seems fair that she felt “it” in the depths of her mental health issues. the other girls simply followed it because they too are starving and dealing with hunger-induced psychosis (or something like that). again, lottie is an amazing character and this is not me throwing shade to her.
i know the writers have mentioned that they were not originally going to go off of a supernatural force, though that seems to be playing off now as they (possibly, maybe) don’t want to give a bad rep to people who struggle with mental health issues.
additionally, because this show clearly parallels the soccer players that were in the plane crash in the andies, i think it’s important to mention what they went through as well. keep in mind that they were only in the wildness for 72 days, which is nothing compared to what these girls experienced.
at this point in time, they’ve been in the wilderness for 9 or 10 months, which is much longer than the soccer players in the andies. and they waited much longer to resort to cannibalism.
all of this to say, coach’s moral high ground isn’t justified in this situation (in my opinion) simply knowing everything that happened in the andies. it doesn’t justify him trying to light a cabin of teenage girls (and one boy) on fire. the means of how they resulted to cannibalism isn’t ideal, clearly, but doesn’t justify any of his actions. hopefully this all makes sense and isn’t some meaningless ramble. thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.01 16:35 Swingersbaby Lets talk about the "She's hot, he's not" trope a bit in depth, another take.

This seems to be the topic of the month with now 4 posts on it.
And I've gone over evolutionary psychology reasons why women will be more attractive than men in an LTR, generally speaking.
Women as a group, and I repeat as a group, no need to say how someone is not like that, biology is never an always, tend to marry on status, looks being part of that, but its a whole package.
Men place looks much higher.
So a guy who's average but CEO is going to be sought after as a husband more than a woman who is average and a CEO, while a guy whos extremely attractive but works a menial job, is going to be less sought after than a woman who is extremely attractive but works a menial job. Its a long known, cross cultural fact, based a lot on our biology. Ok that being said....
There are a lot of women in swinging who are not conventionally attractive. If you are only interested in healthy weight by BMI, a majority of swinger women, will fall short. This is the same as the general population. We're fat in the west, men and women.
But I think there is a phenomena in swinging that makes the ugly man attractive woman stand out more.
So lets say hypothetically you are a conventionally attractive couple. You watch your diets, take care of your skin, do all those thing, and look great.
The guy is the one scrolling the profiles, I'm going to guess 75% of the time, its rare for me to talk to woman first contact in swinging, and I think 75% is being conservative, it could be 95%.
So the guy wants a HWP attractive woman, and scrolls past everyone that doesn't fit his criteria.
He then finds a woman he's attracted to, but her husband isn't that great, but he's hoping his wife will be ok with it. She's used to her fit husband, its what she finds sexy, and says "no".
This happens again and again. It creates a false perception that this is how swinging is, ugly dudes, hot women.
The man doing this is getting frustrated because his wife keeps saying no, he doesn't blame her but is mad at the men for being out of shape and keeping him from getting what he wants. He (or she) then posts an angry passive aggressive post on reddit out of frustration. They don't mention the 50 couples they ignored because she wasn't attractive, the wife probably never even saw them, but the 3 with the fat dudes.
And then this leads into another problem I have seen.
Hot couples in their 40's or later, often pass up other hot couple's in their 40's or later and instead try to fuck the young 30's couples.
You could accuse us of this, but whats funny is we get more positive responses from couples younger than us than our equals our age. I swear there is something in the "old age of youth" 40's that makes people think "not them!" and not see themselves as older, desperately holding onto being younger. Its ... odd but since we turned 40ish we have rarely played with couples our own age and its not for lack of trying, most have been younger, sometimes much younger. This itself is our biggest frustration. You're our ages, in equal shape, about equal looks, live 2 miles away? Nope. You're 10 years younger, or even 15? Sure! Now we do get bonged for "too old" at times and its very fair, , but its more likely IME than a couple who are both 49 and stayed in good shape.
Note this is just a theory, especially the guy scrolling part, so feedback and pushback is very welcome. Give your take, thoughts, etc.
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2023.06.01 16:35 cswimc Odd experience

Having an old car ready to junk, last Friday, I shopped around online and reached out to a dealership that was close enough to visit and used their online portal to reserve a car. I figured I'd have the whole process done by Monday as I was literally just looking at available inventory and didn't want to bother haggling over the price for a 1-3% savings. So, I reserve the car, fill out all the paperwork, upload my ID, and get an email confirmation that a Sales rep will be in touch. Saturday comes around, I get some emails about Memorial Day sales (this is in the US), and a dealer sales rep contacts me. I reply back that I'm ready to schedule a test drive, good for a call, and I can stop by the dealership. Out the door price guarantee was all set using the dealers site. I got no response. I called the sales rep and left a message, and never got a call back.
On Monday, around 8AM the sales manager sends out an email and asks how my experience was and they are eager to work with me and asked if I liked the car all via email. I reply back within 10 minutes of getting the message and inform him nobody ever got back to me, I never test drove a vehicle, and that I was still interested in getting something scheduled. I wait until about 12pm and call. No answer, so I leave a message. I got no response.
I send out a follow up email on Tuesday and ask what the problem is regarding communication. I get no response, so I call the manager again. I leave a detailed message with all the info I provided in this post above and add to it verbatim "maybe your systems send out automated messages via email that nobody is checking? I've also tried calling but haven't gotten a call back, so I'm getting the impression your aren't interested and if that's the case I'll just look at another dealership."
Well, after that voicemail, I got a call back within an hour, and it was the sales manager. When I answered the phone, I barely got a hello. I was greeted with "This is , from , and I don't send out automated emails. I write my own emails. My sales rep should have been in touch. I don't deal with used vehicles either, I only sell new vehicles. You can speak with our Used Vehicle Sales Manager. I'm putting you on hold..." Then the used sales manager comes on the line, also sounds very curt, and asks if I am still interested in the car. I reply yes, and we schedule an appointment for yesterday at 10AM.
Overall, I didn't like the interactions so far. But whatever, I figured I'm just making a purchase, I'll ignore it. That is until my wife and I take the day off, go in at 10AM, and wait around for the sales rep. Nobody greeted us at the dealership, maybe the sales guy was running late, but they should have let us know. We let the receptionist (I assume that was her job) We stayed for about 20 minutes, and then left.
We ended up going to another dealership yesterday and it was a night and day difference where the sales team was enthusiastic, no pressure on making the sale, upfront about all costs, and in the end, they made the sale.
So, if you made it through this essay of a post, I pose the question... what's up with the first dealership? They had a motivated buyer, it would have been an easy sale, but instead they failed at communication efforts, were rude over the phone, and ignored us when we actually went in person. Very odd. I guess they didn't want the sale??? As for the second dealership, we had the the complete opposite experience and bought a car from them instead.
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2023.06.01 16:33 PollyPiper11 Help with open relationship situation

I have recently got to know someone as a friend, and quite intimately though dance which seemed positive as it has taken me a long time to feel safe in the company of another person, and I feel like I can trust him. We have a really beautiful and strong connection but he recently told me he’s in an open relationship..and I thought I was ok with it but it’s triggering all sorts of trauma responses. I don’t know what to do..I want to tell him how I feel but I am terrified of rejection and it triggering all the trauma I went through all over again. And I don’t want to risk all the positive connection I have been working so hard to create. I’m feeling confused, and scared because I don’t want to get myself into a situation where I’ll feel used or in second place to someone else. Especially because I really like him and see him all the time. Should I end things now before they escalate and try to emotionally detach or tell him how I feel? I think the fact he is in an open relationship is triggering a feeling of unsafety…and terror..especially of being abandoned…finding it very confusing. Has anyone here had any similar experience?
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2023.06.01 16:33 likeanengineer Need help with my 4.5month old sleep

Need help figuring out where to start fixing my baby’s sleep. I’m not ready for CIO yet but have been trying Give Baby a Chance technique without much progress.
My baby (4.5 month old) has been always rocked or nursed to sleep. We had moderate success with “drowsy but awake” during newborn stage but at 3.5 months he started fighting bedtime, screaming as soon as we bring him to the bedroom, fussing through entire routine, until nursing/rocking knocks him out.
Setup: at night and most naps sleeps in our bedroom, in his snoo bassinet, arms out. Always starts fussing which turns into crying and screaming if I attempt to put him down when he is not deep asleep. I still try though.
First nap of the day is usually in his bassinet and lasts 37 minutes at most. Sometimes it’s only 20 minutes. I usually try to put him down and let him fuss for a bit. Usually at 9-9:30am.
Second nap of the day - I try to make it the longest. We used to either contact nap or go for a stroller walk to get there, but that stopped working. Currently if left in the bassinet - it’s again 37 minutes at most. I keep trying to stretch it but the only way it works is if I put him next to me in my bed - he just falls asleep on his own. This can yield another 40-70 minutes. Aim for 12-12:30pm.
Third nap is around 3pm and is usually the shortest, he fights it the most and it often only lasts 20 min so sometimes we don’t even get to it and go straight to the last nap.
Last nap of the day is on stroller walk. Another 37 minutes to up to 1 hour if he skipped the previous nap. 5-5:30pm
Bed time: start bedtime routine at around 8:45pm, sleeping at 9:30pm. We tried earlier times but he always wakes up in 37 min ready to party until 11pm.
Routine: diaper, pjs, nurse, say good night to everyone, some cuddles, try to put him to sleep - ends up being either nursing or rocking. All in dim red light. White noise on. Blackout curtains down.
He wakes up 4-7 times a night, usually quick nursing or rocking to sleep puts him back down to sleep within minutes. He is never wide awake and clearly wants to continue sleeping but is having troubles with falling asleep. Sleeps until 7am to total time about 9h.
Wake windows: I aim for something like 1.5/2/2/2.25/2.5
What we usually get:
1.8/2.2/2.5/3 with 4 naps each no longer than 40 min and total day sleep time is about 2.5-3h
2/2/3/3.5 with 3 naps, including one long, total nap time is about 3h.
Does this schedule and setup look reasonable? Anything that needs fixing before we attempt extinction sleep training if we decide to go that route?
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2023.06.01 16:33 rcmulhall9118 Error code hb-rs 1702 when trying to play my career

Does anyone know how to fix that error code. I’ve uninstalled and checked everything the internet has to offer with no damn luck.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. feel like this happened after the last update?
Anyone else having this issue?
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2023.06.01 16:33 Nebulator123 The shoving from Ult is Bullshit

The amount of kills I lost due to that interaction where, when you Ult up close ,our ult first shoves the enemy faaar away from you before reeling them in is just to god damn high.
Yes maybe its just a skill issue of some random silvebronze player but this dirves me crazy. Yesterday I, after a long time, played Urgot again. And in those first 6 games (while trying out Redemtion Urgot) I lost about 4-5Kills because I died before finishing reeling them in. Most of the time they are up close and if my ult just reels from there I would even gotten more killes or survived through Triumph. But no. I have to reel them in from Uganda.
Yes it is more satisfying the farther you pull but its just not practical!
Rant over
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2023.06.01 16:33 9kLevix Why isn't my Teams app opening?

This morning I was on my laptop and joining a teams meeting but it kept showing me the loading page and saying that they ran into an error. When I pressed a link to join it just showed me signed in as a guest, so it showed me the option to sign in but as soon as I signed in it said they ran into an error again I didn't know what was happening so I uninstalled the app then installed it again and it is still happening I thought it might be my wifi but all the other family members in my house have no issues and are perfectly fine. Whats happening? It also keeps showing the error sign beside the Teams logo. Theres nothing wrong with my wifi as I did a speedtest, I can perfectly run teams on Google Chrome though.
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2023.06.01 16:33 ExcitingConfusion847 My Finacé confessed to me that his girl bestfriend wanted to kiss him

Tl;dr My fiancé M23 confessed to me that his girl bestfriend F24 came over just to kiss him

So me F21 and my LDR Fiancé M23 had a little rought time before he went to Bootcamp we didnt talk as much bc he and i had a lot of argument during that time and he was stressed and we both just needed a little space from each other to sort things out.
TBH i trust him and know he would never cheat but he confessed something to me a week or two after he came back from bootcamp. During the time he was there and we wrote letters to each other we told each other how much we appreciate the other and lots of love confessions and so on, so i was really happy everything went back to how it was and coudnt wait for him to come back. And once back it was truly perfect he was really busy bc military and stuff but i was understanding and just trying to make as much time for him as possible during the time he is free.
But after like the second week he confessed to me that during the month that we spend less time together, he went and talked about our relationship problems with his girl bestfriend he knew from childhood. At first i was just a little hurt bc i thougth why didnt he just come to me but i also understood that he may needed to talk with somone else but, i kinda expected his brother to be that person.
A little background to his girl bestfriend, she and him knew each other since childhood and he sees her as a sister but they also dated once then they were younger for like a week. after that they were just bestfriend. And she is in a serious relationship rn with her boyfriend but we knew they also had some ups and downs. Consideringall those factors i still wasnt really happy that they were that close bc i actually and genuinely that there is no way in hell a man and a woman can be just friend there is always a benefit or motive for one of them. But anyways i just accepted it and thought well she has a boyfriend too so i dhoudnt worry too much.
So back to the moment he confessed that he talked to her. He went on how they both talked about their problems and they helped each other solve some things but one day he asked her if they could talk and she wanted to come over to his house. And once she arrived there she told him that she actually just came over to kiss him, he was taken aback and was really weirded out and told her that this is just weird. He told her that she and him both are in a relationship and even if I wasnt in the picture its still weird she has a boyfriend, after hearing that she apparently just left staight away.
I mean im really happy he told me and that i can indeed trust him but it kinda made me also very insecure and and a little issue bc im just scared that mabey in the future he and i might have another time were we just need some more alone time again and he will go to a female coworker or other female friend and talk about our relationship issues again. And mabey the same situation will happen again. i just dont want that and im scared of the thought that mabey it will happen.
Id rather have him talk to a dude about this than some girl it makes me feel better especially knowing as a woman myself how some woman can be these days.
I know he wont cheat and i told him i dont want him to ever go to some other girl about that stuff and he agrees but, its just that after hearing that i started to have some issues about something like that happening again.

I would like some advice on how to handle that insecurity and mabey get over it bc every now and then i keep thinking about that kind of stuff and im really insecure bc he is really good looking and woman do look at him a lot.
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2023.06.01 16:33 ANTHONYEVELYNN5 10 Common mistakes most Evelynn players make and how to fix them by Anthony Evelynn!

Sup its Anthony back at it again with another post. I was kinda rambling by myself writing tips and I figured I should share them with you guys. Here are 10 common mistakes most Evelynn players do that are holding them back in their games.
  1. Not looking at lanes enough. I suggest starting slowly. Every time you kill a jungle camp stop moving and watch every lane for 2 seconds. Then add watching every lane while walking between jungle camps while also not stopping to move and finally add looking at lanes while you kill the jungle camp. Jungle monsters are NPC and they will always move the same way (except krugs. fk krugs) so first get used to what they do and how to clear every camp.
  2. Not looking at map enough. You don't have to be looking at your champion when you are doing camps the same way you don't look at your steering wheel while driving. I watch the minimap more often than my screen. You can easily tell if someone flashed and if a fight is happening and much more. The way I learned how to do that is to go on youtube and search "Map Awareness Exercise". Every time you hear the sound, look at your minimap. It will make you 100x the player you are.
  3. Caring about what your laners think. Like it or not, Evelynn is a solo champion. My friends hate me when I play evelynn with them even if we win all the time. If your team enjoys playing with you, good chances are that you're playing her incorrectly. You need as much gold as possible and often times it means letting your team die, not joining a bad fight, going in the side lane when a big wave is crashing while your team is mid, waiting for the right opportunity and more. (I will also be making a video on my youtube channel that I will post on the subreddit to show you what I mean in even more details). You need gold and AS MUCH GOLD DIFFERENCE AS POSSIBLE***. Even Faker will lose vs a silver player if the silver player is full build and faker has no items.
  4. Using W too early. You only want to W when you are 100% sure can take advantage of it, otherwise just don't use it (sounds simple I know, but Evelynn doesn't even need W most of the time so people don't actually get to learn to use it correctly because there is little to no punishment for bad use of W). I've found that the perfect time to use W is when you're almost in passive range, even pre 6. Walk at them as close as possible first and NEVER use W at max range. Ofc you can always use W to scare enemies away, use it as a slow or to make them walk into death (you) when they have no vision of you.
  5. Being impatient. You are invisible. Most evelynn players will go in as soon as they see an opportunity, but there is a lot of value in going at the last second. You can for example blow a flash for free because the enemy adc needs 2 more auto attacks so they flash in to kill your support and BAM you're there, if you had went in from the start he might have flashed away from you! Waiting for DANGER abilities is also very important, wait for ahri to use charm, wait for thresh to use hook, etc. DANGER abilities are the ones that if you get hit by, you will either 100% die or you will have to blow ult/flash to survive which is hella not worth. Being invisible during a fight puts SOOO much pressure and gives you new and often better opportunities.
  6. Missing Q. Its better to wait and make sure you have the right angle and the right position to hit Q as missing it will result in you doing absolutetly 0 damage and wondering why "evelynn is so weak right now". Btw evelynn Q comes out from a little behind her so if you E first you can't miss it since you're on top of them. Be patient and get close and move in a comfortable position. An easy way to hit more skillshots is to throw them in the same direction as the lane/river you're fighting in. Throwing abilities perpendicularly is #1 way of missing them.
  7. Trying to innovate. Just copy what top evelynn players are doing with their runes and builds. You might think you are the prodigy that just discovered this new secret technology cosmic drive shadowflame dark harvest build but I promise you it is SOO bad. Lich bane for example is a placebo. One of the main reasons low elo players think its sooo good on evelynn is because they cannot land their Q while E is point and click, the extra lich bane damage on E feels like you're accomplishing something but in reality you're gimping yourself of a lot more damage if you just learned how to hit Q. If you have a lot of ap, you can kill someone with just a single Q, you don't even need to get in range to use E. Evelynn Q and R have RIDICULOUS ap scaling (195% on Q and 180% on R). Lich is good on evelynn but its not broken like rabadons is and its also 3000 gold so if they build magic resist you are screwed and need to save up for void staff now and until then you won't be doing much damage. I prefer to go for void staff most of the time after rabadons because you are now prepared in case they build magic resist and you should already be 1 shotting carries regardless if you have lich or not.
  8. Not going for pre 6 plays. farming until 6 is NOT VIABLE as a game plan. It is the backup plan. Level 3 and level 4 ganks on evelynn are very easy and laners love to trade so go snag some free kills. To add onto that, ganking for a flash is NOT WORTH. You gank for kills only. Look 2 seconds. Do you have the damage to kill them with your combo? yes? ok gank. no? ok dont gank. end of the deal. Dont overthink it. I suggest just trying it out and spam ganking at random times by just walking up and praying to god the gank works for some games until you learn what a good gank looks like and when the enemy is killable from what amount of hp depending on your level/items.
  9. Not farming enough, the most common mistakes evelynn players I coach do is that they will wait 1+ minutes doing nothing at all with all their jungle up. While kills>everything on Evelynn, DO NOT FORCE A GANK. I promise you, there are a LOT of opportunities to gank. Clear at least one side of the jungle (ideally all of it) before ganking, even if your ultimate is up. The only time you want to force a gank is when your team is struggling very hard and an enemy has a bounty and you NEED to kill them to come back, exceptions exist ofc. Its 10x better to be farming all your jungle in 1 minute for 400 gold than be waiting 2 minutes for a 300 gold kill or worse, only getting assist in a gank you waited so long for. Its simply not worth it. You can always kill them later. You scale, don't stress out.
  10. Dying. Dying is the worst thing you can do on evelynn. Evelynn ap ratios are INSANE. Like I don't think people realize you have as much AP scaling on evelynn Q ALONE as ahri Q out + ahri Q return + ahri W all 3 on the single focus on the same target and more ap scaling that veigar Q+W. You NEED dark seal 100% of the games even if you're not going mejais. Dying with dark seal makes you lose ap. Never die. Dying also puts you behind in gold because not only can't you farm or gank and you lose a lot of pressure, but the enemy can farm your camps, farm their own camps, farm minions and take objectives. Dying is literally the same thing as disconnecting from the game for 1 minute and giving the enemy 300 gold at the same time. Dying when you have a bounty is like going afk for 5 minutes. Might as well afk if you are going to die at least you won't be giving them gold (this is a joke by the way, do not go afk and tell your team that Anthony told you to do so). If you think you are going to die, run and go do something else on the map.
And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let me know if you like this type of post here and ask any questions you may have, I read and answer every single one!
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2023.06.01 16:33 coasterbill Six months in... advice?

I'm 35. I've spent a lot of time reading through this sub the last few months and I'm still trying to figure out exactly what I should do and if my story is typical.
===== SKIP THIS IF SHORT ON TIME. TL;DR: I've tried every antibiotic under the sun. The first one worked but I stopped too early. Nothing worked after that. ===============
Six months ago I got pain in my left testicle after oral sex. I've only had one sex partner ever (my wife), we've been tested and it's not an STD. Of note (maybe) , this was about a week after she got over covid. I went to urgent care and they put me on Doxy. Within 3 days I felt amazing. Like an idiot, a few days later I stopped taking it as it was messing with my stomach. Lesson learned. I'll never forgive myself for this mistake.
About a week later it came back and it hasn't gone away.
I went back on Doxy but it didn't have the same effect. They switched me to Levoquin. It did nothing. They switched me to Bactrim for one week and this one actually did a lot, but they only gave me a 7 day prescription.
I actually went back to the urologist and basically begged for more, saying that it wasn't enough but they swore that it was. Over the next week I kept feeling better but the pain came roaring back. I went back to the urologist and they said that it was supposed to be a 3 week prescription. They put me back on it but it didn't have the same effect.
Still convinced that some antibiotic somewhere might actually work, I went to urgent care and got Cipro. I tried that... no impact.
======== Okay, pick it up here ========
So that brings us up to about March. After then I went back to the urologist who said that it was now chronic. They gave me Gabapentin for 2 months. I stopped taking antibiotics. I would take Gabapentin, Tylenol and Ibuprofin for basically 2 months but would keep slowly feeling better and better. In early May, I stopped all of it. Slowly over those few months I felt a little bit better. Some days were worse than the day before, but on a week-to-week basis I was slowly inching towards normalcy.
I still couldn't ejaculate without pain coming a few hours later and lasting for about 2-3 days. Standing still for long periods of time hurt and sitting for long periods of time sort-of hurt but I could go to a restaurant and not be miserable and I could sleep on my side. It was major progress. I had been holding off on ejaculating so much that one night I had a wet dream (which hasn't happened since I was like 12) that caused a few days of pain. That sucked but I got over it.
About 2 weeks ago though, it flared up and I was in as much pain as ever. Now I'm back on Gabapentin and back on Doxy, though I don't think it's an infection and it's not doing much.
It's calmed down a lot but I feel like I've stepped back in time to mid-March. I believe the flare up may have been caused by a few long walks in gym shorts with no support but I'm not sure. It's just so demoralizing when I thought that I was making progress. Sometimes I want to die. I feel like I'm letting my wife down. I'm scared that this will never end.
A few things of note:
- Early on I went to the ER. Torsion has been ruled out. They saw very small hydroceles that they weren't worried about. I did the ultrasound.
- I did the cord block but of-course, that day I felt amazing going in (which is very rare) so it's hard to know if it worked. The day was pain-free, but it was pain-free when I walked in. Then it was black and blue for 2 weeks and sore after that.
- I now have a standing desk at work and a small treadmill under it. Walking (with support) seems to be the best thing for me. Sitting hurts. Standing hurts. Walking is great. The best days that I had throughout al of this were at Disney World when I almost called off the trip but figured I'd power through it. Walking all day for 7-10 miles seems to be the best thing for it, despite everyone saying the opposite. It's usually good for a few days after that too. This makes no sense, whatsoever.
- I tried the stretches and had more pain the next day than I've had in months, but I may have also over-did the stretches. I'm still scared to try again for awhile though.
- I never ever wore underwear so doing it now seems to make the pain worse. What works for me to create some support is to wear gym shorts under my pants or under another pair of shorts to bunch up and stop my left ball banging into my leg. I've tried briefs and underwear with the pouch and both cause more pain.
- When the doctor feels around, sometimes there is some epididymis pain in the right one also but there is never pain there. The pain is always in my left.
- A few years ago I had a bad case of piriformis syndrome which squeezes the sciatic nerve on the left side (and the left nut is the one that hurts). That's the same side where I have this pain now and I've noticed that the piriormis stretch is one that's cited in a lot of the videos on this sub for epidydimitis.
- Lately I haven't had pain at night while trying to sleep and for the first few minutes of every day I feel like I'm cured. Then it all comes back.
- I've tried every supplement under the sun. Turmeric, cranberry, garlic, Saw Palmetto, tons of others...
So I have theories, but no direction. I've been to about 6-7 doctors and spent thousands of dollars in co-pays. I want my life back. Some days I'm optimistic, others I just want to cry. I was optimistic but this flare up broke my spirit.
What should I do? Should I go for another cord block and do the surgery? Is a flare up that takes weeks to calm down typical? I can deal with slow progress but this setback really has me spiraling into fits of depression. I just want my life back.
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2023.06.01 16:33 Echopine After almost a decade, I finally cured my sleep-disordered breathing.

Sorry this is SUPER SUPER long, I need to write this out as a form of cathartic release and don't necessarily expect anyone to read it. I originally posted this in the UARS sub but my experience might help someone here too. There's a TLDR at the end which says what I did to fix it.It's been a long and miserable ride but I'm writing this to let anyone who is suffering know that it can get better. It takes a buttload of perseverance which is difficult when you're chronically exhausted but there isn't really much of a choice for any of us in that regard is there? I'm now 27 and I'm bitter and angry at how this shit ruined my life but I made it through so w/e. Just to preface, I'm well aware what worked for me won't work for most. This is more about providing closure for myself than anything. I'd also like to state this experience has entirely changed my opinion of doctors. Hear what they have to say and work with them, but you need to learn everything you can to help yourself and absolutely challenge them on anything they say that doesn't feel right/you don't understand. If they react with patronizing hostility, then find someone else. Listen to what your body is telling you and recognise that your intuition is valid and important. Sure, you'll get it wrong a lot but you get better at figuring out what works the longer you work at it.
So this is what happened to me:
Just after I graduated uni I started feeling extremely tired all the time, no matter how much sleep I got. It's a special kind of tired I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with. One that feels like you've been drinking heavily after running a marathon. Weeks/months pass and that exhaustion compounds. The first two years were terrifying and I had fully accepted my life was over. Doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me and I was accused many, many times of lying or that I was just severely depressed. I was severely depressed but it was because chronic sleep deprivation is a mental prison. I went down the psychiatry route though and was on literally everything at one point or another, from Seroquel which left me drooling in a chair for a week to brintellix, which I equate to panic attacks in pill form. I also got a healthy xanax addiction from my psych who said there was no withdrawal. The fact he had a picture of Kurt Cobain on his desk should have been a red flag I guess. Granted, mirtazapine allowed me to keep my head above water but I got super fat, and only now that I've recently come off I realized it affected my cognitive ability greatly. I knew, even then, the root cause of my depression was sleep deprivation and I think it's important to note for anyone going through this now that no amount of antidepressant (even if it 'helps you sleep') is going to fix sleep-disordered breathing. This type of medication has its place and I'm not discouraging anyone from trying it but the previous point is important.
After barking up the wrong tree many times (psychiatrists, endocrinologists, neurologists, etc). I finally found an ENT surgeon. This was about 4 years in and by that point, I had little faith they'd be able to do anything. After an at-home sleep study and examination, the surgeon was extremely confident it was UARS. So for the first time in years, I had a glimmer of hope and booked myself in for a very expensive septoplasty, adenoid removal, and turbinate reduction op. At the same time, he referred me to an orthodontist who made a mandibular device to keep my airway open at night (also very expensive). Fast forward a month and I'm all healed but I still feel terrible. The mandibular device was worthless as well (in my case). The surgeon hands me a card for a counselor. Great.
So then I move on to CPAP as I now know through the sleep study I did I'm waking up multiple times a night due to increased respiratory effort. After a lot of trial and error, I'd say it brought me from feeling like shit to feeling meh most days. Meh was an incredible improvement, however, and I was very grateful. I lived like this for a long time. Things were good enough for me to work but only in the most basic roles. Pretty soul-crushing really considering I aced school in the hopes of becoming a marine biologist.
Last year I read somewhere that taking antihistamines (claritin) right before bed helped their UARS. The source was sketchy AF and I didn't really put much stock in it but I was willing to give anything a fair chance. And it worked. Uninterrupted, beautiful sleep for a few months. It really is quite incredible just how different I am as a person when I'm well-rested. Literally every aspect of my well-being improved. I was happy but also horrified at how long I'd lived in the braindead state UARS creates. 7 years is a long time to feel that way and it's left its mark.
The antihistamines of course stopped working. I tried many different types but none of them worked as well as Claritin did. This did however provide a key piece of information that would ultimately be the last piece of the puzzle. If I reacted so well to taking antihistamines before bed then allergies had a role to play in my breathing at night. Allergies to what though? I wasn't sneezing and I didn't have itchy eyes. Turns out a dust mite allergy doesn't present that way in everyone. I've lived with my grandparents (not because I want to believe me) almost all the way through this and the carpets haven't been changed in 30 years. I've also noticed my sleep would weirdly improve if I stayed in other places. I sleep pretty deeply in hotels for example. I was in a rainforest in Malaysia for a few days a while back and forgot my CPAP and slept phenomenally. Whether that means I truly have UARS or not I'm not sure. I still sleep with it as I haven't been able to recreate that anywhere else. What it does say is that it is subtle rhinitis brought on by a dust mite allergy that triggers my SDB and creates UARS-like symptoms. I'm now having the carpets replaced with hardwood floors, using mattress/pillow covers, and using Flonase every night. Breathe Right strips have also been an absolute game changer in conjunction with CPAP. Using them in concert has made me realize just how limited my nasal breathing really is, even after surgery. If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend giving it a shot. While I'm waiting for the floor to be replaced, I have the air intake of my CPAP placed directly by an open window which also has been working great. That's only a solution for summer though really.
And that's it. I sleep well almost every night now. The relief I feel both physically and mentally is immense but as I've said, this destroyed my life and fundamentally changed me as a person. I'd like to try and see the silver lining but it's given me so much baggage I don't really know where to start. I go to bed scared it'll come back every single night. Even the slightest hint of tiredness makes me paranoid. That's what therapy is for I guess. If you're reading this, I hope it helps you in some way. Shit sucks and I hope you find relief quicker than I did.
TLDR: FUCK UARS and I'm sorry for anyone who is dealing with sleep-disordered breathing. I'm cured and it was a combination of septoplasty, adenoid removal, turbinate reduction, CPAP, and finally an awareness of my dust mite allergy and the relentless use of breathe right strips and flonase.
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2023.06.01 16:32 Peter_Hale_ looking for Magnus Bane and Deucalion

it`s beggining of game and as soon as we`d play it i would write another part of the scenario (cause i`m too lazy to type it now) or we can even change our game so my idea will be no longer walid.
i am not a native speaker so be prepared for mistakes and stupid things from my side, but i will try my best to look like native speaker
+ my main character is Peter Hale. i want to find person who can play Magnus and Deucalion or only Magnus or only Deucalion. this means that i will play another character if u want to play only 1 of them (Peter + Deuc or Peter + Magnus) (but if u want to play Deuc i have pre-story for two of them)
1st half of the scenario - Magnus tried to flirt with Alec, even went to his wedding. but Alec prefered his wife to Magnus, so Magnus left a party with broken heart and still with fellings to alec. to distract himself he starts to be often in a night club and drinking with a lot of different people he even doesn`t know
Peter and Deucalion are in relationship for years and they went to a night club, which is runned by Magnus. Magnus and werewolf didn`t know each other till this moment. Deucalion is blind and half of Peter`s skin is burned. werewolf met hunters in the club and hunters started to oppress werewolf. Magnus came to them and try to handle this situation by taking hunters off the club. and to appologize he came to werewolf and offer them a free drinks. they spent a night sitting next to each other and speaking about supernatural world. at the end of their first meeting Magnus offers them help with healing their disease. werewolf accepted it, so they give each other their phone numbers and contact in some days.
after that Peter and Deucalion start their magic threatment and Magnus successfuly heal Deuc (it`s short variant of Deucalion) from his blindness and almost cure Peter`s skin from burning, as they understand, that they were flirting with each other all their sessions.
after werewolf are again healthy they changed their meeting point from healing to just speaking, but they continue to meet - sometimes in the club, sometimes at Magnus` home as a friends, but later, when Magnus understands, that his feelings to alec have no chance in real life, but he right now has two interesting werewolfs, who are also interested in warlock, he gives himself a chance. Magnus realizes that he felt so freely with werewolf and he sometimes doesn`t have to explain something cause werewolfs can smell his emotions and understand him with it. he can be himself without any additional efforts from his side and he still will be interesting to werewolfs
so they begin their relationship from the flirt, then go to the sexual relationship as trinity. alec sees it, he would became gelous about this and will try to ruin this warlock`s relationship.
hope i will find smbd
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2023.06.01 16:31 daniel_stotler46 As a kid, I thought Phyllis was worse than Resetti. After replaying New Leaf on the 3DS again as an adult, I have never related to a character more in my life.

As a kid, I thought Phyllis was worse than Resetti. After replaying New Leaf on the 3DS again as an adult, I have never related to a character more in my life.
Anyone else think this same way? As a kid playing Animal Crossing on GameCube, I HATED Phyllis, and just how mean she was in that game.
Just recently, I found my old 3DS and erased my New Leaf save file to start again, and looking back… was Phyllis REALLY that bad?? Or just a relatable character? Here are some key points to support my thesis:
  1. Phyllis only works at the post office at night. Years later, and after months of working graveyard shifts from 8 PM - 6 AM at an Amazon warehouse irl at age 19, I started acting and behaving in the same way she did.
  2. Phyllis does not like being disturbed when you talk to her at Brewster’s coffee bar. As someone who had been flirted with at the bar multiple times when I’m trying to enjoy a drink, and someone who isn’t a morning person and gets coffee at Starbucks, Dunkin’ etc., this is technically a merging of both moods in the same cliché. First of all, don’t talk to me when I’m drinking my coffee, and second, don’t flirt with me at bar when I’m alone, enjoying my solidarity.
Am I the only one thinking this way? Or am I just over-analyzing things a bit?
Let me know your thoughts below.
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2023.06.01 16:31 SeeminglySusan [MOD POST] Posting on behalf of an anonymous user, advice needed

ADVICE NEEDED ! am i wrong for telling my friend he can’t be friends with my abuser? TW: abuse/DV/SA hi i’m 20 F, i broke up with my abusive ex 24 M, almost 3 years ago. i met and shortly began seeing him when i was 14 and he was 18, trust me i know thats not at all good and i’m by no means promoting relationships with that sort of a construct in fact i DO NOT encourage them at fcking all, live and learn, anyways, we dated from early 2017-late 2020, i eventually got over my fear of leaving this toxic and severely abusive relationship i was in, and did just that. it was quite literally to date the best decision i’ve ever made. and for the sake of transparency, when i say abusive i’m speaking of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, whole 9. when i left him i completely cut contact with him and spent the next year constantly looking over my shoulder because i was still terrified of him. the whole time i was with him, i never spoke a word to absolutely anybody about the physical or sexual abuse, he wasn’t the type to black my eyes type shit, he would choke me unconscious and occasionally grab me like by the arm or pick me up and throw me into a dresser type shit, anywho, i could hide that sort of stuff pretty easily with makeup or clothing and so i did. the mental shit however he put zero effort into trying to hide so i didn’t either for the most part, no one ever tried to intervene, if you haven’t gathered by now i didn’t have the most present parents to put that one lightly lmao. so point is it did take me a bit of time even after i left him to open up to anyone and tell them about what id been experiencing and when i did absolutely no one in my life was at all surprised because like i said he didn’t try to conceal the manipulative/gaslighting/degrading/humiliating/cheating bs he was doing to me. i haven’t seen him since i left him, which i’ve been quite happy about. i’ve “prayed” many times that i would never ever cross paths with him again in any type of way and have been successful within that until a few days ago, it happened. bit of context, i have this friend who i refer to as my brother, 24 M, i’ve known him my entire life, we grew up together, he was my next door neighbor and still currently lives next door to my mom, been through some shit together, and when i told him about my experiences with my ex years ago now, he was extremely upset. he reassured me that he would never associate with my ex again after learning very surface level what he’d put me through, and basically ya know he was there if i needed him, etc. this close friend has a daughter, she is my god daughter, they are family, last month was her 4th birthday and i of course was planning on attending. 2 days before her birthday party, my friend’s girlfriend/mother to their child called me to inform me that they had invited my ex to my god daughters bday party. at this point i had no knowledge that they were talking again or anything like that. i was obviously extremely shocked, very upset, but i did not make any sort of a fuss, and let her know that i would not be attending if he was there because i’m not going to be around my literal abuser under any circumstances. at this point it was very obvious they were all talking again and this didn’t sit right with me obviously, but me being me i disregarded my feelings and basically just chopped it up to it’s not my business and left it completely alone although my current partner and close friends all told me that i was well within my right to be upset and question my close friend about it so i did and him and his girlfriend told me someone else had invited him and that they were not actively talking to/friends with him again. they said they’d seen him in passing at a party and that another old friend of mine who i no longer speak to because he is still friends with my ex was who had invited him, but that once i said i would not attend if my ex did, they told my old friend to tell my ex he could not come. i still went to the birthday party, everything was fine, and my ex did not come, thankfully. over the last month i haven’t heard from my friend and his girlfriend but once. now fast forward to this last weekend, me, my current partner, and some friends went camping, i recently got a new dog and have another small dog, so while we were camping for a couple days my mom watched them for me. Sunday morning me and my partner went out to my moms to retrieve the pups and hang out for a couple hours. when we were walking out to leave, my friend was standing over at the fence between his and my moms house waiting on me, immediately thought this was really weird but thought he maybe was just already outside and heard me walking out of my moms/talking. as soon as i walked out of my moms gate and saw him, he called me over to see my puppy and was standing in a position/spot to where when i walked up to talk to him, my back would be turned to the driveways (hope that makes sense) and as i approached him, not paying attention to my surroundings, my mom who was on her front porch who could see the driveways yelled over to me “me* who the fuck is that”. i looked around and saw none other than my ex walking pretty fast out of my friends yard to his car. my heart immediately started racing, fight or flight kicked in, had a cute lil ptsd episode moment, and immediately just started walking to my car, but as i started to do so my mom and partner were both yelling my name which kinda snapped me back and i turned around and looked back at my friend who was still standing there with a very disappointed look on his face staring at me. i said to my friend “is that my ex?” and he replied “yes.” i said “why” and he began to just stumble out some meaningless words to which i angrily cut him off and said “fuck you”, not my proudest moments, in fact me and my friend have literally never fought so it really didn’t feel good, then told my partner to get in the car. while about to get in my car my ex drove past while staring at me with this look he used to give me often when he was real mad at me, like full on turned his head while driving past to stare at me. we get in the car and leave and at this point i’m an absolute mess, fighting off a panic attack, violently shaking and trying to breathe while my partner is also quite angry because he understands on a pretty deep level how fucked that whole thing was. i watched out the back window the whole way home to make sure he wasn’t following us because he would definitely do that, now worried because he now knows what we drive, got home safe and cried and talked over the situation with my partner. my partner assured me that i had every right to be upset over the situation and that i should talk to my friend because it was abundantly clear my friend had lied to me about not talking to him and all. my whole issue lies within how could someone be friends with someone they know abused and SAed their friend, it simply doesn’t make any sense to me and i personally think i have every right to be upset and concerned. i texted my friend and told him how i felt and that if he wanted to continue being friends with my ex he could count me out for my safety and mental well being as much as that extremely upsets me i must uphold that boundary if any, no contact in anyway with my ex period and i count not talking to anyone who talks to him because i simply can’t risk it, my friend never responded at all and now i’m questioning whether i over reacted and have no right to tell him he can’t be both of our friends (me and my ex). so, was my reaction appropriate or AITA?
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2023.06.01 16:31 En3rgYz3r Error Code 43 on GPU in device manager, white horizontal lines, windows doesn't recognize GPU.

Hey guys, my friend is having a big big problem with his new GPU. Let me give you some context:
Some months ago, suddenly, white horizontal lines has appeared on his monitor, we thought that was because of the GPU and/or the PSU. So, he got the GPU out and played using his CPU integrated graphics until now. He got a hold on a tested and working Nvidia GTX 1060 AND a brand new PSU but the problem with the strange white lines on his monitor was still there, we searched the web and tried to solve it thinking it may be a software problem but we took in consideration the option that the motherboard PCIe port was also damaged or something. We tried the following solutions:
That's all that we found on the web and we tried the two solutions with different steps several times.
Now, why do we think that it may not be a hardware problem? Because those strange vertical/horizontal lines weren't always there. Let me explain the details:The first time that we tried to solve the problem (yesterday) he installed the drivers for the GPU both manually and automatically using GeForce Experience and it still didn't work, BUT he shut down the PC, slept for three hours and after powering it back on the issue was gone, no strange lines, when right clicking on the monitor, the option for Nvidia Control Panel would come up, and also, there was NO yellow triangle in device manager the windows recognized the GPU, everything was fine.
!!! Now, after updating his windows version, the problem came back: We have the yellow triangle in device manager that says Error code: 43 when we right click and go to the properties and there is not Nvidia control panel anywhere at all, the GPU doesn't get recognized I guess.We can't explain why it worked before and suddenly, after a windows update, it won't work no matter what we try to do. We want some advice and see if it is actually a hardware problem. !!!His motherboard is an old DELL 0GY6Y8. Below you can find a photo of the lines.
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