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FYI Suffolk is giving out free identity monitoring to residents.... TAKE II

2023.01.17 00:26 Billitpro FYI Suffolk is giving out free identity monitoring to residents.... TAKE II

This isn't a scam it is legit just do some research...
From Suffolk's site...
Articles about it..
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2023.01.03 17:06 BPB-Attacks JANUARY 2023 - LIST OF PIT BULL ATTACKS/FATALITIES (ongoing)

This is a list of pit bull attacks and fatalities documented by the media and social media for the month of January 2023. This list will be edited throughout the month and after as new incidents are reported.


156 163


White County, Arkansas - Two sisters, 4 and 5 years old, and their stepdad were attacked by two pit bulls at a family member’s house. The same dogs attacked two children on Dec 11 and have an extensive bite history -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Spalding, England - A dog was attacked by a pit bull and put to sleep due to its injuries -
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - A dog was mauled by a pit bull -
Hout Bay, South Africa - A man was attacked by a pit bull after its owner sicced it on him -
Richmond, Virginia - An 11 year old boy was running from gunfire and entered the nearest apartment, where he was mauled by a pit bull that was visiting the unit -
Trois-Rivieres, Canada - A pregnant chihuahua was attacked by a family member’s pit bull and the babies are believed to have died in utero -
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A pit bull attacks a dog on the street -
East London, South Africa - Two children and an adult were attacked by a pit bull -
Cool Valley, Missouri - Two pit bulls attack a dog being walked by its child owner -


ANIMAL FATALITY - Las Choapas, Mexico - A puppy was attacked and killed by a pit bull known to be dangerous -
Ypané, Paraguay- A pit bull entered its neighbor’s house and mauled the resident dog -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Altadena, California - A dog was attacked and killed by three loose pit bulls -
Blaenau Ffestiniog, Wales - A dog and it’s owner were attacked by an American Bully XL -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Jacksonville, Florida - A dog was killed by a pit bull -
Delsea, New Jersey - A small dog and her owner were attacked by two pit bulls and one other dog -
ANIMAL FATALITY - United Kingdom - A dog was mauled to death by a neighbor’s two pit bulls -


ANIMAL FATALITY (number not confirmed) - UK - Two off leash Staffordshire terriers killed an unconfirmed number of sheep -
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A pit bull attacked another dog at a dog park -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Adamantina, Brazil - A pit bull fatally mauled a small dog that was on a potty break with its owners -


ANIMAL FATALITY - UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - Two pit bulls killed a kitten on the owner’s property-
West Flanders, Belgium - An 18 month old boy had an arm and leg amputated after being attacked by the family’s Staffordshire terrier, his father’s thumb also bitten off during attack -
ADULT FATALITY - Belgrade, Serbia - A 62 year old man was killed by two pit bulls and one unknown breed of dog, his wife also injured -
Brighton, England - A woman and her dog were attacked by two loose American bully XL dogs -
Alabama - A poodle was mauled by a pit bull -
Wesley Chapel, Florida - A small dog was attacked in its own yard by two pit bulls -
Várzea Grande, Brazil - A man was attacked by a pit bull while walking -
San Diego, California - A woman was mauled by a pit bull -


ANIMAL FATALITY (5 separate incidents) - Auckland, New Zealand - Two loose pit bulls killed five cats and attacked two dogs, separate attacks -
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - An owner was badly bitten by one of his pit bulls while separating a dog fight -
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - A small dog was mauled by two pit bulls -
Brentwood, Tennessee - A dog was attacked by two pit bulls -


CHILD FATALITY - East Baton Rouge, Louisiana - A 7 year old girl was mauled to death by a loose pit bull while playing outside -
Appling, Georgia - An 11 year old boy was mauled by three pit bulls while riding his bike, resulting in being partially scalped, his right ear bitten off, and requiring surgery -
Ciociaria, Italy - A 30 year old woman was mauled by her own pet pit bull and May result in amputation of her arm -
CHILD FATALITY - Codó, Brazil - A 10 month old baby was mauled to death by a pit bull at his grandparents house -
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A loose pit bull attacked another dog -
Newville, Pennsylvania - Two dogs, a pit bull and black lab, attacked a man and a woman -
Dayton, Tennessee - A dog was mauled by a pit bull -
Greensboro, North Carolina - A dog was attacked by a pit bull -
York County, North Carolina - A mother of two was mauled by her two year old pit bull -


Liverpool, England - An off leash pit bull attacked another dog, owner fled -
Newville, Pennsylvania - Two dogs, a pit bull and black lab, attacked two men and a woman (also attacked two people the previous day) -
Farmingville, New York - A 1 year old baby was bitten by a pit bull -
ADULT FATALITY - Lichtenburg, South Africa - A 60 year old man was killed by his three dogs, two of which confirmed to be pit bulls, one breed unknown -
Chubut, Argentina - A 9 year old boy, man, and police officer were bitten by a loose pit bull -
Juína, Brazil - A 65 year old man was attacked by a pit bull -
Rotterdam, Netherlands - An owner is severely mauled by his Staffordshire terrier -
Suffolk, England - A Staffordshire terrier attacked and pinned down another dog -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Port Saint Lucie, Florida - A small dog was attacked and killed in its own backyard when a neighbor’s pit bull jumped over the fence -
Patterson, California - A small dog was attacked by a pit bull while on a walk -
Norfolk, England - A Staffordshire terrier attacked another dog being walked by its owner -
Louisburg, North Carolina - A pit bull viciously attacked an unidentified person -


ANIMAL FATALITY - Fort Worth, Texas- A small dog was killed by a pit bull -


Cupey, Puerto Rico - A pit bull attacked its owner and neighbor, before being restrained to the point of the dog’s death - https://www.metro.pnoticias/2023/01/10/pit-bull-muere-luego-que-intentaran-controlarlo-tras-ataque-en-cupey/
ADULT FATALITY - West Monroe, Louisiana - A mother of three was mauled to death by a pit bull in a pet boarding facility -


UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - An unidentified person was attacked by a pit bull while riding a bike -
Knightdale, South Carolina - A woman and her small dog were attacked by pit bulls -
ADULT FATALITY - Neuhofen, Germany - An 87 year old woman was mauled to death by her family member’s American Bully -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Fort Smith, Arkansas - A cat was killed by a loose pit bull -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Scioto County, Ohio - A dog was killed by an American bulldog at an apartment complex -
Phoenix, Arizona - A man and his pit bull were bitten and injured by another pit bull in his apartment complex -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Italy - A small dog was mauled to death by three loose pit bulls -
Abilene, Texas - A woman was mauled by four loose pit bulls -
East Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Two law enforcement officers were attacked by pit bulls while responding to a call -


UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A pit bull attacked two dogs and their owner -
Salisbury, Maryland - A 9 year old child was bitten by a loose pit bull -
Alma, Louisiana - A small dog was attacked by two pit bulls -
ANIMAL FATALITIES (5) - Fort Smith, Arkansas - Three loose pit bulls killed five cats and attacked a dog, just one day after one of the pit bulls killed another cat -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Owasso, Oklahoma - A small dog was mauled to death by a pit bull -
ANIMAL FATALITY (2) - UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - Multiple pit bulls broke into their neighbor’s apartment and killed two rabbits, then bit their victims’ owner -
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A woman was attacked by her boyfriend’s pit bull resulting in multiple injuries -
Knightdale, North Carolina - A small dog and his owner were mauled by two pit bulls in the street -


St. Joseph, Trinidad - A police officer was attacked by a pit bull -
Divinópolis, Brazil - A woman was attacked by a pit bull -
Gloucestershire, England - A woman was attacked by a Staffordshire bull terrier -
Tulsa, Oklahoma - A man and his dog were attacked by a pit bull on their porch -
San Antonio, Texas - Two pit bulls chased a man down the street and attacked him -


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - A woman was mauled by a loose pit bull -
Cascavel, Brazil - A meter reader was attacked by a pit bull while working -
McAllen, Texas - A woman and her small dog were attacked by their neighbor’s pit bull in their own yard -
Hamilton Parish, Bermuda - An elderly woman was mauled by two pit bulls -
Daventry, England - A dog walker was attacked by two American bulldogs -
ANIMAL FATALITY - UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A pit bull attacked and killed a cat living in the same home -
Dickinson, Texas - A small dog and it’s owner were attacked by a loose pit bull -
Fayetteville, Georgia- A 13 year old boy was bitten in the face by a pit bull -


Port Neches, Texas - Three people were attacked by a pit bull in a home -
Salisbury, England - A woman was mauled by an American bulldog outside of a grocery store -
Gorgonzola, Italy - A 63 year old man and his small dog were attacked by a loose pit bull -
San Doná, Italy - A 2 year old boy being carried by his mother was attacked by a loose pit bull -


Verulam, South Africa - A 44 year old man lost his eye when two pit bulls jumped over a fence to attack -
ANIMAL FATALITY - UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A dog was mauled to death by a pit bull -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Illinois - A small dog was attacked and killed by their neighbor’s two pit bulls -
Joliet, Illinois - A man instructed his pit bull to maul a woman, who was severely injured -
Russellville, Arkansas - A 35 year old man was airlifted after he was attacked by a pack of dogs, multiple identified as pit bulls and others unconfirmed, while riding his bike -
Jackson County, Georgia - A 61 year old man was hunting when he was mauled by two pit bulls and a German shepherd-


ANIMAL FATALITY - Vernon, Connecticut - A dog was killed and two adults attacked by a pit bull -
Martinez, California - A pit bull with a known bite history attacked an 8 year old girl -
San Antonio, Texas - A husky was severely injured by a pit bull which was breaking into the victim dog’s fenced in yard -


Thailand - A 76 year old woman was mauled by four pit bulls -
Wilcox County, Georgia - A woman was attacked by two pit bulls -
Asquith, Australia - A woman and her dog were attacked by a loose pit bull mix -
Tahlequah, Oklahoma - A police officer was attacked by a pit bull -


South Carolina - A neighbor’s pit bull jumped over a fence to attack a 5 year old boy in his own backyard -
Utah - Two small dogs were attacked by a pit bull in their own backyard -
Huntington Beach, California - A woman and her dog were attacked by a loose pit bull -


Lancaster, California - Two small dogs were attacked by a pit bull in their own backyard -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Elk Grove, California - A small dog was attacked and killed by a pit bull -
Seattle, Washington - A pit bull attacked a woman in an apartment complex -
Cape Town, South Africa - A woman was mauled and at least partially scalped by a pit bull -
Alabama - A 1 year old boy was attacked by a pit bull while playing outside -
London, England - A baby was mauled by the family’s American bully XL -


Compiègne, France - Two American Staffordshire terriers were triggered by a child crying and attacked their owners - https://www.oisehebdo.f2023/01/20/guiscard-american-staffordshire-mordent-maitres/
ANIMAL FATALITY - Unspecified location - A pit bull fatally mauled a small dog on its own property -
Yokohama, Japan - A 42 year old woman was bitten by a pit bull -


ANIMAL FATALITY - UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A small dog was killed by its neighbor’s pit bulls -


Ploumagoar, France - A Staffordshire terrier attacked a border collie during a children’s football game - https://actu.fbretagne/ploumagoar_22225/pres-de-guingamp-une-attaque-de-chien-provoque-linterruption-du-match-de-foot_56805916.html
Terrytown, Louisiana - Two small dogs were mauled by a loose pit bull in an apartment complex -
Cumbria, England - A dog was severely injured by a pocket bully -
Virginia - A small dog was attacked by a pit bull -
Lancaster, England - A 65 year old man and his dog were attacked by three unleashed dog, a bull-mastiff and two Staffordshire terriers -


Union City, Tennessee - A loose pit bull attacked another dog behind a residence -


Tennessee - A pit bull attacked a small dog outside of a motel room -
ADULT FATALITY - Wilcox County, Georgia - A 56 year old woman was killed by her husband’s pit bull after it broke from its chain -
Jackson, Alabama - A couple was attacked by their daughter’s pit bull in their home -
UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A 7 year old boy was mauled by a pit bull resulting in partial amputation of his genitals -
Newman, California - A kitten was attacked by a pit bull -


South Africa - A man was injured while protecting his dog from a pit bull that escaped its leash -
Iowa City, Iowa - An unidentified person was bitten by an unleashed pit bull -
Merseyside, England - A horse was attacked and chased by a loose Staffordshire terrier -


Reno, Nevada - A pit bull attacked an unidentified person at a resort -
Seshego, South Africa (5 separate incidents) - Five people were mauled and attacked by two pit bulls, one of which was a puppy -
Monclova, Mexico - A 79 year old woman was hospitalized after being mauled in the face and scalp by a pit bull -
La Victoria, Peru - A pit bull attacked a man and his 5 year old daughter, who he was holding -
Araruama, Brazil - A 5 year old boy was mauled in the face by a pit bull belonging to his family -
London, England - A 74 year old woman who had just been in a car accident was severely mauled by a loose pit bull -
Syracuse, New York - A man was mauled by his friend’s pit bull -


Shreveport, Louisiana - A student at a middle school was bitten by a pit bull that had escaped a house nearby the campus -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Joinville, Brazil - Two pit bulls invaded a residence and killed a dog -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Overbrook, Kansas - A dog was killed by two loose pit bulls -
Kent, England - A small dog was mauled by a loose pit bull -
Brazil - A loose pit bull attacked a dog -
Armenia - A woman was attacked by two pit bulls -
Edgemere, Maryland - A dog was mauled by a loose pit bull while on a walk -
Swakopmund, Namibia - A 4 year old girl was mauled by a pit bull -
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - A pit bull attacked and severely injured another dog -


Gualeguaychú, Argentina - A man was attacked by a pit bull in the street -
Araruama, Brazil - A 5 year old boy was hospitalized with severe injuries after being attacked by a pit bull -
Derby, England - A dog was mauled by a loose pit bull -


El Paso, Texas - Two pit bulls attacked multiple people -
Stoke-on-Trent, England - A 58 year old woman and her small dog were injured by two loose Staffordshire terriers -
Muíños, Spain - A 70 year old woman was mauled by four loose pit bulls while picking fruit -


CHILD FATALITY - El Fortín, Ecuador - A 1 month old baby was attacked and killed by the family’s pit bull -
Itaqui, Brazil - Two pit bulls jumped over a fence to attack a 51 year old man, whose ear was ripped off -
El Paso, Texas - An elderly woman was hospitalized after being attacked by a pit bull and bulldog -


CHILD FATALITY - Milton Keynes, England - A 4 year old girl was mauled to death by her family’s rescued American Bulldog or pit bull mix in her own backyard -
Polokwane, South Africa - Two people were mauled by a loose pit bull -
Argentina - A 3 year old boy was severely injured by two pit bulls -
El Paso, Texas - An 11 year old child was attacked by a pit bull mix -


Italy - A man and his dog were attacked by a pit bull -
ANIMAL FATALITY - UNSPECIFIED LOCATION - A dog was killed in its own backyard by its neighbors pit bull -
Surprise, Arizona - A miniature horse was mauled by two pit bulls in its neighborhood -
Louisburg, North Carolina - A man was attacked by a pit bull -
ANIMAL FATALITY - Charlotte, North Carolina - A dog was mauled by a pit bull and died of its injuries -
London, England - Two Great Danes were attacked by a pit bull in a pub -
Arkansas - A small dog was attacked by three pit bulls -
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2022.04.02 05:05 BigYoung71 LI Teens Charged In Fatal Southern State Parkway Crash: DA Sachem, NY Patch

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2021.11.04 22:01 Huuhaablog [HR] The Needle.

Sophie tapped the worn hardwood floor unconsciously with her crimson high heel, her mind ran through the possibilities of why professor Morgan had cryptically requested an urgent private meeting. Besides the nearly mummified secretary and painted hoary portraits of the currently tenured professors in Miskatonic University, there was no one else in the waiting room at the faculty quarters. Sophie stared at the one which stood out, it depicted doctor Francis Morgan in the field, holding a dusty papyrus scroll in a tomb and smirking smugly. She knew the story behind this find by heart as the professor had been her doctoral dissertation advisor, he telephoned to her earlier this evening hinting about a possible find of the century. Francis had insisted that relaying the message could not wait until tomorrow and it would be better if nobody else would hear about it.
"Miss Egerton!"
A raspy and tired voice of the secretary brought Sophie's attention to the present.
"Professor Morgan will see you now, please follow me."
Sophie followed the hunched figure who shambled along in the long corridor and wondered what could be so surreptitious yet important it could not be told over the telephone. She also knew Morgan had a flair for the dramatic, and ended up with a relieving conclusion, it really could be anything, nonetheless, she was eager to find out what her tutor had discovered this time.
It was difficult for Sophie to notice that the inching secretary had stopped and almost walked into her wrinkly arm pointing silently at Morgan's office. Sophie knocked gently on the sturdy oak door and a friendly voice invited her inside. Morgan was deeply engaged in reading a large tome under a dim desk light, as if looking for clues, and was able to close the thick leather cover after finishing the page. He gestured gently to Sophie to sit down by the window, and looked at the dark gambrel roofs of Arkham and gently flowing waters of Miskatonic River under the faint, sickly light, emanating from the gibbous moon. Morgan ruminated on how to reveal something so momentous to Sophie without sounding ludicrous. He turned around, sat carefully on the opposite large umber leather chair, and broke the suspenseful silence.
"Thank you for coming under such short notice and murky conditions. I couldn't risk saying this over the telephone as some malign forces could intercept it and use the information to sabotage the site, or worse. Pardon me, where are my manners, would you like a drink Sophie?"
She nodded anxiously, eager to hear more, and said:
"Sir, a whiskey, neat, would be lovely."
"Please, call me Francis, now that we are peers in the academic world", Morgan said, while he poured a two-decade-old whiskey for them both and lit a cigarette, offering one to Sophie. She gracefully took out an elongated filter from her bag and relaxed slightly after the first drag.
"You are the second woman to study at Miskatonic University, and knowing your noble family line going back at least to the 1600s in England, I know you could have chosen Harvard or Yale, however, you came here and excelled over your fellow students. Your doctoral dissertation about the possible construction methods of megalith monuments near your ancestral home was one of the best I've read. I think you are ready to lead your first excavation."
Sophie's cheeks flushed red, nearly matching her shoulder-length ginger hair. She said:
"Sir...I mean Francis, I'm delighted to hear that my academic work is appreciated, yet I'm keener to hear more about this intriguing find you briefly mentioned. Where and what is it?"
Morgan scratched his dignifying grey stubble, looking Sophie deep in the eyes. He knew Sophie well and started with the facts, she was a keen rationalist and sceptic, her materialist worldview would immediately reject the esoteric hypotheses which swirled in his mind:
"One week ago I received documents from Bog Point, an insignificant hamlet in Hockomock Swamp, describing a strange megalith which emerged from the marsh as the locals drained it. First I dismissed it as wild rumours generated by inebriated paupers, yesterday I received a call from Mark Stewart, my trusted dig foreman, whom I sent to investigate it."
Morgan paused for a moment, he looked upwards and slowly raised his hand as if grasping something, then snapped his gaze back again at Sophie. He continued with a serious voice.
"I don't say this lightly, beneath this site could lie a discovery that changes the history books. I've arranged my adept dig crew and a ship to leave in two days..."
Sophie's excitement grew with each word, the opportunity was everything she had dreamed of since starting to learn about archaeology as a child. She interrupted Morgan by shouting:
"I would love to explore the site!"
Morgan found her passion endearing, it reminded him why he had started to study the field. His sombre gaze revealed what he was about to say next:
"I wish I could join you, but ever since the Dunwich incident on that dreadful hill, the pain in my knee has grown worse, to a point where I need a walking stick to get around the campus. My days in the field are unfortunately over, however, I can provide you information when needed, as here I've got access to our immense library."
They toasted to the mutual collaboration, went through the rest of the evidence and planned the dig long in the night.
Sophie stepped aboard the steamship Pious Pioneer, as the sailors were loading research equipments; shovels, trowels, spades, brushes, sieves, planks, and buckets. She was welcomed by a reserved, white-bearded man, Captain Walker, who showed the way to her private cabin. He invited her at dinner to the officers' mess and left. Sophie stood alone on the deck and watched the silhouette of Arkham shrinking in the horizon. It was the moment when a seed of doubt managed to surface as the euphoria of the rapid embarkment faded, the realization and responsibility of leading the excavation sunk in, things that could go wrong and significance of what could be found. She remedied it by her usual cure, incessant studying and planning, and spent the voyage reading all she could about the terrain, history, dig crew and early findings on the site. Sophie barely left her cabin to dine with Captain Walker and the other officers in the evenings, she ignored their superstitious murmurs about Hockomock Swamp. They recited old Indian legends, morphed and twisted by countless retellings, she thought that the description of ancient evil spirit buried deep in the swamp was typical and banal.
Pious Pioneer sailed via various gloomy lakes and rivers as close to Bog Point as she could, the rest of the way would have to be taken in smaller boats along the canal dug by the first settlers. It was a pleasant one day journey as the spring morning warmed Sophie's freckled face in the first rowing boat, followed by the dig crew and sailors assisting in transporting the cargo. Bog Point was situated at the end of a small peninsula. The hamlet was surrounded by a swamp and consisted of a pier connected to the canal, wooden storage shacks, a couple dozen dilapidated stone houses and an inn where she and the crew would lodge before setting up the site.
As Sophie walked into the Will-o'-the-Wisp, curious eyes of tipsy men turned towards her from poorly lit booths. Sophie expected this reaction, being used to being the only woman in the crowd. She walked confidently to the bar, ignoring the piercing gazes and hushed gossip, and introduced herself to the owner. Brian, a stout, over two meters tall, bearlike man, told her with a warm voice to dismiss the locals who were wary of outsiders and not used to seeing a woman in a leading position. Brian mentioned that the only person who would probably talk to her was Old Walter, an Indian fellow, who dwelled outside the village. Brian informed her that Mark would meet him tomorrow morning at the bar and show her the way to the dig site. Sophie thanked him and retired to her room. She found the rustic and minimalistic decor of her room charming, a simple bed and a table, over it a painting of two swans gliding over a marsh in regal Autumn colours, and a view to the pier. She gazed at the relaxing painting as she went to sleep and her mind wandered to the coming day, details and logistics of setting up the excavation site.
She woke up after a restful night, ready as on her first day of school, and when she went downstairs Mark was already waiting at the bar. His discipline and meticulous following of orders was a remnant from his time as an army officer. Sophie skipped breakfast, she wanted to see the site before the rest of the team would arrive. Mark was a taciturn man, his grim brown eyes were barely visible under his hooded jacket as he looked back at Sophie and led the way via shabby duckboards, patches of thawing snow lingered on the dark morass on either side. The swamp was surrounded by a dense eldritch mist, Mark vanished into it at times though Sophie was only two meters behind him. They stopped at wooden barricades, where the locals had directed the water to drain the swamp. Sophie's green eyes widened, Mark was dwarfed by an impossibly thin onyx spike thrusting out of the green and brown marsh, surrounded by the silver mist. Her mind was trembling, a seismic shift from the depths of her unconscious mind shook everything she had learned during her studies. Sophie deduced immediately from the visible part that underneath the wet earth there was a huge megalithic complex, yet there was no knowledge of any civilization in North America capable of constructing such a complex structure.
"Now I understand why professor Morgan wanted to keep this a secret, this excavation can possibly change everything we know about ancient civilizations on this continent", Sophie said, still flabbergasted by the uncanny site. Mark replied:
"We better get started then. I've already scouted a spot for our camp, there is a strangely flat rocky hill about 15 minutes walk from here. It's the only place where we can stay relatively dry."
The first day was hectic. The rest of the crew, 23 men in total, arrived around noon and they all gasped at the sight of the onyx spear protruding from the bog, it gleaming faintly in the sunlight. They were all veterans of many strange digs with professor Morgan and knew what to do without Mark pointing it out. This was not the time for marvelling. The camp was ready before the sun went down. It was the first moment when Sophie had time to think, she walked alone next to the spike and touched its cold and smooth black stone surface. It felt as if it was carved yesterday, she was dumbfounded by the technology needed to carve the stone in such a delicate manner. Her arms nearly reached around the spike, she looked upwards and the point was seemingly as thin as a needle. She felt a slight sting in her left palm and let go of the pillar. A grotesquely large mosquito had penetrated her skin, she was about to squash it yet stopped her hand mid-air to double-check if what she saw was real. It was not sucking blood, instead, it was injecting a sickly ivory liquid into her veins. It flew off before she could react. Sophie was shocked by the strange occurrence, yet she was able to reason it must have been a mutated mosquito. She needed to clear her mind, and cupped her hands to catch water from a nearby pond.
The reflection in her hands showed an august woman wearing a silver wreath consisting of intricate floral filigree, her long blonde hair waved gently in the wind. She was looking back at Sophie, yet beyond her, her face was solemn and she seemed to prepare mentally for something significant.
Sophie opened her hands with a sudden jerk, they were shaking, the water fell back to the pond and the strange vision was gone. Sophie stared back at her disturbing reflection, her green eyes were wide open, she was dismayed, yet her first reaction was to consider a plausible cause of the hallucination. Possibly a temporary delirium caused by stress and anxiety over the responsibility of uncovering this paradigm-shifting site. There was nothing to worry about, she reassured herself, the remedy must simply be to rest and focus on the work.
The first three weeks were straightforward, there was no need for delicate work, the swamp was drained from four points, and the remaining moist bryophyte was removed. The same routine was repeated each day and slowly the antediluvian structure emerged from the bog. Sophie wrote pedantic notes on the progress while Mark coordinated the logistics. Their relationship was a formal one. Mark saw Sophie as a superior officer, and interrupted her work only when there was an important decision to be made on the progress of the dig. Most of the time he observed and gave orders to the workers.
The constant maddening hum, originating from millions of mosquitoes circling Sophie's tent, and the itching red marks around her body began slowly to erode her concentration. She sought serenity from the brief moments of idleness around dusk once the vampiric pests had vanished, and went alone to gaze at the monument. When the darkness was descending, Sophie often thought she saw something skulking at the edge of a dark forest surrounding the swamp. She brushed it off as her tired mind playing tricks. One evening she saw something enchanting that would have appeared as a phantasm to a layman.
Near the onyx spike hovered azure lights which moved playfully in the air. Their translucent forms in constant flux, the swarm congregated around the spike as if dancing in a circle. Sophie was stunned by the awesome sight, and took a step towards the eerie lights. With each step the seemingly intelligent lights retracted. Sophie recollected a lesson from her minor studies in biology. The phenomenon was called ignis fatuus, foolish fire, more colloquially known as will-o'-the-wisp. Caused by oxidation phosphine, diphosphane, and methane, produced by the decaying organic compounds in the swamp or possibly bioluminescence of micro-organisms. She was able to appreciate the spectacular natural show even more when she understood the science behind it. The lights faded one by one and Sophie headed to bed, ready for another diligent day at the site. She ruminated on her capability and actions to lead the excavation thus far, and in the future, whether she was ready for it, what could go wrong and what secrets the marsh hid beneath it. These thoughts looped in her mind until her eyes felt like paperweights.
Sophie walked along a maroon granite pathway and looked down. Her hands were adorned in golden vambraces which reflected the hot rising sun behind her. She wore a silver wreath that gleamed brightly, creating a halo effect around her head. Her elegant white dress waved softly during her graceful gait. She looked at her sides, naked men on one side, and women on the other, prostrating as they should. Sophie looked forward with confidence, she knew that they were not worthy to look at her divine being. Despite her outward appearance, she felt a throbbing trepidation towards entering the unknown, there was no turning back now. The road ended in two massive doors, carved from single blocks of white marble. It was nearly blinding to look at for the thralls at her feet, not for her. Each side of the entrance was guarded by a giant ebony therianthropic statue, the torso was human with two pairs of muscular hands, holding a triangle shield, a raised sword, one palm raised signalling to stop and one hand curled in a fist. Two great wings peaked behind the intimidating front, and the head had two hairy antennas surrounded by hundreds of emerald eyes and a scaly, red proboscis. Sophie felt a deep sense of reverence looking at the Protectors of the Gods, she nearly saw the sigil over the doors before she was jolted awake in her tent.
Sophie felt a presence near her bed and lit a lantern. She pinched herself, unsure whether the dream was continuing, she flinched and had to admit that the figure in front of her was real. The dim light revealed a dignified old man in regal clothing, a long red cape and white linen dress reaching above his knees, around his waist a teal belt depicting jumping yellow deers, and a golden star around his neck. His wrinkled brown face turned into a joyful smirk and he said:
"Don't worry, I'm not an apparition, yet that is what a spectre would say, isn't it?"
The man chuckled at his own words, yet his smile morphed suddenly into a deadpan expression:
"I've been observing your sacrilege and came to warn you. Hockomock Swamp has been our refuge and grave since our people entered this land during the last Ice Age. I'm sure you know that in our language the name means a Place Where the Spirits Dwell, and think it's just another native superstition. Well, Miss Egerton, you are wrong. Hobomock dwells here and is the chief deity of disease and death, composed of devoured souls. We failed to appease her once, and it was followed by the Great Scourge. Your ancestors invaded our shores, and Massasoit made the grave mistake of helping them to survive the first winter. It led eventually to the massacre you know as King Philip's War."
Sophie raised the lantern towards the interloper, her groggy mind was able to form a simple question:
"Who are you?"
"My moniker is Old Walter, yet my true name is Metacomet after my great ancestor, who was the son of Massasoit, redeemer of his father's mistake. Metacomet built his headquarters on this sacred swamp and led the defensive strikes to repel the colonists back to the sea. He was the sachem, elected leader, of the Wampanoag people known also as King Philip. Before the war, our ranks were devastated by pestilence and afterwards, our land was lost, nearly all remaining leaders and warriors were executed, women and children were sold to slavery. The Wampanoag tribe was nearly extinguished, the remaining survivors hid here and have managed to survive deep in the swamp to this day. I'm the sachem of our people."
Sophie struggled to take in all the information while waking up to the surreal situation, in this liminal space between dream and reality, the leader of a vanished tribe standing in her tent. Despite his vitriol towards past events, Metacomet was calm and sincere. She ignored the instinctive reaction to repulse the trespasser, considering how ridiculous it would sound after what was just said. Sophie said:
"I'm genuinely sorry that this atrocity happened to your people. Let's forget for a moment that I woke up to a stranger standing in my tent. You mentioned something about a warning, care to elaborate?"
Metacomet found her candidness courageous and said:
"I saw you watching the Guardians, souls offered to Lord of the Wood, Hobomock. Don't dig deeper, what was buried here during the deluge should stay in the ground, for the good of all mankind. The secret truth behind this great evil spirit was passed orally from one sachem to another, since time immemorial, the deity of disease and death was created to scare the ordinary people away from this site."
The lantern went out, a chilling gush of wind entered the tent, and once Sophie was able to light it the enigmatic figure was gone. There was no point in chasing him in the dark. She was not able to sleep that night and laid in bed questioning her sanity, the meaning of her dream, and the portent told by the interloper.
Sophie kept the dream and nightly visitation to herself and doubled down on her work. Weeks went by without any disturbances and the dig was progressing according to her plans. One morning Mark entered her tent with a rare grin on his face and told her to come outside to see what they had discovered. The spike was already revealed to stand on an enormous domed square stone hall. The upper parts of two massive doors, covered in a thick layer of brown filth, were now visible in the excavation line, and above them was a bizarre, stallion-sized, engraved symbol depicting a circle, penetrated by a U-shaped bident. Sophie was not able to recognize it, thus she drew a detailed copy of it in her notebook, and headed up to Bog Point. The closest connection to the outside world was a five-hour walk away. She telephoned Morgan and said:
"Hello Francis! Sorry to have kept you in suspense, the dig has kept me occupied. You were right..."
Morgan interrupted her and shouted:
"I knew it! This is it Sophie! We are discovering a temple built by an unknown ancient civilization. These past decades I've gathered clues starting from the first written records of the pilgrims who landed in Plymouth in 1620 and earlier oral legends of the Wampanoag tribe. This combined with my research of Egyptian civilization and their mystical traditions and my personal..."
He paused briefly, remembering an apparition he saw in a tomb during his time in Egypt, and thought it was best not to tell Sophie about it, yet.
"...let's say mysterium tremendum et fascinans, or more simply put, numinous experiences, confirms what I've suspected all along. The Egyptians were suddenly able to build the pyramids and other spectacular megalithic structures because they inherited the knowledge from a far more ancient source. We lost most of our collective memory when the Great Library of Alexandria burned, only its fragments have survived and one is Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias. He writes about arcane knowledge received originally from an Egyptian sanctuary describing the location and fate of Atlantis, engulfed by the sea 9600 years ago, coinciding with the end of the last Ice Age. Variants of the flood myth..."
Morgan was so engulfed and excited by the wonderful news that he did not notice how he rambled on, triggered by mainstream definition of the word he carried on with increased intensity:
"...myth is such a misunderstood word nowadays inverted from the original meaning of an idea or story passed on orally, but that is a completely different topic. Flood myths can be found from different cultures around the world, the globe wide cataclysm occurred during the time described by Plato. Most settlements were situated near a body of water and thus now lie beneath the waves, all advanced civilizations vanished simultaneously and the survivors passed on their knowledge in isolated covenants waiting for a time to rebuild their world."
Sophie was able to sneak in a word between the excited monologue:
"But Francis, aren't you jumping to conclusions, you haven't ever heard what I've found."
"Sorry Sophie, how rude of me, I was carried away by the prospect of confirming my life's work. What have you unearthed from that murky swamp?"
Sophie explained the details of the excavation thus far and told him about the curious symbol. Francis said:
"Fascinating! I can't recall such a symbol, I must dig deep into the resources in Miskatonic library and tell you what I've found the next time we speak."
Francis lowered his voice, to make sure nobody outside his office could hear what he said:
"Sophie, listen carefully, we must keep this find to ourselves until we know more. The world will not be the same once we publish our first paper and the location of this monument. Think about the once-fabled Troy in Iliad forgotten for thousands of years, thought to be a fictitious tale. Those who sought it were thought to be fools, yet it was discovered last century. I presume this monument to be far older, all memory of it forgotten during turmoils of the past millenniums, yet this will change the way we think about human history. Now I must return to study, hope to hear from you soon."
Sophie stepped outside the inn and saw ominous dark clouds on the horizon. Brian standing behind the bar halted her:
"You better stay the night here, Miss Egerton. I can tell from the chill drag that a storm is coming. I got a bottle of wine with your name on it, though nothing as fancy as you might get in Arkham."
Sophie nodded and said:
"I'm sure it will be fine, and sleeping in a proper bed is a welcome change."
They spent the evening chatting and sharing the wine, while the savage storm raged outside. The odd regulars kept their distance, sipping beer in the dark booths, murmuring about bad omens and Devil's Tomb.
Sophie overheard it, and inquired from Brian:
"What are they talking about?
Brian chortled and replied:
"There is a local tale about a cursed region of the swamp, around where you are doing the digging, it's said to be the Devil's Tomb. During King Philip's War, a regiment of colonial militia led by lieutenant Benjamin Mowrey was advancing through the marsh and scouting the area for possible Indian camps from where they launched raids. They camped in the swamp and one night Benjamin woke up with a heavy burden on his chest, he could barely breathe, and when he opened his eyes a hideous beast with glaring orange eyes was sitting on his chest. He started yelling to alert the troops, yet no sound came from his mouth. The fiend kept tormenting him throughout the night, and eventually, it jumped and vanished into his mouth. The next morning Benjamin started to act strangely, giving erratic and deranged orders to his men, who at first obeyed, kept advancing deeper into the bog and seemed to be lost. The mutinous men had enough when Benjamin was found one night feasting in his tent, the main course lying roasted on his table, one of the soldiers. They shot Benjamin right there and buried him deep in the marsh in an unmarked location, with heavy stones, so the devil would never rise again."
Brian winked and said:
"The locals believe you are digging up the grave and will unleash hell on earth. I believe it will be good for business. Whatever you will find from there could turn out to become a tourist attraction and bring much welcomed life to this withering village."
Sophie had heard similar legends many times during her folklore studies, and normally she would have shrugged it off as nothing more than an entertaining fable, yet now she felt a foreboding chill stir at the back of her mind. She ignored it, and carried on the much yearned friendly banter, taking another long drag through the elongated filter.
Sophie headed back to the dig early in the grey morning, accompanied only by a slight drizzle. The storm had been fierce, many of the duckboards remained underwater. Once Sophie reached the site, she forgot about her soaked boots, as the sight shocked her to a halt. The outpour had flushed away many meters of dirt through the draining system. In front of her there was a smooth, sickly maroon, granite pathway adorned by 108 statues, naked men on one side, and naked women on the other. The harrowing statues guarded the entrance, still retaining their nauseating colours. The uncanny déjà-vu lingered in Sophie's mind as she managed to take wary steps along the pathway. She felt her heart pounding and rapid breathing, a dizzying tsunami of thoughts inundated her rational thinking. This was not possible. Was her recurring conclusion. Her loop was suspended when she heard Mark, who was dwarfed by the doors, guiding the workers with sorrowful looks on their faces. He said tersely:
"Do you wish to hear the good news or the sad news first?"
Sophie was forced to reflect on the issues at hand, and replied:
"Please start with the latter, what happened here while I was gone?"
Mark continued in the same tone:
"There was a freak accident during the storm and one worker, Albert, was hit by lightning while trying to save research equipment from the deluge. He died instantly. God have mercy upon his soul. He was a good worker."
Sophie gasped for air, she did not know what to say, sudden grief was muddled with thinking about what to do next. She stuttered, and managed to collect her thoughts as she spoke:
"Tha-tha-that is te-te-terrible! We must organize a memorial for Albert, and send the sorrowful news to his family."
"I can take care of those things Sophie, this is not the first time I lost someone under my command. Then to the fortunate thing about the storm, it did most of the work for us. I rallied the men to focus on something concrete and they prepared the site for your arrival. I need your permission before ordering them to remove two giant logs leaning against the doors."
Why would anyone block the doors from the outside in such a crude manner, Sophie thought, and entertained briefly the idea of sharing her oneiric vision to Mark. She also considered Metacomet's warning in light of the new facts. Was it a mistake to open the doors? Could we unleash an unknown pathogen by doing so? Was this accident a prelude for things to come? She decided to lock the worries deeper into her mind, and said:
"Thank you for taking care of those matters Mark. Let me inspect the site before we continue."
Sophie noticed how the site was back in order, research equipment remained intact, debris cleaned, and ropes ready for clearing the logs jamming the doors. They had been carved to fit perfectly against the thick granite base of the statues. Whoever did this wanted these doors to remain closed, Sophie thought, and decided to draw the structure before touching the logs. She said to Mark:
"I think the team could use a rest considering what happened, we shall continue the work at dawn."
She spent the evening documenting the site from various angles, avoiding thoughts related to the tragedy and whether it was a good idea to open the doors.
A tired worker shouted jokingly. The last log was hauled down and rolled off the stairs leading to the entrance. The golden handles were about five meters from the ground, eerily modelled to fit a giant claw, ropes were thrown around them and the workers were waiting for Mark to signal when to pull them open. He asked Sophie:
"Are you ready to enter the unknown?"
Sophie hesitated for a moment, she knew this was a point of no return, she remembered the horrors Metacomet warned about, pestilence and death for trespassers, similar curses were proclaimed outside monuments around the world. There was no room for superstition in her mind. She said:
"Once we step through these doors, being the first ones to do so in most likely thousands of years, everything we know about human history might change. This is the edge of our knowledge, let's shine a light onto the darkness."
Mark pulled his hand down swiftly, and the workers began to count.
"One, two, three. Pull!"
The mantra went on, and ancient slabs of white marble, now clean from the filth, crept slowly open. From the gap between the doors, came out a violent gush of air, dank and putrid, it forced everyone to cover their faces. Once the gap was wide enough for four people to enter, the workers stopped and began to gather lanterns and torches. Sophie and Mark were the first to enter, the rest followed. Together they formed an effulgent sphere of moving light, casting a flickering, ghostly aura around them. The air inside was still, moist, reeking of decay and death. The hall was vast, above them was the cupola, dark abyss clouded it in mystery, the group was barely able to light their way forward. The floor was damp and mouldy, odd spots of black granite remained weirdly sterile among the moss-covered ground. Occasionally they stumbled on stone circles, charcoal filled centres that had been fireplaces, and bones of various sizes scattered around them. Sophie could recognize even in the dark a giant femur, that had been part of a mammoth once.
The group took timid steps in a straight line until their spectral light was reflected back from another pair of white marbled doors in a pristine condition. Sophie raised her lantern and noticed some figures moving on the door above them. They were Pleistocene megafauna painted as skillfully and beautifully as the ones in Lascaux Cave. She was able to name the species: giant ground sloths, short-faced bears, smilodons, dire wolves, saiga antelopes, bison, horses, mammoths. The animals were running away from hunters with spears and bows, who in turn were running to escape strange monstrous pitch-black tree-sized entities, their trunks filled with hideous eyes and mouths, and their branches flailed like ropy tentacles in the air as a mass of stumpy, hoofed legs carried them towards the hunters.
The sight triggered primal fears amongst the workers, Sophie and Mark simply stared at the parietal art in awe and disbelief. The long eerie silence was broken by Sophie:
"This is magnificent! Whoever painted this was a true artist."
Mark nodded in response. Sophie moved her lantern lower and saw familiar hand art on the doors. On closer inspection, the markings were red inside, and not done in the usual style of blowing paint on one's hand. She quickly deduced they were done by bloody hands, hundreds of them covering the lower section of the doors. Two workers ran in panic towards the steely light behind them. Sophie said:
"Bring in more lanterns and paper while you go out! Examining and documenting this will take time."
The whole day was spent illuminating the hall, yet the dome high above remained in darkness. Sophie ignored the fearful whispers of the workers about the disturbing entities depicted in the painting. She was ecstatic, fully engaged in her work, isolating fireplace sites on the damp floor, drawing the parietal art, and collecting bones. The day vanished in an instant, Mark had to tell her that it was already night and the rest of the workers had returned to the camp. She carried on making notes in her tent until she fell asleep on her desk.
Sophie walked past the white marble doors which were closed behind her. The hall was lit by bizarre floating tangerine mushrooms, the black granite walls were sterilely clean and exuded a cold pulse, she looked up and saw the cupola. A dizzying, flower-shaped mandala adorned it, consisting of multiple complex black and golden fractals. In the centre was a pulsating neon red pentagram and within was the sigil, a circle penetrated by a U-shaped bident. The other pair of pure white marble doors opened seemingly automatically as she approached them. She had never been allowed inside the second chamber, thus far she had received instructions here from a soft, ethereal voice. What she saw was beyond her wildest dreams. The vast hall was supported by massive hypostales, covered in inscriptions and reliefs; she did not recognize the alien language or symbols. A direct pathway continued to the opposite end, the hall was empty yet the familiar guiding voice beckoned her to walk onwards. She had been waiting for this day her whole life. The air was thick with tangerine spores that illuminated the hall giving it a sacred atmosphere, precise rays of light emanating from the roof. She inhaled the spores, coughed harshly and stumbled on her knee, and when she was able to stand up the language started to make sense. She kept walking and saw where a ray ended, in a bone-white granite pool, filled with what seemed to be quicksilver. Above it in the air hovered a name she was now able to read. ATLANTIS. She deviated quickly from the pathway to peek in, the silver liquid became still and formed an image of a city; three circular concentric rings of land surrounded by water, in the centre was an opulent golden temple. The image changed quickly into a pale blonde man who frowned fiercely, probably inquiring why she had contacted him. Sophie lost her royal composure and backed away quickly from the pool, she had never seen such powerful magic. She carried on with increasing pace towards onyx doors at the end of the hall and did not pause to read what was inscribed on the hypostales, yet she glanced at the reliefs. One of which depicted a jubilant procession headed by a pregnant woman towards a Protector of the Gods, though this one was unarmed. Sophie felt the throbbing pulse in her chest as she approached the onyx doors, and on her way she also saw what hovered above the other pools; HYPERBOREA. RAPA NUI. ZERZURA. MU. SHAMBALA. SARNATH. None were familiar to her. Before she reached the end, she looked up hastily and focused her gaze. Between the roof and some pillars were stored strange oval-shaped pearly things, perhaps cocoons. She sensed a presence inside them, waiting through the aeons for the right time to hatch.
Sophie woke up, drooling on her notes, the dream had been as vivid as waking life, and she had a hard time forcing her mind to who and where she was. Again she felt a presence behind her, this time anticipating the nightly visitor. Sophie turned around and said:
"It seems you are drawn in by my bizarre dreams Metacomet."
Metacomet stepped into the light from the darkness. He said:
"Miss Egerton, if only you would understand their source, you would be petrified. What you saw was not a mere dream, it was a tether to another time and another mind. Your lack of understanding consciousness, and its potential, is quite disappointing. Yet I'm not here to lecture you on that. It seems you didn't heed my advice, so I came to warn you, one last time."
Sophie was tired, physically, to listen to another irrational tale about an ancient curse or divination. She breathed in deeply and contained her rising anger. She said:
"I'll listen to what you have to say, if as you promised, this will be your last intrusion into my work and sleep."
Metacomet groaned disdainfully and said:
"No need to worry about that if in your hubris you continue venturing deeper into what you perhaps foolishly regard as a temple. It's not too late to walk away. Our secret oral story tells us this place was found sealed from the outside, and we knew it was for a reason. Hobomock and its perverse young should stay buried in the swamp, so another Great Scourge can be avoided."
Sophie was adamant that this would be the scientific discovery of the century, nothing could stop her find to be shared with the world. Metacomet saw this in her eyes, turned away, and before vanishing into the night he said:
"I'm sorry for my nightly disturbances Miss Egerton, yet not as sorry as you will be if you enter the inner sanctum."
Sophie looked at the time on her pocket watch, it showed 4:18 am and she reasoned there would be no point to sleep for a couple of hours, instead, she could use that time to finish the notes from yesterday. Sophie ignored all intuitive fears arising from Metacomet's warning, her curiosity to explore and need to claim the site took precedence over any plausible harm. There were so many things to discover and document until they could breach the second chamber...
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2021.04.11 20:33 alwayssunnyinupstate Dennis Shepherd disappeared from psychiatric care while suffering from paranoia, delusions, and suicidal ideations. Dennis qualified for a Missing Vulnerable Adult alert to be issued, but one was never issued based on law enforcements judgement. In the decade since, Dennis has never been found.

Dennis Shepherd, 46, resided with his girlfriend, Joanne Villani, 47, in Port Washington, New York, and was described as an energetic individual, a jack of all trades, and one who enjoyed travel and the outdoors.
Beginning of 2012
Shepherd's mental state took a downward spiral, and he began displaying paranoid thoughts, feeling as though everyone around him was conspiring with the FBI to investigate him. Shepherd also ditched and hid his car in Westchester, NY, when he thought the FBI was "closing in" on him. Leading up to his first hospitalization, Shepherd was reported to police for these paranoid behaviors. In an old neighborhood Dennis resided in, Lake Ronkonkoma, a neighborhood resident reported that Shepherd went door-to-door asking to call the United Nations to report the "conspiracy" against him, and the police were called.
Involuntary Committed
After this instance, Shepherd was involuntary hospitalized at the Stony Brook University Hospital psychiatric unit, and was committed for a months stay. I cannot find information as to when he was committed.
While in treatment, Shepherd believed that the neighbor who reported his behavior to police, the police officers, the hospital staff and his own lawyer (hired by him to get himself out of treatment) were all apart of this "conspiracy" against him. Shepherd did not believe anything was wrong with him and refused to be medicated, stating, "I want to see how I do without medications". According to his court records, Shepherd also told his doctors he planned, "jumping off of a bridge, jumping out of a window, and hanging himself to escape from his paranoid ideation". His doctors were adamant he needed to be medicated, and were attempting to get a court order to force him to take his medication.
During his time in treatment, Dennis Shepherd was described as delusional, was repeatedly put on suicide watch, and was in the process of being diagnosed and medicated for schizophrenia.
May 18th, 2012, Disappearance
On May 18th, 2012, Dennis Shepherd was being transported from the Stony Brook University Psychiatric Unit to the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, about a half an hour in distance from one another. Here, Shepherd planned to fight the hospital's court order that would force him to be medicated while in treatment. Traveling in the car with Shepherd were his doctors and security staffers. Upon arriving at Pilgrim, police say that Shepherd "subsequently jumped out of the vehicle he was a passenger in and ran into the woods of the Brentwood (Pilgrim Psychiatric Center) property."
New York State's Golden Alert
In late 2011, a year prior to Shepherd's disappearance, New York State launched the Missing Vulnerable Adult (MVA) system, labeled as the Golden Alert system, an alert system for missing adults suffering from mental or physically disabilities that increase their vulnerability. The Golden Alert is similar to that of the Amber Alert for children and Silver Alert for the elderly. MVA alerts had been used 33 times statewide since it had been enacted a year prior to Shepherd going missing, with all 33 of those individuals being found.
Search and Investigation
Despite the fact that Dennis Shepherd was suspected to suffer from schizophrenia, had delusions and suicidal ideations, and was involuntary hospitalized for such at the time, no MVA alert was sent out for him when he disappeared, a resource that he qualified for. According to the Detective Sergeant assigned to Shepherd's case in 2013, investigators and police believed that Dennis was still in the area when he ran off, and therefore no alert was issued. "Some people are missing, some people are hiding from police. Dennis Shepherd, by everybody's account, was hiding from the police" (2013), he stated.
The following weeks and months, after Shepherd ran into the woods of the Pilgrim property, though no exact dates are specified, Suffolk County Police began an investigation and put out search efforts. With the attitude that Shepherd was purposely hiding from police, the police went to his then girlfriends home to see if he had shown up there or retrieved his car from her, which he had not. The nearby 813-acre Oak Brush Plains State Reserve at Edgewood, a large property adjacent to the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, was searched. Looking at this area on Google Maps, this state reserve is a wooded piece of land with many biking and hiking trails. Missing persons flyer's were also distributed throughout the community. Shepherd's bank account was monitored and no activity appeared after he went missing.
I cannot locate articles from the time period in which Dennis Shepherd disappeared in order to verify how quickly the police searched for him and what specific efforts they made despite what is mentioned. This case has very little public presence after 2013.
Police maintain that they did all they could to find Dennis Shepherd, but his family believed otherwise. Shepherd's mothers, Joan Kiesow, attorney commented on the family's mindset on her sons case, "I believe everybody in this case could have done more, from Stony Brook University on down to the chain of people who are responsible for finding those who go missing", along with stating, "With each passing day the possibility that he would return unharmed diminishes exponentially. They lose hope every single day that they'll get him back." Kiesow's attorney's filed a notice in 2013, a $5-million negligence claim against Stony Brook Hospital, Shepherd's doctors and those security staffers who oversaw his transfer in which he escaped from.
Dennis Shepherd's girlfriend felt that Suffolk County police failed when they did not deploy a Golden Alert for Shepherd.
I could find no information on if the suit filed by Kiesow against Stony Brook was settled.
As of 2013, only a year after Dennis Shepherd went missing, his case was still active and being worked, but little to no updates have been given out over the years since.
Dennis Shepherd was 46-years-old at the time of his disappearance, and would be 55-years-old today. He was 6'0-6'2 and around 190 lbs. He is a Caucasian male with blond hair, blue eyes, and has a scar in the middle of his forehead. He was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, tan pants and tan sneakers. He is classified as endangered missing. Shepherd may suffer from schizophrenia. He was suicidal at the time of his disappearance and suffering from paranoid delusions.
Charley Proj.
Long Island Press
There is little information on this case, like how the police search went in those first few crucial days, or how long Dennis may have suffered from these paranoid thoughts prior to being hospitalized.
Do you feel police made the right call not to issue an alert?
Do you think it would have aided in finding Dennis sooner?
Do you feel police invalidated his mental state at the time he vanished?
Dennis’s sister commented below, please read her comment, having a family member interact with this post adds much clarity to come questions.
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2019.10.09 06:47 tw_bot Sachem North Student Selected As Future Medical Leader - Sachem, NY Patch

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2018.03.17 09:50 2050project Reports of new Tesla locations planned for Massachusetts (Peabody) and New York (Smithtown and Nesconset)
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2017.06.06 10:16 tombstoneshadows28 All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1998 (out of the 3,629 films released worldwide that year.)

All of the MPAA/CARA-rated films of 1998 (out of the 3,629 films released worldwide that year.)
  1. A Bug’s Life (Directors: John Lasseter + Andrew Stanton)
  2. Air Bud: Golden Receiver (Director: Richard Martin)
  3. Babe: Pig In The City (Director: George Miller)
  4. Barney’s Great Adventure (Director Steve Gomer)
  5. Dear Santa (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  6. Lucky + Zorba (Director: Enzo D'Alò)
  7. Monkey Business (Director: Paulette Victor-Lifton)
  8. Mulan (Directors: Tony Bancroft + Barry Cook)
  9. Once Upon A Tune (Director: Delgado Cruz)
  10. Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Strikes Back (Directors: Kunihiko Yuyama + Michael Haigney)
  11. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie (Director: William R. Kowalchuk, Jr.)
  12. Rusty: A Dog’s Tale (Director: Shuki Levy)
  13. Second Chances (Director: James Fargo)
  14. Summer Of The Monkeys (Director: Michael Anderson)
  15. The Boy Who Saved Christmas (Director: John Putch)
  16. The Boyhood Of John Muir (Director: Lawrence R. Hott)
  17. The Ghosts of Dickens' Past (Director: Bruce Neibaur)
  18. The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot (Director: Frederik Du Chau)
  19. The Real Macaw (Director: Mario Andreacchio)
  20. The Rugrats Movie (Directors: Igor Kovalyov + Norton Virgien)
  21. The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure (Director: Richard Rich)
  1. 3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain (Director: Sean McNamara)
  2. A Very Unlucky Leprechaun (Director: Brian Kelly)
  3. Angels In The Attic (Director: Eric Hendershot)
  4. Antz (Directors: Eric Darnell + Tim Johnson)
  5. At Sachem Farm (Director: John Huddles)
  6. Autumn Tale (Director: Éric Rohmer)
  7. Ava’s Magical Adventure (Directors: Patrick Dempsey + Rocky Parker)
  8. Billy Frankenstein (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  9. Chhota Chetan (Director: Jijo Punnoose)
  10. Dance With Me (Director: Randa Haines)
  11. Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (Director: Tim McCanlies)
  12. Dancing At Lughnasa (Director: Pat O’Connor)
  13. Ernest In The Army (Director: John R. Cherry III)
  14. Frankenstein Reborn! (Director: David DeCoteau)
  15. Girl Cottage (Director: Steve Morris)
  16. Golf Punks (Director: Harvey Frost)
  17. Holy Man (Director: Stephen Herek)
  18. Home Team (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  19. I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Director: Arlene Sanford)
  20. Jack Frost (Director: Troy Miller)
  21. Jungle Boy (Director: Allan A. Goldstein)
  22. Kraa! The Sea Monster (Directors: Aaron Osborne + Dave Parker)
  23. Little Bigfoot II: The Journey Home (Director: Art Camacho)
  24. Little Men (Director: Rodney Gibbons)
  25. Little Miss Magic (Director Fred Olen Ray)
  26. Madeline (Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer)
  27. Malaika (Director: Marina Martins)
  28. Meet The Deedles (Director: Steve Boyum)
  29. Mighty Joe Young (Director: Ron Underwood)
  30. Mom’s Outta Sight (Director: Fred Olen Ray)
  31. My Giant (Director: Michael Lehmann)
  32. Paulie (Director: John Roberts)
  33. Possums (Director: Max Burnett)
  34. Secret Of The Andes (Director: Alejandro Azzano)
  35. Simon Birch (Director: Mark Steven Johnson)
  36. Slappy + The Stinkers (Directors: Barnet Kellman)
  37. Sorcerers (Director: Albert Pyun)
  38. Star Trek: Insurrection (Director: Jonathan Frakes)
  39. Stardust (Director: Charles F. Cirgenski)
  40. Tarzan + The Lost City (Director: Carl Schenkel)
  41. The Effects Of Magic (Director: Charlie Martinez)
  42. The Grandfather (Director: José Luis Garci)
  43. The Legend Of Cryin’ Ryan (Directors: Deanna Shapiro + Julie St. Claire)
  44. The Modern Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (Director: Adam Weissman)
  45. The New Swiss Family Robinson (Director: Stewart Raffill)
  46. The Parent Trap (Director: Nancy Meyers)
  47. The Prince Of Egypt (Directors: Brenda Chapman, Steve Hickner + Simon Wells)
  48. The Real Howard Spitz (Director: Vadim Jean)
  49. The Secret Kingdom (Director: David Schmoeller)
  50. The Truman Show (Director: Peter Weir)
  51. The Werewolf Reborn! (Director: Jeff Burr)
  52. The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit (Director: Stuart Gordon)
  53. Waking Ned Devine (Director: Kirk Jones)
  54. Waking Up Horton (Director: Harry Bromley Davenport)
  55. Wide Awake (Director: M. Night Shyamalan)
  56. You’ve Got Mail (Director: Nora Ephron)
  1. A Brooklyn State Of Mind (Director: Frank Rainone)
  2. A Civil Action (Director: Steven Zaillian)
  3. A Cool, Dry Place (Director: John N. Smith)
  4. A Night At The Roxbury (Directors: John Fortenberry + Amy Heckerling)
  5. All I Wanna Do (Director: Sarah Kernochan)
  6. Almost Heroes (Director: Christopher Guest)
  7. Armageddon (Director: Michael Bay)
  8. Beyond Paradise (Director: David L. Cunningham)
  9. Black Dog (Director: Kevin Hooks)
  10. Blues Brothers 2000 (Director: John Landis)
  11. Bug Buster (Director: Lorenzo Doumani)
  12. Can’t Hardly Wait (Directors: Harry Elfont + Deborah Kaplan)
  13. Chairman Of The Board (Director: Alex Zamm)
  14. Cilantro y perejil (Director: Rafael Montero)
  15. City Of Angels (Director: Brad Silberling)
  16. Clouds (Director: Fernando E. Solanas)
  17. Deep Impact (Director: Mimi Leder)
  18. Dirty Work (Director: Bob Saget)
  19. Doctor Dolittle (Director: Betty Thomas)
  20. Down In The Delta (Director: Maya Angelou)
  21. Doña Bárbara (Director: Betty Kaplan)
  22. Ever After: A Cinderella Story (Director: Andy Tennant)
  23. Finding Graceland (Director: David Winkler)
  24. God Said, ‘Ha!’ (Director: Julia Sweeney)
  25. Godzilla (Director: Roland Emmerich)
  26. Ground Control (Director: Richard Howard)
  27. Heartwood (Director: Lanny Cotler)
  28. Home Fries (Director: Dean Parisot)
  29. Hope Floats (Director: Forest Whitaker)
  30. Hush (Director: Jonathan Darby)
  31. Il mio West (Director: Giovanni Veronesi)
  32. In God’s Hands (Director: Zalman King)
  33. It All Came True (Director: Peter Yates)
  34. Krippendorf’s Tribe (Director: Todd Holland)
  35. Laughing Dead (Director: Patrick Gleason)
  36. Les Misérables (director: Bille August)
  37. Lost In Space (Director: Stephen Hopkins)
  38. Love Kills (Director: Mario Van Peebles)
  39. Lovers Of The Arctic Circle (Director: Julio Medem)
  40. Lucinda’s Spell (Director: Jon Jacobs)
  41. Lulu On The Bridge (Director: Paul Auster)
  42. Mafia! (Director: Jim Abrahams)
  43. Major League: Back To The Minors (Director: John Warren)
  44. Meet Joe Black (Director: Martin Brest)
  45. Music From Another Room (Director: Charlie Peters)
  46. Naturally Native (Directors Jennifer Wynne Farmer + Valerie Red-Horse)
  47. Night Train (Director: John Lynch)
  48. One Hell Of A Guy (Director: James David Pasternak)
  49. Patch Adams (Director: Tom Shadyac)
  50. Pleasantville (Director: Gary Ross)
  51. Polish Wedding (Director: Theresa Connelly)
  52. Practical Magic (Director: Griffin Dunne)
  53. Race (Director: Tom Musca)
  54. Rush Hour (Director: Brett Rattner)
  55. Savant (Directors: Lawrence Endleman + Clayard Humphrey)
  56. Shadrach (Director: Susanna Styron)
  57. Six Days Seven Nights (Director: Ivan Reitman)
  58. Six-String Samurai (Director: Lance Mungia)
  59. Sliding Doors (Director: Peter Howitt)
  60. Small Soldiers (Director Joe Dante)
  61. Smoke Signals (Director: Chris Eyre)
  62. Sphere (Director: Barry Levinson)
  63. Stepmom (Director: Chris Columbus)
  64. Talk Of Angels (Director: Nick Hamm)
  65. Tango (Director: Carlos Saura)
  66. That’s The Way I Like It (Director: Glen Goei)
  67. The Avengers (Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik)
  68. The Brylcreem Boys (Director: Terence Ryan)
  69. The Dinner Game (Director: Francis Veber)
  70. The Godson (Director: Bob Hoge)
  71. The Horse Whisperer (Director: Robert Redford)
  72. The Incredible Adventures of Marco Polo on His Journeys to the Ends of the Earth (Director: George Erschbamer)
  73. The Man In The Iron Mask (Director: Randall Wallace)
  74. The Mask Of Zorro (Director: Martin Campbell)
  75. The Mighty (Director: Peter Chelsom)
  76. The Newton Boys (Director: Richard Linklater)
  77. The Odd Couple II (Director: Howard Deutch)
  78. The Revengers’ Comedies (Director: Malcolm Mowbray)
  79. The Scottish Tale (Director: Mack Polhemus)
  80. The Storm Riders (Director: Wai-Keung Lau)
  81. The Very Thought Of You (Director: Nick Hamm)
  82. The Waterboy (Director: Frank Coraci)
  83. The Wedding Singer (Director: Frank Coraci)
  84. The X-Files: Fight The Future (Director: Rob Bowman)
  85. U.S. Marshalls (Director: Stuart Baird)
  86. West Beirut (Director: Ziad Doueiri)
  87. What Dreams May Come (Director: Vincent Ward)
  88. Who Am I? (Director: Benny Chan + Jackie Chan)
  89. Wind With The Gone (Director: Alejandro Agresti)
  90. Without Limits (Director: Robert Towne)
  91. Wrongfully Accused (Director: Pat Proft)
  1. 1999 (Director: Nick Davis)
  2. 20 Dates (Director: Myles Berkowitz)
  3. 54 (Director: Mark Christopher)
  4. A Letter From Death Row (Directors: Marvin Baker + Bret Michaels)
  5. A Little Bit Of Soul (Director: Peter Duncan)
  6. A Murder Of Crows (Director: Rowdy Herrington)
  7. A Perfect Murder (Director: Andrew Davis)
  8. A Place Called Truth (Director: Rafael Eisenman)
  9. A Price Above Rubies (Director: Boaz Yakin)
  10. A Simple Plan (Director: Sam Raimi)
  11. A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries (Director: James Ivory)
  12. A Soldier’s Sweetheart (Director: Thomas Michael Donnelly)
  13. A State Of Mind (Director: Yvette Plummer)
  14. Airborne (Director: Julian Grant)
  15. Alice + Martin (Director: André Téchiné)
  16. All The Little Animals (Director: Jeremy Thomas)
  17. Ambushed (Director: Ernest R. Dickerson)
  18. American Dragons (Director: Ralph Hemecker)
  19. American History X (Director: Tony Kaye)
  20. Among Giants (Director: Sam Miller)
  21. Anarchy TV (Director: Jonathan Blank)
  22. Angel Of The Night (Director: Shaky González)
  23. Another Day In Paradise (Director: Larry Clark)
  24. Another Meltdown (Director: Wai-Lun Lam)
  25. Appetite (Director: George Milton)
  26. Apt Pupil (Director: Bryan Singer)
  27. Armstrong (Director: Menahem Golan)
  28. Around The Fire (Director: John Jacobsen)
  29. Arrival II (Director: Kevin S. Tenney)
  30. Art House (Director: Leigh Scott)
  31. Asesinato a distancia (Director: Santiago Carlos Oves)
  32. B. Monkey (Director: Michael Radford)
  33. BASEketball (Director: David Zucker)
  34. Back To Even (Director: Rod Hewitt)
  35. Basil (Director: Radha Bharadwaj)
  36. Beach Movie (Director: John Quinn)
  37. Belly (Director: Hype Williams)
  38. Beloved (Director: Jonathan Demme)
  39. Besieged (Director: Bernardo Bertolucci)
  40. Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss (Director: Tommy O’Haver)
  41. Black Cat, White Cat (Director: Emir Kusturica)
  42. Black Sea 213 (Director: Rafael Eisenman)
  43. Black Thunder (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  44. Blackheart (Director: Dominic Shiach)
  45. Blackthorn Rose (Director: Ross Corsair)
  46. Blade (Director: Stephen Norrington)
  47. Blind Faith (Director: Ernest R. Dickerson)
  48. Blood, Guts, Bullets + Octane (Director: Joe Carnahan)
  49. Bloody Angels (Director: Karin Julsrud)
  50. Blue Moon (Director: Brian Garton)
  51. Body Count (Director: Robert Patton-Spruill)
  52. Bone Daddy (Director: Mario Azzopardi)
  53. Bongwater (Director: Richard Sears)
  54. Boogie Boy (Director: Craig Hamann)
  55. Bravo (Director: Lorena David)
  56. Break Up (Director: Paul Marcus)
  57. Bride Of Chucky (Director: Runny Yu)
  58. Broken Vessels (Director: Scott Ziehl)
  59. Brown’s Requiem (Director: Jason Freeland)
  60. Buffalo ’66 (Director: Vincent Gallo)
  61. Bulworth (Director: Warren Beatty)
  62. Butter (Director: Peter Gathings Bunche)
  63. Cabaret Balkan (Director: Goran Paskaljevic)
  64. Carnal Fate (Director: Mike Sedan)
  65. Carnival Of Souls (Director: Adam Grossman)
  66. Carried Away (Director: Paul Kostick)
  67. Caught Up (Director: Darin Scott)
  68. Celebrity (Director: Woody Allen)
  69. Central Station (Director: Walter Salles)
  70. Cha-cha-chá (Director: Antonio del Real)
  71. Charades (Director: Stephen Eckelberry)
  72. Claudine’s Return (Director: Antonio Tibaldi)
  73. Clay Pigeons (Director: David Dobkin)
  74. Cleopatra’s Second Husband (Director: Jon Reiss)
  75. Club Wild Side (Director: Lawrence Lanoff)
  76. Club Wild Side II (Director: Lawrence Lanoff)
  77. Cousin Bette (Director: Des McAnuff)
  78. Criminal Minds (Director: Thomas Baumann)
  79. Crossfire (Directors: Gary S. Lipsky + Joe Zimmerman)
  80. Dad Savage (Director: Betsan Morris Evans)
  81. Dahan (Director: Rituparno Ghosh)
  82. Dangerous Beauty (Director: Marshall Herskovitz)
  83. Dante’s View (Director: Steven A. Adelson)
  84. Dark City (Director: Alex Proyas)
  85. Dark Confessions (Director: Lloyd A. Simandl)
  86. Dark Harbor (Director: Adam Coleman Howard)
  87. Dead Broke (Edward Vilga)
  88. Dead End (Director: Douglas Jackson)
  89. Dead Man On Campus (Director: Alan Cohn)
  90. Dead Man’s Curve (Director: Dan Rosen)
  91. Dead By Dawn (Director: James Salisbury)
  92. Deadly Ransom (Director: Robert Hyatt)
  93. Decampitated (Director: Matt Cunningham)
  94. Deep Rising (Director: Stephen Sommers)
  95. Denial (Director: Adam Rifkin)
  96. Desert Blue (Director: Morgan J. Freeman)
  97. Desperate Measures (Director: Barbet Schroeder)
  98. Detention (Director: Andy Anderson)
  99. Diary For A Tale (Director: Jana Bokova)
  100. Disturbing Behavior (Director: David Nutter)
  101. Dog Park (Director: Bruce McCulloch)
  102. Drylongso (Director: Cauleen Smith)
  103. Eko Eko Azarak: Misa the Dark Angel (Director: Katsuhito Ueno)
  104. Elizabeth (Director: Shekhar Kapur)
  105. Enemy Of The State (Director: Tony Scott)
  106. Evasive Action (Director: Jerry P. Jacobs)
  107. Exposé (Director: Daphna Edwards)
  108. Extramarital (Director: Yael Russcol)
  109. Faces Of Horror (Directors: Martin Seto, Lam Jin Wai + Tin Yung Yiu)
  110. Fait Accompli (Director: Andrzej Sekula)
  111. Fallen (Director: Gregory Hoblit)
  112. Falling Sky (Directors: Russ Brant + Brian J. De Palma)
  113. Fatal Affair (Director: Marc S. Grenier)
  114. Fear + Loathing In Las Vegas (Director: Terry Gilliam)
  115. Femalien II (Director: Cybil Richards)
  116. Fifth Ward (Director: Greg Carter)
  117. Final Cut (Directors: Dominic Anciano + Ray Burdis)
  118. Firestorm (Director: Dean Semler)
  119. Following (Director: Christopher Nolan)
  120. For Hire (Director: Jean Pellerin)
  121. Free Enterprise (Director: Robert Meyer Burnett)
  122. Free Money (Director: Yves Simoneau)
  123. Freedom Strike (Director: Jerry P. Jacobs)
  124. Frogs For Snakes (Director: Amos Poe)
  125. Get Real (Director: Simon Shore)
  126. Getting Personal (Director: Ron Burrus)
  127. Girl (Director: Jonathan Kahn)
  128. God, Sex + Apple Pie (Director: Paul Leaf)
  129. Gods + Monsters (Director: Bill Condon)
  130. Goodbye Lover (Director: Roland Joffé)
  131. Great Expectations (Director: Alfonso Cuarón)
  132. Gunshy (Director: Jeff Celentano)
  133. Hairshirt (Director: Dean Paraskevopoulos)
  134. Half-Baked (Director: Tamra Davis)
  135. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (Director: Steve Miner)
  136. Hard (Director: John Huckert)
  137. Hard Rain (Director: Mikael Salomon)
  138. Hard Rock’n (Director: Tim Andrew)
  139. Harvest (Director: Stuart Burkin)
  140. He Got Game (Director: Spike Lee)
  141. Heaven (Director: Scott Reynolds)
  142. Heaven Or Vegas (Director: Gregory C. Haynes)
  143. Heist (Director: Peter Rossi)
  144. Hell Mountain (Director: Mike Rohl)
  145. Hell’s Kitchen (Director: Tony Cinciripini)
  146. Hi-Life (Director: Roger Hedden)
  147. Hideous Kinky (Director: Gillies MacKinnon)
  148. High Art (Director: Lisa Cholodenko)
  149. Hijack (Director: Worth Keeter)
  150. Hilary + Jackie (Director: Anand Tucker)
  151. Hitman (Director: Wei Tung)
  152. Homegrown (Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal)
  153. Hoods (Director: Mark Malone)
  154. How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Director: Kevin Rodney Sullivan)
  155. Hurlyburly (Director: Anthony Drazan)
  156. I Got The Hook-Up (Director: Michael Martin)
  157. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Director: Danny Cannon)
  158. I Want You (Director: Michael Winterbottom)
  159. I’m Losing You (Director: Bruce Wagner)
  160. If I Die Before I Wake (Director: Brian Katkin)
  161. Illuminata (Director: John Turturro)
  162. Immortality (Director: Po-Chih Leong)
  163. Inconceivable (Director: Bob Weis)
  164. Interlocked: Thrilled to Death (Director: Rick Jacobson)
  165. Intimate Nights (Director: Jay Madison)
  166. Jaded (Director: Caryn Krooth)
  167. Jerome (Directors: David Elton, Thomas Johnston + Eric Tignini)
  168. Jerry + Tom (Director: Saul Rubinek)
  169. Johnny B Good (Director: Richard Brooks)
  170. Johnny Skidmarks (Director: John Raffo)
  171. Judas Kiss (Director: Sebastian Gutierrez)
  172. Just A Little Harmless Sex (Director: Rick Rosenthal)
  173. Killer Flick (Director: Mark Weidman)
  174. Killing Time (Director: Bharat Nalluri)
  175. Kiss The Sky (Director: Roger Young)
  176. Kissing A Fool (Director: Doug Ellin)
  177. Knock Off (Director: Hark Tsui)
  178. L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies: Return to Savage Beach (Director: Andy Sidaris)
  179. La Cucaracha (Director: Jack Perez)
  180. La otra conquista (Director: Salvador Carrasco)
  181. Lady Of The Lake (Director: Maurice Devereaux)
  182. Land Of the Free (Director: Jerry Jameson)
  183. Last Night (Director: Don McKellar)
  184. Legacy (Director: T.J. Scott)
  185. Legend Of The Mummy (Director: Jeffrey Obrow)
  186. Legionnaire (Director: Peter MacDonald)
  187. Lethal Weapon IV (Director: Richard Donner)
  188. Letters From A Killer (Director: David Carson)
  189. Life In The Fast Lane (Director: Eleanor Gaver)
  190. Life Of A Gigolo (Director: Leland Price)
  191. Little Voice (Director: Mark Herman)
  192. Living Out Loud (Director: Richard LaGravenese)
  193. Lock, Stock + Two Smoking Barrels (Director: Guy Ritchie)
  194. Lola’s Game (Director: Tim Andrew)
  195. Losing Control (Director: Julie Jordan)
  196. Matter Of Trust (Director: Joey Travolta)
  197. Memorial Day (Director: Worth Keeter)
  198. Merchants Of Venus (Director: Len Richmond)
  199. Mercury Rising (Director: Harold Becker)
  200. Milo (Director: Pascal Franchot)
  201. Miss Monday (Director: Benson Lee)
  202. Mistress Of Seduction (Director: Ellyn Michaels)
  203. Mixing Nia (Director: Alison Swan)
  204. Montana (Director: Jennifer Leitzes)
  205. Monument Ave. (Director: Ted Demme)
  206. My Name Is Joe (Director: Ken Loach)
  207. Naked Frailties (Director: Larry Reese)
  208. Naked Lies (Director: Ralph E. Portillo)
  209. New Rose Hotel (Director: Abel Ferrara)
  210. Next Stop Wonderland (Director: Brad Anderson)
  211. No Code Of Conduct (Director: Bret Michaels)
  212. No Looking Back (Director: Edward Burns)
  213. No Rest For THe Wicked (Director: John Sjogren)
  214. Nowhere Land (Director: Rupert Hitzig)
  215. O.K. Garage (Director: Brandon Cole)
  216. October 22 (Director: Richard Schenkman)
  217. One Tough Cop (Director: Bruno Barreto)
  218. One True Thing (Director: Carl Franklin)
  219. Operation Delta Force III: Clear Target (Director: Mark Roper)
  220. Origin Of The Species: Andres Heinz)
  221. Out Of Control (Director: Richard Trevor)
  222. Out Of Sight (Director Stephen Soderbergh)
  223. Outside Ozona (Director: J.S. Cardone)
  224. Overdrive (Director: Lev L. Spiro)
  225. Painted Angels (Director: Jon Sanders)
  226. Palmetto (Director: Volker Schlöndorff)
  227. Papertrail (Director: Damian Lee)
  228. Paranoia (Director: Larry Band)
  229. Pariah (Director: Randolph Kret)
  230. Pau Mui (Director: Clarence Yiu-leung Fok)
  231. Pecker (Director: John Waters)
  232. Penitentiary Chances (Directors: Eduardo Quiroz + Jose Quiroz)
  233. Pep Squad (Director Steve Balderson)
  234. Permanent Midnight (Director: David Veloz)
  235. Pete’s Meteor (Director: Joe O’Bryne)
  236. Phantasm IV: Oblivion (Director: Don Coscarelli)
  237. Phantoms (Director: Joe Chappelle)
  238. Phoenix (Director: Danny Cannon)
  239. Pi (Director: Darren Aronofsky)
  240. Pizza, Beer + Cigarettes (Directors: Israel Adrián Caetano + Bruno Stagnaro)
  241. Place Vendôme (Director: Nicole Garcia)
  242. Playing By Heart (Director: Willard Carroll)
  243. Point Blank (Director: Matt Earl Beesley)
  244. Postmortem (Director: Albert Pyun)
  245. Prague Duet (Director: Roger L. Simon)
  246. Primary Colors (Director: Mike Nichols)
  247. Progeny (Director: Brian Yuzna)
  248. Provocateur (Director: Jim Donovan)
  249. Psycho (Director: Gus van Sant)
  250. Psycho Sisters (Directors: Pete Jacelone, Sal Longo + Gary Whitson)
  251. RPM (Director: Ian Sharp)
  252. Raising The Heights (Director: Max Gottlieb)
  253. Razor Blade Smile (Director: Jake West)
  254. Reach The Rock (Director: Bill Ryan)
  255. Recoil (Director: Art Camacho)
  256. Relax...It’s Just Sex (Director: P.J. Castellaneta)
  257. Renegade Force (Director: Martin Kunert)
  258. Restaurant (Director: Eric Bross)
  259. Resurrection Man (Director: Marc Evans)
  260. Return To Paradise (Director: Joseph Ruben
  261. Ride (Director: Millicent Shelton)
  262. Ringmaster (Director: Neil Abramson)
  263. River Red (Director: Eric Drilling)
  264. Ronin (Director: John Frankenheimer)
  265. Rough Draft (Diary Of A Serial Killer) (Director: Joshua Wallace)
  266. Rounders (Director: John Dahl)
  267. Run Lola Run (Lola Rennt) (Director: Tom Tykwer)
  268. Running Woman (Directors: Rachel Samuels + David Blass)
  269. Rush Hour (Director: Wes Anderson)
  270. SLC Punk! (Director: James Merendino)
  271. Safe Men (Director: John Hamburg)
  272. Sanctuary (Director: Tibor Takács)
  273. Sand Trap (Director: Harris Done)
  274. Saving Private Ryan (Director: Steven Spielberg)
  275. Savior (Director: Predrag Antonijevic)
  276. Scarred City (Scar City) (Director: Ken Sanzel)
  277. Scorpio One (Director: Worth Keeter)
  278. Secretos compartidos (Director: Alberto Lecchi)
  279. Secrets Of A Chambermaid (Director: Adele Bertei)
  280. Senseless (Director: Penelope Spheeris)
  281. Sex Files: Portrait Of The Soul (Director: David Goldner)
  282. Shadow Builder (Director: Jamie Dixon)
  283. Shadow Of Doubt (Director: Randal Kleiser)
  284. Shakespeare In Love (Director: John Madden)
  285. Shark Skin Man + Peach Hip Girl (Director: Katsuhito Ishii)
  286. Shattered Image (Director: Raoul Ruiz)
  287. Sheer Passion (Director: John Quinn)
  288. Shelter (Director: Scott Paulin)
  289. Shepherd (Director: Peter Hayman)
  290. Shrieker (Director: David DeCoteau)
  291. Sista Kontraktet (Director: Kjell Sundvall)
  292. Slam (Director: Marc Levin)
  293. Sleepwalker (Director: Fernando Spiner)
  294. Slums Of Beverly Hills (Director: Tamara Jenkins)
  295. Snake Eyes (Director: Brian De Palma)
  296. Soldier (Director: Paul W.S. Anderson)
  297. Some Girl (Director: Rory Kelly)
  298. Somewhere In The City (Director: Ramin Niami)
  299. Soundman (Director: Steven Ho)
  300. Sour Grapes (Director: Larry David)
  301. Southie (Director: John Shea)
  302. Spanish Fly (Director: Daphna Kastner)
  303. Species II (Director: Peter Medak)
  304. Spriggan (Director: Hirotsugu Kawasaki)
  305. St. Ives (Director: Harry Hook)
  306. Standoff (Director: Andrew Chapman)
  307. Star Of Jaipur (Director: Chris McIntyre)
  308. Stiff Upper Lips (Director: Gary Sinyor)
  309. Still Crazy (Director: Brian Gibson)
  310. Stingers (Director: Steve Kurland)
  311. Stolen Heart (Director: Terry O’Brien)
  312. Strangeland (Director: John Pieplow)
  313. Streetwise (Director: Bruce Brown)
  314. Sublet (Director: John Hamilton)
  315. Surface To Air (Director: Rodney McDonald)
  316. Susan’s Plan (Director: John Landis)
  317. Sweepers (Director: Keoni Waxman)
  318. Sweetheart Murders (Director: Markus Innocenti)
  319. Tale Of The Mummy (Director: Russell Mulcahy)
  320. Talisman (Director: David DeCoteau)
  321. Taxman (Director: Avi Nesher)
  322. Teach Me (Director: Gary Delfiner)
  323. Telling You (Director: Rob DeFranco)
  324. Termination Man (Director: Fred Gallo)
  325. Testing The Limits (Director: Brigitte Berman)
  326. The Adventures Of Sebastian Cole)
  327. The Big Hit (Director: Kirk Wong)
  328. The Big Lebowski (Director: Joel Coen)
  329. The Boys (Director: Rowan Woods)
  330. The Cabin (Director: Paul Klein)
  331. The Celebration (Director: Thomas Vinterberg)
  332. The Dentist II (Director: Brian Yuzna)
  333. The Dreamlife Of Angels (Director: Erick Zonca)
  334. The Emperor + The Assassin (Director: Kaige Chen)
  335. The Eternal (Director: Michael Almereyda)
  336. The Faculty (Director: Robert Rodriguez)
  337. The Farmhouse (Eye Of The Storm) (Director: Marcus Spiegel)
  338. The First 9½ Weeks (Director: Alex Wright)
  339. The Gardner (Director: James D.R. Hickox)
  340. The General (Director: John Boorman)
  341. The Gingerbread Man (Director: Robert Altman)
  342. The Girl Of Your Dreams (Director: Fernando Trueba)
  343. The Governess (Director Sandra Goldbacher)
  344. The Hi-Lo Country (Director: Stephen Frears)
  345. The Idiots (Director: Lars von Trier)
  346. The Imposters (Director: Stanley Tucci)
  347. The Inheritors (Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky)
  348. The Land Girls (Director: David Leland)
  349. The Landlady (Director: Robert Malenfant)
  350. The Last Days Of Disco (Director: Whit Stillman)
  351. The Legend of 1900 (Director: Giuseppe Tornatore)
  352. The Lesser Evil (Director: David Mackay)
  353. The Lost World (Director: Bob Keen)
  354. The Minion (Director: Jean-Marc Piché)
  355. The Naked Man (Director: J. Todd Anderson)
  356. The Negotiator (Director: F. Gary Gray)
  357. The Night Caller (Director: Robert Malenfant)
  358. The Object Of My Affection (Director: Nicholas Hytner)
  359. The Opposite Of Sex (Director: Don Roos)
  360. The Pandora Project (Directors: John Terlesky + Jim Wynorski)
  361. The Pass (Director: Kurt Voss)
  362. The Patriot (Director: Dean Semler)
  363. The Pawn (Director: Clay Borris)
  364. The Phantom Of The Opera (Director: Dario Argento)
  365. The Players Club (Director: Ice Cube)
  366. The Process (Director: Ernie Reyes, Jr.)
  367. The Proposition (Director: Lesli Linka Glatter)
  368. The Red Violin (Director: François Girard)
  369. The Replacement Killers (Director: Antoine Fuqua)
  370. The School Of Flesh (Director: Benoît Jacquot)
  371. The Sender (Director: Richard Pepin)
  372. The Siege (Director: Edward Zwick)
  373. The Souler Opposite (Director: Bill Malmenson)
  374. The Theory Of Flight (Director: Paul Greengrass)
  375. The Thin Red Line (Director: Terrence Malick)
  376. The Treat (Director: Jonathan Gems)
  377. The Ultimate Weapon (Director: Jon Cassar)
  378. The Velocity Of Gary (Director: Dan Ireland)
  379. The White Raven (Directors: Jakub Z. Rucinski + Andrew Stevens)
  380. The Yakuza Way (Director: Shundo Ohkawa)
  381. There’s Something About Mary (Director: Bobby Farrelly + Peter Farrelly)
  382. This Is My Father (Director: Paul Quinn)
  383. Thursday (Director: Skip Woods)
  384. Too Tired To Die (Director: Wonsuk Chin)
  385. Train Of Life (Director: Radu Mihaileanu)
  386. True Friends (Director: James Quattrochi)
  387. Tulak ng bibig, kabig ng dibdib (Joey Del Rosario)
  388. Twice Upon A Yesterday (Director: Maria Ripoll)
  389. Twilight (Director: Robert Benton)
  390. Under Heaven (Director: Meg Richman)
  391. Undercurrent (Director: Frank Kerr)
  392. Urban Ghost Story (Director: Geneviève Jolliffe)
  393. Urban Legend (Director: Jamie Blanks)
  394. Vampires (Director: John Carpenter)
  395. Velvet Goldmine (Director: Todd Haynes)
  396. Very Bad Things (Director: Peter Berg)
  397. Veteranos (Directors: Eduardo Quiroz + Jose Quiroz)
  398. Vipers (Director: Eric Gibson)
  399. Virtual Encounters II (Director: Cybil Richards)
  400. Wanted (Director: Terence M. O’Keefe)
  401. Watchers IV (Director: John Carl Buechler)
  402. Webmaster (Director: Thomas Borch Neilsen)
  403. Welcome To Hollywood (Director: Tony Markes + Adam Rifkin)
  404. Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Back by Five (Director: Richard Schenkman)
  405. What Rats Won’t Do (Director: Alastair Reid)
  406. Where’s Marlowe? (Director: Daniel Pyne)
  407. Whispering Corridors (Director: Ki-hyeong Park)
  408. Why Do Fools Fall In Love (Director: Gregory Nava)
  409. Wicked (Director: Michael Steinberg)
  410. Wilbur Falls (Director: Juliane Glantz)
  411. Wild Things (Director: John McNaughton)
  412. With Friends Like These... (Director: Philip Frank Messina)
  413. Woo (Director: Daisy von Scherler Mayer)
  414. Xiu Xiu: The Sent-Down Girl (Director: John Chen)
  415. Yellow (Director: Chris Chan Lee)
  416. Your Friends + Neighbors (Director: Neil LaBute)
  417. Zack + Reba (Director: Nicole Bettauer)
  418. Zero Effect (Director: Jake Kasdan)
NC-17 (none)
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2017.03.23 04:44 Hockeyjockey58 Legend of Lake Ronkonkoma Video

For those of us who don't know our L.I. history, Lake K.O. is long supposed to be haunted by Tuskawanta (also called Ronkonkoma), daughter of the Setaukett Sachem as a consequence of her forbidden love (imposed by her father), with Hugh Birdsall, English woodcutter and settler in the Smithtown-Islip area. Her loss of love lead her to kill herself and almost annually used to lure one man to his death in the center of lake.
I've done research myself and discovered that Hugh and Tuskawanta may have each have existed in their own right. . Tuskawanta's name appears a few times from her 17th century context unto today, and Hugh is listed on a registry in a church in England to have immigrated to New York Colony,
Neverthess, this video is 10-minute intro to the legend although cheesily scripted, is still worth the watch:
Source for Tuskawanta:
Hugh Birdsall & Associated Resources:
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2014.08.16 21:18 brhar Kayaker disappears Friday on a Purportedly Haunted Lake on Long Island, "It seemed he was struggling, even with the vest. It seemed something was weighing him down, I don't know what." Further reading:

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