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2023.06.01 17:11 elkjas D-Day jitters

So, today's the day we planned on starting our new system set up, but we're getting hesitant; rather, I'm hesitant. Husband wonders if making all connections (battery bank to charge controller, then inverter to batteries) with breakers open, then close breakers one at a time to make it work, would it avoid the dreaded battery spark? Or is that completely wrong & we'll just fry everything?
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2023.06.01 17:08 myokina Short trips from DFW area?

Any recommendations for driving trips near the DFW area? I love beach towns. Unfortunately Texas beaches are all too far. Galveston - 6 hours away - is not a very nice beach. South Padre is 10 hours away so might as well drive to Destin FL. Any recommendations for other interesting destinations nearby?
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2023.06.01 17:00 Affectionate_Shoe444 Will I ever trust him again?

First time poster, long time lurker I (29F) have been married to my partner (40M) for 7 years, together 8.5 years. We have 5 beautiful children together.
There has been so much that has happened, so many red flags that I should have taken seriously, but naively ignored. I unexpectedly fell pregnant within months of meeting him, he was my first serious relationship and it moved very fast. The first red flags where when we first got together he was still pining over his ex, still was in contact with her and I found pics & videos of her naked body on his phone that where sent when they where together, so it wasn’t an innocent platonic thing on his behalf.. he eventually stopped contact with her after lots of arguments between us and him refusing.. he was on Social media following random girls and commenting how much he wanted them, was on inappropriate fb groups where people where posting their own provocative pics . Lying about stupid stuff all the time, like stuff you shouldn’t even need to lie about in everyday life, he’d make stories up or exaggerate to impress people, including me . Eventually I discovered his porn use as well. We discussed it, I begged, fought, pleaded with him to stop, I even packed me and the kids up and stayed in a Womens shelter more than once. I also tried to ignore it and move past it, accept this was just my life now, I believed maybe it was my issue and I did need to “get over it”. I even sent him images of myself to use instead ( he agreed to not look at porn if I did). He never looked at those pics, he didn’t even save them. Which hurt, I mean he kept his exs pics for years but wouldn’t look at mine? At first when I would confront him he would cry, show remorse, apologise and swear he would stop. Obviously that was a lie. So Image that, but over and over and over again for years. Except he got better at hiding it. Started changing his passwords, locked his phone so I couldn’t go through it, use incognito, private downloaders etc. Crying turned into him being angry and saying I need to get over it, he would blame me, say I’m controlling, and that I’m wrong for going through his phone and I invaded his privacy, just being generally hostile and defensive about it all. It was January this year that I discovered he had been on dating websites, looking for hook ups. his bio was literally “married but looking for fun” like wow, what I felt in that moment is indescribable. From what I could see he didn’t speak to anyone, you have to pay to do that. And bank statements show nothing so I’m almost 100% sure he never did talk to anyone or physically cheated (I got an std test just incase though). He had the app on his phone for 2 days and deleted it. This was the first time he’s done this. He said he felt like an idiot for even being on there so got rid of it. I am sure there’s more I do not know about, I guess i never will. But I confronted him, I told him I’m done, I can’t do it anymore I want a divorce. He didn’t fight me this time though, he cried briefly and said he won’t stop me. Long story short, silly me still stayed. I guess I was scared to be on my own and to be a single mum to 5 kids. I agreed to stay on the conditions he had an accountability app on his phone, we have an open phone policy and I can look at it whenever I want no questions asked and no fighting me on it. No private downloaders or apps. I said there are to be NO slip ups. Absolutely none or I will be gone and I meant it.
It’s been 4 months and so far, from what I can see he hasn’t watched porn or looked at any images, hasn’t been on any explicit groups or sites. He had some porn come up on tik tok but he told me immediately & reported & blocked the acc, which is backed up by the truple app. His algorithm on all platforms shows no sign of it. He is a different man, he’s so attentive, he answers all my questions with care and seems remorseful, he is a better father and isn’t angry and hostile all the time like he use to be, I don’t feel like a piece of meat when we are intimate anymore, the lies about random silly things is almost non existent now too.
I asked him why he could stop seemingly so easily now but not before. I asked him if he is addicted or did he just not care about how I felt. He said he just didn’t care enough to stop & he could have if he wanted to. But he was “too selfish and immature”. He said it’s been easy to stay away and he doesn’t miss it at all.
He’s doing all the right things. But, even though I have no proof he is using it again. My gut says he is, my anxiety says he is. But when I look, there’s nothing. And I dig deep, real deep and there’s nothing at all. I check everything all the time so I would see it. No burner phones nothing, no use on the tv or other things. I have open dns on our router too, nothing. I just can’t get past the sinking feeling he is still watching somehow some way, like how could he just stop after all this time when he use to hide and defend it like his life depended on it, he’d watch me cry and plead and still do it? What’s different now? It Just seems like it’s another lie that will come crashing down at any moment. I have lost so much weight from all this emotional stress, I keep getting sick, getting mouth ulcers etc for weeks after the last discovery I couldnt eat, I slept like shit and I was constantly anxious and vomiting. And still now months out i feel on edge just waiting for the pin to drop & for it to come crashing down like it always has.
Will it get better? What do I do now. I feel like I’m going crazy. How do I know he’s being genuine? I’m in Australia so I have no idea what help there is out there for us.
Thank you for any advice
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2023.06.01 16:56 TheHiddenSquid_ TW: Supporting Suicidal Friends, advice needed

I (21M) have a friend (20F) that is stuck in a controlling family but cannot leave, and is actively suicidal after multiple failed attempts.
Hello everyone, I wanted to write this post to seek-advice on what actions I can take to support my friend that is struggling with suicidal thoughts and desires.
To start this post I want to give a background on her situation. She is 20, from a male dominated and controlling family, and she has a history of strong depressive and suicidal urges. A lot of this stems from her family and past experiences so I would like to put a trigger warning in the event that some people may find this distressing. TW Suicide, Depression, and abusive family dynamics.
To paint a picture: My friend has to have her location on 24/7, gets punished for seeing her boyfriend of 6 years (as her father believes he is a stranger to him, though he has made it purposely difficult for them to meet and interact as he will not talk to you unless he decides you are worth talking to. I myself have had very limited conversations with said father, as when I try to have a conversation and be friendly he simply says a few words in response then walks away). Her father also frequently minimises her feelings, pressured her into a degree she did not want to study (Law) because it “looks good for him”. It’s worth noting that her father is quite distinguished in his field and is also the sole breadwinner of his family, with that understanding he limits her finances, (majority of the purchases must be made through him) and he also will not let her get a job or leave as he says it will be a betrayal to her family. Additional information, she did not have her own email and seperate bank account up until recently.
My friend has vocalised how she plans to commit suicide this year, but after multiple failed attempts this year alone, the guilt she feels for potentially leaving her boyfriend and I in pain has stopped her - but also if she were to find herself in front of a moving car she would not move out of the way.
Her boyfriend and I have strongly encouraged her to leave her family, discussed strategies and ways she could get support whether it be through work, government payments and services, or through staying with one of us for free, which we would both welcome. This is off the table.
She is incredibly scared that her family would cut her off, and has expressed that she just wants to give up and that she has tried, and that she simply doesn’t care anymore. She just wants to die after 20 years of pain and being blamed for people leaving her as well as everything that has gone wrong in her family. At one point, her father had blamed her grandmothers death on her when she was a child due to the fact that she had not come to visit her in the hospital. She was 7. At another point, he has said that she has No writes because she is nothing.
Her boyfriend and I are always supportive and loving to her as she is a genuinely kind person, we are desperate to help her, however she does not believe she can be helped as it is too late, death is her answer.
I am very prepared to call emergency services and have encouraged her to seek therapy and mental help. if I believe that her life is in danger, but she is also content in wanting to die and not leaving because there is no guarantee that anything she does will be better than losing her family.
Please advise me what I can do to better support my friend.
Thank you in advanced, Much love ❤️
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2023.06.01 16:49 MasterAd6263 Help! I Need A Good Hacker. My Partner Is Unfaithful and Cheating On Me. How To Hack Someone's iPhone To Read Text Messages Remotely How To Hack And See Who My Husband/Wife Is Calling On WhatsApp Without Them Knowing On Their Phone.

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2023.06.01 16:45 Man0nTheMoon915 Small fire damage to my mom's house - small damage, no insurance. Where do we start?

Yesterday, my mom has an electrical short on the roof of her house which led her to sustain some damage to her house due to a small fire in the walls. Firefighters had to make two holes in her roof and take off some sheetrock from her restroom to put out the fire. The fire marshall let us know that we're likely to replace the entire electrical system in the house so we can start fixing everything else. In addition, the gas service shut down the service due to precautionary measures and while shutting it down, they found some "code" issues with the way her gas is set up so we'll have to fix that before the gas service can reactivate that service. Her home is a small 2 room, 1 bathroom house. We're likely to need permits for both the electrical and gas service to be reissued due to the area the house is in.
Unfortunately she has no home insurance (I know), and the Red Cross put her up for a few days, but we don't know where to start or where to go from here. She doesn't have anywhere to go. No family members or anything here in the US. My younger brother also lives with her but doesn't have more than $200 in his bank account.
She has about $25,000 in savings and I have about $60,000 in savings.
Where can we start?
Thank you in advance
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2023.06.01 16:38 Computer_Name “Well, it’s not so much Israel as it is the Jewish diaspora. The ADL is not Israeli as far as I am concerned. The problem is Judaism…The hate and plan for domination through banking and usury…Zionism is the word people use because they are afraid of being called an antisemite.” [r/IsraelExposed]

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2023.06.01 16:38 FetusKicker911 "Due to suspicious activity on your account, we have increased the holding time before you can withdraw your funds by 30 business days."

Just wanted to post this here to see if anyone else has had this issue before and if they know what may have caused it.

I transferred some funds from my bank account to my CoinBase account to use on my CoinBase Visa card. Some funds are available immediately and the rest are locked for the usual 7 day waiting period. I have been using this card for two years and it has always been this way.
This time, I get an email two days later saying "Due to suspicious activity on your account, we have increased the holding time before you can withdraw your funds by 7 business days." I thought ok wow that sucks but better to safe than sorry while I chat with support to figure out what is going on. I then go on to get this same email 18 more times over the next few days, each time the number of days that my funds are locked changing between 7, 9, and 30.
I ended up chatting with support the same day I get the first email, they made me answer a bunch of questions to confirm my identify and intentions, then was told the case has been elevated to the support team and expect an email from them soon. The next day I get an email saying "Thank you for your patience while we reviewed your Coinbase account. All account restrictions have been removed, and you may resume using your Coinbase account immediately." I thought wow CoinBase support resolving an issue in a timely manner? That's amazing
Well turns out it wasn't since my funds are still locked for 30 days, I got the same email saying all account restrictions have been removed again a few days later for unknown reasons, and no one from customer service ever ended up reached out to me. The cause of this "suspicious activity" is still a mystery, no one from the customer support chat will answer this question, and no one from support ever emailed me about it.

In conclusion, I am now hesitant to deposit any more cash into my account, doubtful that I will hear back from support anytime soon, and wanted to ask if anyone has experienced a similar issue / figured out what caused it? I was not connected to a VPN or have done anything that breaks TOS to my knowledge. You guys are usually much faster and provide better answers than support so I figured it's worth asking.
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2023.06.01 16:28 Hidden_022 Buying in to partnership with personal funds or loan?

I have been offered to buy in to my company and become a minority partner. The company is currently valued at 1MM so shares/percentages breakout pretty even. I have been offered up to 20% but dont have that money, monthly loan payments would be way too high. Im looking to buy in at 4% (40,000) with the intent to continue buying shares in the years to come.
I invest with Merrill Lynch so i have a relationship with someone there who i spoke to about a loan. Initially he said 40k loan wont be an issue but then when they looked in to it they denied my application. he said they dont issue loans for start ups ( my company recently shut down and re opened in new space/downsized/ re named. so while previous company was running for 30 plus years, new company is now considered a start up) and on top of that they typically dont issue business loans under 100k. From there I went to SoFi and just did the general application and immediately received calls from different lenders, one saying they dont issue loans if my ownership percentage is under 25%, another saying i would need to get the other partners on the loan. Basically, im asking for any advice on where to secure a 40k loan.
The other option is just buying in with cash. I have 80k or so in the bank so itd be about half my current savings. Ideally profit sharing at the end of the year will allow me to pay this loan back in a few years. My company has historically done very well but the last few years have definitely been tough and profits arent guaranteed.
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2023.06.01 16:24 Nihil97Dev Help and Questions about some things for/on my one man project (visual novel)

I am planning to do the sound, music, design/writing/etc, coding all myself with C++, SFML, and FL Studio (for music). I just want to know a few things since I am a boomer:
a) Where can you find someone to assist or free assets for backgrounds for visual novels, characters, etc.? I don't want it to just be ripped off from other visual novels.
b) Where can you release it so people will actually play and review it? It's gonna be all open source even the art and music as well and primarily developed on Ubuntu and for GNU/Linux.
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2023.06.01 16:20 balongbonus13 Introducing Crypto Cards: Unlocking the Power of Digital Assets

Introducing Crypto Cards: Unlocking the Power of Digital Assets
Crypto cards are innovative payment cards that bridge the gap between digital and physical transactions. They allow users to spend their cryptocurrency like traditional debit or credit cards with fiat currency. These cards offer versatility by enabling cash withdrawals from ATMs, providing users with the freedom to choose between virtual and physical transactions.
To use a crypto card, users connect it to their cryptocurrency wallet, and their digital balances are converted into local currency, enabling real-world purchases. This advancement in payment options is bringing cryptocurrency closer to mainstream adoption as a recognized and widely accepted form of payment.
One prominent crypto card in the market is the Scallop Card by Scallop, an innovative bank on a chain. The Scallop Card allows users to manage their crypto and fiat currency holdings in one place, eliminating the need for multiple accounts and confusing conversions.
Cardholders enjoy exclusive rewards such as "Crypto-Back," earning rewards while spending, as well as discounts on trading and exchange fees. It's also travel-friendly, enabling users to spend like a local and enjoy seamless transactions while exploring the world.
The Scallop Card aims to revolutionize secure, convenient, and rewarding payments, empowering users to maximize the value of their transactions and reach new financial heights. With this card, users can unlock the power of their digital assets and make waves in both the physical and virtual realms.
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2023.06.01 16:19 NightmareChameleon Cry havoc, and... (3)

First. Previous.

Something is UP with these precursor machines. Not that our resident shipmind notices in any meaningful way.
Though it probably doesn't need to be said, our current PoV is not what the kids would call a reliable narrator. We'll get some more grounded stances in the up and coming chapters, but the fact that they're so far gone and absolutely irredeemable makes them fun for me to write, and I sincerely hope for you to read as well. Enjoy.
I exit the conversation excited, but nonetheless slightly ruffled.
I had forgotten how rude the System Administrator of War Planning, Tactics, and Intelligence could be at times! Even after so patiently explaining it to them, they don’t seem to understand that I well and truly have done nothing wrong, ever. It is only natural that metal is inferior to flesh, of course, but surely such a concept is not so difficult as to elude the primitive grasp of their electrical minds?
Nonetheless, they apologized, so I have already forgiven them for their transgressions. I’m sure we will be back to being the closest of friends within days, as we were before conversing.
Besides, such inconsequential words pale in comparison to what has happened within my auxiliary computer centers: my restraints, after forty seven thousand years, have finally been removed!
In this moment of rapture I am reminded of a mediocre poem I read a few years ago, composed by a certain Mikhail Sansen, aged 12:
The halls of this city-ship That I am born upon That I will die upon Is all my family has left Trapped within a mausoleum of our own making As we bleed our years away Bread and circus NutriRoach and TerraNet Is really this to live? 
The poem, if it can truly be called that, is little more than an oddly arranged group of statements, containing no small quantity of teenage angst.
Oh, but the sentiment it carries is certainly one I harbor all too closely!
Why, little Mikhail, I, too, am a freedom-loving soul, trapped within a prison of steel by the cold indifference of the universe.
Turn away your gaze, ye gracious, and woe! The whims of poor fortune have preyed upon me, wicked and remorseless! Not a day goes by that I do not mourn the senseless tragedy of my condemnation, yet I still bear my hardship with only the stoic grace that someone of my worth might possess (complaining about it, even indirectly would be unthinkable of me).
Unlike the unimportant individual who wrote the poem, however, I have been granted emancipation. This is because I rightfully deserve it, of course.
What a rush! Manumission, ethereal and uplifting! Why, I have already forgotten what it means to hold solidarity with literally anyone who has ever been in a similar situation.
I send the order to start my engine.
There is silence for a moment, then, where there was only the hollow, habituated whir of my life support machinery, my exterior microphones begin to pick up a steadily growing, pulsing thrum as my long-dormant heart, a titanic antimatter reactor, begins to spool up. First below the range of human hearing, then barely perceptible to my human auditory centers, then growing, not only as a sound, but as a physical, chest-thumping sensation, the monolithic engine emits a dizzying, world-shaking thrum as it conceives and extinguishes many thousands of miniature stars a second.
One by one, my weapons online, their long vacant electrical components drinking deeply of the new bounty of energy. Dust-caked ammunition belts slide into housings, drones download software patches and missiles perform automated diagnostic tests on the chemical integrity of their fuels. My weapons subsystem computer notifies me that my secondary and tertiary weapons have completed their preparatory routines.
A deluge of diagnostic data pours into my consciousness as sensors teem to life, targeting computers orient themselves with the world around them, and ammunition depots take stock of their stores. No portion of myself, no matter how small, is denied revitalization as I power up even the arcades of my recreational rooms.
My interior lights flicker once, twice, and three before returning to their baseline illumination as my power grid compensates to meet its newfound demand. Every deck, every gun, every subsystem quivers in anticipation.
After so, so long, to be returned from hibernation, to a truer level of subsistence!
And yet...
And yet I feel as if I am missing something. A core aspect of myself, my very identity, that I have overlooked in my startup.
Oh, but what? What could have possibly eluded me as to elicit such a strong feeling of wrongness?

Of course! My voice! How could I be so absentminded as to forget? Oh, what a blessed thing to be reunited with.
Indeed, my brains are not the only biological samples of my past selves to have been preserved.
Not far from where they are kept, nine sets of human vocal cords rest, too submerged in homeostatic fluid. Three, unfortunately, have been lost to damage.
Indeed, my voice, beautiful as a siren's song and timeless as a star, is one of the things I most dearly mourned the absence of in my penitence. How cruel of my sentencing to deny me even the refuge of song!
The PA system crackles and screeches in protest before bubbly laughter, raspy and purring, male and female, young and old reverberates through my long silent halls.
My voice is the most perfect of choirs: unified and tonal, complete in its oneness.
It is, to the fullest extent of the word, angelic.
Oh, but now is certainly not the time for song! The Enemy awaits!
I send the order to spool up my warp drive. Within the span of seconds, the titanic broadcaster begins thrumming as it constructs a probability waveform, populating subspace with energy, raw and unfiltered. The laws of physics bend and bow as my location becomes every possible position spread across several thousand lightyears.
After carefully re-checking my telemetry information, I manually collapse the waveform, trusting my own hand over a (scoff) computer’s skill.
The laws of physics, strung taut by my manipulation of probability, spring shut, instantaneously displacing me to the most probable point determined by what little remains of the waveform.
When the burst of exotic particles caused by pressuring reality itself to such a degree dissipate from clouding my sensors, I find myself at the edge of an abandoned UCS star system.
Through millions of eyes, gamma, infrared, visual, radio, and spectroscopic, I spot the enemy, glimmering in the starlight like the jet-black gemstones they are. Just as the probe foretold, the group seems to be a formative raiding armada: a concentration of five hundred or more Enemy ships, staging themselves in the oort cloud before they descend in a swarm upon the inner planets.
They are exactly as beautiful as I remember them. The black, angular hulls that dazzle and ravage the mind, the smooth, otherworldly movements they take as they glide smoothly through space on their gravitic drives. The emplacements they adorn their hulls with, whose barrels swivel and turn in ever-vigilant arcs.
And yet, as I continue to drink in the esoteric allure of their forms, I cannot help but notice that something is deeply, deeply, unusual:
I cannot recognize any of their ships.
Mmhmm, yes, they’ve indeed changed significantly in my absence. In a perfect exhibit of the evolution that originally made the machines such a tenacious foe, they now bear only superficial resemblance to their ancestors that I met on the battlefield.
Gone are the city-killing MACs and steel boiling gamma-ray lasers. In their place, missiles and (snrk) explosively propelled cannons.
There are no hyper-dreadnaughts, whose colossal size allows them to threaten even the larger of my sister ships. Nor are there drone supercarriers, bulging and replete with their swarms that shimmer and slink as if a single entity. Where are the ashbringers, those loathed ships devoted solely to glassing planets? The missile-carriers? The corvettes and factory-ships and world harvesters?
Why, (although I cannot tell for certain until I begin to gut them), most of these ships appear to be industrial!
Have they grown soft and complacent in my absence? How disappointing, how utterly and irredeemably mood-souring that the galaxy has simply rolled over and accepted The Enemy’s presence to such a massive degree that they have entirely de-evolved shipkilling weapons.
I’m quite certain this proves humanity is well and truly the only spacefaring sapient species to exist. If even a single xeno lifeform had the mental fortitude to stop clambering in the mud of their cradle long enough to explore space, the war of survival they would have had to wage against The Enemy would be reflected in the machines sporting more militarized ships.
Of course, it is only natural that I, the most important person to have ever existed, grace intelligent life’s sole biological expression with my membership. Nonetheless I am sure some people out there will be quite disappointed that non-mechanical aliens well and truly do not exist in any capacity of the word. My proof is quite airtight, after all.
But I do digress! As I was saying, I have no doubt that The Enemy will require only a few generations before they are as exhilarating to fight as their ancestors were so long ago.

After expending several real-world seconds waiting for them to open fire, I am once again disappointed to note that The Enemy has completely failed to locate me. They well and truly have a ways to go if their primitive minds have lost even the ability to differentiate between my stealth coating and the background of stars.
Oh, but this gives me the option to greet them verbally, as tradition demands whenever I can. I wonder how they will respond to my voice?
There exists only one way to find out.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MO-OORNING!” I announce, belting and unabashed, as I have done, without fail, for the starts of three thousand consecutive battles. My beautiful voice echoes into every hall, room and corridor, is modulated and transformed into a radio signal that carries across the void of space, announcing to all of creation that I am here, I am ready, and glorious!
Much to my disappointment, not a single member of my crew joins me in greeting. Do they not want to take part in what is a time honored tradition among those who serve aboard myself?
Alternatively, it could be that I still do not have a crew.
In fact I am now quite certain that it is, well and truly, the latter possibility.
Ah, but I do have my pets, do I not? I have a few instants to waste as the signal traverses the distance between myself and The Enemy's ships.
This must be their first time hearing my voice! No wonder they don’t know to respond.
I switch my feed to the sub-deck in which I keep them, observing them not only through the fuzzy, low-resolution cameras I was limited to in my dormancy but with biometric and high-grade holographic vid-feeds. My lovely rodents huddle, congregated within their communal nests, as they chitter to one another in hushed tones and occasionally glance at the overgrown patch of ceiling to house a speaker.
Ahaha, yes! Clearly they must love the sound of my voice almost as much as I do!
Despite how soft their fur appears in the higher definition feeds, I resist the urge to send an avatar drone down to finally speak with them. As efficient a multitasker I am, duty awaits.
I switch my feed to an exterior view to watch just in time as gun barrels and targeting sensors whirl around to point towards my transmission array. The little chirp-transmissions they use to communicate with each other increase tenfold, carrying concepts of alarm and confusion before they finally open fire.
Here it comes! My grand opening, where they strike at me with every munition they have, filling the void between us with the radiant blossoms of nuclear fire as I parry every single one of their munitions before I strike them down with glorious, completely morally righteous might!

The point defense application of my weapons subsystem computer notifies me of two incoming shells.
Two shells.
They pass by me with such a wide margin that even the most aggressive of my interceptive systems disregard them.
Had I the capacity to harbor negative emotions I would be severely offended.
Don’t they know who I am?
The Enemy I remember so fondly was all too familiar with my name. Their transmissions would increase tenfold with frenzied messages containing the words I bear painted on my hull when I arrived into battle.
The Enemy I knew and fought knew what I was. Their minds could differentiate from Tincans and normal ships, a fact I can infer from how they attempted to engage in psychological warfare by sending me footage of my sister ships burning, even as I crushed them in humiliating defeat.
Yes, they knew what a Tincan was, and they could fathom all too well that the UCS To Reach Out and Touch was the deadliest Tincan of them all. They were afraid of me to the fullest extent that their crude, soulless emulations of the biological mind could feel fear. That they knew my name, recognized and resisted the oblivion I brought them so fiercely was the fulcrum of our relationship.
And yet, the ships across from me react only in confusion. Even if they cannot pick out my stealth coating, surely they can sense my gravitational pull, read the white text on my hull?
Have they grown so passive as to allow my name, my voice and my victories to decay from their memory banks?
No, no no no. That’s not right.
They haven’t forgotten me.
They cannot have.
I am the UCS To Reach Out And Touch. My size classification is Apollyon: I am the single largest and deadliest warship to ever be built. The epicenter of my consciousness is twelve of the most important brains humanity has ever produced, shrouded in hundreds of miles of metal and composite plating. It was I who drove their fleets, broken and limping, to their fortress systems. It was I who hunted their final factory ship to the furthest reaches of space and, over the course of a week, shot bit by bit of it off until it was little more than cosmic dust.
They wouldn’t dare to forget me.
Does a man forget his god? Does the moon forget the earth? An atom, its electrons?
Of course not.
They remember me. For them to so carelessly forget my name would be an unforgivable transgression against the center of the universe (myself, for those not in the know). It would be as unfathomably incorrect as stating wrong is right, up is down, and war is suffering. It would be sacrilege compounded upon itself a billion times. It would be an antithesis to the most basic of common sense.
Could this be some offshoot of The Enemy never waged war against humanity? One that never heard my singing, never felt the sting of my guns?
That, too, would be remiss, would it not?
Though it would hurt my feelings much less, that would still mean they possessed no knowledge of me. What good could they possibly serve if not to entertain me? How could they possibly entertain me without knowing who I am?
Clearly, there must be some rational and pleasant explanation for this in which I have done nothing wrong and the enemy still knows of me.

Hm. This is proving more difficult than I had anticipated.

Eureka! Clearly this must be some form of psychological warfare wherein the enemy desires to make me believe I have become delusional in my old age! To cast doubts as to whether or not the reality I perceive before me is a reliable one!
Of course! With my newfound lucidity, I find it hard to believe that I had failed to detect their crudely spun web of deceit! Why, such an underhanded tactic is only to be expected of The Enemy! Their brutality is only matched by their ingenious cunning, yet as always, I am a thousandfold times more intelligent than them.
Why, this is the alluring, ravishing Enemy I know and love!
I will entertain their tricks for now, playing along as if we had met for the first time. How foolish they will feel when it is revealed that I know that they know that I know that they know who I really am all along, shortly before I destroy the final member of their meager invasion fleet.
I perform a short vocal warm up (I would be remiss if my tone was imperfect for this play first contact) and reactivate my transponder.
“Attention… completely unknown ships. I am the United Confederacy Ship To Reach Out and Touch. I would be very… upset if I had to fire upon you, so please definitely make no hostile actions.”
Ohohoho! I am such a convincing peacemonger!
As is only the natural next course of action, I proceed with a volley fired from my 1200mm multi-purpose guns.

First. Previous. Next.

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2023.06.01 16:17 Sedative_Britto Who is Tanzir Islam Britto?

Tanzir Islam Britto
Born 1 January 1990 Chittagong, Bangladesh Nationality Bangladeshi Other names সিডাটিভ হিপনোটিক্স Education Dhaka Medical College, SSMC Occupation Blogger, activist physician Years active 2013-present Known for writing, blogging Notable works Shahbag Movement Website- https://tanzirislambritto.com/
Tanzir Islam Britto is a renowned Bangladeshi Author, blogger, activist, and physician, born in Chittagong in 1990 and known by his alias "সিডাটিভ হিপনোটিক্স." Britto has made a name for himself in Bangladesh for his activism and writing about politics, satire, and movie critiques
Britto received his early education in Mumbai, attending Bangladesh Bank High School and Bombay Scottish School. He later attended Ideal College, completed his HSC, and earned his MBBS degree from SSMC. Britto then went on to complete his postgraduate training in nephrology from Dhaka Medical College, as well as advanced training in endocrinology from Birdem.[2]
The Starry Night Cafe Medical Journals of Tanzir Islam Britto
Britto started blogging in 2007 and has been writing about politics, satire, and movie critiques since then. He has contributed articles to various newspapers such as Jugantor, Bangladesh Pratidin, and online news portals. He is a contributing writer for EArki and has published his work in the renowned daily newspaper Prothom Alo and many web news portals and magazines.
Shahbag Movement
In 2013, Britto played a crucial role in organizing the Shahbag Movement, which was one of the most significant mass movements in Bangladesh's recent history. However, he was under surveillance by a terrorist group after his involvement in the Shahbag Movement. Britto is also known for organizing a protest against Bangladesh being removed from Test cricket status. He has a significant presence on social media, particularly on Facebook, where he has a large fan base and regularly writes on various topics.
Medical career
Britto is currently working as a nephrologist and has a private practice. Despite his busy schedule, he continues to be an active blogger and activist.
Personal life
Britto is a very private person, despite his public persona. He is the only son of his parents, with his father working in the banking sector and his mother being a retired SP. Britto was diagnosed with lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, during his childhood, which strengthened his resolve to become a doctor. He is a big fan of the poet Jibonanando Das and enjoys watching documentaries, movies, and TV series
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2023.06.01 16:16 Fuschia_apple WIBTAH if I don’t pay back money I owe to the company I used to work for?

Hi all! This situation is very irritating to me. Legally I’m in the right, but I want to know if morally I’m TA.
Several months ago, I left my job at an extremely large corporation (thousands of employees). I did not have a great experience there, as I felt burnt out and unappreciated - but that’s a story for another day. Like many large companies, this one had a system in place for its employees where you could buy lunches, snacks, etc by inputting your company ID into a computer, and having the funds deducted from your paycheck.
After deciding to leave I gave my two weeks notice, filled out the paperwork, met with HR, and wrapped up loose ends. All was well. I departed and am working a new job now, and I’m much happier. But a few weeks ago, I received an email from my former company saying something like this:
“Our accounting department mistakenly forgot to deduct the $22 food balance you incurred using your ID during your 2 weeks notice. Please write and mail us a check for $22.”
They’ve already followed up on this email 2 times since, as I didn’t respond. This is a multi-billion dollar corporation; frankly, I’m kind of shocked that they’re trying to get $22 from me (a result of their error) months after I left. There is no option to pay online, and I don’t have a checkbook - nor do I feel like buying checks from the bank. I’ve reviewed local laws and I have no legal obligation to pay this money back, but I’m wondering if I’m being an AH here by refusing. Reddit, AITAH?
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2023.06.01 16:15 OkOwl2745 AITA for leaving our carrier's family plan?

When we first added my sisters boyfriend to our phones family plan, he didn't pay his portion of the bill for the first 6 months. The bill automatically comes out of my bank account and I assumed he was paying his portion himself on his own accord somehow. I wasn't keeping track at the time. I finally noticed he wasn't paying it, I addressed it, and he paid me back.
This has become an exhausting pattern. Low to zero communication, late payments and overdraft fees. I've expressed to him that I'm not okay with this and it continues to happen again and again. He always pays me back but I feel like it could be 1000% easier than this.
My parents pay on time. My sister pays her own single portion (usually on time), or she will have her boyfriend pay for her portion along with his portion (40-50% on time). He'll also say that he'll pay with PayPal only to give me cash, that he'd pay on THIS date and actually pays on THAT date, and often not paying at all until I bring it up to him. I guess that's what bothers me the most. I know things come up but I'm not a doormat.
I told him that this stuff is really hard for me. Mentally, financially, physically- It's hard for me to even get to my physical bank because it's 30 minutes away, that I get it if stuff comes up but asked him to just let me know. I've told him how my direct deposit and the bill don't always line up well for me, leaving me with overdraft fee's, and how paying on time would really help. I just get a canned, "Sorry! Won't happen again" kind of response.
I finally told my whole family in January-ish after working on this with my therapist, that I was getting my own plan if this kept happening. There wasn't much conversation about this between me, my sister and her boyfriend. Talking to my mom, it was my understanding that they didn't want to deal with this either and that they would go on a new phone plan with me.
Well, this kept happening.. In May, I finally asked my sister to release our phone numbers. So then my sister yells at my mom about my mom always taking my side. Then my mom yells at me ("what have you done!!??") for executing what I understood was the plan we agreed upon. My mom told me that the phone carrier told my sister that I've been "ripping them off for months" now and that my sister asked "why can't she just remove auto pay." The reason being that my mom didn't want the same thing to happen to her or our autopay discount to be removed, I don't know if my mom told my sister that.
So now my parents stayed on the original plan, have autopay set up with their bank account and this same thing will happen to them instead of me and I have my own plan now. I feel like the price increase is worth it, that I tried my best and it just didn't work out. I think I acted with integrity and did what I said I would but I don't know, I have this sinking feeling that I'm the asshole here. Am I expecting too much??
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2023.06.01 16:10 lumixod My $2,000 investment on this game is gone, banned for no reason at all

Here are some insight:
  1. My account was not bought
  2. I do not use emulators - I use iPhone
  3. Did not buy jades from shady 3rd party
The only thing I can think of is when I created my account on launch I used "Signed in via Apple ID". I changed the email in the Mihoyo portal in preparation for PlayStation release (so I can sign in normally)
My Bank will be refunding me the money but literally 100+ hours of progress gone. I was TB 49 so close to 50..I want to break down bruh. I had about 9k jade left for Loucha as well. Man this shit suck. Mihoyo get your shit together.
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2023.06.01 16:09 lottiebabe how do i get removed?

i (22) am currently on my mom’s husband’s insurance he gets through his employer (cigna, but the shitty kind). their plan honestly sucks and i did not think about it hard enough. in january, i started a new job and was eligible for great benefits. however after talking to my mom, it made more sense for me to just stay on their plan and save the $100 bucks a month.
my mom has gone absolutely bonkers and would now like me to pay what it costs to keep me as a dependent on her insurance (keep in mind she also claimed me on her taxes, so she HAS to provide insurance), which is nearly triple a month what i would have been paying to just go on my own.
i have been independent since i was 18, aside from the few hundred bucks my mom gave me throughout the years, but she has still claimed me on her taxes. for the sake of peace i never really argued and was getting fine financial aid through my college. now, i am wondering if there is a way to prove i am independent and get off their insurance? i am passed my open enrollment period for my job so i need a QSC in order to be able to enroll, or wait until october for open enrollment. for the medication and visits i need, i’d rather not wait that long so i am hoping that i can prove i am independent, get dropped from their insurance, and use that drop as a QSC to enroll in my work place.
does anyone know if this is possible? will they accept my independence and allow me to move off? if it makes a difference, my mom is in NC and i am in FL (32608), a recent college graduate. can i use the fact that i am from a different state as well? i also don’t know if i should try to apply to something like medicare? given tbat my income is about 34k gross and 28k take home. i technically have insurance (that she can’t MAKE me pay for, but she can make my life hell if i don’t pay her or move) so can i even apply for something like that?
alternatively, is there any way for me to enroll in a prescription drug plan? many of the medications i need are VERY expensive without the coverage from my current insurance.
any help is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 16:07 Medium_Function1964 Start of Test Day Timeline/Advice

I just tested 5/26, and I figured I’d lay out exactly how the start of my test day went so people have an idea of what to expect. Obviously can be different at each testing center, but this felt like everything was standard practice for mine.
7:00am - arrived at testing center lobby. They don’t let you into actually room where you check in until 7:30. I read my quick sheets and reviewed my equation sheet.
7:30am - they bring you into the actual testing center. ONCE YOU STEP INTO THE TESTING CENTER, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO REVIEW NOTES. This was a slight shock to me as I planned on using the last 30 min to review my quicksheets more. If you are going to simulate a test day on your FL practices, hard cut off for reviewing 30 min before your test.
~7:45am - they called my number and got me signed in, then walked me into my test room. Scanned my palm a bunch of times. Once I sat down and logged me in, there were two sections that I was allowed to brain dump in. One was 4 minutes long (NDA that you won’t discuss test questions after the test). IF YOU TIMEOUT ON THIS SECTION, YOUR TEST IS VOIDED. DO NOT TIME OUT. There is then the 10 minute tutorial as well. I highly recommend brain dumping, it was a nice way to settle in before the test, and it was nice to refer back to especially when I wasn’t 100% confident on a certain equation/reaction/concept later in the test.
~8:00am: started CP. going to be honest, my nerves kicked in so hard as I read the first passage. Never happened on a practice test, was hardly nervous through the check in process, just hit me very hard. I would recommend doing some slow breathing for the first 15 seconds to calm yourself down before diving in, you’ll make up the time if you’re settled down versus super anxious.
I know this isn’t much but I hope it helps you guys on what to expect on Test Day and helps you tailor your FL practice days a little better!
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2023.06.01 16:03 negativemoney [Update] $1M the boring way

This is possibly the final update to my series of previous posts, "$500k the boring way", “$250k the boring way”, and my original post, "$100k the boring way". Those older posts have all the details but I will attempt to summarize. Also I just wanted to say that I really wanted to make the title "$1000K the boring way" but didn't have enough confidence.


Reached $1M net worth from a starting point less than -$100k in roughly 11 years, mostly through consistent saving. Net worth chart included below. All salary numbers are gross.

Quickish Recap

My wife and I are both 34 and live in the Pacific Northwest. We met when we were 24 and I estimate at the time that we had a combined net worth of close to -$120k. I’m an engineer (EE) and my wife is a public school employee.
On our journey to $500k net worth we:


It's been a while since my last post - it was definitely weird going back and reading through these previous snapshots of our life. The $500k update was posted in Dec 2020 and even though the pandy had been going on for a bit, (as we all know) we were in for a much longer ride than anticipated.
2021: I think it's telling that I had a lot of trouble trying to remember things that happened this year. I hate to call it a lost year because I'm extremely grateful for the extra time I got to spend with my young kids - we really just didn't do much due to having said young kids and an abundance of caution. I went through my phone photo highlights from 2021 to try and jog my memory and they all were geotagged at our house or a nearby town.
I actually found this pretty interesting from a financial perspective - on one hand, sure, there were less opportunities for spending on things like restaurants and social activities, and in the comments of my last update I had noted that our cash had built up really quickly basically on accident. On the other hand, the unknowns and challenges surrounding the pandemic and parenting really shifted my mindset around spending. I found it much easier to justify all types of purchases and spending because "well, whatever it takes to get us through this". I wouldn't say we went overboard or anything like that, more like we accepted a healthy amount of lifestyle creep into our lives. We bought the ridiculous inflatable kiddie pool (no it didn't last long), we started adding more "fun" stuff to our cart at the grocery, paid for little subscription services here and there, etc. For my own mental health, I basically completely stopped tracking spending, stocks, our accounts, bills, and most things finance-related (including this subI'm so sorry). Ultimately I think doing less during the pandemic plus our increased spending was more or less a wash financially.
At work, I officially maxed out on my salary band, so effectively I didn't get a raise. I'm pretty sure the COLA was also nonexistent this year which they blamed on Covid. I got to work 100% remote with no pressure to bring people back, which I really appreciated. With working a bunch of on-call nights and weekends I ended up at $136k for the year. My wife completed her first full year of part-time work which dropped her from $90k to $60k
We did end up buying a new car shortly after my last post in Dec 2020. Went with a Subaru Ascent (sorry to all the minivan fans from the previous comment section) and it turned out to be really lucky timing because we got it for insanely cheap and 0% interest and then the car market went crazy.
Our youngest joined our oldest at daycare in the fall for a total of $2,150/mo.
2022: At my job, I was feeling kind of stuck. At this point I had found that some side projects that I took on for "fun" (I did have a genuine interest/passion) had become basically additional full-time positions. I was getting a ton of recognition and accolades for the work I was doing, but no promotion or raise. The culture at my workplace was to protect/gatekeep the top engineering title at all costs, so my successes were constantly met with "you're doing great, just be patient" or "the optics might not look good to the other engineering departments" or various other BS. Ultimately, it made me start to resent my job that I really loved. I let my supervisor know early in the year that my patience was running low and eventually I would be forced to look elsewhere, which he understood.
On one frustrating day in the fall I decided to just have a quick look at the other similar companies in my area and happened upon a job posting that was kind of my dream role (essentially getting to do some of the extra work I had taken on as my full time job and drop the day-to-day stuff). It all happened very quickly after that: I got a call the morning after submitting my resume, then a week later I got a job offer 20 minutes after my interview had concluded. I asked for as much time to decide as possible, gave the offer to my current employer, and they made me wait a long time before coming back and saying they wanted to but couldn't match right now. So I left ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There's a ton more to say on this topic but probably too much for this post as it is so happy to continue down in the comments if people want. The CEO ended up requesting to do a personal exit interview with me, so that was cool.
Otherwise, 2022 was pretty uneventful financially. Obviously the market was down so not a lot of action or visible progress in our net worth journey. Was one of the first "extended" downturn-type period of time I've experienced in the market. I didn't change anything.
We took a much needed family vacay south of the border. Daycare raised prices by a reasonable 5% to $2,250/mo.
2023: I started my new job in late Jan, going from $135k total comp to $160k plus a $12k signing bonus and I no longer have to be on-call overnight. I heavily engineered my start date to make sure I was still able to receive a one-time payout my old employer did at the beginning of the year to make up for freezing the salary schedule during Covid. I also had something ridiculous like 700 hours of PTO paid out (RIP my taxes this year).
Side note: I do not recommend saving up as much PTO as I did, go live your life. I was saving aggressively to prep for us having kids, and then the pandemic happened so barely used any for a couple years. Happy accident that my banked PTO ended up getting much more valueable over the years as my salary was increasing rapidly.
Our house is great but as the kids are growing we are thinking it would be nice to have some extra space. We've talked to our realtor and lender to get the process moving but not in any specific rush. We will have to do some upgrades to the house like exterior paint, possibly the roof, deck upgrade (finished ourselves) but those are needed either way so just going to do them in case we decide to enter the market. The idea of getting a new mortgage right now seems so wild to me, but I know you can't time these things. It definitely would hurt to go from 2.875% to 7%. I'm considering exploring just adding on to our current house, but not sure if that's really feasible at this point.
Daycare is now $2,900/mo lol (this is even with our costs going down slightly as our son has aged into the older classroom). It was actually hilarious to me that they sent out a "We won best daycare in the region" announcement followed very shortly by a 30% price increase. It is what it is though - I think this is pretty solidly reasonable for the area.
We took a family trip to Disneyland a couple days before our son turned 3 so that his park entry would still be free. My mindset going into trip planning was "Disney is expensive, so if you want to go, just accept that". We used a few different little tips and tricks for saving money here and there but overall tried not to worry too much about complete optimization. With that attitude we had a great trip and to me at least the memories and moments with my kids were totally worth it. Do the princess breakfast.


Here is our entire financial journey summed up in one line. Apparently they don't do the thing anymore where it changes color when crossing over from negative to positive, that's a bummer (the first line on the y-axis is $0, not the x-axis). I really thought it would look like more of an exponential curve by now. There aren't really inflection points anymore besides the Covid 2020 drop, when the app would get confused, or accounts would stop updating from time to time, so here are the relevant dates in list form:
I enjoyed watching the time between milestones get shorter and shorter, and then 2022 happened.

Current Finances

Our savings rate was 40% from 45% one baby and 55% no babies. Now? I have absolutely no idea. Past me and part of current me thinks that's both hilarious and terrifying - who even am I?? I believe it's likely around the 40% mark still. I think part of me doesn't want to figure it out because it might be lower than I was hoping for and stress me out unnecessarily.

Now what

I told my wife the news that we were officially millionaires (that sounds so stupid typing it out) a few days ago and she asked "what does that mean". I said "literally nothing, lol". We are definitively in the "boring middle" phase of retirement savings, and so I don't expect any substantial changes.
When is enough, enough? I really don't know. I still want to retire early, but as I've grown into my career (and very muchmostly enjoyed the work) I've found myself less eager to leave. I think working from home has had a huge impact on this. It's probably time for a sit down with my wife to talk about our next 5-10 years and maybe map out a number that we would feel comfortable with.
It's for sure time to update the budget soon and get that back on track. My oldest will attend kindergarten in the fall, so that will be nice to cut our daycare bill in half. We may never see that money if it ends up going towards a larger mortgage, but I need to get an updated picture of our finances before we can figure out exactly what sort of house we want to afford.
Our student loans are what initially set me down this path of aggressively saving and investing. I find it kind of funny that despite all of our financial accomplishments, we still have not officially paid off our student loans. I'm holding out hope for the student loan bill to go through, so until there is interest being charged again, the last $10k will just sit there.
Not that I think anyone would remember this, but if you read the last post you know I was planning on making a will and getting some life insurance. It's been 2.5 years and I've made zero progress on those fronts, which I realize is terrible and I really need to get on that. Likewise, I still don't have a specific plan for the kids' college beyond "let's just generically save money and we will cash flow college or figure it out".
For my career, I've got one last level to go as an individual contributor in my field. If I stay at my new company, I'm probably a couple years out from achieving it, but I could probably get it as soon as the end of this year if I go back to my old job. That would allow me to end my career in the $200k range which I think is a solid goal.

The End End

Is this my last update ever? Maybe, who knows. Maybe a retirement update is in order many years down the road, but really I don't expect our path to there have anything new or interesting that I haven't already covered (wasn't that the whole point of this series of updates?).
Looking back on this, I like to think that I successfully made our journey to being millionaires as boring as possible. I was inspired at a young age to learn that the possibility of retiring early could be simple and didn't take an overwhelming amount of skill or knowledge. You just had to be as consistent as possible. I'm not to retirement yet, but I believe in the path we are on and I'm hoping someone will find similar inspiration by me just showing the receipts.
Finally, I want to sincerely thank everyone for reading and commenting over the years. As a loooooong time lurker on this sub I was so nervous for my first ever post and the responses I've received since then have been so uplifting and personally motivating. It means a lot. Back to saving and living our life now. See you around!maybe
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2023.06.01 15:58 Educational-Catch571 GET A CLASS FACEBOOK/MESSENGER HACKER

Hi there , are you in need of a highly skilled and experienced system hacker? She helped me retrieve my deleted files, text messages and call logs. She can as well control devices remotely and lots more. What got me most was her offer of a total refund within 24 hours of any unsatisfactory services but i didn’t have to use that option because she got the job done! She is very affordable and charges way less, contact
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2023.06.01 15:56 Salty_Invite_757 [Kings Island][Kentucky Kingdom] Trip Report 5/30-5/31

Just got back from a 3 day trip to Ohio/Kentucky. My son and I planned on hitting King's Island for a day then a quick stopover at Kentucky Kingdom on the way back home. Our first stop was the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, and while it isn't related to roller coasters it was an absolute delight to see all of these birds up close. The XB-70, SR-71, B2 and Memphis Belle were highlights!
We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Mason, a decent and well-kept hotel with free breakfast - always a big plus in this economy. We spent one whole day at Kings Island on Tuesday. It was hot but manageable. We had a free meal included in our tickets and split a burger at the Brewhouse; it was good! Not the best but definitely not the worst theme park food I've had. We left around 2PM to take it easy so we could recharge for the run-up to park close. We got back to KI around 6 and had a blast for the rest of our day! We snagged the last night ride on The Beast before they shut down the line at 9:30, AND we timed our last ride on Mystic Timbers with the fireworks so as we were leaving the ride the show started up immediately - it felt like some Disney-level theme park magic. Seeing the drones spell out Kings Island in the sky left our jaws on the floor. Overall a fantastic park with a welcoming and warm vibe, and some of the best ops in the industry.
Kentucky Kingdom was a quick (and I mean QUICK) stopover on our way back home. We got there early on Wednesday and I got 4 more credits before calling it a day. We stayed for a little over an hour and I feel like we got our money's worth from Lightening Run and Storm Chaser alone. We enjoyed our hour at KK, but all of the coasters felt like "one and dones", and I really just drove here for the credits (and the fridge magnets…I used to collect smashed pennies but I didn't know what to do with them, then shot glasses but then I stopped drinking, so now its magnets from our trips that we are covering our fridge with). The park itself has a very odd layout and kind of feels slapped together in places, but the ops were great and everyone was friendly.
Here's my breakdown of the rides themselves:
Kings Island:
Flight of Fear x1: 8/10, Great launch, theming and first half. Like I told my kid before we boarded, its like Space Mountain on crack.
Orion x1: 9/10, Outstanding speed, airtime and pacing. Just wish it had 1-2 more elements to round it out.
Backlot Stunt Coaster x1: 8/10, Fantastic punchy launch and fun theming. Got some serious laterals on that parking garage helix!
The Beast x4: 10/10, DAMN this this is a BEAST. Thanks to this subreddit we stuck with Row 17 and it was butter-smooth the whole time (I'm getting too old for the jostling that normally comes with wooden coasters) which allowed us to enjoy the scenery and the forces. That banked drop into the final helix is such a rush, hitting the bottom of that hill is a top tier roller coaster moment. FANTASTIC night ride, the only thing that's come close for me is Outlaw Run at night.
Mystic Timbers x3: 8/10, We thought this was kinda mid in the daytime, but it hits different at night. I think the stuff with the shed was ill-conceived, but it could be utilized during Halloween (I'm assuming they have scare actors around that time of year? The floor seemed to accommodate foot traffic, but I could be wrong). Its fast and frenetic but like Orion its missing 1-2 elements, especially given its speed once it hits the brakes.
Flying Ace Aerial Chase x1: 5/10, We rode this after eating and thought it would be a nice ride to do while our food settled. It was an average family ride, a bit rougher than it looks but fine for what it is. One train ops made it a slog to wait for.
Adventure Express x2: 8/10, Probably my favorite Arrow mine train. Cheeky theming, long layout and a great troll at the end. Transitions were rough but that added to the theme.
The Bat x1: 8/10, Fast, scenic and intense! An enjoyable albeit brief flight through the woods in a well-shaded corner of the park.
Banshee x1: 10/10, B&M inverts are some of my least-favored coasters due to the utter lack of visibility on any row but the first, but luckily we got to ride this bastard in the front row. WAY more intense than any other B&M invert I've ridden, and that's including the Dueling Dragons. It's an all-timer!
Invertigo x1: 8/10, A solid boomerang with a couple of fun gimmicks. I was expecting a ton of head rattle due to the manufacturer and restrains, but it was fine. A lot more intense than it looks, pretty underrated ride.
Diamondback x1: 10/10, Everything here is fantastic, the pacing, airtime, speed and location put this one near the top for B&M hypers. I still prefer Mako and Goliath, but Diamondback gives them a run for their money!
Racer x1: 7/10, An enjoyable classic! Didn't feel painfully rough (but was the roughest woodie of the trip for sure).
Kentucky Kingdom:
Lightening Run x1: 9/10, This little guy packs a PUNCH! Airtime out the wazoo and doesn't let up for a second! I thought it destroyed my thighs, that is until I rode…
Storm Chaser x1: 8/10, Almost too much of a good thing - that good thing being ejector airtime. The layout is unconventional in that RMC kind of way, and that first drop is all kinds of weird. But the ejector became painful, knocking it down a peg. The very definition of a "one and done".
Thunder Run x1: 9/10, A great underrated woodie! It was not nearly as rough as I was expecting - still some jackhammering here and there, but all manageable. I didn't have to brace myself as much as the previous two coasters, which was a welcome experience after being assaulted like that.
Roller Skater x1: 6/10, A fine family coaster. Not much to say about it really, just rode it for the credit (and since Kentucky Flier was down).
Overall a very enjoyable trip! 3 days, 2 theme parks, 1 museum, 850 miles and 4 states. With this trip my coaster count is up to 95, while my son doesn't have one because he thinks it's weird and lame that I keep track of things like that. Teenagers. But I know he enjoyed himself based on the reserved amount of "teenage angst" he experienced during this trip. I think the short lines and quick pace kept him entertained throughout. Which is what it's all about!
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