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Album Anniversary List 2023-05-28

2023.05.28 06:48 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2023-05-28

Today's anniversaries are:
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Today's anniversaries are:
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2023.04.23 04:15 dmmaus Tomb of the Serpent Kings, session 3

At the end of session 2, the party had returned to their village without any fatalities. For session 3, Volrak's and Ratter's players were absent. So Volrak was still doing penance for annoying his god, and Ratter had actually earned enough gold to level up as a thief, so he was spending time training with the village's most notorious thug. Ratter also found that his drained Constitution slowly healed back.
We had one new player join the game. They rolled up Brother Leonardo, a cleric (with Strength 4!). He joined Drashi the dwarf, Garamond Wrenwobbler, the elf, Nogge the fighter, and Notgandalf the magic-user.
In the village of Neensford, Notgandalf used Detect Magic to determine that the stone eggs, snake carving, and wavy dagger retrieved in session 2 were magical. The group traded away the other valuable items for 390gp, sharing 65gp to each participating adventurer. They rested for three days. Notgandalf suffered another effect of the curse on his magical ring, taking poison damage on one of the rest days. (He has been really lucky making saving throws vs Poison for this ring! Failed only once so far out of six saves.)
The party picked up some more gossip and rumours in town. There were tales of more sheep from the outlying farms going missing (raided by the fungus goblins from the Tomb, unknown to them). Also a merchant had come from the town of Brandonstead, three days travel north on the edge of the civilised lands below the wild mountain range. He recounted stories of livestock being raided there too, and rumours of goblins, or perhaps some more horrible monster come down from the mountains. The reeve of Brandonstead has offered a reward to anyone who could take care of the problem. (This is sowing the seeds of my next planned adventure - The Black Wyrm of Brandonsford, although I tweaked the name to avoid my players stumbling across it online.)
The party returned to the Tomb.
Room 12: Convinced that the giant lizard chained in the pillared hall was a basilisk, Notgandalf was determined to retrieve the electrum disc from the lightning trap room. He avoided the floor plate trigger and tried to remove the electrum plate from the wall, with some trepidation over whether it would zap him or not. It seemed harmless, so he pried it loose with a dagger and took it.
Room 38: The party returned to the eastern end of the basilisk chamber via the chasm walkway. There, Notgandalf taunted the beast with a torch and waved the shiny reflective disc in an attempt to get it to see its own reflection. Unfortunately this failed, and the beast continued to snort and slither noisily.
Room 37: They decided to explore down the stairs to the south-east, finding a square room with similar stone tiles to the ones covering the pit trap they'd pushed the jelly-skeleton into (Room 25). Poking the tiles with a 10-foot pole revealed the pit trap. Avoiding it by walking around the edge, they proceeded through the door.
Room 30: They entered this room, containing the sloped pit full of fire, with some charred bones and streaks of molten gold at the bottom. They were very wary of the fire pit, and elected to ignore the lure of gold. They skirted the pit and exited through the door to the south.
Room 28: The domed chamber with four doors. The southern door was heavy iron and locked. The western door was smashed open. They turned their attention here first.
Room 52: Beyond the smashed door was a passage and room with more natural, less-worked stone walls, and an angry small humanoid trying to push them back with a broom while chittering in an unknown language. (None of the party knew goblin, so there was no means of communicating other than gesture and action.) The party tried to push their way past, but the creature yelled loudly and two reinforcements arrived, brandishing pointed sticks. Others were ready to fall back, but Brother Leonardo impulsively loosed a sling stone, hitting one right between the eyes and dropping it to the filthy floor! The other reinforcement fled back the way it had come. The party forced the creature with the broom to come with them at swordpoint as they pushed deeper into the natural caverns.
Room 50: They came across a stinking chamber carpeted in muck and filth, with horrible fungoid growths, sickly plants, and other weird things apparently planted in the mulch: fingers, hands, sheep legs, sword hilts, etc. The stench was incredible. The party were very reluctant to step into this mess. While hesitating, a group of six of the goblins charged to repel the invaders! Entering combat, the party took a few hits with pointy sticks and pitchforks. Garamond took a nasty hit and retreated to avoid more damage. Notgandalf charged in and poked a goblin with the fang-like nail of his cursed finger, causing the goblin to clutch its throat and die horribly, foaming at the mouth. The group vanquished the six attackers, leaving their hostage gibbering. Leonardo healed Garamond. Notgandalf cast Detect Magic to scry the room for any magical items. He located buried beneath the filth a silver ring, set with a semi-precious stone patterned like an eye. (This was the magic ring from the black pool at map key 11, which I wanted them to find, but they seemed unlikely to ever want to dredge the pool, so I moved it here.) They found the north passage connected to the second entrance that Garamond had found on the previous expedition.
Room 51 to 47: The south passage took them through an empty room—a filthy sort of bed chamber—and then into a makeshift throne room, where more of the goblins were paying respects to an effigy made of mud and sticks, sitting atop a crude chair, crowned by a headpiece made of sticks and bent cutlery. Edging around the room, keeping the goblins at bay by threatening their hostage with a blade to its throat, the party exited to the west while the goblins stood back in fear. A passage led south to a room (48) that stank even worse than the previous mulch room. They avoided this and proceeded through a room carpeted with live beetles and cockroaches (47).
Map ref 42: North from here they found the passage blocked by a huge vertical cylinder of stone. The dwarves Brigette and Drashi examined it and suggested the stone cylinder might rotate around a vertical axis. They pulled it clockwise, revealing an opening in the stone large enough for a person to stand in. (I reduced the opening size from two people to one, thinking that would be more fun.) Nogge volunteered to step in while the others rotated the cylinder around a full rotation anti-clockwise, so Nogge could report back. Nogge returned, having been stabbed and wounded by a spear trap on the western side, saying that the way around on the eastern side was safe, and led to a passage that continued north. Leonardo tried to heal Nogge, but beseeching his god for an extra spell failed! One at a time the party used the cylinder door to proceed into the north passage. They noticed a stone idol carved into an alcove as the cylinder rotated to the east. (I'd given Nogge's player a note that the idol contained two golden bowls, and he indicated that Nogge took them without telling the other PCs.)
Room 38: The passage led up stairs to connect to the area Garamond had previously explored west of the basilisk chamber. Notgandalf used the opportunity to try to deal with the monster again, hiding around the corner, taunting it with a torch, and holding the electrum disc to try to reflect its gaze. The monster noisily approached with hisses and the slithering clank of chain... and then silence fell.
Notgandalf: "Did it work?"
Brigette: "So... who wants to look?"
Brigette used the silver disc to look around the corner and see if the basilisk was still alive.
Brigette: Actually, it's okay whether or not the mirror reflects the gaze attack. If it does reflect the attack, then it's probably turned itself to stone so you're safe. On the other hand, if the mirror doesn't reflect the attack, and it's alive, its reflection shouldn't turn you to stone.
It turned out the basilisk had indeed been turned to stone. (The adventure says the basilisk is immune to its reflected gaze, but I wanted to let the players have a victory with this attempt and this time it failed its save.) They noted the head harness and blinders, and a thick leather collar, as well as the heavy chains leading up to the ceiling, invisible in the darkness above, with the odd chittering of bats. Having a good look around the chamber for any treasure, they noted nothing but broken pieces of "statues", as well as extremely realistic stone bats, huge spiders, and a few of the fungus goblins. (I was hoping they might check the collar and find the hidden key to room 29, but they didn't.)
Room 46: Exploring the passage west revealed two doors, one intricately carved with multiple snakes, and a gap matching the shape and size of the stone snake found in the monster-girl room (32). Brigette replaced the snake and the party watched as the stone snakes animated and slithered into the door frame, revealing a portal to a magnificent throne room, lined with red stone, dusty tapestries, and eight palm-sized mirrors mounted on wooden frames, surrounding a heavy stone, wood, and gold throne. Notgandalf sat on the throne and was overcome with feelings of powerlust and ambition. He refused to get off the throne, so Brigette, Drashi, and Leonardo lifted the rear and tipped him out. They determined the throne would take three people to carry, and decided to come back to retrieve it before leaving the tomb for the day.
Room 43: The northern door opened to reveal a chamber lit with eerie purple light, the stone ceiling and walls carved to look like the inside of a snake's ribcage. A thousand various smells assaulted their noses: herbs, spices, acids, yeasts, flowers, etc. Standing before them was Xiximanter, a shrivelled, desiccated human torso and head with snake fangs, atop a skeletal snake tail. His sunken eye sockets glowed with red pinpricks of light. He greeted the party, asking which was to be his new apprentice.
Notgandalf: "Seems like a reasonable gentleman."
The party conversed with Xiximanter, determining that he was seeking a new apprentice, as well as ingredients such as elf ears (looking at Garamond) and dwarf beards (looking at Drashi and Brigette) for his potions. The party asked if Xiximanter had any potion that could reverse magical ageing of 9 years (thinking to get it for Ratter), and he replied that he did not, but he did have something else that might be of use (the potion of longevity). Xiximanter ushered them into the adjoining room (44), full of equipment and storage jars full of weird ingredients. Another door led to what Xiximanter said was his laboratory (45), but he didn't allow them in there. Xiximanter often referred to "the priests above", making the party suspect he had no idea that all of the serpent people in the complex were long dead. They even suspected that Xiximanter might not know himself that he was undead. They debated telling him... but decided better of it.
Notgandalf asked if Xiximanter could remove his cursed ring. Xiximanter exclaimed, "Where did you get that?!" and cast a spell and removed the ring, returning Notgandalf's finger to normal. Xiximanter kept the ring...
Nogge: "You have fewer snake parts than when you came in."
Eventually the party decided that getting away without angering Xiximanter was the best course of action, and they made excuses, saying they would return later. Their persuasiveness convinced Xiximanter to let them leave. They immediately jammed the door shut with iron spikes, grabbed the throne, and fled the dungeon back to Neensford.
Room 29: The party returned a few days alter after healing and resting, to check a final location: the locked iron door south of the domed chamber (28). Not having found the key, they used tools brought with them to laboriously pry the door open, revealing a room full of treasure! Piles of coins, rolled silk tapestries, a small chest full of jewels, and two fine swords - one sword detected as magical. They also quickly checked the walkway in the cavern, finding it blocked to the north and south. They grabbed all the treasure and raced back to town.
At Neensford, Notgandalf decided to try on the magical ring with the eye-gem. When he put it on his left hand, his left eyeball fell out! But he could still see through it! It also turned hard as stone. Putting the eyeball back into the socket, it reattached and he could remove the ring.
Now flush with gold and valuables, the party has enough for all of them to level up. After some resting and training, they will probably head north to Brandonstead as level 2 adventurers!
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2023.04.21 14:30 kidneykid1800 Unique Goblin Gear for Rule Lite TTRPG

I am working on a small goblin TTRPG where you take a group of goblins through a typical character funnel to bring glory to your Overlord. Its really to help introduce players into a more OSR feeling game. Something I really like is when players use tools in interesting ways. I got a decent list so far of tools but was wondering if anyone had some cool or unique ideas for goblin tools specifically. Also to note the Goblins in this game are about 3 foot tall and weight about 30 lbs if that helps.
Current List:
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2023.03.08 20:05 spreadlovemkay No clue Drops since during Slayer tasks loooong long ago, need advice!

Dear Community
To explain first, i don't have any Nest, Clues or something what might be a clue in the bank. i have searched a couple of times through the search function.
During fishing i get every 10th inv of sharks a medium clue, every 20th - 30th a hard clue on average. Beginner i get almost every inv full of sharks.. During Slayertasks it takes sometimes 20 - 30 tasks until i get one. The unnormal droprate wondered me about 2-3 months ago, since then - it haven't changed anything.
There were tasks of hellhounds where i pwned 500+ of em, and nothing. Today i asked for help to a P-MOD, he gave me the advice to barrage jellies in kourend underground for 10 minutes with ~8 jellies at the same time, it's like impossible i would not gain one. Well i barraged 15 minutes and no clue drop.
I'm fish lvl 92, slay 79 and cb94 which i guess, does not matter.
I urgent ask for help about the drop rate, what might be the reason for- because hunting treasure trails/clues is one of my favourite things to do in OSRS.
Thanks in advance
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2023.03.02 23:47 Unable_Earth5914 To jelly or not to jelly

Just got a jelly slayer task from Konar but I hate jellies. On my RS3 account I skip them but trying to use my points more sensibly on my OSRS Ironman. Can I block them or is there anything good about them?
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2022.07.28 01:14 OldSchoolJelly Tomb of the Alchemist OSE Module.

Tomb of the Alchemist OSE Module.
Hi, I released the OSE module Tomb of the Alchemist a few months ago. It just received a huge update in layout and writing, and is now available in print!
Brave the traps of a derelict tomb infested by mutated undead, parley with demented mummies, and uncover the secrets of an arcane plague!
Tomb of the Alchemist is a compact low-prep dungeon crawl through the tomb of an undead alchemist of a bygone age.
It features 14 locations and three versions of the map (player, referee, annotated referee). As a bonus an atmospheric track befitting the exploration of a terrifying tomb is included.
The adventure is designed for the Old School Essentials system (character levels 2-4) and should fill about 1-2 evenings.
Can you slay Hashur, alchemist of sargon, before he unleashes a terrible plague upon the borderlands?

Cover and duck dice!
Map Spread
If you are interested in more OSE and OSR adventures, maps, and random paraphernalia, you can find me on twitter and instagram.
If you enjoy my content, you can also support me on patreon to get early access to modules, and coupons for the PDFs and Print-on-Demand versions on Drive-Thru-RPG.
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2022.05.28 06:53 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2022-05-28

Today's anniversaries are:
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2022.05.27 06:33 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2022-05-27

Today's anniversaries are:
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2021.06.24 18:48 dark1859 Escort Duty, a spiritual successor to temple trekking

Temple trekking is honestly one of, if not my favorite minigames in runescape. Three difficulty levels, semi randomized objectives and event order (unless your rng sucks like mine and lands shades nailbeasts snakes in that order and reverse order 3x in a row), and relatively rewarding rewards for early mid and mid game players (and even some high levels if you're into niche summoning and herb supplies). It's really one of the handful of activities in runescape that i look back on and say "what i wouldn't give for a 2021 revamp for end game." So i thought, what if we did a revamp? but with an eastern theme? Welcome to Escort Duty a small outline for an activity.
\note this is more of a design outline than a set in stone idea, numerous asapects and rewards would need to be adjusted. So if something seems too over powered or under powered just remember that it's more of a place holder idea than a set in stone "yes it must be so."*
  1. basics
    1. TLDR
    2. In depth
    3. routes
  2. events
  3. rewards
  4. Closing


In a nutshell, this minigame would work like the OSRS/Pre EOC version of Temple Trekking, with 3 pre set routes, and a predetermined loot pool based on the route you took and a handful of bonus objectives you'll be allowed to complete on the way. Each route will share 3-4 encounters, with 3-4 encounters unique to each route, taking players through various islands of the arc. After each voyage like temple trekking you'll stop at an outpost and can either teleport back, use a fast travel signpost back, or take a boat back for another voyage.
In Depth
To begin Escort Duty, players will need to complete impressing the locals as well as in aid of the myreque so Sojobo knows you're familiar with this line of work. Upon completion players may talk to the Tengu in Waiko. This is an unsafe minigame naturally and recommended requirements are at least t80 combat equipment, and level 85-95 in the following skills in order to get the most out of it
And the following quests to fully unlock all events and routes
As well as completion of all port story voyages, for a better background on the various regions of the Arc
To get started once you meet the minimum requirements of impressing the locals, talk to the Tengu and select "i want to talk about ships" who will then inform the player about numerous merchant and exploration ships needing some hired muscle who will pay handsomely for assistance. Longer jobs will require a "buy in" of supplies, the very same you use to plot your own voyages into the arc, but will refund half the supplies "donated" if you succeed in addition to your pay. Return voyages charge no buy in.
Routes are divided into 3 main groups, and four subcategories these are Exploration, Combat, and Trade, followed by short, normal, medium, and long.
Lastly missions above the normal setting require supplies to buy in, rewards are increased based on buy in tier.
Overview of route lengths and how many events can be expected per.
Length; Exploration Combat Trade
Short Arc and skull, 1-3 events Arc region, 1-2 events Arc and Skull, 2-3 events
normal Skull and hook, 2-3 events Skull, 2-3 events Skull and hook, 4-5 events
Medium Hook and scythe, 4-5 events hook, 3-4 events hook and scythe, 5-7 events
Long* scythe and bowl, 5-6 events scythe, 4-5 events scythe and bowl, 7-9 events
Very long* Pincers, loop and shield, 10 events Pincers loop and shield, 10 events pincers loop and shield, 10 events
*Requires curse of blackstone
\*requires completion of Pieces of hate*
Upon completing a job you'll be given a fulfilled contract, this can be claimed on site, sold to bonnie for chimes (100-4000 depending on length) or banked. At the end of the voyage you'll be placed a local bar themed after the region your in (ie bamboo arc, slate hook, etc). In this bar will be a bank chest, some locals, and a notice board where you can book a return job.
Return jobs will offer a reward voucher, these pay less than outbound voyages but return voyages require no buy in.


Now as stated above, every voyage will offer a number of events these events would be analogous to encounters in temple trekking in some are straight up combat, others puzzles, and some a bit of both. Some events are exclusive to certain voyage types, others can be encountered during any voyage type. I've separated them into separate tables for convenience.
All events can be skipped with partial completion at a penalty to rewards (see rewards for more information), you will not see specific events if you cant complete at least one of their objectives. you must meet at least one requirement category to embark on exploration voyages and trade voyages.
events with optional skill requirements can be encountered without meeting those requirements, but events that have a listed direct requirement can not be encountered without proper stats.
*denotes Curse of Blackstone
**denotes arc miniquest completion/pieces of hate
Multi voyage
Event details skill requirements?
Lost cargo ship you come across and board a lost cargo ship, this ship will be inhabited by either drowned zombies, skeletons, or jellies (115 combat level-150) who need to be dispatched before you can move on yes, some rooms will be locked and can be picked with a lockpick and 90 thieving
Marooned survivors You come across marooned survivors, one survivor however is a wanted murder discern via dialogue who and cast them overboard. no but a ring of charos (a) will prove useful in persuading information out of the survivors
Lost at sea in a drunken accident the star chart has fallen overboard, solve a series of riddles from the hungover first mate to navigate back to civilization no but higher level divination will make the riddles easier
Tall Tales relive a drunken tale of a pirate and help them complete their tale (similar to a fremmy saga) yes 90 dungeoneering
pirates, bloody pirates zombified** unhappy at your recent bottling of rabid jack in an alternate dimension, these zombie pirates have decided to raid your ship. They can be pacified however with a bottle of 'rum' during a dialogue at the start of the encounter. yes 90 slayer
Lotus Contract you're contacted by a death lotus agent that one of the crew is marked for death as a known demon summoner. plays out similarly to the port minigame, save you can use a ring of charos (a) to narrow it down faster via crew dialogue. no but as with most speech based evens a ring of charos (a) will prove useful
Event Details skill requirements?
(god faction) remnants you find an old exploration camp of (insert god's forces here) haunted by ghosts, restore as much of the camp as possible to move on. yes, all listed requirements except slayer and summoning. you must meet one to encounter.
Eye of the storm Caught in a violent storm at sea, you need to guide your ship through the raging storm before you're sunk. This works similarly to the hunting Thalassus minigame where you'll follow debris out before they're washed away. having a macaw familiar and a high enough summoning level to communicate with it through the storm will allow you to get a bigger view of the area and make finding the path easier. You have 5 minuets to clear the event for it to count towards your rewards no, but 90 summoning and a macaw familiar will make this event significantly easier
uncharted water similar to the hunting Thalassus minigame/quest you'll be given a shipwrecked area, with a timelimit, your goal is to scout as many shipwrecks as possible by following the trail, and looting them. there are up to twenty and full completion of the event is counted for scouting at least 5 wrecks. no
uncharted islands clear at least 25% of resources (maximum 6) on an uncharted island and catalogue it, you can keep any resources you gather and they'll be auto banked in your rewards at no cost to your reward rolls. yes, standard skills for an uncharted island
Sandbergs ahead? You find yourself in a small chain of islets that are infamous for beaching ships, this event behaves like the lava falls from Children of Mah where you have to direct the helmsmen to avoid "sandbergs". take 3 or fewer hits to complete the optional objective, hit more than 6 and you sink. no
Sea Ghosts your ship is suddenly and inexplicably haunted, exorcise the restless dead haunting your ship, rewards are based on time to complete 90 prayer
summoning a path A local commander and his forces are beached on a near by island, use your knowledge of summoning to summon enough pack dragons from local munition caches to free the ship. You'll need to strategically place dragons to get the correct lift to gently carry it to the water. using 4 or less familiars awards the bonus. 90 summoning
Maelstrom Pirates thought they'd be cheeky and attack you, now you're both caught in a maelstrom. board and clear the enemy ship before you're both pulled down. Clear the enemy ship in under 3 minuets for the bonus objective, fail to detangle in 6 minuets and you fail the voyage. no but 90 wood cutting will assist in detangling the ships
Rum hound blues Why is the rum always gone.... oh because you drank it all. piece together drunken clues from the crew to try and sail your ship to safe harbor via text prompts, get lost fewer than 3 times to complete the bonus objective none
new waters we tread presented with a map, you need to survey new potential fishing grounds. In this minigame you'll be given 12 potential spots on a map, and tasked to pick 3. these spots are either rich, depleted or moderate if at least half are moderate you get the bonus and an extra if at least 2 are rich. you'll be given 3 hints where to possibly pick, pick wisely though as you only get one shot! one other variation of this event is for resource rich islands, with the same general mechanics 90 fishing, extra hint at 99
note during combat voyages monsters retain their usual drops as additional loot added to your final tally without consuming rolls, this can be claimed regardless of success or faliure
event Details skill requirements?
wandering stalkers soulgazers and seekers are infesting an island, kill as many as possible to proceed yes 85-99 slayer
Lotus rouges Death lotus rouges have been spotted on a near by island demanding protection money, deal with them to proceed n/a
Wandering Ronin Gu ronin have been sighted selling their services to the highest bidders, put an end to it before an enterprising Khan uses them to cause real damage n/a
Undead Tides one of four events, either a straight up kill undead, aid a besieged fortress for two waves (summoning and smithing can help fortify the fotress), an abandoned ship similar to lost cargo ship that must be cleared, or no, but 90 smithing will help for one of the events, as would 90 summoning
Out of place dragon a dragon (level 250) has wandered into the arc and gone on a rampage, put the lost beast down or drive it off. You will be provided a "dragon repellant" bottle that can be used when the dragon hits 10% health to drive it off, or with the proper skill slay it. yes, 90 slayer to finish the dragon, increased rewards for slaying the dragon
The Leviathan*' A sea leviathan has wrapped itself around your boat, "gently" persuade it to let go. no
pirates, bloody pirates pirates are making a mess of near by trade routes, sink a couple of their ships and route them. this mission involves using the cannons like in cabin fever Cabin fever
Shadow reef rumble* well you did it alright, sailed over the former location of the shadow reef. and now your ship has been boarded by Crassians, deal with it? no
Missing Warship** A hybrid of a combat event and exploration event, a warship has gone missing, follow debris trails and fend off whatever may have sunk or incapacitated it. yes, 90 runecrafting to breach the barrier around the ship and investigate further, partial completion granted for at least finding it
Shore Leave Take some shore leave on a tropical island and rest in either a runed chair, gilded hammock, or a bamboo beach mat. This is a passive event that either reduces damage taken for the rest of the voyage by 50%, increases rewards by 10%, or prayer points by 2x. requires one of the listed stats to take advantage of, regardless hitpoints prayer and summoning will be recharged. 90 rune crafting, wood cutting, or prayer. This event can be skipped without consequence
Event Details Skill requirements?
Boarded! after a fruitful stop you are boarded by pirates from Hanto wearing traditonal armor and war hounds with enchanted eastern armor. yes, 90 slayer to slay the armored hounds
Ah yes, The Negotiator Negotiate with a local settlement for trade goods, you can receive up to 5 lots of goods (bonus objective to get more than 3). A ring of charos (a) would be quite useful in gaining a better price.. This event is a dialogue event, where you'll attempt to negotiate via chat options, with more opened up via the ring of charos and some...alternate opportunities with some sleight of hand yes, 90 thieving to receive the 5th lot of goods
Taxes...bloody taxes pirates....always pirates. Your ship is boarded by some unfriendly fellows with axes demanding "taxes" for the local Khan. the event can be ended peacefully with some luck (50% chance) and a ring of charos (a). otherwise it's a combat engagement. no
Scouting scout out an island for a buried artifact to sell to a local Khan. Works like a scan cluescroll on a randomized island. yes 90 mining, but you can find up to 3 additional treasures with 90 farming and woodcutting buried and trapped within vines that grant bonus goods.
Traveling merchant negotiate with the traveling merchant for goods, may contain any of it's tier 1 stock (ie small burial charms, anything 100k or below) and will offer a small gift of chimes (100-300) if successful no, but as this event consists of a number of semi randomized dialogue choices as you try to negotiate a ring of charos (a) will reveal betteideal choices.
Paid passage Escort a wealthy merchant to his destination in exchange for a cut of his profit, naturally you'll be attacked on the way, kindly show interloping pirates that piracy is not acceptable no
rule for thee and not for me engage in a little piracy, raid a rival's ship and steal supplies, your goal is not to kill everyone (doing so will fail this encounter) but to plunder as many chests as possible before 3 minuets pass, you can not retaliate while carrying a crate/chest of goods no
Exotic fruits a small puzzle similar to the daemonheim flower. pick one of four fruits based on the core and do so till you reach the core, before taking it to sell 85 farming
An unpleasant Khan After accidently selling a rather violent Khan a bathrobe made of feldip weasel fur instead of brown hornless unicorn, the Khan has put a price on your head, and your ship has been boarded by bounty hunters. Show then that all sales are final. no
Armor shipment you've been contracted by the Gu to ship sets of tetsu armor, unfortunately they weren't tied down very well in the cargo hold, try and secure as many crates as possible so they dont smash open and potentially ruin the armor. no
An unfortunate acquisition the price on those exotic spices were too good to be true, turns out they were stolen goods. Either negotiate keeping them or repel the former owner with force no but a ring of charos (a) is required to negotiate.
Bonus events
Event details skill requirements?
Traveling merchant II similar to the merchant found at the deep sea hub, this merchant however offers Tai's, Chimes, Uncharted isle maps (with a potential for tavias), overloads (if proper herb level), as well as a better exchange rate for silver chimes to regular chimes. no, but this is a very rare event.
Shimmering island** Arrive on an island that's too good to be true one node on this island will instant harvest and give all resources associated with it. However, after harvesting you'll be kicked off the island so pick carefully! a rare event that will only appear after the arc miniquests, carries all normal restrictions of an uncharted isle
Wandering Healers Happen across wandering healers from the Bowl, they'll double your maximum lifepoints and heal you to full for the remainder of the minigame, resetting upon reaching an outpost or waiko. no
Friendly neighborhood robinhood fanclub having heard tales of the legendary robinhood, these traveling rapscallions will give you an extra reward at the end of your voyage. yes, ghosts ahoy
Salvage it's hard to say what sunk the ship who's cargo now floats aimlessly in the brine, but their loss is your gain, grants 1-3 extra reward rolls at the end of the voyage. no


So what's in it for me i hear you ask? well a lot actually, three new experimental pet/familiars, a t90 hybrid weapon, new port weapons, and upgrades for port armors in addition to mountains of loot.
You will be given silver chimes in varying amounts as well as the listed rewards (potentially), these are used to buy special rewards from bonnie
calculating your rewards
rewards would be calculated in a formula of
Voyage length modifier + [(events completed/2) + optional events completed] + 1 if above short = number of loot rolls
with short voyages giving a modifier of 1, medium 2, long 3, and very long 4, with the final number rolls always rounded up in the first decimal place
what this would look like is say you complete 5 events on a long, but without spare objectives, your rewards would (if i set the formula up right look like this
3 + [(5/2) + 0)] +1 = 4.5 = 5
meaning in this hypothetical the player would get 4 rolls of loot plus one roll of loot from a lower tier that is randomly selected for a total of five reward rolls.
There is an unlock that can be used to remove the divider granting even more loot, but it's quite pricy (see other rewards for more info) Please note also that only rewards listed in reward pool would count in this roll formula, silver chimes are a guaranteed drop in their own sot.
Short reward pool
The short reward pool contains loot along the following lines
Medium reward pool
The medium reward pool is what one might consider around the level 90 slayer range
Long reward pool
Very Long reward pool
Other rewards
rewards purchased from bonnie
Reward Price use
Contract renegotiation 7000 silver chimes (one time unlock) removes the roll penalty from the formula rewriting it to Voyage length modifier + (events completed + optional events completed} + 1 if above short = number of loot rolls.
Hanto Dog armor 1000 silver chimes (each) allows you to create an armored dog, these act akin to legendary familiars but upon defeat retreat to your bank, or a petshop if your bank is full. there are multiple types and all drain summoning points while active (like a familiar)
Armored Jackal recruited by giving a jackal in the desert 20 raw sailfish then using dog armor on them acts as a level 100 combat familiar and deals melee damage, jackals have the passive "theft" which will grant a 5% chance when gathering resources or drops to give a second drop from that source, automatically banking the extra drop. Also passively reduces prayer drain by 1.5.
Armored Shepard recruited by paying a petshop 500,000gp and allowing it to grow to adulthood over 1 hour in game time, then using the armor on them acts as a level 120 combat/beast of burden familiar with 15 slots. Grants the passive "weeping wounds" which increases the effectiveness of stat draining specials, abilities, and passives by 10% and makes their effects lasts 25% longer. can further make use of BoB scrolls if given a BoB pouch for the duration of that familiars pouch.
Armored Wolf feed a wolf 20 raw sailfish then use the armor on them acts as a level 130 combat familiar, is able to use spirit wolf scrolls and will alter those scrolls to also siphon 10% of the attacks damage back to the owner as health.
Armored Dire Wolf feed a dire wolf 20 raw sailfish then use the armor on them acts as a level 138 combat familiar, retains the armored wolf's abilities, and enhances bleed/dot effects by 5%
Job buy in reduction 500 silver chimes halves the price of buy ins, may be purchased twice to enhance the effect to a 75% reduction.
Currency exchange exchanges silver chimes to regular chimes in a 3:1 ratio. exchanges silver chimes to regular chimes in a 3:1 ratio.
Tetsu Binding 3000 silver chimes Used in the creation of a Tetsu Naginata
Sea Singer's charm 3000 silver chimes used in the creation of a Sea singer Khakkhara
Lotus rouge 3000 silver chimes used in the creation of a death lotus Firelance
Tetsu Naginata Created with a tetsu binding and 125 plate + one tsuba A t90 polearm (scythe) with the special attack "rapid thrusts" that deals four quick attacks, the first hit siphoning health (5%) the second applying a bleed, the third lowering defense, and the fourth should all prior hits strike dealing a crit. This special attack has a 3 minuet cooldown
Sea Singer khakkhara Created with a gemstone kaseki and 125 chi A t90 staff styled after traditionally eastern staves. grants the special attack healing tides, In tank armor create a stream of water in a 4x4 area similar to sunshine, siphoning 25% of damage dealt as health and increasing the magic vulnerability of targets by 10% for one minuet. In power armor create a violent surge of water that increases target vulnerability to magic by 15% for one minuet, and raises your minimum hit by 20%. This special attack has a 6 minuet cooldown
Lotus Firelance created with 50 ancient bones, 20 lacquer and two death lotus extract a unique t90 cannon like weapon similar to the weapon of avianese design, it fires upgraded cannon shot (one lotus extract +100 hand cannon shot) and carries the special attack "barrage" which fires three consecutive attacks that deal 150% of weapon damage each, with the final attack lighting the target on fire for 100-500 dot for 3 seconds. This special attack has a 3 minuet cooldown
Scrimshaw of Rage 50 ancient bones, 1 berserk blood essence (full charge), 1000 silver chimes (to buy recipe) a scrimshaw that enhances the wielder's rage applies a flat 18% damage boost to your current equiped weapon and deals an extra 10-100 damage per attack at a cost of making you 10% more vulnerable to damage. Lasts 4 hours, only exists as a superior variant.
Eastern Repeater crossbow 5000 silver chimes (for the base) 1x karil's crossbow (2h), 1x 1000 armor spikes a hybrid t85 crossbow with bladed limbs, this crossbow can be switched between ranged and melee. Fires boltracks and reinforced boltracks in ranged configuration
Bo-staff 5000 silver chimes (for the base), 1x staff of light, 1x wyrm spike a hybrid staff that can be used as a t85 melee weapon or staff (similarly to the sunspear) retains SOL's special attack.
Bolt rack reinforcer 5 silver chimes (each), 60x bolt racks crafts t85 reinforced boltracks, crafted in batches of 60.
Pack Dragon 50 silver chimes per pouch (25 per 10 scrolls) a level 99 familiar, stores less than the pack yak at 28 items but carries the special scroll "ember" which adds burning DoT damage to your next 3 strikes (about 100-400 damage for two ticks per strike) this scroll has a 15 second cooldown between uses. this familiar also deals dragonfire as its primary damage type.


and that's it.
A lot of this would need adjusting, reworking and rewriting before making its way into the live game, but hopefully this serves as a good place to start for a potentially rewarding and somewhat entertaining minigame, with a longer lifespan and more lucrative loot pool than temple trekking
submitted by dark1859 to runescape [link] [comments]

2021.05.28 06:10 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2021-05-28

Today's anniversaries are:
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2021.05.27 06:16 omegacluster Album Anniversary List 2021-05-27

Today's anniversaries are:
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2021.05.14 16:57 Wyrd_Science Itch Creator's Day - Some recommended titles

I don't think I've seen anyone mention this here yet but Itch.io are taking a leaf out of Bandcamp's book and having a day where creators/publishers get 100% of revenue share. so if you do fancy picking up some new stuff it's a good day to do it. Anyway I posted a list of recommendations over on Twitter but figured I'd link to a few here that I think are worth having a look at.


It's starting to feel like 1/3 of all indie titles published at the moment are for MB but that's no bad thing, anyway a few 3rd party titles definitely worth checking out...
DÜCK BORG - MB crossed with Duck Tales, if that doesn't sell it not sure what will. Great idea, some brilliant art, well worth checking out. https://gemroomgames.itch.io/dukkborg
FORBIDDEN PSALM - Turn MB into a 28mm miniature wargame with this cool addition that just dropped as part of Zinequest 3 and is now on general release, I'm still slightly salty they didn't call it MÖRKHEIM but I won't let that get to me... https://impioussaint.itch.io/forbidden-psalm
CORPSEWAKE COVE - Ember&Ash have done some great stuff for games like Troika and this is their first MB adventure. Fight Pirates, Get Revenge, Steal Their Fucking Treasure, https://byemberandash.itch.io/corpsewake-cove


BEYOND THE BORDERLANDS - Love Alex Damaceno's art so much I commissioned him to do an incredible map for our next issue and this was the zine that first made me sit up & pay attention to him. Wonderful art, amazing colours and a great old school hex crawl. https://gnarledmonster.itch.io/beyond-the-borderlands-1
KRIEGSMESSER - Odd one for not being super odd. Uses Troika but instead of a sphere where sentient jellies and space faring whales sit around discussing cosmic philosophy KM instead is based on C15-17th Europe in all its muddy, bloody horror. Maybe a nice quick way to scratch a kind of WFRP itch. https://gregor-vuga.itch.io/kriegsmesser
ULTRAVIOLET GRASSLANDS - A stunning, sprawling setting to plug into your games, designed as a kind of caravan crawl in wasteland populated by the kinds of sights that would fit nicely onto some acid fried 1970s sci-fi paperback cover. If Mork Borg is black metal this is a psychedelic solo, accompanied by amazing art that recalls the likes of Moebius. https://wizardthieffighter.itch.io/ultraviolet-grasslands-and-the-black-city-uvg
d36 - A proper ziney zine from Chris Bissette, featuring contributions from loads of interesting designers and full of weird/horrible tables, locations and the like to throw in the face of your players. https://loottheroom.itch.io/d36-issue-1
EVERYTHING by NATE TREME - Seriously it's all good, just fill your boots https://natetreme.itch.io
DARKNESS MOVES - The first release from artist Perplexing Ruins, we've been fans of their strange kind of Art Brut fantasy illustrations for a while now so great to see them expand what they're doing. This is designed to be run with Cairn which is itself, obviously, well worth checking out. https://perplexingruins.itch.io/darkness-moves


APOCALYPSE KEYS - In BETA at the moment, so a great chance to see under the hood and watch a game develop before it's big release via Evil Hat. Anyway it's a Hellboy inspired game where you work for The Division, tasked with preventing the end of the world, oh yes and you're all monsters. https://temporalhiccup.itch.io/apocalypse-keys
BRIAR & BRAMBLE - A PBTA game where you play woodland critters in early C20th England faced with humanity encroaching on your forests and fields. Inspired by the likes of Watership Down AND the Detectorists which seems a pretty decent Venn diagram to sit in the middle of. https://drunkwizard.itch.io/briar


DELVE (BUNDLE) - 3 solo map making games from Anna Blackwell, full disclosure Anna writes for our magazine, but then I hired her after playing these so there. Anyway great fun if you just want to spend an evening making underground lairs and the like. https://itch.io/s/38623/delve-digital-bundle
ARTEFACT - Love this game, and also worth checking out Jack's other game on Itch Orbital (in fact I would say try and get the physical print copies as they're gorgeous). Anyway Artefact, a solo game where you explore the history and 'life' of a magic item as it 's passed down the ages. If you ever fancied playing a game as The One Ring, this could be your choice. https://mouseholepress.itch.io/artefact


SEAHORSE BAY TRIATHLON - Marine mutants battle it out in a sporting contest in a radioactive post apocalyptic wasteland, I mean what's not to like about that... https://rapidpunches.itch.io/triathlon
DIE - Kieron Gillen's "goth jumanji" is edging towards a proper release and when it is it's going to be huge so best get involved now and check it out. As you'd expect from Gillen it's incredibly meta and packs a load of emotional punches, the comic's not too shabby either. https://kierongillen.itch.io/die-beta
WASTED - Loads of great stuff up there by Adam Vass on his World Champ Game Co page, often very experimental, playing around with different mediums and designs, sometimes baffling but never less than interesting. This new one caught my eye, a sister title to their recent scratch card games this is on a postcard and is a 1 player, 1 GM game for exploring a weird wasteland. https://worldchampgameco.itch.io/wasted
WANDERHOME - Huge hit on Kickstarter last year and the physical book drops in a month or so but the PDF is now up and available. A game of pastoral exploration in a land populated by animal folk that's been torn apart and is now recovering from war. A game about healing and discovery and really fascinating, quick plug we have a big (and I think very good) interview with the designer, Jay Dragon, in our next issue. https://possumcreekgames.itch.io/wanderhome
GRANDPA'S FARM - The first of six games Tyler Crumrine recently kickstarted as a subscription service, and designed for people with next to no experience of RPGs to pick up and get stuck into. Great idea for a series of books so check it out. https://possible-worlds-games.itch.io/grandpas-farm
Anyway loads of other stuff up there and some great bundles today too, so worth having a nose around even if you've been a bit "itch-sceptic" up till now, also since I've gone to the bother of typing out all this I might as well plug our own magazine that's available on Itch and for this week I've made Pay What You Want...
WYRD SCIENCE - SESSION ZERO - Our debut issue (next one out July), 88 pages of interviews and features on/with the likes of Kieron Gillen, Johan Nohr (Mork Borg), Chris Spivey (Harlem Unbound), Banana Chan (Jiangshi), Cole Wehrle (Root), Thomas Pike (Themeborne), Simon Stalenhag (Tales From The Loop), Duncan Molloy (Rebellion Unplugged) and loads, loads more. As I said totally free if you want (also available on DriveThru too) https://wyrdscience.itch.io/wyrdsciencesession-zero

Anyone else picking up stuff?
submitted by Wyrd_Science to rpg [link] [comments]

2021.03.23 18:30 Baristasiren [Sell][US] Dr. Barbara Sturm, RMSBeauty, Grandelash, Hourglass, Tower28, Farsali, Tarte, Rare Beauty, Huda, Saie, Pat McGrath Labs, Charlotte Tilbury, and more!

$1 Items:
Now on to the rest of the items!
Brushes and Misc Beauty Tools/Perfume:
All brushes/sponges that are used have been washed with Sephora Collection brush cleaneBeauty Blender brand cleanser :)
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2020.11.30 18:12 Anthonychicas [US-VA] [H] Finer things Rama, Artisans (frumpkeys, jellykeys) [W] PayPal

https://imgur.com/a/1b9wrAR Finer Things Rama - 130 Shipped Frumpkeys OSRS Artisans - 30 each or 50 both shipped JellyKeys Artisan -45 shipped obo
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2020.10.08 20:06 LordGozer2 Trailblazer League - An extensive overview of every region with content, uniques, quest unlocks and more

Trailblazer is the 2nd league in OSRS, releasing 28 October and lasts until 6 January 2021. The world map is divided into 9 regions, where everyone starts with Misthalin (including Zanaris & Fossil Island), and Karamja as a free unlock. You can then unlock subsequent regions by completing a fixed number of tasks (task difficulty doesn’t matter), however of the 7 remaining regions you may only pick a maximum of 3, rendering about half the map inaccessible for you throughout the league. These areas may be picked freely in any order, meaning strategy and style of play is important factors when choosing regions.
EDIT: As of 16th of October there have been some changes to many of the areas, involving quest & diary task unlocks. This post should now be updated.
Other notes (from various blogs and Q&As):
There is a big uncertainty here, and that’s relics. At this point we don’t know what effects tier 2-6 relics will have, and their effects could very well influence your final decision about which regions you pick. Example could be 1 tick faster attack speed which will make blowpipe an absolute monster.
Feel free to comment on anything you’d like to see added/removed here.
Let’s get started!

Starting regions – Misthalin, Fossil Island and Karamja



Automatic quest unlocks
  • Dragon Slayer, Druidic Ritual, Elemental Workshop I, Bone Voyage (Dig Site), Tears of Guthix, Fairytale II - Cure a Queen (Fairytale I - Growing Pains, Lost City, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost) (Dramen staves added to your bank)
  • Abyssal sire/demons (abyssal whip/daggebludgeon), Obor & Bryophyta (rune items), Spria, Vannaka & Chaeldar slayer, dorgeshuun crossbow (req Asgarnia), Stronghold of Security (with 10k gp), Lumbridge swamp caves, Edgeville dungeon, Champions’ Guild shops (rune, green d’hide, req 32 QP), Ava’s devices, RFD gloves (need additional regions),
  • HAM store room for jewellery, cosmic altar, easy Puro-Puro access, Dorgesh-Kaan, Edgeville furnace & Varrock anvil, 2x tree farming patches, master farmer, lots of low-lvl stuff in general.
Notable quests (they also follow the league’s XP boost)
  • Animal Magnetism (need Asgarnia & Morytania, OR Fremennik due to DS2), Recipe for Disaster (need additional regions, full completion is impossible), Lost Tribe (dorgeshuun crossbow, req Asgarnia), Museum quiz & Daddy’s Home miniquests.
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Cow, goblins, minotaurs, zombies (all below 50 cb), abyssal demon, ankou, Fossil Island wyverns, hill giants, moss giants, spiders, sourhogs (after A Porcine of Interest, req Asgarnia)

Fossil Island

  • Addy/rune dragons (dragon cbow/bolts, visage, req Fremennik region), deranged archaeologist (black d’hide body), ammonite crabs, wyverns (granite boots/longsword, wyvern visage, rune cbow (u))
  • Fossils for xp (duh), birdhouses, ultracompost, hardwood farming, sulliuscep, volcanic mine, underwater (agility, seaweed farming, drift net fishing), good mining spots (iron/coal/mithril/addy/rune)


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Shilo Village (Jungle Potion)
  • Fight Caves (fire cape), Inferno (infernal cape), obsidian equipment, Brimhaven dungeon (giants, demons, dragons), Duradel slayer
  • Karambwans (easy access with fairy rings), gem shop (including onyx), cooking spot next to bank in Mor Ul Rek, Brimhaven agility, TzHaar pickpocketing, gem rocks, nature altar, teak/mahogany trees (need trading sticks), fruit tree/spirit tree/calquat patch, infernal eels
Notable quests
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (unlocks karambwans)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Fire giants, greater demons, harpie bug swarm, iron dragons, steel dragons, TzHaar

Starting regions – skill by skill

  • Mining: No mining store. You can get steel pickaxe from HAM members, mith from earth/eclectic implings, and rune from Fossil Island wyverns (req 66+ slayer). Rock golem in Enchanted Valley drops addy/rune pickaxe as well. Good mining spots on Fossil Island, otherwise plenty of low-lvl sites in Misthalin. Also volcanic mine (req 150 kudos), and gem rocks in Shilo.
  • Smithing: Edgeville furnace, Varrock anvil.
  • Fishing: Fishing store in Shilo Village. Fly fishing in Barbarian & Shilo Village, lobsteswordfish on Musa Point, karambwans on Karamja. Also underwater drift net fishing.
  • Cooking: Great cooking spot right next to a bank in Mor Ul Rek (reqs fire cape)
  • Woodcutting: Bob in Lumbridge sells axes up to steel, while tree spirit in Enchanted Valley drops mithril-rune axes. Plenty of regulaoak/willow trees around, some yew trees but no magic trees. Teak/mahogany on Karamja and grown with Farming on Fossil Island (note it takes 85 hours for a mahogany tree to grow).
  • Firemaking: Can only light logs
  • Farming: No farming shops but can buy equipment from any farmer near patches. 2 tree patches, one fruit tree patch, no herb/allotment patch, calquat, hardwood, belladonna, seaweed, spirit tree patch in Brimhaven. Also ultracompost from volcanic ash. Get tree/fruit tree seeds from birdhouses.
  • Hunter: Museum quiz for 5k+ xp, then birdhouses, implings in Puro-Puro, herbiboar
  • Agility: Start with lvl 10. Access to Draynor and Varrock rooftop courses, Brimhaven & Dorgesh-Kaan agility and underwater agility. Also useful for several shortcuts.
  • Thieving: HAM members/chests, seed & tea stalls, master farmer, Dorgesh-Kaan chests for gems
  • Herblore: Start with lvl 3. Hard to train at the start without herb patches, but flesh crawlers in Stronghold of Security drop herbs fairly commonly (17/100). Otherwise herbiboar
  • Crafting: No mould shop or tannery, but there’s a sandpit in Zanaris, and along with seaweed farming, glassblowing is a good option. Need crafting to make birdhouses
  • Fletching: Fairly straight forward, can buy broad bolt/arrow tips with slayer.
  • Runecrafting: Start with lvl 5. Access to water, earth, nature, cosmic altars, and Tears of Guthix 😉
  • Construction: Brimhaven is default home, access to sawmill + materials, Daddy’s Home miniquest for some starter xp and materials, Mahogany Homes is likely disabled (but not confirmed)
  • Slayer: Access to Vannaka, Chaeldar & Duradel. Museum quiz for 5k+ xp. All slayer masters have a special set of tasks in Trailblazer, you only get tasks which you can do in the areas you’ve unlocked. Access to abyssal demons/sire and fossil island wyverns.
  • Prayer: Access to dragon in Brimhaven dungeon. Limestone altar (275% xp) is best unless you unlock Fremennik zone to get access to Keldagrim and gold leaves/marble blocks.
  • Combat training: Stronghold of security (minotaurs, flesh crawlers, ankous), Edgeville dungeon (hill/moss giants and their bosses) Brimhaven dungeon (dragons, fire giants, demons), ammonite crabs
Combat equipment:
  • Melee: Addy sword from Varrock shop, rune sword from Champion’s Guild, rune scimitar from fire giants, whip from abby demons, granite equipment from wyverns. Armour shop in Varrock and Barbarian Village, Obor & Bryophyta for lots of rune equipment.
  • Ranged: Bow & arrow shop + studded armour in Varrock, green d’hide armour in Champions’ Guild, dorgeshuun crossbow, runite limbs from iron/steel dragons, black d’hide body from deranged archaeologist (6/128)
  • Magic: Runes & staff shop in Varrock, but gear is limited. Can get nature/cosmic runes via RC, and various runes from OboBryophyta.

Unlockable regions



Automatic quest unlocks
  • My Arm's Big Adventure (Eadgar's Ruse, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, The Feud), Merlin’s Crystal
  • God Wars Dungeon (bandos/armadyl armour, godswords, acb, staff of the dead, zammy hasta (req Kandarin), dragon boots), Cerberus (BiS boots, req Desert (eternal) & medium clue luck (pegasian)), Warrior’s Guild (defenders, cheap food), Pest Control (void outfit, elite void reqs Kandarin & Tirranwn as well), Giant mole, crystal chest (dragonstone), skeletal wyverns, Taverley dungeon (dragons, obelisks, chaos druid), mountain trolls, Virgin Island (max cape)
  • Rogue/graceful outfit, Mining Guild & Motherlode Mine, Crafting Guild, wines of zamorak, farming patches (allotment, 2x herb, 2x tree patch), law altar, fire & water obelisks, some useful shops (fishing, farming, pickaxes, jewellery moulds, herblore, food)
Notable quests
  • Knight’s Sword (60k+ smithing xp), Witch’s House (31k HP xp). Slug Menace is incompletable.
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Black dragons, blue dragons, hellhounds, spiritual creatures, skeletal wyverns, trolls


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Darkness of Hallowvale (In Aid of the Myreque, In Search of the Myreque, Nature Spirit, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost), The Great Brain Robbery (Creature of Fenkenstrain, Cabin Fever, Pirate's Treasure, Priest in Peril, Rum Deal, Zogre Flesh Eaters, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Jungle Potion, Recipe for Disaster (Pirate Pete, Another Cook's Quest), Cook's Assistant
  • Theatre of Blood (scythe, rapier, sang staff, justiciar, avernic defender (req Asgarnia)), Nightmare (nightmare staff + orbs, inquisitor’s), Barrows (no teletabs this time), black mask/slayer helm, salve amulet, Slayer Tower (gargoyles, grotesque guardians, granite equipment, guardian boots (req Asgarnia)), blood shard, Shades of Mort’ton (amulet of the damned)
  • Ectofuntus, allotment + herb patch, charter ship + furnace for glassblowing, Sepulchre, daeyalt essence, vyrelord pickpicketing (blood shard), Temple Trekking, swamp lizards, sharks, teak/mahogany trees on Mos Le’Harmless.
Notable quests
  • Haunted Mine (salve amulet, 110k+ strength xp), Sins of the Father + A Taste of Hope (260k+ in xp lamps, access to Darkmeyer), Ghost’s Ahoy (ectophial)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Banshees, bloodvelds, cave horrors, gargoyles, nechryaels, vampyres


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Desert Treasure (The Dig Site, Temple of Ikov, The Tourist Trap, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Priest in Peril, Waterfall Quest), Ichtlarin’s Little Helper (Gertrude’s Cat)
  • Ancient spellbook, kalphites (including KQ), Smoke dungeon (dust devils, fire giants), Sophanem dungeon (scarabs, locusts)
  • Ability to SMITH dart tips (can still fletch darts without), Ancient lectern, Mage Training Arena, Sorceress Garden, Pyramind Plunder, Agility pyramid, Nardah altar (restore stats), granite, sandstone grinder, blackjacking, tanner, hunter, teak tree near Uzer, Zahur’s Herblore services, some useful shops (Ali Morrisane, hunter, rune/green d’hide equipment, jewellery moulds).
Notable quests
  • Contact! (70k+ combat xp, keris, access to Sophanem bank), The Feud (75k+ thieving xp, access to Ali Morrisane rune shop & blackjacking), Enakhra's Lament (100k+ xp in various skills, camulet)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Bandits, dust devils, kalphites, lizards, pyrefiends, scabarites (after Contact!)

Wilderness (PvP death treated as PvM death, gravestone appears next to your spawn point)

Automatic quest unlocks
  • Eagle’s Peak, Enter the Abyss miniquest
  • Revenants ($$$, wildy weapons), Wildy bosses (dragon pickaxe, stab/crush/prayer rings, odium/malediction ward, rune cbow), Corp beast (spirit shields), KBD, Mage Arena I and II (BiS magic cape), wildy slayer (points + Larran’s keys), lava/green dragons, ecumenical keys. LMS is inaccessible.
  • Chaos altar (prayer training), Resource area (yew/magic trees, mining, dark crabs), 2x wine of zamorak spawns, wildy agility course, black salamanders/chins, amulet of eternal glory, Rogue’s Castle chest, Abyss RC, Ferox’ Enclave, air & earth obelisks, Bandit General Store (buys for high alch price), Mage arena rune shop, many hard/elite clue steps.
Notable quests
  • None
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Bears, ents, lava dragons, skeletons, ice giants, revenants


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Monkey Madness II (Gnome Stronghold Balloon route unlocked, Enlightened Journey, The Eyes of Glouphrie, Recipe for Disaster (Another Cook’s Quest, Freeing King Awowogei), Cook’s Assistant, Monkey Madness I, The Grand Tree, Tree Gnome Village, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, Watchtower), Swan Song (One Small Favour, Garden of Tranquility, Creature of Fenkenstrain, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost)
  • Chivalry/Piety (req Asgarnia), demonic gorillas (zenyte, ballista), krakens (trident, tentacle), smoke devils (occult neck), dragon scimitar, chinning/bursting in MM1 & MM2 tunnels, NMZ imbues (buy points with GP at a 1:1 ratio, as NMZ itself is diabled, Nieve + dungeon, Ancient cavern (mith dragons), Barbarian Assault (fighter torso), ogresses, Salarin the Twisted (sinister keys for herbs), Legend’s Guild (legends cape), Myth’s Guild (mythical cape, dragons, wrath runes, BiS cooking spot, req Fremennik region), Tower of Life (herb secondaries), Wizard’s Guild (rune/staff/mystic robe shop), Ranging Guild (lol)
  • Woodcutting (teak/mahogany (2-tick on Ape Atoll), maple/yew/magic), Mining (coal trucks, several mining sites), Fishing (Barb fishing, Fishing Guild, Fishing Trawler + angler outfit, monkfish), Hunter (Woodlands, Feldip Hills including red chins/salamanders), Farming (2x allotment & herb, 2x fruit tree, tree patch), Agility (Seer’s Village & Ardy rooftops), Thieving (master farmer, ardy knights, stalls & chests), ZMI, Fishing Trawler, Castle Wars, West Ardy general store (buys for high alch price), cat delivery, house servants.
Notable quests
  • Fight Arena & Waterfall Quest (plenty of early combat xp), Dwarf Cannon (req Asgarnia), Sea Slug (35k+ fishing xp), Hand in the Sand (Wizard Guild access), Tower of Life (herb secondaries), many RFD subquests
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Black demons, krakens, smoke devils, chaos druid, mithril dragons, ogres

Fremennik Province

Automatic quest unlocks
  • Mountain Daughter, Horror from the Deep (Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl), Dragon Slayer 2 (Legends' Quest, Family Crest, Heroes' Quest, Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin's Crystal, Dragon Slayer, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, Waterfall Quest, Dream Mentor, Lunar Diplomacy, The Fremennik Trials, Lost City, Rune Mysteries, Shilo Village, Jungle Potion, Eadgar's Ruse, Druidic Ritual, Troll Stronghold, Death Plateau, A Tail of Two Cats, Icthlarin's Little Helper, Gertrude's Cat, Animal Magnetism, Ernest the Chicken, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost, Ghosts Ahoy, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost, Bone Voyage, The Dig Site, Client of Kourend)… and breathe!
  • Vorkath ($$$, skeletal ward, visage, Ava’s assembler), DKS (berserkeseer’s/archer ring, dragon axe), neitiznot helm + faceguard (req Fremennik Isles/Exiles), ice trolls, Fremennik Slayer dungeon (turoths, kurasks (leaf-bladed weapons, mystic robe top/bottom), god books (can get pages from clues), basilisk knights
  • Lunar spellbook, Managing Miscellania, Weiss (herb patch, basalt teleports, fire pits, req Kandarin & Asgarnia), Keldagrim (Blast Furnace (operated by dwarves, ice gloves provided upon unlocking this area), wide arrange of shops, gold leaf/marble block/magic stone which are essential for high-lvl Construction benefits).
Notable quests
  • Fremennik Isles/Exiles (BiS melee helm), Throne of Miscellania/Royal Trouble (Kingdoms). Making Friends with My Arm (herb patch, basalt teleports, fire pits, req Kandarin & Asgarnia)
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Basilisks, cockatrice, jellies, dagannoths, turoths, kurasks


Automatic quest unlocks
  • Song of the Elves (Mourning's End Part II, Mourning's End Part I, Big Chompy Bird Hunting, Sheep Herder, Roving Elves, Waterfall Quest, Regicide, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, Making History, Priest in Peril, The Restless Ghost), Eagle’s Peak
  • Zulrah ($$$, blowpipe (need Desert to smith dart tips), swamp trident (req Kandarin), TSotD (req Asgarnia), serpentine helm), The Gauntlet (crystal weapon/armour, blade of saeldor), elite void (after hard Western diary, req Asgarnia & Kandarin, Iorwerth slayer dungeon (dark beasts, kurasks, nechryaels), Iban’s staff (req Kandarin to imbue), a single black dragon, Rabbit (lvl-2)
  • Zalcano (tons of runes, ores & bars, crystal axe (req Fremennik), crystal pickaxe (req Wilderness), req 70 Mining & Smithing), crystal shards (crystal equipment, divine pots etc.), some mining sites, Priff agility course, teak/mahogany + sawmill, lots of useful shops, red chins, fruit tree patch, sacred eels
Notable quests
  • None
Slayer creatures unlocked
  • Bloodvelds, dark beasts, elves, kurasks, nechryaels, waterfiends

Inaccessible regions - Zeah

  • Chambers of Xeric (tbow, ancestral, dhcb, rigouaugury, dragon claws, buckler), Konar slayer (brimstone keys), Karuulm dungeon (hydras (tribrid ring, dhl, ferocious gloves) drakes (prayetribrid boots), wyrms), Catacombs of Kourend (arclight), lizardman shamans (dwh), Forthos Dungeon, sand crabs, Mimic
  • Farming Guild, Woodcutting Guild, Wintertodt, blood/soul altar, Arceuus spellbook, Blast Mine, redwood trees, Tithe Farm, Arceuus Library, aerial fishing, fruit stalls, Hosidius kitchen, Mess hall, reputation grinds
Notable quests
  • None
About leagues
Leagues is a seasonal gamemode revolving around completing various tasks on time-limited servers with additional rules such as area restrictions, trade restrictions and boosted xp rates. The goal is to provide a completely fresh and unique gameplay experience which you couldn’t achieve in the main game. Your league progression is entirely separate from the main game, though you can’t play on the same account in both versions at the same time.
Leagues also features tasks, relics and points. Completing tasks is the main objective of leagues, which earns you some league points depending on their difficulty. Task examples are killing a goblin, cook 100 sharks, and obtain an infernal cape. These points can be spent on main game tradeable cosmetic rewards after the league has ended. By completing tasks you’ll eventually earn enough points to unlock relics, which are powerful and permanent buffs to your character while playing leagues. Relic examples are doubled resources from gathering skills, ability to pick your own slayer tasks, and increased attack speed. There are 6 relic tiers, each requiring an increasingly amount of points to unlock, where each tier consists of 3 relics. You can pick one of the three relics, but choose wisely as this is a permanent choice.
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2020.08.27 19:48 Another-Zubat Monsters with inspired mechanical twists/quirks?

Hi, all,
I wrote a while back asking after lovely mechanical tidbits built into the overarching systems of your favorite TTRPGs. Now I'm dropping by for a similar question, inspired by a similar one that just sprung up in OSRland: which monsters have you run into that have things built into their skillset such that they encourage creative approaches to combat, or otherwise can't/shouldn't be fought in the usual thwack-thwack zap-zap manner?
For what I mean, here's a straightforward but effective example from Goblin Punch. Skeleton Jellies are immortal, but "weak as shit", meaning they're liable to being physically incapacitated without too much hassle on a PC's part. (Well, in theory. Dice Gods willing.) Goblin Punch in general is great for this sort of thing.
Thanks in advance, everyone!
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2020.07.20 20:17 HeidemarieJilSander Revisiting: Allowing accounts to return to Ape Atoll without receiving combat experience

TL;DR: there is absolutely very little benefit for any account that wants to restrict its combat experience to finish Monkey Madness anymore in the current meta of OSRS.

Disclaimer: this change is obviously a benefit for pures, and I ask that those reading this take the suggestions and ideas here seriously without resorting to a "pures and pkers r bad" mentality. Thank you

History: (skip if uninterested)

In December 2004, RuneScape released the quest Monkey Madness. This was a monumental quest for pure accounts, which relied on limiting their combat training to attack (usually 60 attack), strength, ranged, and magic. The Dragon Scimitar was the best in slot for 60 attack pures, which were arguably the most popular mid-tier pking account in the wilderness. At the cost of finishing Monkey Mandess, pures were unable to return to Ape Atoll to utilize the agility course and, most importantly for them, training on skeleton gorillas in the Ape Atoll dungeon. Less than 5 years later, in March of 2009, the JageX staff decided to remove the requirement of receiving the combat experience which barred many pures from returning to Ape Atoll after finishing the quest. Adamant gloves from the Culinaromancer's chest were had by all.
Cut to 2020, 7 years after the release of OldSchool Runescape. The Monkey Madness quest exists but pures are unable to return. There was a poll to remove the experience requirement, but the poll only received a 63% "YES" vote, meaning it would likely not be revisited ever again. Arguments from those voting "NO" include the ever-recurring statement of, "you choose to restrict your account in that manner", which has thoroughly been debunked as a valid argument as many updates cater to ironman accounts. The upgraded +1 strength from mithril to adamant gloves can be a hot topic, but we'll discuss that later.


Understandably, being a pure isn't a "game mode" that JageX originally intended for the game, but they are a ubiquitous group in the low to mid-tier pvp-ing community. One of the most popular arguments for not allowing pures to return to Ape Atoll following Monkey Madness was that the completion should be left as a trade-off: you earn the ability to wield the Dragon Scimitar without being able to go back to Ape Atoll to do various activities, with the most valuable activity posited as the ranged training on skeleton gorillas using chinchompas. Over the past few years, due to updates or increasing game knowledge, this trade-off is becoming less apparent. Below, I'll list a few things that make this trade-off for combat-restricted accounts not worth it for them.
1. The Dragon Scimitar's presence and usefulness
If you go to the wilderness or any PvP world in player hot-spots, you'll find that the use of the Dragon Scimitar is not as prevalent in OSRS as it once was among MID-TIER players in pre-EOC era RuneScape. I emphasize MID-TIER players because someone reading this will say that rune pures seem to utilize Dragon Scimitars all the time, as well as main accounts, rocking the vicious red sword with their Dharok's set. This argument shouldn't apply to accounts with 40+ defence as they will likely receive the experience anyway, if not to ease their training, then to complete Monkey Madness II for stronger rewards. For Mid-Tier players in PvP scenarios, you will find that the magic shortbow is far more popular, providing better DPS due to its speed and the OSRS-exclusive Amethyst arrow.
Aside from PvP scenarios, you might say that the Dragon Scimitar is the BIS for pures training strength. Well, let me introduce you to the OSRS-exclusive Viggora's Chainmace, which though more expensive than the Dragon Scimitar, has the exact same stats. Anyone training their stats are likely to be using their best gear, and the Viggora's Chainmace would likely be used if the Dragon Scimitar were not available to the player.
2. There are other, arguably better areas, to utilize chinchompas for training ranged
Obviously, someone making this post likely has a pure. I have personally never used the chinchompa method of training ranged, but I do know that, with the introduction of certain areas in OSRS, chinchompa training can be utilized outside of Ape Atoll dungeon. I am not familiar with all of them, but I know that the Temple spiders in the Forthos Dungeon can be a great alternative and even offers some profit back compared to the Skeleton gorillas on Ape Atoll which have no guaranteed drops aside from bones.
For those looking to train magic, Dust Devils, Nechryaels, or even Jellies in the Catacombs of Kourend can provide a healthy dose of magic experience as well as useful drops. Though one might rather do them on a slayer task, there is nothing stopping you from training on them regularly as their drops can mitigate the cost. The only downside to these mobs is the need to attack each monster since they are non-aggressive. The extra time it takes to attack them with darts might add up, but the experience per hour is still massive.
On top of these two options to train utilizing multi-combat attacks and spells, it can be argued that OSRS's Nightmare Zone is a more attractive method of training, especially with the introduction of the Toxic Blowpipe. The rewards from NMZ are extremely valuable to any account that may favor PvP content.
3 Pures should not be relegated to the PvP community as they previously were and most combat-restricted accounts can benefit from activities on Ape Atoll that have been added over the years
While it is probably safe to say that most pures prefer PvP content over other OSRS content, there are a significant number of combat-restricted accounts that have begun tackling different challenges across OSRS. One peek at the "Pure Crew" clan channel can offer you an idea of how many pures do PvM (including bosses) and skilling aside from their pking ventures.
Taking that into account, Ape Atoll's agility course is one of the best for training mid-agility levels. While this course is not new, the meta of high agility levels for accounts, even in PvP scenarios, should add more weight to the value of agility training.
For pures who also like to skill, Crash Island offers the method of two-tick Teak cutting. The widespread knowledge of Tick-manipulation is novel to OSRS, and knowing that these combat-restricted accounts are now left out of being able to two-tick Teaks makes the trade-off of completing Monkey Madness to wield the Dragon Scimitar less attractive. Of course, pures can still access Prifddinas to utilize this technique, but being a grand-master quest with rather high stats, accessing Crash Island is an easier alternative. In addition, Prifddinas requires accounts to gain prayer experience, and their are other combat-restricted accounts that also avoid prayer as a combat modifier.
Other updates that affect accessibility includes clue steps that were added on Crash Island or Ape Atoll. While not a piece of content that is popular among combat-restricted accounts and pures, those who do enjoy doing clues are essentially punished for completing the quest.


There is really only one simple suggestion/solution: allow accounts that restrict their combat experience to return to Ape Atoll without having to get the experience from Daero. As a community, we would then have to decide whether or not we want pures to have access to Adamant gloves, which would be the BIS gloves for pures who focus on PvP, aside from risking Regen bracelet. If the community does not want pures to have Adamant gloves, then it should still be possible for them to have access to Ape Atoll but not be able to finish the sub-quest of freeing King Awowogei. Understandably, you are able to start the sub-quest without having to return to Ape Atoll, so perhaps you can restrict accounts who do not receive the combat training from entering the snake pit.
Ultimately, these restricted accounts should have access to Ape Atoll after completing Monkey Madness. In the current meta due to various updates over the past few years, it is actually a punishment for completing the quest.
To those who read all of this, thank you. To those who still think "pures r bad", I'm not sure what else to say. Every community will have some vocal minority that are toxic. Pures were the original restricted account and JageX have shown that they cater to certain communities over the years with various updates. As an owner of a pure account, I ask for one more piece of content that was acceptable in 2008, but is not in 2020.
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2020.06.30 03:28 cluesthecat Restarted membership

Decent stats. The name is Jellys If you care to look. What’s the best way to get back into Osrs?
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2020.04.04 17:30 seanfsmith Gully-Toads session report

Session one notes here. This is session two, with an open table west-marches style.
Characters present:
Soovya felt ready to head back to the hanging wicker man, which Alem and Jason were similarly keen to explore. Jean suggested that the group could instead check out the cairns atop the nearby hill, where the Bloody King of Heavens was conceived, but this route was not taken.
The group picked their way through the autumn forest, Soovya keeping his eyes out for deer (ineffectually) and Jean keeping an eye out for threats. He spotted a large form moving towards them, almost as tall as the trees themselves, burning ochre light clad in mulch from the forest floor. They got a few shots off at it before it smashed a massive clod fist into Soovya, tearing up his skin with horrid lacerations. It picked him up and smashed him against the ground, failing to understand the rigid properties of platemail. The others opened fire on its head, and the creature smashed to the ground. As its mulch continued to reknit across the jelly-like smoky light, they pummelled it with greater and greater amounts of damage, eventually splitering the beast apart. The forest was silent with the fall of the hob colossus.
A few hours later, the group reached the mushroom grove where the dungeon lay. They clambered up the spoke ladder and squeezed through the corn sphincter to get inside the hanged man's head - its walls were stocked with many corn dolls, and Jean noticed that there was a doll that looked like each one of their party, but as Alem continued to climb up within the space, he only took his own.
Within the hanged wicker man's shoulders, they could see the air above them thick with motes of poison spore. Jason checked out the switchback scaffolding to peer through an armpit, spotting a strange humanoid shape made of thousands of writhing centipedes. He offered it some trail mix, and the creature seemed content. Jean checked out the other armpit - an empty darker room beyond - and tossed his phosphorescent lichen into the space. Another centipede amalgam formed, greedily consumed the lichen, then collapsed back into individual arthropods.
The group headed through the armpit beyond the coherent centipede amalgam, who watched them interestedly as they passed, then found themselves in a tall room open to the sky, with scaffolding cladding the walls all of the way up. At the very edges of their hearing, it sounded as though there was conversation. Carefully the group made their way up the scaffold, but could not ever quite make out the words that were being spoken. At the top of the room, the "wrist" was open to the air, and a heavy creeper hung down into the space, having connected up to a metal plate on the "knee" above. Soovya led the climb, then made themselves fast at the top while they smashed open this makeshift barrier into a door. The room beyond was long and narrow, home to basketball-sized toads with legs as long as horses'. Jason gave them some more trail mix and the group sidled past the toads.
The ankle wall was similarly blown out, and another creeper carried up to the very top of the hanged man, linking up to the other ankle. Jean went first, spotting at the base of that final room a writhing mass of toad-limbs, fungal human faces, and a few skittering centipedes. He constructed a makeshift pulley, and lowered himself down to get a better shot - though it proved hard to make a precision strike with a blunderbuss.
Jason tied himself to the top of the ankle, giving himself purchase for a powerful shot. Jean managed to finally hit the creature after it leapt at him, giving some superficial rasped wounds. Soovya shattered the beast with his pickaxe, and the foot-wide puzzle cube that had been its centre fell to be caught by Alem.
The group retraced their steps and make their way out of the dungeon. Rather than opening the portal to the next realm here, they opted to take it to the cliffs above the wide canyon six miles south of their town. They enacted the puzzle sequence and a great flat sphere expanded from the cube. Almost immediately, a thin tendril lashed out at Soovya, but missed entirely. The thing recoiled and nothing was seen for several minutes after.
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2020.03.06 08:28 cherokee_a4 d66 Random Inn NPCs

I wrote d66 throwaway NPCs that one might find in an inn.
Any favorites?

11 - Bartolome (Human) / Skilled Alchemist
12 - Steam (Jotun) / Religious Astrologer
13 - Zorione (Human) / Potter
14 - Gerbasi Potter (Halfling) / Goat Shepherd
15 - Olov (Dwarf) / Mural Painter
16 - Poza Ironheart (Halfling) / Dyer
21 - Ulrik (Dwarf) / Miller
22 - Andos (Human) / Cobbler
23 - Flint (Jotun) / Rope Maker
24 - Latxa Jamjar (Halfling) / Tailor
25 - Eleanor (Human) / Hand Model
26 - Henrietta (Human) / Bankrupt Spice Merchant
31 - Rojina (Faun) / Disenchanted Cook
32 - Harnof (Dwarf) / Weaponsmith
33 - Gilen Nimblefeet (Halfling) /Basket-maker
34 - Drago Buttercheeks (Halfling) / Barber
35 - Olga (Dwarf) / Accredited Food-taster
36 - Enara (Human) /Crop Farmer
41 - Yadav (Faun) / Leatherworker
42 - Giadia (Human) / Corrupt Tax-collector
43 - Julia (Human) / Map-maker
44 - Miles (Human) / Rat Exterminator
45 - Sabiniano (Human) / Fortuneteller
46 - Jatsu (Human) / Drunkard
51 - Abby (Spiderling) / Silk Trader
52 - Nicoletta (Spiderling) / Clockmaker
53 - Friq (Goblin) /Squid Fisher
54 - Peax (Goblin) / Glassblower Apprentice
55 - Callous (Molekin) / Dung Farmer
56 - Dartre (Molekin) /High-stakes Gambler
61 - Mold (Molekin) /Lead Servant on Leave
62 - Ataahua (Lizardfolk) / Desperate Diplomat
63 - Armis 3A (Clockwork) / Locksmith
64 - Servus K6BD (Clockwork) / Viticulture Scholar
65 - Madame Anwen (Ghoul) / Grim Jester
66 - Dewie (Talking Cat) / Grave Robber
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