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Beluga Pay is a mobile point of sale system that will accept crypto, credit and debit. In Mexico, Beluga are called “Espiral” and have over 200 live merchants, a partnership with Banorte (Mexico’s largest domestic bank) and live card processing certification.

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Domaining - domain name industry news, guides and resources for domainers.

2023.06.01 16:51 lilsmutking [For Sale] [For Trade] Older Pressings mostly Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Classic Rock: Art Pepper, Bob Marley, Cal Tjader, Derek & Dominos, Horace Sliver, Jack McDuff, Junior Mance, Les Baxter, Lonnie Smith, Miles Davis, Nilsson, Oscar Peterson, Paul Desmond, Ramones, Stan Getz, Vince Guaraldi, and more!

Hi everyone,
Shipping from California to US only. Did my best to price appropriately, but if something seems off, let's talk.
$5 unlimited shipping. $20 minimum to ship. Paypal Goods and Services only.
Grading is record/sleeve.
If interested, please comment and then send a message/chat. Would LOVE to trade. Trade list of wants is at the bottom.
Thanks for looking!
Almon Memela - Funky Africa NM/NM - $20 Played once, in shrink.
Art Pepper - Early Art VG+/VG+ - $15
Sleeve has corner cut on spine side and is a little dirt/ringwear on bottom and top which is a bit more visible with it being an off white color jacket. Most of the record plays quite well but there are a couple tics at the beginning of the second track on the fourth side. Happy to send pics.
Atmosphere - Seven's Travels NM/NM - $20 Played once.
Bob Marley - 20 Greatest Hits VG+/VG+ - $10
Bob Marley - Catch a Fire VG+/VG+ - $20
Runouts of this, but labels of this. Name on label in pen.
Byron Janis - Piano Concertos VG+/VG+ - $15
Cal Tjader - Soul Sauce NM/NM - $20
Derek and the Dominos - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs VG+/STRONG VG $15
(Creasing to bottom of cover near spine. Initials in blue marker on bottom right of cover.)
Horace Silver - Song For My Father VG+/VG+ - $25 (With Obi)
Jack McDuff - Magnetic Feel VG+/VG+ - $15
Junior Mance Trio - That's Where It Is VG+/NM - $10 in shrink.
Kim So Hee - Pansori Korea's Epic Vocal Art Instrumental Music VG+/VG - $20 (name on label in pen)
Les Baxter and his Orchestra - The Primitive and the Passionate VG+/VG+ - $10
Lonnie Smith - Keep On Lovin' VG+/VG - $15 Sleeve has some significant creasing near top, most prominent on back, happy to send pics.
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Take a Break NM/NM - $20 Played once, in shrink.
Miles Davis - Porgy and Bess VG+/VG+ - $25
In shrink. It is a 6 eye and could be this listing or possibly this one.
Miles Davis - Quiet Nights VG+/VG+ - $20 in shrink.
Not 100% sure this is the right Discogs listing, Runouts end with 1k on A side and 1AF on B side.
Muscle Shoals Horns - Doin' It To The Bone VG+/VG - $12
Nilsson - Nilsson Schmilsson STRONG VG/VG - $10
plays clean except some noise for first 45 seconds or so of Without You which is kind of annoying. Sleeve in pretty good shape but big ol Promo timing strip deal across bottom half of cover
Nilsson - The Point (LSPX-1003) presumed M/M - $40 (Can't tell which pressing exactly since sealed but US 70s)
Oscar Peterson Trio - Night Train VG+/NM - $35 (RE6 on A RE3 on B with scratch outs) Borderline NM all around
Oscar Peterson - Plays the George Gershwin Song Book VG+/VG+ - $10
Paul Desmond - Easy Living NM/NM $40 (In shrink, beautiful)
Ramones - Subterranean Jungle VG+/VG+ $30
(name written on labels, small price sticker on top right front of jacket.)
Ramones - Too Tough To Die VG+/VG+ - $35
(Name on label in pen, creasing and a little bit of sticker residue on cover.)
Rusty Bryant - Fire Eater NM/NM - $25
Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - Sam Coffey and the Iron Lungs - NM/NM - $10
Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto - Getz/Gilberto - VG+/NM - $35 in shrink.
Stan Getz / Charlie Byrd - Jazz Samba STRONG VG/STRONG VG - $10
Various - A Motown Christmas VG+/VG+ - $30
Various - Funky Stuff: The Best of Funk Essentials Volume One VG+/STRONG VG - $12 (creasing on bottom right corner of sleeve)
Vince Guarald - Oh, Good Grief! VG+/NM - $25 (borderline NM on media, in shrink.)
4 for $20 shipped:
(Mostly VG+ records with VG+ or VG covers. Some are in worse condition. I will double check condition prior to finalizing any transaction to make sure condition is accurately disclosed prior to purchase and happy to send pictures etc.)
Aerosmith - Live! Bootleg
Bob James - Heads
Bread - The Best of Bread
Bread - The Best of Bread Volume Two
Bud Shank - Bud Shank and the Sax Section (worst album cover art ever. Lazy Eye+Unibrow)
Charlie Byrd - The Great Byrd
Charlie Byrd - Hollywood Byrd
Charlie Byrd - Sketches of Brazil
Cliff Richard - Best 20 (South Korean record)
Colin James Hay - Looking For Jack
The Crusaders - Unsung Heroes
Elton John - 17-11-70
Elton John - Blue Moves
Elton John - Rock of the Westies
Enoch Light and the Brass Menagerie - The Brass Menagerie 1973
Greg Kihn - Again
jj - JJ N 3 - NM/NM
Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around with Jim
Johnny Hodges - The Eleventh Hour
Judy Collins - Recollections
Kano - New York Cake VG+/VG (promo timing strip on cover)
Kenny G - Duotones
Les Baxter His Orchestra And Chorus - Voices In Rhythm
Lionel Hampton and Orchestra - Lionel
Loverboy - Get Lucky
Mark Colby - Serpentine Fire
Mates of State - All Day VG+/VG+
Michael Stanley Band - Heartland
Mike Rutherford - Smallcreep's Day
Mystic Moods Orchestra - One Stormy Night
Pete Seeger - We Shall Overcome
Rick Springfield - Tao
Rick Springfield - Beautiful Feelings
Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of the Earth
Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys - The Best of Roy Acuff: Songs of the Smoky Mountains
The Rubinoos - Back to the drawing board
The Rubinoos - Party of Two
Tropea - Tropea VG+/VG+
Vangelis - Opera Sauvage
Various - The Montreux Collection
Vic Feldman - Mallets A Fore Thought G+/G
Windham Hill Records Sampler '82
Wings - London Town
Charles Kynard - Woga
Donald Byrd - Kofi
Funk Inc. - Chicken Lickin'
Grateful Dead - Wake of the Flood
Harold Ousley - The Kid!
Horace Silver Quintet - Cape Verdean Blues
Ike Quebec - Bossa Nova Soul Samba
Keith Jarrett - The Survivor's Suite
Melvin Sparks - Akilah!
Neal Creque - Contrast!
O'Donel Levy - Simba
Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers - Jungle Fire!
Teddy Edwards - Nothin' But The Truth!
Wavves - V
Yusef Lateef - Detroit
Primarily looking for Jazz/Funk type stuff, so if you have something along those lines let me know!
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2023.06.01 16:51 joel_lindstrom All music services get me to the Wagon Wheel and Cat's in the Cradle

I've used almost all of the music services: Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Youtube Music, and Pandora. Every single one of them gets me to two songs:
I never specifically "like" these songs, and I listen to a fairly wide variety of music, including newer music. But for some reason all of the algorithms bring me to these two songs. When I'm on random on any of these services, I'm usually within 10 songs of each of these. Must be something about my music choices that makes the algorithms think I like these songs.
I have thumb downed these songs and even resorted to listening to drastically different types of music from time to time, but all roads lead back to wagon wheel and cat's in the cradle.
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2023.06.01 16:51 GreyBag Feeling Guilt and Shame When I Shouldn’t

“Our room mates deserve an apology, not you”.
After a 3 year LDR where we saw eachother physically for spans of 3-6 months out of a year, I moved in with my n-partner (now ex). Within a month he “accidentally” showed me his Reddit account he used to cheat on me with, for the last year of our relationship. In person meet ups, really sick misogynist sex abuse-centered subs he followed, everything. All the while we shared his place with his 3 room mates, and they overheard a lot. My ex would hit me, then shush me up, make me cry, yell, all behind thin walls. He gaslit me, choked me, really just went completely off. All the while I begged him. Begged for an apology so we could move past this, he never apologized and never let us move past it. Everyday he would inflict new damages, blatantly cheat in front of me, masturbate with others on cam virtually, as I was trapped there.
Eventually the violence and arguments got so bad I was having to leave the house every other night, packing my bags, lugging them down the stairs, no doubt disturbing the guy who lived on the ground floor. That guy then left for about 4 months to Mexico with his gf, allegedly to avoid the noise I was causing. I then found texts on my ex’s phone showing that dating back to our first arguments, he had been promising the room mates I would move out, that I had gone crazy, that he couldnt wait for this “nightmare” to be over, and they agreed that they couldn’t wait for me to be gone.
I run into them sometimes and they give me dirty looks. I’m caught between feeling guilty that they were caught in a cross fire and their living situation was disturbed (by both of my n-ex and I), but the fact my n-ex successfully pulled off the smear and “crazy woman” diatribe always ends up making me feel I do have something to be ashamed of. Because if 3 guys hate me, they can’t be wrong right? That’s what my brain tells me atleast. I struggle coping with these guilt and shame feelings I have towards them. Any advice?
submitted by GreyBag to NarcissisticAbuse [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:50 girl0888 please help

I will seem like the most entitled person in the whole entire world but pls help:((( I've been in uni for 300 years and I've been failing so much and so hard. I was depressed majority of my life and I started therapy about two years ago and I tried antidepressants and they made me feel worse lol and then I freestyled and stopped them. I took a add assessment and my dr said she cant diagnose me with adhd because I cant recall how I behaved as a child, and then I talked with my psychiatrist and was then finally put on adhd meds this may and I moved out to the dorms (this may) too so I can at least be done with my 200 assignments and focus on my studies because I am 26 (27 in a few days) I honestly dont know if this is the community for this but I still live with my family because this is how it is in our culture. and its so hectic and toxic at home so I managed to move. being on add meds made me feel so productive I would work and work and work for 8 hours or more a day and my problem is I get stuck at questions and feel the need to research the hell out of them and then now its 200 days past the deadline. I was already given 3944 days to submit and so far I have only 1 assignment of the 9 completed. the rest are all half done I dont know what to do with myself. I really love my major and I wish I moved out sooner and that I was on meds earlier but I couldn't and I wasn't. im glad I am now but it doesn't even matter because I still didn't submit my assignments they hold a gigantic percentage of the total grade and I really want to submit them so I can focus on studying for my finals. I tried studying last year without submitting them but it is such a slim to zero chance of passing without them. I really dont know what to do with myself. I really cant cut my losses either but even when I try to make time blocks for each assignment I find myself nowhere near done when the time is over. pls help I really cant stand me
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2023.06.01 16:50 AutoModerator [Download Course] John Crestani – Super Affiliate System PRO (

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2023.06.01 16:50 SleepySpaceBby Hi, new to this. After years, I finally have answers.

Yesterday I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Which, after so many years of everyone, even my wife not believing me nearly brought me to my knees. I have verification that it, while yes it's neurological, isn't entirely in my head. It's a real diagnosis and I'm not crazy.
I feel so validated and vindicated. I applied my first lidocaine patch ( 5% ) this morning on the underside of my knee and leg, before slipping a compression sock on to hold it into place. ( Being someone who's on testosterone, I run the risk of sweating the patch off, so the compression gear helps hold it into place. )
So far, I think it's helping?
I'm slowly walking around, and getting used to the medicine. Along with adjusting my schedule around, ( not that I had one to begin with ) but I'm trying to give myself something better. Occasionally getting up to walk around the apartment every so often, to help wake my joints/muscles up. I'm learning that with fibro, if I'm not using it my body will start to atrophy?
I still have so much to learn about this condition.
My doctor was so kind yesterday and sat with me for a good while to help me understand everything. She allowed me to ask multiple questions and even gave me a referral to see a neurologist, so I could get the ball rolling to eventually be put on meds for pain management.
I'm happy, but I need to be crucial and honest with myself right now. She told me: "You have to know your limits. If you're in pain and feel like you cannot do something, don't ignore that." This really feels like the universe is telling me to "give myself a break."
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2023.06.01 16:50 AutoModerator [Top Quality] Agency Navigator by Iman Gadzhi

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2023.06.01 16:50 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Program)

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2023.06.01 16:49 Briniestlol Alright

So a few days ago I was talking about how I'm sick and I was about to start a job, well I'm still sick and here's what the job wanted from me. 40 hours a week, 6 days with 6 hours, 1 day with 4 hours, I was weed eating a massive trench in a golf course, in the boiling sun, with no days off to rest. Now this may seem bad, but it gets worse. Yesterday he left me alone when I needed to learn and let me weed eat with one I've never used (it was a complicated one that needed a heat up) and was mad that I didn't get as far as he wanted but he didn't tell me where to go. Then this morning I asked for at least one day off cause I'm pretty sure it's mandatory for one day off on a full time schedule. And guess what, he didn't give me one and he got mad because I asked for one. I told him I don't think I could work without a day off cause I worked for a while yesterday and I was already sore, so no days off wouldn't be fun to deal with with constant sore arms. He told me to go the fuck home and not waste his time because "life will never be easy" and "he was working 40+ hours when he was 16" his job rn is mowing on a ride mower which he gets done in 10 minutes. So job hunt is back on. (I live in a very humid ass state so it feels 10-20 degrees hotter than it is)
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2023.06.01 16:49 ThatOnePilotDude EE Unisex Bathroom

As a bored flight major, I have only heard the stories about the EE Unisex Bathroom. I am rarely on main campus and when I am it is never in the engineering side. Because of this I had Chat GPT write a little story. I hope you enjoy.

Once upon a time, in the bustling world of technology and innovation, there was a young engineering student named Alex. Alex was a determined individual with a passion for electrical engineering, and their dreams led them to the prestigious Purdue University.
One sunny morning, as the semester was in full swing, Alex found themselves deep in their studies. Hours had passed since they last left their study desk, and nature's call became impossible to ignore. The corridors of the Electrical Engineering building were filled with the murmurs of fellow students, all engrossed in their own academic pursuits.
Alex, with determination in their eyes, set off on a quest for relief. Whispers and rumors had circled among the students about a legendary restroom that was said to hold the title of "Purdue EE Unisex bathroom." Some claimed it was a serene oasis, while others insisted it possessed magical powers that could enhance one's engineering skills.
Guided by their curiosity, Alex embarked on a mission to find this mythical facility. They ventured through the maze-like hallways, searching for clues to uncover its hidden location. The walls were adorned with posters and diagrams of complex circuits, providing a reminder of the academic pursuits within the building.
With each step, Alex's anticipation grew, fueled by stories passed down from upperclassmen. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of wandering, they stumbled upon an inconspicuous door. It bore no distinguishing marks, leaving them uncertain whether it held the secrets they sought.
Summoning their courage, Alex pushed open the door, and to their amazement, they entered a realm like no other. The Purdue EE Unisex bathroom was a sight to behold, an engineering marvel in its own right. The room was bathed in warm, fluorescent light, illuminating sleek metallic fixtures and pristine white tiles. It was a sanctuary of tranquility amidst the chaotic world outside.
Alex marveled at the ingenious design of the bathroom. It seemed as though every detail had been meticulously crafted with engineering precision. The sinks featured motion-sensor faucets, conserving water with each use. The hand dryers were equipped with advanced airflow technology, swiftly drying hands with minimal energy consumption. Every element of this sanctuary embodied efficiency and elegance.
Word of their discovery had spread like wildfire throughout the engineering community. Students from various disciplines flocked to the Purdue EE Unisex bathroom, seeking solace and inspiration. It became a gathering place, where ideas were exchanged, and connections were forged.
As the semesters passed, Alex's journey to the Purdue EE Unisex bathroom became a rite of passage for each new generation of engineering students. The legendary oasis became a symbol of their shared experiences and the pursuit of knowledge.
Years later, when Alex stood on the stage, adorned in their graduation robe, they reflected on their time at Purdue University. They realized that their journey to the Purdue EE Unisex bathroom was more than just a quest for relief—it had become a metaphor for their personal growth and perseverance. The journey had taught them to seek out hidden gems, to embrace challenges, and to explore beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone.
With fond memories in their heart, Alex stepped forward to receive their degree, ready to embark on new journeys that awaited them in the vast realm of electrical engineering. And as they walked off the stage, a new generation of curious minds whispered tales of the legendary Purdue EE Unisex bathroom, eager to embark on their own adventure and discover the magic that awaited them within its walls.
I am now going to make this journey for myself in the near future and will update when I reach the holy land. o7
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2023.06.01 16:49 Sepidy Avoid my 7 mistakes when you want to animate in Figma!

Avoid my 7 mistakes when you want to animate in Figma!
Don't make my mistakes!
TL;DR: There is a summary at the end.
This is a list of 7 mistakes I made when I wanted to animate in Figma. One of my friends who is an awesome designer taught me how to avoid it and gave me his tips for them and I summarized his tips in this post and I hope you find it valuable too.
I wort both the wrong and right approaches and I added Gifs for each item for more explanation. I added the tip in a photo!

1. Not naming the layers correctly!

It might sound irrelevant but naming your layers matters a lot in animating.
The truth is that the smart animation is not THAT smart and it actually works by simple rules to detect how to animate things. One of the most important rules that it follows is layer names.
Figma looks at the shapes with the same names and detects them as one shape, and starts to animate based on their changes in each frame.
#: Let’s see a simple example:
In this example, we want to animate the color and border radios change of a rectangle.

What you shouldn’t do

We have a rectangle on two frames. In the first frame, we make it Magenta and in the second frame we make it Cyan and we will round the corners.
We name the first rectangle shape 1 and we name the second rectangle shape 2.
Watch what will happen:
Mistake Number 1: Shapes with different names — Animation doesn’t work properly
As you can see instead of animating the shapes will fade away.

What you should do

Now we name them both the same thing now watch what will happen.
Tip Number 1: Shapes should have the same name — Animation works properly

As you can see it is animated perfectly now.
If you forgot to name your layers correctly and then remember it what can you do?
A cool trick for renaming multiple layers at the same time is selecting them on the layer panel or with “CTR”+ “F” and then after selection using the hotkey “CRL” + “R” to rename them at the same time.
Renaming multiple layers at the same time using “CTRL+R”
One other cool thing that I learned from Hisham was to use the “question mark” icon to find the short keys.

2. Not paying attention to grouping!

As we said earlier Figma pays attention to the layer names. Figma sees groups as layers so their naming matters. Items within a group will be animated together as a single unit. This means that your groups should be the same in both frames that you are animating. You can’t animate certain elements without a group in one frame and within a group in another frame.
#2: Let’s see a simple example:
In this example we want to create a move in and out animation by a set of elements.

What you shouldn’t do

We have a set of elements that aren’t in a group on the first frame. In the second frame, we want to change their position altogether, and to make this easier we group the elements and move them. Now see what will happen when we animate.
Mistake Number 2: Grouping objects in only one frame — Animation doesn’t work properly

As you can see Figma can’t detect these shapes are similar to the previous shapes and it sees this new group as a new object. That’s why we see a fade instead of a moving animation.

What you should do

Now we move each shape separately without making it a group. Now watch what will happen:
Tip Number 2: Groups are separate objects, don’t use grouping in only one frame, and keep the object states the way it is in both frames — Animation works properly

As you can see the animation works perfectly.
Read this if you are a nerd🤓: What will happen if we group it, move it, and then ungroup it again?
Let’s see:
What will happen if we group objects, move the group, and then ungroup it? — Animation works properly
As you can see the animation is working perfectly because Figma can detect that the shapes on both frames are the same and it seems that the group hasn’t existed at all.
What will happen if the shapes were in a group in the first place?
Whatever state they are in (in or out of a group) they should be in the same state on the second frame as well. So if they are in a group first in the second frame they should be in a group as well.

3. Ignoring shape types!

If you paid enough attention to the Example #1 you would have noticed that we didn’t use a circle for the second frame we rounded the corners of the rectangle to get that animation. As you know smart animation remembers our actions on the canvas and replays it later. So what would happen if we haven’t rounded the corners and have used a circle instead of a rectangle in the first place?
#3: Let’s see a simple example:
In this example we want to animate a rectangle to a circle.

What you shouldn’t do

As you probably guessed there is no animation involved in changing the shape. The rectangle fades away and a circle will appear and it doesn’t matter if we name them the same or different.
Mistake Number 3: Use different shape types even with the same name — Animation doesn’t work properly

What you should do

Use the same shapes with the correct naming and round the corners of a rectangle to get a circle shape.

4. Messing around with shapes’ anchor points!

To continue from the previous point if we change the anchor points of a shape Figma detects that as a new shape no matter if the name is the same and it can’t animate it perfectly. It fades from the previous shape to the new shape.
🤓If the change was subtle or the duration of the animation was short Figma still fades things but it is hard to detect and it might sound like the animation is working.
#4: Let’s see a simple example:
In this example we are changing the anchor points of a rectangle.

What you shouldn’t do

In this example we changed the anchor points of the rectangle on the second frame and as you can see although the layer name is the same the animation is not working properly.
Mistake Number 4: Making changes in shape anchor points — Animation doesn’t work properly

What you should do

Don’t mess around with the anchor points until Figma releases an update for this!😉
So to sum up a more general rule from points 3 and 4: the shape and all its anchor points should be the same in 2 frames in order for the animation to work.

5. Ignoring layer order!

Figma pays attention to the order of layers and it will animate based on that.
#5: Let’s see a simple example:
In this example, we have 2 rectangles and we are changing their border-radius in the second frame.

What you shouldn’t do

If we change the order of the layers, this will happen:
Mistake Number 5: Layer order is not the same in both Frames — Animation doesn’t work properly
As you can see the animation is laggy and it fades away because we changed the layer orders.

What you should do

Now we keep the order the same in both layers. Now watch that the animation is happening smoothly.
Tip Number 5: Keep the layer orders the same in all Frames — Animation works properly — Gif By
This might sound so simple but when you are doing bigger animations it comes so handy. We have one example of it in the FigChallenge challenges for the spinning carousel challenge by Adrian. If you didn’t pay attention to layer orders your animation wouldn’t look like the tutorial.

6. Moving the layer outside the frame

While you are animating when you are changing the location of a shape make sure that its layer remains in the frame. Even if your shape is completely outside the frame and it is not visible it still needs to be on the frame layer. This one happened to me many times! While you are animating you might accidentally move the shape outside the frame. To avoid this hold the “SPACE” key while moving your object.
#6: Let’s see a simple example:
In this example, we want to create an animation in which our rectangle comes from outside of the frame to the frame.

What you shouldn’t do

If we don’t hold space while moving the rectangle it goes outside the frame. You can check it on the layer panels as well. When we animate the animation doesn’t work and instead of moving objects we will see a fade!
Mistake Number 6: Accidentally moving the shape outside the Frame — Animation doesn’t work properly

What you should do

If we hold the “SPACE” key while we are moving the rectangle remains in the frame. (You can check it on the layer panels as well.) Now you will see the animation works perfectly!
Tip 6: Keep your shapes inside the Frame by holding SPACE — Animation works properly

7. Not paying attention to the animation type!

If you paid attention to all the above points and still your animation doesn’t act like what you see in the tutorial it might be because of the difference between the type of animation you used. This subject is an advanced one and it deserves its own post. I'll write about it soon.
If you like to see a more complete and neat version of this here is the link to the article.
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2023.06.01 16:49 emmahwe I just witnessed something completely crazy at a luthier shop! (TW destruction of violin)

So I went to the luthier today to get my bridge fixed and when I arrived there was a person still talking to the luthier. I just casually started listening to their conversation while waiting and witnessed the worst violin abuse I’ve ever heard of.
They talked about this persons violin, apparently an old baroque instrument, that had to get the varnish fixed. The person went on to ask the luthier about completely revarnishing the violin and the luthier refused to do it. He explained that he can’t do it because it would be like changing the colour of something on a Rembrandt painting because you don’t like the colour.
The person said something along the lines of „it would raise the value immensely.“, the luthier once again said no.
He told them that fixing the varnish they SCRAPED OFF would cost about 1000€ and they said that that’s too much (as if revarnishing a whole instrument would be cheaper lol). He then proceeded to tell her to just use some clear tape to protect the wood she already damaged since the tape (for like books and stuff) wouldn’t damage the instrument. They then said that they won’t use tape since it’s so unnatural to just stick plastic on such an old instrument.
The luthier told her that he could have removed the rosin from the violin without damaging the varnish and they responded that they scraped it off because of the rosin since it would be easier.
When it was my turn the luthier looked at my violin and told me: There is a lot of rosin stuck to your violin, might wanna get that fixed in some time. He smiled at me and said: I hope you won’t scrape it off in the meantime.
I simply couldn’t have kept a straight face like he did, probably would have burst into tears lol.
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2023.06.01 16:49 Rengoku_kyoguro Why I believe Sanemi is the second strongest

So here I would try to explain why I think that Sanemi is the second strongest of the Hashiras
Muichiro is NOWHERE close to Sanemi or Giyu, He got his ass handed while marked and still Unmarked Sanemi did much better
Rengoku one of the weaker because he died quick
Ain't no way Mitsuri even comes close
Tengen is good and a solid choice and pretty high in the list yet not second strongest, Koku>Marked Sanemi>Sanemi>Marked Muichiro>Gyokko>Gyutaro=>MST poisoned Tengen>Tengen
Iguro Played Ping pong with Nakime, Tho it's near impossible to beat Nakime in her castle that doesn't change the fact that Iguro only did some game of tag so he was relatively fresh against Muzan
Still almost fainted trying to use Red blade and only used STW for a sec (Only after Gyomei explained it to him)

Now it's Giyu and Sanemi and yes they are pretty even, One withe deadliest offence and one with the most unwavering defense, But in terms of Durability and Endurance Sanemi takes all and it's a game changer
He almost had his guts spilled (Meaning his abdominal muscles were completely cut and still he stitched that wound) and one of the survivors
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2023.06.01 16:49 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator (here)

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2023.06.01 16:49 ayya2020 NU SKIN scam

First, Thank you Redditors for the group, it saved me a lot of time searching about this company.
So - on a Nomad Facebook group I was asking a question and then this lovely lady from Norway replied after a few comments we moved to the private chat and later on she talked about how 11 years ago she started a business that helps other people to have remote freedom and how using now AI tools can help progress and build a business out of it, so for myself as someone who's just starting and wants to be a freelancer (but still not fully confident with my programming skills) I said that I'm looking forward to hearing about it, and if her business can help me with my goals why not, right?
well, we had a Zoom meeting today to explain what she's doing and in the first 10 min I realised it's probably a waste of time. I mean, the fact it took her over an hour to get to the point of what they're doing instead of just telling me was so annoying as I came in really excited to hear what she had to say. So glad I didn't give her my email address but really annoyed she wasted too much of my time and honestly she seemed like such a lovely person and I'm truly disappointed of her.
I'm happy I'm aware enough to feel its an MLM, and I won't be Joining this shit.
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2023.06.01 16:49 SnooPoems7863 MUSIC COMPOSER / SOUND DESIGNER

Coucou coucou coucou to each one of you, talented fellow!
I'm a passionate music composer & sound designer and I'm confident I'd get the job done with brio!
I'll craft the perfect melody, meticulously tailored to your vision – a harmonious blend of creativity and precision to strike the right chord for your distinct needs.
I can accodomate to your expectations to transform your ideas into a theme, a song or even a symphonic piece specifically tailored to match your needs.
I will score for your movies, shows, video games, commercials, documentaries and podcasts.
My work ethics embody profound passion, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
(I studied Composition at the National Conservatory of Paris and Guitar & Piano mastery in School of Arts, ATLA.)
Hire me! I'd love to join a team.
Here is a composition of mine (despite being quite specific in terms of style I'll use it as a portfolio today! but I sure can compose any genre)
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2023.06.01 16:49 quanganhdo Rant: I wish there was a 6" Paperwhite

Recently I switched back and forth between different Kindles and Kobos and decided to keep the Paperwhite Signature as my sole ereader. It checks (almost) all the boxes the me: nice reading experience (enhanced typography, WordWise, X-ray, custom fonts, etc), great responsiveness (touches aren't randomly unrecognized), good ecosystem & sideloading capabilities. The only downside is with its form factor: I wish it was smaller. The 6" Basic is the perfect size and I would've gone with it, if only it came with waterproofing and the light temperature setting. A 6" Paperwhite would've been amazing.
(I like Kobo ecosystem and feature set. The Clara 2E is an amazing reading device and it has everything Kobo offers, it's just the responsiveness isn't as good as Kindle. Touches aren't recognized from time to time and it is very frustrating. I used this model for a month before selling it because it went completely frozen and my attempts to restart the device ended up resetting it to factory defaults and losing all reading progress.
Never tried Chinese devices. I heard good things about Boox Poke 5 and Inkpalm but I feel like Android is a non-starter. I just want a simple ereader that uses little system resources and I fear Android would eventually slow down everything the way Android phones do.)
Thanks for coming to my TED talk. (Cross-posted from /ereader)
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2023.06.01 16:49 Unethical-Vibrant56 [H] Be careful trading u/Parking_Ad5541 [W] Sketchy user

I have Xbox balance and then I saw his post. I commented two times on his post before which he ignored. Today I messaged and he actually responded in chat. He then said he wants me to go first even though he had no rep and didn’t even know what it meant. He then also said he is trustworthy because he is desperate for the game but he gave me his gamertag and also refused to show the Reddit chat along with it.
I then said to him to show the proof of paysafe which then showed the recent transaction saying Microsoft which got me really confused because he could technically buy gift cards with the balance to redeem - he said it won’t work with preorder but I also never talked about how he could use gift cards as I wanted to get rid of my £100+ Xbox balance. I asked if he can transfer the paysafe money to PayPal because it is a virtual card using Mastercard.
He then said he didn’t know what PayPal was and also said that there was no guarantee for him to get his money if I scammed. I said that other people take/offer it as a payment and he said they are rich whilst he is poor - makes total sense if he can spend 80 euros for Diablo 4. I told him how goods and services works and then he says he knows how PayPal works lol.
I also talked about using a trusted middleman with rep here but he said no… I wonder why. Be careful trading him because he acted very strangely and I doubt he is actually looking to trade because if he was so desperate then he would’ve used PayPal. He blocked me as well. I have his mail and gamertag if the images saved which he used so DM me if ur reading this in the future and you got scammed by him.
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2023.06.01 16:48 RiP_EaZyX I (24m) am having trust issues with my gf (23f)

I (24m) have been with my gf (23f) for 5 months now. You all already heard this story before, I met her and we clicked instantly. We are both in the same career field, have many things in common, and a lot of similar interests. We started dating after 2 weeks and we moved in together after 3 months. We love each other deeply and I truly feel like she could be the one. Before I go on my rant I want to disclose that the positives she brings to the table severely outweigh the negatives. She does so much for me that I cannot even begin to express how grateful and appreciative I am of her. She shows me everyday through her actions that she loves me. I could go on for hours about this.
Getting right into it, she has a extensive past with other men. A lot of causal hookups, especially with guys that she works with. Some early red flags I found were her having many guy friends, going on one-on-one “dates” with these guys, still speaking to some of the guys that she has hooked up with, going out to the clubs a lot, not posting me on social media, and getting so drunk that she can’t “control herself” and doesn’t remember half the night. She has since compromised on all these things and we are very open with each other now. However, it took me finding out that she still talks to these guys she has slept with and piecing things together to then call her out and get her to realize that this is all single behavior. But we both set healthy boundaries and things are fine. I am no angel either.
A while ago she disclosed that she “emotionally cheated” on one of her old boyfriends by going on lunch dates and spending a lot of time with another guy she worked with behind his back. She eventually broke up with her old boyfriend and started dating the guy she worked with. I got upset because although I know people can change, I am a firm believer of past behavior influencing future behavior. And once a cheater, always a cheater. She had a hard time understanding this so I broke it down for her. I don’t like her having a lot of guy friend because I know how they are, most of them only are nice to you because they want to sleep with you. I don’t like her going on one-on-one dates with these guys because it can lead to other things, like it did in her past with her old boyfriend. I don’t like her dressing revealingly and going to clubs without me because they are filled with horny men trying to get you drunk so they can take you home. Plus she already disclosed how she has hooked up with someone at her work from going out to the club. I don’t like her getting that drunk because I have seen in person my gf getting this drunk and start feeling up on other girls while I’m there next to her. So I don’t even want to know what she would do if I wasn’t there to stop her. And I felt that not posting me on social media was a red flag especially because guys from her work are constantly following her and messaging her, plus she used to post her old boyfriend all the time. After this long talk, she claimed to understand and we moved on.
Recently I went through one of her old journals and found an entry that made me sick to my stomach. I know I should not have gone through her stuff and she even told me not to but I felt so compelled. As of now we have full access to each others phones but before we came to that agreement, I caught her going through mine. This doesn’t justify my actions but I thought screw it since she did it to me first. Most of the entries were harmless and it was just her venting about her ex’s. But one really disturbed me. She stated that things weren’t going well with her boyfriend (we’ll call Mat). Mat was the one she was going on lunch dates with behind her old boyfriend’s back. She said that Mat was stressed bc he felt that he had to keep her a secret and that she was stressed bc he was telling a lot of people at their work. This led to my gf losing a unknown type of relationship with someone we’ll call Jon (who she also works with). She stated Jon was not good for her bc he could be her father but she doesn’t care. She asked “The Lord” to please bring him back into her life the exact same way they used to be (unknown). She said please let me at least fuck him once, or allow Jon to be her constant sex buddy. She ended the entry asking God to give her the strength to breakup with Mat and/or lie really well to get Jon. This made me sick as my gf is a religious person and is asking God to help her cheat on her old boyfriend and lie behind his back. This entry was 6 months before we met so not a lot of time has gone by. I don’t know what to do now. Yeah it’s in the past, but all this happened not too long ago. How much could she have possibly changed in this time frame?
She is actively trying to leave her job and claims she hates the people she works with. We have been arguing about stupid things a lot recently but we are always able to talk through them. It just makes me wonder what she could be doing behind my back if she went behind now 2 of her previous boyfriend’s backs. She has never given me a reason to not trust her in the present and I have never suspected her of cheating. I’m in a tough spot. The love is there but her past is so rocky it’s hard to see past. Need help.
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2023.06.01 16:48 tropicalasparagus 91 Springboard Zauba Corp Sale & Deals

Click the link for 91 Springboard Zauba Corp Sale & Deals. Save some money by selecting one of the current promo codes or coupons on that page. That page is updated regularly with the latest coupons, promo codes, and deals. Take advantage of the discounts by selecting one to use.
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2023.06.01 16:48 JMOWw7 What the fuck is an adjective?

I'm trying to figure out why people keep yelling at me for saying "transwoman" and "transpeople". Like, that's just the word??? What what do I call them? There's ciswomen and transwomen, literally what am I doing wrong? I'm not being a badperson! No, language can never imply something I don't mean and it totally doesn't reflect how I see the world. I don't understand how making transpeople use a whole different word might negatively impact transfolk reading it or subtly alienate trans people to cispeople who read it.
/Uj I hate everyone, even trans people, who spell it as one word
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2023.06.01 16:48 Snaggleswaggle How do I make sense of the bass clef and WHY IS IT SO DIFFERENT

This has been bugging me since I started - not only the displacement of the notes on the treble and bass clef, but also when it comes to using both hands on the piano.
Why, oh why, is a C on the treble not the same as on the bass clef? Where is the magical logic in that? I dont just want to mind numbingly memorize it, I want to understand it. There has to be some witty reason behind it. My only hunch is that maybe, its some sort of mirroring logic, but surely there is more to it?
Also, it took me a long time to be able to just play a c-major scale with both hands simultaniously up and down, and over a couple of octaves. What always threw me off is WHY the readjustment of your finger position is DIFFERENT from your right and left hand. why. What is the purpose. I realized, that when playing scales, you always sort of have your middlefinger on the same note, and your ring and index fingers line up as well, but other than that i have not found the purpose of this and its making me hate myself because it takes soooooo long for me to learn this. :( And the thought of learning this with all the remaining scales is a bit demotivating.
Please, enlighten me. I want to know!
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