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End of Month Minor League updates - IndieFlea's Mid-Season Prospect Rankings (Part 1)

2023.06.01 17:35 IndieFlea End of Month Minor League updates - IndieFlea's Mid-Season Prospect Rankings (Part 1)

Hey all,
I got good feedback from my last minor league update post, so I thought I'd continue with some mid-season rankings, those are always fun!
I've kept personal prospect rankings for about two years now; they're mostly an amalgamation of the main publications' rankings, the DMN's rankings, LSB's rankings, scouting summaries, looking at minor league stats, and If I'm lucky, looking in person. I usually re-rank at the beginning of the year during spring training, sometime mid-season, sometime post-trade deadline, and sometime at the end of the season, this way I can see how certain prospects have moved in my mind through the year. For instance, last year I had Ragans ranked 27 at the start of the 2022 season, but his great minor league season (and the Rangers need for pitching) had him float up to 12 by the end of the season.
I usually rank around 50 or so, although rankings get super nebulous after even 30. Anybody's list could have any of those guys in almost any order and it could make sense. This list will be everything up until May 31. I'll start my post by ranking 50 through 41, but before I even do that, I'll have some honorable (and dishonorable) mentions. Numbers in parenthesis will be what my rank for the player was at the beginning of this year.
Graduated since beginning of the year - Josh Jung (previously my #1), Cole Ragans (previously my #10), Yerry Rodriguez (previously #42)
Fallen out of the Top 50
Just missed the Top 50
Rankings 50-41
Thanks for reading! I hope to continue with Part 2 (40-31) tomorrow, although I hope you go out and look for these on your own too!
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2023.06.01 17:03 AstronautPuzzled6733 Do You Need a College Degree to Get a Good Job?

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2023.06.01 16:17 SoraDonaldGoofy99 Challenge Dex 57: Starmie

I also did Starmie yesterday, It took some time, as Staryu was a bit of an UGH Pokemon to work with, but I did it. Once it evolved, it became a beast!
Up to Brock: Moveset: Tackle, Water Gun Staryu only starts with Tackle. Even after Bulbasaur bombarded me with Growls, Tackle knocked it out. I even did alright against the Bug Catchers, but had to take a few resets because the Tackles weren't cutting it, and I was trying to gun through them to win as fast as possible. Any errors here were probably due to me wanting to get to Starmie ASAP... after clearing Viridian Forest, I went to Gary 1A, and despite Tackle being low powered, I grinded just to beat Gary 1A. I eventually won through Sand-Attacks and Growls, and a Leech Seed sapping me. Then it took quite a bit to beat Buzz, because Sandshrew is tanky, and Sand-Attack was spammed, making Tackle miss. I lost two attempts just trying to handle his Geodude, when I got Water Gun while grinding, and went back to handle Brock. Water Gun killed Geodude and Onix in one shot each. Finally...
Up to Misty: Moveset: Tackle, Water Gun, Bide, Harden After all that, it was far easier to make it through Mt. Moon and the rest of the game. The most boring part of these runs is always the Brock 'split' because most Pokemon have such a big issue with trying to kill Brock quickly. Kangaskhan won with Comet Punch along for fuck's sake. Now that I think of it, I think I may be a bit too angry, it's just that I always try to go as fast as possible, and if a Pokemon has trouble on one or two parts, I always assume it'll be a lower tier, and if I have high expectations, and it isn't so good, I need to rationalize why. Both Gary 2 and Misty were not possible when I first got here, and then I grinded on wild Pokemon. I ended up catching a wild Spearow, replacing a Pidgey I caught prior, and keeping a Clefairy I got from Mt. Moon because of Strength. I leveled up enough to handle Gary 2 by then, Water Gun could handle Pidgeotto, and I boosted up with my newly learned Harden to buff Tackle to kill Rattata and Bulbasaur in short order. I reset a few times against the Oddish Lass in front of Bill's House, and had to backtrack to heal in order to fight her again, but I ended up trying Misty afterwards. Harden was enough to buff myself up after doing most of the other routes. If Starmie didn't crit me too much, I could take her down. Her Staryu was easy.
Up to Surge: Moveset: Tackle, Recover, Bubblebeam, Harden I picked up Bubblebeam and used the power to beat the Oddish Lass. I then got the S.S. Ticket and went straight to the S.S. Anne. I did train on the boat for Surge, but I also fought Gary 3. By now, Bubblebeam did well enough against Pidgeotto, and after setting up Harden boosts, I took out Raticate, Kadabra, and Ivysaur pretty easily. Vine Whip didn't matter. I didn't even have trouble against Surge, I just spammed Bubblebeam and somehow won. Yeah. Even took two Thundershocks from Raichu and lived.
Up to Erika: Moveset: Thunderbolt, Minimize, Bubblebeam, Psychic Rock Tunnel was nothing important... though I got a Diglett for Dig before then. And Gary 4 was a complete sweep even though I didn't have any good moves to kill Ivysaur with. Even Gyarados fell to one Thunderbolt. Giovanni 1 and the Rocket Hideout was fine, and I went to get Psychic from Saffron, dropping Harden. I also got the Water Stone, but instead of evolving to Starmie right away, which I felt like I should have done, I waited until I got Minimize to do it, which I got while training in Erika's gym. I then evolved to Starmie, and it's Psychic tore through her entire team.
Up to Koga: Moveset: Same Nothing was hard in Pokemon Tower, and I took out Ghost Marowak and Snorlax as easily as normal. I just went to Cycling Road and then went to the Safari Zone to get Surf... only to see I spent too much money on vitamins. I went to Koga's gym first for the money. Ended up just using Psychic. All of Koga's Pokemon died to it.
Up to Sabrina: Moveset: Thunderbolt, Minimize, Surf, Psychic Rival Fival/Gary 5 went down so easily. Venusaur gave me a lot of damage with Razor Leaf, but I managed to live and take him out. Giovanni 2 was wiped. Again. Then Sabrina went down kinda easily. While her first three Pokemon didn't give me any trouble, and I did have a few Minimizes set up, but her Alakazam was a dang problem. I tossed Surf after Surf at it and it kept using Recover. I started spamming Psychic. Once I cut it's Special in half, I used Surf again and won.
Up to Blaine: Moveset: Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Surf, Psychic Oh yeah. All out offense, just like I wanted, man! I just tossed Surf out at his entire team and won.
Up to Giovanni 3: Moveset: Same Again, SURF'S MOTHERFUCKIN UP, BRO!!
Gary 6: Moveset: MY NAME'S... NOT... RICK!!!!!! I did need to use my Rare Candies here to prep for Gary 6. I shot down Pidgeot with Blizzard, got Rhyhorn and Growlithe with Surf, Gyarados with Thunderbolt, and beat up Alakazam the same way I did Sabrina's. Psychic again beat Venusaur.
Elite Four: Moveset: The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma... No issues here. WHATSOEVER.
Lorelei: Thunderbolt, except on Jynx, which I hit with Surf.
Bruno: Surf/Psychic
Lance: Thunderbolt Gyarados, Blizzard two Dragonairs, Surf Aerodactyl, Blizzard the last Dragonite out, too!
Champion Gary: Blizzard cleared out Pidgeot. What I thought would be another battle of attrition against Alakazam turned into a crit Blizzard killing it off. Surf killed Rhydon, Thunderbolt ended Gyarados, and Arcanine died to Surf. When Venusaur lived a Psychic, I thought I was done. Then it went for Solarbeam, and I killed it off.
I won at Level 61, and at 5:42.

Rankings: 1. Gengar: 62, 3:21, 4 resets. (Thunderbolt, Mega Drain, Psychic, Body Slam) 2. Kangaskhan: 62, 3:24, 1 reset. (Body Slam, Blizzard, Earthquake, Rock Slide 3. Victreebel: 62, 3:30, 2 resets. (Razor Leaf, Swords Dance, Body Slam, Sleep Powder) 4. Blastoise: 63, 3:32, 8 resets. (Blizzard, Withdraw, Surf, Earthquake) 5. Nidoking: 67, 3:43, 8 resets. (Body Slam, Blizzard, Earthquake, Thunderbolt) 6. Venusaur: 62, 3:47, 7 resets. (Body Slam, Swords Dance, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf) 7. Primeape: 63, 3:52, 5 resets. (Dig, Thunderbolt, Karate Chop, Rock Slide) 8. Poliwrath: 63, 3:56, 12 resets. (Blizzard, Earthquake, Amnesia, Surf) 9. Lickitung: 63, 3:57, 3 resets. (Swords Dance, Body Slam, Earthquake, Blizzard) 10. Charizard: 66, 3:59, 10 resets. (Earthquake, Body Slam, Flamethrower, Swords Dance) 11. Hitmonlee: 69, 3:59, 13 resets. (Hi Jump Kick, Meditate, Seismic Toss, Body Slam/Mimic/Mega Kick) 12. Slowbro: 64, 4:00, 12 resets. (Psychic, Blizzard, Surf, Amnesia) 13. Machamp: 67, 4:05, 8 resets. (Rock Slide, Body Slam, Submission, Earthquake) 14. Kingler: 64, 4:14, 13 resets. (Surf, Blizzard, Swords Dance, Body Slam) 15. Raticate: 68, 4:17, 13 resets (Blizzard, Dig, Body Slam, Thunderbolt) 16. Seadra: 67, 4:26. 16 resets. (Surf, Blizzard, Double-Edge, Agility) 17. Tentacruel: 60, 4:28, 10 resets (Blizzard, Barrier, Mega Drain, Surf) 18. Ninetales: 67, 4:28, 11 resets (Flamethrower, Body Slam, Mimic, Dig) 19. Nidoqueen: 67, 4:29, 11 resets. (Earthquake, Blizzard, Body Slam, Thunderbolt) 20. Farfetch'd: 70, 4:33, 10 resets. (Fly, Slash, Swords Dance, Body Slam) 21. Hypno: 62, 4:38, 8 resets. (Meditate, Hypnosis, Body Slam, Psychic) 22. Clefable, 67, 4:39, 4 resets. (Body Slam, Psychic/Blizzard, Minimize, Thunderbolt) 23. Wigglytuff, 66, 4:41, 6 resets. (Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Psychic/Blizzard, Defense Curl) 24. Dewgong: 64, 4:44, 5 resets. (Blizzard, Mimic, Surf, Body Slam) 25. Golem: 68: 4:49, 8 resets. (Earthquake, Defense Curl, Rock Slide, Body Slam) 26. Chansey: 68, 4:51, 2 resets. (Minimize, Psychic/Softboiled, Thunderbolt, Blizzard) 27. Butterfree: 66, 4:53, 28 resets. (Mimic, Sleep Powder, Psychic, Mega Drain) 28. Persian: 70, 4:58, 13 resets. (Mimic, Bubblebeam, Thunderbolt, Body Slam) 29. Sandslash: 67, 5:00, 11 resets. (Body Slam, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Earthquake) 30. Vileplume: 67, 5:04, 15 resets. (Mega Drain, Body Slam/Mimic, Swords Dance, Sleep Powder) 31. Marowak: 73, 5:10, 9 resets. (Blizzard, Earthquake, Mimic, Body Slam) 32. Alakazam: 63, 5:18, 4 resets. (Toxic, Psychic, Recover, Seismic Toss) 33. Seaking: 64, 5:20, 8 resets. (Agility, Double-Edge, Blizzard, Surf) 34. Tangela: 66, 5:24, 16 resets. (Sleep Powder, Growth, Body Slam/Mimic, Mega Drain) 35. Rapidash: 72. 5:24, 10 resets. (Fire Blast, Body Slam, Mimic, Agility) 36. Arbok: 71, 5:28, 27 resets. (Mimic, Earthquake, Body Slam, Rock Slide) 37. Raichu: 63, 5:29, 5 resets. (Thunderbolt, Mimic, Agility, Seismic Toss) 38. Golduck: 64, 5:34, 6 resets. (Dig, Blizzard, Mimic, Surf) 39. Starmie: 61, 5:42, 16 resets. (Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Surf, Psychic) 40. Muk: 66, 5:42, 11 resets. (Mega Drain/Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Minimize, Sludge) 41. Hitmonchan: 73. 5:44, 12 resets. (Submission/Mimic/Submission, Agility, Ice Punch/Seismic Toss, Body Slam) 42. Dodrio: 72, 5:49, 17 resets. (Drill Peck, Mimic, Agility, Body Slam) 43. Fearow: 73, 6:00, 30 resets. (Drill Peck, Mimic, Agility, Swift) 44. Venomoth: 65, 6:24, 15 resets. (Mimic, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain) 45. Golbat: 74, 6:26, 12 resets. (Double-Edge, Wing Attack, Mega Drain, Mimic) 46. Electrode: 70, 6:29, 25 resets. (Thunderbolt, Mimic, Swift, Toxic/Reflect) 47. Parasect, 71, 6:32, 18 resets. (Body Slam, Spore, Swords Dance, Dig) 48. Cloyster, 62, 6:55, 17 resets. (Blizzard, Withdraw, Surf, Tri Attack) 49. Beedrill: 65, 6:55, 23 resets. (Swords Dance, Mega Drain, Double-Edge, Twineedle) 50. Magneton: 64. 6:58, 10 resets. (Rest, Double-Edge, Thunderbolt, Mimic) 51. Onix: 80, 7:11, 25 resets. (Earthquake, Harden, Body Slam, Rock Slide) 52. Pidgeot: 76, 7:16, 13 resets. (Mimic, Agility, Double-Edge, Fly) 53. Arcanine: 72, 7:17. 14 resets. (Body Slam, Dig, Fire Blast, Agility) 54. Weezing: 72, 7:31, 12 resets. (Mimic, Sludge, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast) 55. Rhydon: 73, 7:33, 16 resets. (Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Mimic, Rock Slide) 56. Dugtrio: 78, 7:47, 33 resets. (Slash, Mimic, Earthquake, Rock Slide) 57. Exeggutor: 71, 9:16, 25 resets. (Mimic, Psychic, Mega Drain, Sleep Powder)
Staright up thought it would be S, but Staryu not getting a Water move holds it back a bit, plus, didn't really need Minimize by the end: S: Gengar,Kangaskhan, Victreebel, Blastoise, Nidoking, Venusaur, Primeape, Poliwrath, Lickitung, Charizard, Hitmonlee A: Slowbro, Machamp, Kingler, Raticate, Seadra, Tentacruel, Ninetales, Nidoqueen, Farfetch'd, Hypno, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Dewgong, Golem, Chansey, Butterfree, Persian B: Sandslash, Vileplume, Marowak, Alakazam, Seaking, Tangela, Rapidash, Arbok, Raichu, Golduck, Starmie, Muk, Hitmonchan, Dodrio C: Fearow, Venomoth, Golbat, Electrode, Parasect, Cloyster, Beedrill, Magneton D: Onix, Pidgeot, Arcanine, Weezing, Rhydon, Dugtrio E: N/A F: Exeggutor
Well, B is still nice. Don't think it was just Staryu, it might have been me expecting way too much. Next is Mr. Mime, arguably an insanely creepy Pokemon.
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2023.06.01 15:46 Possible_Elk_6485 What does this mean mane

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  197. GCP ACE - Google Associate Cloud Engineer Certification -
  198. FAA part 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Course -
  199. Ethics of Research-A Basic Course -
  200. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification -
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2023.06.01 14:04 Matchew024 Working on 3 hours of sleep today.

Working on 3 hours of sleep today.
Should have known, the last two chapters were like 3 hours. But I finally finished! Haven't completed a game in a while. A bit proud of myself!
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2023.06.01 13:21 eZGjBw1Z New and Changed Products - June 2023

Usually around the first of the month we have a batch of price changes and this month is no different. According to the "How to Become a Contract Liquor Agent" document, "The Agent must also complete price changes that occur at the first of the month..."
Number of Price Increases: 2 Number of Price Decreases: 136 Number of New Products: 44 Number of Status Changes: 4
I plan to reply to this post throughout the month if I notice other significant changes happening or at the end of the month before the next update to keep the changes in one place. Here's a link back to what changed in May 2023: American Whiskey, Brandy, Canadian Whiskey, Cordial, Gin, and Irish Whisky, Rum, Scotch, Tequila, and Vodka.
For each category I've sorted by the amount of the price increase or decrease. New products are shown first, then price decreases are shown in decreasing order followed by price increases in increasing order. At the end are products with other changes unrelated to price.
Current product status is indicated on each line as follows. OHLQ hasn't publicly explained what these things mean but I've included my best guess below.

American Whiskey


Canadian Whiskey



Irish Whisky





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2023.06.01 10:25 vythathin Trip report: 12 days in Japan as vegans (Tokyo, Yudanaka, Hida Furukawa, Kyoto, Hakone, Tokyo)

I found lurking on this forum really useful for planning our trip, so thought I'd return the favour by posting about our trip here - with some extra tips for travelling as vegan or vegetarian! We just got back a few days ago and I'm already itching to go again. I think our interests generally align with what many people want when they go to Japan - nerdy stuff, food, temples and pretty locations. I hope the below is useful to someone, and happy to answer any questions (whether on food or just something we visited!).
**General tips:*\*
1) Learn some basic Japanese: I've seen this one come up quite a few times and can only echo it - while there certainly are Japanese people with excellent English skills, it will smooth the way so much more if you learn to speak some Japanese. Any attempts at Japanese were always met with a much friendlier response than tourists we saw speaking English, and it was especially helpful in the two ryokans we stayed at, where we had much more conversation with our hosts and they seemed much more comfortable communicating in Japanese (also we got some free apple jam!). Personally I taught myself from the basics because I had time/that's how my brain works (hiragana, katakana, then learning vocab + grammar) - but learning some modular phrases will help, e.g. '____ doko desu ka?' (where is ____?), '____ arimasu ka?' (is there ____?), and 'kore wa hitotsu/futatsu/mittsu o kudasai' (one/two/three of this please).
2) For dietary requirements, do your research and book in advance: There are quite a few helpful guides online for vegan diets, including the IG account 'tokyoveganguide', the website 'isitveganjapan' (, Vegewel ( and some articles on matcha-jp ( We ate really well while out and about and could pick up certain street snacks - but again, being able to communicate in Japanese helped a lot here (see tip 1). As you probably know, vegan diets aren't well understood in Japan, and they're often shocked to find out you won't eat fish OR fish-based dashi. I've mentioned some of the standout places we ate at below. At conbini/kiosks, plain rice and salted onigiri, as well as the salted ume (plum) onigiri are typically vegan. Mochi are also often a good bet, as are jelly sweets (tend to use agar rather than gelatin). It can be helpful to know the kanji for fish (魚), meat (肉) and eggs (卵). Milk products are often listed in katakana as cream (クリーム) or similar, but could be listed as cow's milk (牛乳). Translate apps can be helpful but it's about 50/50 helpful versus 'hilarious result'.
3) As a vegan, don't expect your western-style hotel to provide breakfast (but a ryokan will!): We generally found that big western style hotels just.. did not provide anything viable for breakfast. You might have been able to negotiate a bowl of plain rice and a piece of fruit, but ultimately we ended up eating breakfast elsewhere (but see tip 4!) and in the future I wouldn't bother opting in for breakfast unless I could verify with the hotel in advance that they had options. However, ryokans were very accommodating so long as you communicated with them in advance, and the two we stayed at provided a list of dietary requirements at the start of our stay that we could tick to indicate what we could eat.
4) Most coffee shops/food places won't open until 10am: It was a bit of a struggle to find places open early enough for us to have breakfast before heading out. We did bring a few cereal bars for this eventuality! But if you research you can find a few places that open at 7am (in Tokyo we went to Komeda Is in Ginza, in Kyoto, the IMU hotel).
5) Always have some cash: We didn't need a phenomenal amount of cash on our trip, although we were also not skimping on spending (we took out 70,000 yen, or about £400, and that was about right) - many taxis, shops and restaurants took cards if needed. However, cash-only purchases did pop up unexpectedly - for example, in one of our very nice upmarket hotels that 100% had a card reader, sending our luggage by takkyubin for some reason was a cash-only purchase. A lot of smaller shops and little cafes will take cash only. If you want to use a card, you can check at the till with the phrase "caa-do wa ii desu ka?" (is card ok?).
6) Be prepared to walk: I know this one is said a lot - it depends what you're used to. We did in the range of 15-30,000 steps a day, and I was fine with a pair of foldable ballet flats and a pair of Vans. However we did bring blister plasters and a blister stick just in case! We also found lots of fun little shops/places by simply walking instead of taking transport, so if you have time it's highly recommended. As you will see below, we broke up the two major destinations (Tokyo/Kyoto) with smaller, slower-paced places. That helped a lot!
7) Build in extra time for navigating public transport: Yea, you probably think you're used to big transit systems - we certainly did. However it's just not always clear which exit you want to get to or how to get there, especially if you're not familiar with the station and surrounding area. Whenever we were pressed for time (for example, when transferring to shinkansen or needing to grab snacks before getting a train) we looked up a map of the station first to plan our route. You probably already know this, but I promise you are NOT ready for Shinjuku station.
8) If you're worried about temple fatigue, collect goshuin: This has been written about extensively elsewhere although I'm happy to share my experiences. Goshuin are a stamp/calligraphy combination you can get at many temples and shrines. They're a very beautiful memento. You need a special accordion-style book (goshuincho) for them that you can buy in advance (I did) or at your first temple (usually 1200-2000 yen). Collecting a goshuin usually costs 300-500 yen and a couple of minutes of your time. You should only collect a goshuin after paying your respects at the temple. Generally the process is just to approach the desk (it's generally quite obvious, and there may be pictures of goshuin on the window of the booth - in some places you choose which one you want), and present your book with both hands, open to the relevant page, asking 'goshuin o onegaishimasu'. They might take your book and give you a number (in which case, you need to wait), or they might do the goshuin then and there - it depends on how busy the temple is.
9) You probably won't be able to check-n early: Of all the places we stayed, only one allowed us to check in before 3pm. However, you should be able to leave any bags with them - just be prepared! If you want to drop off your bags, you can say the following: "Nimotsu o azukatte mo ii desu ka?" (more or less: May we leave our luggage here?).

**Brief trip report:*\*
Day 0: We got our flight to Tokyo (14h). We flew Japan Airlines - the vegan meals were.. ok? But the snack was the infamous (iykyk) banana. Everyone else got an interesting snack, so it was sad to just have a banana. I would pack my own snacks next time!
Day 1: Land in Tokyo. Staying in the Ginza area. We got in to the airport relatively late (6pm) so we grabbed a snack locally once we got to our hotel (2foods Ginza) and went to sleep!
Day 2 Tokyo (~26,000 steps). Breakfast at Komeda Is, Ginza. Kokyo Gaien National Gardens (near to our hotel), then walk around the Yanaka Old District, bought some tea/crackers (often vegan but check), train to Asauksa to see Senso-Ji (there happened to be a festival on while we were there so it was packed, but I got a special goshuin!), then across to Akihabara. It started raining but was mostly ok as we were running from indoor shop to indoor shop. We had lunch at a shojin-ryori place in Akihabara station. In the evening we went on a vegan ramen tasting tour (highly recommended!) in Shibuya/Shinjuku.
Day 3 Tokyo (~25,000 steps). Breakfast at Komeda Is, Ginza. Then to Team Labs Planets (we had tickets for the earliest entry). Despite some of what I've read on here, we really enjoyed the experience (happy to say more if asked!). Then we headed across to Shibuya, wandered around, went to the Pokemon Centre and Nintendo store in Shibuya Parco, had lunch at Izakaya Masaka in the basement of Shibuya Parco (highly recommended) and headed over to Yoyogi Park, Meiji Jingu and walked up through Harajuku. We continued walking up through to Shinjuku and walked around there for a while, including going up the Tokyo Government Metropolitan building (free) for a view over Tokyo. We had dinner at Wired Bonbon.
Day 4 Yudanaka (~12,000 steps). We sent our bags via takkyubin to Kyoto, and then got the train over to Yudanaka (we had breakfast at Komeda Is again - honestly, great menu! and picked up onigiri in the train station for the train ride). At Yudanaka, we travelled over to the Snow Monkey Park, and then back to our ryokan to chill in the bookable private onsen. Our feet needed the rest! We stayed at Seifuso in Yudanaka, which was lovely and inexpensive - our host drove us over to the park (we got a bus back). The food was excellent.
Day 5 Nagano and Hida Furukawa (~11,000 steps). We travelled from Yudanaka through to Hida Furukawa, stopping off at Nagano on the way to visit the Zenko-Ji temple. For lunch we picked up oyaki from Irohado in Nagano, which were delicious (there are 3 shops - one in the station, one in a mall outside the station, and one by the temple)! By the time we got to Hida Furukawa it was relatively late, so we just had dinner. We stayed at one of the Iori Stay apartments, which provide dinnebreakfast (vegan if specified in advance).
Day 6 Hida Furukawa and Takayama (~15,000 steps). We went to Takayama in the morning to visit the markets and see a few temples, as well as pick up some traditional sashiko for my mother-in-law. Then in the afternoon we chilled and walked around Hida Furukawa (shrines, shops and so on) - we had lunch at Sobasho Nakaya in Hida Furukawa, which has clearly marked vegan options. A number of other traditional soba shops have vegan options. There was a little sweet shop near the main street with the koi carp that sold yam-based mochi-type sweets and had a full list of ingredients you could look at.
Day 7 Kyoto (~20,000 steps). We arrived in Kyoto at about 1pm (picked up onigiri and snacks on the journey), and walked from our hotel (located on Shijo Dori) to Nijo Castle and then to the Imperial Palace gardens. We had dinner in AWOMB Nishikiyamachi, which was excellent (sushi).
Day 8 Kyoto (~30,000 steps). For breakfast today we found out our hotel couldn't accommodate our diet (whoops) and we ate cereal bars and mochi from the nearby Life supermarket. We mostly stayed around the Gion area this day and visited a lot of the temples and shrines there - Yasaka Jinja, Kyomizyu-dera, Kodai-Ji (picked up some dango here), Kennin-Ji and others. There is a little bamboo forest at Kennin-Ji which is much quieter than Arashiyama and in my opinion, nicer. We ate lunch at Uno Yukiko (vegan and gluten-free ramen). We also went to the Pokemon Centre in Kyoto! In the evening we ate dinner at the IMU Hotel (you had to book via instagram), and then headed over to Fushimi Inari at night. It was very quiet and highly recommended. We walked up to the first viewing point where you can see across Kyoto (my phone registered this as about 40 floors).
Day 9 Kyoto (~25,000 steps). For breakfast we headed over to the IMU hotel who alternate Japanese/Western breakfast by day. It was only 1000 yen, and really good. In the morning we headed to Arashiyama, and did the usual - the bridge, the bamboo forest (it was fine, very busy even early on) - and had matcha shaved ice with mochi for lunch nearby. Very healthy..! In the early afternoon we had a calligraphy class. After that, we went to Kinkakuji, then slowly walked across to the Kyoto Imperial gardens, stopping off at shops and for coffee on the way. We had dinner at Kanga-An - our most expensive meal, but delicious. You have to book in advance.
Day 10 Hakone (~12,000 steps). We sent our bags by takkyubin to Tokyo. We had breakfast at the IMU hotel and then travelled over to Hakone. It was not a clear day but we saw about 2/3 of Mt Fuji out of the window (you need to be in seats D/E on the shinkansen). Based on conditions we decided not to go down to Lake Ashi. We went to the Open-Air museum which was honestly a lot of fun, then hung out in our amazing ryokan (Fukuzumiro). We had our own private onsen and I wish we had spent another night here! It was not a cheap stay but it was wonderful.
Day 11 Tokyo (~23,000 steps). We arrived in Tokyo at about 11am, and went to our hotel to drop off our backpacks - and were able to check in early! To note, this is the only time we could ever check in before 3pm, although we could always drop off our bags. We were in Ginza again, and had lunch at Ain Soph Ginza (expensive compared to everywhere else, but tasty - you must book, it's very small). We visited a little shrine and then walked to Hamarikyu gardens were we had matcha and wagashi in the tea house. Then we walked down to the Tokyo ToweZojo-Ji to have a look around. Finally we headed back to Shibuya to wrap up any shopping and sightseeing, have dinner at Izakaya Masaka (so good we went twice!) and then did a little karaoke at Joysound by the station - a great end to our trip. On our way back we stopped off at Don Quijote Ginza for any final bits.
Day 12 Fly home. Because of changes to flight paths, our flight home ended up being much earlier than it was when we originally booked (moved to 9am). So we couldn't do anything that day but go to the airport. We flew with Japan Airlines [edit - from Tokyo Haneda airport] and everyone can go into the Sakura Lounge who flies with them as long as you don't have a discounted fare - nice and quiet, with a few limited vegan options for food (pasta). The vegan meals on the flight back were much better than the flight there - our snack on the way back was a sandwich, much better than a banana!
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2023.06.01 10:10 mortau An exciting new trend in app based ordering and rideshare: Folks accepting food delivery jobs and then gaming the other apps for multiple deliveries. Food either never picked up or delivered stone cold. Anyone else finding this?

Over the last couple of months I've had three separate instances which have required full refunds - all of them on Doordash, but I'm interested to see if anyone else is also getting this at the moment.
1) Random sunday noodle order - Dasher assigned to pick up, instead get to watch guy drive around the world. He obviously tried to just close the app because his name disappeared, but I was able to keep following his tracking. Sent dispute, and food eventually picked up 5 minutes before the place shut by another Dasher, and delivered almost 2 hours after the order. Stone cold.
2) Night time beer driven Maccas order - Dasher assigned, picks up food and starts coming towards me - only for his GPS to suddenly stop tracking. When it resumes tracking, he is suddenly coming from the complete opposite direction. I sent him a smart ass message asking if he was having trouble finding my unit. Guy arrives 60 minutes after order, and calls me to come out on to the street because, ironically, he "couldn't find the unit" (read: not a hard one to find by any stretch). Food stone cold. Blamed local road works for delay (unlikely, many alternative routes available).
3) Sunday lunch order, needed to deal with severe hangover - guy assigned and "waiting at restaurant"... For an hour. Doordash eventually allows us to cancel for a full refund before suggesting we reorder it to get the food remade, rather than a new Dasher assigned. Which is good for hygiene obviously but bad for waste. Two hours total from order to delivery.
Is it tips? Angling for a free meal through a cancellation? Like, just deliver the food? That's the role of the job?
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2023.06.01 09:42 midwestchauffeur Executive Chauffeur Service Perth: Luxury Transportation Redefined

Introduction: In the bustling city of Perth, where business and luxury meet, the demand for top-notch transportation services is ever-growing. Among the plethora of options available, the executive chauffeur service in Perth stands out as the epitome of luxury and professionalism. This article explores the many facets of this elite service and why it has become the preferred choice for discerning executives and individuals seeking a seamless travel experience.
  1. Unmatched Professionalism: When it comes to executive chauffeur services in Perth, professionalism is paramount. The chauffeurs undergo rigorous training to provide a level of service that goes beyond simply driving clients from point A to point B. They exude professionalism in their appearance, punctuality, and courteous demeanor, ensuring that every client feels like a VIP.
  2. Exquisite Fleet of Vehicles: One of the distinguishing features of an executive chauffeur service in Perth is the opulent fleet of vehicles at your disposal. From sleek sedans and luxurious SUVs to high-end limousines, the fleet is meticulously maintained to provide a comfortable and stylish journey. Each vehicle is equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a first-class experience throughout the ride.
  3. Personalized Itineraries: The executive chauffeur service in Perth goes beyond the standard transportation offerings. These services excel in providing personalized itineraries tailored to individual preferences. Whether it's attending a business meeting, a corporate event, or exploring the city's landmarks, chauffeurs are well-versed in local knowledge and can suggest the best routes and attractions based on your interests.
  4. Discretion and Confidentiality: For high-profile individuals and corporate executives, privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance. Executive chauffeur services in Perth understand the need for discretion and ensure that all client information remains confidential. Chauffeurs undergo strict background checks, giving clients peace of mind while conducting important conversations or handling sensitive matters during their journey.
  5. Time Efficiency: In today's fast-paced world, time is a valuable asset. Executive chauffeur services in Perth recognize this and strive to make every minute count for their clients. The chauffeurs are well-versed in navigating the city's traffic patterns, enabling timely arrivals at destinations. This allows clients to focus on their work or personal matters without the stress of driving or worrying about parking.
  6. Additional Services: Executive chauffeur services in Perth go the extra mile to exceed expectations. Many providers offer additional services such as airport transfers, concierge services, and event coordination. Whether you need assistance with luggage, booking a restaurant, or organizing a corporate event, the chauffeurs are there to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish.
Conclusion: The executive chauffeur service in Perth epitomizes luxury, professionalism, and convenience. With a focus on unmatched service, a premium fleet of vehicles, and personalized itineraries, these services cater to the needs of discerning individuals and executives seeking a seamless travel experience. Whether it's for business or leisure, opting for an executive chauffeur service in Perth ensures a journey that is both comfortable and memorable. So sit back, relax, and let the chauffeur handle the rest.
View Poll
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2023.06.01 08:01 Illustrious_Gold448 Help me choose a better option

Hello Mumbai, I am a north Indian currently working in Pune. I plan to take one day tour of Mumbai from Pune along with my wife and her sister (she will visit Mumbai for the first time). So my question to all of you is would you recommend that I take my personal car or should I use the public transport like shivneri, local, Mumbai darshan bus or normal taxis to make best use of one day tour.
Challenges I see with using my car is time lost in finding parking and best routes to avoid traffic jams.
Challenges I see with not using my car is convenience Help me choose.
Also any suggestion to must visit places or restaurants are also welcome.
My plan is to visit Siddhivinayak, Juhu, marine drive, gateway of India. Not in that order.
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2023.06.01 06:51 MangaloreMod Classifieds Q&A/ Rentals/ PGs/ Jobs & Internships/ Suggestions/ Recommendations - June 2023 Monthly Thread

Ask your everyday questions regarding Mangalore, Directions, Travel tips, Bus routes, accommodations, Rentals, Jobs, Food, cafe, restaurants here and have them answered by mangaloreans.
This monthly discussion thread is posted 1st of every Month morning at 9:00 am IST
No Links No Political Comments No Spam Be civil
Please refrain from sharing any personal information like phone number, mail ID.
Please exercise due diligence. Do your own background checks before closing any deal whatsoever. Any other events, threads, Directions, Travel tips, Bus routes, Rental and PG accommodation requests posted outside this thread will be removed.
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2023.06.01 06:39 Isanbard [R1S] San Francisco Bay Area -> Illinois

On the first part of the journey I was looking at all the life There were plants and birds and rocks and things There was sand and hills and rings — Some British Band
I'm taking my R1S on its first long trip! The cat and I are going from the San Francisco Bay Area in California to Illinois. The cat isn't used to being in a car or traveling. What could go wrong?!
The visit to Illinois isn't for fun. I'm spending a month there for random health stuff that's not the purpose of this post. But the trip there and back should be fun. I've never seen some of those states before, except from the air, which doesn't really count, neither does being in an airport in a state. We're going to rough it as well. I would love to have had the top-of-car tent, but it wasn't in the cards. Instead, we would find a campsite and sleep inside.
Nibbler (a.k.a. cat) and I (a.k.a. food giver) left on Memorial Day. Now, before you tell me how stupid I am, firstly I all ready know, but also everyone in the Bay Area heads to Tahoe for a long weekend (or really every weekend, if we're being honest). We got to skip some pretty bad traffic jams that we saw in the opposite lane.
I can't describe to you how beautiful the Sierra Nevadas are—the towering mountains, the Truckee River, the fresh air, the sudden drop with only a 6-inch lip of asphalt to keep you from tumbling to your doom, the sun. Arriving in Truckee, we pass Donner Lake. I reflect upon how the Donner Party left from my hometown, late in the year, and with far too much luggage for the trip (including an absolutely ridiculous two-story covered wagon). How they decided to take a route no one else had ever taken. How they ended up dying and eating each other. And I realize that I hadn't eaten for a good three hours and can empathize. Luckily, Truckee has some pretty good restaurants! Ahhh....Margherita Pizza...
There's a paradigm shift when you own an electric vehicle. You begin to notice how many gas stations there are and how few chargers are around you. There's a lot more planning around how far it is to the next charger. This comes around to bite me in the butt not once but twice on this trip. Though the first time I blame on the guidance system...
The day ends uneventfully. We set up "camp" at a place south of Silver Springs, NV.
The next day, the first butt biting!
To Be Continued
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2023.06.01 06:31 peachismile Trip Report: First trip to Japan, 8 days Mid-May (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto)

Hi everyone! Just came back from my first trip to Japan. It has always been my biggest dream to visit Japan since I was a kid and I'm so glad I finally got the chance to go! The trip was actually planned by my boyfriend who booked everything for us in May, which is my birthday month.
Make Reservations Months in Advance! We made reservations for cafes, activities, restaurants, and even trains months in advance to make sure we would be able to do everything we wanted; we were not taking any risks and we were so thankful for our reservations. Make sure to do your research about when to make reservations months in advance.
Pack and Travel Light. Japan isn't really suited for traveling with big luggage to haul around. The trains can get incredibly crowded, you’ll probably be walking around and using stairs frequently, and hotel rooms can be very small at times. I recommend bringing a small rolling luggage and a large backpack and only pack what you need. Leave some room in your luggage for souvenirs or snacks to bring back.
Get Yen immediately at the airport or at the nearest convenience store! You will definitely need yen for a good amount of places in Japan. My boyfriend and I tried to load money in our Suica but the machine we used only accepted yen. Luckily we found a nearby conbini that accepted our debit card but we couldn't use our credit cards for some reason because the atm required a pin number. I might have accepted Mastercard but we both didn't have one.
Bringing comfortable shoes is a must in Japan! I brought comfortable shoes and my feet still hurt by the third day because we were walking and standing most of the days. I also recommend buying Lion’s Foot Patch if you find it at a conbini (I think we bought them at Lawsons) as the gel patch felt so good after a long day of walking!
Plan more days to relax. Although I have no regrets doing all the fun things we planned for our trip, I do wish we had more rest days in Japan, especially when our feet were so sore and we were so sleep deprived from waking up early. I wish we would have stayed a full 2 weeks in Japan and planned relaxing things to do in between our activities like visiting an Onsen and staying in a Ryokan.
Get to popular places early! My boyfriend and I would wake up at 5am to get ready and beat the morning rush hour and to get to popular places before the crowds showed up, it definitely worked out well for us.
Use hotel luggage transport or lockers when necessary. The luggage transport was especially useful when traveling long distances and carrying luggage through the trains would just be a hassle. All we had to do was just talk to our hotel clerk and give him the information for our next hotel we would be sending it to, and the clerk did the rest of the work. The luggage would usually arrive 2 days after we sent it. For the rest of the time, we just used lockers at train stations to store our luggage as we went sightseeing.
Trip Report:
Sunday May 14: Arrival and TokyoDisney
Arrival at Narita Airport
Arrival was simple, fast, and easy. For immigration and customs, we just had to scan our QR codes and passport and also take a picture.
Yen situation
As we arrived at Disney by bus, we wanted to use the coin lockers to store our luggage. The lockers only took suica (maybe yen too) so we tried to buy a suica but the machines only took yen (it didn't look like it took foreign cards). We tried walking to 7/11but it was closed so we ended up just walking to our hotel to drop off luggage. We ended up spending more than an hour walking everywhere and only had 2 hours for Disney.)
Tokyo Disney
The only ride we had time for was the beauty and the beast ride and it was amazing! We loved our experience inside the castle and we were amazed how fluid the animatronics were. If I could recommend one ride in Disney it would be this one. We did have time to go on one more ride so we went on the Monsters Inc ride which was just a shooter game and was just okay.
Monday May 15: Tokyo- DisneySea
Before we went to disneysea, we wanted to try some convenience store food so we went to Lawsons and Family Mart. The convenience store food was delicious! The onigiri tastes better than the ones in the US, the chicken in the hot food section was so juicy and delicious! Definitely recommend eating the hot foods and drinks. We tried getting money out of the ATM with our Visa credit cards but it didnt work so we used our debit card because the atm required a pin number.
Tokyo Disneysea
We arrived at Disneysea almost an hour early and we still had to wait in line. After the gates opened, we went straight to Journey to the Center of the Earth, but it broke down before we were able to ride it. The staff did offer us a fast pass to use for the ride later when it would be fixed. When the ride was working again, we headed back, used the fast pass and immediately got on the ride. It was a fun. fast, and short ride. All the rides at disneysea are pretty short and are moderately thrilling. Afterwards, we went to the submarine ride, 20,000 leagues under the sea, which was a unique experience and a very chill ride. Next was the Indiana jones ride; it was fun and a much better ride than the one in california. Then we went to Tower of terror which wasn't too scary. We also went to Soaring which actually has really long lines and wait time but it was a cool experience. The ride with the longest line was probably toy story mania; we decided not to go on the ride because of the long lines and we've been to the one in california. Kings triton castle was the most beautiful area to look at and explore, our favorite part of the area was exploring ariel's trinket room. Lots of rides were closed the day we went so we didnt get to ride on the spirits roller coaster, autopia, and explorers. My favorite food i tried there was the Ukiwa bun.
We also got to eat at Magellan which is one of the more expensive dining options. We didn't make a reservation until that very same day but we luckily able to reserve a spot in the morning. The food was tasty and it was my first time going to a fancier kind of restaurant that offered 3 course meal that were all tiny portions. I got the cheaper option (around $40 or $60, i cant remember) and it was very delicious. My boyfriend got the most expensive option (around $100) and it tasted terrible! I wouldnt recommend getting the most expensive option there.
Tuesday May 16: Tokyo-Harajuku
We took the trains to get to Harajuku and it was a little overwhelming trying to figure out how to find our train the first few times but, after a while, it became a very easy process. We used google maps to find the trains we needed to take. Then at the train stations, we looked for signs with the name of the train line we needed and followed the arrows and asked for directions when we needed extra help. Then we used our suica card to tap into the specific station we needed to be at to find our train. Next we looked for the PLATFORM NUMBER our train would be arriving at and followed the signs for that number. Once at the platform, we confirmed if we were at the right place by making sure the ARRIVAL TIME, PLATFORM NUMBER, and TRAIN LINE on the digital signs matched the one from our google maps. Make sure to follow train etiquette by stepping to the side to let people out of the train and putting your backpack in front of you if the train is really crowded.
At Harajuku station, we put our luggage in coin lockers for the day so we could explore. We went to a conbini, grabbed some food for breakfast and went to Yoyogi park to eat since nothing was open at 7am. After eating, we went to Meiji shrine for a bit, which is also near yoyogi park, and then headed back to harajuku so we wouldn't be late for our mipig reservations.
Mipig cafe was our favorite cafe and one of our favorite experiences in japan! The pigs were so loving and friendly, they came right up to us and laid on our laps after the staff put some blankets on us. They were adorable and as many as 2-3 pigs would come up to us and sit on our laps. Some pigs would even get aggressive with other piggies if you gave one too much attention. Some pigs started chewing on my dress so I had to get another blanket to hide my dress from being eaten.
After Mipig, we wanted to get some food. We tried Marian crepes, candied strawberries, and some small cafes. We visited Anakuma cafe and it was definitely an interesting experience. A bear hand would come out of hole in the wall and give us candy and a coin to put in a gacha machine and it would also play rock paper scissor with us.
Next stop was Hedgehog cafe which i wouldnt recommend only because I learned later that hedgehogs are nocturnal and they were sleeping most of the time we were there. We ended up leaving early because there was not much to do as we felt bad disturbing the little guys.
Afterwards we visited the Kiddyland store and I enjoyed the studio ghibli section but they also had kirby, pokemon, and sanrio merchandise.
Next we took a train to team labs, we got there early but we had to wait until it was closer to our reservation time before we could line up. After getting inside we had to put our shoes and backpacks in lockers so we could go through the water exhibition first. They offer shorts if you are wearing dresses as some of the exhibitions have mirror floors. I wasnt too into the water exhibition but I did like the lights exhibition and flower exhibition the best. Overall it was a cool experience and I got some amazing photos out of it.
Shibuya sky
Lastly we went to shibuya sky. We also couldn't get inside until our reservation time started. The elevator ride up was pretty cool as they played a video on the ceiling. They have some restaurants and cafes near the top, I wish I came earlier to try them but we were so tired I didnt want to stay too long. The top of shibuya sky was outside and it was cold (i wish i brought a sweater) but it was incredibly beautiful, especially at night. It's a nice place to relax and look at views. This was probably my favorite sky building out of the three i went (shibuya sky, umeda sky, and tokyo skytree).
Wednesday May 17: Nagoya-Ghibli Park
Ghibli park
We left early morning to get on the train and avoid morning rush hour. We ended up taking the Nozomi train to Nagoya. We bought our shinkansen tickets at the JR ticket booth. We recommend reserving seats as its only a couple yen more and gives you peace of mind knowing you get to choose your seats. We also grabbed some ekibens which were delicious, my favorite was the blue one with mt. fuji on it. Next we had to take a bus to ghibli park which was actually very hard to find. We had to ask for help to find it. To pay for the bus, you can use a suica card or yen to pay as you board the bus.
We arrived super early, and put some of our bags in the lockers. We went to lawsons nearby and bought a ghibli park book which features the exhibitions inside. We walked around the park a bit before we were allowed to start lining up for our reservation times. There are also no trash cans at ghibli park so make sure you bring a trash bag with you to take all your trash back with you.
Around 12pm we went inside and went straight to the first exhibition (Becoming characters in Memorable Ghibli scenes) and there was already a line to get in. Once we got in we took pictures with Noface from spirited away, ponyo, princess mononoke scene, and many more movie scenes.
The next exhibition we went to was the food exhibition (Delicious! Animating Memorable Meals). You can't take pictures in that area but it was cool to be able to interact in the kitchen spaces from your favorite movie scenes. Also, in the end of this exhibition, you can take pictures with totoro and the cat bus!
We visited the ghibli store next because I heard the lines can get rather long at the end of the day and I bought some merchandise from there.
Afterwards, we took pictures at the central staircase, the castle in the sky scene, and the scene with Yubaba.
Next, we took the elevator down to the bottom floor and took pictures in the arietty scenes, it was cool feeling so tiny while everything was supersized!
Lastly we went to the bakery to get some sandwiches. Unfortunately, the food does sell out and there were not a lot of choices left by the time we got there. The food we got was okay but nothing special.
Osaka: Ichiran ramen
After Ghibli park we took the train to Osaka. In Osaka, we lined up to get into Ichiran ramen. We ordered our ramen through a vending machine and it gave us our ticket to give to our server. We were seated in these small cubicle areas but we were also able to close the partition in between us so my boyfriend and I could share our table space together. I thought it was a unique dining experience; it was cool not having to say a single word to our server, and the food was also delicious too.
Thursday May 18: Osaka-Universal Studios Japan
Got to USJ an hour before it opened and there were still super long lines! As the gates opened up, we ran to nintendoland to make sure we got in. We went to toadstool cafe to get ticket reservations but they didn't open until 9am so we decided to take the single rider line for the mario kart ride, it was a bad idea. For some reason the single rider line still took us 30 minutes to complete and it felt like it was going slower than the regular lines. The mario kart ride was cool, it used like a VR headset and you were able to shoot shells at others but I really didn't understand what was going on.
Toadstool cafe
We went back to toadstool but all the tickets were gone, I tried talking to one of the workers if they would offer tickets later but I don't think he understood what i was saying. He actually just let me in the line after I asked a few times if they had anymore tickets for the afternoon. After waiting in line and ordering, we grabbed our drinks and table number and sat down at our table. The drinks were delicious! Definitely recommend. We also ordered some kind of mushroom pesto soup and it was bomb! We recommend that too since they don't offer it in the California Universal. We also got peaches cake for like $30 which is supposed to be for 4 people but just the 2 of us ate it. It was light and fluffy and we recommend getting it as they also dont offer it in the California Universal. The staff also came by and offered to take pics of us which was so nice.
Next we bought the limited edition wrist bands and started playing some of the mini games. We played about 3 games before we decided to leave nintendo land and check out the other areas because we also bought a reserved time to get back into nintendoland to use our fastpass for the yoshi ride.
We had a fastpass for the Jurassic park ride so we went on that next. Make sure you are prepared to get wet cause you will get soaked at the end. Then we went to Hogwarts and watched some of the shows they offered and grabbed a meatpie. We didn't stay long here as we have already been to Hogwarts in california. Next we got in line for the mario strawberry shortcake pancake and it was delicious light and fluffy! I think we also had a fastpass ride for jaws and that ride was actually really cooler than I expected . The next fastpass ride was for despicable me ride so we did that one too and it was actually better than the california version. And lastly we went back to nintendoland to use our reservation time and our fastpass for the yoshi ride. It was a cute slow ride but it had nice views of the park. I enjoyed it even though it was a kiddy ride. Lastly, we had the yakisoba shells and melon lassi and both were delicious
By this time our feet were so sore from walking for days so we left early to go rest at our hotel. I ended up being so sore and tired I just knocked out early. My boyfriend bought Lions Foot Patches from Lawson and put them on my feet while i slept. They felt so nice and cool on my feet. I recommed getting those foot patches while you're in japan.
We woke up for a late dinner and got some nearby mcdonalds. I'm not a fan of mcdonalds in the US but i wanted to try japan's mcdonalds to see if its better. I honestly didn't like the Japan Mcdonalds either even though it does taste different, I'm not sure what the hype is about with the japanese mcdonalds. I found that japan's convenience store chicken was much juicer and tasted better than the mcdonalds chicken.
Friday May 19: Kyoto-Fushimi Inari Taisha, Nishiki market, Ninenzaka
Fushimi inari taisha shrine
We got to the shrine early, maybe around 7am,and it was not very crowded but there were still people there. It was raining a bit so luckily i brought my umbrella, unfortunately my boyfriend did not, this would haunt him later. We took a picture of a map to see which way to go to reach the top as there are different routes you can take. It was a gradual climb up but my boyfriend really struggled as his feet still hurt from the days before. The gates were beautiful and there were so many areas to look at and explore as we climbed. Unfortunately my boyfriend was tired and we were in a time crunch so we didn't explore every area but I wish I could have because this was the most beautiful place I had visited in Japan. As we neared the top it started to rain more heavily and my boyfriend ended up getting soaked. The top of the shrine was anticlimactic, but we took our picture and headed back down. On our way we stopped by the little stores and bought an umbrella for my boyfriend which we were thankful they had some. As we went down the steps in the rain, my boyfriend accidentally slipped and fell on his back pretty badly. He ended up with a deep gash on his finger as the blood gushed all over the floor. Luckily I had some tissues to wrap up his finger. We headed back down the mountain and bought some bandaids at a conbini store. We also bought some strawberry daifuku at a small little shop and it was the best daifuku I ate in Japan. The mochi was a great consistency and the strawberry was the juiciest strawberry i ever had. I wish i had bought more from there.
Nishiki market
We went to Nishiki market around 11am and it was super crowded while the path was so small and narrow. We literally had to push through the crowds at times because there were so many people, it was not a fun time for me. I also ended up losing my suica card somewhere around there. I'm also not the biggest fan of seafood but my boyfriend is so he ended up eating most of the food. We ended up not staying long for all those reasons and ended up going to a nearby store that sold all kinds of different food which I liked a lot better because there weren't crowds of people there.
Next we walked to Ninenzaka which was like a 30 minute walk. It was still raining so we were just looking for a place to stop and eat for a bit. We went to Kudamono cafe and got the cloud dessert. It was pretty good and fluffy and the dessert looked so pretty. Afterwards, we had room for more dessert so we tried Meccha cafe. We ordered the matcha tiramisu and the parfait. The matcha tiramisu was probably the best dessert i had in Japan, I definitely recommend getting it! We also visited Donguri and bought more totoro merchandise. At this point, my boyfriend was so tired and soaked from the rain we decided to go back to the hotel. We took the bus this time and it was packed! We had to push people just to get out.
Saturday May 20: Kyoto, Nara, Osaka
Arashiyama bamboo forest
We got to the bamboo forest early at 7am, there were a few people there but not too many like later in the day. I recommend going super early to beat the crowds. The bamboo forest was super short but it was still a cool area to check out and plus there are many things to do around the area. We walked to a nearby park next to a big river and the views were absolutely gorgeous! Kyoto is really breathtaking. After walking a while and checking out the scenery we headed back to the bamboo forest to board the Sagano Romantic Train.
Sagano Romantic Train
We had reserved seats for the Sagano Romantic Train and the views from the train were amazing! Get there early because you might have to do some minor paperwork stuff to print out your ticket if you reserved in advance. The reserved seating we had was in a train with no glass windows so you can just feel the air rushing through your hair as the train moves. Truly it was a memorable and fun experience with a lot of breathtaking nature views. After coming back to our initial departure spot on the train, we left for Monkey Park.
Monkey Park
We rushed over to Monkey park and by this time the streets of kyoto became much crowded as we had to dodge pedestrians left and right. We paid a fee to get into the monkey park and hiked our way up to the park, there were a couple benches to take rest if needed. At the top, you can see monkeys running around and playing with one another. We went inside a little building where you can buy food for the monkeys and feed them through windows covered with a mesh net. We didnt stay long as we had a full schedule planned for the day so we left to go catch a train to Nara but we did eat some amazing street food on the way. I don't know why but the street food in Kyoto was so delicious, the best I had in Japan probably.
We arrived at Nara from the trains and went straight to Nakatanidou for some mochi and it was packed with people! It was even hard trying to get a space to watch them make the mochis. It was cool to experience the mochi making and to taste the mochi but I probably wouldn't go back there again because of the crowds.
Nara Park
After the mochis, we walked to Nara park and it was amazing! There were so many deers and they were so friendly and polite! This was my favorite part of nara for sure. For a few yen, we bought some crackers and found some deers that would bow everytime they wanted a cracker, it was too cute. The deers were literally everywhere, on the streets and even at temples.
There were lots of shrines around the area but we came pretty late so most of them were closing up but the ones we did see were pretty neat to look at. We also ate some udon at a little restaurant next to a small lake, the views of the lake were amazing from inside the restaurant.
After Nara, we came back to Osaka and the streets were so crowded at night. I tried shopping at don quixote but there were just to many people to weave through that I just decide to give up and try a 10 yen cheese bread near the store. The line was kind of long but I decided to try it out, it was actually really big, not that good, and made my stomach hurt. I would not be getting that again haha
Matsusakagyu Yakiniku Restaurant
My boyfriend had reserved this place for Thursday but we were so tired that day that we decided to cancel our reservation. We decided to try to go in person on this day to see if we could get in. We were lucky that they had a spot available and we ordered a platter of A5 wagyu beef for more than $100 US dollar. Im not really a meat person but the beef was very tender and delicious and the service was very good. They took pictures of me and my boyfriend and gave me free ice cream for my birthday.
Sunday May 21: Tokyo-Joypolis, Akihabara, skytree
The next morning we took the Nozumi back to Tokyo and headed straight to joypolis. We got tickets that allowed us to go on pretty much any ride there. Joypolis was small but had some interesting and unique rides and attractions. My favorite was the rhythm rollercoaster where you play rhythm games on a small roller coaster. We also played a VR Laser tag which was actually pretty fun even though I dont really play VR. There was an Attack on Titan walkthrough attraction that was completely in Japanese so I didnt understand any of it but it had some very cool props inside. The other interesting attraction was a scary house, where you have to get into these lockers and a girl comes and bangs on them and then the lockers flip you back horizontally. It wasnt that scary but it was pretty unique.
Next we went to Akihabara just to check out but we were actually super tired so we didnt stay long. We went to a couple stores but to be honest it was actually kind of boring as I am no longer as into anime as I was when I was a kid so we ended leaving akihabara fairly quickly.
Tokyo Skytree
Instead of going to akihabara I kind of wish I just went to the tokyo skytree shopping area because there was so much cool things to do there! They have a pokemon center, a kirby cafe, studio ghibli shop, and so many stores to shop or restaurants to eat at! We also went to the top of skytree but it honestly wasnt worth the money as the very top didnt have that much stuff and we just had to wait in these super long lines to get both up and down the skytree. After the skytree, we found a yakitori spot and ate some beef skewers which were delicious. We wished we went restaurant hopping more as there were just so many places to eat in this area.
Monday May 22: Ueno Park and Departure
Ueno park
Before we left to the airport, we visited Ueno park which was only a few blocks away from our hotel. It had a beautiful lake which was covered with some sort of lily pads. The park was pretty big and it was nice just walking around the area.
Life Mart
We decided to stop at Life Mart to get some food before we left to the airport. The Meat was so delicious and was so cheap, and it had different options from conbinis. We took train back to Narita Airport, this train I think you have to reserve in advance.
Narita airport
Going back through immigrations and customs and tsa was super easy and fast. We recommended getting lunch or snack early because there were pretty long lines as our departure time approached.
We also bought Tokyo Banana for souvenir snacks to bring back to our families, its very delicious!
For pictures of my trip you can take a look at my Instagram: martha_o93
In the end, visiting Japan was better than I could ever imagine and I just cant wait to go back! Please let me know what your favorite parts of Japan are and what other areas in Japan I must check out!
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“… the body proportions are not anything to ogle at”
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2023.06.01 05:49 PotentialBeginning77 Choi’s Garden back open for business!!!! (Same location)

Choi’s Garden back open for business!!!! (Same location)
Just drove past today and was about to cry thinking about the spicy kalbi tang but to my surprise saw the OPEN neon sign! And then checked Google and low and behold, they did some renovations and have reopened!!! Thank you lord! 🙏
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2023.06.01 05:32 Tennyx3 PSA PUYALLUP DWA7 3.5hr route = 4hr route

Puyallup DWA7 Washington 3.5 hour routes are really 4 hour routes. I got so screwed today. Picked up a 3.5 hour route 46 packages 45 stops. This was ridiculous. It’s the same route as their 4 hour route. But for cheaper pay. Just wanted to make this PSA.
Thank you.
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2023.06.01 05:15 VortexTalon Ah yes the fastest mating pattern

Ah yes the fastest mating pattern
"He's too fast"
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2023.06.01 04:23 travisthechimp999 Navy drone over the Chesapeake second time this week

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2023.06.01 04:10 kyrene520 Future Development Trends of Outdoor LED Electronic Screens

Future Development Trends of Outdoor LED Electronic Screens
Build a platform
Significantly reducing the vacancy rate of advertising screens is not only a marketing method issue, but also requires breakthroughs in technology, as well as innovative incentives in concepts and systems. Programmed purchasing has tasted the sweetness of online digital media advertising practices and opened up new niches for big data-based marketing. However, the fragmentation integration of digital outdoors scattered everywhere, first of all, requires a programmed purchase platform (APP) that can easily purchase vacant time slots and quickly launch advertisements anywhere, at any time, by anyone and for any reason (Any Place, Any Time, Any One, Any Thing). The cancellation of outdoor advertising registration in Shanghai Pudong, approved by the State Council, has created institutional conditions.
Reduce energy consumption
Logically speaking, there is nothing in the world that cannot be sold. Many large screens have a vacancy rate of over 70% because their advertising prices cannot attract enough brand advertising. The fundamental reason for the high prices is not only the high purchase price at the beginning, but also the high cost of electricity and energy. LED billboards in the United States have also been questioned by environmentalists, stating that these all-weather LED billboards consume 30-46 times more energy than ordinary American households. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has issued a warning to reduce electricity consumption by five sixths, which requires a reduction in electricity consumption per square meter from 660 watts to 110 watts. Today, some LED screen manufacturers in China are capable of achieving 100 watts. Mesh Screen is a good option.
Self media
LED electronic displays in outdoor spaces have localized attributes and information radiation service radius. Any large screen has the intention of becoming a visual coordinate in that area. Why isn't everything satisfactory? The relevance of the content is insufficient. Many of the content has nothing to do with the audience of passersby passing by, and even has nothing to do with small and medium-sized shops in the surrounding area. It is also known as the power of forced viewing by outdoor media. At present, the industry generally values big customers, but the advertising presence of big brands has fallen short of the media volume. The key to the improvement of China's general consumption level lies in the improvement of small companies and individuals' consumption levels. With the outdoor screen program purchase platform, LED screens can be cut and filled with fragmentation vacant time with more customers, less frequency and low price through smart phones, attracting a large number of residents, shops, restaurants, etc. in surrounding communities to become advertisers of self-produced content, adding a heavy touch of color to everyone's Chinese dream, and making the Chinese etiquette of "birthday, congratulation" on the big screen, Make the consumption of large screen happy information a shared economic habit for residents' daily consumption.
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2023.06.01 02:50 kjt3599 Tips/Suggestions for a Low-Budget solo round trip

I am a 24 year old photographer about to embark on my first big photography project. I'm taking solo round-trip from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Santa Cruz, California to New York City, taking as many memorable shots along the way.
This is obviously a big stretch... even for me, so I am doing it on a low budget. Aside from potential photo ops along any of these routes, I'm looking for free campsites, cheap motels, restaurants, rest areas, etc . . .
Any tips/ suggestions would be very helpful this summer.
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2023.06.01 02:20 COD_Mobile_Official Call of Duty: Mobile - May 31st Community Update

Call of Duty: Mobile - May 31st Community Update
Greetings Call of Duty: Mobile Community! Get ready to dive into the chaos because Season 5 – Get Wrecked! is live now. This season is full of anarchy and complete with new modes, content, and ways to play. In this launch Community Update we will be covering the new mode Search & Rescue, Tournaments updates, the Battle Pass, Seasonal Challenges, Bug fixes, and more! Now if you haven’t seen our official Season 5 – Get Wrecked! launch trailer let's watch it now -
As always, let’s start with a quick look at all the newest events launching throughout the next week:
  • Every Weekend (Friday – Sunday) ~ Tournament Mode
  • 5/30 – 6/05 ~ Shipment 1944
  • 5/30 – 6/05 ~ Favela
  • 6/01 – 6/08 ~ Detonation Dilemma (Featured event)
  • 6/01 – 7/05 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 6/01 – 6/07 ~ BR Sniper Isolated
  • 6/01 – 7/05 ~ Blind Date (Seasonal challenge)
  • 6/02 – 6/04 ~ 10v10 Collection
  • 6/03 – 6/16 ~ Liquid Light Draw
  • 6/06 – 6/12 ~ Attack of the Night
  • 6/06 – 6/12 ~ Night Life (Featured event)
  • 6/06 – 6/08 ~ Snipers Only
*All Dates UTC
In addition to all of the modes and events listed above, this season has a ton of new content coming like new operators and blueprints. You can see some of the new content that is coming now and later in the Season in our Roadmap below –
Battle Pass
The Season 5: Get Wrecked! Battle Pass is now live! This new pass features the Epic operators: Rampage, Synaptic, Sims, and Roze. The weapons in the pass include the Switchblade X9, AK117, ZRG 20mm, Shorty, and the new weapon the FFAR 1. Also in the Battle Pass is the new MP scorestreak the Guardian, as well as a variety of other items and blueprints. Below you’ll find highlights of both the free and paid versions of the Battle Pass, as well as our Battle Pass trailer so you can see the operators and weapons in action!
Free Battle Pass
  • Echo Greande – Breakaway (tier 1)
  • Parachute – Breakaway (tier 4)
  • Sticker – Control the Masses (tier 8)
  • New MP Scorestreak – The Guardian (tier 14)
  • Calling Card – Ground Assault (tier 16)
  • Shovel – Breakaway (tier 18)
  • New Weapon – FFAR 1 (tier 21)
  • ATV – Breakaway (tier 26)
  • LK24 – Broken Hearts (tier 28)
  • QXR – Broken Hearts (tier 31)
  • Charm – Noble Sacrifice (tier 34)
  • Hacker – Breakaway (tier 36)
  • EM2 – Broken Hearts (tier 38)
  • Flashbang Grenade – Breakaway (tier 41)
  • Backpack – Breakaway (Tier 46)
  • Hades – Broken Hearts (tier 50)
Premium Pass
  • Synaptic – Neutralizer (tier 1)
  • Shorty – Patched (tier 1)
  • KRM-262 – Your Friends (tier 1)
  • Calling Card – Burn! (tier 1)
  • Backpack – Misconduct (tier 5)
  • Rampage – Showdown (tier 10)
  • ZRG 20mm – Holy Roman (tier 12)
  • Charm – Winner’s Wink (tier 15)
  • Echo – Your Friends (tier 19)
  • Emote – Take It Back (tier 20)
  • Switchblade X9 – Treachery (tier 30)
  • Sims – Regulator (tier 35)
  • Backpack – Your Friends (tier 39)
  • AK117– Corporate Issue (tier 40)
  • Cryo Bomb – Your Friends (tier 44)
  • FFAR 1 – Burnt a Cinder (tier 50)
  • Roze – Smokey Skies (tier 50)
On top of everything else in the pass, there is also a Battle Pass Bundle which comes with the following five epic items and a BP tier earn-rate boost:
~ Parachute – Burgundy Leather~ Prizefighters – Burgundy Leather~ Avatar – Rough Kickers~ Frame – Burgundy Leather~ Calling Card – Furious Explosion
And on top, of that, we have our Ground Forces Subscription! Join Ground Forces and unlock the following –
  • Premium Battle Pass
  • Hunter – Infantry (Epic)
  • MAC 10 – Mollusk Majesty (Epic)
  • Backpack – Mollusk Majesty (Epic)
  • 50% off 10x Crate Pulls 3 times per month
  • + 10% Player XP
  • + 10% Weapon XP
Battle Pass Vault
In addition to our Battle Pass offer, we have our usual Battle Pass from the past in our Battle Pass Vault. This season in the Battle Pass Vault is the 2021 Battle Pass from Season 5: In Deep Water. This means if you happened to miss the In Deep Water Battle Pass the first time now is your chance! The Battle Pass Vault In Deep Water will include –
  • Otter – Backstroke (Epic)
  • BK57 – Counter Stealth Unit (Epic)
  • QXR – Close Catch (Epic)
  • Merrick (Epic)
  • Roze – Foreshadow (Epic)
  • DR-H – Rebreather (Epic)
  • PP19 Bizon – Devilfish (Epic)
  • Rorke – Man Hunter (Epic)
  • CR-56 AMAX – Torpedo (Epic)
  • and more!
If you want to check out some of these items and action, throw it back with our Season 5 – In Deep Water Battle Pass Trailer –
Search & Rescue
Search & Rescue is the newest mode coming to Call of Duty: Mobile in Season 5 – Get Wrecked! This mode was seen in both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and is a combination of Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed, with some additional elements added.
In Search & Rescue, players will be split into two teams of 5 with one team attacking and starting with the bomb to deploy, and then one team defending and looking to defuse the bomb if it does get deployed. A round is won if the bomb is either diffused or explodes or if all the players on a team are eliminated. However, when a player from either team gets eliminated, they will drop dog tags that can be picked up by either their teammates or enemies. If a teammate picks up your dog tags, they will be able to revive you and get you back into the action - revived players will then appear back at their spawn point. If an enemy picks up your dog tags you will remain eliminated until the next round. Players will only drop dog tags the first time they are eliminated per round.
This mode will be available all season long so be sure and hop in and get those clutch diffuses, aces, and more while you can!
Tournaments Updates
Season 5 – Get Wrecked! brings a few improvements to our Tournaments mode. If you aren’t familiar, Tournaments is a weekend-only mode where players can play the active Tournaments game modes to earn rewards! In previous seasons of Tournaments, only one game mode was active per weekend for Tournaments, but now there will be two modes active for each weekend – one for Battle Royale and one for Multiplayer. The schedule of the active game modes for Tournaments for the season can be found below -
  • Weekend 1 (6/02 - 6/04)
    • Battle Royale mode – Alcatraz
    • Multiplayer mode – Ground War
  • Weekend 2 (6/09 - 6/11)
    • Battle Royale mode – Alcatraz
    • Multiplayer mode – Big Head Blizzard
  • Weekend 3 (6/16 - 6/18)
    • Battle Royale mode – Alcatraz
    • Multiplayer mode – 10v10 Kill Confirmed
  • Weekend 4 (6/23 - 6/25)
    • Battle Royale mode – Alcatraz
    • Multiplayer mode – Sticks & Stones
  • Weekend 5 (6/30 - 7/02)
    • Battle Royale mode – Alcatraz
    • Multiplayer mode – Ground War
There have also been updates to the content player can get from Tournaments. Players can now use the 1CP coupons on Mythic card crates. Players can also now earn Tournament camos on melee weapons! To gain access to melee camos players will need to first collect a specific number of Tournament camos of primary weapons.
Seasonal Challenges
Blind Date
Launching along with the new season is the first seasonal challenge of Season 5 – Get Wrecked! - Blind Date. This Seasonal Challenge will have players using the RUS-79U in various situations to complete tasks. This Seasonal Challenge will also be how players earn the new signature attachment for the RUS-79U – the Tactical Flashlight. Completing all of the tasks in this challenge will earn you 17,000 BP XP as well as the following -
  • Death Angel Alice – Laughtrack (shard)
  • MSMC - Opposition
  • Signature Attachment – Tactical Flashlight
  • Silver Crate Coupon
Timeout – fixed. A fix went out for this bug earlier this week, which should have resolved this issue for all players. If you have the most recent update and are still experiencing this issue please comment below.
Missing Event Tab – fixed. Similar to the timeout bug a fix went live for this earlier this week that should have resolved this issue for all players. Please let us know in the comments below if you are still experiencing this bug and have the latest update.
Ranked Matchmaking – adjusted. The Ranked Matchmaking has been adjusted, specifically for higher ranking players where they should be able to find matches with less of a wait time.
Missing Champs Button – fixed. The Champs button was briefly missing in-game. This should be resolved now.
Battle Pass Vault Timer - investigating. Players are reporting seeing a 90-day timer on Battle Pass Vaults in their *purchased* section of the Battle Pass Vault. This timer should only appear for Battle Pass Vaults not in the purchased section. This graphical error should be fixed in the next major update (Season 6)
Support Options
This a brand new season with a ton of new content so please report any issues you may be seeing in-game. As always, we appreciate all of you who take the time to report these bugs in our Community spaces. Our teams are regularly monitoring those, so thank you to anyone who reports any issue (big or small) and helps make the game better for everyone.
Lastly, outside of community channels, which are not great options for individual bugs just affecting you, our two main two official support options are below:
  • In-game support chat
  • Player Support Website: Contact Us
That’s all for this Community Update! Below we have attached our seasonal patch notes full of all of the updated content, bug fixes, and weapon balances. We hope you enjoy the new season and see you all in the next update!
- The Call of Duty: Mobile Team

Map Update

Armada Strike
Armada Strike is coming! Soldiers will engage in intense battles on this ship with clear routes and multiple floors waiting for you to explore and engage the enemy in!

Mode Update

[NEW MODE] Search & Rescue
Revive your teammates and fight together to defend or destroy the objectives in Search & Rescue!

[NEW SPECIAL PLAYLIST] Limitless Potential
Struggling to earn Scorestreaks in Shipment? Struggling with long-range headshots? Struggle no more with the new mode Limitless Potential -A limited-time mode that adjusts core rules, bringing you a unique gaming experience! Stay tuned for the release of more game modes!

[OPTIMIZED] Big Head Blizzard
Adjusted movement speed of Blizzard Beast.
Adjusted maximum speed reduction of Blizzard Beast.
Adjusted the melee damage of Blizzard Beast.
Reduced the damage of RPD in Big Head Blizzard.

[OPTIMIZED] Ground War
Optimized deployment interface.
Soldiers can now respawn with vehicles in the deployment interface.
More vehicles are now available in Ground War, including Shrike AAV and Kriegshammer.

Ranked Match
Optimized the calculation logic of new rankings when series resets.

Scorestreaks/Operator Skill

A deployable device that projects a cone of microwave radiation that slows enemies and deals a small amount of damage.

-----Battle Royale-----

Gameplay Update

Knight's Covenant
T-3 Containers were scattered around the battleground. Soldiers can help Templar collect and convert them to obtain supplies in Battle Royale.
Conversion efficiency is at its highest when stopping the pointer at the center. The higher conversion efficiency, the better supplies you will obtain.

New Throwable - Trophy System
A deployable autonomous defense system that destroys incoming explosives.

Other Updates

Ground War: Skirmish
Reduced the overheat speed of chain gun on the Combat Helicopter when firing.

BR Training Ground
Some BR Classes are available in BR Training Ground. Practice and hone your skills!

Properly reduced the drop rate of the Kinetic Armor Overcharger and the Backpack Lv.3 according to the research data and players' feedback.

Weapon Rotation:

Assault Rifle: AK-47, M4, LK24, KN-44, CR-56 AMAX, M13, Kilo 141, Krig 6, EM2, FFAR 1
Sniper Rifle: XPR-50, Arctic .50, DL Q33
SMG: RUS-79U, Cordite, QQ9, PP19 Bizon, MAC-10, KSP 45, LAPA, OTs 9
Shotgun: BY15, HS0405, KRM-262
Marksman: Kilo Bolt-Action, SKS


New Weapon

New Assault Rifle - FFAR 1
High fire-rate assault rifle with excellent mobility and powerful damage in medium to close range, but at the cost of high sprint-to-fire delay.

New Signature Attachment

RUS-79U - Tactical Flashlight
A Tactical Flashlight can be used for a limited time, and it can significantly disrupt the sight of a direct target before the battery runs out.

Weapon Optimization

Added a slight deflection effect to weapons when firing according to the current recoil direction.
Weapon Performance Optimization: LK24, HBRa3, HVK-30, Arctic .50, PDW-57, Razorback, MSMC, HG 40, Pharo, Cordite
3P Animation Optimization: FHJ-18, KRM-262
Fixed a bug that has been in the game for awhile. The bug has caused the weapon with high lateral recoil to trigger abnormal reverse lateral recoil while turning the view during firing.

-----Other Update-----

Tournament Update
  1. Each week, an MP mode and a BR mode will be available in Tournament, and progress towards milestones are shared between the two. Soldiers can choose their preferred mode to participate in.
  2. Added a new way to obtain camos of the melee weapon - unlock by acquiring camos of a certain gun type armory.
  3. Previous seasonal camos are going to be rotated from this season, S1 camo "Red Sprite" and the shards of the MVP emote will be not available in S7; Rewards in previous seasons will also be released via other engagement events. Stay tuned.
Level limitation was adjusted to 300, and Epic rewards of Dark Fiber and Cosmos series are joining the rewards pool.

-----Balance Adjustment-----

Balance Adjustment


The ADS flashes will no longer be bonded with any gun types. Different flashing effects will be triggered when a weapon is equipped with any optics above 4X (including default optics of Sniper Rifle).
Range: Increased
Range: Adjust
Damage: Increased
FR .556
Damage: Increased
Range: Adjusted
Basic range: Increased
Echo Fire Mod
Recoil debuff: Reduced
Damage: Increased
ADS speed: Increased
Kilo 141
Chest damage multiplier: Increased
Damage: Increased
Range: Increased
Head damage multiplier: Increased
Chest damage multiplier: Increased
ADS bullet spread: Reduced
Movement speed: Increased
ADS speed: Increased
Vertical recoil amplitude: Reduced
Range: Adjusted
Damage: Increased
Range: Increased
Range: Increased


ADS bullet spread: Reduced (MP Only)
ADS bullet spread: Reduced (MP Only)
MP Operator Skill/Tactics
Bull Charge
Duration: Reduced
Shadow Blade
Added reduction of damage-taken when Equalizer activated
Lethality scale: Reduced
Motolov Cocktail
Duration: Reduced
Stim Shot
Speed buff: Slightly reduced
Unit Support
Recharge bonus: Increased


Accuracy of aim assist: Slightly reduced
ADS bullet spread: Increased
ADS bullet spread: Increased
ADS bullet spread: Increased
BR Class
Cannot select the same Class as your teammate's when respawned.
Rewind time: Reduced 8s→6s
Ravage Launcher
Missile speed: Reduced 50→38
Ravager Launcher HP: Reduced
Shock Wave
Damage: Reduced 60/80 → 50/60
Reduced available charging amounts to 1 before upgrading.
Charging speed: Reduced
Available to recharge twice
Air strike radius: Increased 5→8m
Cluster amount: Increased 4/6→6/9
Available to use twice after upgrading
Cannot deploy two Transform Shield at the same time
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