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My tier list and ranking of each restaurant plus more

2022.08.10 07:06 IAmMySelf04 My tier list and ranking of each restaurant plus more

As someone who has grown up with fast food my whole life and has enjoyed fast food my whole life It should be expected for me to make a post on my opinions on the tier list, or at least my takes on each restaurant. I am making this list as a Texas resident who has lived in Texas my whole life while never really traveling outside of my home state. Some of the more regional restaurants that are outside of my state or just not around me I may not have an affinity towards someone who has access to those said restaurants. Oh well, you can crucify me in the comments after. Let’s start off with my least favorite and go up from there.

  1. Burger King - F - Burger King? What king, all I see is a fallen kingdom of sad gross tasting burgers. Every whopper I have ever had had been cold with an excessive amount of mayonnaise on the burger. I won’t and probably never will want or crave Burger King. It’s really gross and they have the worst fries out of all these fast food chains that never fail to be over-salted. Besides that, the burger fries are alright and their breakfast, while being good, does not have the nostalgia factor as does McDonald’s breakfast.

  1. Dominos - D - D stands for Dominos, when I lived in West Texas due to my Dad’s oilfield job, he would often get us the square ass thing ass crust that I ate so much I now hate it. The regular pizza is ok, and the garlic sauce is heavenly but I will never crave Domino’s.

  1. KFC - D - As much as I want to love it, especially for the meme worthiness that the Colonel has blessed us with in recent years. The thing is I’ve only really eaten at KFC when I was really little and I don’t remember liking it. Maybe I need to try it again with a more mature taste palate. But I usually only remember the Colonel in a negative light.

  1. Wendy’s - D - Wendy’s has never been a restaurant I’ve ever wanted to go to, but only when there is nothing else around, which there usually is. I don’t remember liking their nuggets all that well and Frosty’s are just ok. Their spicy chicken sandwich was pretty good and the only thing I remember actually really liking.

  1. Papa Johns - C - The only thing I know is that the Papa said a no-no word and now Shaquille O’Neil is now the spokesperson. I’ve had Papa John’s only a few times and it’s just ok. Not a fan of the sauce. Although… the Shaqaroni does beckon me…

  1. Steak and Shake - C - I don’t really have many notable memories from Steak and Shake, just some ok steak burgers and some pretty good shakes.

  1. Waffle House - C - I only really remember going to Waffle House a couple times when I was really young. I don’t remember loving it or hating it. It’s really only in C because Waffle House is kind of a notorious meme.

  1. Pizza Hut - C - it’s ok pizza. Nothing inherently bad or outstanding about Pizza Hut. Good buffet pizza whenever that’s open.

  1. Popeyes - C - The chicken sandwich is really good. Fries are ok. That’s about it. The spicy chicken sandwich is spicy my ass. Other than that I don’t usually go to Popeyes for any reason unless I’m in the mood for an overly greasy chicken sandwich.

  1. Panda Express - C - For really cheaply made Chinese take-out, it’s ok. I do have some bias as Chinese food is my absolute favorite type of cuisine, Panda just hits different notes then actually Chinese food. I usually only get the orange chicken and chow mein when ordering a meal, but more times than not the chow mein is more vegetables than noodles. The egg rolls are probably the best thing from Panda. While it’s passable food, I have to be in a mood for Panda.

  1. Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steak Burger - B - Even though my band director, as much as I disliked her, this is one of the better places she would take us. The shoestring fries are great, especially dipped in the jalapeño signature sauce, and the steak burger is really good! The custard is a nice addition. Just all around good, just not something I would want every day.

  1. Subway - B - Jared aside, the sandwiches are pretty good. I have not had a bad experience at a Subway before. The sandwiches are pretty good and usually refreshing. I usually get the Italian herb and cheese bread, footlong with pepperjack cheese, black olives, spinach, green bell peppers, cucumbers for veggies, pepperoni, bacon and sometimes roast beef for meat and either sweet onion or honey mustard for sauce to top it off. Toasted of course.

  1. In And Out - B - Not many of these locally, but I have had it once while me and my buds where on a trip in Waco looking at the Dr. Pepper museum and the Branch Davidian Church memorial, and that one time was enough to convince me that this place is pretty good. Didn’t have the problem of the lines that the guys talked about, I was literally in and out.

  1. Little Caesars - B - I used to hate Little Caesars because my band director has tainted the Little Caesars experience for me, usually getting the $5 hot and ready pizza for everyone in the band but by the time we got it it was cold and almost card-board like. Only recently have I found that when fresh, Little Caesars is pretty good, especially for how cheap it is. The 3ft bacon wrapped deep dish pizza is my go-to.

  1. Chick Fil-A - B - Many memories with this restaurant. Many, many, many not so good memories with my overbearing religious band director always forcing her views down the bands and my throats, always taking us to Chick Fil-A to get a soggy chicken sandwich with a flabby pickle that has leaked all of its pickley flavors on the breading with the horrible option of the bagged potato chips that she would get us instead of the fries has really skewed my image of Chick Fil-A as a restaurant (besides some of there policies that they have supported in the past). I do have good memories of getting the chicken nuggets that always have the really good distinct taste that I love with the little fruit cup that came in the kids meal. Now, I’m not that well versed into the controversies of Chick Fil-A. As a Christian myself, I do respect the company for being closed on Sunday and the things like that, BUT as an American I do NOT like that Chick Fil-A has been donating to organizations that are anti-lgbt. Not to get to political, but I do not think it is right to discriminate against anyone for any reason, whether it be race, sexuality, religion or what have you, especially in this country. We should be free to be how we want as long as it does not hurt anyone. I have read that Chick Fil-A is going to donate to organizations that promoting youth education, combating youth homelessness, and fighting hunger instead of the ones that had anti-lgbt stances starting in 2020. So hopefully Chick Fil-A will start using their donations for a better cause instead of something that is against another party. With all that said I do nowadays like the chicken sandwich, especially the spicy one and will get one from time to time. I do think the fries are really good, especially the ones that are just the butts of the potato and are basically potato wedges instead of waffle-fries. I get the hype, I really do.

  1. Chipotle - A - I have only had it once, I got the bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, cheese, queso, and the spicy option for the sause after a powerlifting meet and it was so good! I mixed all of that good shit up and ate like there was no tomorrow. I can’t wait to get chipotle again in the future, I just don’t have one close to where I live.

  1. Arby’s - A - I’ve only ever been to Arby’s twice and both times I got the Chicken Bacon Swiss sandwich. And let me tell you, that is probably the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had from a fast food restaurant in my cognitive life. And those curly fries are so good. I, of course, put them on the sandwich because that’s how I role.

  1. Raising Cain’s - A - Mark is totally wrong about this one, everything about Cain’s is just so great! The chicken is good, the fries are good, and of course my Texan ass would love the Texas toast. I do usually opt of the chicken sandwich just because they give you so much food. And the mascot is a dog! A freakin dog. And his name is Cain. I dunno, whenever one is around I will get Raising Cain’s over Chick Fil-A any day.

  1. Denny’s - A - Denny’s is a nice breakfast restaurant that I always know I’m gonna have a hardy meal when I go into it. The pancakes are heavy and buttery to near perfection. I’ve have never really had a bad experience at a Denny’s other than the eggs being bland. To combat that I just add ketchup and put my hash browns in the eggs for a scrumptious side to my pancakes. I’ve never really gotten the dinner or lunch meals before, I’ve always stuck to the breakfast menu, and now that they’ve added the all you can eat breakfast item this is my first thought of a restaurant if I want to eat some heavy hardy breakfast. Me and my best buds actually went to a Denny’s after prom my Junior year and I had to sit across my best friends awkward date for the night who was just using him to get with another guy. Fun times.

  1. Whataburger - A - as a Texan, Whataburger flows through my veins and I live my life for Whataburger. Jokes aside Whataburger is really good, but it is a bit expensive. The burgers are freaking HUGE compared to most other fast food restaurants. The shakes, even though it takes an entire lifetime to get through the straw is nostalgic and pure bliss. The Breakfast Burger is also a really good item on the menu that in principle does not sound like it would work, but it does! Favorite item is the Honey BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwich. And if you’re ever feeling it, get yourself a Honey Chicken Biscuit for breakfast or just as a sweet treat.

  1. Dairy Queen - A - Maybe it’s the Texan in me, but I’ve always liked some DQ. If we weren’t in town to get McDonalds, there was DQ. The chicken strips, the chicken fried stale finger, the hungr buster all the way to the triple buster, almost everything on the menu of either just good to amazing. I usually go for chicken strip basket, but instead of eating it normally I get the Texas toast and use it as bread to sandwich 2 chicken strips with some fries on it and you dip that shot in the gravy. It’s heavenly. If I do t get that I might fancy myself with the popcorn shrimp. The blizzards are good, and I would take a dipped cone any day of the week. The only thing not making this S tier is the inconsistency between locations. The local DQ that I’m used to is pretty low quality, and there is another one a little ways away that is family owned and has a taco bar. I’ve never seen a DQ with a taco bar before. Pretty cool.

  1. Sonic - S - From the drinks, to the chili cheese dogs, I have so many memories of going to sonic and getting me a route 44 drink and getting that Jumbo Popcorn Chicken. My usual order is a sprite with nerd candy added and the honey BBQ sauce chicken. You can never go wrong with sonic. The old commercials were also great!

  1. Taco Bell - S - Ask me 2 years ago and I would’ve told you that Taco Bell was trash, hot garbage, not even worth my breath, not even worth the dirt I walked on. And you know who ruined it for me? Take one musical guess. My band director. She would get us the $5 box with the taco, chalupa and 5-layer burrito that would all either be soggy, cold, or the burrito would be 100% sour cream. Ew. However, much to my dismay, my friend has shown me the ways of Taco Bell. There have been so many nights when I would stay in the dine until around 2:45 talking to my buds while the high guy that worked there (he was always there on our nightly escapades) made our food at a snail's pace. Baja blast is so good, dude, it is criminal. And when I want Taco Bell, I don’t want Mexican food, I want Taco Bell. The new Cheesy Double Beef Burrito and the Cantina Tacos (I fancy the creamy Chipotle sauce) are my favorite things to get at the moment, but we’ll see how my adventure with Taco Bell goes one with time.

  1. McDonald’s - S - You and I both know that McDonald’s is an S tier fast food restaurant. I could make a while post about my history with McDonald’s. I remember nostalgically getting a sausage McGriddle and a hash brown with some chocolate milk that always made my teeth feel weird for breakfast while my mom dropped me off at my Mimi’s (grandma) house. I remember always getting the girl toy with my happy meal even though I always wanted the boy toy. I remember always wanting McDonald’s for dinner driving my parents crazy because I was on a McNugget high as a wee little child. I remember playing in the playing area while we would wait on our food, scarfing down said food, and then rushing back to the play area while our parents watched with a little smile because their crazy kids were leaving them at peace for at least 10 minutes. I remember climbing up all the way to the top off the climbing area and sat next to a vacant air conditioning unit spat out eerie noises while a creepily painting Grimace and The Hamburgaler stared into my soul. And now I can look back to all my memories with happiness in my heart and stomach as I can see how my taste in food has evolved from a picky little only-McNugget-eating-shithead I was to the whatever-sounds-good-to-me-today-man I am today. I remember getting like 30 extra Big Macs added to our order because they made our order twice for our marching band that they let us keep for free. The boys bus took those Big Macs and I had the honor of passing them out. I have another band related memory where I got 7 extra orders of the large fries because they were slightly soggy and no one else wanted them. I ate that shit for the next 2 days straight. I remember going to McDonald’s right before the dine in closed and they made my buddies order twice so we ended up with 20 extra nuggets and a large order of fries. It is odd though, I have never really had an issue with the ice clean machine as much as it’s memed on, but the machine usually broke after I got my shake. Oh well, what can you do. Oh, and yes, the fries are pure bliss fresh or soggy. My favorite things to get is the Spicy McNuggets when they are available, and the Spicy Deluxe Crispy Chicken Sandwich. All you gotta do is add fries and some sweet and sour sauce onto it and you got yourself a good lunch. And for breakfast I would get a sausage, egg, cheese, and bacon McGriddle and put your hash brown on top for added texture.

And after all that ranking, these are the places mentioned in the episode that I have never been to before.
- IHOP - this is unintentional, literally every time I’ve wanted to go to IHOP it was FLOODED by other people that we would just end up going to Denny’s.

- Jack-In-The-Box - Honestly have no idea how I’ve never been here, seems pretty good.

- Skyline Chili’s

- Long John Silvers - I have only heard BAD things about Long John Silvers

- Jimmy Johns

- Five guys - Not that big in Texas, but there is one just a bit a ways from where I live, I plan on trying it out.

- White Castle - the frozen sliders are pretty good.

And with the ones I’ve never been to, here’s the ones I’ve never HEARD of until this episode. Again, you can crucify in the comments.

- Checker’s and Rally’s

- Fazoli‘s

- Gold star Chili’s

- Frisch’s big boy

- Pen station

- Lazaro‘s Pizza

- Culver’s

- Blaze Pizza

And finally, some fast food places that I have commonly gone to that either were not mentioned or were unranked one the episode. Here are my thoughts and ranks. From worst to best.

  1. Chicken Express - F - This was the last thing I ate before I had appendicitis, and even before that it was just a cesspool of grease flavored chicken and fries. Making me nauseous even typing this.

  1. Golden Chicken - D - just never really like it. Not that good.

  1. Fudruckers - D - Little bit of info on me, I like a fried egg on my burger, but I don’t like the runny gooeyness of the yolk making the bun all mushy. I go to order my burger with a fried egg on the burger but the staff refused to cook the egg over well. All they said is that they couldn’t do it. I don’t ever get mad at staff for thing like this, but the guy behind the counter could not simply cook the egg longer. I dunno, I got the burger and it was fine but it got all mushy and… yeah… oh well. Have never gone back to a Fudruckers since.

  1. Churches Chicken - C - I have only been there one time, didn’t get anything. It’s only a C because my dad got into a heated argument with the staff because the people in the back were not using gloves or hairnets while handling the chicken. All I remember is him yelling and making it know that they mishandling the chicken. Kinda funny in retrospect.

  1. Taco bueno - C - hits some of the same bites as Taco Bell, just with no pizzazz. It honestly pretty ok.

  1. Cici’s - C - C for Cici’s. It’s ok pizza in an ok buffet.

  1. Starbucks - B - I don’t usually get expensive fancy coffee’s, I usually just drink black, but ever once in a while I get me a nice peppermint mocha Frappuccino (double blended of course) as a treat.

  1. Wing stop - A - I have only been a couple times, and have really enjoyed both of those times. It is a little hefty on my gut depending on what I get. And yes, I get boneless. I’m a little bitch. I’m

  1. Buffalo Wild Wings - A - Good memories, good food, good appetizers, and good atmosphere. Haven’t been in a while but I plan on going again sometime.

  1. Mellow mushroom - S - I’ve been once, it was so good. The mellow mushroom we went to had the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo. I dunno what to say, every time I think of good pizza I think of this place.
Well there you go. This took about 8 hours to type out and sort. If I didn’t mention a restaurant that you know or love, oh well, haven’t heard about it. If I made a mistake or missed one mentioned in the episode let me know, I don’t feel like reading it again. Thanks for reading. Please tell me how I’m wrong in the comments. See ya.
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2022.03.08 15:16 NutritionSignals under 500 calories meal ideas for famous fast food chains

Hope this helps!
Google Drive Link
Please post yours if you have some ideas, I am always looking for expanding my list.
Thank you so incredibly much for the awards! This is so overwhelmingly positive :)
Hamburger – 250 calories
Small fries – 230 calories
6 chicken nuggets – 270 calories
1 sauce – 100 calories
McChicken sandwich – 350 calories
Asian salad w/o chicken – 140 calories
Burger King
Kid’s Menu Cheeseburger – 280 calories
4 chicken nuggets – 170 calories
Whopper Jr. w/o mayo – 240 calories
Value size French fries – 220 calories
4-piece chicken nuggets – 170 calories
Garden side salad – 250 calories
Small Chili – 240 calories 4-piece chicken nuggets – 170 calories
510 calories: small chili – 240 calories
Plain baked potato – 270 calories
Grilled chicken sandwich – 310 calories
Side salad – 160 calories
Kids meal (about 5$)
5-count nuggets – 160 calories
Fries – 320 calories
  • comes with an ice cream cone if you don’t mind the extra 180 calories for later
Grilled chicken sandwich + extra grilled fillet – 430 calories
1 x pack honey roasted barbecue sauce – 60 calories
Grilled chicken cool wrap
  • 1 fruit cup – about 400 calories
8 grilled nuggets – 130 calories
Small mac & cheese – 270 calories
12 grilled nuggets – 210 calories
Kale crunch side – 120 calories
Chicken noodle soup – 240 calories
Chick-Fil-A sauce – 70 calories
Fruit cup – 60 calories
Taco Bell
Chicken soft taco – 170 calories
Beef soft taco – 180 calories
Crunchy Taco Supreme – 190 calories
Chips & Nacho cheese – 220 calories
Doritos loco taco – 170 calories
Fresco taco – 140 calories
Chicken power bowl – 480 calories
  • replace chicken with black beans – 410 calories
7-layer burrito – 440 calories
6 hot wings – 400 calories
Caesar side salad with fat free ranch – 70 calories
Grilled chicken breast – 210 calories
Mashed potatoes with no gravy – 90 calories
Coleslaw – 170 calories
6-inch roasted beef sandwich – 320 calories
Subway club salad – 140 calories
6-inch turkey breast sandwich – 280 calories
Cold cut combo salad – 180 calories
6-inch BLT sandwich – 320 calories
Baked Lays – 130 calories
6-inch sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich – 370 calories
Veggie delight salad – 60 calories
6-inch steak & cheese sandwich – 360 calories
Baked Lays – 130 calories
In-N-Out Burger
Hamburger with spread & onion – 390 calories
16oz light lemonade – 8 calories
Protein style hamburger – 240 calories
16oz light lemonade – 8 calories
Blackened chicken tenders x 5 – 283 calories
barbecue sauce – 45 calories
green beans – 55 calories
Blackened chicken tenders x 5 – 283 calories
Coleslaw – 140 calories
Blackened chicken tenders x 5 – 283 calories
Mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy – 110 calories
Salad with any choice of meat – 160-310 calories
Fajita vegetables – 20 calories
Black beans/pinto beans – 130 calories
Fresh tomato salsa – 25 calories
Kids 2 crispy corn chicken tacos – 220 calories
Black beans/pinto beans – 130 calories
Orange – 25 calories
Apple juice – 100 calories
Salad with chorizo – 300 calories
Fajita vegetables – 20 calories
Fresh tomato salsa – 25 calories
Cheese – 110 calories
Romaine lettuce – 5 calories
Kids steak and cheese quesadilla – 210 calories
Brown rice – 110 calories
Blueberries – 20 calories
Organic milk – 90 calories
Steak burrito bowl – 150 calories
Brown rice – 210 calories
Pinto beans – 130 calories
Burrito bowl with sofritas, light white rice, pinto beans, fresh tomato salsa, roasted chili corn salsa, light cheese – 480 calories
Panda Express
Super greens – 90 calories
Black pepper angus steak – 180 calories
String bean chicken breast – 190 calories
Mushroom chicken – 220 calories
grilled teriyaki chicken without sauce – 200 calories
2 x broccoli beef (150 calories each) – 300 calories
2 x veggie spring rolls (95 calories each) – 190 calories
sweet and sour packet – 9 calories
Egg white and roasted pepper bites – 170 calories
Spinach feta egg white wrap – 290 calories
Egg white and roasted pepper bites – 170 calories
Reduced fat turkey bacon – 230 calories
Dunkin’ Donuts
Egg and cheese wake up wrap – 180 calories
1 order of hash browns – 130 calories
1 small caramel swirl iced coffee without cream, without sugar – 110 calories
Pita Pit
Regular-sized chicken souvlaki pita on whole wheat
  • tzatziki, feta and veggies
  • 410 calories
Jersey Mike’s
Mini turkey & provolone cold sub sandwich without olive oil – 340 calories
Bakes Lays – 140 calories
Blue salad with blackened chicken, no toast – 470 calories
Child-size spaghetti with meat sauce – 220 calories
2 x garlic breadsticks – 260 calories
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2021.06.21 09:04 CynicalRedoubt Featured Eats Ratings

Date Episode Featured Eat Jordan Michael Combined
10/12/19 0.1 Addams Family Menu - IHOP (Last Call) 45 94.3 69.65
10/18/19 0.2 Little Ceasars Quatro Pizza (Pilot) 63 94 78.5
11/12/19 1 Popeyes Chicken Sandwich 42 65 53.5
11/26/19 2 Applebee's 25 Cent Wings & $1 Vodka Cranberry Lemonade 50 98 74
12/10/19 3 KFC Nashville Hot Chicken & Waffles 84 80 82
12/24/19 4 IHOP Elf on the Shelf Menu 66 60 63
01/07/20 5 McDonald's Bacon BBQ Burger & Snickerdoodle McFlurry 48 99.58 73.79
01/21/20 6 Arby's Fish 'N Cheddar Sandwich & Mint Chocolate Shake 17 39 28
02/04/20 7 Jack in the Box Tiny Tacos & Loaded Tiny Tacos 45 85.3 65.15
02/18/20 8 Papa John's Papadias 85 85 85
03/03/20 9 Taco Bell Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries & Buffalo Chicken Nacho Burrito 38 45 41.5
03/17/20 10 Sonic (Burger) Double Stack Cheeseburger & Reese's Overload Blast 62 95 78.5
03/31/20 11 Pizza Hut Big Dipper & Mozzarella Poppers Pizzas 10 25 17.5
04/14/20 12 Whataburger BBQ Bacon Burger & Dr Pepper Shake 63 85 74
04/28/20 13 Steak n Shake Pork Belly Steakburger & Cotton Candy Shake 53 97 75
05/12/20 14 Wienerschnitzel World of Wieners 43 45 44
05/26/20 15 Burger King Spicy Nuggets 70 82 76
06/09/20 16 TGI Fridays Loaded Cheese Fry Burger 33 55 44
06/23/20 17 P. Terry's Crispy Chicken Burger & Peach Cobbler Shake 93 85 89
07/07/20 18 Carl's Jr Spicy Western Bacon Cheeseburger & Angus Thickburger 55 65 60
07/21/20 19 Olive Garden Amazing Alfredos 38 77 57.5
08/04/20 20 Subway BBQ Rib Sandwich 8 20 14
08/18/20 21 Quiznos Cubano Sandwich 50 45 47.5
09/01/20 22 Panda Express Honey Sesame Chicken 44 65 54.5
09/15/20 23 Domino's Chicken Taco Pizza & Cheeseburger Pizza 31 15 23
09/29/20 24 Wendy's Pretzel Bacon Pub Cheeseburger & Chicken Sandwich 63 94 78.5
10/13/20 25 Fazoli's Parmesan-Crusted Alfredo with Meatballs 34 48 41
10/27/20 26 Dog Haus Octoberwurst 95 95.1 95.05
11/10/20 27 Buffalo Wild Wings Pizza Wings 34 56 45
11/24/20 28 Golden Chick Cholula Chicken Sandwich & Tenders 66 75 70.5
12/08/20 29 Boston Market Tuscan Chicken & Chicken Marsala 63 65 64
12/22/20 30 Taco Cabana Chicken Tinga & Cheese Poblano Torpedos 49.5 45 47.25
01/05/21 31 Outback Steakhouse Peppercorn Short Rib 5 55 30
01/19/21 32 Dairy Queen Rotisserie-Style Chicken Bites & Brownie Dough Blizzard 65 75 70
01/19/21 32.5 McDonald's McRib 89 98.6 93.8
02/02/21 33 Shake Shack Korean-Style Fried Chicken Sandwich & Gochujang Fries 72 70 71
02/16/21 34 Red Lobster Wagyu Bacon Cheeseburger 40 48 44
03/02/21 35 Wingstop Hot Lemon, Bayou BBQ, & Lemon Garlic Wings 78 70 74
03/16/21 36 Denny's Big Dipper Melt 35 63 49
03/30/21 37 Taco Bell Quesalupa 70 78 74
04/13/21 38 TGI Fridays Under the Big Top Menu (includes chicken) 2 25.6 13.8
04/27/21 39 Jack in the Box Popcorn Chicken 45 60 52.5
05/11/21 40 Sonic Twisted Texan Burger & Footlong Quarter Pound Coney 60 94 77
05/25/21 41 Chipotle 21 Pilots Burrito 89 76 82.5
06/08/21 42 Little Ceasars Cheeser Cheeser Pizza 60 96.2 78.1
06/22/21 43 Torchy's Texas Hottie 75 80 77.5
07/06/21 44 Wendy's Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger 78.5 75 76.75
07/20/21 45 Burger King Ch'King Deluxe & Spicy Ch'King Deluxe 12 18 15
08/03/31 46 Red Robin Scorpion Gourmet Burger & Scorpion Wings 62 69 65.5
08/17/21 47 Jack in the Box Spicy Tiny Tacos & Loaded Spicy Tiny Tacos 65.15 65.15 65.15
08/31/21 48 Little Caesars Crazy Calzony 45 68 56.5
08/31/21 48.5 McDonald's Saweetie Meal 29 10 19.5
09/14/21 49 Wendy's Big Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger & Chicken Sandwich 39 25 32
09/28/21 50 IHOP's Halloween Menu 47 42 44.5
10/12/21 51 Whataburger's Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger & Chocolate Mint Shake 53 75 64
10/26/21 52 Papa Johns Triple Bacon Pizza & Bacon Jalapeno Popper Rolls 37 55 46
11/09/21 53 Church's Texas-Cut Bacon Chicken Sandwich 59 70 64.5
11/23/21 54 Applebees Cheetos Boneless Wings & Cheetos Cheese Bites 39 30 34.5
12/07/21 55 Outback Steakhouse Espresso Butter Steak 43 75 59
12/21/21 56 Sonic Fritos Chili Cheese Wrap & Garlic Butter Bacon Burger 39 92 65.5
01/04/22 57 Burger King Italian Original Chicken Sandwich 6 9.65 7.825
01/18/22 58 Arby's Diablo Dare Sandwiches 65 80 72.5

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2021.04.14 00:35 Eaterup Fazoli’s Amplifies Menu Innovation with Highly Anticipated Systemwide Wing Rollout

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2021.01.15 02:58 DFS4Free Are all markets like this?

I’m in a rural area. There are literally more restaurants where grubhub steals the restaurant menu online then restaurants they have actual contracts with in my area. They have Dunkin’ and fazolis who have contracts apparently but the local franchises aren’t participating with gh. They have restaurants that aren’t partners who have been closed for 6 months still on the platform. To be kind grubhub is a shitshow in my area.
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2020.10.14 23:24 ib80 Fazoli’s Ramps Up Menu Innovation with First-Ever Wing Lineup After Tests Show Sales Surge America’s largest premium QSR Ital...

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2020.10.05 21:48 muensterdumpster Cocky’s Chicken on N 27th

Hi everyone!
Curious if anyone has been to Cocky’s Chicken in North Lincoln on 27th where the old Fazoli’s was?
Saw their menu yesterday on Facebook and it sounds good but curious if anyone has been there yet
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2020.10.04 23:54 ib80 Fazoli’s Ramps Up Menu Innovation with First-Ever Wing Lineup After Tests Show Sales Surge America’s largest premium QSR Ital...

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2020.10.02 04:21 ib80 Fazoli’s Ramps Up Menu Innovation with First-Ever Wing Lineup After Tests Show Sales Surge

Fazoli’s Ramps Up Menu Innovation with First-Ever Wing Lineup After Tests Show Sales Surge
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2020.10.02 04:21 ib80 Fazoli’s Ramps Up Menu Innovation with First-Ever Wing Lineup After Tests Show Sales Surge

Fazoli’s Ramps Up Menu Innovation with First-Ever Wing Lineup After Tests Show Sales Surge
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2020.07.10 13:50 rizwanali206 hello

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2020.06.14 00:22 BlankVerse Fazoli’s Launches New 5 Under $5 Menu

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2020.04.29 13:29 rizwanali1047 hello

Veggie Grills menu and prices chickie and petes Breakfast menu mimis cafe Breakfast menu fazolis Breakfast menu chilis Breakfast menu wienerschnitzel Breakfast menu olive garden Breakfast menu little caesarss Breakfast menu jack in the box Breakfast menu ruby tuesday Breakfast menu deli delicious Breakfast menu racks bar and grill Breakfast menu barros pizza Breakfast menu the melting pot Breakfast menu jack in the box Breakfast menuwienerschnitzel Breakfast menu chilis Breakfast menu bushs chicken Breakfast menu flanigans Breakfast menu
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2020.04.18 18:14 SesshamoNekodearuzo What Returning to Work Will Look Like in Offices, Cafes and Factories Around the World

Expect lots of temperature checks and one-way routes. ‘As we experienced in China, this will be a journey.’
Wearable social-distancing buzzers. Masked blackjack dealers. Drive-thru electronics purchases. From cubicles to factory floors, cafes to clothing boutiques, businesses around the world are dreaming up creative ways to reopen, attempting to start revenue flowing again while minimizing the risk to customers and employees.
The global economy is riding on their ability to pull off that delicate balance. A new flareup of Covid-19 cases could shutter offices, stores, restaurants and manufacturing plants once again, further choking off the flow of goods and services and threatening more jobs. Some governments, such as China, are providing rigorous oversight of the process. Others, including President Donald Trump’s administration, have offered looser guidance and are entrusting businesses to monitor their facilities. Scientists are still studying how the virus is spread, and whether keeping people six feet apart is enough, adding to the risks.
The companies’ plans rely on a steady supply of masks, gloves, thermometers and tests that is likely to strain budgets and manufacturers’ ability to keep up. Social distancing will be built in, with people divided by barriers and kept apart from colleagues and customers, a U-turn after years of movement toward open floor plans. Some companies will monitor employees more closely than ever before, while others will let workers choose how much protection they need. The way we work, shop, travel and eat in 2020 – and probably beyond – is being plotted out in boardrooms around the world.
Here are the changes companies are contemplating for their workplaces in the coming weeks.

The Office

Seats on the shuttle bus to Unilever’s Shanghai offices can be reserved using a chat group. Employees must be masked to board, and they sit on alternating sides, one person to each four-seat row. Upon arrival, each worker scans a QR code and fills out a health status report to get a daily pass to enter. Then comes the temperature check and the hand sanitizer.
Inside the office, movement is tightly regulated. Employees keep their masks on and are encouraged to use the stairs instead of the elevator, with spritzes of hand sanitizer before and after touching the regularly disinfected handrail. In the canteen, a single person is allowed at each four-seat table.
Such measures might seem predictable in a centrally controlled society like China, but some version of them is starting to appear in the West. At Britain’s former state phone monopoly, BT Group Plc, call center workers sit two meters apart, and walkways are designated as one-way to keep people from brushing past each other. Temperature checks are becoming routine at Sistema, the Russian conglomerate, which also says it’s developed its own two-hour test for Covid-19. Employees who come to the office have been tested in the past couple of weeks, though as many as half of the call center workers at MTS, the mobile network controlled by Sistema, are operating out of their homes.

More Room

Flexible space operator Knotel, which runs offices for corporations including Uber and Netflix, says workplace design has to change. Offices will likely be less densely populated, and altered to make them “antiviral,” according to Amol Sarva, Knotel’s chief executive officer.
“Things like ventilation, UV light, density screening, video monitoring, and temperature monitoring, cleaning protocols — those are all going to have to change,” he said. “Certainly there’ll be more space.”
In China, Cushman & Wakefield has helped move nearly a million workers back into 800 million square feet (74 million square meters) of office space. The company is creating a Recovery Readiness manual for landlords and tenants, based in part on its experience in China, that includes colored carpets to create visual boundaries around desks, plexiglass shields between desks that face each other and signs that direct walking traffic in a single direction.

Fewer Meetings

Even when people do come back to the office, meetings will be limited, and large gatherings are out of the question. This week, Facebook Inc. CEO Mark Zuckerberg canceled all physical events of 50 or more people through June 2021. The vast majority of employees are required to work from home through May, and those who need to carry on doing so will be able to work at home through the summer.
The road to normalcy may be much longer than that. At Abcam Plc, a British protein research company, 40 out of 300 China-based employees started returning to work in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Hong Kong on Feb. 14. Two months later, the company is running split shifts to maintain distancing for the roughly 50% of employees based in manufacturing, logistics and essential lab work.

The Factory

On Feb. 10, Winly Automotive (Wuhan) Ltd. was assigned a checklist from the government. To reopen, the company would be required to have a one-month stash of masks and sanitizer, take a photo of the supplies, and send it to officials before submitting to a detailed inspection. “The policy has been constantly changing,” said Wang Xuepan, one of the plant’s managers. “It’s very difficult for us to handle.”
In the Seattle area, Boeing Co. has worked with the Washington state labor department on a plan to reopen its factories. It will be doling out cloth masks to most workers, saving the gold-standard N95 masks for a select few in more hazardous conditions.
Unlike office drones, factory workers have to show up in person to get the job done. Figuring out what basic protections they’ll need is part of the challenge. At Boeing, industrial engineers are analyzing the sequence of work on its assembly lines to find ways to spread apart workers.

Taking the Temperature

Airbus SE has divided employees at its plants into red and blue teams, who don’t see each other because they use different routes to enter and exit buildings. Volkswagen AG is allotting more time between shifts and reducing expectations for production because it takes longer for people to move around each other at a safe distance. Ford Motor Co. is experimenting with wearable devices that would buzz workers if they get too close together.
While the virus can be transmitted by people with no symptoms, many manufacturers are doing temperature checks, whether with thermometers, thermal imaging cameras or — in the case of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV in the U.S. — reusable forehead strips.
Fiat Chrysler, whose CEO Mike Manley is one of the executives talking with Trump about reopening the economy, is requiring workers to fill out a health questionnaire two hours before reporting to work each day. They must bring either a hard copy, or scan a QR code with their phone, to prove they aren’t displaying signs of illness or exposure to the virus, according to documents obtained by Bloomberg. Workers can’t enter the plant without it.
Some companies are closing cafeterias in favor of vending machines. Dongfeng PSA in Wuhan is handing out prepared lunchboxes to employees, who must eat at least 1.5 meters apart with their backs to each other.
Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Co. said Chairman Li Shufu wrote a song to keep workers motivated through such dreariness. “A world full of expectations/Turned to dust of yesterday,” the lyrics go. “Their sorrow flowing into the sea/But the flower of love is quietly blooming.”

The Airplane

When air travel resumes in earnest, it’s likely that hand sanitizers, face masks and thermometers will become standard at most major airports, said David Powell, medical adviser for the International Air Transport Association, a trade group. All three have shortcomings, but can also reassure passengers, he said.
The International Civil Aviation Organization, which sets global flying standards, wants to establish a “public health corridor concept.” Under such a plan, major airlines, airports, public authorities and other parties would adopt common protocols for screening, boarding, in-flight procedures, arrivals, customs and baggage.
“We cannot all just stop flying,” Ansa Jordaan, the group’s chief of aviation medicine, said during an April 15 webcast.
Emirates Airline said this week it was the first to conduct rapid Covid-19 blood tests, with results available in 10 minutes for passengers flying Wednesday from Dubai to Tunisia. It plans to extend the procedure to other flights, according to Chief Operating Officer Adel Al Redha.
Other carriers are attempting less invasive measures. Etihad Airways, another major airline in the United Arab Emirates, plans to deploy touchless self-service devices at its hub airport in Abu Dhabi to identify travelers with medical conditions, including the early stages of coronavirus.
In the U.S., American Airlines Group Inc. plans to continue spacing customers apart during boarding and flights, conducting extensive cleanings of aircraft and reducing food and beverage service to limit contact, CEO Doug Parker said in an April 15 video message.
“When you do fly, aircraft cleanliness and social distancing matter greatly,” he said.

The Store

In China, it’s become standard to have your temperature taken any time you want to go shopping. Visitors to the Wuhan International Plaza luxury mall are checked for a fever at the door, before they queue up to be served one at a time at Louis Vuitton.
Levi Strauss & Co. disinfects its Chinese stores three times a day and requires temperature checks for customers, who are expected to wear masks before entering the store. Fitting rooms and products that have been tried on are disinfected each time they’re used.
It’s unclear whether practices implemented in China will make their way to other parts of the world, though several companies said they’ll learn from their experience in Asia.

Drive-Thru Shopping

Another technique is to keep shoppers out of the store altogether. Dixons Carphone Plc, the electronics retailer, is considering plans for contact-free “drive-thru” style stores to limit the risk of coronavirus for staff and customers. Shoppers would park outside, call the store to select items to buy, use a contactless system to pay and then open their trunks so staff could deliver the products.
Salespeople at luxury retailers in China were already using social media to engage with customers before the outbreak, but they’ve stepped up the effort since, adding clients on WeChat and sending them information about the latest trends. Louis Vuitton tried showcasing its summer product line in a livestream show on March 26 featuring a social-media star, but was ridiculed for the quality of the video. Sometimes there’s no substitute for personal contact.

The Restaurant

Buffets and salad bars will be re-thought, and self-serve drink stations may be “a thing of the past,” said Taco John’s CEO Jim Creel, who added that other changes are afoot at the 387-store chain. Taco John’s popular salsa bar — around for the past 15 years — may be removed.
“We hope we don’t have to take them out — that we’ll be able to figure out a way to make them still work — but I’m afraid the fear factor our there will force us to go to a pre-packaged option.”
A test of self-ordering kiosks may also get pulled back. “It was a good idea three months ago, but not so good today,” Creel said.

Phone Pay

In China, restaurants and even bars have opened back up in Shanghai, with varying limits on seating arrangements – some allow six to a table, others only one. In Beijing, restaurants are doing temperature checks. In Wuhan, most places are still delivery-only.
“In the short run, as dining rooms open back up again, you’ll probably see many restaurants space their tables a little bit further apart,” said Jack Li, CEO of menu researcher Datassential. “You’ll see more restaurants try to adopt phone pay. So not having to hand your money or card to anyone. You’re certainly going to see more places continue to do things like contactless delivery.”
Starbucks Corp. is taking a store-by-store approach to resuming business activities in the U.S., with services limited to drive-thru, delivery and takeout via mobile orders and contactless pickup.
“As we experienced in China, this will be a journey,” CEO Kevin Johnson wrote in a memo to staff on Thursday.

The Menu

Chains are cutting back menus, focusing on products that sell best and are easy to make. Romano’s Macaroni Grill has pared down its menu to 70% of what it used to be, saying goodbye to pizzas and calzones recently. McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu is gone.
Fazoli’s Italian restaurant chain is trying to secure Purell sanitizing stations – four for each store — along with “millions” of alcohol-based wipes for re-opening the dining rooms of its 216 locations. The company is also re-thinking bathrooms and looking into touch-less soap dispensers. It’s an investment, but a worthwhile one, says CEO Carl Howard.
“I want to let the consumer know I’m doing everything I can to keep them as safe as possible,” Howard said in an interview.

The Arena

Large public gatherings aren’t top of mind yet in China, but Trump and the people who run the U.S.’s biggest sports leagues appear aligned in their thinking that live games, at least in some form, are a critical part of helping the country recover.
“The progression needs to be open outdoor sports first, golf, tennis, swimming so that we can start to test the waters — that I’m fine with,” said billionaire Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks.
One obstacle may be local politicians. When UFC floated plans to host an event this weekend on tribal land in California without spectators, it was pressure from politicians, including Governor Gavin Newsom, that led to its cancellation. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has reportedly discussed the possibility of prohibiting large gatherings like concerts and sporting events in the city for another year.

The Movies

That said, there’s billions on the line for sports leagues, sponsors and media networks if the games don’t resume soon. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious-disease expert, has said that that the only way to do that this summer is to close venues to fans and keep all the players, coaches and referees isolated from society.
Cinema owners are also waiting to see when health officials give them clearance to open up. Cinemark Holdings Inc., the third-largest U.S. movie chain, has been in discussions with major film studios about when to release blockbusters again. The chain’s management thinks they could begin bringing back staff starting in late June, then build up a marketing campaign for a broader re-opening on July 1.
The experience won’t be like it was before coronavirus hit. The chain will either have to limit the available tickets for each showing, leaving about half its seats open. Or it may eliminate reserved seating, so customers can voluntarily spread themselves out when they arrive. Cleaning will have to be ramped up, and opening hours may be limited to accommodate the changes.
“How long that will take? We’re not completely certain,” said Mark Zoradi, Cinemark’s CEO, on a call with analysts and investors on Wednesday. “But we’re planning on anywhere from one to three months to light up that engine again and then to begin with higher profile, new product.”

The Casino

Las Vegas casino executives have discussed opening with as little as one-third of their rooms available, with limited entrances where guests’ temperatures could be checked. Casino employees would wear masks and gloves, and gamblers would sit at least a chair apart at blackjack tables.
The moves are similar to what is already occurring in Macau, the world’s largest gambling market, where casinos closed for 15 days in February and reopened under tight restrictions.
The companies are also discussing enhanced cleaning techniques, something unions have requested.

Fun Parks

The $19.3 billion U.S. theme park industry is also making plans, though no one knows when gates will reopen.
When they do, employees may be wearing masks and temperatures may be checked not only at the entrances but inside as well, said Dennis Speigel, a theme park consultant in Cincinnati. Operators may also institute virtual queues, where guests snag a place in line through an app and come to ride when it’s their turn.
“The theme park of the future is going to have to take a much different turn, from distancing to wanding to cleaning,” Speigel said. “I’ve never heard the fear in the voices that I’ve heard. Nobody knows what they’re going to be doing.”
Bloomberg News - With assistance from Thomas Buckley, Thomas Seal, Dana Hull, Natalie Wong, Julie Johnsson, Charlotte Ryan, Christoph Rauwald, Kyunghee Park, Gabrielle Coppola, Shiho Takezawa, Tian Ying, Chunying Zhang, Keith Naughton, Mary Schlangenstein, Justin Bachman, Layan Odeh, Jordyn Holman, Deirdre Hipwell, Robert Williams, Kim Bhasin, Jinshan Hong, Claire Che, Leslie Patton, Kelly Gilblom and Christopher Palmeri.
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2018.05.08 15:50 dravack Need restaurant recommendations for quick cheap Italian food.

Think like fazoli’s I’m looking for a cheap place that’s a bit more fast food like and before anyone says anything I wouldn’t say fazoli’s is good but it’s not bad and tastes better than a crappy McDonald’s burger.
Where my parents live they have a cheap Italian place that has like sub $10 plates that has similar McDonald’s/Fazoli’s speed.
Menu for example and those curious http://tellinis.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Tupelo-Menu.pdf
I’ve heard of places like Anna’s and Daniels but neither are quick. While Johnny’s pizza is quickish still a bit high for lunch $15 a plate. It’s large portioned so you get your moneys worth but I don’t always have time to drop off a bowl of left over spaghetti at home.
Oh and in before olive garden’s unlimited breadsticks on capital =P
Edit: closest I’ve found so far is Big Sergio’s Pizza
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2017.11.10 03:06 WinstonWolfePF PSA: Veteran's Day Free Meals

Friday, November 10, 2017
Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse
Veterans and active-duty military eat lunch for free on Friday, November 10th from 11am-3pm. Please show valid ID.
Chicken Salad Chick
On Friday, Nov. 10, Veterans who present proof of service (VA ID, Military ID, or DD-214) will receive a Free Chick Meal and a drink. Offer includes 1 scoop or sandwich, plus one scoop, side, or cup of soup.
Denny’s All You Can Eat Pancakes
All active, inactive, and retired military personnel at all participating Denny’s restaurants nationwide will receive a free Build Your Own Grand Slam breakfast on Friday, Nov. 10, from 5 a.m. to noon. Diners must show ID to receive this offer.
Farmer Boys
Friday, Nov. 10 veterans and active duty military with valid proof of service get a free big cheese cheeseburger.
Firebirds Wood Fired Grill
Dine with a veteran or active duty service member on Friday and their lunch or dinner is free (free entree equal to or less than your purchase).
Hoss’s Family Steak & Sea House
On Fri. Nov. 10th from 11am-9pm, Veterans and active duty military will have a choice between four meals and must show proof of military status. Valid I.D. is required.
All active duty and retired Veterans are invited to come in and enjoy Free Red, White, & Blue Pancakes Friday, November 10.
Friday AND Saturday November 10-11, 2017
Aspen Creek Grill
Free meal for Active Duty Military and Veterans on Nov. 10th & 11th from 11am-3pm both days. Offer Valid at all Aspen Creek Grill Locations.
BJ’s Restaurant
All veterans and active military can enjoy a complimentary entree under $12.95 on Friday and Saturday November 10-11/2017. Guests over age 21 will can also receive an alcoholic beverage for $6. Please present your military ID to receive this offer.
Bricktown Brewery
Active and retired military can receive a free Bricktown Burger or Chicken Sandwich with Spicy Mayo (with valid ID) on Friday and Saturday.
Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants
Participating locations will offer veterans and active duty military a complimentary free entrée from a Veterans Day menu, on November 10th and 11th, 2017.
Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant
Available both Friday and Saturday (11/10-/11/11), active duty military and veterans get a free burger of their choice.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday November 10, 11, 12, 2017
November 10th through Sunday, November 12th all active, inactive and retired military personnel receive a free spaghetti with marinara or meat sauce.
Spaghetti Warehouse Buy 1 Get 1 Free Meal
Receive a special “buy one entree, get one free” coupon offer and they are encouraging its guests to “invite a veteran to lunch or dinner.” Coupon can be redeemed from Friday, November 10 through Sunday, November 12. The coupon will be available on the Spaghetti Warehouse website on Nov. 3rd, and can be printed or presented by mobile phone.
Saturday November 11, 2017
54th Street Grill & Bar
Honor your veteran and bring them into any Five-Four for a free meal. Up to $12.00, proof of service required.
Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza
A complimentary small order of meatballs with ricotta cheese is offered to active or former United States Armed Forces personnel, on Veterans Day Saturday, Nov. 11. Free meatballs are available for Dine-In and Take Out.
Veterans and Active Duty Military can select a free meal from a limited menu on Veteran’s Day. Provide proof of service required.
Arooga’s Grille House & Sports Bar
This Veterans Day, Saturday November 11, 2017 get a free soft, buffalo or crab pretzel.
Back Yard Burgers
Military veterans with valid ID, and active duty servicemembers in uniform, can enjoy a free ‘Classic Burger’ on Veterans Day 2017.
Baker’s Square Free Breakfast
Veterans and active duty get a complimentary breakfast on Veterans Day at participating locations. Choose between Buttermilk Pancakes, three slices of French Toast or a Belgian Waffle.
Bandana’s Bar-B-Q
Veterans and active duty eat free on Saturday, 11/11/17 (up to a $10 value).
Bar Louie
Vets and active military receive a free flatbread or burger on Saturday, November 11th.
Billy Sims Barbecue
This year on Saturday, November 11, veterans and active military men and women receive a free Veterans Day meal and special collectors cup.
Black Angus Steakhouse
11/11/17 from open to 3 pm, participating restaurants will offer veterans and active military professionals a special $9.99 Certified Angus Beef® Top Sirloin Steak, mashed potatoes, broccoli and a beverage.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans Restaurants are offering free select menu items to Veterans and Active Duty Military on Veterans Day, Sat., Nov. 11.
Bonanza Steakhouse
On Veterans Day, all former and current military service men and women enjoy a free buffet (beverage not included), at all participating Bonanza Steakhouses. Contact your local Bonanza for more details.
Boston Market
BOGO, buy 1 get 1 free individual meal and drink with Coupon on Veterans Day.
Bruegger’s Bagels
U.S. Military Veterans and active military members who show ID and proof of service can receive a Free Small Drip Coffee. No purchase necessary.
Buffalo Wild Wings Free Wings
All day long on Saturday, November 11, veterans and active duty military who dine-in at their local B-Dubs can receive a free one small order of traditional or boneless wings and a side of fries. At participating U.S. locations only.
Burntwood Tavern
Burntwood Tavern invites vets and active duty military on Veteran’s Day Saturday, November 11, 2017 to stop in and receive a free lunch or dinner.
Enjoy a free meal from a special menu on Veterans Day. Proof of Service required.
California Pizza Kitchen
On Veterans Day, all veterans or active duty military personnel will be able to select a free entree from a special Veterans Day menu including pizza, salads and pasta. Please come in uniform or bring your military ID or other proof of service.
Cantina Laredo
Veterans and active duty military can receive a complimentary meal on Veterans Day.
Cattlemens Steakhouse
On Veterans Day, Nov. 11th, Cattlemens Steakhouse is inviting all active, inactive, and retired military personal to enjoy a complimentary 8 oz. Sirloin Steak dinner.
Chevys Fresh Mex
On Veterans Day from 11am to 10pm, Chevys Fresh Mex will offer a complimentary Fresh Mex 3-Item combo to all active and veteran military personnel.
The Chop House
For Veteran’s Day, veterans receive a 25% discount. Valid military ID required. Discount does not apply to alcoholic beverages.
Chuck E. Cheese
To thank service members past and present, on Veteran’s Day on Nov. 11, Chuck E. Cheese’s will be offering one free personal pizza to all active and retired military members at participating stores nationwide. Promo code #5500.
Cicis Pizza
Free pizza buffet if you show a valid Military ID.
Circle K
November 11, 2017, participating Circle K convenience stores will offer a free Polar Pop to military Veterans.
City Barbeque
All day on Saturday, November 11, veterans and military men & women get a free sandwich, two sides and a regular beverage, applicable on either dine-in or carryout orders.
Coffee Beanery
Veterans and active duty military this Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11th can get a free tall coffee.
Connors Steak & Seafood
For Veteran’s Day, veterans receive a 25% discount. Valid military ID required. Discount does not apply to alcoholic beverages.
Cotton Patch Café
Veterans and active duty may enjoy a free Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken Fried Chicken on Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11, 2017.
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store
Veterans receive a complimentary Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola® Cake dessert to veterans and an opportunity for guests to make purchases that support Operation Homefront. Veterans Day only.
CraftWorks Restaurants
In honor of Veterans Day, participating locations will offer a free entrée to veternas at any Rock Bottom and Gordon Biersch location in the U.S. CraftWorks, operates the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurants, Rock Bottom Restaurants & Breweries, Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom and ChopHouse & Brewery, as well as other regional restaurant brands including Big River Grille, Bluewater Grille, A1A Ale Works, Ragtime Tavern Seafood & Grill and Seven Bridge Grille & Brewery.
Dunkin’ Donuts
On November 11, Veterans and active duty military can enjoy a free donut at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide, no purchase necessary.
El Chico Café
Veterans and active military eat free on Veterans Day (Limit $15).
ESquared Hospitality Restaurants – BLTs (All nationwide), Casa Nonna, Tavern62 by David Burke, The Florentine, and The Wayfarer, and Horchata
Saturday, November 11th, veterans with valid proof of military ID. 50% off parties of 2 or less, 25% off parties of 3 or more. Enjoy 35% off regardless of party size at BLT Market and BLT Steak Waikiki.
Famous Dave’s
On Nov. 11, in honor of Veteran’s Day all former and current military personnel will receive a free two meat Combo.
On Saturday, November 11, 9am-3pm, all Veterans and Active Military members are invited to enjoy one of three free entrees.
Friendly’s Free Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
Friendly’s is treating veterans and active military, with a valid military ID or honorable discharge card, to a free dine-in breakfast, lunch or dinner from select menus on Veteran’s Day 11-11-2017.
Gatti’s Pizza
Veterans and active military members with ID will receive a free buffet, or a free medium 1-topping pizza for carryout.
Glory Days Grill
Free appetizer or a regular order of boneless or grilled boneless wings for veterans on Nov. 11.
Gold Star Chili
Enjoy a free 3-way and drink on Veterans Day. For all who served.
Granite City Food & Brewery
Veterans and active military can stop in for a complimentary lunch on Veterans Day from 11am – 3pm.
Green Mill Restaurant and Bar
Veterans and Active Duty Military will receive a free lunch or dinner dine-in meal at participating locations on Veterans Day. Must show proof of service, and beverages and gratuity are not included in free meal.
The Green Turtle
Veterans and Active Duty military enjoy a free meal on Veterans Day. Offer valid for any item up to $12 or $12 on a more expensive item.
Hamburger Stand
All Veterans and active duty military receive a free hamburger, regular fries and a small Pepsi. 11.11.17.
Hickory Tavern
50% off of a special Veterans Day menu for Veterans and Active Duty Military on Veterans day 11/11/17.
Hooters invites all veterans and current servicemen and women to a Hooters Veterans Day free meal from their select Veterans Day menu by presenting a military ID or proof of service at participating Hooters locations across the country on 11-11.
Hopdoddy Burger Bar
Free burger to military veterans on 11/11/17.
Receive a free entree from a select menu on Veteran’s Day 11/11 with proof of veteran status or active service in the military.
Huddle House
Free order of Sweet Cakes to all active military members and veterans with proper I.D. on Veterans Day (Saturday, November 11).
Hy-Vee Free Breakfast
Hy-Vee is providing a free breakfast buffet for veterans during regular breakfast hours on Veterans Day.
IKEA Free Entrée
Veterans can enjoy a free entree at IKEA on 11/11/17. Please show some form of military ID.
Joe’s Crab Shack
On November 11th, all veterans will receive a free appetizer. Present or display the coupon.
K&W Cafeteria
Free meal that includes choice of entrée, two vegetables, bread and beverage, with the presentation of your military ID on Veterans Day. Offer valid from 11a.m. to closing.
Krispy Kreme Free Doughnut & Coffee
On Veterans Day, a free doughnut and small coffee will be given to anyone who identifies themselves as a veteran or active military personnel (no ID required).
On Veterans Day, all active and retired military can receive a complimentary sausage biscuit during breakfast hours (6am – 11am).
Lamar’s Donuts
Free donut and a 12oz coffee for all veterans and active military on Veterans Day.
Logan’s Roadhouse
This Veterans Day, veterans and active duty drop on in for an American Roadhouse Meal on the house. Not valid in CA, NC, SC or Augusta, GA, locations. Veterans year round receive a 10% discount to guests who present a military or veterans’ ID.
Little Caesars Pizza
On Saturday, November 11, from 11am to 2pm, veterans and active military members can receive a free $5 HOT-N-READY® Lunch Combo.
LongHorn Steakhouse
This Veterans Day LongHorn Steakhouse will offer a free appetizer or dessert (no purchase required, no restrictions) to anyone showing proof of military service. In addition, 10% off the parties’ bill.
Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que
On Veterans Day, active and former military can enjoy a complimentary dessert, and a 20% discount with proof of service. Veterans receive 20% off the entire month of November for ‘Military Family Month.’
MacKenzie River Pizza
Veterans receive 25% off their entire check on Saturday, 11/11, at participating locations.
Macaroni Grill
Free Mom’s Ricotta Meatballs & Spaghetti entrée this Veteran’s Day, Saturday, November 11th to all veterans and active military.
Main Event Bowling
Veterans and active duty military members can enjoy a free entree plus a $10 FUNcard from open to 5 pm on Saturday, November 11th. Offer also includes free shoe rental for veteran and four guests.
Margaritas Mexican Restaurant
Margaritas is offering complimentary entrees to all veterans and active members of the military, as well as their significant others this Veterans Day.
Max & Erma’s Free Cheeseburger Combo Meal with Dessert
On Veterans Day, participating Max & Erma’s locations are celebrating veterans and active military personnel with a free cheeseburger, endless fries and a fountain drink.
Menchie’s Free Frozen Yogurt
On Veterans Day, all Veterans and military personnel with a military ID or dressed in uniform will receive a free six ounce frozen yogurt any time of day on Veterans Day 11.11. Show a valid ID or be in uniform to receive.
Mimi’s Café
U.S. Veterans or active duty military personnel can select food items from a special menu on Veteran’s Day 2017 for free. Drink purchase is required. Please show proof of military service.
Mission BBQ
Veterans and active duty will receive a free sandwich and slice of cake (while supplies lasts) on Veterans Day, 11/11/17.
Native Grill & Wings
On November 11th, Veterans will receive one free menu item (up to $11.99 in value).
Ninety Nine Restaurant & Pub
On 11/11 from 11am – 4pm, Veterans and active military can receive a free lunch from our 9 Real Size Entrées for $9.99 Menu with the purchase of any entrée.
O’Charley’s will honor our military on Veterans Day by offering veterans and active duty service members a free $9.99er entree at any location on November 11th. Additionally, O’Charley’s offers a 10 percent military discount all year long.
Olive Garden Free Meal
On Veterans Day, Olive Garden restaurants will offer a free entrée from a special menu to active-duty military and veterans. The special menu features six of Olive Garden’s most popular items. Entrées are served with unlimited soup, salad and garlic bread sticks.
On The Border Free Entrée
This Veterans Day, all veterans and active duty military will receive a free combo meal at OTB’s. The meal is from the”Create Your Own Combo menu,” which is a “choose 2” or “choose 3” menu.
Outback Steakhouse Free Bloomin’ Onion® and a beverage
All active, retired military and veterans get a free Bloomin’ Onion® and a beverage on Veterans Day. Must have valid identification. Additionally, November 12 through November 16, military members will receive 20% off their check and, beginning November 17, Military, Fire and Police heroes will receive 10% off their check.
Ovation Brands
Furr’s Fresh Buffet, Country Buffet, HomeTown® Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s®: Sat., Nov. 11, veterans may enjoy Military Monday program benefits of 15% discount plus special family discounts. Free meal on Mon. 11/13/17.
Petro Stopping Centers
All active duty military, veterans and reservists with proof of service can enjoy a complimentary meal from a select menu that includes a beverage on Veterans Day, Sat., Nov. 11, 2017, at any participating Country Pride or Iron Skillet restaurant nationwide.
Ponderosa Steakhouses
From 4pm-close on Veterans Day, all former and current military service men and women enjoy a free buffet (beverage not included) from participating Ponderosa locations. Contact your local Ponderosa for more details.
Price Chopper Supermarkets
Active Duty & Veterans enjoy a free coffee & donut Saturday, November 11 • 7am–7pm.
Primanti Bros.
Veterans and active duty military get a free classic sandwich any time, all day.
Quaker Steak & Lube
On Saturday, November 11, veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces can receive a complimentary or discounted meal of their choice. Show proof of service to your server to receive this offer.
Recovery Sports Grill
All veterans and active duty military are invited to enjoy a free meal on Veterans Day, Saturday, 11/11.
Red Hot & Blue Restaurants
On Veterans Day Active Duty, Retirees and Reservists receive a free entrée with the purchase of a second entrée of equal or greater value (up to$10). Proof of military service required. Dine-in only. Print and present the coupon before ordering.
Red Lobster
To thank Veterans, active duty military and reservists, Red Lobster will offer a free appetizer or dessert from their select Veterans Day menu. To receive offer, show a valid military ID on Saturday, November 11th.
Red Robin
All Veterans and Active Duty Military get a free dine-in Red’s Tavern Double Burger and Bottomless Steak Fries on Veterans Day 11/11.
Rib Crib
Veterans and active military service members can choose a free meal from RibCrib’s Menu of Honor that includes a choice of two meats and two sides, including their slow-smoked meats and award-winning St. Louis spare ribs.
Rock & Brews
Rock & Brews is offering all active duty military, veterans, and first responders a complimentary meal on Veteran’s Day at any Rock & Brews location nationwide.
Rock Bottom Restaurants & Breweries
Participating locations will offer a free entrée on Veterans Day, November 11th, to veterans and active duty military. Vets can select from any entrée on the menu including Rock Bottom Signature Items.
Ruby’s Diner
Saturday, November 11, 2017, all veterans and active duty members of the military are invited to enjoy a Ruby’s adult entrée on the house.
Ruby Tuesday
This Veterans Day, all former and active duty service members of the military can enjoy a free appetizer.
Sagebrush Steakhouse
All veteran and active duty personnel receive a complimentary meal from a select menu on Saturday, Nov. 11th. Offer valid from 11am-11pm.
Shari’s Café
Free pancake breakfast for all current and former military on Veterans Day, November 11th.
Shoney’s Offers Free All You Care to Eat Breakfast
Shoney’s says ‘Thank You’ to America’s heroes by offering a free All You Care To Eat breakfast, to all Veterans and Active Duty Military members on Veterans Day from 6am – 11 am.
Sizzler Free Lunch
Sizzler is proud to honor and celebrate United States veterans and active-duty military personnel with a free lunch and beverage before 4 p.m. on Veterans Day, Saturday, November 11, 2017.
On Veterans Day, active duty service members, reservists, veterans and military spouses are invited to enjoy a free Tall Brewed Coffee. In addition, now through November 11, for every Veterans Day Starbucks Card or eGift purchased, Starbucks will contribute $5 to help support programs assisting service members, military spouses and veterans.
Sticky Fingers Ribhouse
On Saturday, November 11, enjoy a free pulled pork sandwich with baked beans & cole slaw during lunch.
TA Stopping Centers
All active duty military, veterans and reservists with proof of service can enjoy a complimentary meal from a select menu that includes a beverage on Veterans Day, Sat., Nov. 11, 2017, at any participating Country Pride or Iron Skillet restaurant nationwide.
Tap House Grill
On Veterans Day, all active, inactive and retired military personnel can get a complimentary meal (dine in only).
Texas de Brazil
50% off for up to 2 veterans and 20% off for up to 6 additional guests at the table during dinner this Veterans Day.
Texas Roadhouse
On Saturday November 11th, select from a free special veterans lunch menu including a beverage and sides.
Texas Steakhouse & Saloon
All veteran and active duty military personnel receive a complimentary meal from a select menu on Sat., November 11th.
TGI Fridays Free Lunch
Guests who show valid military ID can enjoy a free lunch menu item up to $12. This offer is valid on Saturday, November 11th, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. local time.
Tijuana Flats
A free entree is offered to military veterans and active duty on Saturday, 11-11-17.
Village Inn Free Breakfast
All who have served get a free Inn-Credible V.I.B. breakfast on Veterans Day.
White Castle
Military veterans and active duty military who show proof of service can visit a participating White Castle location on Nov 11th, and receive a free breakfast combo or castle combo meal #1-6.
On Veterans Day, 11/11, Wienerschnitzel offers a free Chili Dog with a small fry and a small pepsi to Veterans and Active Duty Servicemembers. Bring your military ID or dress in a uniform.
Wild Wing Café
Military veterans, retirees, and active duty are offered a complimentary meal. Veteran may choose from any Awesome Salad, Wild Wrap, Beefy Burger or Chicken Sandwich. Please show proof of military service. Valid all day on 11.11 at participating locations.
World of Beer
On November 11th, all veterans and current servicemen and servicewomen may enjoy a free select draught beer (where legal) or $5 off their check.
Yard House
Veterans and active duty military will receive a complimentary appetizer on November 11 with valid military ID. Offer is valid for dine in only.
Sunday, November 12, 2017
Centraarchy Restaurants
On Sunday, November 12 CentraArchy Restaurants are showing their gratitude by honoring veterans and active duty military service members with a free entrée. Includes California Dreaming, New York Prime, Chophouse ’47, The Tavern at Phipps, Carolina Roadhouse, Joey D’s Oak Room, Burro Loco, Gulfstream Cafe, Chophouse New Orleans.
Monday, November 13, 2017
Claim Jumper
On Monday, November 13, veterans who show valid ID may receive a free entree from a special menu. This offer is valid for dine-in only at participating locations.
Furr’s Fresh Buffet
Mon., Nov. 13, veterans may eat for free. Offers valid at participating restaurants.
Golden Corral
On Monday, November 13th, 2017 from 5 PM to 9 PM, Golden Corral offers a free sit-in “thank you” dinner for Military veterans, retirees, and active duty members.
Home Town Buffet
Mon., Nov. 13, veterans may eat for free. Offers valid at participating restaurants.
Old Country Buffet
Mon., Nov. 13, veterans may eat for free. Offers valid at participating restaurants.
Mon., Nov. 13, veterans may eat for free. Offers valid at participating restaurants.
Twin Peaks
In honor of Veteran’s Day, all Veterans. active duty military and reservists will eat for free from a select menu on Military Monday, November 13th.
Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Country Cookin
Active, reserve, and retired military personnel receive a free meal on Tuesday, November 14 from 2 PM – 8 PM.
November (entire month)
Eat’n Park
All active and former United States military personnel will receive a special 10% discount for the entire month of November.
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2017.07.01 21:05 CrazyCoKids How my parents enabled Quinn during my gluten and dairy free phase. Plus some disproportionate retribution.

So. Backstory. For awhile I had to be gluten free and Dairy free. This was in the 1990s. Horrible HORRIBLE thing to be. :/ we had to special order everything and make it ourselves. Then I gradually started to get over the allergies.
So, you know one reason why I really sympathise with kids who have to be gluten free (Especially if they don’t even have celiac’s disease or a gluten intolerance, just “I read it was bad in a magazine once!” or “My kid ate half a pizza once and threw up - IT MUST BE THE GLUTEN!”) is the fact that I basically wound up getting excluded on basis of my diet. I grew up being gluten free in the 90s. That was hell.
Every birthday party, I had to bring my own goodie bag and watch everyone else eat cake. Every special dinner or luncheon I was invited to, I had to scan it and pretty much ate my own stuff. Every birthday at school, cookies got passed out to everyone but me and I was left with a rice krispie treat. When it was my turn, everyone instead got jello or rice krispies. Every pizza party, I had to sit and watch everyone eat pizza and got to smell it. Until I was officially free to eat Gluten and Dairy, my birthday dinner was at A&W with just a hot dog (no bun), and fries - IF I got one. Half the time, mom just made dinner and gave me my own portion that was gluten free and dairy-free, with either Jello, a cake made with either potato, rice, or mungbean flour or Rice Dream. (Which btw is actually kinda good.)
Despite this, Quinn adamantly claims that everybody had to be gluten free and dairy free.
Yes, to be fair, mom did try to make her and dad at least be willing to eat the dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives, but both Quinn and dad hated them (aside from the Rice Pasta, which everyone legit liked and could hardly tell the difference between it and durum pasta). So mom found it easier to just stick with things that weren’t breaded and the occasional pasta… and we couldn’t eat out much, I had to do toss the bun out or only have grilled chicken (with no bun) when we did.
Quinn conveniently forgets a lot.
SHE, dad, and everyone else had their own gallon(s) of milk. She had her own bread. She had her own cheese. She got ice cream. She had her own cookies, too. When it was HER birthday?
She got a cake that I couldn’t touch cause it had gluten. She got a birthday dinner. And guess what! As it was her birthday… she got to pick where she ate. Her birthday was one of Quinn’s favourite days of the year, why?
Because Quinn would pick some place like Pizza Hut, or some place with a huge menu loaded with gluten and/or Dairy (like an Italian restaurant). For a gluten-free and dairy-free person who had to bring a fucking sandwich and watch everybody else eat? Guess what it was! Torture.
No matter how many times mom and dad tried to change her mind because this was just plain mean. But nope - it was her birthday, and she would then decide “Okay then - Fazolis” or “[name of local Italian place]!” and cycle through the list of Gluten-heavy and Dairy-heavy places. And seeing me simply sit there, smelling the delicious pizza and watching everyone eat delicious food I couldn’t eat (while I was left with a fucking sandwich and a dry plate full of lettuce, cucumbers, and carrots) was pure bliss to her. By the way, she loved doing this so much.
When she was allowed to have ice cream, she would make sure to seek me out and sit down, eating it and smacking her lips talking about how good it is… until mom said “That’s it. No more Dreyers [Edy’s for those of you in the east].”When we had pizza at home, I got to eat pizza too… but only this corn-crust pizza with tofu cheese. (aka, poison. It is said that even the soviets thought feeding that to prisoners in the gulags was too cruel.) What would Quinn do? Follow me around talking about how delicious the pizza or the crazy bread was, and how great it smelled. When she broke into the cookies, she would say “mmmm this is delicious”. The same happened if/when we got doughnuts. She would wake me up to say “Mom and dad got doughnuts! But you can’t have any!”. When we got to go to Dairy queen, I could only have the slush. (Not even the Orange Julius…) Quinn? Would always get ice cream or a blizzard, then make sure to shove it in my face.
Yeah, exactly how did you suffer under my dietary restrictions, Quinn? You got to eat food like a normal kid - you got to eat birthday cakes, go to pizza parties, could order practically anything you wanted, didn’t have to bring your own goodie bags and watch everyone else eat at parties… oh, when it was my birthday you got chicken breast and beans or could order a burger from A&W with Jello for dessert at home? Cry me a river.
Cause once you made your distaste of gluten-free and dairy-free food clear, mom and dad let you get riiight out of it.
Now to be fair… mom and dad did start to crack down on her about it. (ie, trying to tell her “...you sure?” when she selected Italian food or pizza for her birthday dinner) Her behaviour of shoving a doughnut in my face single-handedly got dad to stop buying them for awhile. When mom got tired of me bitching that Quinn was eating And when we were buying groceries, my sister kept picking out Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Raisin Brain to taunt me with - but then she found out she actually liked Fruity Pebbles and Frosted Flakes, so that was a moot point. (Same with Rice Chex party mix.)
That’s also not to say I didn’t have my revenge on this.
I got her to hate Fruit Loops by pouring salt into the box and then shaking it to make them all nice and salty. That was for eating Fruit Loops in front of me with a bowl of milk talking about how delicious it was!
And… well…. Okay, easily the worst thing I’ve EVER done to my sister? I used the most foul-tasting and toxic substance known to mankind: Tofu Cheese.
She had her own American Cheese. It was coloured exactly like Tofu Cheese, and individually wrapped. So when I wanted to get payback on her for her shit? I would sneak down, see if mom made lunch for her. And if she did, like a ham and cheese sandwich… I would swap her cheese for the Tofu Cheese. Sometimes, I even took to putting the slices of Tofu Cheese in with the American Cheese so mom would poison her for me or if my sister would poison herself by mistake. The one time I got to see her reaction to eating a delicious bologna and cheese sandwich only to find it was tofu cheese, she literally made the sandwich herself and accidentally used Tofu Cheese I put in there. While her mouth may have been screaming in agony as she nearly died of Tofu Poisoning, I was smiling. I know - I was a total sociopath. But I did not know truly what my sister was doing, expecting to bite into a sandwich and getting Tofu Cheese.
I also once poisoned her with Rice Dream, but that was an innocent mistake and it wasnt’ done with malicious intent. She once was making herself Kraft Dinner, and we ran out of milk. She didn’t know this until after she had boiled the noodles I said “Why not use Rice Dream?” So she did. Let’s just say… never EVER do that. I felt HORRIBLE, she took one bite and ran into the bathroom to throw up. I even tried it myself. You do NOT want Kraft Dinner with Rice Dream. I repeat: You do NOT. Don’t EVER try it! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
As it turns out? I was getting over the allergies. (Thank GOD it wasn’t Celiac.) I think because Rice Krispies & Frosted Flakes have barley in them and Spelt also has gluten in it. So for awhile, I could have gluten and dairy - I just needed to take an Enzyme pill.
The sweetest day of my life was when I was allowed to have gluten and dairy if I took an enzyme… and it was my birthday. Without hesitating, I said “Pizza Hut” with a smile on my face and we got a nice birthday cake. The main reason? To let Quinn know… she no longer held that over me. She could no longer use the gluten-free and dairy-free diet to torment me.
As a result… I tend to find myself getting pizza quite a lot.
Although I do find myself still eating fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles, frosted flakes, or rice chex still.
Tldr, pizza is fucking delicious.
Bonus “Awwwww” moments: Second grade. Three birthdays in, one kid gets cupcakes as a birthday treat to share with the class. I can’t eat them - gluten. So the teacher goes to get the box of rice krispie treats, but a mouse had gotten in so I get nothing. Birthday kid says “That’s not fair!” and everyone agrees. So the next day? We all get to make rice krispie treats. Then the next time someone has a birthday, they don’t bring in cookies - they bring in Fruity Pebbles treats. (It was a different time.)
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2016.05.18 11:05 Catee Fazoli’s Menu with Prices Menulia.com

Fazoli’s Menu with Prices Menulia.com submitted by Catee to Menulia [link] [comments]

2012.06.12 06:47 tabledresser [Table] IAmA former Olive Garden employee. Ask me anything about this fake "Italian" restaurant

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Date: 2012-06-11
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Questions Answers
Is everyone there really family? If family means everyone has sex with eachother then, yes.
Til Olive Garden is like Game of Thrones. Seriously though, everyone is having sex with everyone.
I laughed out loud. Oh service industry, you "incestuous" little minx. I lol'd at yours too.
My girlfriend's ex used to be a manager at a McDonald's a few years back. He had sex with most of his female staff there on the job in the freezer. Shrinkage bro! The cooler was a possibility in OG...
Had a brief summer job as a host when I was 18, ended up sleeping with two of the servers. Horrible business, but I loved the staff (many times). Yep, it was mentally and soul draining.
Whelp, off to put in an application at Olive Garden. brb. It's a good time. treat it like college, get your money's worth. spend a few years there, and then never go back.
Wow lots of hooking up between staff? Doesn't that make things awkward? Kind of, when I was a server it was more like a game...But when I became management, it was like dealing with people from the Jerry Springer show.
"That's my man BITCH!" Chairs being thrown. A lot of crying girls.
Yes, it made it painfully awkward in hindsight.
Jesus, reminds me of Chuck E. Cheese AMA. Without animatronic dolls and Furries. Link?
To be fair, most restaurants are like this. Very true. And mostly drunk too.
Alright, now I know what my summer job will be. I'd strongly recommend it.
This sounds suspiciously like Chuckie Cheese or so the guy who did an AMA claimed... I think its common practice in the restaurant industry. I worked at 3 other restaurants and it's pretty much the case.
Is the food used in these escapades? I did lick whipped cream off the bartenders tits in dry storage one great evening.
Chairs? What about breadstick fights? Sadly, no. Mints would be hurled at eachother.
Can a 17 year old work there? What is the minimum age to be a serveworker there? 17 to host, 18 to serve.
To have sex with co workers? I guess those industries attract whores and sluts. Yep. Most restaurants don't do drug testing upon hiring because it just costs too much for a job that has suck high turnover. No drug tests + Girls + Drugs = well, you know....
I worked in a baresto last summer, one guy banged 5 girls that worked there in under a month, I hooked up with the hot manager milf and two other guys banged two other girls. It was a cess pool. Sounds about right.
Did he enjoy it? Haha. I sure did.
What the heck? What is it with sexual encounters in dry storage? I had a roommate who was a server, and she spoke several times of hooking up in dry storage. She called it "dry stock". HILARIOUS. It's where magic happens.
Does a host receive any benefits? There is a massive group health insurance plan...
Do we get the big bowl of salad? Do you still have that unlimited pasta? Do you have soup and salad, I don't see it on the menu? Can you bring me out olive oil and herbs? Do you guys have that flavored tea? What kind of soups do you have? Yes. No, only during late summer. Yes. We do, its not on the dinner menu. Yes, sir. Here is your oil and herbs. We have Peach Raspberry tea. Pasta Fagoli, Zuppa Toscana, Minestrone and Chicken Gnocci.
Yeah, I've played the OG game before. Phew...
Best and worst part of the job? Best part is the people and the money. Hands down. Worst part is the people and the money. Hands down. Nah, jk. But seriously, working on tips is a double edged sword. Sometimes you can walk out of there with $200 cash! Other nights, depending on local sporting events, carnivals, events....you could leave with 50 cash. Not good. Not consistent.
Is the food mainly frozen? The food is mostly frozen. All of the desserts are. The soups, I can say proudly, are made in house, daily. Fresh as can be. The pasta is also made to order...
I have always wondered if you can order off the menu at OG or do the cooks only know how to cook the same items. You can order old dishes that Olive Garden once had if the ingredients are still in the kitchen. Most cooks at OG are paid handsomely and retain their positions for quite awhile. Those guys are machines.
Do the cooks really go to italy to train??? really?? And no, they don't. No one goes to Italy except about 5 or 6 lucky bastards.
I'm so glad to hear that. I freaking love the pasta fagoli soup and pretty much drown myself in it when I visit once every several years. Far and away the most popular soup...
Are the cooks there actually any good? Or do they just memorize simple recipes from old menus? They're all pretty damn good. If you fuck up, you get moved to salads or prep. It's pretty cut-throat. Those guys actually give a fuck.
How many times did you have to keep a straight face when someone pronounced it "FAG e o lee soup" It's pronounced Fah-Jo-li. Haha.
So how many of the chefs from your location got to go to Tuscany and learn the trade? This is the biggest lie of Olive Garden. Annually, they select like 5 cooks from the entire country to go to Tuscany.
No one from our restaurant even got remotely close to the trip.
Another big lie is the "lowfat" items. If you want to be healthy. You shouldn't go to fucking olive garden. Exactly.
Don't they just kind of go on some vacation? I mean, they just kind of hang out with some "chef" and then come back with the totally invented accreditation right? I heard that the "Italian Chef" actually says hi to them, takes some pictures and leaves...
Honestly, how often did people try to "just" get the free salad and breadsticks and then expect no bill? Kids do it ALL DAY long. We now are not allowed to drop a second basket of breadsticks until something that costs money is ordered.
Soda count? Yep.
Wait, you're telling me that those are really free? You mean I can literally go in there, sit down, eat some salad and breadsticks, and walk out of there without getting arrested? Salad is like $3.99. They don't bring out salad without ordering it, just the sticks.
What's the grossest thing that ever happened there? I once saw a customer suffer some sort of allergic reaction to his meal. He stood up in front of the whole dining room, threw up everything he ate and drank, then passed out in his vomit pile. It was gross. About half of the dining room left.
Were there people laughing like I'm laughing at this post? I was there and I didn't know whether to laugh or cry or puke.
Only half? damn! Yeah, it was pretty disturbing. I almost threw up myself.
Who had to clean up all the vomit? Bus boys. God bless em.
What's the most outrageous/ridiculous complaint a customer has ever made? We caught a lady pulling her daughters hair out and putting it in her entree. The server told me about it. Naturally, I waited for the complaint....and then it came.
I called her out on it and she put up a big fuss. Started yelling outloud, "Your mexicans don't wear hairnets and now my meal is ruined!" so everyone in the fucking restaurant could hear.
She was escorted out by authorities who had been sitting in the other section of the restaurant....on their lunch break.
I would like you to know that even if I find a hair in my food at a restaurant, I pull it out and continue eating. Because seriously? It's just a hair. Relax, entire world. Exactly. We inhale far grosser shit just breathing.
I worked at the OG for while back in college, and I also once caught a customer pulling her kid's hair out and putting it in her entree. Just brazenly. Sadly, our managers could not have given less of a fuck and she got her meal comped anyway, my word that I saw her do it be damned. That's really fucked up.
Don't wanna be that guy, but proof? "Bona festa, what joyus day, lifes good fortune is sure to come your way, come on sit back and just relax we'll fill your plate the italian way! Hey! we're so glad you came to celebrate with us today! Hey!"
Thats the birthday song.
"bona festa"? I am italian and what is this thing. I don't know...its some bullshit to make a bunch of white, black, Asian and Mexican people sound Italian.
Did you ever run and hide so you wouldn't have to sing the song? If I was really busy, yes. But, I'm the kinda guy who likes to get loud and have fun too, so if I had the opportunity I would do it.
Why do the breadsticks taste so goddamn good when dipped in your dressing? Probably weed.
What did you think of the North Dakota woman who reviewed Olive Garden and couldn't stop raving about how great it was? This was a big deal in the company when it happened. But I find it comical.
For reference: Link to www.grandforksherald.com. It's like saying McDonalds is the ebst burger joint.
To be fair, she is super nice about every restaurant she reviews. Source: I live in Grand Forks and read the Herald. Total sweetheart. For real.
Why was it a big deal in the company? Did they discuss it at like a company meeting, or let it inform the way you treat customers somehow? I'm a Yelper and that stuff always interests me, if my reviews are really read by the management. It was just brought up at a meeting.
A fake "Italian" restaurant? Would that make it a real Italian restaurant? Italians.
What do they put on those bread sticks that make them so damn good? Turano breadsticks, garlic salt, butter.
Turano? I could have sworn my wife brought back unbuttered OG breadsticks when she visited the Rotella bakery. Could be different distribution for fresher product. What city are you in?
Is turano a brand of frozen breadsticks or..? Turano is a chicago based bread company.
I'm gonna get fat, arn't I? I fucking love Olive Garden breadsticks. I can make them myself!? Please, tell me more! Ctrl F + Turano.
What can you tell us about this fake "Italian" restaurant to a person who's never been before? If you are low on $ but big on hunger, go to the OG. They have that shit down to real science. I never saw any foul play in the kitchen with food or anything....it's actually a pretty good place to dine if you are in a hurry and want a decent meal.
If you aren't picky and don't mind eating at a chain, I've never felt there's anything wrong with it for the cost. You won't be getting an authentic experience, but there are places if you want that and are willing to pay for it. The eggplant parmesan in particular is absolutely decent. The eggplant is super popular. I would say it goes something like this as far as most popular item ordered.
1.) Chicken Parm 2.) Chicken Alfredo 3.) Eggplant Parm 4.) Fettucini Alfredo.
As bastardized as the menu is, I downright love the steak gorgonzola alfredo. Goddamn. The balsamic reduction on it makes it what it is. Good.
How much jizz goes into the alfredo sauce? 7%
Where does the other 93% go? I was actually making a reference to a post about kfc's honey sauce..
Is it true most of it is microwaved? Not at all. Microwaves are strictly for heating the dipping sauce and some of the warm desserts.
Everything else is either pan fried, deep fried or grilled.
The mussels are microwaved too. I served there for a year. You know what, you may be right on that....been a while.
Would you rather fuck a Walrus for 10K or get fucked by a Walrus for 1M? Id rather bang the walrus.
Can I make payments, or do I have to pay first? 16.777% down payment, then 5 subsequent payments, please.
Do you feel like you are classically conditioned to want a cigarette every time a bell rings because of the bell in the kitchen? Holy shit, yes. You just brought me back brother....flashback.
Please explain the bell. I r confused. It's like a doorbell for the backdoor that service companies would ring to bring product into the restaurant during dining hours.
Chicken and Gnocci soup... anything wrong with it? Because I love that sh*t. No man, its the real. I love it.
Thoughts on this saying? - "Olive Garden is Denny's for Italians' I'd say that just about almost kinda sorta accurate.
How much of a cheap wine IS the "house specialty wine?" Its actually not that bad. It's one of the few wines they pride themselves on. It's made especially for the Olive Garden.
Why did you have to make the Tour of Italy so much goddamn smaller? What if I told you I don't control the portions?
WHOA...settle down there morpheus... So I see you have been on the internet before...
Why did you manage? I ask because at the chain I work at the only people who supervise are the restaurant managers and four full-time girls over to do 1 supervising shift as a favor to them and they all dread it. $55,000 a year plus benefits.
Oh shit, that's some good change. Yeah, but the toll is takes on you mentally is ridic. 10 hour shifts, on your feet all day. Dealing with assholes. Yeah, you get to see a lot of hot chicks, but most of them are on dates with some douchebag who can't afford to take his girl to a more expensive dinner. Whatev.
How long did you do it? And what made you quit? 2 yrs, got a better job.
What are secrets I can use to get the most for the least amount of money? If you go in before 4:00 pm you can order the unlimted soup and salad combo for only $6.95. You get to have any of the 4 soups and can switch from bowl to bowl. Plus, breadsticks man.
If you go during dinner, see if they are running the "Neverending Pasta Bowl" special. It's like $11 bucks and it literally is all you can eat pasta.
Why does olive garden get so much shit? It's not authentic but it's pretty good. Youtube Madtv and Olive Garden.
That's why.
Does Olive Garden still abide the policy of X+1, for number of breadsticks in the initial basket placed at a table, where X is the number of diners, and for each subsequent basket, the number of breadsticks is equal to X? Absolutely.
Are you guys TRYING to start fights? I know they tear in half, but... How can you do that, just give up half of your breadstick? Just ask for more right off the bat. the server will do it if the customer asks.
Why the hell would they do that? You'd be surprised how many uneaten breadsticks we would throw out. I mean, you don't want your bread getting cold and hard at the table when you could simply ask for more, do you?
Have the horrible commercials increased or decreased the number of customers? Once the shitty obnoxious "we're all family" commercials started I swore to never go back. I can't imagine they make anyone want to go. Well, I don't work there anymore.... I'm having trouble using present and past tense here because I worked there so long and still consider it home. Anyway, the commercials help a ton.
Yeah, they are corny and shit, but people would always reference them upon ordering...so I guess it works :/
That's seriously disappointing. I can't imagine who those appeal to. I see a lot of their commercials on CBS, during the day. I reckon the common belief is that elderly people watch CBS, during the day.
So, boom. Old people.
So are you old people? Getting there....
Nah, jk, I'm 30.
Is it a common occurrence to find puke in the bushes out front? I have ate at OG three times and every time I hardly make out the front door before my body rejects whatever I put in my belly. I can only speak for one location, but yes, it's pretty common. Hahah.
It IS a chain so the creativity is limited to the head chef. Have you ever met the real chef? Does each restaurant have a head chef? If so, does that person seem to enjoy their job? They have what's called a C.A.. Culinary Assistant. Fancy term for head cook.
I participated in a food challenge at Olive Garden once, I ate 30 breadsticks, felt drunk, and collapsed into a massive food coma for the next couple hours. Boss called me retarded, slapped an energy drink on my desk and made me get back to work. Haven't eaten there since. WTF do you guys put in those things? Soylent Green? Soylent Green is people! No man, its just the right amount if butter and garlic salt.
Did you gain any weight while working there? If so, how much did you gain? Actually, no. It was a fucking workout. Back and forth, floor to kitchen, to drink alley...etc. get tired as shit.
Former waitress at several restaurants. I did not gain weight when I was a waitress (actually lost weight sometimes when you are so busy that you forget to eat) because I ran around so much that I would burn off anything I ate. And I mean everything. It's a LOT of moving around. Same deal with me. No time and always running.
Why did you quit? I found a career that I actually went to school for. Plus I needed to start having holidays and weekends off for the first time in my adult life.
What is your favorite pudding? Chocolate man. C'mon.
Flavors come in Chocolate Man? o.O. THAT'S RACIST!!!
Anything, you say? Can I get a reference? That would require me to give out my personal information....on Reddit. Ha! No way.
Did you ever just have a table of just guys? All guys. I have never met a guy who likes Olive Garden(me included). Just curious if its solely women, and women plus men? During lunch you get a lot of just guy tables. Guys from the office going out together...not so much at night. It's a pretty healthy mix of old couples, birthday/team parties and young people on dates in the evening.
Anually how many servers ae fired for the "soup n salad" scam ? Not many...when crafty.
As a beer delivery guy, the managers at restaurants like Olive Garden seem to be, more times than not, insufferable jerks. How do the employees feel about us? We like beer. So we like you.
Do all of the locations have wheels on the chairs? I believe so.
Do you have any good marriage proposal stories? Not at olive garden... but at a different restaurant I worked at the girl said, "no."
Just how gluten free are the items Olive Garden says are gluten free? Very gluten free. Olive Garden does not fuck around with this part of the menu. Make sure you stress that you do not want any croutons or the regular italian dressing in the salad. The light dressing is gluten free.
So, about the chocolate mints; is there like a giant bowl of them back there? do the employees just eat them all day long? I can't believe it took someone this long to bring up the fucking mints. Holy shit! There are literally boxes stacked up in the freezer full of em.
Pro Tip: Ask for frozen mints. Trust.
Seriously, an Olive Garden thread without a chocolate mint question is like a Red Lobster thread without the cheddar bay biscuits. Mouth dripping right now. God damn you. Those things, man....
Why in the hell does every OG I enter smell like a piss filled Chuck E Cheese? Love the food, even if it's not authentic, but damnation the smell. I've been in Albuquerque, Slidell, Birmingham, Orlando, and Atlanta stores. They all stunk. Because they never fucking renovate their stores. It sucks. But they just don't do it.
What is the record for most breadstick baskets brought to one table? I served 4 Chicago Bears at lunch once. I think I ran about 8 baskets of 6 sticks.
Theres 2 OG's where i live... always a wait.. every night of the week.. yet, when you get seated, theres always open tables... any reason why? or just not to overwhelm the kitchen? All Olive Gardens have a strict 3 table maximum limit for even their best servers. 2 for the new or weaker servers. Perhaps a few servers called in sick that night?
Jesus that's ridiculous. Are even your best servers idiots? I huffed and puffed like dragon in heat if I didn't get at least 5 tables in my section. Usually it was more like 6-7 (never more than 8 though). 3 tables is just boring. It's an OG rule.
What's your favorite thing on the menu and your least favorite? Also, what in your opinion is the best dessert? My favorite was the braised beef and tortellini, for sure. My least favorite was probably...umm....anything marinara, not a big fan of marinara sauce. Maybe the stuffed mushrooms...
Best dessert was the gelato when we had it, but I think the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake is the way to go.
What's your favorite dish at the Olive Garden? Braised Beef and Tortilleni!
I don't go too often but last time I went with me and my gf, our waiter offered us a wine sample right off the bat (I am 20 and my gf is 19, and we don't look older than that at all.) I didn't take any because I never drive with over a sip of any alcoholic beverage in my system. Does this happen often, where waiters accidentally serve minors alcohol? No. Bad server. In Illinois the rules are strict. Card everyone.
Why is the lasagna so good? It's my favorite thing, but honestly I don't like most of the other entries that much. The lasagna is made fresh daily!
Why does it have such a bad reputation? i've never been to an OG but my presumption was that it was looked down on cuz everything was frozen/microwaved like a lot of chains. since that's apparently not the case, why the bad rap? YouTube madtv olive garden.
What's it like compared to fazoli's? Olive Garden is fully functional sit-down and dine experience. Complete with servers, hosts and bus boys.
It's very different.
How much did you hate Aug-Nov, aka Neverending Pasta Bowl season? Ummm, it sucked because the checks were so low...but we were crazy busy, so it kinda balanced.
About how much did you get paid in tips a night? a friend of my brother's got $80 once. Depends...its up and down. At least $100 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights....
I had this guy from a college come in and say that basically none of the food from Olive Garden is freshly made and it is all frozen foods basically, t/f? Ctrl F Frozen....the soups, and the lasagna and the pasta are made fresh.
Great AMA! Do the stores have a way to keep track of people who abuse the system for comp meals and gift certificates? Thanks, and not really...they dont ask for names....
Whats the worst customemanager you ever had? It's buried here somewhere...Ctrl F Daughters hair.
In that case, what's the easiest complaint that's going to get me a free meal and a gift certificate? :) Just send back two entress in a row. Thats the clincher.
The Olive Garden in my town gives out free wine samples to get you to buy a glass, and I assume yours does the same. What is the highest number of 'samples' a customer as asked to taste and never bought the wine? 4 samples is the max.
Is it true that all the chefs are flown first class to the Italian Institute of Fine Dining and Cuisine or something to that effect. That's what i heard. What rigorous training are they put through? Ctrl F + Tuscany. :)
Oh, haha... rigorous! It's fucking stupid. It's more like a vacation.
Is it an online school? No, its a real culinary training facility in Tuscany.
When I ask for less dressing on the salad, and it comes with exactly as much dressing as always, is that the server's fault or the kitchen's? Servers.
I cross the border to Niagara Falls NY just to go to Olive Garden.. I am pathetic... How far is the drive?
Around 45 Minutes and then however long the line up at the border is. sometimes it takes 5 minutes to cross US Customs and other times it can take well over 2 hours. Trooper!
It may be "fake", but the food is good. Can't deny it. It aint bad.
TL;DR. Yes sir, do you have a question caller?
Try Starbucks as well. When I worked there, everybody was fucking everybody else. Zack & Miri sequel?
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