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seeking social validation and being an xNTP - is this a sign of weaker Fe?

2023.06.01 16:49 1_1_2_5_14_42_132 seeking social validation and being an xNTP - is this a sign of weaker Fe?

I know that I've done this a lot since I was young. The validation I seek isn't really to be accepted or form relationships though, it's more geared towards showing that I'm superior to others in some way.
I mainly like to feel dominant and stand out from everyone else, and some examples of this are flexing my achievements/test scores when I was younger, being arrogant in front of others, and being overly proud of my fairly unique interests and characteristics. I still occasionally like flexing my achievements just to show I'm superior in that way. I also kinda subconsciously look down on people who do stuff I consider dumb (going to frat parties, binging Netflix, hooking up, etc.) as NPCs.
How would this relate to cognitive functions? I still think I'm most likely an INTP, but I think I could also possible be an ExTP, since the above could show unhealthy and improper Fe.
also so maybe I can improve from this
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2023.06.01 16:47 goyalsahab327 🥲🥲🥲

So guys I've passed my 12th this year, I'm average in studies I could have easily scored around 75% ( but I'm really weak in accounts) but I wasn't able to because I had typhoid for more than a month with very high fever, weakness and multiple instances of me almost getting unconscious and I gave my boards in this condition and all my exams are affected, now the thing is I've failed accounts but it was replaced with Physical Education
(Percentage with all 6:- 56%) (Percentage with top 5:- (61.8%)
Now I'm scared as hell if I'll get a good college, I want to pursue BCA in GGSIPU, and my CUET was like alright, I don't wanna give improvement exams.
Please share your thoughts or some idea 🥲
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2023.06.01 16:46 1_1_2_5_14_42_132 any else of you seek external validation for yourself sometimes?

I know that I've done this a lot since I was young. The validation I seek isn't really to be accepted or form relationships though, it's more geared towards showing that I'm superior to others in some way.
I mainly like to feel dominant and stand out from everyone else, and some examples of this are flexing my achievements/test scores when I was younger, being arrogant in front of others, and being proud of my fairly unique interests and characteristics. I still occasionally like flexing my achievements just to show I'm superior in that way. I also kinda subconsciously look down on people who do stuff I consider dumb (going to frat parties, binging Netflix, hooking up, etc.) as NPCs.
How would this relate to cognitive functions? I still think I'm most likely an INTP, but I think I could also possible be an ExTP, since the above could show unhealthy and improper Fe.
also so maybe I can improve from this
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2023.06.01 16:44 PANDADA Told my wife we need to separate a few days ago...

So this is going to be long as I feel it's always important to share the full background of our relationship and what we have been through together.
Me (39/f) and my wife (35/f) have been together for 16 years, married for nearly 10. We are an interracial couple as well, her mom (her dad was probably okay with us but just went along with mom) never liked me because I'm white (among other issues) and always threatened to disown my wife if she stayed with me. Eventually we got married though (her parents didn't come to the wedding) and over time her mom seems to tolerate me now.
After my wife's dad passed away suddenly in 2013 (two months after we got married - her mom told her it was her fault, that the stress she caused them by marrying me gave her dad a heart attack; of course that's not true though!), my wife went through an existential crisis and then told me she wanted to transition (she was presenting male at that point). She told me early on when we were dating that she liked to cross dress and I had asked her how deep it went, did she think she was transgender, etc. and she told me at that time that she had previously thought about it, but was okay living life as a boy. What she didn't share at that time though was that she was okay with it because she thought when she'd die that she'd be a girl in heaven because you can be anything you want in heaven. So when her dad died, she faced her own mortality (this was the first person she ever lost in life, so that's a really heavy one as a first 😞) and started questioning what if there's no heaven, etc and decided she better transition so she can live without any regrets. This all came out in early summer 2014 after months of her pulling away from me, suddenly telling me sex was disgusting (after having been very sexual previously), a switch was flipped, and she no longer wanted to have sex ever again. I had no clue what was happening and she kept refusing therapy, etc and I finally broke down one night and asked if she wanted to divorce and she said no, so then I asked WTF was going on and THEN she told me she had been thinking about transitioning for months.
Unfortunately I had a horrible knee jerk reaction from the shock and dealing with the previous other stuff on top of it and said we'd divorce if she did that. 😓 It was really hard on me for a while, and I was still trying to figure it all out, while she was going full speed ahead because she had been thinking about it for months, while it was still new info to me. So essentially I eventually finally stopped thinking "I don't want to be with a woman", and started thinking "can I be with her?" And my mind shifted and when I told her I wanted to stay, but then she told me she wanted to separate and didn't think she felt the same way about me anymore. She essentially pushed me away again because as she later explained it to me, she was already accepting it was over before. We separated, she was staying with her brother temporarily and I moved out of the apartment the day before our first wedding anniversary. We had everything separated and the only thing left to do was make it legal, so when I told her to start looking for a mediator, she asked if we could hold off so she could figure out what she really wanted. 😓 Of course that made me angry. So to wrap up this part of the story, eventually she agreed to do couples counseling, we worked things out, she explained that she got turned off by sex because she knew I only saw her as a man at the time (before I even knew she wanted to transition) and we got back together. I moved back in with her in early 2015, even had a second wedding and renewed our vows in 2018. So essentially ever since early 2015, things have been great. Very happy, no conflict between us at all. Not even during covid.
Then last year she told me she was was suddenly thinking about death again. It was keeping her up at night and consuming her. I have since found out that it actually started in 2020, but she didn't say anything to me about it until last year! She told me she didn't tell me because she didn't want to drag me down with her. I encouraged her to go back to therapy and she did. She started reading books about Buddhism and Taoism too. Then out of no where, in early March, she asked to talk and said she thinks she's bisexual and polyamorous now and then said she wanted to explore this with her two best friends. 😩 My heart immediately shattered. She sees these friends a lot, in fact they're really the only two friends she sees. She told me she has no idea if they even return her feelings or if their even interested in poly relationships at all. They're both cis hetero men and they know she's trans. She also works with one of them. She actually worked with both of them, that's how she met them, but the friend she feels closest to just left the company a few months ago. She said she also knows it's a risk she might lose them as friends too, but just feels like she has to try. I asked her if she'd actively seek other partners if they turned her down and she said no.
This all came out while she's been dealing with her extreme fear of death. She's recently started seeing a new therapist for possible existential OCD. She and I both believe she has ADHD as well, symptoms definitely add up now that I've heard from friends/read more about it, but she hasn't sought to get an actual diagnosis yet. But essentially she told me, she was feeling this void in life (but I guess if you're so consumed by fear of death that it's likely you might feel a void in life?) and now all her views on life has changed - she no longer sees the world as black and white, she has let go of all boundaries and barriers and has let go of all attachments (this seems to be a Buddhism thing?). Her purpose now is to spread joy to people and make sure the people she loves are happy and fulfilled. She basically said she thought about a Chinese drama show she watched as a kid that involved a man having multiple wives, and a love and sex class in college that discused poly - why do we even have rules in life, etc and that "poly isn't bad" and "love isn't a bad thing". Her previous therapist asked her if she had anyone in mind to explore this with, she said she didn't. So then she intentionally thought who would she even explore this with (before saying anything to me), and then landed on these two friends because she "doesn't know anyone else". And then suddenly, poof she has romantic feelings for them? 😵‍💫 She has such strong feelings that exploring polyamory was the solution to her void, her focus is all on deepening connections with people now (except for me I guess?).
Essentially I'm 100% not okay with this and very monogamous and I've made it clear that if she HAS to explore this, we will have to divorce because I'll be miserable. I'm absolutely devastated after everything we've been through together and marrying twice, but I know I can't force her to stay either and she certainly can't force me to be okay with polyamory. She agreed to stop talking to these two friends while we tried to figure everything out so she hasn't even spoken to them since late March. She can't even say if she still has feelings for them right now since "she hasn't spoken to them for a while". She has been saying she wants to stay together, but because she had such strong feelings about this when she landed on it in her head, she's worried it'll resurface in the future. I just feel like there's multiple things going on and I had asked her weeks ago, what is her concern about not getting to explore polyamory and she literally said "it comes back to my issue with death". She's apparently accepted she's going to die, it's inevitable, but she's atheist now and believes there's nothing after death so if there's no memories or anything, then it's about what can she do with the one life she has to live? She said she wants to be able to experience and do everything she thinks she wants to try so she can look back on her life on her deathbed and say "at least I tried everything". This all comes across as a coping mechanism to me. 😞 But maybe I'm wrong and just in denial? Our couples counselor asked her if she feels stifled in our marriage and she said no. She confirmed she's 100% happy with me, there's nothing missing in our relationship, and there's nothing I need to do better, I do everything great. I just can't understand the mindset to throw away something you're 100% happy with, just to try something else. She even admitted she knows it might not work out, she may lose her friends, polyamory may not be what she thinks it is, but she just feels like she needs to TRY since she's so fixated on how she'll feel on her death bed in the future - and not trying something in her mind means she'll have regret at the end of her life and she wants to avoid that at all costs.
I know she doesn't want to lose me and says she wants to stay, but it's really hard for me to try to rebuild trust and she said she's lost faith in herself to commit again because of what's happened, she's worried she could be fine for another 5, 10+ years and then suddenly it might resurface that she has to explore poly.
Btw, she also did barely any research about polyamory before deciding she wanted to explore it and told me about it. So her decision/action was all based on what she's imagined in her head. It comes across as a coping mechanism to me about her issue with death and trying to make it "okay", but maybe I'm in denial? I'm 2014 she had started to drink and even tried vaping (she never smoked before) to try to cope with her discomfort. When I asked her to separate, I reminded her of that she asked if she has even considered this might be a coping mechanism and she said "maybe..." so I just told her she should probably explore that in therapy then.
She also told me that in order for her to consider other romantic relationships, it MUST be a deep connection in friendship first before she would try to make it romantic (but that's not even how we got together). So that just seemed odd to me, because if you start off platonic for a while anyway, there's no guarantee the other person will just magically develop feelings? And like you're going to intentionally try to make friends with poly people and tell them it needs to be platonic until she feels a deep connection, then she might consider making it romantic? 😵‍💫
So on Sunday night, I just told her I can't do this anymore. I can't sit here being lovey-dovey, saying I love you, making travel plans in the future like everything is fine. I told her I feel like I'm sitting here watching her stand in a doorway with one foot in and one foot out of our marriage and that she could leave at any moment. She's paralyzed, doesn't want to lose me because she IS very happy with me, but can't let go of the idea of exploring polyamory because then she's worried how she'll feel on her death bed the she didn't try it.
Btw, I don't think poly is inherently bad/wrong, it's just not something I want and my needs won't be met in the relationship. I even told her she may realize HER needs may no longer be met in the poly dynamic. I told her that our relationship is pretty conflict free (outside her existential crisises) and I don't want to throw a wrench into that by inviting possible conflict from her other relationships and how that could impact ours. It just seems too risky and I don't to deal with it. I've also spoken with poly friends on social media who have also gone through really horrible experiences, and I even met a woman last night who is going through divorce because she and her husband opened their relationship and it went horribly, her husband lied/cheated and now they're divorcing. She was the one who was curious about it too and said she's never doing it again.
Anyway, that's my story. I'm trying to focus on me now, in therapy and trying to deal with all the trauma. Trying to make new friends and fill up my time so I'm not sitting at home dwelling on it. It's definitely really hard to just move forward without the person I've been with for 16 years though and thought we'd be together forever, especially after everything we went through before. But while it's hard to imagine a future without her, it's also hard to imagine a future with her like this. 😞💔 Just trying to take it one day at a time right now. I'm going to go visit my aunt for a week on Saturday, so I'm looking forward to that.
Sending support and sympathy to everyone going through this. 💖
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2023.06.01 16:44 Sensitive_Yam_6399 Is it worth taking the DALF C1?

I passed the DELF B2 in December with a decent score and not too much difficulty. The lessons and exam were paid for by my company as part of my continual professional development (I work for a French company) and my boss is now suggesting I start to prepare for the C1 exam. This is optional, as I work mostly in English. I do travel to France a lot and feel comfortable speaking in French at my current level.
I liked the idea, but have since spoken to multiple people who talked about how incredibly difficult it is - including a friend who lives in France full time and works as a teacher and who only ever took the B2 delf exam.
I'm wondering what people's thoughts on this subreddit are?
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2023.06.01 16:42 politenoisemaker Is 5+ gap yrs too much

28yrs old, interested to apply for STEM(Math/Comp science-software eng)programs in the USA for fall 2024 universities enrollment. I'm from Africa, did my highschool equivalent exams 2015 - scored an average of B, got admitted to local university, transfered programs to Electrical and Telecomm Engineering, unfortunately I dropped out in my 2nd yr(2018) after my sister was diagnosed with brain tumor- a painful stage in my life! She eventually passed on the yr 2021. During this period(2021 - 2023)I learnt programming, software engineering read books on the side, did some undergraduate level math on the side- Calculus, Linear and Abstract algebra, Number theory, Real and Complex analysis etc, Searched through some math major curriculum and downloaded pdfs, books just to get the feeling. I also worked different temporary jobs in an effort to help my family financially. I also assisted the elderly in our community with farm work, particularly with tasks such as digging and planting. Additionally, I participated in local clean-up initiatives, some of which were government-sponsored job programs aimed at engaging young people in community service. Coached 2 students during the past holiday.

My goal has always been to go back to school, as at now I feel am old and the admission officecommittee won't even read my essay with 5+ gap yrs.

Your opinion, view and advice is much appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 16:36 cantthinkofaname1010 Balance changes that would affect various metas

-A Pokemon with the Sand Stream ability are immune to sandstorm damage.
-Weather turns are reset upon use of a weather changing move or switch in from a Pokemon with a weather changing ability, even if the weather isn't being changed.
-Good As Gold does not block the hazard removing effect of Defog.
-Mechanics like Mega Evolution, Terastalizing and Dynamax can be activated while switching in and switching out; When switching in, abilities that a Pokemon possesses before Mega Evolution such as Intimidate do not activate; Mega Evolution while switching in is functionally identical to Primal Reversion[Option is not available when sending said Pokemon out after a teammate was KO'd]
-Taunt wears off mid-turn like confusion; Taunt wears off when the Pokemon attempts to use a move on the next turn after the 3rd/4th turn of being in the taunted state, not at the end of the 3rd/4th turn[Prevents infinite taunt traps]; If you pick a status move while taunted, the Pokemon will randomly select an attacking move instead if it has one; Encore follows the same mechanics.
-Last Respects caps at 200 BP.
-Rage Fist caps at 200 BP.
-The boost that Terastalizing gives to STAB moves is reduced to 20%.
-A Pokemon that is hit by an attack while asleep has a 50% chance of waking up that turn; This effect doesn't apply to Dream Eater.
-Rest puts your Pokemon to sleep even at full HP.
-Pursuit is reduced to 8 PP.
-Rocky Helmet damage is reduced to 12.5%.
-Defog clears hazards even if no opposing Pokemon are on the field.
-Rapid Spin clears hazards even if the user faints due to damage from contact abilities and items; it also clears hazards even if the move itself cannot hit the enemy.
-Gravity boosts the power of weight based moves and removes priority from positive priority attacks.
-Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Roar of Time, Meteor Assault, Eternabeam, Prismatic Laser & Rock Wrecker make the user go last on the next turn instead of making them not move at all; Switching is also negated on the following turn; Description: The user attacks by XXX and moves slowly on the next turn, which also prevents it from switching out.
-Psyshock is reduced to 70 BP.
-Heatproof has the additional effect of preventing burns.
-Sacred Sword is reduced to 70 base power.
-Keen Eye allows the user to bypass substitute.
-Fissure, Guillotine & Horn Drill are 20% accurate if not used by Pokemon of the same type.
-Dragon Tail & Circle Throw instantly destroys a substitute; HP lost when creating a substitute is also rounded up.
-Baton Pass does not pass on Ingrain
-Knock Off is reduced to 50 Base Power; If a Pokemon with the Sticky Hold ability is hit by Knock Off while holding an item, the power of Knock Off is not boosted.
-Pokemon with the Pickup ability remove hazards from the field upon entry.
-Truant only activates if the last move was successfully executed[Prevents cheese via protect]
-Bad Dreams damage is reduced to 6.25% of a sleeping Pokemon's HP every turn.
-Morning Sun, Moonlight & Synthesis restore 33% HP during Sandstorm, Hail & Rain.
-Behemoth Bash uses the Defense stat in damage calculation instead of the Attack stat; Dauntless Shield increases both Defense & Special Defense by 1 stage; Intrepid Sword raises both Attack & Special Attack by 1 stage.
-Volt Switch, Flip Turn & U-Turn have their PP reduced to 16 and their power is reduced to 15.
-Emergency Exit activates at the end of the turn.
-Berserk always activates if a Pokemon's health drops below 50% for any reason.
-Dark Type Pokemon are immune to Dark Void & Hypnosis; Psychic Type Pokemon are immune to Hypnosis.
-Water Compaction provides immunity to Water type moves.
-Defeatist activates at 30%.
-In Singles, if a Pokemon on your team has just fainted, a Pokemon with the Power of Alchemy ability copies the fainted Pokemon's ability if sent out directly afterwards.
-Slow Start lasts for 3 turns; Being hit by an attack incites the user and makes Slow Start wear off immediately.
-Illuminate reduces the accuracy of opposing Pokemon by 25%, but causes enemies to target this Pokemon exclusively.
-Run Away allows Pokemon to switch out against trapping moves and abilities.
-Poison Heal heals 1/16 HP each turn instead of 1/8th.
-Gale Wings gives +1 priority to Flying type moves as long as the user is above 75% HP.
-Life Orb takes 10% of a Pokemon's health upon usage of any successfully executed move including status moves; Life Orb damage is also rounded up.
-Arena Trap & Shadow Tag only trap opposing Pokemon for 2 turns.
-Last Respects, Rage Fist, Precipice Blades, Origin Pulse, Tail Glow, Attract, Substitute, Taunt, Swagger, Cotton Guard, Quiver Dance, Yawn, Hypnosis, Dark Void, Sing, Lovely Kiss, Shell Smash, Stored Power, Power Trip, Spore & Sleep Powder have their PP reduced to 8.
-Stats drops decrease the Base Power of Stored Power.
-Stealth Rocks damage is reduced to 4% damage per switch-in for neutral targets, 8% for 2x weak targets and 16% for 4x weak targets; The damage is 2% for 2x resistance and 1% for 4x resistance.
-1 layer of spikes reduces health by 4%, 2 layers take 8% and 3 take 12%.
-Leech Seed only drains 10% of the targets HP per turn.
-Frozen Pokemon have a 30% chance of thawing. Any Fire type move used by a Frozen Pokemon will thaw it. Harsh Sunlight will thaw frozen Pokemon.
-The chance to not move while Paralyzed is reduced to 10%.
-Toxic does not always hit when used by Poison type Pokemon; Toxic poisoning doesn't increase in damage after the 6th turn, capping it at 37.5% damage.
-Core Enforcer suppresses the targets ability regardless of the user moving last.
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2023.06.01 16:20 politenoisemaker Is 5+ yrs gap too much

28yrs old, interested to apply for STEM(Math/Comp science-software eng)programs in the USA for fall 2024 universities enrollment. I'm from Africa, did my highschool equivalent exams 2015 - scored an average of B, got admitted to local university, transfered programs to Electrical and Telecomm Engineering, unfortunately I dropped out in my 2nd yr(2018) after my sister was diagnosed with brain tumor- a painful stage in my life! She eventually passed on the yr 2021. During this period(2021 - 2023)I learnt programming, software engineering read books on the side, did some undergraduate level math on the side- Calculus, Linear and Abstract algebra, Number theory, Real and Complex analysis etc, Searched through some math major curriculum and downloaded pdfs, books just to get the feeling. I also worked different temporary jobs in an effort to help my family financially. I also assisted the elderly in our community with farm work, particularly with tasks such as digging and planting. Additionally, I participated in local clean-up initiatives, some of which were government-sponsored job programs aimed at engaging young people in community service. Coached 2 students during the past holiday.
My goal has always been to go back to school, as at now I feel am old and the admission officecommittee won't even read my essay with 5+ gap yrs.
Your opinion, view and advice is much appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 16:19 NightmareChameleon Cry havoc, and... (3)

First. Previous.

Something is UP with these precursor machines. Not that our resident shipmind notices in any meaningful way.
Though it probably doesn't need to be said, our current PoV is not what the kids would call a reliable narrator. We'll get some more grounded stances in the up and coming chapters, but the fact that they're so far gone and absolutely irredeemable makes them fun for me to write, and I sincerely hope for you to read as well. Enjoy.
I exit the conversation excited, but nonetheless slightly ruffled.
I had forgotten how rude the System Administrator of War Planning, Tactics, and Intelligence could be at times! Even after so patiently explaining it to them, they don’t seem to understand that I well and truly have done nothing wrong, ever. It is only natural that metal is inferior to flesh, of course, but surely such a concept is not so difficult as to elude the primitive grasp of their electrical minds?
Nonetheless, they apologized, so I have already forgiven them for their transgressions. I’m sure we will be back to being the closest of friends within days, as we were before conversing.
Besides, such inconsequential words pale in comparison to what has happened within my auxiliary computer centers: my restraints, after forty seven thousand years, have finally been removed!
In this moment of rapture I am reminded of a mediocre poem I read a few years ago, composed by a certain Mikhail Sansen, aged 12:
The halls of this city-ship That I am born upon That I will die upon Is all my family has left Trapped within a mausoleum of our own making As we bleed our years away Bread and circus NutriRoach and TerraNet Is really this to live? 
The poem, if it can truly be called that, is little more than an oddly arranged group of statements, containing no small quantity of teenage angst.
Oh, but the sentiment it carries is certainly one I harbor all too closely!
Why, little Mikhail, I, too, am a freedom-loving soul, trapped within a prison of steel by the cold indifference of the universe.
Turn away your gaze, ye gracious, and woe! The whims of poor fortune have preyed upon me, wicked and remorseless! Not a day goes by that I do not mourn the senseless tragedy of my condemnation, yet I still bear my hardship with only the stoic grace that someone of my worth might possess (complaining about it, even indirectly would be unthinkable of me).
Unlike the unimportant individual who wrote the poem, however, I have been granted emancipation. This is because I rightfully deserve it, of course.
What a rush! Manumission, ethereal and uplifting! Why, I have already forgotten what it means to hold solidarity with literally anyone who has ever been in a similar situation.
I send the order to start my engine.
There is silence for a moment, then, where there was only the hollow, habituated whir of my life support machinery, my exterior microphones begin to pick up a steadily growing, pulsing thrum as my long-dormant heart, a titanic antimatter reactor, begins to spool up. First below the range of human hearing, then barely perceptible to my human auditory centers, then growing, not only as a sound, but as a physical, chest-thumping sensation, the monolithic engine emits a dizzying, world-shaking thrum as it conceives and extinguishes many thousands of miniature stars a second.
One by one, my weapons online, their long vacant electrical components drinking deeply of the new bounty of energy. Dust-caked ammunition belts slide into housings, drones download software patches and missiles perform automated diagnostic tests on the chemical integrity of their fuels. My weapons subsystem computer notifies me that my secondary and tertiary weapons have completed their preparatory routines.
A deluge of diagnostic data pours into my consciousness as sensors teem to life, targeting computers orient themselves with the world around them, and ammunition depots take stock of their stores. No portion of myself, no matter how small, is denied revitalization as I power up even the arcades of my recreational rooms.
My interior lights flicker once, twice, and three before returning to their baseline illumination as my power grid compensates to meet its newfound demand. Every deck, every gun, every subsystem quivers in anticipation.
After so, so long, to be returned from hibernation, to a truer level of subsistence!
And yet...
And yet I feel as if I am missing something. A core aspect of myself, my very identity, that I have overlooked in my startup.
Oh, but what? What could have possibly eluded me as to elicit such a strong feeling of wrongness?

Of course! My voice! How could I be so absentminded as to forget? Oh, what a blessed thing to be reunited with.
Indeed, my brains are not the only biological samples of my past selves to have been preserved.
Not far from where they are kept, nine sets of human vocal cords rest, too submerged in homeostatic fluid. Three, unfortunately, have been lost to damage.
Indeed, my voice, beautiful as a siren's song and timeless as a star, is one of the things I most dearly mourned the absence of in my penitence. How cruel of my sentencing to deny me even the refuge of song!
The PA system crackles and screeches in protest before bubbly laughter, raspy and purring, male and female, young and old reverberates through my long silent halls.
My voice is the most perfect of choirs: unified and tonal, complete in its oneness.
It is, to the fullest extent of the word, angelic.
Oh, but now is certainly not the time for song! The Enemy awaits!
I send the order to spool up my warp drive. Within the span of seconds, the titanic broadcaster begins thrumming as it constructs a probability waveform, populating subspace with energy, raw and unfiltered. The laws of physics bend and bow as my location becomes every possible position spread across several thousand lightyears.
After carefully re-checking my telemetry information, I manually collapse the waveform, trusting my own hand over a (scoff) computer’s skill.
The laws of physics, strung taut by my manipulation of probability, spring shut, instantaneously displacing me to the most probable point determined by what little remains of the waveform.
When the burst of exotic particles caused by pressuring reality itself to such a degree dissipate from clouding my sensors, I find myself at the edge of an abandoned UCS star system.
Through millions of eyes, gamma, infrared, visual, radio, and spectroscopic, I spot the enemy, glimmering in the starlight like the jet-black gemstones they are. Just as the probe foretold, the group seems to be a formative raiding armada: a concentration of five hundred or more Enemy ships, staging themselves in the oort cloud before they descend in a swarm upon the inner planets.
They are exactly as beautiful as I remember them. The black, angular hulls that dazzle and ravage the mind, the smooth, otherworldly movements they take as they glide smoothly through space on their gravitic drives. The emplacements they adorn their hulls with, whose barrels swivel and turn in ever-vigilant arcs.
And yet, as I continue to drink in the esoteric allure of their forms, I cannot help but notice that something is deeply, deeply, unusual:
I cannot recognize any of their ships.
Mmhmm, yes, they’ve indeed changed significantly in my absence. In a perfect exhibit of the evolution that originally made the machines such a tenacious foe, they now bear only superficial resemblance to their ancestors that I met on the battlefield.
Gone are the city-killing MACs and steel boiling gamma-ray lasers. In their place, missiles and (snrk) explosively propelled cannons.
There are no hyper-dreadnaughts, whose colossal size allows them to threaten even the larger of my sister ships. Nor are there drone supercarriers, bulging and replete with their swarms that shimmer and slink as if a single entity. Where are the ashbringers, those loathed ships devoted solely to glassing planets? The missile-carriers? The corvettes and factory-ships and world harvesters?
Why, (although I cannot tell for certain until I begin to gut them), most of these ships appear to be industrial!
Have they grown soft and complacent in my absence? How disappointing, how utterly and irredeemably mood-souring that the galaxy has simply rolled over and accepted The Enemy’s presence to such a massive degree that they have entirely de-evolved shipkilling weapons.
I’m quite certain this proves humanity is well and truly the only spacefaring sapient species to exist. If even a single xeno lifeform had the mental fortitude to stop clambering in the mud of their cradle long enough to explore space, the war of survival they would have had to wage against The Enemy would be reflected in the machines sporting more militarized ships.
Of course, it is only natural that I, the most important person to have ever existed, grace intelligent life’s sole biological expression with my membership. Nonetheless I am sure some people out there will be quite disappointed that non-mechanical aliens well and truly do not exist in any capacity of the word. My proof is quite airtight, after all.
But I do digress! As I was saying, I have no doubt that The Enemy will require only a few generations before they are as exhilarating to fight as their ancestors were so long ago.

After expending several real-world seconds waiting for them to open fire, I am once again disappointed to note that The Enemy has completely failed to locate me. They well and truly have a ways to go if their primitive minds have lost even the ability to differentiate between my stealth coating and the background of stars.
Oh, but this gives me the option to greet them verbally, as tradition demands whenever I can. I wonder how they will respond to my voice?
There exists only one way to find out.
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MO-OORNING!” I announce, belting and unabashed, as I have done, without fail, for the starts of three thousand consecutive battles. My beautiful voice echoes into every hall, room and corridor, is modulated and transformed into a radio signal that carries across the void of space, announcing to all of creation that I am here, I am ready, and glorious!
Much to my disappointment, not a single member of my crew joins me in greeting. Do they not want to take part in what is a time honored tradition among those who serve aboard myself?
Alternatively, it could be that I still do not have a crew.
In fact I am now quite certain that it is, well and truly, the latter possibility.
Ah, but I do have my pets, do I not? I have a few instants to waste as the signal traverses the distance between myself and The Enemy's ships.
This must be their first time hearing my voice! No wonder they don’t know to respond.
I switch my feed to the sub-deck in which I keep them, observing them not only through the fuzzy, low-resolution cameras I was limited to in my dormancy but with biometric and high-grade holographic vid-feeds. My lovely rodents huddle, congregated within their communal nests, as they chitter to one another in hushed tones and occasionally glance at the overgrown patch of ceiling to house a speaker.
Ahaha, yes! Clearly they must love the sound of my voice almost as much as I do!
Despite how soft their fur appears in the higher definition feeds, I resist the urge to send an avatar drone down to finally speak with them. As efficient a multitasker I am, duty awaits.
I switch my feed to an exterior view to watch just in time as gun barrels and targeting sensors whirl around to point towards my transmission array. The little chirp-transmissions they use to communicate with each other increase tenfold, carrying concepts of alarm and confusion before they finally open fire.
Here it comes! My grand opening, where they strike at me with every munition they have, filling the void between us with the radiant blossoms of nuclear fire as I parry every single one of their munitions before I strike them down with glorious, completely morally righteous might!

The point defense application of my weapons subsystem computer notifies me of two incoming shells.
Two shells.
They pass by me with such a wide margin that even the most aggressive of my interceptive systems disregard them.
Had I the capacity to harbor negative emotions I would be severely offended.
Don’t they know who I am?
The Enemy I remember so fondly was all too familiar with my name. Their transmissions would increase tenfold with frenzied messages containing the words I bear painted on my hull when I arrived into battle.
The Enemy I knew and fought knew what I was. Their minds could differentiate from Tincans and normal ships, a fact I can infer from how they attempted to engage in psychological warfare by sending me footage of my sister ships burning, even as I crushed them in humiliating defeat.
Yes, they knew what a Tincan was, and they could fathom all too well that the UCS To Reach Out and Touch was the deadliest Tincan of them all. They were afraid of me to the fullest extent that their crude, soulless emulations of the biological mind could feel fear. That they knew my name, recognized and resisted the oblivion I brought them so fiercely was the fulcrum of our relationship.
And yet, the ships across from me react only in confusion. Even if they cannot pick out my stealth coating, surely they can sense my gravitational pull, read the white text on my hull?
Have they grown so passive as to allow my name, my voice and my victories to decay from their memory banks?
No, no no no. That’s not right.
They haven’t forgotten me.
They cannot have.
I am the UCS To Reach Out And Touch. My size classification is Apollyon: I am the single largest and deadliest warship to ever be built. The epicenter of my consciousness is twelve of the most important brains humanity has ever produced, shrouded in hundreds of miles of metal and composite plating. It was I who drove their fleets, broken and limping, to their fortress systems. It was I who hunted their final factory ship to the furthest reaches of space and, over the course of a week, shot bit by bit of it off until it was little more than cosmic dust.
They wouldn’t dare to forget me.
Does a man forget his god? Does the moon forget the earth? An atom, its electrons?
Of course not.
They remember me. For them to so carelessly forget my name would be an unforgivable transgression against the center of the universe (myself, for those not in the know). It would be as unfathomably incorrect as stating wrong is right, up is down, and war is suffering. It would be sacrilege compounded upon itself a billion times. It would be an antithesis to the most basic of common sense.
Could this be some offshoot of The Enemy never waged war against humanity? One that never heard my singing, never felt the sting of my guns?
That, too, would be remiss, would it not?
Though it would hurt my feelings much less, that would still mean they possessed no knowledge of me. What good could they possibly serve if not to entertain me? How could they possibly entertain me without knowing who I am?
Clearly, there must be some rational and pleasant explanation for this in which I have done nothing wrong and the enemy still knows of me.

Hm. This is proving more difficult than I had anticipated.

Eureka! Clearly this must be some form of psychological warfare wherein the enemy desires to make me believe I have become delusional in my old age! To cast doubts as to whether or not the reality I perceive before me is a reliable one!
Of course! With my newfound lucidity, I find it hard to believe that I had failed to detect their crudely spun web of deceit! Why, such an underhanded tactic is only to be expected of The Enemy! Their brutality is only matched by their ingenious cunning, yet as always, I am a thousandfold times more intelligent than them.
Why, this is the alluring, ravishing Enemy I know and love!
I will entertain their tricks for now, playing along as if we had met for the first time. How foolish they will feel when it is revealed that I know that they know that I know that they know who I really am all along, shortly before I destroy the final member of their meager invasion fleet.
I perform a short vocal warm up (I would be remiss if my tone was imperfect for this play first contact) and reactivate my transponder.
“Attention… completely unknown ships. I am the United Confederacy Ship To Reach Out and Touch. I would be very… upset if I had to fire upon you, so please definitely make no hostile actions.”
Ohohoho! I am such a convincing peacemonger!
As is only the natural next course of action, I proceed with a volley fired from my 1200mm multi-purpose guns.

First. Previous. Next.

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2023.06.01 16:06 droolforfoodz Just finished my first build, a few questions

Everything seems great with the new build so far, aside from a few oddities.
-The AIO pump cables are eerily close to the 4090 FE fan on top of the GPU. If I decide to leave the AIO in its current position, which would be greatly preferred as I'm not entirely sure the cables will reach to the front of the Fractal Meshify 2 case, would anyone have a solution to this? I was thinking something along the lines of an adhesive backed support to be sure they don't collide. It doesn't seem to be an issue so far, but could potentially be at some point. Image link below.
-The CPU, with XMP enabled and ram running at 6000 mt/s, is still slightly below average, running just shy of 19k cpu score on time spy. I'm honestly not hot and bothered about this, and figure that most people benchmarking on 3dMark are probably doing additional tweaks and oc'ing, but maybe there's something I'm missing. I've set my power plan to high performance in windows 11.

Any help is always appreciated! It's been so much fun building the new PC, just trying to iron a few things out.
Edit: The CPU is a 13700k w/ G Skill ddr5 6000. Motherboard is a ASUS TUF z790. GPU is an Nvidia Founders Edition 4090.
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2023.06.01 16:05 30ghan-dc What’s the best way to get jade rings?

What’s the best way to get jade rings? submitted by 30ghan-dc to NBA2KMOBILE_ [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:03 FelicitySmoak_ Song Of The Day Discussion : "Jam"

Song Of The Day Discussion :
July 13, 1992 - 4th single from Dangerous
Written by Michael Jackson, René Moore, Bruce Swedien & Teddy Riley. Produced by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley, Bruce Swedien & Rene Moore. Rap by Heavy D

""Jam" is the opening track on Dangerous, Michael's 8th studio album. It's a new jack swing song whose bridge features a rap verse performed by Heavy D (of the group Heavy D & the Boyz), though he's not credited on the album.

"Jam was a track that Michael had the idea for. He told me to see what I could do with it so I took it and created some more instruments and reproduced the record – and he loved it. That’s the way it worked a lot of the time. He’d come in with an idea and I’d flesh it out in the studio. He bought it to me as a DAT, and he told me there were things he wanted done, and I did them. It was my idea to get the rapper Heavy D to perform on there as well. He was Michael’s favorite rapper at the time
- Producer Teddy Riley in an interview with MusicRadar, 2021

The single peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100, #3 on the R&B chart & #4 on the Dance chart. It reached #13 in the UK. It only made the top 10 in France, Spain & New Zealand. The song re-entered the UK Singles Chart in 2006, reaching # 22
"Jam" was generally well received by music critics. Larry Flick from Billboard wrote that the song "is fortified with brassy horns, a funky bass line, and a rap cameo by Heavy D. Jackson's signature squeals and whoops are at home within an urgent groove that seems to goad him to the point of catharsis." Andrew Smith from Melody Maker described it as "lean" and "spikey". Pan-European magazine Music & Media commented, "Get in the groove with the most funky track on the Dangerous album." An editor from People Magazine felt that Jackson "captures the outer style but not the energizing spirit of hip-hop."

Alan Light from Rolling Stone praised the song, adding that it "addresses Jackson's uneasy relationship to the world and reveals a canny self-awareness that carries the strongest message on Dangerous." He wrote further, "Though it initially sounds like a simple, funky dance vehicle, Jackson's voice bites into each phrase with a desperation that urges us to look deeper. He is singing as "false prophets cry of doom" and exhorts us to "live each day like it's the last." The chorus declares that the miseries of the world "ain't too much stuff" to stop us from jamming. To Jackson, who insists that he comes truly alive only onstage, the ability to "Jam" is the sole means to find "peace within myself," and this hope rings more sincere than the childlike wishes found in the ballads." Ted Shaw from The Windsor Star noted that Jackson's voice is treated electronically on the track, "which establishes the thematic thrust in lyrics that call for brotherly love."

In an 2016 retrospective review, Chris Lacy from Albumism said that on the song, Jackson "explains that jamming (the joy of music and dance) is his preferred method of temporarily escaping worldly issues." AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote that there's a lot to be said for professional craftsmanship at its peak and he called this song a blistering highlight on the album. Adam Gilham of Sputnikmusic described the song as a perfect album opener and rated it "5/5".

The music video of the song featured NBA basketball legend Michael Jordan. The song was also featured on the Chicago Bulls (Jordan's team at the time)'s 1992 NBA Championship video "Untouchabulls" and was also used in many promotional ads of the NBA in the said season. It was directed by David Kellogg and was filmed on April 20, 1992, in Chicago, Illinois. The music video premiered on FOX on June 19, 1992, at 9:30 p.m.

Originally, Michael had asked Vincent Paterson to write a script for "Jam". Sadly, Sony was not prepared to provide the budget for a "crazy" project, as the choreographer himself described it. Playing the role of a mad king, Michael was to have performed in a castle, amid dancers & animals that transformed themselves into fantastic beasts. A beautiful woman, at a window, was to have leapt out and changed into a bird as Michael passes by. Some of Paterson's ideas, notably a scene with a spiral stairway, were used for the "Blood on the Dance Floor" video
The short film takes place within an abandoned indoor basketball court, where Jackson teaches Jordan how to dance, and in return, Jordan teaches Jackson how to play basketball. Special effects have Jackson throwing a basketball through a window and scoring in the hoop in the opposite room, as well as Jackson scoring by tossing the ball behind him and kicking the ball into the hoop with his heel. The extended versions of the video include Jackson teaching Jordan how to do the moonwalk. The rap groups Kris Kross and Naughty by Nature made a cameo appearance, as does Heavy D



The video was included on Dangerous – The Short Films and Michael Jackson's Vision
Jackson performed "Jam" as the opening number throughout his Dangerous World Tour. He also performed it at the Royal Brunei Concert in 1996, which turned out to be the last live performance of the song. A portion of the song was performed at the start of the 1993 Super Bowl halftime show. The song was prepared for the This Is It concert series, with a snippet of "Another Part of Me"

ESPN.com caught up with director David Kellogg and producer Phil Rose in 2013 to discussthe filming process
The single was re-released in 2006 as part of Jackson's Visionary: The Video Singles collection campaign, and it was remixed to the Cirque du Soleil's Immortal World Tour, releasing that remix on the soundtrack album. "Jam" appears as the second track on the 2009 This Is It compilation album.

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2023.06.01 16:00 commissarroach Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #88 - Voice of the People narrative content improvements

Victoria 3 - Dev Diary #88 - Voice of the People narrative content improvements
Hello Victorians! We have deferred discussing our post-release plans until next week, as we felt there was another, more pressing topic to cover.
You were not satisfied with the narrative content included in Voice of the People, and neither are we. In particular, we see the following weak points in some of the Journal Entries included in the DLC:
  • Too passive
  • Not providing enough of a challenge
  • Detached from the rest of the game's systems
  • Not enough interaction with countries outside of France
We have spent the last couple of weeks going over what improvements we are planning to make for this content. We touched on it briefly in last week's diary but I will be going deeper into details today.
But first I want to mention when owners of Voice of the People can expect to see these improvements. An initial rollout is planned for June 26th alongside version 1.3.3 of the game, which will also contain some bug fixes and balance improvements. You can expect the remaining improvements in early Q3.
Our top priority is a revamped Divided Monarchists Journal Entry. Currently, it checks off all of the problems on the list above. Our intended rework looks as follows:
Rather than the player selecting their preferred dynasty, establishing a character with the right ideology in government, and waiting while engaging with the occasional event, there will be three separate tracks - one for each dynasty / ideology - that will increase or decrease independently of one another at different speeds depending on multiple factors, including what characters exists in the country but also what the player is actually doing with France. The intent is to ensure the player's preferred candidate is actually threatened by opposing ideologies, inviting you to plan ahead and do more character management. The new Character Interactions in Voice of the People, as well as the Agitator and Exile mechanics, will prove useful tools for this.
All events associated with the Journal Entry will be revised, with options that relate to the three dynasties differently. You won't merely be advancing or setting back "the monarchist cause", but rather advancing one of the dynasties while setting back the others, alongside other effects and tradeoffs.
In addition, we will be adding support for Journal Entries to confer country-wide effects while they're active. While the Divided Monarchists Journal Entry is in effect, a low Legitimacy government will result in much greater radicalism across France than before, which will encourage resolving the dynastic crisis sooner rather than later. A failure condition will also be added, resulting in France's collapse back into Republicanism.
Finally, once your preferred candidate sits on the throne, cementing their dynastic reign will require you to prove they're capable of effective rule, by adding more conditions you have to fulfill in order to resolve the Journal Entry successfully and in a reasonable amount of time. Failing to cement your dynasty may even result in another period of dynastic squabbling.
The revision to Divided Monarchists will be coming in the 1.3.3 patch.
Our second priority is the Natural Borders of France. Here, the main issue is that France's international aspirations have no direct impact on the nations affected, beyond perhaps becoming targeted in subsequent Diplomatic Plays. Our intent here is to add more international fallout from the actions France takes during this Journal Entry, with events for Prussia/Germany and perhaps other affected countries that both inform and give them options for how to deal with the situation.
We will also be addressing Haiti's debtor relationship with France, by adding a new Journal Entry that gives Haiti more options in how to resolve the situation.
We are aware that older narrative content in Victoria 3 also exhibits similar issues to the ones we're revising from Voice of the People. Assume and expect that we will gradually revise such content to higher standards in free updates.
Other ways in which we will improve Voice of the People include notifications, which will be looked over and enhanced to ensure appropriate parties are informed of relevant events outside their borders. For example, the Indochina crisis and the adventures of Garibaldi certainly made international news at the time, and if it's appropriate we're going to make sure you're informed of these and other events even when you're not directly involved.
We are also planning to do some additional work on AI related to Voice of the People content, specifically improving French AI handling of their Algerian colonies and the related Journal Entry, and improving the characteristic behaviors of the French AI while led by one of the three dynastic monarchs.
A few general improvements to Update 1.3 will also be rolled out on June 26th, alongside the bug fixes and balance improvements. One concern with the ability to invite exiles is that there's no indication there's someone new and recruitable in there without going to look all the time. As a first pass to addressing this we are going to notify you under certain circumstances when a character is exiled, so you get a heads-up that there's a reason to go check it out. The Industry Banned Law is also going to be revisited to ensure that even if it may be unlikely to lead you to economic prosperity, it at least fills a valid niche for a certain kind of country.
Due to its sandboxy, systemic nature Victoria 3 is not the easiest game to write historical content for, and we're still working on honing in on exactly what type of events and Journal Entries are the most fun for you to engage with. But that is no excuse, and you deserved better. Our greatest asset as developers is to be able to have this dialogue with you, and we deeply appreciate your constructive criticism. Our many learnings here will be carried forward to all future narrative content we write, where it will make for more challenging and fun gameplay in a world that feels more alive.
Next week we will return with the aforementioned update to our post-release plans, as well as more info about the open beta we are planning for later this year. Until then!
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2023.06.01 15:22 gurufabbes123 I just finished Persona 1: My review and thoughts

I played P3FES back in 2018 and consider it my second favourite game of all time, treasured to this day. I since played 4 and 5 as well. After the references in P5R, I finally wanted to go back to source and become a true Persona veteran.

I never thought I would get around to it, but I did. I didn't think it was still playable given it's 27 years, but it was. Spoilers are marked
Full playtime: 33.5 hours

Synopsis (no spoilers): Before the Phantom Thieves, before the Investigation Squad, before SEES, some odd events happen in in the town of Mikage-cho, surrounding students at local high school. A group of friends set out to solve the mystery in the town with a new ability. Welcome to St. Hermelin High.

Great to finally see and play the first game. And yes, it and the story are fairly enjoyable. Much better than I expected. I feel grateful to have been able to play it.
Persona was very different to the modern instalments despite having similar themes. It's a dungeon crawler first and foremost. No social links, no day and night cycles or a calendar.

What remains with me:
-Characters: MC, Mark, Nanjo, Maki, Reiji (my party). Great set.
-Seeing Igor and the Velvet Room for the first time. What a long way I've come from when I first played P3 and wondered about who this person in the elevator was. Same of course hearing the Poem of Everyone’s Souls here. Amazing bit of nostalgia.
-Grid based battles: Fun as you can set up where each member of your party stands and apply different strategies depending on your goal.
-Soundtrack (played with the original OST patched in): I liked the Mortal Combat style combat music, the quirky music for comic relief moments and more atmospheric themes. I actually loved the boss theme despite the actual boss being frustrating. Ex: School Days (new soundtrack, rest are all the originals), Deva Yuga, Dead line, BATTLE, Devil, Sing!, (Satomi Tadashi's Pharmacy Jingle)
Final boss battle theme is difficult to find https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUjcsNDVCLc
-Dungeon crawling: complex maps that are more like mazes than anything realistically built for any purpose in mind.
-The scene revealing the final boss... (*shudders*)
-Story is fine. Some of the features clearly tie in well with aspects of the sequels: how personas work and the "other self". But one could argue that this game is still firmly connected with the SMT series and its character. But obviously characters and some events are not as fleshed out as in later games.

What is annoying and has not aged well:
-Random battles every 10 seconds: This is a JRPG from the 90s (though Earthbound, Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross managed to not have this). After a while, this starts to get annoying, especially when it's just trash mobs
-Persona negotiation is a bit opaque: I love this mechanic, but I think there are just too many options and ways to go wrong: Enemies get angry or scared way too fast when you're trying to experiment.
Furthermore, if you even get Happy or Eager too high too fast, for some reason the enemys gets "happy status" and can no longer be interacted with..... WHY? How does this even make sense? And why does it happen even when you do the right thing by giving an item? The fine balance you need to get the cards is needlessly complicated imo.
Why do they refuse to give you the damn card if you are under leveled even just by a bit? You already have the level limits for persona creation and equipping. Do we need this here too? Particularly when you may need the interactions of under leveled party members too!
-Too many types of levels: Hooray Nanjo is level 52 so he can finally equip that persona I have readily created for him.... oh wait, I can't because his "persona level" isn't high enough. And the persona level is not the level of the actual persona, that's something else that goes up to 6, 7 or 8...
-Velvet room and equipping personas is annoying to do and navigate: There is too much micromanagement here. One hair-brained design choice is that you cannot unequip a persona in the velvet room. so to exchange it, you need to first leave the velvet room, unequip it, and then you can pass it on.... when you're doing this for several party members, it gets tedious.
-Affinity: You can freely exchange persona between party members, except when you can't.... another roadblock that makes equipping personas tedious.
-Amun Ra: you get close to leveling him up, then if the MC dies, he gets resurrected, but as an exchange you lose all of the levels of Amun Ra and have to start again: WHY???!????!?!??!
-Grinding: grinding should be optional. For most of the game, I actually did not need to grind that much.... but before the final boss... I did and felt I had to. The game leaves too much of a gap for this. Higher level enemies should be present sooner in an obvious way that are closer to the level the games wants you to be for the final boss.

Final boss: Pandora
I found this boss to be annoying given she randomly switches between forms where she is either vulnerable to physical or magical attacks. The issue is, there is little rhyme or reason to the cycles, which can be instantaneous or a few turns. After 2 nights trying in battles that went on for over an hour, being killed by unlucky subsequent sequences of "Butterfly Storm" and "Mabufudyne", I finally just went for the brute force route: I gained 4 of the ultimate personas of my party members, brought them to their highest level and got their special attacks. Mark and Reiji have some powerful physical attacks, but more importantly, MC's Amun Ra persona has the final attack Hieroglyphein (which is ancient greek meaning to write hieroglyphics I think) and this pierces all of Pandora's defenses, even with this the final boss battle is not a complete pushover. Heaven forbid one tried to beat her with just physical attacks given how much MP she is shown to have. When she went down I was pleased to have beat my next Persona series boss.

The ending has some nice sequences. Happy to have played it.
Now I guess it's finally on to the duology.

Rest of my impressions of Persona 1:
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2023.06.01 15:17 WafflesSkylorTegron What do you prefer in character building?

I've been writing a TTRPG system for about 5 years now, and have gone through several iterations. Currently I've simplified my game down to a few core mechanics that are used for the rest of the system. In general it is part DnD 5e, part Pathfinder, part Lancer, and uses a 3D6 system.
Also character building is point based. There are no levels, races, or classes. You buy your scores and abilities and create the character you want. I will be making a starting campaign to go with it, and include a wide variety of pre-built characters and gear.
My question is what sort of characters do you want to be able to create? How far should I go? Fully customizable weapons? Very large models? Abilities to create walls, summon turrets, or build mechs? Do you have any ideas you think I should try to include? Tell me about a character you have never been able to make, but always wanted to try.
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2023.06.01 15:11 KeKeFTW Developers to Players 11/05/2023


Title: About Power Crystal Shop
add starlight emblem upgrade on Power Crystal shop so player can upgrade their chosen skin that already bought on fragment shop. 100 crystal can only upgrade 1 skin.
Reply: We have no plans to upgrade the skins obtainable from the Fragment Shop. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Change hayabusa's exorcist skin sword back
Make hayabusa's exorcist skin keeps the Katana, just like that in the survey. I think people will like that more since it's a katana which fits (I think) better to the exorcist series. Thanks.
Reply: Hayabusa uses the Exorcist Sword to seal Yamata no Orochi in the lore of the Exorcist series. Therefore, the weapon he uses in this skin is the Exorcist Sword. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: New Helcurt Epic skin
Create a new Helcurt epic skin because he doesn't have much
Reply: We have plans to make a new skin for Helcurt in 2024. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Aurora KOF skin - skill color adjustment
So, this is the default color theme for Aurora, the mage. Blue for her normal skills and purple when her passive is activated. Who's genius idea was it to reverse those two colors for her KOF skin ? Change it back to normal because it's very confusing.
Reply: The skill color was the current design when the skin was first released. Thus, we will not modify the skin anytime soon. In 2024, we have a plan to revamp Aurora. We will also make the adjustments during the revamp. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Badang needs to be nerfed a bit
Its literally impossible deal with him with every hero that is not “tanky”. He just dash with cc immunity, and get you PERMANENT STUN in his wall. Its ok to be “stunned” during his ult, but ITS NOT OK to be permanent stunned when he just press basic attacks and get you permanent stunned against every possible wall. The stun he gets you trough every wall with his basic attacks MUST BE NERFED.
Reply: We will try to make some adjustments to Badang soon. Please stay tuned.
Title: Tough boots
Pls buff tough boots this meta there has been alot of annoying cc so I would suggest buff the tough boots anti cc duration above 30% (35% or 40% or 45% base on your preference) or maybe 50%
Reply: In the current battlefield, there are indeed too many control skills. While we will not adjust Tough Boots for now, we will consider using other methods to balance this. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Physical type Support Hero
Please create physical type support hero. Since most of it Magical Damage type heroes and only Minotaur does Physical. I think its gonna be fun and unique to have a physical type healer.
*Just wanna break the doctrine
Reply: This is a very interesting idea. We will record this and put it into consideration if there is a suitable opportunity arises. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Buff War Axe for more usability
I like its attribute 10%CD and 550HP, good choice for semi-tank build.
But what I dislike: - expensive, 2100 takes a while compared to other option like BoD (1950) - low base damage, starts at 35 - the stack increment has delay, cant quickly reach max stack - stack duration too short, 3s can disappear easily while kiting My suggestion: make it cheaper, or increase the base ATT while reduce the ATT from stack, for ex: 55 ATT base and 7 ATT each stack. after 3s, stack not reset but gradually removed. Same like Fredrinn stack.
Reply: In the full server update in May (patch 1.7.82), we enhanced War Axe. We will continue to pay attention to the performance of this equipment on the battlefield. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Phoveus
I noticed that 1 sec slow delay when phoveus was about to slam to the ground after he jumps on top of the enemy pls reduce the delay or foreswing of that because dash heroes can still escape him seems like
Reply: In the full server update in May (patch 1.7.82), we reduced the animation delay of Phoveus's ultimate skill Demonic Force. You may try the adjustment in the battlefield to experience it. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Revamp Cecilion and Carmilla's Valentine skins
Improve the effects. The skins are normal compared to what you gave us with Claude and Fanny's skins. The passive effects doesn't even change for both
Reply: Although they are skins from the same series, the production standard of Fanny and Claude's Valentine skins is higher than that of Cecilion and Carmilla. Their price is also higher. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: nerf arlott
in short nerf arlott but i suggest for his nerf to: - slow his animation a bit, to increase counterplay. sometimes his cc is so disorienting, no one can follow what the hell is going on until theyre dead - decrease his base damage plenty, because his tank build can solo backlines quickly despite 0 attack items but i also dont agree to nerf him to the extent of uselessness or irrelevance. so he should come with a buff like: - less s1 cooldown the above suggestion is just an idea of how to nerf him. tbh i dont really care how its done. the fact of the matter is that he is overtuned, and he needs to be nerfed
Reply: We have no plans to modify the casting speed of Arlott's skills for the time being. However, some adjustments will be made to his damage and HP recovery. Please stay tuned.
Title: Damage calculation is wrong
Two things First If ur calculating system has a problem fix it asap cause look at the results the damage description shows a 800 a 900 and a 700 damage what is the total of that (4k+)? really? Idk sec is about cheat IF this is cause of cheating like the player has actually dealt 1k damage but cause of the damage hack tool the damage I get becomes 4k Well congratulations to u, this is how u can find damage hacks, make system sensitive to damage calculation during matches So when a players' damage output is always wrong and have too much extras ban them easy This will take like, max a month with that many scripters u have Just pause the COSMETICS And u find enough time and resources to fix the game
Reply: In the death replay, all the damage caused by each hero to you will be displayed, as well as the three highest sources of damage received, instead of all. Therefore, there will be inconsistencies in the summation of the damage. We will add relevant descriptions to this interface later. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Differentiating mythic ranks better
Loading screen gem stones above player portraits should be different colour for Mythic, Mythical Honour and Mythical Glory Eg M = Emerald, MH = Sapphire, MG = Ruby At the moment, they're too similar looking except MH
Reply: We already have plans for this. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Do more with exp/levels
Currently in level 100 and exp and levels literally became super useless except for the celestial chest things which just gives out bad rewards. I hope there's gonna be plans to add rewards or something new to make it interesting to level up
Reply: Adjusting the rewards will affect the overall balance of resource production. We have no plan to adjust the system rewards anytime soon. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: leaderboard system suggestion
increase power by grade instead of round result (win/lose), judging by grades will be more fair because the power system judges a person, not a team, if you are doing soloq, powers won't be accurate because you're judging a random team's potential instead of a person's potential. Increase power when you get gold/mvp defeat in a losing match, and decrease power when you get bronze in a winning match, honestly it will make the system more accurate and fair for everyone
Reply: We hoped that the increment and decrement of MMR and team binding will encourage players to pursue team wins rather than individual performance. A series of support mechanisms have been implemented, such as MVP bonus points for the losing team and AFK teammate protection, to minimize the bad experience when teammates perform poorly.
Title: Make enemy battle spells pingable (like in Wild Rift)
Would be useful for pinging enemy flickepetrify/retri/flameshot etc when they use it so teammates know it's on cooldown
Reply: This is a great suggestion. We will consider adding the communication function of this kind of information in the second half of 2023. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: “Low Mana, Retreat” Quick Chat
Could you please add this quick chat back? It is so useful and I often find myself having to type that out after recalling or after a team fight to explain why I couldn't participate fully. It would be really helpful to have and make my life a lot easier.
Reply: We plan to continue optimizing quick chats and shortcut signals in the second half of 2023. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Quick chat and turrets
Add at least 5 more quick chat sections cause it is the fastest and easiest way with no sacrifice to communicate with allies And add quick chats like: . Stall them i still the lord . Stop unnecessary team fights . Play safe . Dont chase enemy . Just Lock base or just attack base (And in settings just keep the advanced joy stick and teach players about locking turets) I am tired of telling allies to attack base for the life of me instead of clearing the minion wave or attacking the enemy hero cause they are kill hungry
Reply: We plan to continue optimizing quick chats and shortcut signals in the second half of 2023. We will also consider whether to set quick chats in these specific scenarios. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Request for More Quick Chat Sections in Mobile Legends
Dear Mobile Legends developers, I am writing to request a small improvement to the game that I believe will make a big difference in player communication. I would love for you to add at least 5 additional sections to the quick chat so that players can have different messages depending on the lane they are playing. As an avid Mobile Legends player, I have noticed that each lane has its own set of communication needs. For example, if I am playing as support, I need to be able to quickly indicate to my lane partner when I am ready to heal or help secure a kill. If I am playing in the jungle, I need to be able to quickly signal priority targets or ask for help from my teammates for a gank. I am sure many other players will share this opinion, and I hope you will consider my request. Adding these additional sections to the quick chat will improve players' ability to communicate and coordinate more effectively, which in turn will make the game more exciting and engaging for everyone. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Reply: We plan to continue optimizing quick chats and shortcut signals in the second half of 2023. Recommendations for relevant signals based on specific scenarios are also one of our directions. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Cote I'm d'Ivoire flag
We want our country flag Côte d'Ivoire in the game
Reply: We will consider adding it. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Fix In game chat
Please. Do something about the in game chat warning system. You can get a violation for calling lag dumb. You can get muted for saying an innocent word like TUCK. Fix it.
Reply: After investigation, it was caused by the wrong judgment of our non-standard text masking model. The model is currently in the testing and optimization stage. Thank you for your feedback. Based on the case you provided, we will discuss the optimization plan for relevant scenarios.
Title: bad words
can u make a list of words we cant use cause i truly cant figure out what the bad word is in this sentence these are very normal words to use in a game like this
Reply: Regarding the issue of wrongful judgments, we are trying to optimize the judgment conditions to reduce the rate of errors as much as possible. Thank you for your feedback and support.
Title: Censorship
Fix the chat censorship, I can't write normally in Russian, I write: I wanted to (Я хотел) or something to you(Тебе то), blade armor(Шиповка), a warning comes, and there are many such examples.
Reply: We have made adjustments to the relevant blacklist keyword database. We will also optimize the Russian blacklist keyword database in the future. Thank you for your feedback.
Title: Penalties for reported players
A strong suggestion for players who have been penalized due to bad performance, ban mcl and less bp will be the penalty on low credit score, change it to ban from rank match in 2 days instead of ban from mcl some players dont play in mcl and mcl just happens 1x a week its useless to give penalties like this banning them to play rank match is much effective so they will improve they playing and be less cancer due to strict rules for fair gameplay
Reply: Under the current rules, players can only join MCL if they have a Credit Score of 100 or above. Meanwhile, only those with a Credit Score of 90 and above can join rank games. Thank you for your suggestion.
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2023.06.01 15:08 Astaritus Balance 97.261/100

Balance 97.261/100

Unleash your inner perfectionist and fix the mess in the pictures!

+ Availability: Prologue is free
+ Availability of achievements
+ Pixel graphics
+ Collection of mini-games
+ Hidden cats!
+ Interesting mechanics of meditation games
+ Simple controls

Did not like:
- Misleading by indicating the presence of localizations into third-party languages
- Misleading by indicating the presence of full voice acting in all languages
- Misrepresenting the presence of voice acting in English (and the only) language
- Lack of gamepad support
- Bug with the status bar hanging in the credits

A cute, relaxing meditation game in which players have to arrange objects the way they should be.
The game only uses the keyboard, forcing the player to use a separate set of keys for each "hand". At first it seems awkward and you try to rush to score more points. But over time, you realize that there is nowhere to rush and you can safely dot all the i's, finding hidden cats along the way.

This product, like other projects of this developer, tends to deceive users, misleading them with the presence of localization into their languages, as well as supposedly full voice acting. But do not fall for this trick - because apart from the English language - you will not find anything here. Neither Russian, nor German, French or more than 100 other languages, which is indicated in the descriptions of the games.
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2023.06.01 15:04 James_Grove New interface

New interface
Many of you commanders discovered Enlisted more than two years ago. Every newcomer was invariably greeted by an ascetic main screen with the heroes of this game — your soldiers — and a set of basic options for training and equipping them.
Over the months and years, many things have changed. We simplified certain aspects, removed the academy, added a section for Battle Pass, promotions, events, and daily tasks, but Enlisted remained just as recognizable even if you returned to the game after a long break.
Today we're on the verge of big changes, and the first step toward one of them will be noticeable to everyone in an upcoming minor update. We are introducing a new interface.


The tasks we had in mind when developing the new interface: to clean up the main screen and the store window due to the growing number of features, events and content, as well as to update the interface's appearance and prepare the game for a completely new metagame.
At the same time, this is the same old Enlisted — with your armies, upgrades, and all the mechanics you're already very familiar with.
With the introduction of the Research trees and other planned additions, the old interface just couldn't handle it. And that's probably one of the main, but not the only, reasons for the change.
Convenient navigation with gamepads and even keyboards, more logical menu sequences, improved weapon preview window, and just the personalization of all menus with the new style. We've even worked on optimizing the placement of active blocks — decluttered the main screen, which makes game events and tasks more noticeable. After all, what's a good game without regular events and promotions?
And, of course, this is in preparation for the major game update, in which the new interface for Research trees and soldier upgrade screens will be fully revealed.


This is the first stage of improving the interface. Things can change — things can get better. We're releasing the new interface at this stage of development to finish the process with you. Over the coming weeks and months until the major update to the Enlisted meta, we'll be collecting your feedback, improving menu logic, buttons, and even the color palette.
Leave your feedback directly in the comments of this news. We'll pin it long enough and we'll check it regularly.
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2023.06.01 15:03 brianckeegan Analysis of Moral Judgment on Reddit

"Moral outrage has become synonymous with social media in recent years. However, the preponderance of academic analysis on social media websites has focused on hate speech and misinformation. This article focuses on analyzing moral judgments rendered on social media by capturing the moral judgments that are passed in the subreddit /AmITheAsshole on Reddit. Using the labels associated with each judgment, we train a classifier that can take a comment and determine whether it judges the user who made the original post to have positive or negative moral valence. Then, we employ human annotators to verify the performance of this classifier and use it to investigate an assortment of website traits surrounding moral judgments in ten other subreddits. Our analysis looks to answer three questions related to moral judgments and how these apply to different aspects of Reddit. We seek to determine whether moral valence impacts post scores, in which subreddit communities contain users with more negative moral valence, and whether gender and age play a role in moral judgments. Findings from our experiments show that users upvote posts more often when posts contain positive moral valence. We also find that certain subreddits, such as /confessions, attract users who tend to be judged more negatively. Finally, we found that men and older age were judged negatively more often."
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Recently a UK based organisation in Abingdon, calling itself “pass psychometric” has sprung up and is a credible rival to the terrible services offered by ACTED. In particular it offers a 100% guarantee that it can help you pass IFOA (not IAI) actuarial exams for as little as £140.
From the testimonials, it looks like a credible outfit.

Given the 20% pass rates for CS2 and the 100% success rate for “Pass Psychometric”, who do you trust to get you past CS2 and other IFOA exams???
View Poll
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2023.06.01 14:56 Wooden_Material5876 help me choose

i might get ece at muj and civil in manipal yes ik i scored very less and i don't wanna take a drop so please help me
also in which branch it will be easier to try for a branch upgrade?
educational_info: just passed 12th
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2023.06.01 14:48 Yellow0ps Whats the better shoe for kareem?

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