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2023.06.01 18:07 SoftwareSuch9446 How do I stay at a job for more than 3 years?

I’ve been in the industry for over 10 years, but I can’t seem to stay in the same role for more than 3 years without getting bored. Here’s been my path after graduation (therefore excluding internships during college, etc.):
Linux SysAdmin (2.5y) -> Fullstack dev (3y) -> DevOps Engineer (2.5y) -> Fullstack dev (1.5y) -> Fullstack dev team lead (2y)
I’ve been able to increase my pay in every position by switching companies, but the real reason I switch positions every few years is that I eventually get bored of what I’m working on. I always told myself I was moving up for the money, but now, I make a good amount in a LCOL area, and yet I’m still burnt out. I realized that I generally switched jobs due to burnout, and so I’m trying to figure out how to stop that. Here’s what I’m trying to figure out:
  1. Is this normal? I’m 33 years old, so fairly young in my overall career, and therefore I don’t know how it feels to stay at a company for 5+ years, or if it’s even worth it to do so
  2. What can I do to stop the burnout? This is something I need to talk to with a therapist, but it’s very hard to not give it my all. I’ve also found that it’s hard being a team lead, because you have to help with technical tasks, but you have to spend a lot of time helping your team with personal stuff and also managing expectations of other teams. I think this has led to burnout more quickly.
Please excuse any grammatical errors; I live in America but am from Germany and still don’t speak English perfectly.
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2023.06.01 18:07 TitanEris More charters should try doing Full Difficulty charts (not a complaint, but a recommendation!)

So I picked up charting a couple months back, because I recently had an abundance of time on my hands and there were some songs I wanted to play that didn't already have charts. Recently though, I've had a bit of burnout. After charting about 7 songs, I haven't felt the same drive to make any more; I've started plenty of other ones, but the number of roadblocks in a given song just outweighs my drive to play them—trick fret patterns or odd rhythms that I simply don't have the patience to deal with. Which sucks, because I love charting (otherwise I wouldn't have started or planned so many other projects).
To scratch that itch while I've been out of commission, I've recently been doing Full Difficulty charts of the songs I've already done. I've seen a lot of posts lamenting the fact that most custom charts are Expert Only, and let's face it, it's a lot easier to reduce the complexity of something you've already charted than it is to chart something new. Normally if you want to chart an Expert level song, the best option is to look up the tabs of the song in question and transcribe it from there. But not every song is tabbed out, and a majority of the ones that are tend to be chords only; you'll be lucky if they include a strum pattern. At that point, all you can do is try and listen really closely, but depending on the mixing, the part you wanna chart can be nearly unintelligible. All of it just makes it really difficult to find a song that: A) you want to chart, B) that can be charted with relative ease, and C) hasn't been charted already.
In contrast, I've just about completed my first Full Difficulty chart, and I can't recommend the process enough. Instead of having to figure out new patterns or what sequence of chords plays best while still matching the pitch of the song, you get to reduce what you already have, distilling it to its core elements; the answer is laid out in front of you, you just have to find it.
Of course, Full Difficulty charting has it's own challenges, particularly figuring out how to simplify note/strumming patterns into a Difficulty that, let's be honest, most of us haven't touched in a long time. (I'm planning on making some follow-up posts regarding certain speed bumps, but this post is getting long enough as it is).
But if you're a charter and you've never tried Full Difficulty charting, give it a shot! You may just surprise yourself with how fun it is.
Heck, even if you've never charted before but are curious to try your hand at it, you could practice by simplifying other Expert Only songs for you to play (although the ethics of posting it are a bit dubious; make sure to contact the original charter if you want it uploaded to see if it's okay or if they want to upload it for you?)
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2023.06.01 18:07 gigabyteIO I know this is hard. But hard times, build hard people. Don't lose sight of the vision, the fundamentals, the technology, the community. We will all get through this together. I am holding until at least 2030, so you guys have at least 7 more years of my posts like these(probably much more).

Hello Algofam,
We're in the depths of the bear market. Take a deep breath. Take multiple. Get some sunshine. Eat a nutritious meal. Watch a good movie.
At times like these it's important to try to maintain perspective. Step away from charts for awhile, setup a buy order and walk away, or hold what you have and keeping experimenting with DeFi and governance.
This is a time for building. Not just in the Algorand community, but ourselves as well.
In the last 48 hours I have started to see many people struggle with the psychology of such a prolonged market and this double bottom, the first being in December.
Understand the market is hugely based on psychology, and the pain is meant to break you. Don't let it.
Algorand is currently ranked #42, below ApeCoin, and above The SandBox.
Doesn't this make you chuckle a little bit? It's all rather absurd. The purely speculative scam coins above ALGO. All the garbage in the top 50.
Remember REAL important use cases are being built on Algorand. These things take time. Tokenized real estate, The Central Bank of Italy Digital Gaurantees/Bonds, India T-hub/Health records, Kare Wallet for the RedCross, Hesab Pay for Afghanistan. These things are real but take time.
I'm so excited for node incentives and one click node participation. Algorand just needs time to ripen and it's taking its time but once all the pieces are in place it is a top 5 blockchain. I love Algorand and I love this community. No amount of price action is going to shake me out. The fundamentals are still there and stronger than ever.
I will leave you with a quote from Epictetus, the great Stoic slave:
"Nothing important comes into being overnight; even grapes or figs need time to ripen. If you say that you want a fig now, I will tell you to be patient. First, you must allow the tree to flower, then put forth fruit; then you have to wait until the fruit is ripe. So if the fruit of a fig tree is not brought to maturity instantly or in an hour, how do you expect the human mind to come to fruition, so quickly and easily? Don't expect it, even if I were personally to tell you it was possible."
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2023.06.01 18:06 fixthat Storage upgrade question

Hi all. I have a DS918+ with 4x4TB WD in an SHR Raid with 1 drive fault tolerance
I am thinking of upgrading to 3 Larger disks (10TB to 15TB).
This would give me a lot more storage and if the need comes to expand, I only have to buy a single disk and not another 4.
My question is, can I replace a 4x4TB SHR Raid with only 3 larger disks that would cover the data already in the current setup?
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2023.06.01 18:06 LordTyler123 Hot take!: Improved Minor Illusion can do anything you imagine in 5ft

I am of the opinion Minor illusion is one of the strongest cantrips ever and Dm willing it should be able to do just about anything.
Conceal you completely by covering you in an image of something els. Like a disguise, camouflage or the image of you doing nothing to hide some other action. I believe you should be able to cover yourself in the image of the space you occupy without you in it projecting the image of Invisibility
It could act as cover throwing a wall between you and enemy attackers. They could not attack you without wasting an action interacting with the wall to reveal the illusion. Other enemies could attack after but if there is only one enemy you could just keep throwing illusions between you forcing them to interact with the new illusion.
You could trick the enemy into not dodging attacks by throwing illusionary attacks that don't hurt them so they won't bother dodging the real fireball.
It could make noises loud enough to conceal other actions. It could fake the sound of some other threat or lead enemies into traps.
I love this cantrip so much but I know it's very subjective and depends on player imagination and permission from the Dm to be this awsome. Il tell you this for free if I Dm for an illusionist wizard I would let them drive an imaginary train over my minions as long as they can sell me on the illusion.
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2023.06.01 18:05 YouDontJump Simplii Financial Referral Reddit - $50 Signup bonus + potential for a $400 direct deposit bonus

These offers are exclusive to Canadians (who are new customers to Simplii), excluding residents of Quebec.
Simplii Financial is a trademark and division of CIBC. Banking products and services branded Simplii Financial are offered by CIBC. You can access your money from any CIBC ATM in Canada without a fee. You can also withdraw money from any non-CIBC ATM displaying the Interac® or PLUS* signs. Additional costs may apply, including any fees from the owner of the other machine.
To get started with a No Fee Chequing Account, High Interest Savings Account or Personal Line of Credit please apply through the link, otherwise you will not receive the welcome bonus.
When using my referral link or referral code (for mortgages), you must follow all the instructions to set up your new Simplii account and complete the eligible activities:
To get started with a Simplii Financial Mortgage please use referral code: 0009294970
If you open a No Fee Chequing Account by June 30, 2023 and add an eligible direct deposit of at least $100 a month for 3 straight months you'll earn an additional $400 direct deposit bonus!
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2023.06.01 18:05 Learningmathsos Best route driving from Virginia to Washington state?

I’m driving from all the way east to all the way west with minimal stops but want to know if anyone has experience with the recommended google route going up to Chicago and across Minnesota/North Dakota and Montana in terms of roads and cell service? Incase our car breaks down
I’m having a hard time deciding if I should go that route or spend the little extra time and drive through St. Louis/Colorado/Salt Lake City and up to Washington which may be more populated areas but I do need to get back asap so if anyone has experience with the north trip I’d love to know thanks
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2023.06.01 18:05 garrettbass There have to be memes about how much this guys Tupac shirt stands out

There have to be memes about how much this guys Tupac shirt stands out
TUPAC is literally all i see in this photo
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2023.06.01 18:05 Think-Concert2608 Tired of this divide (but still has hope for us) [Pride edition]

The country is so divided. The world is so divided. Always some bad news on the very first day of pride month. Always some bill that pushes us back 50 years. It seems our brothers and sisters can have a break. Allies can’t cheer as they win more equality and gain more support. It all feels so hopeless……
Until I realize
Look where we are in human history- after thousands of years of this subject. Thousands of years of oppression and other atrocities. If I were to list them all I’d never recover. Human history has truly been awful for everyone on this earth the more I read. We try to pin point cool historical facts and look for secret allies of years past, but it’s okay to admit human history has just been dog shit. We made it that way out of fear and power.
But when I accept that, it makes me ASTONISHED where we are now. Within less than of 100 years or so out of ALL human history, we are supporting and saying things out ancestors couldn’t even begin to imagine. Gay couples are on tv, women are fighting back like never before etc. We are living in such a VAPIDLY growing supportive society.
It sucks donkey ass but it makes sense why it feels so shitty the country and others feel stuck in this oppressive past: we are literally living in the oppressive past! Just with more electricity.
After this realization it blows my mind to see what 100 years and less has brought us. Yes we can say “not much” but i’m going to look at the glass half full and say quite a lot compared to where all of human history has shown.
We are the first breath of a new life, the first breath of real advancement. And while assholes who try to pass bills to oppress people, make songs about boycotting LGBT allies, try and make us feel like the world will never be accepting and inclusive for anyone who’s not a straight white man or a couple who only see sex as for making hundreds of babies, I just like to remember:
If we developed some form of equality before we can do it again. If we were able to bring LGBT issues to the table- as far back as the 50s, where everyone was rigorously uptight + religious and get society to change their attitude within a few decades- imagine society tomorrow. If we got this far despite that, I’d like to think political assholes don’t know history. I like to think political figures need to remember all it takes is for people to stand up. To vote. To not be discouraged by every asshole who claims we are snowflakes but then cries like a baby when a store or company supports LGBT people. My god they get so triggered by the word gay huh? These snowflakes. See, I can use that word on you too!
So you want to bring us back to the 1950s? Go ahead. Look where it lead to. It lead to a society where we are more open to lgbt than ever in ALL human history. I see no reason why my country or even those oversea can’t follow suit considering how America used to be about this.
Maybe i don’t know what i’m talking about, but i’d like to think i’m not naively hopeful as I see a whole list of lgbt movies on netflix ready to watch, a steady growing support for gay rights, and even people who are just plain tired of people trying to make “woke” or “progressive” a bad term.
So instead of downing all my cbd gummies or worry about the next election, i think ill spend today watching cute gay proposal videos- especially where both parties just so happen to have a ring and planned to propose to one another so it turns into a double proposal?! My god that’s so cute
This is something i needed to write in words, otherwise my ocd would be kicking into overdrive.
I’ll continue to have hope and support those of the lgbt community in every life I’ll ever have.
Happy pride
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2023.06.01 18:05 Weary-Marionberry429 Music Class

My MB really wants to socialize NK which is great, but she signed up NK for a 6 week baby music class. It is in the middle of her nap time and I have to put her to bed early so NK can get at least 45 minutes of what should be a 2 hour nap. I have to drive NK and do the whole class since babies obviously are not able to keep a beat or whatever so the moms/nanny’s are the ones playing the instruments the whole time. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but it’s extremely overstimulating for me hearing 10 moms shake instruments and 10 babies crying and the teacher has a speaker that’s so loud I would never use that with babies, my ears are ringing after the class. I love my NF but I hate this music class and I do a lot of extra stuff for them like washing the parents dishes, folding the parents laundry, on top of NKs dishes and laundry and running errands for MB like picking up prescriptions while NK sleeps because I think MB thinks I’m bored? But at least half of her nap time I’m cleaning and I want a break. I do not want to do this music class and she signed up for 6 more weeks and I’m really upset. I don’t know what to do because I don’t have a contract and she wants her baby to be in a music class but I don’t know if she’s ever been and I think in part of not having a contract (even though she’s lovely) she thinks I’m generally at disposal for whatever they could possibly need. The only thing I haven’t done that she’s asked me is to pick up their 2 large really poorly behaved dogs from the groomer?? I am their nanny for their baby, I have literally no desire to put their huge dogs in my car or risk driving her very expensive car when I just want a break. Is there a way I can tell her I really do not want to be a part of this music class and it’s not what we initially discussed when I interviewed with them?
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2023.06.01 18:05 doit4kicks First Bike

I’m sorry if these types of questions are annoying here, or if they are asked a million times.
I have had the itch to ride for the past few years and am finally pulling the trigger. I have signed up for a MSF Class this coming weekend. I was never interested in the sport bike but just the take-it-easy ride of a cruiser. I first fell in love with the Iron 883 a few years ago and nothing has changed. After a lot of searching I have found one or two with ABS.
Past few days though I have started thinking if this is the right move. Truth is, I have never ridden a motorcycle or dirt bike. Only 2 wheel I have driven is a bicycle, lol. I am all about safety and don’t mind easing into it (especially since an accident where a hand injury would put me out of work). I feel I have self control and am not worried about having the craze to drive the iron fast, but in reality is the 883 too powerful for a first time rider to learn on?
I am looking into the Rebel 300 and 500 also (to potentially learn on and then move toward the iron), but I’m not sure if I should just go for the Iron since it’s the one I like.
Any advice for a new rider? Thank you
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2023.06.01 18:05 Round-Citron8617 How Do I Deal With Someone Who Is Threatening To Post My Private Pictures And Videos Online

This was my story i was able to get someone who helped me get some info and access to call logs and even phone conversations, whatsapp, facebook, text messages, that I needed for proof of his secretive affair. The first time we spoke, we had a very long phone consultation in which he gave me all my options that he could think of to resolve my case, and he even recommended I tried other options before requesting for his services. I decided to hire him and I am glad I did. They are also expert with recover of scam funds and investment funds
Many services he can render include: Social Media Hack( Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook/Messenger, Twitter, Viber etc.), GPS Location Tracking, Recovering of lost bitcoin/ bitcoin account, Incoming calls Restriction, Intercepting and Retrieving Instant Messages, Grade Hacking, Credit Score Increase, USSD Control Commands, WhatsApp Spy, Viber Spy, Facebook/Messenger Spy, Skype Spy, Hacking into Databases of all kinds, Calendar Monitoring, Internet Usage Monitoring, Remotely Accessing SMS, Game Hacking and Cracking, Key Logging, Remote Email Spying, and more. Also Colleges/University upgrades, mobile phone hack and provider, Clearing criminal record, clear your bank debt and mortgage, retrieve deleted files, private investigator, crypto currency wallet hijack, erase leaked sex tape of all kinds. To all loyal partners out there if you have a dishonest or suspicious partner don't hesitate to contact.
Contact him darkdantehackingagency AT GMAIL DOT COM
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2023.06.01 18:04 DonQRosinante Sex is dwindling. What should I do

So I just had a talk with my girl. We’ve been going out for 3yrs now and throughout the first year the sex was great. Real consistent. The sex started to die down. Which didn’t raise concern because sex everyday for the first year was excessive. Fast forwarding to now we aren’t really having much sex at all. It’s always quickies. And I can tell she’s doing it just to satisfy me. I notice throughout our relationship that her sex drive was never high. She did wild things in the past both with me and in previous interactions throughout her life but also would talk about how her previous exs got mad that she never wanted to have sex. Once we got together she says she never had so much sex with one person or try the things we’ve tried. Rimjobs, toe inside her, literally everything. From the way she acts with me I know she’s attracted to me, and loves me. All the affection and lovey dovey stuff never went away. But now I feel I understand why we haven’t been having sex like that for the past year and a half. I believe she never had a high sex drive in the first place. But felt exhilarated to do all the things we did when we first started dating. And now that the exhilaration is gone her true self shows. Which is just a woman who doesn’t crave sex like how I thought. She confirmed this with me when I brought it to her attention. Only problem is that MY sex drive I’ve made clear since the beginning. Telling her at some point I considered being a male porn star. So it’s honestly been affecting me but I’m not the type of person to get mad at my girlfriend because she doesn’t wanna have sex but at this point I feel like it’s starting to get to me. I don’t wanna break up with her because I love her just as much as I did when I met her but without the sex, I feel like I’m missing something big in my relationship and I’m not the type of person to want to work towards a better sex life because I feel like that’s something that should naturally come to you. You shouldn’t have to work to have a better sex drive. She deserves a person who is on her level, and I feel the same about me but I love her too much to let her go. What should I do?
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2023.06.01 18:04 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in IN Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Hoosier Hills Credit Union Credit Analyst Bedford
Hoosier Hills Credit Union Mortgage Loan Processing Manager Bedford
AccessAbilities Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Sign On Bonus and Relocation Assistance Available Merrillville
Suburban Propane Truck Driver Albion
Drive Staff Truck Driver Semi Local Class A Anderson
Kalan LP Part-Time Merchandiser - IN, Anderson Anderson
Athletico Physical Therapy Physical Therapist Float Anderson
PurposeCare Home Health Aide Anderson
Bowen Center Masters Level CounseloTherapist Angola
Heart to Heart Hospice Certified Nursing Assistant Auburn
Healthcare Services Group, Inc. Food Service WorkeKitchen HelpeDietary Aide Avon
Kemper CPA Group Staff Accountant Avon
Wellbrooke of Avon QMA - Qualified Medication Aide Avon
Home Health Care Solutions Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Home Health Avon
Reliant Rehabilitation Speech Language Pathologist Bedford
Supportive Community Innovations- Registered Behavior Technician-Bedford Area Bedford
Royal South Toyota Mazda Volvo Internet Manager Bloomington
ATI Physical Therapy Full-Time Physical Therapy Aide Bloomington
Fox Rehabilitation Physical Therapist / PT Bloomington
Bluffton Medical Group LPN Clinics - OB/Gyn Bluffton
Ccmi Merchandiser position available in -Bremen IN Bremen
Summers Plumbing Heating & Cooling - Brownsburg HVAC Sales Brownsburg
Planet Fitness Member Services Representative Brownsburg
Resource Plus Of North Florida Inc Traveling Reset Merchandiser Brownsburg
Ccmi Merchandiser position available in -Brownstown IN Brownstown
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in in. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 18:04 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NE Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
American Broadband Central Office Supervisor Blair
American Broadband Account Executive Blair
Boone County Health Center Clinical Informatics Associate Albion
Psychiatric Medical Care RN Director of Mental Health Program Alma
Go Ape USA Summer Adventure Guide Ashland
KAAPA Ethanol Holdings, LLC Safety & Receiving Administrator Aurora
GT Sales & Manufacturing Inc Warehouse Team Member Beatrice
Beardmore Chevy/subaru/hyundai Lot Porter / Detailer Bellevue
Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Broken Bow
Good Neighbor Community Health Center Medical Health Assistant On Job Training Columbus
GPac Precision Ag Specialist Columbus
First Nebraska Bank Northeast Regional Loan Officer Decatur
Vetter Senior Living Senior Living Sales and Concierge Services Elkhorn
Marquis Place Driver Elkhorn
Cooperative Producers Inc Store Clerk - PT, Evenings and every other weekend Franklin
Gothenburg Memorial Hospital Laboratory Tech Gothenburg
Trego Dugan Aviation Of Grand Island Inc Airline Customer Service Representative - Grand Island, NE Grand Island
Viaero Wireless Warehouse Clerk - Grand Island, Nebraska Grand Island
Central Nebraska Rehabilitation Services Full Time COTA - Acute Care Grand Island
Planet Fitness Grand Island Member Services Representative Grand Island
Nebraska Crossing Women's Apparel/Clothing associate Gretna
Menards Part - Time Outside Yard & Receiving Hastings
Landmark Implement Inc Parts Counter Salesperson Holdrege
Premier Rental Purchase of Nebraska Sales Associate Kearney
Cash-Wa Warehouse Order Selector; Sun-Thurs starting at 5pm Kearney
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ne. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 18:04 fairweatherbiker Tried a new trick to stay calm on my bike ride last night.

I really need a way to not have cars blocking the bike lane, and some times trying to kill me, from killing my vibe.
My bike rides are one of the most enjoyable parts of my life. But when cars fuck with me, I get aggravated and it can ruin my entire day some times.
My responses vary from yelling, giving them the stink eye, slapping the hood of the car, stopping next to the driver side window, ...
I know it's silly but last night I decided to just count things, and not react in any other way.
The route was from Roxbury Crossing T stop to Harvard Square. SW Corridor and Mass Ave for most of it. I started around 8pm
14 cars blocking the bike lane. 2 doors open into the bike lane. One car driving the wrong way on a one way street - which didn't have a bike lane.
And this trick did work. I will try it again.
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2023.06.01 18:04 elgat0verde Leaving a narcissist family with nothing

Hi guys
I am back!
(used to be s0mbraverde)
I am not one to ask for opinions over the internet because I am a huge believer of "doing what feels right" as of late (moreso when I faced my trauma that one day... Ay ay ay)
But I am a bit troubled and I would like some advice from someone who has been through a similar situation
For starters I am 38, divorced (married a woman just like my mother... shivers)
I have two kids (5 and 7)
Was living in Utah in a good job and far away from my nfamily (sadly, far from my kids as well)
And was manipulated by my nfamily into coming back to work for them "cause of the kids, we also changed"
I bet some of y'all know how it it "we have changed so come back to us cause we're soooooooo depressed"
A narcissist will never let go of the abused because they LOVE to feel superior in any way possible
I am back at my parents house, just quit the job that i LOATHED at a call center (got tired of being insulted by random people) and only have around 45-50 bucks in my bank account (around 1000 pesos or so)
I have been thinking a lot about just grabbing my guitar, hopping on a bus and going to Texas but I also think about my kids (I have dual citizenship)
I wouldn't mind starting from 0 at all but I also don't want to feel like "I'm running away"
The first time I left was to run away and I spent 2 years far from my kids and only saw them about 20 days which was extremely hurtful (i adore my kids)
So IDK if I should wait to get kicked out of the house or just walk...
Any pointers? Any ideas? Should I just put up with them until I can just leave?
I can't find a good job that pays well (I live in a very small town in Mexico and am carless)
I'm sorry I'm just losing it, and in getting physically ill from the stress (have a bad rash on my arms)
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2023.06.01 18:03 TactitionProgramming How to save a rusting '04 WRX?

I bought Moobaru new in 2004, but I am worried that this might be the end. The strut towers in the back of my wagon are rusted through, and I am having a lot of trouble sourcing a replacement part. I even bought an entire driver side quarter (2nd pic) onlyi to find out that it wasn't much better when we started cutting in to it. There used to be replacement parts available, but they have been out of production for a while.
I have found a few scrap yards around the country with what I need, but none will ship body parts. I am located in Michigan. Is there any way to get a used rust free strut tower without driving to South Carolina myself to get it?
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2023.06.01 18:03 Spectivex All of my tax refunds go to my wife’s ex for child support

I’ll try to make this short and sweet. This is in Texas. My wife found out her ex husband was a cheater and since then, expressed no interest in continuing the relationship with her ex husband. She wanted nothing to do with her ex husband because of this which led him to kick her out the house that they lived in.
She got her own apartment and job which was when we first met and initiated our relationship. She told me that she sent multiple requests for a divorce but the ex husband refused to sign anything. Eventually the ex husband figured that she did in fact move on from him. Since then shit hit the fan. The ex husband eventually filled the divorce papers and when the court meeting date was set, the mail was only sent to the house that my wife and her ex husband originally lived in.
Since he kicked her out, only he knew of the court date. He went to court without letting her know and won by default since my wife did not appear in court. He got everything, including full custody of her kids (which was the only thing she wanted from the divorce). She was completely dependent on his income when they were together. We hired a lawyer to fight back this case, and I was attending university at the time.
We ended up paying our first lawyer ~15,000$ to which they said the case needs to go to trial which required 20k payment upfront or they cannot help anymore. We knew we couldn’t afford to cough up 20 k on the spot so we decided to look for another lawyer. The second lawyer required 10k upfront just to start the case again (excluding however much it would have been going to trial).
Ultimately, we could not afford to pay so much for a lawyer. We make a combine amount of approx 50k, while the ex husband makes over 6 figures. My wife had been paying him child support ever since and when we filed our taxes this year, all of our tax refunds went straight to his bank account. Life has been hell for us since she cannot see her kids (ex moved out of state with them) and we’re paying him “child support” which he actually uses for his own vacation trips (as stated by my wife’s child). Is there anything we can do for this? I feel like this is some type of fraud for my wife to not be given a subpoena to attend for the divorce, but at the end of the day, I am not a lawyer.
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2023.06.01 18:03 OrdinaryBother1804 Advice (don’t be too mean lol)

Ok so I am a college student. I get stressed very easy, and it can cause my own mental depression. I just recently got a job at a bank and it was gonna be great until I saw that I had to work 40 hours a week for 3 weeks. Yeah ik to most this isn’t bad but just kinda look at it from my point of view. I never worked a real job like this , most I worked was target , cfa and I worked long hours too but it was never as shit as this job I had. I have been on the computer all day just doing virtuals. After the 3 weeks I get to go back to 20 hours and work which hopefully isn’t bad because then I can actually do my hands on job. I am also doing an accounting course this summer and it starts during that 40 hour work week I have. I am almost done with the first week, but I’m dreading the other 2 weeks I have to go to.
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2023.06.01 18:02 CentralTxCrime The night Aaron Robinson, suspect in the Vanessa Guillen murder, was shot in Killeen, TX (CW deceased individual after interaction with police - from a distance - not active violence other than yelling)

The night Aaron Robinson, suspect in the Vanessa Guillen murder, was shot in Killeen, TX (CW deceased individual after interaction with police - from a distance - not active violence other than yelling)
This video was removed from my FB page the morning after we posted it with no explanation. It was also removed from the murdered in killeen facebook page which is run by someone else. This is not how facebook normally operates. The only footage i have are the few clips i saved to tiktok, whereas we had much longer videos initially. The video also disappeared from my google drive.
Today i realized it had been taken down by tiktok for graphic violence which they are supposed to have exceptions for if it’s a newsworthy video. Basically i have to post it in new places from time to time because it somehow, magically disappears. Most concerning is it’s disappearance from my google drive - who could do that? Even with a warrant to see what’s in my drive, they aren’t supposed to be destroying evidence like that. And having been spanked by facebook a few times, the disappearance off of facebook with no warnings or explanations is also concerning. Military? Hacker? Random technology failures…?
Anyway this occurred in the 4700 block of Rancier in Killeen, Texas on the night of 7/1/2020 and one of the witnesses was later arrested for making terroristic threats when she was trying to stand up for what she perceived as someone who was killed in cold blood by the police. The official story is that he shot himself, but KPD has never released the video and doesn’t have to due to the “dead suspect loophole.” They may be telling the truth but if they are, why are they hiding the evidence that would exonerate them?
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2023.06.01 18:02 TraderTed2 HLS '23: what worked for me (and AMA)

Procrastinating some bar prep work and figured I'd make myself available for what's probably the last AMA I'll do here!
About me: Starting work at a firm in DC in August, then leaving after a year for back-to-back clerkships. I plan to return to the firm after for at least a few years and then hopefully transition to a U.S Attorney's Office. Also, as a fair notice, I got substantial financial support from my parents for law school, so I'm probably not the best-positioned to answer the 'is it worth $300,000' questions (though I definitely had a great time and, in a vacuum, think I probably would've made the same decision.)
This time, now that all of the grades are in and I'm actually sure I did well in law school, I also want to share some things I did in law school that worked for me (I'm intentionally not phrasing these as 'How-tos' since your mileage may vary.)
Anyway, happy to answer questions about HLS, law school, OCI, clerkships, or whatever else might be helpful.
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