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2023.03.26 11:12 Mad-anti-human My hatred of women is consuming me. I don't know what to do and I want it to stop.

Ever since I was a small child I have had some disdain for women. Back then I disliked them because of their behavior, I hated how emotional they were and how they always created drama. Also how spoiled girls were. I especially despised that. As the years have passed my dislike has swollen to a burning hatred. In highschool girls would bully me because I'm ugly. It is worth noting that I am a homosexual so luckily unlike other ugly men I didn't have to become obsessed with getting something I couldn't, but still what they did to me and what I absorbed in highschool was burned into my memory. Girls were extremely shallow. Everything was about looks to them, and they would worship and obsess over any attractive men. I saw many a time girls just copying all the hobbies from guys they were into. Outside that I also noticed how they would bully each other over looks. Boys I knew would drop an occasional insult towards me or other ugly guys but it was never to the extent girls would. The way they treat short men is also horrible. I'm 5'1 myself so I am rather abnormally short and women (even adult women) will go out of their way to mock you for your height. After I finished highschool and I now enter college I thought maybe my opinion would change but it has only intensified. Women from what I've seen are extremely illogical and hypocritical. I'll see a woman complaining about a husband not keeping in shape for his wife and praising the wife for leaving him or refusing sex; but then I'll see the same woman later on talking about how awful it is a guy left his wife for being fat. My cousin actually made a joke at a recent family reunion about men with small dicks when previously she went on a rant about how awful it is men mock womens labia size. I want to change my opinion on this matter and I've talked to multiple women at this point but from what I've seen they're l extremely hypocritical in their opinions and everything seems to be driven by emotions.
I could go on about everything I dislike about them but it'd be ridiculous at this point.
My hatred has become very unhealthy for me at this point. I just want to avoid women completely but I keep having to interact with them and now I have dreams of women that are very disturbing, I just get so enraged also when my male friends get hurt by women. I want to stop this hatred I have, and I've tried talking to more women but nothing I do seems to help it. I'll likely receive nothing but insults in replies calling me an incel or telling me to get "bitches" which is depressing because it just shows the only value you see in women is sex and the only reason someone would dislike them is not being able to have sex with them.
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2023.03.26 11:12 Ice_panties Strange user

Hii this is probably not the best subreddit (But I sort of ran out of options) but I got a message from a dude who is active in this community he has dmed me in Reddit dms and said "Can I ask you a weird question" and I was like "Okay what is it" and he didn't respond for hours and it has been days now and his two advice questions were deleted and now I am worried he made about 2 posts and one of them had to do with consensual sex and worrying and something about being a student in college idk
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2023.03.26 11:11 jus2635 WTT/WTS

AR55 farmable 30$ / equal account any server
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2023.03.26 11:11 jamesboone132 This might be controversial.

But the Diesel business is dying in America. It's so hard to find people to hire. Literally doesn't matter what you offer. Younger people think a gender studies degree is more valuable than someone who works on equipment. Diesel mechanics definitely need to be paid way more. It's probably one of the most unappreciated trades in the entire industry. I live in a small town, and I met a Diesel tech he was making $150,000 a year. He is quite literally a millionaire in my town. It's super cheap to live where I am. I went to school for it until I found out the cost would be $30,000 for a community college. That is just unacceptable. These classes need to be free to get people in the door to the trades. I know there're apprenticeship programs, but the colleges need to be free for the trades. Just rambling, what do you think needs to change?
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2023.03.26 11:09 jamorant420x Am I the asshole?

Tonight was the second time I’ve gotten cussed out and verbally assaulted by the manager of college bar…….
For context, I’m a 20 year old dj on a big college campus, I have residencies at the 3 biggest bars in town, and I have my own promotion/event business. I’ve been djing for 2 years now and have played over 30 paid gigs. If it was up to me I’d play house all night but due to college crowd I gotta play open format/rap. I think I’m one of the better djs my town has to offer but that’s beside the point. Anyways,
Bar has recently had a problem with there crowd and they told djs to not play rap music. Two saturdays ago I played and twice during my set manager came up to me and told me not to play rap. Crowd was pretty dead and wasn’t responding to dance music so I naturally kept playing rap to keep crowd engaged. The night ends and i asks manger to write me a check and he blows up on me. Saying stuff like your the worst fucking dj we have, I hope you never play her again, your a cocksucker etc etc. The tirade was extremely out of line, and they additionally underpaid me $100. I have played at this place probably 10-15 times and have good relationship with owner. I talked to him the following week and he said eveything was just don’t let anything like that happen again. All was good until my gig tonight.
Everything was smooth, bar packed to the brim, high energy set, no rap music. I thought I definateky earned my cred back. I cut the music off at 2 and call last call like i have at every single gig I’ve played there in the past. As I’m cleaning up manager walks up to me and I was expecting a friendlyish comment cuz I thought might went well. He proceeds to go on another tirade, saying that last call is at 2:30 not 2. Saying I’m sabatoging the bar, I fucking suck, calling me cocksucker, pussy etc. keep in mind this dude is probably 50 and I’m 20. Anyways, he writes me a check and tells me to fuck off. Before my Uber arrives I go back into the bar and call him a piece of shit in front of staff, he tries to come at me and has to be held back by bouncers.
Am I the asshole? In the first instance I did disobey orders of not playing rap, but honestly as a dj my goal is to make a crowd dance and I’m not gonna torture them with tech house if they’re not feeling it. As for tonight, I feel like the guy was completely out of line and I’m gonna stand up for myself in that kinda situation.
Would love to hear any comments and I’ll do my best to answer any questions or provide context as needed. Best.
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2023.03.26 11:09 LittleMiss_Contrary A little Intro about me 🥰

Hi 🤗 my name is Lauren, I'm in my late 20's and I'm very very gay
Currently in college, training as a nail tech. It's something I adore and I cannot wait to make a career out of it 💅🏻
I'm an equestrian and love getting to see the horses. Horse therapy is the best therapy!
I'm a giant princess, super sassy and bratty in my day to day life.. even more so in my bedroom activities. A useless bottom as well, but hey- my mouth functions well 😂
At the moment I'm still recovering from a DV situation- I've been free since Feb 2022 but still struggle with flashbacks and whatnot.
I also keep reptiles- 18 geckos and a snake
Anyways, these are a few basics about me and I'm always down to make friends
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2023.03.26 11:09 HenrietteMonette I hate myself for being spineless

Long rant ahead kaya tldr: I don't like engineering and I don't want to take engineering for college, but my parents want me to take civil engineering anyways, nothing else. I wasn't assertive enough and so I caved in, kaya when college came, I became miserable and I can't even express my frustrations because my parents are saying that I'm doubting God's power for doing so, because "nothing is impossible through prayers" daw.
I really hate myself for not being able to stand my ground before going to college, to the point na madalas iniisip ko na sana sinadya ko nalang babaan yung grades ko noong highschool palang ako para hindi na nagkaroon ng lakas ng loob yung parents ko na pagtake in ako ng engineering.
Even when I was still in grade 7 reluctant na talaga ako na magtake ng engineering, kasi I'm not really interested sa field na yun and not to mention hindi aligned yung skills ko para sa engineering kasi mahina ako sa math. Sure, mahilig ako sa mga buildings and gumawa sa sims at minecraft, but that's it, it was just a hobby. But no, my parents took that as a sign na para ako sa civil engineering just like my uncles and cousins even though I don't like that field. Ang gusto ko talaga maging doctor or psychologist, but seeing our status, tanggal na kagad sa options yung pagdo doctor dahil bukod sa mahaba yung taong gugugulin ko, mahal pa tuition. So psychology and architecture nalang yung natitira sa mga options ko.
But they also don't want me to take architecture kasi bakit pa raw ako magtatake ng architecture when yung civil engineer naman daw yung mas masusunod kesa sa architect, they also don't want me to pursue psychology kasi "sayang" lang daw ako, because they "know" kung ano talaga yung kaya ko, na kaya ko lang daw gusto magtake ng psychology dahil masyado raw ako naiintimidate sa math, and wala raw akong future sa psychology. But I said na hindi lang yun dahil doon, dahil mas interested talaga ako sa psychology and mas marami naman akong idea about psychology than engineering, but no, parang nagbingibingihan lang sila, they gave me the silent treatment the rest of that day.
Then fast forward, grade 10 na ako, I improved in math kasi nagkaroon ako ng magaling talaga na math teacher, like yung way ng pagtuturo niya madaling maintindihan and mapapafocus ka talaga, but that's another story. So ayun gumaling ako sa math, nakakasagot na talaga ako sa mga test imbes na nanghuhula lang like in elementary school, and my parents took this as another sign na bagay ako sa engineering— God's plan daw (I forgot to mention that my family is very religious). During this time, gusto ko pa rin maging doctor, but just like before, tanggal na yan sa options, I then became interested sa medical technology, kasi interested naman talaga ako sa stem, sa biology nga lang imbes na sa engineering like what my parents want for me. But just like last time, dinismiss nila ulit ako, saying that wala rin akong magiging future sa medtech dahil hindi raw ganun ka common yung medtech.
Then fast forward once again, graduated na ko sa shs and this is the moment na talaga. I already expressed to them multiple times beforehand na ayaw ko talaga sa engineering. Psychology, architecture, medtech, and interior design, lahat yun ligwak kasi mababa naman raw sweldo sa mga yun, so I said why not IT? Mataas din naman sweldo non, in demand din tsaka mas interested naman ako doon compared sa engineering, kasi I started learning how to code while I was still in shs. But ayaw din yun ng parents ko kasi "sayang" daw ako doon, bakit magtatake na nga lang daw ako ng course, yung wala pa raw lisensya (edi sana pinag taxi driver nalang nila ako tutal lisensya lang naman din pala habol nila jk).
Kahit anong pangco convince ko sa kanila, they wouldn't listen to me. I already told them that I don't like engineering kasi nga bukod sa wala akong interes sa field na yun, di pa align yung kakayanan ko sa engineering. Nothing. I told them masyadong risky kung magtatake ako ng engineering dahil mahal tuition, mabigat workload and hindi pa biro yung course na yan, isama mo pa na mahina ako sa math, and sagot nila? Lahat naman daw mahihiling sa Diyos dahil walang impossible. Ginawa ko na ring example sa kanila yung mga kakilala kong civil engineers na nagrereklamo dahil mababa sweldo, to the point that they would rather work in BPO companies, because it seems to me yung habol nila sa engineering is yung "high salary", pero ang sagot ng parents ko? Ganun lang daw yun sa simula dahil mga baguhan palang kami pero after a few years pirma palang daw namin sa isang plan 6k na raw yun.
They also added that if I can't make up my mind sa program na itatake ko for college, di nalang daw nila ako pagaaralin. I'm not against sa option na to, in fact mas preferred ko naman to rather than diving in mindlessly sa isang program na di naman ako sure, especially since kakagaling palang sa pandemic, mahal ng bilihin tapos ang mahal ng gastusin. I expressed to them na in the meanwhile subukan kong magtrabaho nalang muna, sasabay ako sa mga kaibigan kong magaapply as call center. But pinigilan nanaman ako ng parents ko, ayaw nilang magtrabaho ako before finishing college kasi baka tamarin na raw akong mag aral nyan, eh mas maganda parin daw kung may natapos ako. Eh so anong gagawin ko? Maging full-time palamunin lang sa bahay? It's either civil engineering daw or nothing.
They said na subukan ko lang daw, baka magustuhan ko rin, kasi tulad noong nakakatanda kong pinsan, di nya rin daw gusto magtake ng engineering noong una pero bakit siya raw nakaya naman according sa parents ko. Tsaka matututunan ko rin naman daw na kayanin yung engineering basta mag pray lang daw. So caved in, no choice eh, ayaw nilang magtake ako ng ibang course aside sa civil engineering, ayaw din naman nilang ipostpone ko muna yung pagcocollege, most certainly di rin naman sila papayag na maging tambay lang ako sa bahay dahil katakot takot na sermon everyday aabutin ko nyan and I can't run away either like the suggestion of some of my friends na naglayas din, it's not a good idea, saan ako pupunta? Anong gagawin ko? Di biro yung perang kailangan para bumukod 15k nga lang naipon ko from elem to hs, na nabawasan pa kasi mga ipinautang nila mama.
So ayun ce yung tinake ko for college. 1st year, 1st sem came, so far okay pa naman, madalidali pa mga subjects kasi puro mga napahapyawan din naman samin noong shs, kaya nakakakuha pa rin ako ng matataas na grades. But then 2nd sem came, ayun na nga yung sinasabi ko, nag parkour yung grades ko, from easy uno to nanlilimos ng 1 point sa calculus prof para lang maka tres. Dito na nagsimula yung grabeng stress, tapos dagdagan mo pa ng shitty schedule (7:30am to 5:30/7:30pm) kaya di ako makapag self-study ng maayos, traffic, and pressure na makakuha ng matataas na grades in order to please my parents and to get a scholarship grant.
It all doesn't seem worth it for me, di ko naman gusto engineering, mahina ako sa math, yung mataas na sweldo na nga lang yung hahabulin ko na mukhang malabo ko pang makukuha, kaya yung title na "engineer" nalang yung natitira, which is a shallow reason for me para ipursue yung engineering, and it's killing me fml. I can't express my frustrations either, kasi sermon lang naman aabutin ko, na kesyo I'm doubting the power of God daw kaya nagkakaganito ako. Fucking hell, parang ang sarap nalang lumayas sa mundo at buhay na to 🙃. I hate school and yet I'd rather stay there than come home for additional, unnecessary stress.
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2023.03.26 11:08 mashupppp To those who migrated overseas and still dreamt of changing the country

To all the UP grads out there who pursued permanent residency abroad, yet still wanted to create a difference in the Philippines: how did your plan turn out?
I went overseas to study and eventually get foreign citizenship. But one of my justifications was to accumulate enough money and assets before going back in the country, while also helping my family (I'm a breadwinner).
I want to hear from others who share the same sentiments and took a similar path. Did you succeed? Or did you eventually give up on our country? I've shed my naive idealism in college after working for years in the political landscape behind the scenes, and have become pragmatic after witnessing the reality of our society's politico-economic system. Still, I still have hope and feel my role in our nation's trajectory.
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2023.03.26 11:08 stupidgirl87 To divorce or not divorce will it get better with help....

this is long and if confusing maybe not the best to post because backstory is needed. I (44,F) have been with my hubby(44,M) for on and off 18 years and there's tons I could unpack why in our 20's we were a mess because he didn't want a gf so I dated other people but we would still hang out and he didn't like I dated but again wouldn't commit....until right before he went away to school and I wanted to go with him but he wasn't ready to move in together (27 at his time w years only dating him) and we broke up officially and I met someone else thought I would have happily ever after with had a child with the new boyfriend and we got didn't last (various reasons but we parted amicably with a plan to share custody) but he never wanted to see our daughter which I hated but because she had so much love with my family I left the door open to see his daughte anytime he wanted he still never did.
one year later when daughter was 1yr old guy who hubby and in in our 30's we became friends again then officially bf gf and he fell in love with my daughter and has raised her as his own. We got married when we were 35 (which funny enough in our 20's that's when he said he wanted to settle down) so 2015 we married he even gave her a ring at our ceremony to show he's marrying not just me but he wants to adopt her and be legal dad. I brought this up to bio dad who didn't seem to care (no more child support)
However right after we got married a year later hubby lost it he had a mental health breakdown and was diagnosed with PTSD and social anxiety and he generally doesn't work well with others so his job was gig work in entertainment industry ...but it got so bad I had to leave
I didn't divorce him right away I was supposed to live with my best friend and her kid like 2 gals going through splits and that turned into a nightmare (let's just say she had low self esteem and dated a guy with 18 DUIs who basically moved in too and I left I wouldn't have my daughter around alcoholics or the first time I met this piece of shit he wanted me to see his d**k and that didn't even phase my ex-bff) Lost the friendship of 12 years too. I knew no one and lost alot of money and possessions moving in with crazy psycho ex bff and her drunk bf and oh his best friend also moved in and slept in their room together like wtf?!? I found a quick place and left...
One year after my now husband and i separated my daughters bio dad died (they had finally reconnected at my now husbands insistence he wanted her to always know she had bio dads family she knows all about her family step brother and sisters) and it hit a nerve I didn't want her "real taking care of her since she was 1yr old" father to end up dead or worse so we reconnected and slowly built our marriage back ( I don't know why I just didn't divorce i had done it before in the other married but maybe my heart wanted him to get the help he needed and he did he started therapy seeing a psych doctor and was back to being the man I loved and married ....
So a year after seeing he was making progress I let him move back in prepandemic and just the pandemic has fucked up so many things like with my daughter she has social anxiety husband also just tries to say he's fine doesn't need certain meds he used to take when we seperated
The reason I'm asking for advise is he refuses now to take anything but an antidepressant and anti anxiety med nothing to help anger at the world issues and mood swings. Or therapy again. This has been ongoing for a year. We fight all the time but are passionate people too so I take blame in fighting too. Lately he has been self medicating with marijuana and checks out for like a week out of the month and he used to be able to smoke when I first met him (he quit when 35 and picked it up again at 43) but now it just makes him sloppy and stupid and then he comes down and gets mean saying I wouldn't let him adopt his daughter I wouldn't go to appointments for mental help....but she gets survivor benefits so I don't know if it's in her best interest for him to legally adopt her that's college money saving every month and it causes nasty comments to be thrown at me about how she's not really his daughter then ofcourse he apologizes and I would go to every appointment but he needs to make them...
After pandemic im the only one working his jobs dried up and hard to get back into. He has tried to get disability for mental health and back issues and they deny him even with a lawyer...I love my job and working so I don't mind picking up extra but I'm tired all the time and he uses it against me.
To add a layer of difficulty we made the decision to have my parents move in with me so they could retire and at the time he was still doing great and supportive and on board knowing my mom also has mental illness that could cause psychosis and sure enough once she retired she got sick but my dad takes care of her and I try to be there for appointments which I would gladly do for him if he would go get help more than Prozac and Xanax he sees a doctor on video because mental health here sucks ...for the last 3 months he's gotten angrier my parents are here and that I work all the time so he's home being stay at home dad which he's awesome at and takes some chores from me like cooking cleaning taking our daughter (15F) to all her school events.
But everyday we fight because he has to be home with my sick mom and that I'm tired and only working all the time. I get it's hard but my dad takes care of her...hubby is just home all day and focused on tHat now. He has said he want to leave but has no where to he says he doesn't like the way I treat him because when he's stoned all it makes me angry like why can't he just wait until night time he'll I would love the chance to some with him at night but can't .....
I have never heard him say he wants a divorce but today I asked if it's too much does he want oneingget thE I have no where to go (he could tell him mom he needs to stay there but won't)
So do I force his hand is it time For divorce because it got so much better and it's almost as as now as it was in 2016.....
Sorry so long let's sum up
TL;DR: hubby of 8 years (on and off relationship since 2004)had mental health breakdown we seperated 2016!he got help meds therapy let him movie back in years later 2018 same issues now are happening again....should I just call his bluff and just divorce?
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2023.03.26 11:07 Ro_lax19 Should your gf eat lunch with you (the bf) or with her other friends who your friends with?

Curious as I genuinely don't know what the right answer is. We're in college and I always offer my gf to sit with me to have lunch and she alwayss goes to her friends instead (We're all a big friend group btw) is the social norm just to eat/sit with your own friends instead of your partner?
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2023.03.26 11:05 kan117xr On the far left you'll see an adjusting college freshman post 12 years of homeshcooling.

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2023.03.26 11:04 Aromatic_Ad_5033 UCSD grad needed here pls help

I am an intl applicant And I got into UCSD
Major: math- comp science In revelle college
I wanted to know if I could take courses in economics or potentially shift to the joint math-econ major since I do plan to maybe do masters in econ
Will it be possible to shift ? What criteria? Is it doable? Will it be worth it since the econ department of ucsd is pretty reputable?
Edit: Preferably would love some advice or insight from a current ucsd student or a recent grand or any person who has credible sources
Also is there any current ucsd thread with fresh admits? Couldn’t find it ?
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2023.03.26 11:04 __l_gmlxzssaw I don’t think I’m in a healthy mental state and I’m scared to tell my psychiatrist

Throwaway for obvious reasons. I’m diagnosed with ADHD and medicated with Concerta 54 mg.
The ADHD treatment literally changed my life. My GPA shot up by more than 5 points. I could actually do things, tidy my room, plan and follow my plans. I had bad academic anxiety before starting the treatment and it eased considerably.
But that anxiety might be coming back. It’s college applications season and I have gotten rejection upon rejection. My future is unclear and this freaks me out.
In the last several weeks I might have experienced several instances of mild hallucinations, of durations not exceeding several seconds. They are nothing extraordinary. One of them I remember is me seeing a friend walking away but a second later they were still next to me. I don’t know if they were indeed hallucinations or if they were actually real.
I know of stimulant psychosis, and I have an indirect family history of psychotic illnesses (my uncle is given Risperdal by his family, involuntarily, but I don’t know the exact diagnosis). So I’m scared if I tell my psychiatrist they will halt my ADHD treatment and I’ll be left in a worse place. Are my concerns even valid or is it just irrational anxiety? I don’t know.
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2023.03.26 11:01 Normal-Memory-6429 how to hire a hacker; hack website and Data to change grades; any site for complete access

Hacking Websites; Hire a Website Hacker to Hack Website and Data
What is the best way to hack a website? For some time now we have been hearing about web server vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, cross site scripting XSS and denial of service attacks. To protect our websites from such attacks, we must try to prevent attackers from accessing them in the first place. One of the most common ways hackers try to gain access to our websites is by trying to guess usernames and passwords. It may sound funny but if a hacker knows the usernames and passwords of many websites then he can use this to gain access to any database on the Internet.
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The database security is very important because if a hacker is able to get into the database he can use it to do any damage to our company. The security of the database should be strong, but unfortunately it is not always possible to create such database security, which is why it is very important for us to change our usernames and passwords every now and then. However, even if we cannot change our usernames and passwords very often the security of our database is still very important and we should consider using database security software like the commercial products available in the market.
How to Hack a Login Page
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Hack Website Online Tool.
How to hack school website it’s relatively easy to hack a website if you have knowledge of programming. Various programs exist that are programmed to automatically crawl the Internet to find websites that have changed their passwords, or have posted advertisements. These programs can easily be programmed to take down URLs and alter grades on the fly.
Once they've hacked a college website, other websites will be affected as well, and so forth. In the case of how to hack school website, other students could be caught stealing classmates' homework and grading process information. Many high schools have already lost money due to students using their credit card to buy books and other items off of a website that was hacked.
How to Hack a Website and Change it.
If you are interested in how to hack a website and change it, then you are not alone. Hackers are always looking for new ways to get at and steal information from other computers. When you are trying to learn how to hack a website and change it, you will need to understand that when you have found the right type of vulnerability, you can use this information to access some of the files that are not normally accessible.
For example, if you were to find an HTML password leak, then you might be able to change the code to display something else instead of just the plain password on the page. Hacking a website and changing it is not difficult, but you will need to know what you are doing or you could end up having some pretty bad results. Some of the things that you might want to consider if you are wondering how to hack a website and change it includes finding out if there is any type of cross-site scripting.
If the hackers already have some knowledge of the programming language that the website is using. Another thing to consider is if there is any type of cross-browser compatibility issue between the website and one of the different browsers that support the script that is being used on the website. Then, if you have the right information on the file that needs to be hacked, you will be able to find all of the information that you need to carry out the hacking process successfully.
IMPORTANT NOTICE**: If you ever need the service of a hacker to hack any website or for any other hacking service, send an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.03.26 11:01 Fantastic_Fee616 Online Medicine App - Order Medicines - Wellness Forever

Online Medicine App - Order Medicines - Wellness Forever
Wellness Forever: Order prescriptions, medicines, lifestyle, and healthcare products online at the best prices from one of India's most trusted online pharmacies and medicine apps. Cash on delivery is available.
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2023.03.26 11:01 hi_imGrup Virus attack in a peer-to-peer connection using crossover Ethernet cable

Im a college student and we have a subject in networking. Yesterday, we were doing an activity for networking.
Our professor told us to create a crossover cable and do a peer-to-peer connection so we can access and share files. After me and my classmate seen each other in our laptops, I was able to access his files through network. Now, Im testing if I can copy and edit a file, it is named as "relaunch_app". IIRC I tried to copy the exe file first to his own folder (network to public documents) but it was restricted so I tried renaming the exe file but I still cant there was a pop up that I cant because of some admin reason (cant remember clearly).
Then suddenly a Bitdefender pop up showed notifying there were detected virus attack. I checked the Bitdefender notification logs and it says that its a trojan generic and some number in its name. Im still unsure if the Bitdefender was able to prevent it because the log file suddenly disappeared as I check today. THE ONE THING IM SURE OF IS I DID NOT EXECUTE THE FILE/DOUBLE CLICK IT. Btw incase this helps, we arent connected in the internet at that time.
I asked my classmate to upload the file in VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis:
Im done doing a full scan using Bitdefender and Malwarebytes and the result was clean. Then Im scanning again now with Malwarebytes with expert system algorithms checked. What should I do next? Does this mean Im in the good or should I scan more using different softwares?
Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.26 11:00 Kimflyangel2 Choosing the Right Backpack: College vs. Office

Choosing the Right Backpack: College vs. Office
Backpacks are a common sight in modern life, but did you know they have some interesting and entertaining facts related to them?

Some Fun Facts

  1. The word "backpack" was first used in the United States in the early 1910s, and it was originally used to refer to a type of camping gear that was carried on the back.
  2. Backpacks were first used by college students in the 1960s, and they quickly became popular because they were more practical than carrying books and supplies in a briefcase.
  3. The first backpacks designed specifically for laptop computers were introduced in the late 1990s, as laptops became more common and people needed a convenient way to carry them.

How to Choose

When it comes to choosing a backpack for college or office, there are several differences to keep in mind. Here are some factors to consider:
  1. Size: The size of the backpack will depend on your needs. For college, you may need a larger backpack to accommodate textbooks, laptops, and other supplies. For the office, a smaller backpack may be suitable to carry your laptop and other essentials.
  2. Organization: College backpacks often have more pockets and compartments to keep things organized. On the other hand, office backpacks may have fewer pockets but more specialized ones, such as a padded laptop compartment.
  3. Style: College backpacks come in a variety of styles and colors, often with bright patterns or logos. Office backpacks, on the other hand, are usually more subdued and professional looking.
  4. Durability: Both college and office backpacks should be durable and able to withstand everyday wear and tear. However, college backpacks may need to be more rugged since they will likely be carried around more often.
  5. Comfort: Both college and office backpacks should be comfortable to wear for extended periods. Look for features such as padded straps and back panels, as well as breathable materials. One example is the Kroser Backpack that is suitable for both college and office.
  6. Security: For both college and office backpacks, security is important. Look for backpacks with sturdy zippers, lockable compartments, and anti-theft features.
  7. Price: Backpacks for college and office can vary greatly in price. College backpacks may be more budget-friendly, while office backpacks may be more expensive due to specialized features like laptop compartments and higher-quality materials.

Ultimately, the right backpack for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors like size, organization, style, durability, comfort, security, and price when making a decision.
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2023.03.26 10:57 Mrcool57 I have had leg pain for 3 months and it won't go away. (18M)

So about 3 months ago after a jaw surgery that had me under for 5 hours and half a week of bedrest this pain in my right leg started. It's worst when I'm sitting down, sometimes bad when I'm laying down, and doesn't hurt at all when I'm standing up. The longer I'm sitting (and sometimes laying) the worse it gets. It's usually located on my right leg lower thigh but sometimes it's a little higher up like on the right side of my lower hip and sometimes even higher being at my lower right back. The pain varies day to day, sometimes being not bad at all and others being so bad that I just can't sit down for longer than 10 minutes. It also seems to change depending on what I'm sitting on but I'm not sure. Every time I get up from sitting I limp for a bit and it kinda feels like I don't have full control of my leg for a couple seconds. I'm a college student so I do a lot of sitting for class which is rough with this thing. I also have had to do a lot of car travel to and from my college to go down to my hometown for some dental work(it's about a 3 to 4 hour drive). These drives are annoying because with my leg I have to stop 4ish times just to get out and walk around for 10 minutes to kinda reset the pain. I've tried cold and heat, going to get massages, stretching, and exercise and none seems to help or at least not permanently. I've been to the doctor twice and they weren't sure what it was. They suggested maybe something to do with nerves or maybe muscles but no concrete answers. The only medication I'm on is bupropion 300 mg. Some other extra information that might be helpful is that I'm a pretty active guy (I like to hike and do that about 3 to 3 times a week), it being bad laying down is really random(like sometimes laying down is just as good as standing up but other times it's almost as bad as sitting), there is no obvious difference between my right and left thigh, and there has never been any of this pain in my left leg, always the right. Thank you for your help.
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2023.03.26 10:56 RoninSolutions A few days ago l posted on a tragic love story ,that struck members of a Unit our Aid Group has helped with specialized equipment. Where a loving husband was forced to carry the body of his dead wife over two kilometers from battlefield.Here is a good translated Article on this patriotic couple.

"I watch as my wife sends me an air kiss, and I hear two more "arrivals": a servicewoman with the call sign "Murka" died in front of her husband in the trenches near Bakhmut
A servicewoman with the call sign "Murka" — Tetyana Fesenko, who defended Ukraine side by side with her husband Volodymyr, died on the front lines. The defender, originally from Gostomel, was 30 years old. On February 24 last year, the family sent their daughter and grandmother abroad. They drew up a notarial power of attorney for her, so that in the event of the death of her parents, the grandmother could adopt the girl. Tatiana was killed by a shell in her lover's arms. Volodymyr carried his wife more than two kilometers to the evacuation point, but they could not save the woman. 8-year-old daughter Elizaveta already knows that mom is now forever her guardian angel... "On the last anniversary of the wedding, the wife wrote: "I wish that our family hearth never goes out"
— Tanya did not know her biological father, his stepfather Ivan replaced him, — the husband of the deceased, Volodymyr Fesenko, told "FACTS" . - My wife was a "toddler" from an early age - she loved to run with the boys to football, climb on the roofs, a smile never left her face. She was beautiful not only on the outside, but also on the inside. She drew beautifully, embroidered, wove carpets... Beloved adored the life that this cursed war took from her so quickly. Could I have ever thought that instead of giving my wife her favorite white chrysanthemums, I would buy them for the cemetery.
For some time, Tetyana studied in Vasylkiv, later she received an agricultural education. But the passion of her life was the furniture business, in which my comrade from the war, Andrii, involved my wife. He had his own business at that time. Tanya started with grinding, then I encouraged her to work with carving, restoration. I mainly worked on patina, which is a rather painstaking job that requires constant improvement. Tanya planned to expand the business with Andrii, but it did not work out. Neither Andrii nor my wife is anymore...
During the anti-terrorist operation, I served in the Chimera volunteer battalion. Somehow he found out from acquaintances that Tatyana was pregnant from someone else. It was painful, out of stupidity I married another woman, but we didn't have a family. Tanya also did not live with her father after the birth of her daughter. And in 2017, we met again. And then both realized that this was definitely fate. When we were standing in the RATS, I joked that my wife used to pray that she wouldn't be mine. But you cannot escape from fate. I was not at all scared that Tana had a child, I love Lizochka like my own. In our free time, we rested in nature, took our daughter to the sea, to the Carpathians, and we developed a wonderful relationship between our parents.
On our last wedding anniversary, my wife once again dedicated a touching post to me, which makes my heart sink: "My beloved man, my dear soul, Happy Anniversary! I wish that our family hearth burns more and more from the wood that we throw to it, and that we never let it go out! May our mutual love protect and protect us from evil spirits. You are forever the man of my dreams! Congratulations, my happiness!"
"Our daughter came up with Tanya's call sign - "Murka"
— How did you and your wife end up at war in 2022?
— I'll start with the fact that working in the furniture industry undermined my wife's health. It got to the point that at the end of 2021, she was appointed and underwent an operation: part of the uterus was removed and an expensive implant was installed, because we so dreamed of another child... On January 5, Tanya's stitches were removed.
On February 11, I was called to the military unit. When he came home, he told his wife that there would be a war. Tatyana immediately believed, we prepared a power of attorney in advance in case the relatives had to take Elizaveta away. My beloved told me even then that if I go to serve, then she will too...
*On February 24, the great war began, and the wife, still in a bandage, made the decision to fight without hesitation*. This is how our difficult journey began. Because we traveled as part of the 129th battalion of the Territorial Defense of Kyiv to Gostomel, Bucha, Moschun, Stari Petrivtsi, to the airfield in Zhulyany. Then we met my brothers, godfathers and called our unit "Black Swans", and there were very professional fighters. I was scouting. But there was a problem with "Murka" - such a call sign Tanya came up with, our daughter - because a man and a woman cannot serve together. However, the commander of the 244th battalion of the Territorial Defense of Kyiv, in which we were stationed recently, made concessions and gave us such an opportunity. "Murka" served as a gunner. After training, she was given a separate test: the entire unit was askedto lie on the ground, and Tanya had to release the entire tape of cartridges above our heads, at a distance of 50 centimeters above the ground.
I know it hurts a lot, but remember the events of that tragic March 5.
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2023.03.26 10:55 verakayzz Average student success(?) story

I have been so upset for months because I thought I was a borderline average student who would, at best, end up at UC Davis (I love UC Davis!) but I applied to a bunch of T20s anyway since I had the opportunity to. And yes I did it without fee waiver.
“Average”, by my definition is 3.8 UW GPA, 1340 SAT, 4 AP Classes. Sidenote: Asian in California.
Anyway, my plan was to apply to the UCs for computer science, a major that I didn’t really have much of a passion for and only had 1 EC related to on my application. Everything else was design/film based. As you can imagine, I was rejected/wlisted from every UC I applied to except for Merced.
I also applied to Carnegie Mellon (CMU) and some other T20s/30s, but under the design/film related majors since ivy leagues do not admit by major. CMU allows applicants to pick 3 majors and departments of interest. For my first choice, I picked School of Fine Arts. Second, I picked Comp Sci and Arts. Lastly, I picked Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering.
To my surprise, I was waitlisted from the college of engineering. Even though I have not been accepted, I still count this as a major win because I thought, at best, that I would get into the film major and be unable to transfer into engineering due to the competition. But now, I can write a killer LOCI and get myself a spot there since I was offered priority waiting list! To have the waitlist offer of one of the most prestigious engineering programs in the world is something I never would have seen coming.
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2023.03.26 10:55 NOLAking1989 Catfish Long Term

Pick a celebrity and scenario
Send first message of DM to include number of the celebrities the letters of the scenarios And girl attitude your name and age in rp (18+) If you picking a older scenario use a older age
Pick 3 girls and 3 scenarios ( I don’t want to keep doing same scenarios with each guy). I will decide which girl and scenario I will do.
  1. Sarah Graysun (22)
  2. Loren Gray (20)
  3. Paige Mackenzie(20)
  4. Kendall Vertes(20)
  5. Kate Marie(18)
  6. Brooke Berry(21)
  7. Dixie Damilio
  8. Lauren Liska
  9. KaylaVoid
A. You are dad friend (40+)
B. You are best friend’sDad (38+)
C. You are Ex bf's Dad (38+)
D. You are former HS teacher (40+)
E. You are guy I babysit for (30+)
F. You are dad’s boss (38+)
G. You are my ex bf (20-22)
H. You are best friend bf (20-22)
I. You are current college professor. (44+)
J. You are pastor (50+)
X. Naive and goody
Y. Slut and wild
Z. Willing but not wild
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2023.03.26 10:54 PsychonautN7 I just want to be awake.

I have schizophrenia and have been on anti psychotics since 18 I'm 32 now. I would say about 2 months out of the year of I can manage to stay awake at least 12 hours. I've tried all types of anti psychotics they all make me sleepy. Then my doctor prescribed me modafinil and it still didn't help.
I've lost like 4 jobs because of this. Had to drop out of college three times. And lost a few relationships due to this problem. Most the time I can't go to the gym, brush my teeth, play videogames for more than an hour. I'm currently in school the first semester went great then tiredness snuck in and I'm struggling with this semester. This week I'm gonna have to submit both my assignments late for 10% off because this week I've only been awake about 4 hours each day.
I don't what to do. Doctors don't know what to do. I'm just gonna die fat and full of cavities while Ii sleep my life away.
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