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2023.06.01 17:19 Throwawayfr7 32 [M4F] France/Europe - French nerd looking for someone to talk to, share interest and conversations on long term and maybe more if we get along well !

Tired of all dating app, not getting match pr having useless conversation where the girl just vanish after 2 sentences for no reasons, so I'm trying my luck here, not sure if it's worth but what do I have to lose honeslty ?
So, I'm a 32 year old guy and I'm living in France, North west to be a little bit more precise. And I'd like to find someone to get to know and see where things could go, it would be way too optimistic to say that I'm looking for someone to be in relationship but that would be my goal.
I could describe myself but I think the best is to show you a pic of me (please ignore the yellow jacket, it was for work purpose), that way you know who you're talking to right away, no disapointment or anything when I send you this !
As for my hobbies, I'm a big nerd, not gonna lie. I love playing video games, mostly on PC but I have a PS4 and a Switch too. My main online games would be LOL and I always try to find new games to play. I love to play solo games a lot, currently spamming Zelda of course !
I like watching movies, I'm a big Lord of the Ring and Star Wars fan, but Hook is still the best movie ever !
I like reading mangas, I have quite a nice collection. My favorite are FMA, MHA, GTO, One Piece and Fire Force.
I'm not really an artist but I like to paint Warhammer 40k. Blood Angels to be more precise. I would be happy to share some pics with you if you're interested !
I like cooking a little bit too, but not that much for myself, I prefer sharing this with someone. I can make you ramen, or waffle, or something else !
It would be great if we could share some of these hobbies so we can share and recommand some things to each other !
If you could be in France it would be perfect but I'd accept if you're not too far away, like in Belgium or UK ! You read this far ? Good ! That means you're interested ?Well you can send me a message with a little bit about yourself !
I hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.06.01 17:18 Throwawayfr7 32 [M4F] France/Europe - French nerd looking for someone to talk to, share interest and conversations on long term and maybe more if we get along well !

Tired of all dating app, not getting match pr having useless conversation where the girl just vanish after 2 sentences for no reasons, so I'm trying my luck here, not sure if it's worth but what do I have to lose honeslty ?
So, I'm a 32 year old guy and I'm living in France, North west to be a little bit more precise. And I'd like to find someone to get to know and see where things could go, it would be way too optimistic to say that I'm looking for someone to be in relationship but that would be my goal.
I could describe myself but I think the best is to show you a pic of me (please ignore the yellow jacket, it was for work purpose), that way you know who you're talking to right away, no disapointment or anything when I send you this !
As for my hobbies, I'm a big nerd, not gonna lie. I love playing video games, mostly on PC but I have a PS4 and a Switch too. My main online games would be LOL and I always try to find new games to play. I love to play solo games a lot, currently spamming Zelda of course !
I like watching movies, I'm a big Lord of the Ring and Star Wars fan, but Hook is still the best movie ever !
I like reading mangas, I have quite a nice collection. My favorite are FMA, MHA, GTO, One Piece and Fire Force.
I'm not really an artist but I like to paint Warhammer 40k. Blood Angels to be more precise. I would be happy to share some pics with you if you're interested !
I like cooking a little bit too, but not that much for myself, I prefer sharing this with someone. I can make you ramen, or waffle, or something else !
It would be great if we could share some of these hobbies so we can share and recommand some things to each other !
If you could be in France it would be perfect but I'd accept if you're not too far away, like in Belgium or UK ! You read this far ? Good ! That means you're interested ?Well you can send me a message with a little bit about yourself !
I hope to hear from you soon!
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2023.06.01 17:18 Denizci_Olmak_Var Hot Take: Dragon’s CoC Haki will be better than Shanks!!! This man formed 5 Great Armies for a single purpose and is still moving towards his goal with sure steps. MONKEY D. DRAGON IS A ABSOLUTE MONSTER

Hot Take: Dragon’s CoC Haki will be better than Shanks!!! This man formed 5 Great Armies for a single purpose and is still moving towards his goal with sure steps. MONKEY D. DRAGON IS A ABSOLUTE MONSTER submitted by Denizci_Olmak_Var to OnePiecePowerScaling [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 17:18 permanentburner89 The importance of context (and why you have more tools than you think) - Analysis of "Last Night" by Morgan Wallen

As many of us here know, much of popular music is made up of relatively simple chord progressions.
For an example I figured I'd just look at the current billboard 100. Right now the top spot at #1 is "Last Night" by Morgan Wallen. Took a listen and it sounds like the entire song is:
B, C#sus, D#min
Basically: IV - V - vi or, as I would usually think of it in my own brain, the relative minor VI - VII - i
Now, I suspect many young composers may start a song the same way and think, "this is boring. I'm not doing enough harmonically. I don't know how to write harmonies."
To that I'd say: take a step back. What is your goal? Are you trying to write a song that's under 3 minutes?
There are lots of relevant questions to help gain context, but more often than not, if you're writing a relatively short song, a 3 chord progression such as VI-VII-i is going to be more than enough.
But how? Why does it work? I'm not going to go over why the progression itself works, but rather why this is a (in my opinion and apparently the opinion of millions of others) decent song.
The progressions is familiar, which is something you want in a pop (this is popular country but I'm going to call it pop). The song also follows a couple of classical theory "rules". On the guitar, at least (which is the primary instrument in this song besides vocals) you don't have parallel 5ths or octaves. You also have a focal point in the melody. The vocals also have a focal point.
Now these rules don't necessarily need to be followed by any means to have a good song, but they can help create what I call "safety nets" to your song which can potentially help it from feeling repetitive, even with a 3 chord progression that repeats the entire song.
With a simple progression like this, you've also left room for the singer to have an easier time doing whatever they want vocally. And in vocal-centric music, this is a good thing.
Once the guitar part and vocals are in place, you've got something quite decent. It may or not be enough by itself, and that's where embellishments and harmonies come in. The popular country songs I have heard (admittedly not that many) frequently put third harmonies over the vocals to help beef up the vocal part.
So with a simple progression in a very repetitive song, you've actually made quite a few moves that require nothing more than relatively basic theory knowledge that help make it into a hit.
At each point in the writing process, nothing particularly crazy was done, but each part was (probably) written a bit thoughtfully with the context of the rest of the song in mind. This is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why so many popular songs can sound good with a relatively simple structure. And I believe that this is accessible to anybody who has learned scales and chords, and understands the basics of choeled progressions.
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2023.06.01 17:18 Youkilledpaula I would dispose of all my current belongings and start fresh.

I kinda have a tendency to buy things over the year, some are essentials, some are stuff I’m never gonna use again. Some are stuff I **haven’t** used again so far. It’s sort of a hoarding problem, but nothing near what you would see on those hoarding TV shows. Like bruh if I have some trash lying around, I throw it out lmao. Do the house cleaning, all that. Just the occasional things that sit on the couch, and you chuck it on the bed if ya wanna sit there. Vice versa. Chuck it in the closet so it‘s out of the way.
Anything NOT essential . I would biff and start clean. Become minimalistic and admire all the available space my “crap” isn’t piled up on. Donate all my clothes, buy new ones. Donate all the stuff I plan to biff.
I’d live that life with all the basic technology essentials like tablet/computephone/TV. Buy full on new kitchen appliances and all that stuff. Love my cooking. I would move to Australia and rent out an apartment on a floor >70. Looking at around 70 thousand AUD a year in rent (give or take), quite cheap if you’re a millionaire. I would buy an electric car. And I would invest money into trying to achieve my career goals I have in mind so if that works out, then I‘m easily confirmed/set for life with the additional earnings. I would work out in the gyms they have in the building, achieve physique goals. Enjoy the infinity pools with the amazing view of 70+ stories high. Enjoy the gourmet service of the chefs here n there.
Yeah funnily enough, I wouldn‘t have a shopping spree type addiction. Anything that can be purchased virtually, I’d buy that over physically. I would definitely go visit my dad and told him I won the lottery. Probably would be the one of the first things I do (tied with financial advisor and lawyer). My dad definitely won’t be that stereotype who betrays you and sucks the money out of you. He’s worked his whole life and is past retirement age but with some unlucky investments, he still has to work 7 more years to pay the rest off. He loves travelling and does it maybe once a year. He’s never taken sick leave. Telling my mum, brother and sister would be a little more complicated. Can definitely see them being greedy and wanting me to buy them everything.
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2023.06.01 17:17 IsiahE4112 My Star Wars Story

I made a character and this sotry for star wars (i made this story for my English finals, i had a month to make it and got an A on it), the characters name is Saya Eban and is a character I have been thinking of for over a decade now (im not in my 2nd decade so since i was super young). Saya at this time is 13-14 years old and was given inspiration by almost all the other jedi and also star killer. He is human and with reliance on the force he can live up to 1000 years with hi peak being between 35, 40 ish to around 800 years of age. In terms of prime power level and potential, in my canon he is 3rd most powerful character just underneath luke and anikan Skywalkers, but could contend with them at some points. Little background: he was a prodigy in school before he became a padawan, he always had an intrest in a character named Ahsoka Tano but never became more than friends because of the Jedi teachings. He was a fast learning youngling and became a padawan earlier than most other younglings, becaming a padawan at the age of 11 - 12. He was in the first battle of Genesis but his troop transport ship was blasted out of the air, landing behind enemy lines leaving him the sole surviver, and scarring him, making him want to never see uneeded bloodshed ever again. He met Count Dooku before he had met Obi-Wan and Anikan on geonosis, he locked blades with him once... once, before he was thrown aside like a house fly, not worth his time, he was out until the retreat of the battle was initiated. This gave him night terrors and nightmares, after this day he could never sleep more than an hour, if that, before he woke up feeling the dark side creeping in. So he had learned to use sleep meditation. Sleep meditation allowed him to accelerate his trainings and connect greater to the force, he had unlocked 1/3 of his life now, the force helping his cells heal his body while he sat and meditated.
This story is of how he lived through one of the bloodiest battles and worst losses of the Republic, the battle of Sarrish, and of how he had obtained his later main star ship, a Kom'rk Mark 1 class star fightetransport, aka the Puro (i made this story before I have watched the 3rd season of the Mandalorian, as of right now i still haven't so Idk if thats in season 3 or not).
There is about 11,340 words in the story, and I don't 100% know of what I should make him look like so have your imaginations run wild.
Ok here we go:
Tales of Saya Eban's Puro
Chapter 1
 The battle of Sarrish was one of the worst battles of the Clone Wars, it was a great devastating loss to the Republic and the Jedi, and I was in the middle of it all. Before the battle I was doing some touch-ups on my A-wing Fighter. I had managed to get my hands on a hyperdrive that would fit in my small fighter, although being able to enter hyperspace without an external hyperdrive wing is very convenient, fast, and easy, it does slow my fighter and hinder some mobility, but not an uncontrollable amount of loss. Little did I know it'd save my life later that week. After I had finished my work, gotten it restocked for my next battle, I was called to the Jedi command center for a briefing by Master Yoda, saying it was an urgent mission and I was needed now, with his backwards way of speaking annoying me slightly. In a flash, I had gathered my battle ready loadout and headed off to the command center. When I entered the command center with the center planning table showing starships from both Confederate and Republic sides, One chasing another. I look and see Masters Yoda and Windu and a holoprojected Obi-Wan Kenobi surrounding the Table, with deeply serious thoughts in their eyes, fingers on their concentrating chins. When I swiftly strolled in, I was greeted with Master Windu's cheerful, but serious voice: "Ah, Padawan Eban, good you're here, come quick, we must act with persistence if we want to gain an upper hand in this war." "Master Windu, good to see you, you too Master Yoda, Master Kenobi, what's the situation?" Master Obi-Wan states, "We are currently chasing Separatist forces to the planet Sarrish and we will need some back up, could you bring your part of the 104th battalion right away, we have heavy casualties and they're going to have reinforcements when they reach the planet." "Is there not anyone closer than me, it may take a few days for me to get there, yall mabe finished by the time I get there!" I said with hope in my eyes. "I'm afraid that you're the only one that is available with the most minimal time of arrival, you'll have to be quick though, it will be anytime now they will reach the planet and have reinforcements. we need this win, it will be a great victory for the Republic if we are able to capture the planet." Stated Obi-Wan with certainty. "All other generals are on missions right as we speak, you are the only one that can provide back up at this current time." Master Windu added "Closer to Knight after this mission you will be, great padawan you are, your great swift improvements, Master Plo is pleased with, believe in you I do." Master Yoda said with a jolly old-man voice. "Now go, there's not much time to waste, gather your men and go help Obi-Wan!" Rushedly said by Master Windu. "With determination in my voice, I yell "Yes Masters, right away!" And like a flash, I was gone. As I'm running off, I catch a glimpse of a green swoosh and the sound of a bolt deflection. I stumble to a stop and put my legs in reverse to give curiosity the wheel. When I peer in, I see Master Skywalker and Ahsoka, along with roughly 8 clone troopers all in a circle around Ahsoka and her one blade ignited. Master Skywalker had her eyes welded to her as he walked around the trooper. I could see Captain Rex standing and watching as well, although he seems to be the only one who spotted me poking in my head. He motioned his finger to his lips as to tell me to shush and not interfere, so I watched with anticipation. And after a lifetime stillness ending in a second after Master Skywalker yelled "START!" And stun doughnuts fire from the blasters of the troopers, sending a volley of blue twords Ahsoka from all directions. With great flexibility I pair with, she jumps into the air, spinning like skates on a skate rink in mid air deflecting all incoming plasmic projectiles landing with swift grace ready for more, And more came, she stands in the center blade moving almost faster than what my eyes could keep up with, until that one bolt punches her right in the back, knocking her to the ground, diminishing the blade back into the hilt. I spring into the room, speaking with worry in my voice when I squeak out "Ahsoka! Master Skywalker, what was that!?" 
"She was just training deflecting blaster fire, she's going to be outmatched a lot in this war, and clones are better than droids to practice with." Anakin said with pride that she was able to last little over a minute, thats improvement.
"Well I guess you're not completely wrong, but your going to give her a brain injury at this rate! Could you not go a bit easier on her?"
"She'll never learn if I go easy on her." Master Skywalker said with little arrogance in his voice.
"W- well, here, l-let me wake her then." I stuttered as I walked up to Rex holding Ahsoka like he's a pillow.
"Rex, do you mind if I-"
"Not at all General, here." Rex said as I sat next to him holding Ahsoka's top half of her body.
 As he caringly sets Ahsoka's rhythmically beating top half in my lap, head facing the heavens, I softly lay my hand over her forehead, close my eyes, and concentrate. A few suspenseful seconds later, I take my hand off and observe Ahsoka's hand softly glide to her now curling forehead, eyes fluttering open. 
With a smile I voiced"Wakey Wakey warrior princess, have a good nap?" Smirking the whole time.
"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes Nicksters." She groaned with fading pain.
"What are you doing here?" She leisurely grumbled as she started to lie propped up by her desirable, fluorescent orange arms made of flexible muscle.
"I was walking by, and saw a 'damsel in distress', I HAD to come and 'save the day'." I joked, smirking the whole time, annoying her little bit more.
"You know I have been dying to use my force heal on you since I had learned it. I bet you don't even feel bad at all right now hm?" I said leaning in
Ahsoka starts to stand as to get a feel for her own body.
"You're right, I feel better than I did before, not bad for someone named Nicks." Ahsoka said smirking right back at me.
"Oh come on, that was one time, that was even before we became patiwans!" I said with little dramatics in my vocal verberations.
"Ok Master, I'm ready to try again." Ahsoka said to Master Skywalker
"Not now Ahsoka, we have a mission from the Jedi council we have to attend to while Obi-Wan is on his own mission." Anikan said to Ahsoka, elongating his 'not' like he usually does
"I'm actually about to go give help to Obi-Wan right now… WHICH I NEED TO GET PREPARED FOR NOW!! Karabast, got to go! See yah Ahsoka, Master, Rex." And like a ship entering hyperspace, I was gone.
Chapter 2
 After 2 boring days traveling in hyperspace, me and my 5 Veneter class Cruisers are nearing our destination, this would make 12 Cruisers for the Republic side. A new commander CT'-4112 or Zerek, debriefs on the battle situation. As I had sensed, Obi-Wan was outmatched seeing as backup was on planet Sarrish for the fleeing Separatist ships, now it's 11 Munificent class Cruisers and 2 command stations blockading the planet. Kenobi was starting to be pushed back, relying on our Cruisers longer ranged cannons to hope the Sepies didn't get too close. Our Cruisers have longer ranged main canons and toms of fighter room, while the Sepies Cruisers have more fire power at closer ranges with more fighters than our Vendor class Cruisers, at closer ranges, the Sepies would completely destroy a Venetor class Cruiser, but we have strategies and will power. 
"Glad to see a friendly face Saya." Kenobi said exhaustingly.
"Well, it looked like you needed help. You know I need to be the one to save everyone. I'll move into position to fortify our defenses to push the Sepies back and for us to make a plan. What is your fleet's condition?"
"We have 2 Venetors heavily damaged and the rest either have mild to no damage. And we have lost half our fighters as of now." Urgently said by Kenobi.
"Ok, I'm sending men and supplies to you right now, let me take the front so I can take the damage if they send another attack." I calmly said to Kenobi.
"Men battle positions and set all power to front cannons and shields. Venators get into pincer position and get ready for an attack. Fighters get ready to launch." I commanded to all my Cruisers
"Master, if you could, could you add in your undamaged Venetors? " I wandered and directed with much mastery, I even made Obi-Wan himself visually impressed considering my inexperienced mind in life, and especially war. I even managed to make him smile.
"Getting in position now." Obi-Wan stated, still smiling.
"Understood, While you get everything fixed, I'll see if I can weaken their defenses, it seems as if they're in attack positions so we gotta be ready for anything." I said in deep thought.
"Ok, 10 to 13, I like those odds, makes it even, more so for the Sepies." I grinned.
"Now Saya, remember this is still a battle, don't be too cocky, you're starting to remind me of Anakin." Obi-Wan said with conviction.
"Yes Master, sorry about that." I answered to Obi-Wan, pulling back a little.
 Just then, many starfighters come from the enemy Cruisers, hundreds of them lightning fast, closing distance fast. 
"All right men, time for some fun. Obi-Wan, if you want to take command of my control center, I'll lead this fight." I said before Obi-Wan could respond.
"Ok- but Saya! Blast, maybe he's too much like Anikan." Obi-Wan said defeatedly.
As I get into the hangar I yell "Alright Wolfpack, let's get goin!" Then I hop into my modified Jedi A-wing.
We rush out from the center roof door along the Cruiser with my squadron aka The Wolfpack, with me leading my 23 fighters into battle and many more friendly's following from the hangars.
"Ok Wolfpack, let's make a break for them Cruisers, get as many of them gone as possible. 411 you ready?" I asked R2-411. R2-411 bleeps with readiness.
"Ok, time to blow them out of the sky, remember, stay in formation" I commanded.
"Yes sir!" The Clones bellowed.
 Then we hit the swarm with a mighty thundering sound of lasers flying through the emptiness of space seeing one after one of enemy fighter droids dropping all over the place. Me and my Wolfpack fly through all the 2 winged Vulture droids that look like each wing was sideways and has 2 prongs each side for wings. They were way more quick and maneuverable than us, but we had a duty to win, and we won't lose today. It's like a firework show, but you're dodging all the fireworks, and they're aiming right at you. While we are defending the Venator Cruisers, they're mostly firing at the Sepies Cruisers, slowly dwindling their energy shields down. 
"Boys, I have a plan, but I'll need yall to get back to the Cruisers." I urged
"Obi-Wan, how's the 2 heavily damaged Cruisers? We've been out for a long while. They should be good by now right?" I questioned Master Kenobi.
"They're about to come back into the fight, but one of our Cruisers is at a quarter shield, few good hits or bombing runs and it's gone, what's your plan Saya?" Obi-Wan said, perplexed.
"Just give me an opening to the left Separatist control center, that's all I need to get on that ship." I stated with confidence.
"I'll try my best, but don't be stupid Saya, we can't afford to lose you."
"Yeah yeah I know, just get me an opening please Master!" I begged.
 After the words fleeted from my mouth, all the Cruisers fired a hole through the droid fleet with friendly fighters also making way for me to get through. I blast the afterburners straight through the enemy swarm that's been lesson by the commotion, just barely being hidden by smoke from a just destroyed fighter straight into the leftmost control ship hanger landing with an explosive entry. And immediately I jump out, igniting both, my straight emerald green saber in my left, and my yellow saber with a curved hilt similar to the Count's hilt himself in my right. I'll face him again one day, it's inevitable, like me. I land and immediately cut a group of B1 battle droids heads off with my yellow saber facing out, giving me more reach, but as I start to take fire from the army that quickly form from my landing, I swiftly doge left to right almost able to doge the sight of a human eye. Left, pop goes the heads of 3, right, pop goes 5, jump through the air on an almost straight path through the thick of the army, spinning with a light show if one were to be an onlooker at this chaotic organization of flying red plasmic bolts going to a mix of yellow and green, then proceeding to fly straight back at the shooter with twice the velocity. I land on my feet with a thunderous "BOOM" with what seems like an explosion that incinerates half of the whole hanger with an electric yellow glow seeming like yellow lighting exploded from the epicenter of the explosion. When the smoke cleared, it seemed that everything within a 5 meter radius was completely incinerated, and everything within 40 meter radius was heavily damaged, and any technology within eye shot was either scrape or short-circuiting, but all B1 battle droids and super battle droids were out. 
I sighed with relief with little heavy breathing when I looked around me, but with no time to rest, 6 Vulture droid fighters came through the hanger's magnetic shield door, transforming to walk on its pronged wings like they were legs. They scanned me and started raining a flurry of red down onto me, but with my lightning fast reflexes, I raised my sabers to block the incoming hellfire from all six fighter's. Then came the flurry being deflected in any direction possible, and I could just barely see the 6 droids started to surround me by going behind my back, but I ain't done yet. As I'm blocking, jumping, spinning, twisting on a micrometer, I stomp with a mighty force, launching through the air, slowly spinning straight for a Vulture that has became the prey. Bolts whizzing by me, inches, centimeters near my skin, singeing my arm hairs to their roots. I land on top of the droid with a thunderous boom crunching where my foot had landed, driving my sabers straight through the brain of the story high droid, with a counterclockwise rotation around my back, dragging my sabers across the metal of the droid, I leap off the droid landing with the feathers and fly forward with a flashing dash slicing through 2 other droids legs, leaving gravity do its magical job. 3 down, 3 to go, but with little time left. I launch forward running on hairs dipping and dodging blots, I leap up slicing through one leg of a droid and pushing off of its gravity taken hull, coming down on another droid's leg, cutting with ease. I land like a leaf in the autumn skies, and launch with a swift leap, flying my yellow saber straight down the middle of the 6th and final droid with no time to spare.
 I land with caution, ready to fend off another foe, but none came at that second, so I took the opportunity and ran with it straight to where the main reactors should lie. I swiftly sprint with force leaps through the air to get to the reactor, the ship is 270th of a circle with a ball where the command center is, the middle is the only connected between the back of the ball and the inner back of the circle, that's where the reactor is, im at the left most side, may take me a minute to reach it, but I can get there without being seen. My plan was to quickly fix and rewrite a Vulture droid's code to go with my command, not going to be the best work but it will work, hopefully. I had to act fast because I knew there were going to be hundreds more droids to come to see the commotion, I'd say within the minute. The codes used on the droids are not the best, because of mass production, so It was an easy fix, I just needed it to fly a small bit. It comes back to life with a putt to its movement, I directed it to start flying while I'm on its back, putting the whole time with smoke, just what I needed. I start to move forward as fast as possible. As we get around the hundreds of battle droids below, I'm starting to speed up, and as I see the reactor room, I could hear B1's yell " HEY! STOP! YOUR GOING TO FAST" in their robotic voice. Before I hit the Shield covering the reactor room, I jump off to the left where the blast door is for the room. With the distraction of the droid smashing into the shield, I use this time to slowly cut through the blast doors with both sabers starting at the bottom of the door, going up and around to form a circle I can fit through. I was through within a Minute, unnoticed, or so I was led to believe. When I get into the reactor room, I throw explosives all over the reactors, with a detonation in T minus 1 minute. I fly out of the room, calling for 411 to bring my ship as fast as possible, 55. Running across the hanger, I'm spotted by the hundreds of battle droids, which immediately start firing right as they see me 50. The explosion of the fighter droid caused a chain to nearby explosive barrels, exploding more Vulture droids causing tons of smoke and fires to spread around the hangar area, 45. As I'm running, my yellow saber is blocking multiple bolts flying at me while I'm jumping, spinning, performing acrobatic movements while being shot by hundreds of droids, from B1's, to super's, to droideka's, all firing at me, adding to the smoke, 35. Running with young blood in my veins, I perform 1, 2, 3 long jumps and leap onto the side of a slanted destroyed Vulture droid, 30. I jump up, reaching for the cloudy sky just as 411 swoops in predictively shoving my hand into the side of the sharp A-wing hull, 25. I grab the side of the hull and pull myself up into the cockpit, grabbing the controls, 20. I spin to the exit with roughly 67° of the hanger I need to shoot out of, I fire the afterburners using the circumference of the circle and my fighters movment to my advantage, 15. Pushing forward, I am drifting an A-wing around the hangar of a Separatist capital ship skimming the walls centimeters away from an explosive fiery death, 10. I barely screamed out of the hanger, to be able to see a view of the capital ship flying stright for the other Sepie capital ship, 5. Im still firing the afterburners to try and attempt to get a safe distance away from the soon to be collision sight, 4. I let 411 take the control's, 3. I turn my head to look back, 2. I see the collision of the 2 270° hangers, 1. I watch as i get the view of a star being formed right infront of my eyes, and seeing many Sepie Cruisers being absolutely engulfed by the flames, and a blast wave decimating the Vulture droids… blast wave…. BLAST WAVE! Just then I'm thrown far, along with the debri. I manged to gain control of the craft and start performing advanced monuvers to avoid being hit by debrie that will demolishe me and my tiny fighter. 
"Saya, can you hear me? Saya?" Master Obi-Wan Kenobi pleaded.
"Yeah, yeah master, I'm good, I'm fine. Woo…!" I said with a sigh of relief.
Chapter 3
 The explosion had decimated the Separatist forces leaving 4 Cruisers sustaining heavy or mild damages, but with an opening, Obi-Wan and I travel to the ground along with Captain Cody to go for a large ground assault. Master Obi-Wan's plan was to drop in and gather our troops and split them between Obi-Wan and commander Cody. We were west, they were east. The Separatists had the high ground seeing as they had a cliff to their advantage. Flying in on gunships, we were taking heavy fire from their anti aircraft cannons. Commander Cody and I are debriefing the squad on the way to the rally point, seeing gunships after gunship falling to the rocky ground in a fiery explosive ball of red hot metal, and screams, with no plants in sight, just rocks, gunships, and red streaks flying by. Explosions booming right next to us with our doors right open. We have been ordered and ordering troops to stay far away from the mountain top gun fortifying the mountain top of the cliff, leaving that gun for the gunships and the best of the clone troopers, or ARC (Advanced Recon Commandos) troopers to deal with that later, seeing as a ground assault is too dangerous for us. As some of the clones have said, it's not an easy mission, but hops are high. 
"30 seconds until landing." A clone trooper yelled to me and Cody.
Cody starts with "All right, listen up! Maintain squad formations, 'A' squad, You're on me-" ZZZZZEEEROW- BOOOM!
"Where hit!" I yell "Everyone! Hold on!"
Before we hit the ground I leap out of the gunship with a backwards somersault, force pulling all the troops out of the burning fireball heading for the ground, grabbing all of the men, including the 2 pilots at the front, breaking through the windows. I land like rain from the sky, catching the troops I just pulled out with my powers and have them roughly land on the fluffy rocks next to our now downed gunship, no casualties yet. I rush over to take cover under our gunship on its left side behind enemy lines. I sit and meditate as they come up with a plan.
"What's the status lieutenant?" Cody asked
"5 injured thanks to General Saya, but that's not that bad news… Does that Rock look familiar?" The lieutenant asked.
"Yea, the mountain, right where we're not supposed to be." Said Cody
"General Kenobi ordered us not to try taking this section from the ground." The lieutenant regenerated back again with what was already established.
"That's what he said…but what would the general do if he were here?" Cody rhetorically asked.
"Saya sir, what do you think?" A trooper asked me somewhat desperately.
"I think Cody should take this one, I've got your back Cody." I answered with my legs crossed, eyes closed, slightly levitating over the rocks.
"Eight-Eight-Six-Seven through Eight-Eight-Six-Nine and Saya, fix your grapples and come with me. Everybody, prepare for covering fire." Cody ordered.
I get up, eyes still shut, ready to block anything coming our way.
"NOW!" Cody yells, sprinting across what is our no-man's-land
I open my eyes, ignite my Sabers, Green in left, yellow in right, and dash towards the now incoming blaster fire. I sense it, left side, block, right side, deflect, one for Cody, deflected. We get to some stalagmites at the bottom of the mountain, sustaining heavy fire, I pose as a distraction for all the fire, deflecting as many blots as I can back at the metal men. One troop trips and falls, pow, bolt straight through the head. Cody and the men shoot the grappling hooks up towards the top of the mountain and start climbing. I jump from my spot reigniting my sabers, driving them through the mountain side, helping me grab hold with my feet. And when I look up, I see a grapple fall behind me. I tried to grab the rope but I was too late. When I managed to obtain it, he had already hit the ground. Another tragedy, one that never had to happen, life being wasted away. I look up, a droid stairs emotionlessly down into my emotion filled eyes. A blue bolt shoots past me, impacting the droid's head, sending the body backwards.
Cody and the other clone rises from the cliff side as I leap up from the side, landing in front of the clones and immediately start deflecting with my 2 sabers having nothing pass. Cody takes this opportunity to run around my defense and attacks the droids head on, bashing one droid with the butt of his rifle and swinging his rifle at another, destroying both of them. The droid manning the anti aircraft gun turns and aims at Cody. Instinctively I jump in front of the cannon as it fires, I deflect the large bolt away with my right yellow saber, knocking my body to the right, making me stumble. But with the motion throwing me to the right, I use the momentum to throw my green saber with my left hand, impaling the droid in the metal chest. Cody then hops onto the turret, points the gun at the droids firing at our men, and lets loose, destroying all in its reticle.
"Thanks General, I owe you one, ill getcha next time." Cody said slowly getting off the turret.
"You're alright my friend, just pay it forward, let's go see how Obi-Wan did." I slightly worried, staring off to the north.
 We group up at the randevu, where we have set base camp on the planet in a small raven a bit away from where we captured the cliff with some makeshift scouting towers dotted around our position. Obi-Wan had more resistance than what he had anticipated, he was a little banged up, but he was fine in the end. This was a huge victory seeing as we have been able to set base on a planet that allows us to get resources through this hyperspace route and onto parts of the army past this point. Before, General Grievous snipped our route to where we couldn't get resources to our army on the other side from Coruscant. 
Chapter 4
 12 hours later, we have rested and have managed to build up a good base incase of a surprise attack. We are still fighting a few fronts of Separatist holdouts with a fortress a few klicks west, or about 4 miles west. 
I sit in my tent meditating, reflecting back on the weeks events, and what Ahsoka was doing back at the temple, training hard. I recite what I did with an almost overwhelming amount of blaster fire attempting to fly into me, how I was just mostly averting the blots away from me and not in a direction that would benefit me most.
 The ground started to shake out of nowhere, breaking my peace. I rush out of my tent, only to be met with a face full of B2 battle droid. I jump back over my tent flipping onto my feet as I see my tent being lit into flames from heavy bolt fire flying at me. Igniting both my sabers, I deflect the incoming fire away from me up into the sky as much as I physically could. I took a glance around, it was becoming more sunlit as we fought. It was a slaughter, clones dying left and right, Kenobi was on the Command ship getting patched, so it was just me, and the clones down here, being manicured. With a swift right step, I change lightsaber form, combining my form 3, (defensive form blocking anything coming way, and either making, or waiting for an opening to strike) with a combination of form 2 (saber to saber form, putting least amount or saber movement and preferring precise efficient movements) and form 4 (saber from using the force to enhance physical abilities, and heavily utilizing fast acrobatic movements to move around and disorient the opponents, using wide sweeping saber movements to block and hit targets) I use the power if the many bolts to propel my body onto my right leg, crouching down and taking a huge lead in to the air. Looking around like it is moving in stop motion, I see thousands of droids around, completely outnumbering my men. Glancing down where I had jumped from, there seems to be a super battle droid rising from the ground, looking as if it has been there for at least a few days. Time seems to start like normal again, immediately I have to block bolts coming for my body, twisting, turning, deflecting every. single. bolt. right to another droid. I can't have any more unneeded deaths in my hands. I land with an impactful explosion of yellow lighting, rendering half of the electronics on the field obsolete. Shots fire over the wall, exploding near me. 
"Everyone, Retreat!" I yelled into the comms.
I ran towards the lieutenant that I had survived the crash with, he was running for a troop transport.
"Get to the ships, return to the Venators! Get Kenobi and relay what has happened!" Urgency blowing through my voice.
 I push him into the ship as it takes off. As it's doing so, I force push it away from the field as to be in less danger of being shot down. But rockets fly through the air, I reach through the force and grab onto the hurdling death traps, I grab 1, 2, crash them into one another, 3, grab, 4, grab, 5, miss. ERRROW… BOOOM! With a hopeless explosion, the ship bursts into an explosive ball of fire, right in front of my eyes, out of my grasp. Shots fly past my head from behind me, I ignite my sunlit yellow saber to block incoming bolts. No men, only metal remains, and it wants me dead. I dash for my ship on the other side of the airstrip, luckily barely touched from this horrible surprise party that invited everyone I very much dislike. Hopping into my A-wing, I lift-off dogging left, right, up, down, roll left, roll right, barely being passed by on all sides by cannon fire. When I reach the point past the clouds, there's a whole war above. Separatist forces have surprised Kenobi with an overwhelming number of ships, putting our war torn 12 Venators against 16 Munificent class Cruisers. We were greatly out matched. But the time I was in space we had lost 3 Vectors compared to there 1 lost. Droids noticed me coming from the planet and started to verge onto my position. 
"Obi-Wan! You there? Can you hear me?" I yelled, pulling evasive maneuvers.
"Saya, is that you?" Kenobi asked.
"Yes, we got surprised on the ground, seems the same happened here." I rushingly said.
"Yes, they came out of nowh-" Kenobi is cut off by a blaring siren from my cockpit.
"Wait, my ship is damaged, it's starting up my hyperdrive, 411 can you fix it?" I said dipping left and right while trying to stop the hyperdrive activation.
With a few bleeps of fear, I understand what's happening.
"When I was thrown from the capital ship explosive wave, I must have been hit near the hyperdrive, and explosions from my escape, along with the maneuvers I have been pulling, it may have caused damage that is registering a hyperdrive activation. Master Obi-Wan, I don't know, I-I don't know what to do!" I claimed with fear in my eyes.
"Can you deactivate the hyperdrive at all 411?" Kenobi asked
411 bleeps with a sad toon.
"Blast, Saya, does it say where you're going?"
"N- No, my council just says ERROR." I stated, now with much fear in my voice.
 I managed to steer my craft into the position of the hyperspace lane. 
"Tell Ahsoka good bye if I don't-" I get cut off when the the hyperdrive powered up woth a vvvvvvvvvvvVVVVERRRRRRR PEEOW, and just like that, me, my A-wing, and R2-411, are gone.
Chapter 5
 It's been days since the battle, mabe 2 or 3 days. Luckily I always keep many ration bars in my fighter to last me a good few days, along with my extra water and my ability to go into a deep meditative state, conserving food and water. Keeping me company is my meditation and 411. We have almost hit some unknown objects, could have been planets, asteroids, other ships, but we seem to be staying in hyperspace lanes luckily, or I would have been dead a long time ago. My class 2 hyperdrive could have taken me all over the galaxy by now, I could be heading towards Coruscant right now for all I know. 
My hyperdrive warning kicked on, showing that there is a massive gravity force in my path. The console flashed with big red dangerous letters "Exiting Hyperdrive" on the screen.
"YES! FINALLY!" I yelled with excitement.
 I watch through the glass to see a barren looking planet, and a similar looking moon, a moon I was heading to. I was moving fast, as I entered the moon's atmosphere, Im grabbing the controls, barely anything. My craft is red hot from the rate at which I'm coming in on. I'm grabbing the stick, pulling back as much as I can, as to try and save myself and 411 from a fiery death. I scraped by a big rocky mountain dealing more damage to my A-wing. 
"HOLD ON 411!"
"Come ooooon. Pull pull pullllll…. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!-" VERRROW BOOOOSH!!! The crash landing sounded like a bomb flying through the air, then landing on its target. I try to get from my seat just to find my strap and window will not open. Using my saber I cut off my seat strap and broke the window from the hinges and leaped out, taking 411 from the craft, swiftly landing on a tall mountainous rock. The craft seemed to have pushed through the land 50 meters from the initial impact spot. The area I was in seemed to be very rocky terrain with many rocky canyons and huge rocks that are almost mountainous. The sun was close to setting down for the night but was still a good hour away from sleeping.
 With the force by my side, I felt a very uneasy sensation telling me to stay out of sight. I duck down on the tall skinny rock taking 411 down with me. 411 confusingly bleeps when I do so. "Hey, I have a feeling right now, just keep quiet real quick, there's somebody coming. Trust me." Me and 411 peer over the edge looming over my crashed ship just as a group of 6 men in full armor covering their whole body fly in with jetpacks strapped to their backs, blasters in hand. As they land, they search around my wreckage, presumably looking for survivors. One seems to be ordering the others around, pointing at one to look in one direction, another a different direction, and scanning around for the unexpected visitor. I look down at my Wrist link, my distress signal wasn't sent, I guess that was damaged from entering the planet at such high speed with no deflector shields surrounding the ship like a protective blanket. 
"Blast, 411, what's your S.O.S signal situation, did it go through?" 411 beeps with a little drama like I should know it didn't go through.
"Well sorry for busting your rusty bolts you rowdy rancor, better to try than to just give up mister sassy pants. Maybe I should wipe your memory for a change, see how you like it."
"Now shush, don't want them to find us spying on them, won't look too good." I demand. "Now here, in case we get caught, I don't want them to know I'm a Jedi, so here, take my sabers, I'm not gonna need them anyways." I said shoving my lightsabers into 411's storage compartment and looking towards the crash again.
 Just then the suit of armor that had been commanding his squad bursts up into my view right on my face out of hyperspace blue. 
"Ah, found ya trespassers, you 2 are coming with me." Demanded the Mandalorian with a snickering sound in his voice as the others rise from the portal of the abyss from down below.
 It was a good thing my ropes where in the tent back on Sarrish, or this may have been an even worse situation, Mangalorians like them hate Jedi with a passion, and it's a good thing I always have a broken blaster in 411 for any cases where I need to blend in with a crowd or pose as a normal civilian; although, the ability to become a civilian at any point is great, I've had little need to do so much. I'm quite popular with the people for being one who tries to connect with the population as a fellow citizen. So I rarely stay in the temple for too long. I love being with the people and learning skills without the force, like being a mechanic, electrician, public speaker, security guard, an all around great person to talk with about anything. I'm quite known on all levels of Coruscant for being one of the most friendly Jedi to be around. Right now though, I need to focus on not being caught, at least That's what my gut is telling me. After they searched my character for any weapons and found the broken blaster that 411 had put in my holster where my lightsaber usually is, they were satisfied and pushed us into one of their big Kom'rk Mark 1 class Mandalorian starfightetransport ship. 
(Look in comments for 6th)
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2023.06.01 17:17 DillonFromSomewhere Resignation Letter in Academic Essay Format

I know quitting your job as a cook usually simply comes with two weeks notice or a ragequit walkout, but for eleven months I worked at a new franchise that had such potential which was being squandered by the incompetence of upper management. I present the nearly 6000 word thesis I turned in on my last day. Locations and names have been changed to cartoon references. Brackets represent ambiguous information in place of specific details.
Krusty Krab Careers Jobs
Opening in [Month/Year], Krusty Krab (KK) Bikini Bottom is on its 4th kitchen manager in less than a year. Krusty Krab O-Town has recently let go its inaugural kitchen manager and sous chef. Almost no member of the Bikini Bottom opening management team remains employed by KK. There is a pattern developing where one must question both the choice of employee and the directive given to new franchises. These lingering issues I brought concerns about in the first weeks of opening but was disregarded at every turn despite my experience with festival traffic. As a result I decided this was not a place I wanted to advance, but with a good-enough paycheck I’d be a lowly grunt in the kitchen four days a week, at five days a week I would have quit or been fired over a public outburst long ago. If Krusty Krab alters course slightly while being true to the brand this could be a successful chain.
My unique employment history in brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks, pop up culinary concepts, trade shows/conventions, and the film industry make me an ideal candidate to be on the opening team for new KK locations. My outgoing nature and foresight are valuable assets. For example, on training week before opening when I was standing around idly without a task I took it upon myself to organize the disarray that was dry storage. Overhearing Krabs tell another manager where he wanted the cleaning products placed, I had a jumping off point and the organization I created nine months ago is still largely in place. Since returning from my vacation in early February I have made it my mission to keep the storage area organized because it was again starting to resemble a hoarder’s house rather than a commercial kitchen. This is now part of my weekly routines because every time I turn my back there is more product being placed haphazardly just anywhere with little regard. I also recently reorganized the walk-in cooler because of problematic stocking with items being placed on the same shelf or below raw proteins. I also simply put all the like products together such as cheeses or fruits that were scattered amongst several shelves. With recent overordering I cannot keep up with the organization of the walk in cooler. The pattern recognition of food types and even simple shapes appears to be lost on the Bikini Bottom crew. My daily reorganization of containers is proof of this. Most days I’ll take a few minutes to put all cylinders together, all cambros together in descending volume, all deep and shallow pans next to each other rather than intermixed. My decision to be a kitchen manager at age 19 from 2005 thru 2008 and rarely enter restaurant management since is very calculated.
With my prior knowledge of professional kitchens I was becoming Bikini Bottom’s resident nag to coworkers as I made note of health department violations on a daily basis. I stopped after being largely ignored for two weeks. My regular health department nags include; a battle with jackets and hats being placed only in the designated area (a designated area that did not exist until I created a place for personal items a in January by neatly organizing the dry storage area again), waiting until prepped items are cooled before a cover is placed on top, placement of raw seafood, open containers (very often sugar, flour, and pancake mix bags ripped open and left), and dirty dishes/containers placed back in rotation. The dirty dishes and containers in rotation with the clean ones are at an atrociously high number. I have given up on making the 4th fryer seafood allergy safe too. With the low volume of seafood allergy safe items Bikini Bottom should purchase smaller baskets to visually discourage cross contamination with the other fryers and baskets. My skills to organize the kitchen do not end with simply where to store products to meet minimal health department standards.
Half of the space in the Bikini Bottom kitchen is completely wasted on an ill-advised walkway to the dishpit. An intelligent design would place a second doorway directly to the dishpit connected to the bar or where the bathrooms reside. Numerous times during the opening week of KK Bikini Bottom I said, yelled, sang, and muttered that we have too many food items for the amount of space we have. Icus stated that there was more space than Bluffington. Is Bluffington intelligently designed? Because Bikini Bottom most certainly isn’t. So Bikini Bottom actually has less space even if there is more square footage. See the attached diagram for an intelligent design that could potentially house a menu of this size. Bikini Bottom forces a line design on this kitchen when an open concept is needed for this menu. It’s as if this floorplan was created by a person who had only ever seen one commercial kitchen previously and couldn’t think 4th dimensionally to understand the needs of the workers to smoothly serve customers.
There is not enough counter space for pizzas without getting off the line, the microwave is placed completely out of the way, the freezer’s curved design is a waste of potential counter space and a falling hazard for containers stored on top of it, the toaster is an overcomplicated and overexpensive piece of machinery that serves exactly one purpose when a flat top could be used to toast bread and other purposes like a quesadilla special, sautee was designed without an overhang for spices, the pantry station lacks the counter space to have two containers of flour and two containers of batter for seafood allergies, there are no Frialator fryers which I have worked with at every single kitchen job previously instead we got the cheap Vulcan model (is that logical), the cheap low boy in pantry that doesn’t drain excess water anywhere it’s just supposed to evaporate somehow but doesn’t, the grill and fryer should be placed next to each other (with a higher volume of crossover than other stations), the floors are flat instead on having a mild decline towards the drains (just look at the standing water residing behind the oven right now), in the dishpit the spraying area and the filled sinks are backwards of a logical dipshit, the ramp to the back door is on the wrong side, there is no refrigerated place downstairs to stage extra food for busy shifts (the beer cooler is once again used for such food items because of this massive oversight), the prep station is an afterthought and miniscule, the dishes on the line are difficult to grab for anyone under 5’11” and inaccessible for anyone under 5’6” (instead of putting them underneath tables that also give that desperately needed counterspace I spoke of), there is not enough space to store to-go containers or boats behind the line, expo is lacking a low boy for the numerous items that are supposed to be cold but are instead kept at room temperature all day long, no one in management thought about buying shelves until right before Bikini Bottom opened as a result the clean full sheets sat on the floor for days, we had only the exact amount of 1⁄6 pans for an absurd amount of time making it impossible to rotate and clean them when necessary (which is daily), we still struggle with 1/9 pan supply. And just when I thought I documented all the poor design choices possible I stumbled upon a person whose office holiday party was booked at KK Bikini Bottom. The deck space works just fine as a deck. It does not double well as a gathering space. The space is too long and narrow for parties, it promotes little splitoff groups rather than a coming together of a larger gathering. It may be advantageous to contact a social psychologist for help designing a private party space that promotes intermingling rather than enforcing small pockets to form. The reorganization of the physical kitchen isn’t all that screams for an overhaul.
There are six positions on the line at the Krusty Krab; expo, oven, grill, sautee, fryer, and pantry. But the pantry and fryer positions are forced together like a bad remix. Everyone who mainly works pantry deserves a $6 raise immediately because it is a station and a half. Both Icus and Krumm, while kitchen manager, kind of acknowledged the pantry is too big for one station without outright mentioning the lopsided distribution of work. I imagine in the only location where this works, Bluffington, a second person joins the pantry at noon because of the unreasonable amount of items one person is tasked with. Bikini Bottom only has one person in this position at all times, maybe modify it for one person? The excess of items on the pantry position largely resembles a position I would call “set-up” or “build” at a previous job that made sensible choices. This build position should have tostadas, tacos, butcher’s blocks, toast, salads, lettuce wrap set ups, and preparing plating for whichever station is most bogged down. I have absolutely lost my mind yelling about salads at least once a month, ranting that they do not belong on the fryer position because of how illogical it is that five salads are included on the mountain of other items the pantry has. I have always considered working in a kitchen a kind of dance, and the pantry station demands an unnecessarily convoluted dance to keep up with the demand. Without the salads, tostadas, and tacos the station is already the busiest. Do we really need to combine ballet and swing by including these extra awkward dance steps in this single station? For a kitchen designed this poorly I suppose it is. Again, see attached document for an intelligently designed kitchen that might be able to accommodate this menu. Unless Bikini Bottom is going to close for a month to fix the baffling floor plan design the menu is shouting to be reduced to 30-36 items.
The menu is too big. Krusty Krab is the jack of all foods, master of none. In general I believe individual locations should be allowed 18% omissions, and 18% unique items to this wildly unwieldy menu sitting around 50 food items including sides. The insistence on keeping menu items that don’t sell at Bikini Bottom because of Bluffington is mind boggling. Chicken tenders do not sell at Bikini Bottom. fried sushi does not sell at Bikini Bottom, not enough to justify their place on the line. I don’t care how well these items work in Bluffinton. They. Do. Not. Work. At. Bikini. Bottom. If the KK location in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sells an incredible amount of live krill does that mean Bikini Bottom and O-Town must sell live krill too? Take the fried sushi off the menu. I had a complete meltdown about this during a Dimmadome service and my valid point was met with indifference. Replace the kid’s tenders with a kid’s fish sticks. We already have the tilapia fish sticks on the line for tacos. Or make the kid’s fish sticks cod. We cut cod to order for fish tacos in spite of health code violations because it is too rare of an order to make beforehand. Saffron in mashed potatoes? If you must. Why are green tomatoes only on the menu during lunch? Bikini Bottom throws away a sizable amount of spoiled green tomatoes each week. Have green tomatoes on the menu all day long or don’t have them at all. The smoked salmon could go on salads or a special taco to justify its place on the line. The corn pico’s place on the line is unjustified. It only goes on one item, tostadas, which are not particularly popular. If we had a taco salad we could throw the corn pico on there. We also have unreasonable waste from unusable taco shells, smash up those imperfect taco shells and throw them on said taco salad. But before we add salads, let's get rid of the pear and kale salads. The pears' position on the line are unjustified, if we threw them on a taco variation maybe their place on the Bikini Bottom line could be argued but for now they only go on a salad that isn’t particularly popular. The kale salad is an issue of space for a 4th green for salads is too much. The krusty salad is my most hated house salad of all time. And it comes down to the toast with goat cheese. This ancillary step of spreading goat cheese on a cracker is an unnecessary step for an overly complicated dance and should be part of the expo dance if expo wasn’t a shoddily designed afterthought lacking a low boy.
There are a plethora of squeeze bottles on the pantry station that have no place on the overloaded station. They belong to an expo station with a low boy to keep them cold. Pantry has an overwhelming ten squeeze bottles: chipotle crema, sweet chili vinaigrette, buffalo, korean bbq, ranch, caesar, wine vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, honey mustard, and lemon aioli. Only the first four are justified on an intelligently designed fryer section, the second four belong on the build station, the last two have no place anywhere but expo. With this extra space sautee could keep their bottles and two purees cold in the fryer's lowboy instead of leaving them at room temperature all day inviting a pathogen party. This theorized intelligently designed expo would have room to keep these four squeeze bottles and a double of every sauce chilled to pour them into ramekins, a move that is highly common in the expo dance. The fact that expo doesn’t have a double of all squeeze bottles is foolish. Expo has to bother an overloaded station to pour these side sauces instead.
How many gallons of basil aioli has Bikini Bottom thrown away in 11 months? Four aiolis in general is way too many and most go on a single item; basil aioli on the incredibly unpopular veggie burger, lemon aioli for calamari, sweet chili aioli for the BLT that is only served half of the day, and garlic aioli actually goes on two items…I believe. What a colossal waste of precious little space, lose two aiolis and then you can sing the logical song with me. Perhaps we can put garlic aioli and sweet chili vinaigrette on the BLT separately and accomplish the exact same thing the sweet chili aioli does. The wings too have unneeded complications. Having worked at a sports bar specializing in wings for the better part of a decade I find KK’s plating of wings to be overly pretentious. The carrots, celery, and blue cheese have lost function. Heffer Wolf always said no one eats the carrot/celery julienne with blue cheese. It’s a complete waste of all the ingredients because you’ve gone too far with the presentation. Wings aren’t fancy. Wings are supposed to have a small pool of sauce and be sloppy. It’s like a sloppy joe that’s not sloppy, an unsloppy joe is a failure to sloppy joes just as the KK presentation of wings is a disparagement to the dish. Ever since training week back in 2022 I have used a scale to give Bikini Bottom a passing or failing grade.
Chokey Chicken to Chum Bucket is the scale I use to judge efficiency and sanity at Bikini Bottom. Both establishments are upscale casual dining experiences in Capitol City in the same vein as KK. Chokey had high employee retention and relatively smooth openings for new locations. Chum Bucket’s employee turnover was high and every location opening was chaotic. Which one sounds closer to KK? Chokey Chicken was filled with chefs I respect including Chef Ren Hoek who remains a close friend to this day. Ren lost his lifelong passion for kitchen work after working management at Chum Bucket. He’s actually seeking work in Bikini Bottom. Call him up at [phone number], but KK will give him Nam’ flashbacks of why he chose driving for a living rather than cooking for five years. The pair of us together helming Bikini Bottom with the ability to omit and create 18% of the overloaded menu can bring success to this franchise. We have worked well numerous times in the past on various concepts in the past including creating The Attack of the Pickled Tomatoes Burger for [Promotional live performance of a TV show] at the Capitol City Theater. We served 100 people in 60 at the [sitcom filming] lunch. That’s physically impossible but somehow we did it quite a few times.
A fun anecdote about Ren Hoek’s KK experience from the soft launch; on training week numerous times I brought concerns about being seafood allergy safe that were dismissed. As mentioned earlier the pantry station lacks the counter space to have two containers of flour and two containers of batter, one each of which seafood never touches. Before the soft launch Chef Stimpy from Bluffington insisted all customers just kind of know everything is prone to be seafood contaminated. Well, chef Ren was a customer that night and this absolutely was not communicated to customers. He claimed to have a slight seafood allergy and was not informed of what the crab soup was. In reality he does not have a seafood allergy. I didn’t discuss the seafood issue with Ren, separately we noticed egregious violations of food safety standards and we each responded in our own way. The soft launch service was so awful that night Chef Ren walked out of a free meal to pay for some ramen, never to return to Bikini Bottom. I attribute this oversight, and many of Bikini Bottom’s (and probably O-Town’s) problems to hubris over the Bluffington location.
Chef Chokey would also be hesitant to join the KK team. It will cost a finder’s fee just for me to reveal Chef Chokey’s name. Chef Chokey was a lead in the rapid expansion of Chokey Chicken restaurants. He opened numerous restaurants and was big on the philosophy that each restaurant must have its own personality in order to fit the unique local culture and the variety of working spaces. This is in direct conflict with the KK way that everything must be exactly like the Bluffington location no matter what. There was only one Chokey Chicken location that had the full menu, Chokey Springfield. Chokey Springfield had a large space which was intelligently designed to accommodate such a large menu. The KK menu is all over the place, closing in on 50 menu items which comes up as a failure on the Chokey Chicken/Chum Bucket scale. This is not the only area KK comes up as a major failure on the Chokey Chicken/Chum Bucket scale.
Has anyone in this company ever worked festival traffic before? Does anyone have the experience of working next to a major venue with 8000 seats before this one? The way Bikini Bottom handles Dimmadome services it certainly appears that the decision-makers fall on the wrong side of the Dunning-Kruger effect. Having all 50 items available during such massive traffic is completely asinine. An unwillingness to serve a partial menu is hindering the Bikini Bottom kitchen staff. I have worked festival traffic before, and Dimmadome events bring in festival traffic. I’ve worked inside a festival whose line never ended but every customer got their order in 5 minutes or less because the line kept flowing with only four items on the menu as that’s what was warranted at the B-Sharps Music Festival. I refuse to be set up for failure the way Bikini Bottom sets up Dimmadome services for failure. The entire week of concerts in [summer] 2022 I was set up for failure every day (it was after this I modified my availability to keep my sanity and my paycheck). When I brought my concerns about running efficiently during Dimmadome services I was labeled a B-worker for the first time in my employment history by Icus and Krabs. It is that moment which I was either going to holler at them both for being 2-dimensional thinkers who were obviously unqualified for the positions they accepted in this company, or just put my head down. If Bikini Bottom has a successful concert day service, hail your team because they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. They swam with concrete shoes. I often wonder how many customers had bad experiences and never returned after concert days. A Dimmadome service should have no more than 25 items and have one or two specials to divert traffic towards an area the kitchen can keep moving. An Open Cup Open Plate (OCOP) special for foot traffic is absolutely needed. When I suggested OCOP special, Heffer was intrigued by this idea and immediately named burgers as the special to keep foot traffic flowing. Smithers wouldn’t hear this idea, babbling on about what’s advertised instead of hearing out a sound idea. This prattle despite radio commercials having inaccurate hours and social media promoting Bikini Bottom’s steak tacos to this day. I always found Smithers to be a better fit as a middle management office pencil pusher than as a hands-on restaurant manager. Overall I find KK managers are selected to be automatons not to question their orders rather than critical thinkers who could take the restaurant to the next level. During brunch service is another period of time that must be modified to lessen the heft of items. Having a full menu that barely works plus brunch is so deep into Chum Bucket territory, in my opinion we now have to use the Tropic Thunder scale of full retard to describe a 60-plus-item brunch. Chef Ren hired back a Chum Bucket cook who had a mental breakdown and stormed out during brunch (plus full menu) service because Ren knew the employee was justified and upper management was completely unreasonable in their brunch requests. It’s not just questionable decisions that hinder KK staff but improper equipment as well.
This is the first restaurant I have worked at which uses a touch screen on the line rather than tickets. From day one I found this to be technology for technology’s sake inferior to tickets. Chef Ren forced a new Chum Bucket location to rip out touch screens from the line and bring in ticket printers because of the higher efficiency. The touch screen is a great idea for expo, not the entire line. My biggest gripe is that each station does not get all the information. Early on I was regularly yelled at for not staggering my items, well I can’t see the rest of the order; a problem I have never had with a ticket system. Touchscreen software is also much more prone to errors and glitches. When I reported an error during a heavy service Icus and Krabs blamed my skills on the line without looking into the malfunctioning screen further. It was glitchy for weeks before the two finally investigated and corrected the issue I brought to their attention long before. Those two gave me an immense amount of ammunition to dislike them in the opening weeks until I stopped caring. The issue I had with being unable to scroll beyond the bottom of a completely filled screen has returned and is still there as of [my last day]. There are also important details that get buried. A frequent meltdown I have is that sauce on side requests and other important modifications are not capitalized or in red to catch the eye as they have been at jobs with tickets. These details get lost on Bikini Bottom’s touchscreens. A sauce on side salad made by me will be wrong 50% of the time because of the instructions being camouflaged in a word salad. This goes for coleslaw on the side and drizzle on the side too. Drizzle in general I dislike because of the pretentiousness, but whatever, drizzle it on top rather than putting it in a ramekin if you must. There are numerous places where Bikini Bottom overcomplicates matters for reasons I cannot ascertain.
Why is there such a large variety of plates? Why do we have a medium circular plate for salads and a large bowl for salads with protein? This just confuses the simplest of matters. I was told this is done because of the high price hike with protein, a larger presentation was desired. But that price hike is the price of protein in 2023. Bikini Bottom should put all salads in the large bowls and use all the circular salad plates in a skeet shooting promotion. I understand why we have both a circular platter plate and a pizza plate but in my restaurant the circular platter plates must go...or maybe the large platter plate instead. Is the large platter used for anything besides fish and chips? That extra space on fish and chips plates are only used for side sauces which can easily be delivered to customers on small circular plates. What is the medium oval plate doing that the medium rectangular plate isn’t? And vice versa. Why do they both exist when they are approximately the same size? Let me write an internet commercial where we break a lot of plates so we can get some logical use out of the superfluous plates. I don’t care which one is destroyed, the ovals or the rectangles but one of them is an unnecessary redundancy in excess done again. Speaking of commercials, the unimaginative radio advertisements for Bikini Bottom are doing little to lure new customers to the restaurant.
The three radio spots I have heard on KBBL all sound like they were produced by a marketing 101 student who wasn’t a natural in the field. The voiceover actor was so uncharismatic I was certain someone from the office was chosen at random to read the copy. Then I heard that same voiceover actor selling pool supplies on another radio station so I concluded that Bikini Bottom must have hired the cheapest guy in town to produce the most basic of commercials. Perhaps there is someone else you could hire more qualified to voiceover these commercials, an actor with experience on an Emmy award winning cable program whose unique place in the film industry was written about on [website] would be a much wiser choice to be the voice of the KK? (See external link). In the ad there was no catchphrase, no jingle, no music whatsoever. This simple approach to commercials lacks the pizazz to catch the attention of radio listeners. The first two commercials I heard would get a C in marketing 101 as they were nearly the exact same and accomplished the bare minimum to sell wares, the third one would maybe get a B- because there was some sort of attempted gimmick with the voiceover whispering to represent thinking inside his head about what he was going to eat later at KK. Not only does this commercial give no reason for the man to think inside his head, the outside world still and unpopulated. To see what a creative person would do with this concept see the attached script. There is an attempted slogan that could become part of an ad campaign. Commercials aren’t the only lost opportunities in promotions.
There are numerous promotional celebrity tie-ins at Bikini Bottom’s fingertips with Dimmadome performers. The restaurant could have a Phish sandwich as a OCOP special on [Phish performance dates], or a pretentious Jelly Roll on [Jelly Roll performance date]. Has anyone reached out to the Dimmadome theater or talent management for approved special menu items to be promoted inside the dome? Perhaps a special 20% discount to ticket holders? Is Bikini Bottom capable of getting permits to extend Open Container hours beyond [cutoff time] for an afterparty or block party throughout a Dimmadome concert? I see additional marketing opportunities left on the table for all new locations.
I believe new KK locations are missing out on a marketing campaign by opening with the entire cumbersome 50 item menu. This is a staggering amount of menu items which is too much to ask new staffers to perfect all at once. After a few months expanding the menu by approximately ten items is catching to customers who haven’t returned after a single visit or infrequently stop into KK. There are ten new food items that might appeal to them. Just like it appears KK doesn’t know what it’s looking for in a good commercial spot, this company doesn’t appear to recognize a talented from an untalented worker until it’s too late.
It is my understanding that KK had a headhunter to find Icus, the first Bikini Bottom kitchen manager. If it were up to me I’d hire someone to break the legs of that headhunter for bringing in a subpar kitchen lead. We are still attempting to recover from the lousy choices she made in the floor plan. If anybody responsible for Bikini Bottom’s floor plan is still giving input, stop them immediately. Once the doors were open to the public Icus had his head in the clouds to a point where I questioned if he saw the writing on the walls of an imminent demotion and stopped trying as a result. I had a full deck of 3x5 cards in an archaic powerpoint presentation bringing numerous concerns to light that he kept putting off listening to until he was fired. Those same cards were broken out for this essay. The second kitchen manager, Krumm, is a good lesson in honesty. According to Heffer, Krumm was given a bill of goods about how smoothly KK Bikini Bottom was running. Since Krumm stepped into a latrine pit which he was led to believe was a heated pool, he left in short time. Krumm also had plans to modify the menu but when his bosses told him to be a rodeo clown rather than a cowboy Krumm didn’t take too kindly to that. Meanwhile Heffer was the savior of the Bikini Bottom kitchen. I didn’t agree with every single decision he made, but I did with a majority of them. Heffer’s overhaul was such a blessing so I didn’t have to fiddle with the organization of 60% of the equipment anymore, only about 20% now. Too bad Heffer’s crippling depression came back after bashing his head into the wall out of frustration with the shackles KK restrained him with.
The current management team is enthusiastic but inexperienced. I see an accumulation of small infractions that might bring down Bikini Bottom’s health department rating significantly. I see the entire management team being inattentive or unaware about organizational issues. Whatever bureaucratic nonsense corporate tasks everyone with from the original sous chef Skeeter to Patty Mayonnaise that makes them walk away from the line between 11am and 1pm especially is infuriating. I have never been left alone on a multi-person line during peak hours so regularly, and I won’t tolerate it anymore. As much as I believe in his drive, I imagine our current kitchen manager SpongeBob will be let go after a disastrous service during the Dimmadome concert season that someone has to take the fall for. Chef Ren and I could help bring experience in management and dealing with festival traffic...if corporate does not force us to follow a failing strategy.
After working nearly a year at KK you may ask why I’m not proficient on more than one station. Excellent question. First, when I move over to another station the squeeze bottles are never labeled (until Stu Pickles was hired, now they’re sometimes labeled), so I always looked at the glut of unlabeled sauces and I’d go back to my station because the basic information is missing (also a health department violation for having numerous unlabeled, unchilled bottles). In his first week the new general manager Stu Pickles pulled out 90% of the containers under the grill station because they were lacking labels despite an expected health department visit. The second reason for my menu ignorance is the mountain of prep for my own and upcoming shifts I have piled up on my station throughout service. My attention to detail appears to be next level with my ability to anticipate stocking all items for all shifts including the weeknd. The third reason I wouldn’t learn multiple stations is a defense against the afternoon conference calls. In [month] the Bikini Bottom line was unprepared for a busy post lunch because one cook was cut and our expo person was busy with a conference call. The two of us remaining on the line had a miserable slog through an unexpectedly busy afternoon. When I brought this up to Krabs he disregarded me, being a good bean counter he quoted the cost percentage. What he didn’t take into account was the missing expo person who could have jumped on the line and expo to help the understaffed two man team. That person was stuck on a conference call. Just recently I saw the company actively lose money because of this poorly thought-out meeting during business hours. A customer wanted to order a dessert that was 86ed but had been restocked by our prep cook an hour before. The server was unable to sell them their dessert because the only person in the building who could help un-86 an item was on a conference call. This conference call calamity is another bone-headed choice that speaks to a larger decision-making problem within the corporate structure. Finish the conference calls by 10:45 am eastern.
In conclusion, I quit my position as a lowly grunt for this company because of its unwarranted perplexing dance steps and below average management. I don’t care how much varnish and lacquer is supplied, I refuse to polish this Bikini Bottom turd as a manager or full-time employee under the current circumstances. You would have to take a pickaxe to the floor, possibly relocate the bathrooms to add a door to the dishpit, get rid of the cheap low boy that doesn’t properly drain excess water, and Mr Gorbachov knock down that wall in the middle of the kitchen to give the proper amount of space to work. Or simply reduce the menu to 36 items (including sides) because that’s the amount of space this dreadful design can comfortably output. Would Gordon Ramsay compliment KK for all the unnecessary convoluted complications abound, or would Chef Ramsay yell about keeping it simple and demand KK chuck it in the flip? Thanks to the numerous pop up restaurants I have been a part of and the hectic world of trade shows/conventions, I may have more experience than anyone else employed by KK in smoothly opening a new location. I would enjoy being part of the opening team to ensure new locations have an efficiency Bikini Bottom lacks, and to keep upper management away from their worst instincts. Work with me and Chef Ren and we will help you become a well oiled machine like Chokey Chicken instead of the Chum Bucket cesspit Bikini Bottom currently embodies.
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2023.06.01 17:17 GrampaWillers Coming to terms with being raised by a covert narcissistic father

It’s starting to sink in that I might have been raised by a covert narcissistic father. I’m not sure what the point of this post is but I guess I just want to get my story out there in case anyone can relate to it.
I don’t remember much about my childhood. I’m not sure exactly why, but I suspect it was due to my anxiety and the forgetfulness that comes with that. The few childhood memories I have are not very positive. I don’t remember ever being abused, at least not physically.
What I remember about my Dad is that he was mostly absent. He worked a lot, and when he was home I just remember him sitting on his recliner watching TV. He was about as emotionally distant as you can get. I remember very few heart-to-heart talks and the ones I remember were based on him trying to talk to me about something I was doing wrong and needed to change. I don’t remember a single example of him giving me “fatherly advice”, like how to talk to a girl, how to handle money, etc.
The memories I have of interacting with my Dad mainly revolve around sports. I played a lot of sports and he always had to be the coach of my teams; it was obviously a great source of pride for him. This is still one of the main things he brings up when he wants to guilt trip me or my siblings. The other memories revolve around family vacations, which he also guilt trips us about occasionally.
My adult relationship with him can basically be summarized like this: We get together for a few hours for the occasional holiday, and the invite always comes from his wife. Those events usually go well. If me or my siblings want to see him between those events we have to reach out to him (he does not reach out) and these events involve us listening to him talk about himself for the entire time with maybe a few minutes at the end of the conversation to talk about anything else.
During this time I never believed my Dad was a narcissist, despite being warned by multiple people including his siblings and my own Mom. I never felt manipulated by him growing up, but I wonder if I was saved from that primarily due to his absence. Ironically it only started to sink in when he started labeling everyone that he perceived as wronging him as a narcissist and I researched what that actually meant. His business partners all turned out to be “narcissists”, as did his brother and sister and even his ex-wife according to him. I later found out that these were what are called smear campaigns.
About 4 years ago my Dad had some kind of mental break. He calls it a spiritual awakening, and in my naivety I believed him for a while, but his behavior over this time aligns more with what is called a narcissistic collapse. In person he is frighteningly capable of acting like a mindful, spiritual person, but that facade can break down very quickly if he feels attacked in any way. When that happens he walks out, meaning he will just get up and leave even if we drove a long way to meet up with him. He has walked out on me and each of my brothers multiple times in separate events. In between these events we’ve received numerous lengthy text messages from him in a group chat we have with him and my siblings. Those messages are full of self-pity and guilt trips. He’ll tell us he misses us while sometimes even in the same sentence adding a guilt trip in there. Last Christmas, in our group chat, he got upset about something my brother said and he went on an unhinged rant with the most insane guilt trips I’ve ever heard from him, he called my brother some awful names and said he was ashamed of him. He ignored all our responses to him and then just ONE WEEK later sent us all a message asking if we would like to get together, like it never happened. He does not ever acknowledge or apologize for ANY these events, which brings me to my next topic…
Accountability! The biggest red flag for me has been the slow realization that he is incapable of holding himself accountable. He does not genuinely apologize for anything. I am no longer sure if he’s even capable of remorse. Things have been getting worse and worse, and it’s currently at the point where me and my brothers are getting ready to go no contact with him. I sent him a letter that was basically one long request for him to apologize and take some accountability for the pain he has caused us in the last few years, and I gave him two examples that he needs to apologize for us to move forward (what he said to my brother + the walkouts), but he has not done it yet.
Imagine this all coming from a man who claims to be enlightened, who claims to be full of empathy, and who claims to have “complete control of his ego”. It’s ridiculously mind-boggling to say the least. I should add that he has completely latched on to this idea that he was always codependent growing up, which is why he was attracted to narcissists, but now it just feels like the ultimate cope for refusing to see his own narcissism.
I’m just now coming to terms with all this. I have barely begun to dig into how this might have affected me and my life, and how to begin healing from it.
Anyway, that’s really it. I just wanted to get these thoughts down and see if anyone has had a similar experience to mine.
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2023.06.01 17:17 partoftheplan4 CSA for latebloomers

Recently I have put the pieces together and reflecting on them makes all the sense in the world. Maybe some of you have similar stories. I am GenX which means my parents were flower children. They had this pie in the sky delirium that only comphet families could be happy and successful. I wasn't built that way, always left of center, tomboy, I latched on to my bestie in preschool and never let go. She was hurt. I remember her telling me when we were tiny what had happened. So then I was 11 with boobs and no idea what to do with them, this guy from the neighborhood a few years older would come over, never kissing, just feeling me up, I told mom. She made it my fault and shamed me. A friend's dad felt me up, I was told I was "blowing it out of proportion". Then I was 12. Precocious, and my bestie was my first French kiss. That was AWESOME. I went to camp and practiced some more. Loved frenching and the power I felt kissing people. All the people. Turns out a 36C gets ya lots of kisses. So then I was 13 and this is where it gets weird. We moved to a very small k-12 school all in the same building. I caught the eye of a senior. Our parents saw nothing wrong with us hanging out watching movies under blankets and he did things I hadn't experienced before. Didn't like it or him that much, but he was my ride home and ticket to freedom. There was a field trip where another senior did some other "new" things on the bus only a week after I turned 13. He had a mustache. Went to camp again the following summer and that's when I decided I liked girls WAY BETTER than icky stinky boys with mustaches. So I assimilated into the queer culture of the camp counselors. 1 of them had been my favorite riding instructor and 1 of them became a predator. She literally was a "known pedophile " as stated by our family attorney. Things went sideways and I was not only victimized at 12-14 by these women, but ultimately taken away from the only place in the world I felt safe. My parents had to lawyer up to regain custody from the "known pedophile " and I absolutely was not allowed any contact, I couldn't walk my dog around the block even due to the pervasive influence this woman had on my life and dhs/cps. So the fact that I was gay was not allowed even a little bit. Mama read baby names and bought bridal magazines, she ENFORCED how to housewife by winning a Goodhousekeeping contest and attending every hostess party in a 5 County radius. By the time I was 18, I was good at masking hetero to make mama and daddy happy in apology for my summer of unfortunate incarceration with the pedophile riding instructor. Oops. So to leave my small town, and have a chance at college, I swung the trapeze bars from guy to guy to husband without looking back. Forbidden. Not allowed. "Gay people aren't happy," she said. Now my bestie is on the same track, married a year later and we enter babyhood as we are expected to do in our "good societies." We were broken inside from previous traumas that we didn't even know would shade our futures...we were just busy living our expectations. I came out to my husband a few years later. He supports me. I love him for the person he is and it's his heart not his parts that have kept it together for 23 years. (Never have to buy batteries either). I LONG to know what life would have been if I had been able to grow up purely gold star lesbo...I think of that life every day and wish to be in the company of a woman that will accept all of me while I finish unpacking a little bit more of this puzzle. I'm trying to sort out, and maybe someone will know the answer here, if I need to just keep it movin forward, or how much more looking back and reflecting is necessary as I enter the 2nd half of my life. Like can I just move on from that evening at horsecamp that changed every single other thing for eternity? Or do I need to find a very competent therapist to help the unraveling? I have anger that my entire family let me hang out with seniors for the sake of ride sharing and entertainment when I was only 13. I had no boundaries at that age and knew I'd be shamed if I said anything. So horsecamp didn't have boundaries either. Now I'm locked up like ft Knox with the exception of my bestie who is my absolute everything in all her brokenness too. I also need to state, I'm not blaming mom for my mess, but the patterns were established by her before I knew what was happening. So therapy to rehash? Or keep moving forward? Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 17:16 Limehaus British gas have sent me a bill that I believe to be incorrect, which I haven't paid. However the bill is overdue and they're threatening to send bailiffs. Should I pay it now?

Hello all
I lived in my past property for the last year, where my British Gas electricity bill was calculated at £61 per month. Last month before moving to my new property, I closed the account at my address. I also stupidly forgot to check the final metre reading before handing over the keys.
Today I noticed an email that was sent to me last week, telling me to pay a final amount of £410. I was confused about why this is so high, however haven't been able to get through to them via phone and they have no customer service email as far as I can see. I managed to talk to someone on their live chat, who said they will mark the bill as disputed and an "investigation team" will phone me in the next 2 days. However I got no email confirmation about this, and the same warnings are all over my online British Gas account.
I'm wondering if I should just pay the bill and try to get the money back later. I originally thought I'd have some sort of leverage by not paying it, but today they sent me another email saying that extra charges as well as bailiffs will be used if I don't pay. On the other hand, I can't really afford to pay this money and then not get it back.
Location: England
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2023.06.01 17:15 throwaway293670 My dominatrix set me up and I feel like I have no one to talk to about it

Tw// SA
I’m posting here bc I have no one that I want to confide in about this and it’s tearing me up.
I’ve been seeing my dominatrix since last October and I can honestly say I love her and trusted her bc it wasn’t strictly sexual. She made me feel seen and made me feel special in ways that weren’t vain bc I’m used to ppl wanting me for sex and superficial reasons. We have a bit of an age gap so it almost felt maternal in a weird way.
She introduced me to her husband and I’ve had threesomes with them a few times and enjoyed myself. This last time was different. I came over as usual, it was supposed to just be us two that time. It started off with us cuddling as usual, I was laying with my back against her and venting my issues while she rubbed my boobs. Then I got startled hearing someone walking up to the room until I saw that it was her husband,l was still uncomfortable and tried pulling up my shirt since he came unexpectedly. She held me and told me it was fine.
He didn’t smile or acknowledge me in the way he usually does. He looked like he was aggravated and just came from work. I read the room and tried leaving when he started taking off his shoes and cufflinks. She kept trying to hold me and calm me down and when I broke free he came right to the bed and started holding me down and threatening me. I instinctively started fighting back and trying my hardest but I couldn’t move. My dominatrix then moved to the chair by the window and just watched.
He started slapping me around. I told them I wasn’t going to do it and that I was leaving. I started calling out for her and told her I didn’t want to do it. I used our safe word. He kept calling me out my name and said he can do what he wants and that I wasn’t shit. He started hitting closed fist and that’s when my dominatrix finally spoke up and it was just to tell him not to leave marks on me so he punched me in the stomach and told me to turn over and arch my back. That’s when I gave in bc it was no point in fighting anymore when I saw she was in on it. I was worried how far it would go and if he was gonna kill me.
He lubed up and raped me with no condom. I cried, kinda blanked out and then started crying again when he came in me. He tried to keep going but my dominatrix told him to stop and he grabbed his wallet and threw money at me. I grabbed the blanket and covered my body and blanked out for a minute. He went to the closet and lit a cigarette.
My dominatrix tried doing after care but I kept slapping her hand away and asked why. She didn’t acknowledge that it was rape and pointed out the wet spot on the bed and said I liked it. She said I wouldn’t last in the bdsm community and that I shouldn’t be camming and selling content when I could make much more in seconds. I kept telling her it was rape and she handed me my phone and told me to call the police and watch what happens bc she has ties.
I was scared and dumb they wouldn’t let me leave and she forced bathed me and forced me to take a plan b although I’m on birth control. She wouldn’t let me leave and forced me to cuddle with her after her husband changed the sheets.
I thought he left at one point I saw him leave the room so I took it as my chance to leave and he was outside the door and said I must be ready for another round. I just begged her to stop and let me leave and I don’t care about reporting them I just wanted to leave. She handed me my things and said I misunderstood what happened and to call her when I calmed down and rationalized everything. She left the money in my purse.
I don’t know what to say I just needed to get it out and know I’m not going crazy. I want to set myself on fire and die but I have too many responsibilities and my siblings rely on me. I just feel so fucking stupid and I wasn’t thinking. I’m at my wits end. I don’t even want to tell my therapist bc I don’t want to be viewed differently.
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2023.06.01 17:15 MrFilthyNeckbeard Looking for a career change to a remote-friendly field. What should I be looking into, and how do I begin?

Looking for a career change to a remote-friendly field, unsure where to begin.
Background: I currently live in the US (NY) and work in insurance as a claim adjuster. I’m looking to move to Spain on their new remote work visa.
The problems: While I can find plenty of remote jobs, almost all of them do not fit the criteria for the visa. Most of them, even when fully remote, require you to be located in the US. In addition, it seems like any standard “employee” jobs with a W2 are a no-go (due to labor laws and tax issues) so it would need to be a 1099 type contractor, or some kind of self employment.
So I guess my question is, if this is my goal, what fields/jobs should I be looking into?
I don’t expect to find a magical job that I qualify for that meets all my criteria. I assume I will have to get some kind of certifications/degree/experience in whatever field it is. But I don’t know where to begin or what to look into.
Thanks in advance to anyone who has advice.
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2023.06.01 17:14 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Mega Bog - End of Everything

Mega Bog - End of Everything

Release Date: May 19th, 2023
Label: Mexican Summer
Genre: Synthpop, New Wave, Coldwave
Singles: The Clown, Love Is
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. bar italia - Tracey Denim / Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way / Water From Your Eyes - Everyone's Crushed
Thur. Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine / Hannah Jadagu - Aperture / Mega Bog - End of Everything
Fri. Sparks - The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte / AJJ - Disposable Everything
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions or other related thoughts to the album following its release. these discussions serve as a place for users to post their thoughts on a particular release after initial release hype and the like from the [FRESH] album thread have fallen off, and also for preservation's sake.
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2023.06.01 17:13 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Phoenix Forge (GSD #97)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Phoenix Forge (GSD #97)
////Alliance Headquarters, 12 hours later////
The Grand Ambassadorial Conclave was alive with movement and rumor. Some smiles were had towards the recent announcement of Emma and Rillke having a bonding ceremony, but most were focused on the recent attacks from the Scareek.
The last news had been of the destruction of Turyaj Battle-Vessel Solar Destiny. It was lost and many life pods were taken, including Cantang Fruft. The news through those familiar with him into a mixture of rage, sorrow and terror. Emma and Rillke were mostly in shock.
That was when the forms entered. Three mechanical forms similar in size to the Captain and one much shorter form. The Captain was accompanying them. The Conclave stared in awe at four newly reborn Forge.
"They did it!" Thanal Drug, the new Grrt Ambassador shouted. "The crazy bastards, they actually did it!"
"Ambassador Drug, please contain yourself, and let them speak." Ambassador Yi said from the podium. "Please, honored Founders, what is happening?"
-The Forge are being rebuilt.- One of the newer Forge said in a very stilted mechanical voice. -Humanity and their children, the Intelligences are assisting us on our creator's homeworld.-
Another Forge stepped forward. "We must rebuild our network before we can properly rejoin the Alliance. To this end we will be quarantining the old homeworld so that we can focus on our construction and reconstruction efforts. Forgive us though, it has been too long since your people have interacted with us beyond Captain Bulwark. I am Emissary 3498TY." The Emissary bowed.
-Strategy Node 6669.- The first Forge added.
"I am The Caretaker." The small Forge said.
The last Forge was mostly silent, but gave its designation. "Civil Constructor 0001A."
Murmurs ran through the gathered ambassadors.
The Captain spoke. "As of now I must submit a formal leave request from my position as Captain of the Galactic Social Dynamic. My formal recommendation is for Executive Officer Shendt to take my place."
Yi smiled, "leave granted and recommendations considered."
The Turyaj ambassador stood, "And in the future can we count on you personally waging war against the Scareek?"
The Captain was stock still in a way only a machine could exemplify, and yet it radiated pure malice. "I have had few friends in my long millenias of existence. The enemy has taken one, and for that I will see the species burn."
The ambassadors were silent and staring in shock. They had never truly experienced the Forge displaying emotions and it was the first reminder of how truly unique the Forge were, so long ago.
Business then continued with the Forge making their way into the hall. Slowly though, discussions died down and lunch was called for. Emma took the opportunity to get to her office. To her surprise the Forge were waiting outside.
"Congratulations Ambassador." Caretaker said as her small frame offered a hand to shake.
"Thank you Caretaker." Emma smiled and nodded as she watched the Captain, he still radiated the same feeling of Malice.
"Ignored our friend for the moment." Emissary said with a slightly mechanical laugh, "He's brooding. Not that I can blame him, we all become enraged when allies and friends are hurt. The closer to use the worse it is."
"Well, how can Earth United help you?" Emma asked.
"It's the other way around dear." Caretaker said. "We came to the conclusion that the Alliance should know about our past in full. All eighty five million years of it."
Emma paused as she tried to actually comprehend what was just said. "I'm sorry its just, I knew the Alliance was old..."
-We are far older still.- Strategy said. -Our reach expanded over half the galaxy. Then we received our first, first contact. It slowly led to the Alliance's creation. For many millennia it was just the first fifteen of us.-
"Then another batch of advanced life popped up." Emissary continued. "The number of species that would pop-up every so often was intriguing, but we could find no pattern to it. So we stayed focused on our goals. Protect humanity when it appeared."
"Clearly we failed." The Captain said flatly, "But in turn we are being saved by those we swore to protect."
"You kept others safe during that time." Emma said as she wiped some tears away. "You give them hell for Fruft."
The Captain just nodded.
"I do understand that our secret mission was completed." Emissary said, trying not to let the tone of the conversation become too dark.
"She came through and we lost her as she saved us." Emma nodded with a wince.
The four Forge, but not the Captain, burst into laughter.
"I'm sorry?" Emma was now confused.
"We reviewed the tape." Emissary said.
-The being of chaos is clever, but one can only disguise so many layers of visual data.- Strategy clarified. -The outside beings removed her from this reality. It is likely they felt it was to dangerous for her.-
Emma stared at the Captain.
"We were uncertain before. Strategy and Emissary have better understanding of visual data." The Captain seemed to sigh and shrug.
"You do not comprehend the level of power these beings, or this girl's father possess." Civil spoke up. "It would be best if we keep it that way."
Emma nodded, now slightly creeped out by Civil's sudden desire to speak on the topic.
"But that is for another time." Caretaker offered Emma a data drive. "This has our entire timeline."
Emma took it graciously. "I guess it does make sense you'd give it to us first."
Caretaker nodded.
"Do you need any more volunteers, I'm sure the others would love to help." Emma smiled.
-They would be crushed. Our creator's homeworld possesses heavy gravity. One point two-five times Earth's gravity.- Strategy advised. -This is why we are only willing to accept humanity and Intelligences right now.-
"Not even some of the Phodian or Bodivayne?" Emma clarified. "Some colonies have built themselves up to work in heavier gravity."
"We're considering some, but honestly, we need Civeet engineers." Caretaker sighed.
"Their homeworld engineers might be able to help." Emma suggested. "I'll contact Sellus."
Emissary bowed its head. "Thank you Ambassador Brunte. I look forward to the day we can meet as colleagues."
"I'll be counting the days." Emma smiled. "Now, if you'll excuse me I have. Launch date with my fiancee."
-We should leave you to your private time then.- Strategy acknowledged as it started to walk away.
The Captain walked to Emma and offered its metallic hand. Emma took it and was surprised by the fluidity of its handshake.
"We acknowledge you as a friend to us and our network. We know the loss of Fruft is hard, but one way or another he will be avenged." The Captain said as it ended the handshake, when she pulled her hand away a small printed photo of a red-headed young woman was in her hand. It was clearly printed from The Captain's visual processing unit and showed the smiling young woman full of life.
She turned it over and on the back was a simple message. "Do not mourn that which is not dead." Emma felt a sudden shudder run down her back as she tried not to read the signature. She instead quickly ordered a frame to put it in.
Then she rushed out and joined Rillke and Jess for lunch.
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Next Zoo-nanigans
S: Perfection!
Perfection: What, I'm right here.
S: Sorry, force of habit.
Perfection: (chrottles to himself)
S: Wraith!
Wraith: Prove it was me.
S: Gah! You are impossible!
Wraith: True, also its after breakfast and you need five more things.
S: What?
DM: Will it stick?
S: What do you mean five more things?
Wraith; It stuck.
S: Tell ME!
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2023.06.01 17:13 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Hannah Jadagu - Aperture

Hannah Jadagu - Aperture

Release Date: May 19th, 2023
Label: Sub Pop
Genre: Indie Pop, Dream Pop, Bedroom Pop
Singles: What You Did, Admit It
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. bar italia - Tracey Denim / Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way / Water From Your Eyes - Everyone's Crushed
Thur. Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine / Hannah Jadagu - Aperture / Mega Bog - End of Everything
Fri. Sparks - The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte / AJJ - Disposable Everything
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions or other related thoughts to the album following its release. these discussions serve as a place for users to post their thoughts on a particular release after initial release hype and the like from the [FRESH] album thread have fallen off, and also for preservation's sake.
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2023.06.01 17:13 VietRooster [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine

Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine

Release Date: May 26th, 2023
Label: Transgressive
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Alt-Pop, Contemporary R&B
Singles: Impurities, Blades
Streams: Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp
Date Album
Tues. bar italia - Tracey Denim / Mandy, Indiana - i've seen a way / Water From Your Eyes - Everyone's Crushed
Thur. Arlo Parks - My Soft Machine / Hannah Jadagu - Aperture / Mega Bog - End of Everything
Fri. Sparks - The Girl Is Crying in Her Latte / AJJ - Disposable Everything
this is an unofficial discussion for reactions or other related thoughts to the album following its release. these discussions serve as a place for users to post their thoughts on a particular release after initial release hype and the like from the [FRESH] album thread have fallen off, and also for preservation's sake.
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2023.06.01 17:11 JustSanya_ Is it safe to swim w/ apple watch with scratches on a screen?

Is it safe to swim w/ apple watch with scratches on a screen?
Recently bought used S5 for 150$ and it has small scratches on its screen. So is it safe to swim with them?
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2023.06.01 17:11 theabsentmindedgirl2 Does anyone else feel dizzy or pass out when you see other people in distress. No, I'm not talking about fainting at sight of blood, but simply seeing other people cry in pain.

I have to talk about 3 different instances to explain what happened to me:
  1. My sister fainted one night after watching a gruesome scene on a series and she hit her head during the fall. She didn't move when she fainted and I panicked trying to wake her. After she woke, she realized she had a bump on her head due to the fall and my father and I took her to the hospital, where they said that she was fine. Once all was fine and my dad went to pay the bill, I started feeling dizzy and they had to make me lie down even though there was nothing in that moment that could have triggered a reaction like that. It was embarrassing and I felt horrible.
  2. My sister was getting a wound dressed at a health centre and I was accompanying her. I couldn't see anything, but I saw my sister crying in pain when the nurse wasn't being gentle while cleaning the wound. Though I couldn't see the wound, and could only see my sister crying in pain, I passed out for a few seconds. A friend told me that my eyes rolled in my head while I fainted. Once again, embarrassing and I felt weak.
  3. One morning when I woke up, I saw my mother had fallen down and dislocated her shoulder. Though at that moment no one knew it was dislocation, all we could see was she was crying in pain. The situation was under control, so i decided to make some juice for her to calm her, but while I was trying to make the juice, I started feeling dizzy and blurry. So I quickly walked to the bedroom to lie down. Once again, I felt weak and it was confusing because I wasn't in distress or stressed out.
These reactions seem so blown out of proportion to the situations that happened. It seems so silly and I felt weak.
Does anyone know what this could be? I have heard of vasovagal syncope, but it mostly talks about fainting at sight of blood or gruesome scenes. But my situation seems unlike those things, so it feels confusing to me. I have seen blood, but never fainted at the sight of it. It seems there is something to do with people crying in pain.
Anyone knows anything info or articles or details, do share and enlighten me.
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2023.06.01 17:11 RPh_Comp_Dashboard Pharmacist Compensation Survey Results - May 2023

Hello fellow pharmacists,
First of all, THANK YOU to everyone that has already taken the Pharmacist Compensation survey!
The ultimate goal of this project is to empower pharmacists. This type of openness helps to decrease gender and racial pay gaps, improves working conditions, and more.
So far in 2023, the interactive Pharmacist Compensation Dashboard now represents data for:
Here are the ranges of Total Wages reported for Top 5 Areas of Pharmacy* (based on number of participants):

Area of Pharmacy Job Title Median Wages Range of Wages
Retail Floater Pharmacist $122,200 $60,000 -- $187,000
Staff Pharmacist $125,500 $51,000 - $225,500
Pharmacy Manager $153,800 $85,000 - $253,000
District Manager $250,000 $183,000 - $296,000
Hospital Resident $50,500 $41,232 - $68,810
Staff Pharmacist $126,000 $70,000 - $209,000
Clinical Pharmacist $131,000 $100,000 - $226,754
Informatics Pharmacist $138,000 $92,952 - $213,250
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist $140,000 $104,182 - $205,000
Supervisor $158,000 $140,000 - $187,317
Pharmacy Manager $154,500 $130,000 - $243,000
Director of Pharmacy $181,000 $112,000 - $254,000
Industry/Pharma ** ** $70,000 - $520,000
Ambulatory Care ** ** $92,000 - $230,000
PBM/Managed Care ** ** $112,000 - $235,000
\Top 5 Areas of Pharmacy calculated by total number of survey results*
**Did not list Job Titles due to large number of different avenues/departments
The Median Wages column includes salary + bonus + overtime for the corresponding job title/position.
Another thank you for those who have provided feedback/suggestions to the survey, website, and dashboard. Please continue to provide constructive feedback to improve the usefulness and functionality.
FYI - There are a list of FAQs in the comments.
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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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