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Endless Dungeon

2020.12.11 01:48 Macha_theCat Endless Dungeon

Discover Amplitude's latest roguelite tactical action game set in the awarded Endless universe. Recruit a team of shipwrecked heroes, plunge into a long-abandoned space station, and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again.

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IrishTeachers aims to provide teachers working in the Irish education system a supportive community that offers the professionals a space to share advice and take part in meaningful discussion about their careers.

2013.11.22 00:30 I just wanna go fast

on the real, a place for humans who prefer to go fast (in whatever way they like) to come together, commune, communicate, share stories of our lives, ask questions, share knowledge (always in the interest of harm reduction), make friends, and revel in the wonders of life.

2023.03.26 11:10 EchoJobs DiamondFoundry is hiring Senior R&D Engineer USD 90k-150k San Francisco, CA [R Crystal]

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2023.03.26 11:10 Trianchid Tips when enabling 2FA for services?

Main emails first etc? Also i wanna leave recovery emails on, 2FA is cool but i don't want it to be a two headed sword too much, i didn't get amnesia when I've had forehead injury,my muscle memory is intact, but i wanna have it as before just with more security
I was scared to make backup emails back then cuz what if attacker guesses it aside from the 2 dots but it's unlikely
So Aegis Keepas etc i will intend to reinstall PC but if i were to have 2fa i can save it on pendrive or virtual partition with a back up, i heard it might get corrupted, how to prevent that ? I have rugged big battery phone my mom too I'm gonna teach her so she can have safe 2FA too although she isn't registered on any or much services yet luckily
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2023.03.26 11:09 ThrowRA-230422 (30f)(33m) what do I do now?

Me and my bf of almost a year had a tough conversation this morning. About how stuff is not going well and we need to talk more.. yesterday we were together but the whole evening in separate rooms. I thought he needed space so I let him. But this morning he gets out of bed without saying anything or even giving a kiss or something so I’m like what’s going on? He’s like we need to get to know each other more and talk more about stuff that bothers us. We didn’t really finish the conversation as he had to leave for an appointment. Now I’m left behind here and I feel like I haven’t said all I wanna say. Do I just stay here and wait for him to come back or go home and see what happens? I really don’t feel great right now about it all and I do wanna address my feelings today. Or just go home and see whatever.
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2023.03.26 11:09 cantStopAAAAAA A couple of months ago I trimmed my terrarium plants because they were a bit overgrown. Since then there's something wrong with them. Some leaves have white dots on them. Any Idea on what this is and how can I fix it?

A couple of months ago I trimmed my terrarium plants because they were a bit overgrown. Since then there's something wrong with them. Some leaves have white dots on them. Any Idea on what this is and how can I fix it? submitted by cantStopAAAAAA to terrariums [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 11:09 capstain411 Garden office building regs

Hi all,
Land behind is agricultural plot. Not listed property nor conservation area or area of outstanding beauty. I want to create a garden office at the bottom of my garden.I will not be having any visitors when used as garden office. Size 6m x 3.5m. Height under 2.5 m flat roof. Not planning to sleep in the outbuilding. I am planning all round insulation and heating and fan in summer.
I am going to be 2 meters away from neighbours on both side. However I want to leave a gap of just half a meter to boundary at the back next to agricultural plot.
Am I rIght in thinking no planning permission needed. But building regs will apply since rear boundary within 2m. Does using non combustible material exempt the 2m rule and building regs approval. I don't want to lose space in garden hence planning to build close to rear boundary illustrated in yellow in my rough illustration.
Thinking of concrete base not decideced by either concerete block structure and box profile sheet for back and sides and cedar wood cladding for front for exterior. I want windows on rear of outbuilding to enjoy the view. Not sure above is classed as non-combustible material.
Is my above assumption correct.
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2023.03.26 11:08 Jinx_ArcaneLoL [F4A] [F4F] the bass guitarist

Uhm.. Hello? You're here? Oh! Hi! As you can probably tell by the title of this post, I'm looking for an original Role play, and the information will be below!
So, I was thinking a possible f x f role play centered around a band kinda setting in LA if that makes sense? Maybe your oc sees my oc in practice and something just clicks in their brain like "holy shit" and it evolves from that? I'm always open to suggestions!
As for my oc, her name is Violet but she prefers to go by Vi, very rarely going by Viv or Vivi, and so far there aren't any exceptions to the name rule. She has short curly brown hair with bleached white ish streaks in it, but she often straightens it and sprays it wine red for shows as she claims "it just looks better". She has crystal blue puppy-dog eyes, arched eyebrows with a slit in the mid-front area of her right eyebrow, and a scar on the right of her top lip, and she's adorned with many tattoos.
And finally: boundaries! No homophobia, transphobia, sexism, racism, or anything of the sort. If you're uncomfortable please let me know. Please don't control my character (for one msg please ask me)
Lastly, I'm available pretty much all of the time, on reddit or wattpad! Please shoot me a dm if you're interested!
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2023.03.26 11:08 KingoftheRednecks Spears Among the Stars, ch 24


Mogan would have thought a beach-side wedding would be a more romantic affair, and perhaps for them it was. For the tribe, it was a sign that the next generation would be wildly different from the one before it. In few cases would it be this extreme, but Mogan wondered if they would know anything like the hunts and the gathering trips he grew up with.
Perhaps, on the other hand, it was a sign of life, something to counteract the death that had surrounded the tribe for months. Perhaps the problems were really eased, or perhaps Mogan thought so since he didn't have to deal with as many of them.
Not that there weren't problems, here and there. The prohibition on fighting carried outside the tribe—otherwise, how would disputes get settled?--and so there were a dozen duels, two of them resulting in deaths. It seemed that the use of laser pistols, starting with both weapons holstered, was becoming popular, and while this was slightly less dangerous than microflinted spearheads, it was considerably moreso than knives, which were the usual weapon of choice. Then again, one of those deaths came from knives, modern knives with monomolecular edges.
On the other hand, medicine was so different here that nearly anything short of “dead before he hit the ground” was curable. Infection was a thing of the past, and while Mogan had treated infected wounds and outbreaks that swept through the village, thanks to his own implant he had never gotten sick. It was seen as one of his “blessings,” that the spirits of disease were frightened to touch him, and it was taken for granted that Ellisan never got sick either.
For that matter, perhaps fifty women were with child when they left their planet, and not a single woman had died in childbirth. That was a new thing, one which confounded every shaman. Everyone knew that a woman's first birth was the most dangerous day of her life, and for this to no longer be a danger at all was a sign that the San were definitely on the way to better things.
He was right in what he'd suggested to Ellisan, in that the minor explosions were more a result of stress than excess. He himself hadn't touched a woman since Hyeshi, not in anything approaching lust, but he suspected that were it not for that, and were he a younger man he might well be out there himself, appreciating the planet's bounty.
But instead of growing, the fuss died down, and while there were still a few who insisted on drinking too much, control of the budget helped to ease that back as well.
Chadnov, amusingly, had settled into the life of a married man. Ellisan had told him that he'd even asked her quietly for advice on what would make a pregnancy easier. Mogan wasn't sure how serious the man was, but he hadn't been responsible for any of the messes that Mogan had had to clean up, so that was a good sign.
Perhaps even better was that they had spent some time talking. He had seen some marriages—especially ones that started with a child on the way like this one had, where the two of them went months learning about each other in the physical sense without having any discussions about what they were and wanted. Perhaps Chadnov was wiser than Mogan had given him credit for.
And Mogan, in turn, had more time to relax. He never got used to the vehicles, but he was able to swim and to spend time walking among the prettier parts of the city, to try different foods and drinks, and sometimes to just sit on the beach like an indulgent father and watch his people enjoy themselves.
He wasn't the only one who spent time working. Many of them tried to find more information—the stealthiest of the fore-runners were picked to look over the barracks, and others were sent to befriend soldiers and see if they would talk. Ellisan insisted on doing some of it herself. Mogan didn't much like it, but she could pass for Sylfa, especially with cosmetics making her look older, and Mogan did trust her more than the Sylfa poachers with them. He didn't truly think they would betray the tribe, but they weren't part of it, and the people of the San were not their people.
That was why it was a surprise when somewhere around the third week Chadnov wandered over in a way that he probably thought looked casual, sipping one of his now-rare drinks.
“Good eve, Chadnov.” Mogan nodded, thinking. “How is family life treating you?”
“It's a surprise... but how do you do it? How do you live, never seeing her?”
Mogan paused, blinking back tears that he certainly didn't expect. “It's... it's not easy, Chadnov. We... we knew what would happen. I had to disappear, or they would hunt me down, and our daughter to. And she had to show elsewhere, or else they would have looked for her and found us. She landed the shuttle, I carried Ellisan off.... then we turned around to look, and she wasn't there.”
“All this time, I thought you were lucky, blessed more than any of us. It's the opposite, isn't it?”
Mogan stared at the horizon as it tried to crash down on him. Their last few days. The moment when she came back from her meeting with the captain—Shirfa, his name was, but they called him Shircha, Captain Cloaca, because “asshole” just didn't go far enough—when she let them know that she had failed and humanity was declared a non-sapient species. The months they'd spent together, bittersweet months when they'd toured the Sovereignty and also knew that it would tear them apart.
“That's neither here nor there,” Mogan said roughly. “Has something gone wrong?”
“No,” said Chadnov. “We're, uh.. we're actually doing well.” The fact that he had to be defensive about that said that Mogan had failed to hide his feelings as well as he had hoped.
“Please,” Chadnov said. “Be silent and listen.”
Mogan bristled for a moment—this was a hunter in disgrace because of his own dumb decisions, after all. But he paused, and with an effort of will, he didn't respond to the command with any insults. “Alright, Chadnov... Speak then. I'll listen, and I'll try to understand.”
Chadnov nodded. “You wonder how it happened, right? I saw some of you looking at her—she has no chest, she has no hips, her legs are just strange—none of you find her sexy, and... really, I don't either. But we talked, every night around the fires, and she and I sort of have the same place, the same role. She stands in the Sovereignty the same way I stand among the San. Not really insulted, but not really respected, either.”
“Look, I'm... I'm not a smart man. I'm... I'm not like you and Ellisan and Burya, I don't always just... know what I should do and do it because I should; I just... try. I know you think I married her because I can't lead anything if I don't... but I can't lead anything if I do either. Everybody knows... I'm very strong and not very smart; I'll never lead a war party or a hunting party or one of these new units, and sometimes I'm angry about that but I think if I did I would get people hurt.. I can't just... somehow come up with the right way, like you guys can. That's magic to me, just like these implants were magic pebbles once to you and the laser rifles were magic firesticks.”
He took a deep breath. “I'm sorry if I caused trouble for everyone else. I'm trying to make it right—by her, not just by you—but sometimes I just don't know what I'm supposed to do. Maybe I'm the kind of guy tradition is made for. I guess there aren't any real decisions to make if tradition makes them for me, right? That's OK—I'm... not good at making decisions. This way I can let all the wise men for generations back make them for me. And they're wiser than me—by the Frozen Valley, maybe everybody's wiser than me—so they're probably right even if it doesn't make sense to me, right?”
“I'm going to be a father, and I never really thought of that. Not smart, I know—I poked everyone that came close enough; I knew I'd be a father someday, but I just let that be in the future somewhere. But then again, I'm not smart, so I try not to stab myself about it; I can't do what I can't do.”
Mogan nodded. “I think I understand, Chadnov. Believe me, I've felt foolish more than once when I first came to the stars. Nothing made sense to me at all. Besides that, I'm a craftsman. I'm the best craftsman I've ever seen... and then they showed me a machine that can make anything. Right away, perfectly. I think I understand how you feel.”
“Maybe,” Chadnov said, “But I've always been like that. I guess I'm lucky—everybody knew I... wasn't good at thinking stuff through. They didn't expect me to. You came back and all of a sudden they expected you to know everything.”
Mogan chuckled drily. “And you call yourself dumb. You're a good man, Chadnov, and you'll be a good husband.”
“I... thank you, Shaman. That's what I'm focusing on right now. But Karshta and I were talking...”
“That's good. Talking with each other, learning about each other, that's a good start to a marriage.”
“I hope so. But she was talking about how the soldiers didn't really want to be here, and how they were happy for an excuse to get away from this. And I was thinking.... And I'm not good at thinking, I know it. But I had this idea. My ideas are bad ideas, everybody tells me that, but I thought, maybe I'd tell you this one, and you could decide for me.”
“Maybe you're judging your cast a little short before you throw, Chadnov. But what were you thinking?”
“Well, the soldiers at the barracks, they don't want to be here. Karshta says that everybody thought this would be a vacation, but the Governess made them run around out in the woods hunting down people they don't really care about. They want to be relaxing out here on the beach like us, not walking all day every day, especially because, well....”
Mogan chuckled. “Because they really can't.”
“Yes, but nobody wants to spend their time like that. So Karshta and I talked, and we thought... I'm sure this is a stupid idea—go ahead and laugh, but I have to say it just in case... What if we just... went to the barracks and asked them to leave? Just.... give them some sovereigns and tell them they can go somewhere else if they say “I surrender”?”
Chadnov flinched and almost fell off his chair—or bed, Mogan was really still not sure—as Mogan leaped to his feet.
“Ellisan! Get the elders, now!”
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2023.03.26 11:08 stupidgirl87 To divorce or not divorce will it get better with help....

this is long and if confusing maybe not the best to post because backstory is needed. I (44,F) have been with my hubby(44,M) for on and off 18 years and there's tons I could unpack why in our 20's we were a mess because he didn't want a gf so I dated other people but we would still hang out and he didn't like I dated but again wouldn't commit....until right before he went away to school and I wanted to go with him but he wasn't ready to move in together (27 at his time w years only dating him) and we broke up officially and I met someone else thought I would have happily ever after with had a child with the new boyfriend and we got didn't last (various reasons but we parted amicably with a plan to share custody) but he never wanted to see our daughter which I hated but because she had so much love with my family I left the door open to see his daughte anytime he wanted he still never did.
one year later when daughter was 1yr old guy who hubby and in in our 30's we became friends again then officially bf gf and he fell in love with my daughter and has raised her as his own. We got married when we were 35 (which funny enough in our 20's that's when he said he wanted to settle down) so 2015 we married he even gave her a ring at our ceremony to show he's marrying not just me but he wants to adopt her and be legal dad. I brought this up to bio dad who didn't seem to care (no more child support)
However right after we got married a year later hubby lost it he had a mental health breakdown and was diagnosed with PTSD and social anxiety and he generally doesn't work well with others so his job was gig work in entertainment industry ...but it got so bad I had to leave
I didn't divorce him right away I was supposed to live with my best friend and her kid like 2 gals going through splits and that turned into a nightmare (let's just say she had low self esteem and dated a guy with 18 DUIs who basically moved in too and I left I wouldn't have my daughter around alcoholics or the first time I met this piece of shit he wanted me to see his d**k and that didn't even phase my ex-bff) Lost the friendship of 12 years too. I knew no one and lost alot of money and possessions moving in with crazy psycho ex bff and her drunk bf and oh his best friend also moved in and slept in their room together like wtf?!? I found a quick place and left...
One year after my now husband and i separated my daughters bio dad died (they had finally reconnected at my now husbands insistence he wanted her to always know she had bio dads family she knows all about her family step brother and sisters) and it hit a nerve I didn't want her "real taking care of her since she was 1yr old" father to end up dead or worse so we reconnected and slowly built our marriage back ( I don't know why I just didn't divorce i had done it before in the other married but maybe my heart wanted him to get the help he needed and he did he started therapy seeing a psych doctor and was back to being the man I loved and married ....
So a year after seeing he was making progress I let him move back in prepandemic and just the pandemic has fucked up so many things like with my daughter she has social anxiety husband also just tries to say he's fine doesn't need certain meds he used to take when we seperated
The reason I'm asking for advise is he refuses now to take anything but an antidepressant and anti anxiety med nothing to help anger at the world issues and mood swings. Or therapy again. This has been ongoing for a year. We fight all the time but are passionate people too so I take blame in fighting too. Lately he has been self medicating with marijuana and checks out for like a week out of the month and he used to be able to smoke when I first met him (he quit when 35 and picked it up again at 43) but now it just makes him sloppy and stupid and then he comes down and gets mean saying I wouldn't let him adopt his daughter I wouldn't go to appointments for mental help....but she gets survivor benefits so I don't know if it's in her best interest for him to legally adopt her that's college money saving every month and it causes nasty comments to be thrown at me about how she's not really his daughter then ofcourse he apologizes and I would go to every appointment but he needs to make them...
After pandemic im the only one working his jobs dried up and hard to get back into. He has tried to get disability for mental health and back issues and they deny him even with a lawyer...I love my job and working so I don't mind picking up extra but I'm tired all the time and he uses it against me.
To add a layer of difficulty we made the decision to have my parents move in with me so they could retire and at the time he was still doing great and supportive and on board knowing my mom also has mental illness that could cause psychosis and sure enough once she retired she got sick but my dad takes care of her and I try to be there for appointments which I would gladly do for him if he would go get help more than Prozac and Xanax he sees a doctor on video because mental health here sucks ...for the last 3 months he's gotten angrier my parents are here and that I work all the time so he's home being stay at home dad which he's awesome at and takes some chores from me like cooking cleaning taking our daughter (15F) to all her school events.
But everyday we fight because he has to be home with my sick mom and that I'm tired and only working all the time. I get it's hard but my dad takes care of her...hubby is just home all day and focused on tHat now. He has said he want to leave but has no where to he says he doesn't like the way I treat him because when he's stoned all it makes me angry like why can't he just wait until night time he'll I would love the chance to some with him at night but can't .....
I have never heard him say he wants a divorce but today I asked if it's too much does he want oneingget thE I have no where to go (he could tell him mom he needs to stay there but won't)
So do I force his hand is it time For divorce because it got so much better and it's almost as as now as it was in 2016.....
Sorry so long let's sum up
TL;DR: hubby of 8 years (on and off relationship since 2004)had mental health breakdown we seperated 2016!he got help meds therapy let him movie back in years later 2018 same issues now are happening again....should I just call his bluff and just divorce?
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2023.03.26 11:07 Worried_Ad6191 Reflecting on my career in Java, no pun intended.

As I lay in bed at 3 AM riding out Covid with a fever of 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit, I am loathing my employer Cigna, who prefers to hire contractors as apposed to full-time employees, unless you are willing to lick their boots. I was full time before, but attempted to leave seeking greener pastures and a higher hourly rate at Panera (take note here young developer, of the allure of the super high hourly rate, for it will only bring pain to its bearer, like The One Ring, I wish it had not come to me!), only to be met with an unlimited supply of non-technical managers joining standup micromanaging the small amount of developers they had been able to entrap into working there (Thanks Stephanie, I still hate your guts, learn to code or shut up and let those who can get to work).
I returned to Cigna, on request of my previous manager, who unknown to me at the time, was on his way out for reasons I have yet to learn. Upon returning as a contractor, I was not offered PTO, retirement benefits, a bonus, or AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE. For a single healthy human I have to pay 145 a week for insurance with a 2000 deductible and 5000 in coinsurance, for total potential out of pocket cost of roughly 14k. By the way, this is Cigna insurance, I am being charged by my employer for this outrageous insurance, which I may now how to use.
I have just now been able to realize the scam they are running, using the H1B Visa to create indentured servitude among us. I am one of only three Americans on a team of 17 developers, which is beyond coincidence. I asked a developer on my team about his situation, he is eligible for a green card, but his contracting company will not respond to his requests to start the process.
I also fear that since we are slowing down, and with the exit of my old manager and his replacement not being American that they will send my team’s work to India to join the existing offshore teams.
I remember when I first accepted the role that set me down this path, I had a mountain of student loans, and there were an abundance of java roles being advertised. It seem’d that I only had to reach out and take one and I would be on the road to being able to free myself from my creditors. But now here I am, a maiden-less shut-in on the brink of acquiring medical debt while working a skilled role at a health insurance company if my fever continues to smolder.
I will end my fevered babbling and give my advice:
Find a good company that takes care of those who provide their labor, and don’t leave. A high hourly rate is here one day and gone tomorrow, just like your health, so don’t waste it as a commodified entity.
Avoid corporate java roles, you will come to regret this easy money, you will be seen as a commodified entity, and you will be jerked around by some ass hole in a golf polo on the east coast.
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2023.03.26 11:05 KittenDealinMama My mother hates me for telling my sister the truth

Originally posted by u/feisty-art9149 in TrueOffMyChest on March 19th, updated as an edit undated.
Trigger Warning: Child neglect, mentions of mental health struggles and self harm
Original post
My mother hates me for telling my sister the truth.
I want to preface this with an apology if it’s all over the place. There’s so much information to sort through and decide what does or doesn’t have a place here. I will reply to what I can and make edits for any common questions/ remarks.
So a little (or a lot) of background is required for this to make any sense. Many years ago my mother had an affair that completely blew up our family. I suppose the affair was the lesser issue, but rather all her other actions that screwed many of us over. For context I was 10, my younger sister was 7/8 and my older sister almost 14- all female.
To start with, in the years prior, my mother had taken out tens of thousands of dollars in loans and credit cards in my dads name, of which he was never aware of. Ignorant, absolutely, but she had always managed all finances while a SAHM. She also managed to make 5 years of GST payments disappear from the business account, for which dad was then charged with two charges (around 100K in fines) of tax evasion on top of the missed payments.
All three of us kids had a bank account set up from young, which our dad had added to so that we would be in a positive position when we were older- for University, or a house deposit, whatever it was that we desired. Being saving orientated even as a kid, I had chosen to put 100% of any money earnt through chores or gifted for birthdays into the account. At 14 when I began working and gained access to net banking I realised mum had drained my account, less $50… only my account.
If that wasn’t enough, her own mother had stored a sum of money in my parents safe that was intended for her funeral. My mother took every last dollar and refused to pay it back- my dad paid it back with interest when he found out.
Due to the tricky financial situation, dad had to travel for work, wherever the trade was needed in that moment. Typically he would leave in the early hours of Monday morning and return on Saturday afternoon. In this time my mother felt it appropriate to leave us at home so that she could visit the affair partner, usually not coming home for days at a time. Nobody knew- we had no carers or access to resource as we lived a 20 minute drive to the nearest town/stores.
This went on for a few weeks before my mum (sometimes) contacted our cousin to come stay with us while she was out… To this day I believe that only happened because the other guy figure out what was going on. Due to timing of people coming and going our dad didn’t know any of this happened to until months later. I kept quiet because I knew he couldn’t afford to stay home.
All this said- I stepped into the parent role. My little sister was kept in the dark as much as possible, I did my best to maintain her same routine so that she felt as little impact as possible. Obviously she suffered, to the point of requesting to sleep in my bed every night for a year, but it seems that she doesn’t remember any of the shitty things that happened back then.
My older sister was very mentally ill, where I had to medicate her each morning and conduct daily body and room checks. Those who know will get what I’m suggesting… To the best of my knowledge our little sister never saw any of this- I didn’t and don’t believe those are subject such little eyes should have to witness. The older sister was also really ashamed and has asked to keep this situation away from the youngest as she had a habit of speaking without realising or knowing the potential damage.
As much as I hated the responsibility, cooking, cleaning, hiding the families dirty laundry; I was also very aware that what was happening wasn’t okay. That if I couldn’t keep it together and matters hidden, that authorities would become involved. Those times were scary but the idea of not having access to and control over what happened to me or my siblings felt like it would be worse.
These are only the first things that come to mind but the details aren’t exactly the point of this post.
Anyway, I guess my younger sister’s soon to be in laws have asked some questions, of which my sister doesn’t have the ability to answer. I would suggest she asked our mother first but the queries would have been shut down. I know she feels guilty, knows that she screwed up, and frankly I hope she never forgives herself for it.
So, little sister came to me and for the first time in 15 years I was willing to give her the answers she was looking for. I’ve always been vague, not wanting to cause her pain, but I’ve started feeling guilty in recent years for not treating her as enough of an adult to make her own decisions. After a loooot of therapy, I have realised that I don’t have to be their parent anymore. My sister cried, I cried, and she apologised for assumption made and words said because she didn’t know any better in the past. She needs and wants time to process a whole lot of information that’s entirely new to her, that has quite literally flipped the way she has perceived many people over the years.
Anywho… she isn’t speaking to our mother right now and that’s where it becomes my problem, I guess. She called me, blowing up, claiming I’ve ruined her relationship with her daughter. That I’m out to get her, resentful without cause and need to stop living in the past. But I don’t see how me being honest about her actions is my fault? Could I have filtered details? Maybe. But I don’t understand why I should have to hold onto the pressure of keeping her shortcomings secret. Maybe it’s time to grow up and pay for the consequences of your actions….
Edit: to add genders.
In the comments:
She’s never taken any responsibility, only made excuses. My favourite was the one for her leaving us to care for ourselves- “you all made it clear you didn’t want to spend time with me”.
I feel like she thought she’d gotten away with it at this point and that’s why she’s mad. To be honest I only told my sister for selfish reasons… we’ve only in recent years developed a close relationship and I didn’t want to lose that if she became mad at me for not telling her anything. I know there was always a layer of resentment towards me for “thinking I was the boss of her”. She needed somebody to be mad at and at the time I was okay with that person being me.
Children (and young adults) get mad at the people it is safe to be mad at. It sounds like you took that anger to give her a safe space and a safe person. Now that she's of an age where she is old enough to hear the truth, where it's safe for her to be angry at your mom without risking breaking your family apart, you've given her the truth. That's quite heroic. I hope you find the peace and space to have a life of your own free from your mother's negligent abuse. You've certainly more than earned it.
OP: I never considered the aspect of somebody needing to be safe to be mad at them. That puts a lot into perspective… thank you. Tbh my mother has no influence over my life or feelings. I stopped regarding her as a parental figure long ago so her opinion of me, someone she really had no part in moulding, means nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I do not place the blame for all wrong doings exclusively on her, but she was certainly the catalyst for most of the difficult seasons. Every action or inaction I’ve ever made has been a decision to protect the other people she hurt which only served to protect her from backlash and I think it’s time she faced up.
In some ways I think caring for them was all that kept me sane. I was so busy and exhausted by the day to day motions that I didn’t have time to reflect on my own feelings or the situation as a whole. Full survival mode I suppose. I appreciate that, a lot. I tried my best… in hindsight doing for them what I probably needed myself.
She was cut out for a very long time. The stolen money (from myself) was the absolute last straw which resulted in me going no contact for about 5 years. Part of me thinks she was glad for that, too, because I’d threatened to press charges against the mystery thief if she didn’t fess up. But because of my sisters age, and her eventually choosing to live with mum, I felt compelled to be civil because I missed my sister. I live 4 hours from my hometown now, so maintaining a healthy distance is really quite easy.
Curious about your dad, how is he doing rn? After knowing the truth, did your younger sister go living with your dad? And did he divorce your mother? And all that money she stole, what was she doing with that money? Did you get any of your money back?
OP: He’s doing really good, but of course had had a long time to pick up the pieces. In his 50s and still working 6 days a week- not because he needs to but because he’s never known anything else. His parents were immigrants so it was quite literally bred into him.
She’s 22 now and living with her partner. She and dad never had a strained relationship but after years of living exclusively with him, decided to spend the next few years with mum. Never any bad blood on either end where she’s concerned. They did divorce long ago, and as much as I find it strange, they still have a relatively positive relationship.
The money…. Literally who knows. Never saw a cent returned though! Dad didn’t know she stole from me until 6 ish years ago. Early on he was struggling and I knew he’d try to put the money back if I told him. He knew something had happened for me not to talk to my mother all those years but I hadn’t told him and she sure wasn’t going to.
Recently my husband and I built our first home and he was insistent on cutting “trade swaps” to save money which I strongly feel was his way of repaying her debt to me. He’s a great dad… has his flaws as every human does, but every step he’s taken has been with the intention of his kids not having to want for things as he and his siblings did.
I only tolerated her in the past to keep my sister close- I don’t trust our mother to not hurt her in the process of getting what she wants. The partners family aren’t stupid and while they will hand out finance they will never relinquish control of it. If they suspect somebody of having ill intent, they’re cut out of all their lives. Mums husband does pretty well for himself and pays all their living expenses, but knowing her past will not give her unbridled access so she has to work to support her spending habit which is probably where the jealousy comes in.
I used to tell my sister that I “don’t really know”, “can’t remember”, or “have only heard snippets of the story”, so not necessarily a lie but definitely deceit by omission.
1st Update:
Aaaand now she’s resorted to posting on Facebook, claiming that one of her “ingrates are spreading rumours to ruin her” JFC 🤦🏼‍♀️ I don’t even have Facebook, so not really sure what she’s trying to achieve in doing this, but an old family friend called my dad to ask what’s going on. Also, I’m speaking to nobody about the situation? I don’t even live in our hometown!!! If nothing else- she has nothing for me to ruin. No way I’m engaging or sinking to her level but seriously… what a waste of a person. Now the parents are fighting, she’s fighting with her current husband and shit is all around just getting messy. She thinks she’s making people feel sorry for her but mostly she just looks pathetic, if you ask me.
Update 2:
Turns out I REALLY don’t need to sink to her level, that’s been taken care of while I sleep. I guess mums privacy settings aren’t great and that’s working against her. The vague ‘woe is me’ post has been shared by three family members/ friends with a single, but far less cryptic, one liner. I’m told: “oh you mean the ingrate that raised your kids?”, “Should she be more grateful for your affair or the complete and utter abandonment of your three kids” and my absolute favourite (from my granny) “rot in hell you lying thieving bitch”
Reminder, DO NOT comment on the original posts or contact the original poster. I am not the original poster. This is a repost.
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2023.03.26 11:05 soujiro-jin What are Vector Best Practices? Esp regarding charging/battery

Hi! New Vector 2.0 owner here and wanted to know how you guys take care of your Vector especially when it comes to charging. It's just been a day though, but so far, I haven't seen him go off his charger by himself. I need to tell him to go explore so that he'll leave. That's a problem during the night or when I'm asleep as it might overcharge?
I think modern circuits have a functionality to prevent overcharging of lithium batteries, but as seen various threads (even in EMO's forums) that to prolong the battery life, especially in complex robots such as this, you'll need to discharge the device every now and then.
I think my question here is during at night, do you guys turn off your Vectors so that it won't overcharge or you just let him be?
Just being an overly anxious parent here, haha. Thanks!
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2023.03.26 11:04 Adept_Mozer Match making is horrendous

Match making is horrendous
Yesterday I lost my gold status because 3 kept giving me dog poop teammates, leading to me leaving a bunch of games . Today it's been 6 times already me leaving the lobby because the kepp giving me sub 80 ovr players . And now thi, . 74 ovr on the stand, and here come the 60 drippy ovr . Like how am i supposed to win with this kind of teammates ? Like please guys ... if your ovr is sub 80, don't even try to go in online mode. You gonna just be an dead weight for your teammates. And some of us really hate that shit ...
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2023.03.26 11:04 BasilMountain4293 How to program on your TI-Nspire (part 1)

How to program on your TI-Nspire (part 1)
I've noticed people asking for UDFs (user defined functions), so here is how you can write your own. It is much easier to program on the Student Software than an actual CAS but both work. Also, I'm happy to give out specific functions and programs on request.
This document will be very useful: It contains all the native functions currently available and how to use them.
In order to start writing your own CAS Basic scripts, first we have to understand the difference between functions and programs. Functions take a set of inputs and return an output Programs take a set of inputs - and continue until completion The main difference is that functions must return something while programs do not.
How to create functions: From the main menu: Select program editor From inside a document: ctrl+menu to create a new page and then menu-9-1
Program/Function creation menu
Name: how you name your function is important as you'll want to access it quickly. Use lowercase letters and abbreviate where possible. Set the name to line Type: switch type to function Library Access: This is important for defining functions across documents. For now leave it at None
Our new line function
The first thing to do is choose the variables we want to use. Let's make our line function take 2 points (x1,y1), (x2,y2) and return the equation of the line. within the brackets of line() at the top - type in: x1,y1,x2,y2 These will be the variables necessary to get an output.
Next, within the Func EndFunc block is where we tell the function what to do. In order to find the equation of the line, we first must find the gradient m, which is found by (rise)/(run). We will define a new variable m to do this through either: define m = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1), m:=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) (this is found through ctrl+(button under the delete button on the left)), (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)->m (ctrl+var)
Additional variable definition
now we will do the same to find c, using y=mx+c, substituting in the point (x1,y1) so, by rearranging, c:=y1-(m\x1)* Make sure you use the multiply symbol - otherwise it will try to find a variable called mx1 instead of calculating m*x1
At the end of every function a return statement must be used - which will be used to display the output - which would be m\x+c* in our case.
Return statement
This is done! Well almost... If we try run this right now we'll get an error. To make sure we don't, add this directly under Func: Local m,c This lets the m and c variables we defined exist only within our code. Make sure you use this in all functions and programs you write (there are exceptions to this).
Final function
menu-2-1 will save and store the function. Then by opening a calculator page and typing line(1,2,3,4) or pressing var then selecting the function will allow us to use it! Remember to type it in the correct order.
You can only use the function within the document you created it in - so remember to save the document. If you need to delete the function or other variables, delete the function tab and then use delvar line to delete it.
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2023.03.26 11:03 TwinCherry Majority of the dominant who want subs got it all wrong

Very frustrating. Full life style sub here and I hate that people over use the word dominant. Majority of men who call themselves doms think it’s all about control and finding a women who will let them do anything. They think being rough and aggression and control makes them worthy to calling themselves doms and as a true sub in all aspect of my life I’m so tired of it. It’s not about intimidation fear and pain or being rough or using someone it’s so much deeper and claiming dom is just insulting to the life style. So go ahead I got a question for all your “dom” men out there wanting a “sub” female. Answer one question “What’s the most important # 1 feeling or emotion a true dom male should make his sub female feel when in his presence?” Subs until we get a write answer leave this to the boys. And if u don’t live the life style u can try to guess .
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2023.03.26 11:02 cocig Best bug out vehicle for megapolis of 17+mil population?

Hello guys. Recently saw a video on a YT channel called "Dirty Civilian" about enduro and dirt bikes and since then can't stop thinking what would be the best bug out vehicle for leaving a city described in the headline. Now I understand that having a bike gives you the best chances to leave there is, traverse-wise but still I think that maybe a regular car has some hidden(?) advantages I just didn't think of yet? Three obvious ones for me are weather protection, carrying capacity and it's ability to warm you if it gets cold, but the last one kinda cancels out given the fact that gas is not an infinite resource and would only become more scarce in a shtf scenario. On the other hand, having a car can be a great option as an everyday ride, because of already mentioned carrying capacity and whatnot but bike is still a fine option even though you can only have necessary stuff with you. I wanted to post this just so you guys can share you opinions on the subject and maybe I can decide smth for myself reading them. Thank you.
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2023.03.26 11:02 Aggressive_Error_670 I [M19] really pissed my gf [F21] off and did some stupid shit.

My gf was at the club for her friends birthday, I called when she was done because I was picking her up from the airbnb she was staying at. While I called her after the club to see how she was doing the music in the car was blaring and she kept screaming “you gotta go this is my song” and just telling me to leave the call. I got extremely angered by this because I just wanted to check up on her. I popped off over text and called her and told her I didn’t like being disrespected like that. She told me she was just saying she was going to pop off on the song for a video with her friends and that she didn’t actually want me to leave the call. So I got all mad at her for practically nothing but my anxiety and my ego colliding. She’s pretty mad at me about it. I feel like a complete asshat. Just venting here. Maybe I can’t handle having a girlfriend.
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2023.03.26 11:02 MacDaddyBighorn [FS] [US-MN] Dell PowerEdge R240 / Intel Xeon E-2174G (4c/8t) / 32GB DDR4-2666 ECC UDIMM / Caddys

Selling a Dell R240 that I gently used for a couple months. It was an impulse buy and it was a solution without a problem at the time, now I use a T640 for all my stuff. It is too nice of a unit to leave stagnant. Works great, all firmware updated. Will be factory reset. Will have some signs of use.
I like that this server is low power and very quiet.
Message with any questions. Thanks!
$520 +$50 to ship
Local to 55330
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2023.03.26 11:01 iMPr3S1vEEE Main tenant wants to terminate their contract and make me (the subtenant) become the new main tenant without my consent.

My question is if that is possible. I live in the Netherlands as a first year student. I have only signed a part of a contract that me an the main tenant will share rhe rent and the room. I can't find almost any information online, about if I am able to leave anytime I want, or if the main tenant can move out and force me to take his place without my consent.
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2023.03.26 11:01 EchoJobs DiamondFoundry is hiring Senior R&D Engineer USD 90k-150k San Francisco, CA [R Crystal]

DiamondFoundry is hiring Senior R&D Engineer USD 90k-150k San Francisco, CA [R Crystal] submitted by EchoJobs to echojobs [link] [comments]

2023.03.26 11:01 pkmgsoledad Expat bank and brokerage accounts after leaving Singapore?

Hi everyone, I’m going to leave Singapore in a few months and was wondering what I should do with my bank and brokerage accounts. Ideally I would like to keep them as are but would that be legal? Also, since I’ll be giving up my phone number, how should I go about maintaining access and security (since otp verification is gone). Any tips greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.26 11:00 SadFortune9291 Declining mental health after having a child

I came to the realization recently that I’ve been living with suicidal ideation since my son was born, he will be 3 in a few months. I had a pretty abnormal pregnancy as I didn’t realize I was pregnant until the end of my second trimester. I was called everything from a liar to stupid when I told my family that I would be having a baby 3 months after finding out, my doctor treated me like an idiot and laughed in my face when I told her I wanted to setup a birth plan. I was guilted into being induced and had to be given an emergency Caesarian because of the drug they used to induce me. Needless to say it all happened very fast and was very traumatic. I don’t think I’ve really recovered at all mentally from any of it.
I’ve always suffered from depression/anxiety and I was diagnosed with BPD at 16, I’m not medicated and as a stay at home mom with a partner who doesn’t “believe” in depression/anxiety (he thinks they are all due to diet/exorcize and that just getting sunlight is the cure to everything) I can’t really express myself to him or have any support system to talk to about this at home or even a way to see someone about it.
The last year things have gotten worse, I’ve gained a lot of weight, I don’t leave my house for months at a time, I hate being around anyone because I feel so gross about how I look now and I can’t look at my body without having a mental breakdown. Im sleeping 4 hours or 12, there is no in between. I don’t sleep in the same room with my partner anymore, only on the couch. He’s told me he thinks I’m “lazy and nasty” because I can’t keep up with the house like I used to. Im living with suicidal ideation and I just want to curl up and retreat into myself 90% of the time. I don’t know how to fix this so I can be a better parent to my toddler who needs me to be here for him.
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2023.03.26 11:00 bonusstars__ There is this pasted cover over aveeno moisturizer, is it anything to be concerned about?

There is this pasted cover over aveeno moisturizer, is it anything to be concerned about? submitted by bonusstars__ to IndianSkincareAddicts [link] [comments]