A very country christmas sequel


2009.09.29 03:57 azreal156 Borderlands

The Borderlands game franchise, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels.

2020.07.10 21:35 BrandonrolyaT poppingg

A sequel to the very famous and deeply missed popping. Hopefully we can turn this community into what popping left behind.

2011.05.01 20:20 jkdeadite DUCK IS LORD

The official fanzone for Team Starkid!

2023.06.01 16:59 AntisocialCat2 Hi I'm AntisocialCat2, did you know you can make friends? This subreddit says you can and so do I.

A bit about me before I begin : I'm 19, from Slovakia which is a small country in the heart of Europe. Outside of gaming I like to study unity, blender, video editing and Photoshop. I'm also learning Russian and a little bit German throught dualingo. I'm that type of person you can talk to about anything but sometimes I have a slow brain and take a minute to process informations.
I don't know why but I have trouble socialising in online games and in life in general so I decided that I will search here for someone that'll hopefully want to chat and play games with me. I take myself as a calm and chill person that plays games for fun (even competetive ones) as I prefer having a good laugh rather than a win. Wins are temporary but friendships are eternal. Or the other way around I'm not sure now. I think it takes some time to get used to me and my humor but, I take myself as a loyal friend, good listener and generally someone you can talk to about anything and probably play anything.
When it comes to games I play on PC only. I don't know why but I play coop games a bit more seriously because there's some kind of satisfaction when people work together to achieve something and it actually works. But not too serious lol.
In terms of games I have plenty of online games but I suck at most because it's either boring to play alone or skill issue, here are some :
Barotrauma Hunt showdown Ready or not Zero hour Flashing lights Escape from tarkov Squad Hell let loose Borderlands (all) Embr Deep rock galactic Chivalry DayZ Scum Project zomboid
And so on. There's probably a bit more of games I have but these are the ones I can think of right now. While I believe people should get to know each other dynamically thought talking, I can mention that I'm a hitman fan and also fallout fan and I really like barotrauma! Might help to strike a conversation.
What im looking for? People around my timezone, maximally 1 or 2 hours difference as more proved quite difficult to find time to play games and other than that anyone basically that thinks we might be a match.
I also don't care about age but I prefer people that are 17+ but if you're younger and think we can play games together then don't be afraid to reach out, you never know.
Thank you for reading this! If you're interested feel free to message me on reddit, preferably with your age, current time, games we can play together and your favorite joke but if that's not for you a simple hi and your current time will be enough. But creativity is always welcome.
Also im NOT looking for servers.
See you around ~
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2023.06.01 16:59 languid_plum Keyboard not appearing

I have had multiple Friends tell me they were typing to me during a game, but I never see their messages. And when I am playing these Friends, the keyboard is not showing up for me either.
And yes, I have checked Mute and that is not it. I can confirm I do not have these people on Mute.
If I have a keyboard I can see them, but that seems to be for a very small percentage of my friends that it shows up.
Any other suggestions on why this glitch may be happening?
submitted by languid_plum to 8BallPool [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:58 Low-Asparagus8858 Pelvic pain/small Vericocele/anus itching & bleeding 14 months - 26 male

I’m a 26 year old white English male. So for about 14 months now I’ve had pelvic and festival pain. When it first started my balls were aching quite severely for about 1 week straight & and I also had an uncomfortable feeling in my pelvic area halfway between my pubic area and my belly button, but on the left side. I went to the doctors, he thought I had a cyst in my testical, after checks, I don’t. It took about 10 months for me to properly see someone and get diagnosed with a small varicocele in my left testicle. I’ve still had the pelvic for the entire time, all day, everyday. About 8 months in started developing an itchy anus which would bleed when wiping (no blood in stool). Assumed this was due to an anal fissure/hemorrhoids.
I was provided cream for this but I’ve had it for about 6 months and it hasn’t went away, the bleeding has mostly stopped due to being more focussed on how I clean it but it’s still itchy. The pelvic pain is uncomfortable when I exercise and when I’m sitting down, it gets better when I lie down. The actual source feels like it radiates from one particular location on the left side of my pelvic area and I also have lower back pain. I’ve had an ultrasound where they didn’t notice anything and I’ve also been prescribed anti-Biotics for a month incase it was prostatitis. They checked my prostate and it seemed normal size and they also made me a do a flow test at the hospital to make sure I’m emptying my bladder properly, which I am. It doesn’t burn when I urinate, I haven’t lost weight, I don’t feel the need to urinate all the time, my stools aren’t completely solid but also not completely diarrhoea, I do need to poo several times a day but I eat a lot with going to the gym. I do sometimes get bloated and feel full.
I recently had a Vericocele embolisaiton procedure, however it wasn’t completed as when they had the metal coil inside my vein, they couldn’t locate the exact vein people normally have in that location because in their words ‘my plumbing is different to most people’. I’m currently waiting to hear back to see what they’re going to try instead. I really need this sorted, it’s effecting my mental health and wearing me down. My pelvic area sometimes feels like I’ve got pins and needles there, it’s just really uncomfortable and my balls ache everyday. I don’t know how they haven’t completely ruled out a hernia or bowel cancer but it’s a nightmare trying to get booked in for a doctors appointment with the NHS and when they do check something I’ve always got to wait about 4 months, meanwhile my condition could be getting worse.
Diet - eat plenty fruit, veg and meat every day. Plenty water. Very little sugar processed sugar.
Exercise - Weight lifting 4/5 times per week, been doing boxing every Saturday for nearly 2 months.
Does anybody have any idea’s what it could be/what to do?
Thank you.
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2023.06.01 16:58 weddedthrow So much anxiety and pressure to make sure it goes well

Everyone is telling me that they’re so excited for the wedding and can’t wait. I smile in response and respond appropriately but inside, I’m screaming. I am so stressed about what people are going to think. Is the venue too cramped? Are the decorations not personalized enough? Will the food be cold? Will they hate dessert? Will the DJ do a good job?
At this point, I just want to get this done. This is the most stressful thing I have ever planned in my life. Our guest list is like ~30 people more than we originally planned for. Everyone is RSVPing yes. People are traveling from other countries.
The pressure to give them a good time after they do all this…it’s so much. I would have much preferred a low-key celebration with a small handful of people. But in my culture, it doesn’t work that way.
SIGH. I just feel drained.
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2023.06.01 16:58 rBurk5 ME ranking sins based on their (overall?) intelligence.

This is just where I put them, I honestly don't have a concrete answer so I'm actually WAY MORE interested into what other people have to say about their personal list.
  1. Merlin. Idk what to really say about this one.
  2. Gowther. Is basically a super computer.
  3. Meliodas. Very knowledgeable, acts clueless and dumb to make people think he's not that smart. While I don't think he is as smart as the previous 2 from an IQ perspective. Meliodas is really tricky and is someone that will pull the carpet under you without you even realizing. (Maybe I'm just that dude that super overrates him)
(I think the people from 4-6 can be switched at any time, but they have a gap between them and the top 3)
  1. King. What's holding him back (this much) is him letting his emotions take control in the series. (Like he almost got everyone killed when Chandler full countered his track while gowther yelled at him to not do it) I think the mael fight proved that he finally got over it, but even then, I would still personally still put him at number 4. The gap is just going to be smaller.
  2. Ban. I think he is in a similar case where he "acts dumb", but I think he does it to shield his harsh upbringing and pretend he "is happy" with just booze. When ban is serious, he is a lot more different than his "carefree" mode, I'll say that much.
  3. Escanor. It feels weird to put him this low because escanor is not stupid. In battles, he had the luxury of just pressing "w" at people because he's that strong. So it's more of a "he doesn't have to think" vs "he can't think so that's why he holds "w"". I just think he's average (or slightly) from an IQ perspective. Probably just in the 100 IQ range. I just don't think he has any impressive 300iq+ moments in the series.
  4. Diane. (Unfortunately, this is another list where Diane ranks list LMAO) Slander aside, I think Diane is the "7th smartest" rather than just dumb. She is naive from my pov and I don't think naive = stupid. She is aware of things happening, but that just doesn't make him smart. I think she still matters because she has moments like baiting melascula in so she can hit her in that fight. She was the one who broke gowther out of that loop, and she didn't use her IQ to do it. While this is not really a 300iq+ feat, I think giving this to her as an emotional IQ would be fair (imo). But she also have some derpy moments like "helping" Elizabeth get her memories back (not completely her fault, but she is part of it, not knowing the consequences that is).
submitted by rBurk5 to NanatsunoTaizai [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:58 SanguineGiant How to not be overbearing in text, but confirm plans?

Advice from the ladies more in my age range appreciated. I'm 51/m and I match with someone new perhaps 3-4 times a month. I generally only swipe on those I feel could be a genuine match. I look for connection and chemistry on the first date and will only go on subsequent dates if I feel a genuine mutual interest.
I matched with someone new this week and we had a brief interaction on Bumble before exchanging numbers as I asked her out for a drink. She seemed excited about it and suggested Thursday night (today).
We live in the same metro vicinity but not real near each other. So, there are a few areas of town we might meet and I know places to go in each of these areas, and I'm happy to suggest options. During our Bumble conversation, I asked "What areas of town would be convenient for you? I have options to suggest". She said "ok, I'll think about it", and then gave me her number for us to switch to text.
This was Tuesday. I have sent her good morning texts each of the last couple of days and asked how her day was last night. In addition, I asked if she had had any ideas for meeting tonight. Her response was a bit cryptic saying "I'm trying to see what'll work."
Here we are mid morning on the day we're supposed to meet and we've said good morning today. However, she still hasn't responded to confirming plans for tonight.
I generally don't mind being more spur of the moment, especially with someone I know. But I also don't like blocking my evening for someone when I'm not sure if they plan to actually show up. I give it a reasonable chance she'll ask to reschedule or just cancel altogether.
So my question is this - what's a clever way to phrase a text to confirm plans for tonight without being too pushy, but also somehow stresses it would be decent of her to not leave me hanging indefinitely?
One other thing, I go out of town for a few days early tomorrow and won't be back for a few days. In my experience, if you don't meet relatively quickly with someone new, interest can fade very quickly, so I am hoping to meet her tonight.
Thanks for your help in advance on how to phrase this text.
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2023.06.01 16:58 CompetitiveSolid8155 We met at midnight on his last night in town- Is it worth the effort?

I (29F) am usually not even going out on dates with men I match or text with at bumble/tinder because it’s just disappointing. But recently I matched with a guy (32M) that at first actually annoyed me. It turned out that we work in the same field and so we started a great series of banter back and forth on Friday night until 2am in the morning and started getting interested. He told me he was just for a vacation in the city that I live in and returned to his (& my home country- different continent) on Sunday. Since he did a lot of sightseeing with his family the next day where he had no Wifi, we did just text in the evening and kind of decided very spontaneously (at 11:30pm when I was already cuddled up in my bed in my Pyjama) to meet around midnight in a bar close by. I had no expectations because I did not like his photos so much and did not care at all because I knew that even if I would not like him, he was leaving the next day anyways- so nothing to lose at all :D However, when he arrived he looked very handsome and our conversation started right away and it was just so easy. It was overwhelming how many things we had in common and how we kind of complemented each other. There was not a single topic we would not come up with alike stories but we could also talk about serious topics. I even caught myself staring too long into his eyes like a stupid teenager while realizing that I actually start to like this guy🙈 When he paid me a compliment about my eyes I would not even banter something back but just smile and look away (I actually hate compliments & usually don’t take them seriously at all..).. After we got kicked out of the bar at 2:30, he asked me to walk a little more with him when we reached the corner where our ways would part. So I walked him to the front of his hotel where we couldn’t stop talking either and so he asked me again (as a running gag from our chats) to come for a swim in the hotel pool which I denied with a witty comment of course, but we went to the swimming hall inside of his hotel to just sit at a bench and keep talking until 5:30am and I noticed him coming a little closer while we were talking and teasing each other. Since his flight back was in the afternoon already and he hadn’t packed, I said that it’s time for me to go so he would at least have one hour of sleep :D So he brought me back to the lobby. When we were talking about where and when to meet again, he invited me (I guess as a joke) to the wedding of his sister and I said winking “Oh of course- I’ll book a flight, not a problem 😉”. Then I told him, I’m planning to do a camper tour here on which he could join and he mentioned he even has some vacation days left. When we said goodbye, we hugged twice very long and then he stepped into the elevator and I went home. After that we kept on texting and he asked me for my number before he entered the plane. When he arrived home and got back to work on Monday, we barely had a chance to text like we used to the last days and I wouldn’t say we have a real conversation going on right now. I know that he must be jet lagged and he told me in a brief text that he had a deadline to work for on Wednesday. But even after that when I sent him a longer text with questions I just got one line back and waited hoping there was more to come, but it didn’t. So I replied hours later and tried to keep it short and just do a little banter although that’s actually not the level I want to keep things…and I doubt he even knows how these long pauses between his messages make me feel. Maybe I’m impatient because I know that in his field he might be very busy since I am,too. But I cannot help it: I cannot think about anything else since then because I never expected to find somebody that actually checks all the boxes and I feel so attracted to. I kind of feel so stupid for not being able to get him off my mind, although I really thought he would feel the same. Now I’m unsure what to do to keep the contact and keep it interesting, keep him interested in me until we can meet again. For me this is the first time, I found somebody who could keep up with me intellectually and on every other level including his appearance (tall, active, blue-eyed, blonde, three-day beard etc.). I actually thought people like this do not exist and I somehow know that this is a rare finding. So, I really want to give this a chance, especially since I’m returning permanently to my home country in January - but it’s still 6 months and nobody knows if he might meet somebody better in the meantime while I’m stuck on the other side of the world. The thought of him just seeing me as a nice holiday flirt also crossed my mind although I wonder why he even asked for my number if these were his thoughts? What if he has a girlfriend or something and he wasn’t honest about it? I am absolutely clueless about this and I am not willing to play any stupid games. It just feels like it’s the cruelest way to fall for somebody because it feels like chances are minor and the whole situation is just complicated and somehow seems impossible…
I would really appreciate to hear your opinion and advice on this!
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2023.06.01 16:58 patrickthatsapickle_ Am I an Aquarius or a Pisces?

Am I an Aquarius or a Pisces?
Hey everyone!
So, I (30m) have a possibly silly question.
I’ve always considered myself an Aquarius Sun based simply on my birthday (2/18) and I’d been told that “I’m on the cusp” (which is a term I’ve read/heard very mixed things about) but still an Aquarius.
So I looked into my chart recently (with birth time/location details) and my chart says that I’m actually a Pisces Sun.
Can anyone share some insight about this? Am I a Pisces? If I were to be looking into horoscopes/readings, would I be focusing on Pisces vs Aquarius?
Please excuse my ignorance or any incorrect terms/words I may have used.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.01 16:58 Electrical-Self294 A friend of mine wants to move in with me after I offered sanctuary. My situation changed and I can't offer it anymore, how do I handle this?

During the last few years of build up with anti LGBT sentiments. As well as being an emotionally drained and a naive fool. I offered a person I do genuinely care about and would love to have as a roommate, sanctuary. With the president being, only if the state goes full Holocaust mode and they must flee.
This good friend of mine midway across the country has told me in a set amount of time they'll be priced out of their living situation. I can no longer reasonably provide shelter for them unless it truly is, dire. Unfortunately my elderly family here doesn't considered this situation, dire enough. Without threats of actual violence being leveled and the fact they do have a few other options.
If I had my way and a more stable income and at least one other room, I would have thought no second time about this. Hell, even a year ago I could have been able to convince my family. However, things are tight here and there isn't enough room to reasonable home 3 people.
I love my friend whole heartedly but I've got no idea how to let them down without being a massive Hypocrite and take backer. How do I let them know I genuinely do love and care about them but I can't provide what they need right now unless, they somehow add another room to my home?
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2023.06.01 16:58 LordPenvelton Is it... a love triangle?

Recently I had the weirdest feeling when hanging out with some friends from the gym.
There's these 2 people I have a crush on, and recently she started hitting on him, but he appears to deflect and mock her advances, and when that happens, I get a very strange sensation.
I'm used to crushing on people who will never correspond my feelings, but that was deffinitely different. (She's too religious to date a heathen like me, he's too straight.)
Clarifications: We're all 30-somethings, I'm the youngest of the bunch. I'm in the middle of a diagnostic process, but very likely adhd and autistic. I'm also transfem and on hrt for half a year, but still closeted (will become evident shortly)
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2023.06.01 16:58 Daisy-Sandwiches Bumbleby shippers: Why do other sapphic shippers hate us? Also them:

Bumbleby shippers: Why do other sapphic shippers hate us? Also them: submitted by Daisy-Sandwiches to RWBYcritics [link] [comments]

2023.06.01 16:58 CuriousLif3 [QC] VSF Datejust Blue 36mm

[QC] VSF Datejust Blue 36mm

My first ever purchase
But i need some help with QC
  1. ⁠Dealer name: Biguan
  2. ⁠Factory name: VS
  3. ⁠Model name (& version number):
  4. ⁠Price paid: Y2670 incl shipping
  5. ⁠Album Links: https://imgur.com/a/elZK30R
  6. ⁠Index alignment: looks okay
  7. ⁠Dial Printing: looks good
  8. ⁠Date Wheel alignment/printing: Looks okay
  9. ⁠Hand Alignment: so perfect it would make a watch smith cry
  10. ⁠Bezel: seems okay with plastic protection on
  11. ⁠Solid End Links (SELs): looks okay
  12. ⁠Timegrapher numbers: need some help with this one
  13. ⁠Anything else you notice: Not very good, any comments are welcome thank you
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2023.06.01 16:58 Ukashahfarooq Filmora 9 - Complete authentic guidelines

Video editing is becoming essential for every person nowadays. Some people do video editing by them self and the rest hire professionals to edit their videos. Brands need videos for the promotion of their products. Social media influencers need video editing for their social media platforms etc. Same way even a common person wants video editing for social media platform statuses. In the beginning, everyone can’t afford to hire professional video editors for them. So “Filmora 9” is the best and easy solution, especially for those who don’t know how to use professional video editing software. Filmora 9 is very user-friendly and offers all advance and up-to-date features for the users. Read More
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2023.06.01 16:58 MrJason005 I passed first time today - My experience of learning to drive (unreasonable examiner)?

After approximately 48hrs of practice with my driving instructor (and only ~2-3hrs of private practice in my dad's car), I passed first time today! With 8 minor faults. These were:
  1. Control – Gears (I was going uphill on 2nd gear and it was very jerky and I had to change to 1st to keep going)
  2. Progress – Undue hesitation
  3. Use of mirrors – Change speed (I turned right onto a dual carriageway from a side road and the light turned red as I was in the yellow box and I had to quickly finish my turn, so I accelerated really harshly to get up to 40mph in the dual carriageway and didn't check my centre mirror before accelerating)
  4. Awareness / Planning
  5. Use of mirrors – Change direction (x4)
So we finish the driving test (my instructor is sitting at the back), and we drive up to the test centre and park in a bay to finish. My examiner tells me that I've passed and I start smiling a lot and I look back at my instructor, and then my examiner tells me "however I have a question for you":
(My instructor at the back later told me that he thought the examiner was about to snap his centre mirror off!)
The examiner told me that I rarely used the centre mirror when driving, and that I should have checked it at least every 5-10 seconds during normal driving. He told me that he would have failed me a given me a serious fault if he could (!). He then proceeded to sign the pass certificate, though I felt this aura inside the car that he did this very very begrudgingly and that if it was up to him he wouldn't have signed it. I still have the feeling that this examiner really wanted to fail me very badly.
I was genuinely shocked at this response. I have watched dozens upon dozens of videos on YouTube of driving instructors and mock tests, and nobody ever mentioned that you need to check your centre mirror every 5-10 seconds. Richard Fanders at Conquer Driving (which I treat like "The Bible") said the following:
You may have heard that you need to check your mirrors every 10 seconds, and make it super obvious that you’re checking them to pass the driving test. But that’s not true! Driving examiners are experts at knowing whether or not you have checked your mirrors and they would rather you keep your eyes on the road and only check them when it’s relevant because that is safer.
You may have been told to check your mirrors every so many seconds because your driving instructor is trying to play it safe, if you check them enough, hopefully you won’t miss an important mirror check. But in my opinion taking your eyes off the road more than you need to, isn’t a good idea
I can understand perhaps on why I got marked down for not checking my mirror before accelerating onto the dual carriageway, or undue hesitation, etc. But the behaviour of the examiner at the end was really off-putting, and given that he was dead silent throughout the entire test (didn't even ask me the ice breaker question), makes me think that he hated his job?
Another odd moment was when I was instructed to turn right after the second set of traffic lights, and the examiner told me this 5 times. There was a huge queue of cars waiting to turn right, and I realised that I need to be in the right lane to turn right, so I indicated and moved to the right lane just before the queue started (because in my head I kept worrying about getting a serious fault for being undertaken on a dual carriageway). But if he wanted to be helpful, couldn't he have said "You may find it easier to move over to the right lane"? What was going through his head?
He was very tight-lipped throughout the test. At the reverse parallel park manoeuvre I asked a simple "within a drain width's away from the kerb?", and he just repeated the script of "reasonably close to the kerb". Or another time we were driving on the road and he asked me to park up on the left and I said "park up on this road here, yeah?", and he just said "Please park up on the left anywhere safe".
I thought I failed a total of 3 times during the test.
  1. I turned right from the main road onto a side road and I thought I cut off a Volkswagen (though I noticed he didn't slow down afterwards so I then thought I was fine). Then another time when we were
  2. I was waiting at the set of red lights and it was very slow moving, I put the gear in neutral and pulled the handbrake up and went to drink some water from my bottle that was right next to me in the driver's door, and the examiner stopped me and said that I am not allowed to do that during the exam and that I have to be in full control of the vehicle at all times.
  3. During the reverse parallel park manoeuvre, I touched the kerb slightly though I steered very quickly to adjust and I slotted in and finished the manoeuvre. I think I got off lucky on that one.
My experience learning to drive was good. I was in a very fortunate position as a university student where I had the funds available to pay for all the driving lessons (£31/hr!!), and I fully understand why only 37% of young people have a driving licence given how brutally hard it is to get a driving licence in this country in 2023. More importantly however, the DVSA really has let learners down with the ridiculous waiting lists. At my test centre in Sheffield (Middlewood), I had to wait 6 months for my driving test. I booked it back in December! If I failed, I would have to wait for months again before I could try again. This is absolutely insane.
I hope this writeup helps new learners on this subreddit. If I could give one tip, it would be to practice. Do lots of mock tests, do lots of driving around, and build experience and confidence behind the wheel. I felt confident as a driver before beginning the test, and I had trust in myself that I was a good drivers and I deserved to receive my licence. I am 100% certain that if I wasn't at that driving level and at that confidence level, I would have failed with this clearly unhelpful examiner.
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2023.06.01 16:58 elliotbickle Algorithms & Data Structures

Algorithms & Data Structures
(Current state of the game with all features)
Hello everyone! Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what algorithm or data structure would you implement in a game that would impress a potential employer (not specifically a game development employer, just software systems in general).
For context, I'm a 2nd year Computer Science student who has taken linear algebra and discrete math courses. I'm trying to build my portfolio to maybe get an internship somewhere (fingers crossed!)
I'm currently starting out by making a top down 2D shooter game. So far in my game, the only things I've implemented that I've learnt during class are things like Objected Oriented Design, Don't Repeat Yourself. I've "implemented" the A* algorithm for pathfinding, but it was already part of the game development software (Godot) - all I had to do was connect the points and "disable" points if they belong to obstacles. The math I've had to do was also very simple, it's so far just calculating velocity and finding surrounding points of a character. The only big issues I've faced are learning how the software itself works.
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2023.06.01 16:58 amazan129 If Congress passed an bill on which 2 young female immigrants would be allowed into the country when a healthy young women sterilize themselves before the age of 35, where would u stand on the bill and why?

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2023.06.01 16:58 Snoo_11263 Is a sag bracket required for the 4080/4090 FE cards?

I noticed that my 4090 FE did not come with a sag bracket, despite being pretty heavy. Was this by design or should I look into getting a sag bracket or something to hold it up a bit? It looks "even" in my case now, but I'm worried about long term sagging problems. I know the FE cards are built very well so I was wondering if any of you guys use a sag bracket or device to hold it up or just leave it alone? If so, can you recommend me the one you use? Thanks.
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2023.06.01 16:58 AshRaeJasmine 24 [r4r] Orlando Florida introvert interested in talking to like minded people

What up. Queer enby lookin for like minded people to talk to who also like weird fun shit. Agnostic atheist but I like high strangeness and conspiracy theories. It's pretty entertaining. Also like weird history, horror, fantasy, and scifi. Weightlifting and hikes (less people, better hike) are my hobbies. Video games are cool too, though I'm casual as hell (and not very good) and only ever play on a computer. So yeah, maybe we can talk if we get along. If not, no hard feelings bud.
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2023.06.01 16:58 julie777 FYI: profiles for nozzles other than the stock .4mm are not tuned.

I just wanted to share some information with the community that might prevent frustration.
I thought that I would try the .6 nozzle to speed up printing some of my models that do not have detail that matters. I went through a full calibration of my PLA filament using Orca Slicer and got great results. My max flow rate was higher than the .4 nozzle. That was after I reduced it because there were a few very tiny differences in how the layers looked on the racetrack print used to test max volumetric flow. The reality was that without the magnifying glass it looked perfect all the way to the top at 25mm^3, but I set in to 22 for that filament. Slicing the model showed it would cut my print time by 25% from what it was with the .4mm nozzle which was exciting.
When I started trying to print the model I started having problems. I could not get through the bottom part of the print. I had overhang corners curling and parts being pulled or knocked loose from the plate. When I started looking closely at the process profile to see what I could change to fix my problems, I realized that, unlike the process profile for the .4 nozzle that I had been using, the profile for the .6 nozzle was completely generic. It looked like all that was changed was the line width and layer height. All of the various tuning type changes that I can see in the .4 profile, such as different line with for the first layer, elephants foot compensation and such did not have values to indicate tuning.
After some trial and error, much of it with settings that I have never changed and do not understand very well I did finally get my model to print. Sadly, the quality is not what I am used to and I am not experienced enough to start from scratch and create a good profile. I switched back to the .4 nozzle for not.
I have also been responding to a post of someone who was trying to use the .2 nozzle and seeing print times ten times what it was with a .4 nozzle using the .08 process profile. I did not take long to see that the filament profile for Bambu Lab PLA Basic changes (but has the same name) when the nozzle size is changed. For some reason that filament profile has max volumetric flow rate set to 2mm^3/sec unlike the .4 nozzle version of it that has the max set to 21. No wonder it takes so long to print.
I hope this helps someone else avoid the frustration I had. I wasted an entire day.
If anyone has the knowledge to create a good profile for the .6 nozzle, I am sure many of use will be very grateful.
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2023.06.01 16:58 FoldedTwice Situation in Kosovo (not the north)

I have a brief trip to Kosovo planned for in two weeks' time and so have been watching recent events in the country with a little anxiety.
It seems right now that the civil unrest is limited to Northern Kosovo. We are not planning to visit anywhere in this region (we will be in Pristina and possibly Prizren).
Can anyone familiar with the country and the situation clarify whether there are likely to be any issues there? The official UK travel advice is simply not to travel to Northern Kosovo and offers no advice against travel to the rest of the country, but obviously situations can change.
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2023.06.01 16:58 mahad1z Moving to Belfast to Accomodation

Hi, I was wondering if there is a lot of people of color in Belfast because I have no idea about the country at all. I have no problem or anything, people keep telling me I'm going to a no-mans land so I rather just find out myself. Sorry if I phrased this wrong or inappropriate. I plan to study software engineering at the new belfast campus
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