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Sea of Thieves is an action-adventure free-roaming pirate video game developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios for Windows 10, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One.

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2023.06.01 17:34 cruisingNW Foundations of Humanity 27 (New Horizons) - an NoP fanfic

Foundations of Humanity 27 (New Horizons) - an NoP fanfic

Thank you u/SpacePaladin15 for establishing the Nature of Predators Universe, and for allowing Fanfics to flourish!Thank you again, u/Braquen, u/Acceptable_Egg5560, u/BiasMushroom721, and last but not least u/Liberty-Prime76 for proofreading! Also, thank you u/Frostborne for your blessing on my Gojid City name! This is my side of the Nature of a Giant crossover)!
Also Star Tours is a Disney copyright which I use in good faith and humor under fair use please don’t hurt me capitalist mouse daddy.
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Memory transcription subject: Valek, Venlil tourist
Date [standardized human time]: Sept 11th, 2136. Middle of 3rd Claw
I watched Maeve find an open station and investigate the helmet while I asked, “Do Humans have Visor arcades?”
“Oh, absolutely! There’s an entire League for VR!” Maeve awkwardly slipped into the seat and found the controls; after a moment the seat started to adjust itself to size, the sudden movement causing Maeve to jump.
Alvi spoke up beside me, “Maeve has a book that talks about it. It talked about headsets and digital worlds like what we have, over a hundred years ago!”
“A hundred years ago?” I couldn’t help but be skeptical. “Are you really saying that our tech is a hundred years behind yours with VR?”
“Eh, not exactly,” Maeve tilted her head as she thought, “with things like visors, there was an upper limit to how to design them. Most of the innovations were on how realistic the visors could make the media. We got video down pretty quickly, and surround-sound was pretty much figured out by then. We experimented with scent and that did not go well. Really most of the progress has been in processing, and you guys still have us beat on that!”
She picked up the viewing device. There were three kinds of stations with different sized helmets for each. The first she investigated were Dossur to Zurulian sized, but it only took a moment to find a Sivkit to Gojid size. “Looks like these could fit me. Can you two wait long enough to see if this works with humans?”
I flicked my ears in amusement and posed myself overdramatically. “I’m sure that I, your poor starving mate, can continue starving while you enjoy yourself.” I giggled while Alvi slapped me with her tail. “Go on, have fun! I’m also curious to see if the program would work with your eyes.”
With a look around to ensure no one was watching, Maeve switched her veil for the helmet, after only a few moments of effort. The collar thickness was adjustable to help the foam complete a clean seal against the jaw. I touched my pre-paid band to the tap pad, and the machine shifted colors to show it was occupied. The helmet was designed for snouted species, and so hung somewhat past Maeve’s chin, allowing us to see light reflected off her skin.
A screen beside her lit up with the mask, and we could see what she saw while she played. Alvi and I walked her through the tutorial and calibrator, and Maeve chose Jewels of the Federation at my suggestion; a simple walking simulator showcasing highlights of Federation homeworlds.
The simulator starts us in the same arcade, in the same booth! A well-groomed Venlil stands beside her and reminds Maeve of her private tour. Maeve ‘walks’ while still seated and lifts her virtual self from the digital booth, following the guide to a launch pad that didn’t previously exist. Alvi and I stopped in shock for a moment when a noticeably younger Captain Sovlin walked down the gangway of our destination shuttle; though judging by Maeve’s lack of reaction, she seemed not to recognize him; Alvi met my eye and pointedly flicked her ears. The simulated Gojid pilot wags their ears genially as they throw their arms wide in welcome.
“Good waking, citizen of the Federation! Star Tours has invited me to escort you on an introduction to the astounding marvels of our great peoples! Every species has made wondrous contributions to the enlightenment of the Federation, but the strayu is in the oven, so we’ll only get the time to visit your own Venlil Prime, The Cradle, and Nishtal today. Follow me and we can begin!”
Maeve followed Sovlin into the cockpit of the stylized shuttle and took the copilot seat; Maeve’s head was on a swivel and she took in everything around her. “Wow, this is so cool! Your whole helmet is a screen! Our VR is only in front of our eyes, tricking our brains into seeing three dimensionally.” Her voice echoed around the helmet, muffling her words before they could reach us..
The shuttle lifted gently and Maeve’s chair tilted back with it. Coming up, we could see that this arcade was in the Capitol, and they did a flying pass to show its glass spires and bustling spaceport. Sovlin spoke up beside Maeve, “The Venlil Homeworld is in a strategic position within the Federation, and you make your people proud by fulfilling your duty to the Herd; in spite of your weakness and timidity!!”
The shuttle started to pitch to the open center of the city, and a large park came into view. “But, as I-” Sovlin’s voice caught in his throat, before he cleared it and spoke with firm authority, “As we all know: Duty sometimes comes with Sacrifice. And we honor and remember that… sacrifice with the beautiful Cattle Memorial!”
The vines of Morning Light catch the sun, and I feel my ears fall as I remember my own family’s sacrifices. Alvi caught my distress, and curled her tail around me as the simulation continued, “Here we remember the lives lost from the ruthless barbarity of the Greys. We hope that this Shining Beacon may guide their bodies and souls back to the Herd.” The shuttle kept flying straight toward the ground, but the shuttle surroundings started to disappear as Sovlin and Maeve joined the mourners and wellwishers. The breeze played gently with unopened letters and fresh bouquets. Sovlin spoke softly, in respect for visitors, “It is open all claws, and many leave their remembrances. Make sure to show your support, next time you’re in the Capitol.”
After several moments of contemplative silence, the shuttle pulled up into the upper atmosphere, and Maeve’s seat began to shudder. I spoke up a little louder so she could hear me through the helmet, “Set your head back. The next part might make you a little queasy.
Maeve did as bidden just before Sovlin hit the warp jump, and the screen was awash with a rainbow of colors streaking to the outer border.
We fall out of Warp just above The Cradle, its capital continent in view surrounded by great oceans, while other landmasses curve around the planet and out of sight. The camera quickly descends through the atmosphere and we pull into the great city of Vala’s Embrace, with its shining spires and sprawling seaports. We fly down through the airspace busy with cargo freighters and I see Maeve involuntary flinch after a close miss. “The Gojid are a proud and fierce people, but also industrious! Our Cradle and Colonies are a major food source for the rest of the Federation, in addition to the significant extractions performed by our colonies and outposts.”
The camera flies into the center of the city where stands a grand Cathedral to the Protector, Her robed form guiding believers to the grand entryway. “But my People are renowned for our stalwart loyalty to our faith and to the Federation. Our great houses of worship are monuments of our devotion to protecting the Herd from the Predator Menace!”
After a pass around the building highlighting its traditional stonework and heraldry, the camera joins the throng of worshippers, coming in low like a child beside their parent, and we see the full glory of The Church.
Our view pans up from the crowd to a ceiling decorated with murals of inlaid wood and metals. Vibrant colors, textures, and shining light tell the story of Vala driving out the Predators and forming the first Herd. Stained glass windows cover the congregation in pools of color almost as varied as the congregants themselves. A silver Gojid passes from behind us, towering tall with the kind eyes of one who knows their faith, and is safe in its love. They lay a paw on Maeve’s shoulder and guide her to a bench only a few rows from the front, with a seat on the aisle. The Priest stands before their podium and begins a sermon of service to the Herd, and one’s role within it.
The priest’s voice fades into the background as we fly backward out of an open window like a bird; words of Predators at our doorstep fading on the wind. We rise to re-exit the atmosphere, Maeve’s chair buzzing as the hyperdrive spins up.
We warp into a field of defensive space stations, glittering proudly in the Nishtalian Sun. Below, we see a planet with a great many islands, webbed with weaving waterways and small seas. Maeve pressed herself further into the seat as we entered their thicker atmosphere, the seat vibrations causing the helmet to rattle against it.
“And here we have the vibrant marshes of Nishtal!” We broke through the clouds to see massive arbors climbing back into them. We approached the Nishtal Capital sprawled across dozens of kilometers of archipelago, held above the water by meta-material supports.
“Nishtal is well known for its punishing environments, which helped to mold the Krakotl into Pan-Galactic Heroes! From Captain Kalsim, to Merchant Captain Malins, to Chief Exterminator Estela. Each renowned for holding the line against the predator taint, through fire or rail! And this is where their mettle was tested!”
The shuttle flies around a flat paved area, surrounded by landing pads as warships lift and land. In the center was a platoon of Krakotl performing training exercises. The shuttle again falls away as we start walking behind a Commander, Sovlin walking beside him as he speaks over his shoulder, “The Krakotl have been an instrumental force in maintaining our peaceful way of life. If you think you have what it takes, be sure to register for the JEOTC so you can help make the galaxy a better place!”
Sovlin met the eye of the Krakotl commander beside him, “Thank you for your service, Sir.”
We split off from the commander, and our walking transitioned back to our shuttle before firing off back into the sky.Through the vibrating chair, Maeve stuttered out, “M-M-Man Y-You-u-u Guys-z-z-z’re R-R-Real-l-ly into this-s-s W-W-War, huh??”
Suddenly the chair threw Maeve forward, almost unseating her as she suddenly fell out of warp, “We have Grey contacts! Time to turn tail and get out of here! I’ll stay on the guns and when I say Go, you push that throttle as hard as you can! OK…!” A Metallic handle started to glow in front of her, and Maeve reached out with her controller to grab it. It took her a moment, but Sovlin never gave the signal… Until she grabbed on. “GO!” Maeve rocked her body forward and slammed the throttle to its limiter, the seat beneath her rumbling with renewed vigor.
After only a moment, a Kolshian Capital Ship dropped from subspace in front of us and fired a volley of Everything in the direction behind us. Our ship slowed and Sovlin cheered from the pilot’s chair, “HaHa! The Vanguard has arrived! Thank you for your help gentlemen!”
A portrait feed popped up on and above the control panel, showing General Kalsim’s distinct banding on his beak. “This is General Kalsim, Commander of the Federation Vessel Inatala’s Will. Star tours, have you suffered any damage?” The portrait squawked as the General’s feathers puffed with pride.
“Negative General, thank you for the save!”
“Understood, let’s get you home, Star Tours.”
“We would be very grateful, General! Protector guides you.”
The chair beneath Maeve vibrates and tilts back as the hyper-drive charges up again, the screen flashing to show the sprawling oceans of Aafa, glittering brilliantly in the shining sun, dotted by its giant floating cities and lush tropical islands. A flock of broad chirping seabirds adorned with vibrant colors gliding on the calm ocean breeze flanking the shuttle. The capital of Aafa grew on the viewscreen, the sprawling Governance Center of the Federation dominating the city, swooping lines and a singular towering dome marked the chambers of the Federation senate.
“Isn’t that a beautiful view? This is what we fight for, this is the Cradle of the Federation, the very heart of our enlightened civilization. This is what we protect.”
The camera pans low, the shuttle falling away, sweeping along the streets of the capital.
The dome grew ever larger in the background until the camera began to soar over busy diplomats entering the senate floor, the camera like a very lost Flowerbird. Chief Nikonus was delivering an impassioned speech to the gathered representatives, declaring the grand aims and lofty goals of the Federation to spread peace and safety to all Prey peoples. The camera panned around the room, showing representatives listening to the speech with focused ears and attentive eyes, pausing on the Venlil Representative, swaying their tail in pride and determination. As the camera finished its rotation it exited through the rooms wide glass panes, rising up and over the city as the shuttle reformed once again, breaching through the atmosphere and up into the stars.
Maeve’s seat rumbled as the hyperdrive spooled again, the screen clearing to show the Capital of Venlil Prime once more, soaring down to the arcade the adventure had started in. Captain Sovlin’s voice echoed from the speakers.
“Thank you for joining me today on Star Tours! Be sure to visit your nearest Federation recruitment center today and do your part!”
With fading fanfare, the seat returned to a neutral position and Maeve took off her helmet to meet our eyes. “That… was definitely a thing. It had a lot of… uh… ho boy.”
“Yeah, uh.” I shifted my weight awkwardly, “Watching that as an adult is… Stars, I remember wanting so badly to sign up. But my mom stopped me.”
“I’ll have to thank her when we get home.” Alvi sighed with exaggerated relief.
“You and me, both.” Maeve said through a relieved chuckle, “You guys want a turn? I’d like to do something more chill; cleanse the palate.”
Alvi and I politely declined, before I offered, “Actually I wanted to show you something. I don’t know how you guys have fun, but Shipper is really good.”
I guided Maeve to the catalog and pointed out the correct one. As the game started up and Maeve got the ship moving, she snorted and muttered to herself, “Of course you have Trucking Simulator In Space. Why am I even surprised.”
Maeve was making great progress, and had made two deliveries before the low fuel warning began trilling at her.
“Nah, see, you gotta watch your fuel too! The more you haul the more fuel you use, and you still gotta make it to your drop-off.”
“Wow, you guys do not mess around with these work simulators. We actually had a whole era of these a wh- Hey!”The screen locked up, telling us our 30 minutes were up.
“W-What does it say?”
“It says it's time to stop and get some food!”
“Ahh, man I was just getting the hang of it.”
“And I would like to get a hang of some Mel Root wedges. Come on!” Alvi chimed with a playful whine.Maeve rolled out of the station, and after a moment for her legs to remember what walking was, donned her veil and we continued to the food court. Pushing the doors open we saw a veritable swarm of Venlil of all ages, though many of the younger were already sitting while their parents fetched their meal. A child near the door caught sight of us and squeaked in surprise, alerting their parents to our presence.
Conversation died like a wave across the open expanse. Maeve stood stock still, and so did we, trying very very hard to avoid a panic and stampede.
I spoke in barely a whisper, “Maeve?”
She returned my quietness, “Yes, Valek?”
“I don’t want to do this to you, but I think it is best if we find a seat first… Then Alvi or I can get the food.” My tail began to sway in slow caution while my ears kept on a swivel.
“Yeah. Yeah, I think you’re right. Can you see any open tables?”Alvi flicked her tail at the balcony, “I see stairs there, and the balcony looks pretty clear.”
Maeve started to nod reflexively before catching herself, then back to keeping her head low and unfocused.
Alvi and I guided her gently around the outer perimeter of the court, slowly working our way to the stairwell while all eyes and ears were locked on us the whole journey. We stepped up the stairs and conversation slowly built up again, though not to the same exuberancy as before. We found our seat just outside the stairwell on the 2nd floor. We tried to avoid scaring what few families remained on the balcony, but despite our efforts, those few almost immediately grabbed their belongings and moved. It was almost comical how little they tried to hide it. Yet also surprising in that there hadn’t been any screams or stampeding. It left a strange feeling in the air. One that felt somehow both better and worse than if they had screamed.
This tension was not lost on Maeve, as she muttered to herself, “Plague bearer, or horrific monster. Decisions, decisions.”
I took her hand in my paw in a feeble attempt to offer what comfort I could. Alvi was the first to speak, “Well, Valek you got the Gravity room and Visor game, so I’ll handle food. Anything the two of you desperately want?”
We gave her our orders and she stepped down the stairs, leaving Maeve and I alone on the balcony.
I hoped to loosen the tangle of this horrid tension. “Sooo…. Biblical?”
As I had hoped, the sudden change snapped Maeve out of her stormcloud and laughter bubbled from her like the Sun! “UUh… That’s uh. Complicated. There’s a good thousand years of linguistic context that makes that word mean what it meant the way I used it. The Bible is a book of faith for a significant portion of people on earth. Not all, and not even a majority; hell, even that is fragmented because no one can agree on what it really means. This Bible teaches a great many things, some good some bad, but one of its teachings is how to… legitimize relationships. Get married, basically.”
Maeve leaned closer to me on the off chance the balcony was less empty than we believed, “And one of the more serious ways to officiate these pairings was with sex; or ‘mating’. As this faith quickly became one of the more influential faiths on our planet, most of humanity learned and still has complicated feelings about sex and intimacy. So, we talk around it. ‘Sleeping together’ ‘Do the nasty’ ‘The beast with two backs’ and more to the point: ‘To know someone biblically’.”
“So when you said…”“I was saying I had sex with one of you, yes.”
I focused my ears in feigned shock, while my tail swished with mischief, “I was that one, right?”
Maeve lightly shoved my shoulder while she straightened to her normal posture, but I stayed low. “Hey,” I whispered, nodding my head for Maeve to come closer, and she did so. I reached my paws up to her white veil, and brought it up and over her face, revealing her brightly blooming face which my lips eagerly met. Pulling away, I asked, “Perhaps once we get back to the hotel, we could… know each other biblically?”
She pulled my face back to hers, returning my affections with equal vigor, “Only if we can get Alvi out of the room. I want you all to myself.”
Alvi. Right. She’s… she’s here. Staying with us. And we would be… kicking her out. The one she admitted feeling for would be kicking her out to mate with someone else. But she understands! Right?
“Oh, looks like Alvi got us some food!”
My ears snapped behind me as Maeve looked over my shoulder.
Memory transcription subject: Alvi, Venlil tourist
Date [standardized human time]: Sept 11th, 2136. Middle of 3rd Claw
I stepped lightly up the stairs while balancing the trays within my arms. There were so many options! Cresting the top of the stairs, Valek stood to assist. While I covered the menu.“Ok we got all of our favorite fruit, I know how much you love starberries, Maeve.” Who smiled broadly under her now-open veil. “I was able to get us some Sunbreeze, but most of the food stands had long waits and I was hungry, so I just got a plate of fried veg and called it good. This one is the fried Deeproot, and powdered lakeseed dough balls, and some mel root wedges. The arcade’s mel root is a little heavy on the firefruit.”
“Thank you, Alvi!” Maeve picked up one of the larger wedges and broke it in half with me. We lifted our pieces in celebration and bit down at the same time. Immediately my mouth was alight with bright heat and my lips stung blissfully, but after only a moment the sweet and full flavor of the mel root complimented perfectly with the cleansing fire.
Maeve beside me scrunched her face and gasped, “Whoo!” She hooted, “That is spicy! Mm! That potato is really good though. What do you call this?”
I wagged my tail, happy to see that she appreciated the- wait. “Potato? That’s Mel Root. What’s a Potato?”
Maeve licked her fingers before taking another wedge, “It’s a root tuber; a staple food from earth. Mel root, or, well, cooked mel root, has a really similar consistency to potato! Makes sense since they’re both roots.” She took a bite of her wedge and immediately made that same face, “Ooo that was a mistake, I should have finished talking.” a few quick breaths through her mouth before she continued, “Your mel root is denser, closer to a carrot, but still really starchy. The fry really brings out a lot of sweetness; I’ll admit, it goes really well with the firefruit. Good choice Alvi!”
The praise set my tail to wagging as I bit into my food. So spicy! So good! I am so glad we came to this food court!
Speaking of, “I haven’t seen Tarlim or his human. I hope they haven’t changed their minds on meeting here.” I spoke through a masticated root.
“Wouldn’t blame them if they did,” Valek grumbled, tail curling between his legs, “I was just like everyone who’s been running from us…” He trailed off sinking into his chair.
“You could have handled it better, but so could he.” I sighed, remembering that chair. “From what I’ve heard of those places though, I can’t say I blame him.”
Maeve set down a piece of deeproot and looked at Valek. “What are those places? You guys got really scared when he said he got out of one.”
Valek was the first to speak, “They are places where we put people who are a danger to themselves or the Herd; people with Predator Disease.”
My fur flared at the mention of my almost-diagnosis. Maeve noticed and flattened the fur along my spine, “You’re not a predator Alvi. There is nothing wrong with you.”
She says while you continue stuffing your face like a hun--SHUT UP!! I AM NOT!! I AM LOVED!! I AM IN A HERD! THAT KNOWS AND STAYS! SHUT UP!
Maeve watched Valek while she continued to comfort me “And… how does one get predator disease?”
Valek continued his lesson, while I tried desperately to slow my spinning mind.
“Well… the federation tells us it can be spread by ‘predator taint’, or spending too much time around or with predators. I’m… I’m not sure I believe that. But we know it can be inherent. Sometimes symptoms begin as early as an infant. As well, it can appear randomly or be carried within family lines.”“And how does one get diagnosed?”
I thought about when my teacher first called the Exterminators. I remembered the Exterminators coming to my foster family. They talked them down, but it wasn’t long after that that they ‘couldn't take care of me’.
My voice left my mouth unbidden, “Well those born with it… they tend to get diagnosed early, but sometimes Predator Disease can come out later in life. If someone is reported for Predator Behavior, they have a chance to argue their case to the exterminator on duty. If the exterminator confirms the case, they are taken in to be diagnosed. And if it’s a yes, they are taken to a Correctional Facility to be taught how to be in a herd.”
Valek tapped his claws against the table as his tail shook with desperate hope. “See? There’s several checks on the way to a diagnosis. The system is designed to avoid false positives. If Tarlim was diagnosed, I am sure it was with good cause.”
Maeve shook her head, “I’m not so sure. By my count, there were only two people in that chain, three if you count the person reporting it, and at best only one of them was a medical professional, unless I’m misunderstanding the concept of exterminators. Setting that aside, I think I’m missing something. What is Predator Disease?”
“It’s when someone is a Predator in the body of a Prey. We can see them when they don’t work within a herd, or they don't understand our tail signals. These people are a danger to the herd, both passively and, if left unchecked, directly, so we try to teach them how to be Prey.” Valek looked desperately at Maeve after spouting the information, almost as if by rote. Like he was quoting an exterminator textbook.
“Wait, wait… so it’s a behavioral disease? They can’t grasp body language, or other people’s feelings?” Maeve was appearing more confused, more… afraid. Was predator disease so terrible among humans? Then why would she want me around?
Because she doesn’t know, stupid! But she's about to! They never stick around once they find out!
Valek was adamant. Maeve needed to know this, I know she did. “It’s not just that, they can’t even get themselves to be part of a herd! They always sit or move with nobody around them!” but once she did…
“Well then. What would that make me?
My eyes froze in their sockets and my legs refused to flee.
The Night called us.
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2023.06.01 17:31 pottersquash Swampborn Begins

Today is a day the Humid God has made: Hurricane season begins today.
So begins our vigilant watch of the seas. Preparedness is our Covenant. Awareness is our Faith. We have no fear, because we are ready. We are ready because we get ready! May the Cosmic Brownie sustain you. LFG.
We are the citizens of Southern Louisiana, Southern Mississippi, Southern Alabama and the Florida Panhandle.
We are aware that living here means we will have to deal with tropical weather. We accept this.
For while this is leads to potentially life threatening weather conditions, property damage and ever present war with Mold and Mosquito, we enjoy our land, our culture, our neighbors, our way of life.
For we are prepared!!! We have secured things which can float or blow away. We have our provisions to survive without power. We have made safe our important documents and contact information. We have enough booze to forget this ever happen. We are willing to flee if necessary. We have a plan for evacuation and will execute without hesitation when the time comes.
If floods come we are ready to lead a hand to fellow Swampborn who were unable to flee. What floods take away, we are ready to rebuild.
We will secure our animals and pets for they are Swampborn as well. We will secure our plants and gardens for they are also Swampborn. We are mindful that Swamp merely does what the Swamp does. We must take care of what we do that effects the natural Swamp order. We must hold accountable cough S&WB cough those who poor planning drive the Swamp where the Swamp does not want to be.
We are the Swampborn.
What is damp shall never dry.
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2023.06.01 17:30 Lamashermoza orgy in the middle of the sea

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2023.06.01 17:30 Nidoras Pacific War III, 1943-March 1944 Peacock-Shah Alternate Elections

Pacific War III, 1943-March 1944 Peacock-Shah Alternate Elections
General Omar Bradley

GUADALCANAL-Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was reported dead this morning at the hands of a successful American Naval air raid near the end of the Solomon Islands campaign. General Omar Bradley declared yesterday that Japanese forces had wholly cleared the area, with Secretary of State Stimson declaring the offensive to be a success despite months of brutal fighting, mere hours after Bradley's declaration, with General Douglas MacArthur by his side. Admirals Spruance and Hart are reported to be in pursuit of the temporarily leaderless Japanese fleet through the South Pacific, rushing for the remaining strongholds of the Rising Sun. Meanwhile, amidst swirling allegations of a growing rift between himself and President Luce stemming from political differences and a refusal to promote the famed Raider beyond Brigadier General, Evans Fordyce Carlson had been removed from the occupation council on Guadalcanal.
"LEMAY STRIKES FOR URAJIOSUTOKU," Jack Smith, The Los Angeles Times, June 29, 1943
URAJIOSUTOKU, WHITE RUSSIA-Russian collaborationist leader Grigory Semyonov is reported to be in hiding in the aftermath of the largest American bombing raid on White Russia since the beginning of the war, striking the port of Urajiosutoku, referred to as Vladivostok by native Russians. Semyonov has accused Bolshevik Russia of aiding and abetting the United States Air Force in bombing raids upon the Japanese-controlled Russian Far East and industrial centers through Manchuria, thereby violating its neutrality, allegations cited by the Imperial Japanese Navy in their complete embargo of Soviet ships in Japanese waters, though they have been denied by newly promoted Major General Curtis LeMay.

Former President William Randolph Hearst
"HEARST BRANDED HEROIC ON TARAWA," Charles Lederer, The Atlanta Georgian, November 15, 1943
TARAWA, SOUTH PACIFIC-Mere weeks after General Bradley set foot on Tarawa, former President William R. Hearst visited troops on the front lines alongside actress Marion Davies at the invitation of his son, Captain Randolph A. Hearst. A group of soldiers, sailors, and airmen, including Private Frank Lautenberg, pictured above with President Hearst, held a gathering in honor of Mr. Hearst. Many airmen, soldiers, and sailors have joined their fellow Americans in the recent boom for Hearst for President. In New York, over a thousand war widows may have gathered in Madison Square Garden to promote Hearst as "heroic" for his visit to Tarawa so soon after the conclusion of active fighting.
MIDWAY ISLAND, CENTRAL PACIFIC- Over two years beyond the American attack on Pearl Harbor, conflict is reported to have begun between American and Japanese fleets East of the island of Midway, the first significant battleship engagements in the region despite years of aerial and submarine warfare. This development is credited with the recent promotion of Admiral Thomas C. Hart to full command of American actions in the North Pacific Theater and the concomitant sidelining of Generals MacArthur and Patton, reportedly at the request of their superior, General Omar Bradley.
Across the ocean, limited news from the Chinese theater suggests that the Japanese Tenth Army remains surrounded by Chinese revolutionary leader Feng Yuxiang at the city of Hsian, with Japanese reinforcements redirected to respond to a renewed wave of island hopping in the South Pacific ordered by President Luce. However, domestic criticis such as former Speaker of the House of Representatives Charles Coughlin and former Senate Majority Leader Robert M. La Follette, both seen as contenders for the nomination of the opposition Farmer-Labor Party for the presidency in 1944, have accused Luce of unnecessarily sacrificing American lives in an attempt to preserve Feng's advance through Japanese occupied China. More moderate critics such as newspaper editor William Randolph Hearst, who held the presidency himself as a Farmer-Laborite between 1905 and 1909, have accused Luce of working too closely with the Chinese rebellion's right wing, led by Chiang Kai-Shek, whose wife has been accused of having an affair with American envoy Wendell Willkie. Hearst himself has been accused of harboring presidential ambitions despite recently celebrating his 80th birthday.

Chinese troops marching into battle
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2023.06.01 17:28 letsavenge [FH5] Autumn Information Thread - Series 21

Hello everyone! It's week two of Explore the Horizon. Last week I really enjoyed the Festival tasks, so let's hope this time around we get a bunch of good things once again. Sorry for the little delay in publishing this thread this week, hope you all are having a great week!  
A ??? is available for completing the Super7 this week.  

Forzathon Shop

The Forzathon Shop ends on Jun 8th, 2023 @ 14:29 (UTC).  

Festival Playlist Rewards

Hot Wheels Events - 7 Points

Exclusive to Hot Wheels Owners; the respective Academy Rank must be unlocked. Not Required for Season Rewards, Series Completion, or the Min, Meet Max Achievement.

Rally Adventure Events - 7 Points

Exclusive to Rally Adventure Owners; required for you to be Horizon Badlands Champion. Not Required for Season Rewards, Series Completion, or the Min, Meet Max Achievement.

Forzathon Weekly Challenge - 5 Points

Earn 80FP for completing the weekly challenge, double if you own La Casa Solariega. Must be done in sequence to count.

Forzathon Daily Challenges - 1 Point Each, 7 Points Total

Each challenge is open for 7 Days from 2:30PM UTC* of the start day. Earn 10FP per Challenge, double if you own La Casa Solariega.

Seasonal Events - 30 Points Total

The reward listed for Seasonal Championship events requires you to place 1st against at or above the Highly Skilled Drivatar difficulty setting; the Trial requires Unbeatable difficulty and is accessible after entering the Hall of Fame.  

Challenges - 8 Points Total

Monthly Events - 2 Points per Season (8 Points per Series)

Explore The Horizon With Enhanced Photo Mode And Pathfinder Challenges  
FH5 Release Notes: May 23rd, 2023  
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2023.06.01 17:24 inadvisable_action Am I in trouble for ejecting squatters from my mom's home? (Pennsylvania)

My mom has been in the hospital for a week and a half. She's in her 90's and had a medical incident, she'll recover but she needs to be in the hospital for a bit longer.
Got a call from a neighbor of my mom, who's also a long time family friend, about some people in my mom's house. Yesterday I went down there in the morning and found that two days prior they had showed up and managed to get access to the house, I probably forgot to lock a door after the ambulance left and mom keeps spare keys hanging in the kitchen so they were able to lock up.
I decided that rather than call the cops and wait around for who knows how long I'd just go in, I have a key as well after all. Maybe not the best decision but I was worried that they would steal some of my mom's jewelry or other valuables. After I entered I found a couple still asleep on my mom's bed,
Told them to leave and they tried to lie and say they were renting the place, we argued about that and it dissolved into accusations of racism and me calling them bums and thieves just trying to steal from my mom and I will admit I lost my temper there. But I didn't throw the first punch, he did.
We then wrestled for a few minutes before I got the upper hand and managed to take him to the ground. I then drug him out of the house and started grabbing stuff that was not my mom's and tossing it out the door. That was when they called the cops.
The police arrived about a half hour later after I had gotten all their stuff out, and they began questioning everyone. The police wouldn't let them back in the house but told me that I should have let them handle it. And when I asked if I was in trouble they wouldn't say one way or the other.
I'm just wondering if you think I'm gonna get legal ramifications from all this. The main reason I went in like I did was I've seen the years long fights that can arise from these things and how much theft and damage can be done to the property.
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2023.06.01 17:22 Vpettijohnjr A parting of the seas

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2023.06.01 17:22 lbabinz [Walmart] Weekly Game Sale (PlayStation Days of Play, Square Enix, Xbox Controllers, more)

Item Sale Price MSRP Savings
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion (Nintendo Switch) $49.96 $64.96 $15
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion (PS5) $49.96 $64.96 $15
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion (PS4) $49.96 $64.96 $15
Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion (Xbox) $49.96 $64.96 $15
Death Stranding Director’s Cut – PlayStation 5 $29.99 $64.99 $35
Forspoken (PS5) $59.96 $89.96 $30
Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut – PlayStation 5 $39.99 $89.99 $50
God of War Ragnarök - PlayStation 5 $64.99 $89.99 $25
God of War Ragnarök - PlayStation 4 $54.99 $79.99 $25
God of War (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
God of War III Remastered (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
Gran Turismo 7 (PS5) $49.99 $89.99 $40
Gran Turismo 7 (PS4) $39.99 $79.99 $40
Gran Turismo Sport (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
Harvestella (Nintendo Switch) $49.96 $79.96 $30
Horizon Forbidden West™ Launch Edition (PS4) $39.99 $79.99 $40
Horizon Forbidden West™ (PS5) $49.99 $89.99 $40
Little Big Planet 3 (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition – PlayStation 5 $49.99 $89.99 $40
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PlayStation 5) $29.99 $64.99 $35
Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (PS4) $29.99 $64.99 $35
MLB® The Show™ 23 (PS4) $64.99 $89.99 $25
MLB® The Show™ 23 (PS5) $49.99 $79.99 $30
NieR:Automata The End of YoRHa Edition (Nintendo Switch) $39.96 $64.96 $25
OCTOPATH TRAVELER II (PS4) $59.96 $79.96 $20
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PlayStation 5) $39.99 $89.99 $40
Ratchet and Clank (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
Sackboy: A Big Adventure (PlayStation 5) $29.99 $79.99 $50
Star Ocean The Divine Force (PS5) $34.96 $79.96 $45
Star Ocean The Divine Force (PS4) $34.96 $79.96 $45
Tactics Ogre: Reborn (PS5) $39.96 $64.96 $25
Tactics Ogre: Reborn (PS4) $39.96 $64.96 $25
The Diofield Chronicle (PS4) $34.96 $79.96 $45
The Diofield Chronicle (Nintendo Switch) $34.96 $79.96 $45
The Diofield Chronicle (PS5) $34.96 $79.96 $45
The Last of Us™ Part I - PlayStation®5 $64.99 $89.99 $25
The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
The Nioh Collection (PlayStation 5) $39.99 $89.99 $50
UNCHARTED: The Nathan Drake Collection (PS4) $9.99 $19.99 $10
UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection - PlayStation 5 $29.99 $64.99 $35
Valkyrie Elysium (PS5) $34.96 $79.96 $45
Valkyrie Elysium (PS4) $34.96 $79.96 $45
Xbox Wireless Controller $59.96 $64.96 $15
Xbox Wireless Controller – Electric Volt for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 Devices $59.96 $64.96 $15
Xbox Wireless Controller – Deep Pink for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows Devices $59.96 $64.96 $15
Xbox Wireless Controller – Pulse Red for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows Devices $59.96 $64.96 $15
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2023.06.01 17:22 tickleMyBigPoop Socialists: "a multipolar world will benefit the global south". The last time we had a multipolar world:

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2023.06.01 17:20 Luna-Mist1529 How do I beat deep jungle?

How do I beat deep jungle?
I keep dying no matter how much stronger my powder is over the enemies anyone know which ones I should put to beat the stage?
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2023.06.01 17:19 Aqil_HRTH What happened to Gempak Starz X-venture series

I recently went to PBKL and visited Gempak Starz booth, lot of Thier books are quite different than I remembered specially with the x-venture teams. I used to be a big fan but stop reading after the time travel-dinasour hybrid shenanigans over and they suddenly went into mecha/Gundam storyline.
Just wondering what happened after that? Last time I read Thier comics, there are only two main teams, Dr Charles team (animal team) and Dr Darwin team (the OG/time travel team). As I remembered, the x-venture organisation were disbanded(?) After the events in the animal team main comic, the two team kinda become one big team in followup comics and has to deal with some time traveling dinasour army led by a dinasour-human hybrid... After that in the new series the x-venture team went into some Gundam academy and I stop until volume 3 of that series where they at sea or smth....
Just wondering what happened after that? Cuz I saw that they are making a new series of the animal team comic (the Vs format) means they broke up with the time travel team or what? I also I saw few new faces so how many x-venture team are they now?
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2023.06.01 17:19 Any-Ad3181 [A3][UK/EU][Recruiting] ----- The Rifles Swift & Bold 🗡 Recruiting

[A3][UK/EU][Recruiting] ----- The Rifles Swift & Bold 🗡 Recruiting
The Rifles is a Milsim unit that is based on The Rifles, the largest regiment in the British army. Operations within the unit utilize a variety of tactical capabilities and unique roles within the Regiment's prided Light Infantry Platoon and Royal Army Medical Corps to provide support and direct action capabilities. So whether you want to breach enemy fortifications and be the first in contact as an Assault Pioneer or join our dedicated Combat Medical Technicians we have a role to suit you.
What can we offer you if you join The Rifles?
We offer a realistic group with excellent team dynamics and a healthy environment where you can share your experience, learn, improve, socialize and enjoy taking part in our missions. Our mission creators take great care to ensure our operations are challenging, realistic, well-planned and immersive yet enjoyable. Bringing to the table thousands of hours of experience they create vivid and accurate representations of military engagements. Our missions are structured into campaigns, with a new campaign commencing once a month. We run to a set schedule and always have missions ready to go with experienced Zeus's on hand to ensure things continue without a hitch.
  • Tuesday - Scheduled individual training @ 20:00 GMT
  • Thursday - Operations @ 20:00 GMT
  • Sunday - Operations @ 20:00 GMT
Available roles:
  • Intelligence Corps:
    • Ops Officer (Zeus) - Looking to Fill**
  • Infantry:
    • Rifleman - Looking to Fill
    • Machine Gunner
    • Sharpshooter
    • Grenadier - Looking to Fill
    • Assault Pioneer
  • RAMC:
    • Combat Medical Technician
\*If you are interested in becoming a Zeus for TRM please highlight this to us when you join our discord.*
We believe that commitment equals reward. Members who show commitment to our unit and distinguish themselves often receive promotions and award citations or other medals. We have various roles in our teams and we offer specialized role training for those who wish to excel in those roles.
Current Operational Status
The coastal nation The Republic Of Bothnia has been a long standing ally to NATO and the EU for the better part of 25 years, however recent elections saw an ultra-right nationalist party come to power, their first act was the withdrawal of Bothnia from NATO and the EU, expelling all NATO forces from their borders.
While this was happening and NATO forces were in an absolute chaos trying to evacuate via land, sea and air, a small Bothnia spec ops team managed to infiltrate a NATO airbase and make off with 2 W-88 Nuclear warheads, the Bothnia Republican Armed Forces (BRAF) do have access to old Soviet scud's, which they only currently use with conventional warheads.
NATO has decided we need to recover the W-88 Warheads before the BRAF can adapt their current scud launchers to fire them.
Come and join our active Discord community. All your questions shall be answered.
Operations: Thurs & Sun 20:00 GMT
Training day: Tue 20:00 GMT
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2023.06.01 17:16 GravielMN Live Action ATLA will receive it's first look during Netflix Tudum on June 17th

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2023.06.01 17:16 Abject-Competition-1 "Only Egypt survived"

In the First look on Pharaoh they mention too many times how Egypt is "the only civilation in the known world to survive", and I was getting really frustrated. Do they know in CA about Assyria? They did pretty well. Do they know about Elam? They conquered Babylon for some time, so I think they did pretty well. Babylon was not doing great but I think the Assyrian and Elamites have some of the merit, and the civilization in Mesopotamia did certainly not collapse.
I am pretty tired of this narrative that Egypt was the last stand of civilization just to make more epic th last stand of Ramses III against the Sea peoples.
Edit: orthography.
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2023.06.01 17:16 Embarrassed-Oven8684 Thousands of unknown sea creatures found in untouched area in Pacific

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2023.06.01 17:15 Wyattwat Starr Park Map Layout (Inspired by Sub Zero Turnip’s latest theory video)

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2023.06.01 17:13 slai47 June-August WoWSB Roadmap

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2023.06.01 17:13 dbt6288 Best sound for my sea rescue Whatsapp group

Hi, so I’m part of sea rescue and we have a WhatsApp group where we get our emergencies on when we’re on call and I want to know what’s the best sound to set the group notification tone sodat I can always hear it (it whould be best if it keeps going off like a call) (I’m using WhatsApp on a iPhone)
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2023.06.01 17:12 Common-Payment-483 ey b0ss

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2023.06.01 17:11 YanniRotten Tropical Sea Shells On A Stone Ledge, Including A Conch, A Giant Murex, Cowries And An Abalone by the Circle of Nicolaus Matthes

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2023.06.01 17:10 wdmcarth Daily Bullpen Usage: 06/01/23

Last updated: 06/01/23 11:07:20 EST


Note Description
Italics Pitched previous day or twice in last 3 days.
Strikethrough Pitched back to back days.
Bold Recent transaction.
L3:## Number of pitches thrown in last 3 days.
*** SP first start.
** SP yet to reach 5.0 innings in a game.
* SP yet to surpass 6.0 innings in a game.


ARI COL Zach Davies* Miguel Castro, Andrew ChafinL3:6 Scott McGoughL3:40 Austin AdamsL3:20, Kyle Nelson, José RuizL3:11, Kevin GinkelL3:23 Drey JamesonL3:59
ATL Raisel IglesiasL3:27 Nick AndersonL3:12 Collin McHugh A.J. MinterL3:17, Jesse ChavezL3:3, Joe JiménezL3:10, Kirby YatesL3:12 AJ Smith-Shawver
BAL Félix BautistaL3:14 Yennier CanoL3:17 Bryan BakerL3:39 Mike BaumannL3:45, Danny CoulombeL3:32, Mychal GivensL3:30, Cionel PérezL3:33, Keegan AkinL3:41 Austin VothL3:58
BOS CIN Chris Sale Kenley Jansen Chris MartinL3:14 Josh WinckowskiL3:24 Kutter CrawfordL3:24, Joely RodríguezL3:36, Justin GarzaL3:41, Ryan SherriffL3:31 Nick PivettaL3:13
CHC Mark Leiter Jr.L3:27, Adbert AlzolayL3:35 Michael FulmerL3:4 Brandon Hughes Jeremiah Estrada, Julian MerryweatherL3:37, Javier Assad Hayden WesneskiL3:59
CHW Liam HendriksL3:27, Kendall GravemanL3:26 Joe Kelly Reynaldo LópezL3:33 Keynan MiddletonL3:20, Aaron BummerL3:34, Gregory SantosL3:15, Garrett CrochetL3:27 Jesse ScholtensL3:65
CIN @BOS Hunter Greene Alexis DíazL3:12 Buck FarmerL3:28 Ian GibautL3:10 Lucas SimsL3:28, Alex YoungL3:22, Fernando CruzL3:17, Eduardo SalazarL3:26 Kevin Herget
CLE @MIN Tanner Bibee Emmanuel ClaseL3:21 James KarinchakL3:11 Trevor StephanL3:36 Eli MorganL3:10, Enyel De Los SantosL3:24, Sam HentgesL3:39, Nick Sandlin, Hunter Gaddis Xzavion CurryL3:21
COL @ARI Connor Seabold* Pierce Johnson Justin Lawrence Jake BirdL3:12 Brent SuterL3:19, Daniel BardL3:18, Brad HandL3:25, Matt CarasitiL3:36 Peter LambertL3:59
DET Alex LangeL3:21 Jason FoleyL3:22 Will VestL3:19 José CisneroL3:13, Chasen ShreveL3:20, Tyler HoltonL3:38, Mason EnglertL3:34, Braden BristoL3:33 Tyler AlexanderL3:9
HOU LAA Framber Valdez Ryan PresslyL3:27 Bryan AbreuL3:21 Hector NerisL3:13 Ryne StanekL3:27, Phil MatonL3:30, Rafael MonteroL3:15, Seth MartinezL3:55 Parker MushinskiL3:38
KCR Scott Barlow Aroldis ChapmanL3:22 Taylor ClarkeL3:7 Josh StaumontL3:14, Amir GarrettL3:20, Carlos HernándezL3:21, Jose CuasL3:7, Nick WittgrenL3:4 Mike MayersL3:76
LAA @HOU Reid Detmers Carlos EstévezL3:18 Chris DevenskiL3:10 Jacob WebbL3:16 Ben JoyceL3:12, Aaron LoupL3:14, Chase SilsethL3:36, Sam BachmanL3:11 Tucker DavidsonL3:54
LAD Evan PhillipsL3:14, Brusdar GraterolL3:16, Caleb FergusonL3:14 Yency Almonte, Shelby MillerL3:17, Victor GonzálezL3:11, Alex VesiaL3:32, Justin BruihlL3:31 Phil BickfordL3:11
MIA SDP Jesús Luzardo Dylan FloroL3:17 Tanner ScottL3:21 Huascar BrazobanL3:25 Matt Barnes, JT ChargoisL3:14, Andrew NardiL3:4, Steven OkertL3:20 Bryan HoeingL3:14
MIL @TOR Freddy Peralta* Devin WilliamsL3:15 Peter StrzeleckiL3:11 Joel PayampsL3:21 Hoby MilnerL3:13, Elvis Peguero, Trevor Megill, Jake CousinsL3:16, Jake CousinsL3:16 Bryse WilsonL3:15
MIN CLE Pablo López Jhoan DuranL3:29 Brock StewartL3:31 Jorge LópezL3:22 Emilio Pagán, Jovani MoranL3:1, Griffin JaxL3:8, Cole SandsL3:48 José De LeónL3:16
NYM PHI Max Scherzer David RobertsonL3:38, Adam OttavinoL3:18 Brooks RaleyL3:23 Drew Smith, Jeff Brigham, Dominic Leone, Tommy Hunter, Stephen Nogosek Josh Walker
NYY Michael KingL3:36, Clay HolmesL3:19, Wandy PeraltaL3:22 Ron MarinaccioL3:16, Albert AbreuL3:30, Jimmy Cordero, Matt Krook Ryan WeberL3:16
OAK Trevor MayL3:17 Shintaro FujinamiL3:13 Sam MollL3:11 Richard LoveladyL3:14, Lucas ErcegL3:47, Austin PruittL3:20, Sam LongL3:26 Ken WaldichukL3:23
PHI @NYM Taijuan Walker Craig Kimbrel Seranthony DomínguezL3:16 Matt Strahm Gregory Soto, Connor BrogdonL3:6, Jeff Hoffman, Andrew VasquezL3:9, Yunior MarteL3:19 Dylan Covey
PIT David BednarL3:15 Colin HoldermanL3:16 Dauri MoretaL3:24 Robert StephensonL3:15, Jose HernandezL3:9, Rob ZastryznyL3:29, Yohan RamirezL3:17 Cody BoltonL3:38
SDP @MIA Joe Musgrove Josh HaderL3:18 Nick MartinezL3:28 Steven WilsonL3:34 Tim HillL3:17, Tom Cosgrove, Brent HoneywellL3:14, Domingo TapiaL3:25 Drew Carlton
SEA Paul SewaldL3:11 Justin TopaL3:19 Trevor GottL3:10 Matt Brash, Gabe Speier, Tayler SaucedoL3:12, Matt Festa Chris FlexenL3:38
SFG Camilo DovalL3:19 Tyler RogersL3:13 John BrebbiaL3:15 Taylor RogersL3:25, Scott AlexanderL3:16, Ryan WalkerL3:29, Luke JacksonL3:11, Jakob JunisL3:28 Sean ManaeaL3:53
STL Ryan Helsley, Giovanny GallegosL3:17 Jordan Hicks Andre Pallante Génesis Cabrera, Drew VerHagenL3:33, Chris StrattonL3:8 Steven MatzL3:50
TBR Jason AdamL3:24, Colin PocheL3:12, Kevin KellyL3:16, Jalen BeeksL3:13 Jake DiekmanL3:12, Calvin FaucherL3:16, Trevor KelleyL3:17 Joe La SorsaL3:32
TEX Will SmithL3:8 Brock BurkeL3:49 José LeclercL3:24 Jonathan HernándezL3:31, Josh Sborz, Cole RagansL3:10, Grant AndersonL3:46 John King
TOR MIL Kevin Gausman Jordan Romano Erik Swanson Nate PearsonL3:25 Tim MayzaL3:21, Trevor RichardsL3:25, Adam CimberL3:35, Yimi GarcíaL3:8 Anthony BassL3:18
WSN Kyle FinneganL3:24, Hunter HarveyL3:34 Carl Edwards Jr.L3:22 Andrés MachadoL3:23, Mason ThompsonL3:14, Chad Kuhl, Erasmo RamírezL3:8 Thaddeus WardL3:30


Date Team Player Category Description
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2023.06.01 17:08 MuriloZR The One Piece Live Action will be present at Netflix's TUDUM! The event will feature Sneak Peaks and more about the upcoming series!

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