New tales from the borderlands trophies

Technicians, Pharmacists and other related professions

2012.10.02 13:38 Swtrbl555 Technicians, Pharmacists and other related professions

Pharmacy work requires its own special laws and regulations and with it comes so many wonderful problems. How many times do you find yourself saying any of these: - Your insurance sets the price - That is your medical card, not your prescription card - Your prescription is expired ... Yes even though you still have refills If so this is the place to be!

2011.11.09 17:16 beefstick86 TalesFromRetail

A place to exchange stories about your daily experiences in brick & mortar retail.

2013.03.11 09:05 stories from the front desk of hotels/hostels/and others in the hospitality industry

A place where people from the hotel industry can come and share the stories of the things our guests do and say that make customer service the hated job that it is.

2023.06.01 18:13 No-Complex-2745 I saw this comment on a video about that delhi girl who got he right?? opinions!!

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2023.06.01 18:13 AeonicEchoes The Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript: A Book That No One Can Read

Greetings, Echo Explorers!
Let's embark on our first journey into the forgotten corridors of history with the fascinating tale of the Voynich Manuscript.
The Voynich Manuscript is an ancient book that has puzzled historians and cryptographers for over a hundred years. Its origin is unknown, and it's written in an undeciphered script filled with beautifully bizarre illustrations. Some say it's a lost natural history book of a long-gone civilization, others theorize it's an elaborate hoax.
Despite extensive analysis by skilled cryptologists, the text remains a mystery, and the Voynich Manuscript stands as one of the most intriguing riddles in the realm of historical linguistics.
What do you think the manuscript might be? An unknown language, an encoded text, or an elaborate joke?
I'd love to hear your thoughts, theories, or any lesser-known facts about other such undeciphered scripts!
Let the journey of our community begin with unraveling the echoes of this cryptic artifact from aeons past!
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2023.06.01 18:13 vjoyk What kind of ground strap do I need converting a 4 prong dryer cord to a 3 prong power cord.

I am installing a 3 prong power cord on my brand new 4 prong dryer because my outlet in my apartment is for 3 prong. The dryer model is GE brand GFD14ESSNOWW.
I have attached a link to a photo o the dryer with the 4 prong power cord still attached as I haven’t removed it yet and put on the 3 prong cord. Also including a photo of the instruction diagram on my dryer that shows how to install a 3 prong power cord. I am wondering what material and gauge ground strap I need. It looks like I hook it from the green ground screw to the neutral terminal?
I spoke to General Electric and they said they could not answer this question so I am worried about using the right ground wire/ground strap.
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2023.06.01 18:13 AwexCrypto Creating rules for cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia

Creating rules for cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia

Creation of rules for cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia

Cryptocurrency is allowed In Russia, the discussion about the regulation of platforms that are engaged in the exchange of cryptocurrency has resumed.
It is important to note that cryptocurrency is not banned in the country. Citizens have the right to own and dispose of cryptocurrency, but its use as a means of payment within the country is limited. This restriction is designed to prevent competition with the Russian ruble in the domestic market.

Central Bank announces digital ruble

However, the Central Bank does not object to the use of cryptocurrency in international transactions. The Central Bank leadership planned to use cryptocurrency to create an "invisible" system of international payments in order to circumvent international sanctions.
Last fall, the parliament failed to reach an agreement on the legality of mining. The Ministry of Finance put forward a new idea of implementing the digital ruble to ensure the confidentiality of transactions from Western banking structures, while maintaining control over the digital national currency (CBDC). The start of testing of the digital ruble has not yet taken place, and the planned date of the project is 2024.

Legalization of mining in Russia

In early April, a bill to legalize international payments in cryptocurrency also faced obstacles, as deputies failed to define responsibility for the illegal use of cryptocurrency. According to information posted on the website of the Central Bank, the testing of the digital ruble should have already begun, but there is no detailed information yet.Creation of rules for cryptocurrency exchanges in Russia
Recent statements by the head of the State Duma Committee on Financial Market, Anatoly Aksakov, indicate a rejection of the idea of centralized control over cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead of centralized control they decided to develop a network of small cryptocurrency exchanges, which will be regulated by the Central Bank and act in accordance with the approved rules. This approach will avoid the risk of blocking the only available platform and ensure diversification of the cryptocurrency market in Russia.
We have already emphasized many times that the decentralized cryptocurrency market is the only alternative way to abandon the dollar and circumvent sanctions. It will allow anonymous payments for imported goods, avoiding restrictions, through parallel channels.

AWEX is ready for new rules for cryptocurrency exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchange AWEX has already actively implemented all necessary security measures on its platform regarding the legal purity of digital assets. AWEX complies with AML/KYC policies. The safety of customer funds is ensured by site protection on several levels, as well as mandatory two-factor authentication for deposit and withdrawal transactions.
Thus, Russia is actively looking for solutions to regulate the activities of crypto-exchanges. Creation of common rules and development of a network of small exchanges regulated by the Central Bank will ensure stability and security in the cryptocurrency sphere, as well as avoid unwanted restrictions and blockages.
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2023.06.01 18:13 Outrageous-Jello-394 Is this normal for BH professional practices?

If this is inappropriate or unprofessional please feel free to take it down. My intentions mean well and maybe I’m just uneducated or need to reflect more on how I view things. I’m sorry if I’m being rude I just don’t understand—this is new to me within the Army and my personal life.
I’m in BH and the counselor asked me what my pronouns are and (respectfully) recommended I look into Reiki healing to help realign my chakras from sexual trauma. But! She said she’s still doing the other BH programs because she said it’s not her ultimate decision on what my treatment is.
Is this normal for professional practice?
For me this isn’t normal from my experiences—usually Army services are traditional/do not involve new modern ideologies and technologies.
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2023.06.01 18:13 Puddlejumper_ Citrus MC [SMP] [VANILLA] {JAVA 1.19.4} {DISCORD} {EU/UK}

Server Discord: Discord
Server Map: MAP
Version: 1.9.x - 1.19.4
Looking for a thrilling and immersive multiplayer survival experience? Look no further than Citrus MC! Unlike other semi-vanilla SMP servers that bombard you with pay-to-win ranks, intrusive leaderboards, and an overload of plugins that detract from the pure vanilla experience, we prioritize your gameplay enjoyment.
At Citrus MC, we've cultivated a community-focused vanilla server that fosters lasting friendships and lets you explore a brand-new world with other mature players. Our commitment to providing an authentic experience means we stay up-to-date with the latest versions of the game, ensuring compatibility with every new release from Mojang. And thanks to VIAVERSION, players on older versions can still join in on the fun!
Our server boasts a fresh map started just 4 months ago, allowing you to embark on an exciting journey alongside others right from the beginning. To enhance your experience, we've carefully selected a range of basic quality-of-life plugins such as RTP, SETHOME, TPA, and even Discord chat integration. These additions are designed to improve your gameplay without compromising the pure nature of the vanilla experience.
In addition, we feature a diamond-based economy that seamlessly integrates with the vanilla theme of our server. Trade and thrive in a player-driven economy, where the value of your hard-earned diamonds shines through.
Join us at Citrus MC with over 100+ members on the discord and see what adventures await!
NEVER Pay To Win
Grief protection for all players
Discord community
Responsive staff members online 24/7
24/7 operation 20TPS/Lag free
Below is a link to our discord server, read the rules and react to automatically receive your member role.
Make new friends and enjoy a true Minecraft experience, here at Citrus MC, All of the features of Minecraft, are fully included, with no catch.
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2023.06.01 18:12 Delicious-Salt1447 Freemate is a term that signifies a non-married partner in a group relationship.

Freemate is a term that signifies a non-married partner in a group relationship. Their level of engagement can range from being fully integrated into the relationship dynamics to having a more limited role, based on the agreements made by all participants.
Regardless of their involvement, freemates ultimately enhance the existing connection. They add a new dimension of love, support, and understanding, and fill the gap toward a healthy relationship 💘
Follow my page to broaden your knowledge of ethical non-monogamy and the common terms being used in the community!
#freemate #enm #polyamory #polyamorous #ethicalnonmonogamy #nonmonogamy #nonmonogamous #polyam #polyamorousrelationship #openrelationship#polyamorouspride #polytriad #enmcoach #ethicalnonmonogamycoach #nonmonogamycoach #openrelationshipcoach #polyamcoach #polyamorouscoach
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2023.06.01 18:12 Fluffy_Maintenance89 A few images from our new fan film: Pirates of the Caribbean - Secrets of the Lamp Teaser link in description!

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2023.06.01 18:12 SFV-Guy Apparently I cannot add passport card this time

My passport book routine application was just put in-process last week with Locator 62, and I am in no rush because I have no immediate travel plans at this time. A few days later, I thought maybe I do want a passport card too, so I tried calling NPIC to add. First time, I was transferred, then on hold for 3+ hours, beyond the 7pm (pacific) closing time. I gave up. Second time I was transferred, on hold for 1 hour 20 minutes, then disconnected. Third time I asked rep if I was doing something wrong, he connected me with his supervisor (HIS IDEA!!), and she said they had been told they aren't adding passport cards if the caller is not within the 2-week travel window. Frankly that didn't make sense to either of us and she said she is going to look into that from her end, and I said maybe I would call again in a couple of weeks. She was a pleasant lady, and seemed relieved that I wasn't upset or calling about expediting.
Then I tried to call Western Passport Center, but there is an automated message saying they are not taking outside calls.
Like I said, this is not urgent, and I was borderline (heh) about the passport card to begin with, otherwise I would have included it on my application. I could just end up mailing in the application sometime after I get my new passport. Just wanted to share my experience with you all.
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2023.06.01 18:12 Mr-Everyone Summertime Gaming: new hobbies, new friends

Summertime Gaming: new hobbies, new friends
Hi, my name is Chay Comas, and I'm a community organizer on the Central Coast, building a community of gamers and hobbyists. This is a passion project shared by me and hundreds of others who want to build and share our communities and hobbies far and wide.
All along the Central Coast eclectic hobbies and gaming communities are quickly becoming a popular movement. From Board Games to Cosplay, communities are sprouting like wildflowers. The Central Coast Games Newsletter is free and brings all of the nerdy events on the Central Coast to one place. Stay up to date with what's happening on the Central Coast and join the movement to connect our gaming and geek communities.
June 23-25 Mark your calendars and clear your schedules, because PolyCon XL is set to take place from June 23rd to June 25th, 2023, in the heart of San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly. With an exhilarating lineup of events and activities, this year's PolyCon promises to be the most thrilling installment to date. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of imagination, competition, and countless hours of gaming heaven
You'll have the opportunity to explore a diverse array of games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Mario Kart Tournaments, Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40k, Nerf War, LARP, Cosplay, and more...
Get news of upcoming events like this, and more through the summer for the Central Coast from Monterey to Ventura Co, covering:
  • Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs
  • Warhammer and TMGs
  • Fighting Game Tournaments
  • Cosplay Competitions and Expos
  • Game Conventions
  • Trading Card Tournaments and Regional Qualifiers
  • LARPing
  • Historical Wargaming
  • Crafting Demos & DIY support
  • New and old local gaming clubs
  • Game Demos
  • Escalation Leagues
  • Local Events
We are very excited at the reception that our newly found organization has received, and we're proud to be of service to the communities and games we're passionate about. If you'd like to join us and thousands of other active hobbyists and gamers, consider participating in our active discord server (the nerd herd). I'll see you there!
Chay Comas Community Organizer Central Coast Games [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.01 18:11 Fair-Cheesecake-5102 AITA for not accepting my boyfriend back after what he did?

I 20 female has been with my bf 20 male for almost 4 months now.
He hasn't always been the best and each time i would try to communicate something i wasn't okay with in our relationship he wouldn't take it seriously.
Yesterday i was looking through his phone and saw messages with his friend talking about how he got a lap dance from a girl and that it was amazing. He also sent his friend a message saying he saw another friend's sister and whether he should shoot his shot, he said that was a joke since they all joke about that friend's sister because one friend is in love with her. What makes me mad about the "joke" is that after saying that he talked about how beautiful she was and how "thick" she was.
We had been together for all this time and he decided he'd just not tell me about going to a birthday party and then get a lap dance from some girl. What infuriates me also is that he talked about it with his friend who told him not to let his gf know. It feels so disrespectful knowing he was saying this to his friend when i'm doing so much for him.
He is now begging me to get back with him and is saying that he will change. He keeps saying he will give me his Facebook, insta and even whatsapp and will even leave his job and get a new one (because he said that at the start of our relationship he didn't take it seriously and was talking to girls there.)
He kept saying that since the beginning of this month he started taking our relationship seriously and that he even bought a promise ring for me. But i can't take and don't feel like i should take him back. What should i do? AITA?
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2023.06.01 18:11 Dog_Boss_Coin Organic Inu $ORGANIC. CMC Listed. Active community. Best potential of 2023

Very bullish token - Relax and Earn. Ethereum Blockchain. Next PEPE

In the roadmap of the project - Twitter trends and partnership with Shiba Inu

Website -
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Is First Decentralized Ethereum Reward Token Coming With Rare Organic NFTs Collection

Organic Inu Project Is Audited By Freshcoins. So Every Member And Investor Can Get Info About Organic Token Smart Contract.

New WEB 3.0 platform related to real business. Organic Inu is a revolution in the world of DeFi, GameFi and organic products. Our goal is a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and popularization of agriculture. Earn money from two farms at once: real and virtual

NFTs Collection Is Coming With 8 Different Levels Of Rarities & Also We Will Be Doing NFTs Giveaway For Our Community.

Buy on Uniswap

Contract address: 0x2b7d7825A3C57229C07910408D1356eF64407827

Token Details & Features :

– Token Name: Organic Inu

– Token Symbol: $ORGANIC

– Token Type: ERC -20

– Contract Source Code Verified on ETHScan

– Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000

– Circulating supply: 400,000,000,000

– Liquidity Locked

TOKENOMICS (5% Total TX Fee)

Twitter -
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2023.06.01 18:11 -chopstickboss- Question to R1T owners

Looking for advice from R1T owners, new and used:
I had an R1T on order a long time ago and cancelled it because it was taking too long and bought another truck. But recently found a used one with less than 100 miles for a fairly decent price. Is it worth to buy lightly used and miss out on the tax credit or maybe order another new with no options and get the credit?
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2023.06.01 18:11 OGsr20 Come Join us on EQEmu - RetroQuest TLP

Want a fun TLP ?

Current Raiding Guild on the server clearing content looking for some new faces!!! Message Tagian in game or in our discord!
Raiders Discord

EQEmu - RetroQuest TLP

Looking for a way to relive your glory days in the world of Norrath? Look no further! Introducing our private emulated Everquest server - the perfect way to reconnect with your inner elf, dwarf, or whatever other race you fancy!
Our server is the ultimate destination for those who long for the days of challenging raids, epic battles, and camaraderie with fellow adventurers. But don't take our word for it - hear what some of our satisfied customers have to say:
"I never thought I'd get to experience the thrill of slaying a dragon again, but this server brought that feeling back in full force!" - Dorf the Mighty, Level 60 Paladin
"Finally, I can be a powerful mage again without having to deal with those pesky real-life responsibilities!" - Fireballz McWizard, Level 16 Enchanter
And if that's not enough to convince you, how about this: our server is so immersive, you'll forget you're even playing a game! You'll swear you're actually wandering through the lush forests of Faydark, or haggling with merchants in the bustling city of Freeport.
RetroQuest is an EQEMU TLP server that keeps much of the quality of life, custom spells, custom items, and custom commands you would expect from a custom server but in a much more challenging environment. Game begins at Kunark, and expansions will be released at 8-10 month time intervals. the server is focused and caters towards group play, and collaboration.
While you can solo/duo on this server and slowly achieve a peasants level of success in order to have the best experience you will require comrades and assistance from the community. The servers mechanics and balance focus on grouping with a party of 4-6 rather than solo or duo, with many benefits for the former.
Now is a great time to join and get started as there are still plenty of players around the level 10-50 range.
Basic Main Features for RetroQuest Kunark
Here is the Discord for RetroQuest where planning and discussion is taking place:
You can find information on RetroQuest at
Thank you for reading and hope to see you in RetroQuest.
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2023.06.01 18:10 DagothHertil MoonSharp or How we combined JSON and LUA for game ability management


During the development of our card game Conflux we wanted to have an easy way to create various abilities for our cards with different effects and at the same time wanted to write smaller amount of code per ability. Also we wanted try and add a simple modding capability for abilities.

Format we introduced

Some of you may be familiar with MoonSharp LUA interpreter for C#, often use in Unity engine to add scripting support to your game. That's what we took as a base for writing the code for abilities. Each ability can subscribe to different events such as whenever a card takes damage, is placed on the field or ability is used manually on some specific targets. Besides having event handlers we needed a way to specify some metadata like mana cost of abilities, cooldown, icon, etc. and in the first iteration of the system we had a pair of JSON metadata file and LUA code file.
It was fine initially but we quickly realized that abilities typically have ~20 lines of JSON and ~20 lines of LUA code and that having two files per ability is wasteful so we developed a simple format which combines both the JSON and LUA.
Since LUA code could never really be a valid JSON (unless you are ok with slapping all the code into a single line or is ok with escaping all the quotes you have) we put the JSON part of the abilities into the LUA script. First LUA block comment section within the script is considered as a JSON header.
Here is an example of "Bash" ability in LUA (does damage and locks the target cards):
--[[ { "mana_cost": 0, "start_cooldown": 0, "cooldown": 3, "max_usage": -1, "icon": "IconGroup_StatsIcon_Fist", "tags": [ "damage", "debuff", "simple_damage_value" ], "max_targets": 1, "is_active": true, "values": { "damage": 5, "element": "physical" }, "ai_score": 7 } --]] local function TargetCheck() if Combat.isEnemyOf(, this.event.target_card_id) then return Combat.getAbilityStat(, "max_targets") end end local function Use() for i = 1, #this.event.target_card_ids do Render.pushCardToCard(, this.event.target_card_ids[i], 10.0) Render.createExplosionAtCard("Active/Bash", this.event.target_card_ids[i]) Render.pause(0.5) Combat.damage(this.event.target_card_ids[i], this.ability.values.damage, this.ability.values.element) Combat.lockCard(this.event.target_card_ids[i]) end end Utility.onMyTargetCheck(TargetCheck) Utility.onMyUse(Use) 

Inheritance for abilities

It may be a completely valid desire to have a way to reuse the code of some abilities and just make some small adjustments. We solved this desire by having a merge function for JSON header data which will look for a parent field within the header and will look for the data based on the ID provided in this parent field. All the data found is then merged with the data provide in the rest of the current JSON header. It also does it recursively, but I don't foresee actually using this functionality as typically we just have a generic ability written and then the inherited ability just replaces all it needs to replace.
Here is an example on how a simple damaging ability can be defined:
--[[ { "parent": "Generic/Active/Elemental_projectiles", "cooldown": 3, "icon": "IconGroup_StatsIcon01_03", "max_targets": 2, "values": { "damage": 2, "element": "fire", "render": "Active/Fireball" }, "ai_score": 15 } --]] 
So as you can see there is no code as 100% of it is inherited from the parent generic ability.
The way a code in the child ability is handled is that the game will execute the LUA ability files starting from the top parent and will traverse down to the child. Since all the logic of abilities is usually within the event handlers then no actual change happens during the execution of those LUA scripts (just info about subscriptions is added). If the new ability you write needs to actually modify the code of the parent then you can just unsubscribe from the events you know you want to modify and then rewrite the handler yourself.

MoonSharp in practice

MoonSharp as a LUA interpreter works perfectly fine IMO. No performance issues or bugs with the LUA code execution as far as I see.
The problems for us started when trying to use VS code debugging. As in it straight up does not work for us. To make it behave we had to do quite a few adjustments including:

What is missing

While we are mostly satisfied with the results the current implementation there are a couple things worth pointing out as something that can be worked on:

Why not just write everything in LUA?

It is possible to convert the JSON header part into a LUA table. With this you get a benefit of syntax highlight and comments. The downside is that now to read the metadata for the ability you have to run a LUA VM and execute the script if you want to get any info from it. This implies that there will be no read-only access to ability information because the script will inevitably try to interact with some API that modifies the game state (at the very least adds event listener) or you will need to change the API to have a read-only mode.
Another point is that having a simple JSON part in the file let's you use a trivial script to extract it from the .lua file and it then can be used by some external tools (which typically don't support LUA)


Adding JSON as a header to LUA has following pros and cons compared to just writing C# code per ability:
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2023.06.01 18:10 DeanSalichi The creation of the Earth in my story

So my story is about shapeshifting characters aiming to save the environment. I've tried to create a lore and backstory for how the planet Earth was created. It is based entirely on the theory of evolution, but I want to sprinkle in mythology of the nature gods being involved in the creation and evolution of the Earth and its creatures. It's going to be my prologue for my first book, sort of like Concerning Hobbits in Fellowship of the Ring, but shorter. Let me know what you think. How can I expand on the creation of the Earth by the nature gods?
Earth, our only home, the only planet in the galaxy that maintains life. It all started with the explosive birth of the goddess of the planet. In Her youth, Mother Nature raged as a heaping mass of hot molten gas and rock. Millions of years later, Her molten rage cooled down into a solid planet and formed the oceans that covered Her entire body. From the womb of the oceans, two stars fell from the sky into the waters, forming the souls of the first two beings that started life. Many more years later, land rose from the ocean and life moved from the oceans to form legs and walked on land with their own feet. For millions of years, as the continents broke apart, life evolved more and more from this common ancestor that connects us all into diverse creatures as it grew into the world we know now. From the high snowy mountains to the deep blue seas, to the savannah grasslands to the lush green forests and jungles, life survived and thrived for millions of years. And as such, evolved a new species from the Great African Rift Valley, humans. Since ancient times, humans lived side by side with nature and only took what they needed. They maintained their respect and reverence of the laws of survival Mother Nature bestowed upon the plants and animals on Her body. But as humanity’s intelligence evolved, so did their greed. And that greed became nature’s slow undoing. Humanity plundered and pillaged the lands of its resources and drove many species to extinction, placing themselves above the laws of nature. Overtime, humanity forgot their original connection with nature and saw value only in materials. But as humanity’s grew, so did their awareness. Certain groups of humans learned of the damage they have done to the Earth and seek to fix the planet. But before they can change the world, they must first change themselves. Among those humans have accepted a spiritual power latent within all humans that combines the power of beasts with the intelligence of man. For Mother Nature knew Her most intelligent creations have lost their inherent connection with Her and felt ashamed She ever allowed an intelligent creature to evolve, She granted humanity animal spirits and the power to unleash them through an animal totem, so humanity could recall their connection with the animals they share Her body with. With these totems, humans fight for the future of their one and only home for the next generation to enjoy. Can these humans fix the mistakes of their ancestors? The answer rests in their footprints.
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2023.06.01 18:10 Krafton_8559 BNA does not need a S2, it needs a whole remake.
After watching all 12 episodes of Brand New Animal twice (except for Ep 12, which I watched just once) and watching several YouTube videos reviewing the anime, I discovered that BNA's story desperately needs improvement. The show becomes a "meh" level of quality when its stunning art style and jaw-dropping action scenes are combined with poor worldbuilding and irrational character decisions. There must be a way to change the writing while still keeping all the parts that viewers love about BNA - the concept of humans turning into anthropomorphised animals.
I have an idea of how this might be achieved.

Note that this proposal focuses on fixing all the plotholes in the story, not how to best integrate the signature "Trigger" action into the writing.
Currently, its writing has tons of problems, meaning all the characters act irrationally and the plot is full of "pretzel logic".
For example:
But, the show also has a lot of good things that fans would like to see more of.
For example:

I might have a solution that can solve all the plot holes:
Instead of Beastmen and Humans always having been separate species, change the lore so that Beastmen and Humans used to be one and the same - normal human beings. Beastmen would be re-defined as Humans who have gained the ability to transform between a Beast form and a Human form.
This way:
As for the protagonist's poor decision-making and lack of backstory, that can be changed by elaborating on her backstory in the first episode and tweaking her personality so that "heroic dumbass" is an explicit part of it.

If I could re-write BNA...
... I would stretch the original plot from 12 episodes to 3 seasons with 12 episodes each.
Season 1
Michiru escapes to a island that has been transformed into Anima City. She learns to become comfortable in her own skin and gains friends there, including Shirou Ogami and "the bears", who are a basketball team (and NOT a baseball team)
In the background, Mayor Rose is doing a bad job at being the mayor of the city, which leads to lots of social-economic issues in Anima City, which leads to lots of crime.
[insert human terrorists here]
[insert beastmen mafia here]

Season 2
A new religion has arisen in Anima City that claims to be led by the "Silver Wolf" god. Turns out it's just Michiru's high-school friend, Nazuna. Michiru faces off with Nazuna as she builds her religion.
Shiout Ogami reveals himself to just Michiru to be the true, original, Silver Wolf.
In the end, Nazuna's lie falls apart and all the beastmen rise up against her. Nazuna gives up seeking to become an "idol" and leaves Michiru's life once again.
In the background, however, Alan Sylvasta of the cooperation Sylvasta Pharmaceutical is running to be the new mayor. In the end, he is finally elected as the new mayor and Mayor Rose is kicked out.

Season 3
After achieving a good research & development company and gaining political power, as well as the favour of the Beastmen, Alan Sylvasta can finally chase his ultimate goal: gaining divine power and becoming the god of the Beastmen.
He rebuilds a ton of infrastructure in Anima City, not just to improve it and serve its citizens better, but to replicate the appearance of the "first Animal City", which is where Shirou was from.
He also researches how to become a beastmen and uses Michiru's DNA to secretly turn himself into a wolf beastmen.
In the end, Alan Sylvasta builds a giant pentagram stage. He stands and the centre and holds a giant congregation all around the centre. He replicates the series of events that turned Shirou Ogami from a regular wolf beastmen into a deity and succeeds in becoming a big yellow wolf god thingy.
Shirou Ogami transforms into his god form and fights Alan Sylvasta. An epic flashy god fight ensues. Shirou wins.
The remaining beastmen who are still alive decide to flee Anima City because they no longer believe that they will ever get a good leader. However, Michiru convinces Shirou to lead the Beastmen and be the new-new mayor of Anima City.
In the end, Shirou reluctantly agrees to lead the small portion of Beastmen who still believe in Anima City.
Note that I'm not sure if a re-make of BNA should repeat all the storylines from the original. While that would give a lot of respect for the original, I am afraid that it might be boring to see the same thing playing out in a different way.
After all, this is a world that should be more about the tons of humans being discriminated against because they gained the ability to turn into animal-human hybrids, not a world where two people are trying to become God! A "furry" show should be about the "furry concept" and all its ethical issues!

Additional Notes
BNA currently dances around many themes, but one theme that should stand out the most is "Identity". It is better for the show to focus on this central theme and branch off from it for different characters.
Theme is very important. The YouTuber LocalScriptMan talks about themes much better than I can.
I'm not a writing guru. I only picked up writing as a hobby about a year ago. These are just my thoughts on the show. If anyone wants to pick up on this idea and re-make BNA, please do.
Credit me.

Video Links
The YouTube reviews I watched:

TL:DR - change BNA lore so that beastmen are humans that have become beastmen so the plotholes regarding "Beastmen acting like humans" are all filled up and so better conflict can be imagined.
submitted by Krafton_8559 to BrandNewAnimal [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:10 LiswanS Advice on first job for new grad

Hi, I would greatly appreciate any advice you are willing to share.
I am a current student; I am set to take my boards this next month, and I officially am done in August. I started my job search a couple of weeks ago. I have had interviews with two hospitals (another hospital is in a few hours), and both so far have offered me positions, thankfully. One is .8 FTE, other is 1.0 FTE. Both full benefits day one, and they have good reputations.
The .8 is offering close to 39/hr. It is in a more expensive city, and it is a level 1 trauma center. I would get the opportunity to do transcranial doppler, procedures (my favorite), etc, but they also do quite a bit of physiologic exams, and anything with Parks are my least favorite exams to do. This isn't a deal-breaker, of course, but I do so many during the week now, and they can be quite time-consuming with some patients. I would be with another sonographer the first month, or at least have others available to help me during that time, but would have times that I would be on my own after that. I only interviewed virtually, but I have been to this hospital many times d/t family illness. They have new Philips machines, which are amazing and what I use at 2 sites now, and I prefer over GE.
The 1.0 FTE is offering around 35/hr. Great benefits, PTO, etc. I also really loved the atmosphere with the sonographers. This would also be a bit more "hand-holding" to start off. They rarely have procedures, and there is more OB, which I have less experience with. They do not have Parks machines, so no segmentals. Their machines are a mix of older and newer GE.
Both would require me to move, as they are both about 2 hours from where I currently live. I don't think either is a bad choice. I love the idea of the opportunities I would get at the larger hospital at .8, but the 1.0 is in a safer area with lower cost of living.
If I get a job offer from the other hospital, it is quite similar to the 1.0 FTE position. I don't know all of their benefits, yet, though.
I would appreciate any advice people are willing to share. My internship sites are not hiring, unfortunately, but they have been great experiences.
submitted by LiswanS to Sonographers [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 18:10 starrstreams STAR CITIZEN Machinima [Feedback desired]

Hey guys. I've been posting up short roleplay machinima content now onto YouTube for a while with limited traction. Kind of demotivating but I love it coming from a theatre background and will continue to build the series over time. I'd appreciate some feedback.
There are currently three characters so far who all cross over into each others stories from time to time. There are cameo moments from other content creators such as Mongrel Squad, Backspaced and Scooter. I'm also trying to feed into the official lore as best I can.
COLIN, New Babbage Security - A wholesome character who helps people around MicroTech. Often improvised on live servers with no script. There is a storyline / theme growing which I'll develop.
LUCAS, an android lost in Space - Newest character. This is a mad android who's struggling to function properly after his ship was attacked where his master was killed.
CHARLIE - Homeless guy at Area 18. Again, very improvised. No script. Interaction with players in real time. But there is a story arc building and I recently spilled his story over with COLIN's
More characters to come. Loads of story ideas. Lots of silly stuff, especially with Colin.
My personal fav videos so far is Android #2 and Colin #4
Full playlist is here with the latest video at the top
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2023.06.01 18:10 Zxzxex I envy ppl who have friends that are into Pokémon.

I’m just very invested in the Pokémon franchise. My favourite time is the phase between a new game announcement to its release day.
The adrenaline I felt with PLA & SV back to back in the same year, watching all the speculation unfold was so fun.
The problem is I don’t really have anyone to share my excitement. People around me have a very surface level interest for the franchise.
I wish I had friends with whom I’d go and buy the game with on release day, chill together with our switches out as downtime, share my excitement for new content or releases with.
Other than the mainline games I enjoy content like fake Pokémon design channels, playthroughs, watching the anime and films.
I’m 24 & from the UK, so maybe it’s just not that relevant here in England I guess?
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2023.06.01 18:10 RichieRich-April What are the lead times for buying a new car these days?

Hi everyone,
I intend to buy Kia and signed and agreement back in February with 8 months lead time. With every update from the dealer, my confidence in getting the car on time is fading away. Has anyone intended to buy a new car recently? What are the lead times in the market?
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