Did peachjars and moxi break up 2022

Did Ross and Rachel ever really break up?

2019.07.08 09:28 substance_d Did Ross and Rachel ever really break up?

*The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break* might be the name of the episode, but yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

2012.09.05 06:22 TheOnlyAshta Japan Trips & Travel Tips

Got questions? Need advice? Overwhelmed with your itinerary? Want to share your travel tips and experiences in Japan? Then this is the place for you! /JapanTravel is for any and all looking to visit Japan as a tourist — including those who have already been.

2022.11.17 01:04 quitclaim123 MoscowMurders

A true crime community to discuss the ongoing investigation into the murders of University of Idaho students Ethan Chapin, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Madison Mogen. OFFICIAL TIP LINES: 208-883-7180; [email protected]

2023.06.01 16:44 shiroyakshaa How to curb barking

Hello everyone. My 7yr old dog is medium sized, but has a painfully loud bark. When at home, she likes to sit in my bed and occasionally bark at any dogs/squirrels/raccoons/cats that walk past. It's not too bad, but it is annoying. The real issue is when she is in my car, she will bark nonstop and since she sits behind me, I often have pain in my ears and I feel that I have suffered some permanent hearing loss.
She seems to be super excited in the car, and starts barking when I enter. I have tried crating her whilst driving, using one of those car hammocks, fastening her to the bottom of the seat, giving her favorite treats, etc. Currently she just is buckeled into the seatbelt via a harness as all different methods really did nothing. At least, she quiets down on the highway.
However, I am getting quite worried about the lasting physical effect her barking in close proximity has done on my ears, and I am desperate for anyway to solve this. While I was talking to my coworker and this conversation came up, he recommended a bark collar. I do remember a previous personal dog trainer I had (only used them once) who when I asked how to stop my dog from barking, she stated that it's one of the hardest things to train out of and recommended shock/bark collars as well.
At this point, my ears have really suffered and I am willing to try anything. However, I know bark collars is aversive training and I do not want to harm my dog. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
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2023.06.01 16:44 impostersighdrome the feeling of “never having a good day”

i am 19F, i moved out for college. but before that, i never used to have good days, if i had a good day in school i would be happy but still anxious about going home, you never know the mood your mom is in, you never know what’s up with her. if she’s happy and i’m having an overall nice day, i would be SOOOOO anxious about when my dad comes, and that’s usually when the problem begins.There have been days when i was having fantastic day but then my dad would come home and he’d be pissed or angry or break things or scream and my good day would go to BADDDD, crying in the washroom harming myself. i never had a good day, so i stopped saying “i’m having a good day” cause there was always something waiting for me at home for my good day to turn into a disaster. I don’t know whether you as a reader understand this, but i wanted to call my days good SO BADLY, but i would always be so scared and never use this word. Everytime i would even remotely mention how nice my life has been lately, my parents would fuck it up, they’ll start fighting drag me in between, ffs i can’t even live my life without being so goddamn scared of what they might do next. and then i moved out for college and started having calm, normal, good days. if i was getting late to some place instead of going ballistic i would just be patient and if my room was a mess i wouldn’t pull my hair or slap my face if i made a mistake, i would simply get up and do my things. my anxiety reduced, i even started saying i’m having a good day and i loved that feeling, i loved being able to say i’m having a good day, being able to go back home after a long day and lie down in my bed not worried my parents will start screaming at each other any instance slamming doors throwing plates. it was just me having good days. except now i’m back for vacation, and i can’t say i’m having a good day.
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2023.06.01 16:43 MelonTeach Confession: Balancing My Identity as a Spicy Content Creator and a Teacher

Hey Reddit,
I need to get something off my chest that's been weighing on me for a while now. I am a teacher by day, shaping young minds and imparting knowledge, but by night, I embrace my sensual side as a spicy content creator.
Let me start by saying that I'm passionate about both my careers. Teaching allows me to make a positive impact on students' lives, nurture their potential, and foster a love for learning. On the other hand, my spicy content creator persona allows me to explore my own sensuality, express my creativity, and engage with an audience that appreciates that side of me.
For the longest time, I've kept these two aspects of my life strictly separate. I've feared the potential consequences of being discovered as a spicy content creator, especially as a teacher. The fear of judgment from colleagues, parents, or even students has made it difficult for me to fully embrace and express my authentic self.
But recently, I've been questioning this separation. Why should I have to compartmentalize my life? Can't I be an effective teacher while also exploring and sharing my sensual side online?
The truth is, being a spicy content creator doesn't change who I am as an educator. I am committed to my students' education, their well-being, and creating a safe and inclusive classroom environment. My personal life and online activities do not interfere with my professionalism or my ability to teach.
That being said, I understand that there are concerns and potential ethical considerations that arise from this situation. I always ensure that my spicy content is tasteful, consensual, and created with a responsible approach. I take great care to maintain my privacy, using different usernames and platforms to keep my identities separate.
I want to open up this discussion to hear your thoughts and experiences. Have any of you found yourselves in similar situations, balancing seemingly conflicting aspects of your lives? How did you navigate this challenge, and what lessons did you learn?
To my fellow teachers who may be struggling with similar dilemmas, remember that you are more than just your profession. It's okay to have passions and interests outside of teaching. The key is finding the right balance, maintaining professionalism, and always prioritizing the well-being and educational needs of your students.
To the broader Reddit community, I ask for your understanding and empathy. We all have different aspects to our lives, and it's important to support and respect one another's choices, as long as they do not harm others or compromise our responsibilities.
Thank you for taking the time to read my confession. I'm ready to embrace my dual identities and continue making a positive impact in both the classroom and the spicy content creator community. Let's have an open and respectful conversation about balancing different aspects of our lives and the challenges we face in navigating them.
Note: This post is meant to encourage understanding and healthy discussion about the intersection of personal identities and professional careers. It does not condone or promote inappropriate or unethical behavior in any profession, including teaching. Please keep the discussion civil and respectful.
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2023.06.01 16:43 lizzymcbeth2 Tesla Loan Approval Process

Looking for some help here as I haven’t been able to find any info on my exact situation on Reddit.
Ordered my car and traded in my current car which is a paid off 2021 Mazda 3. They gave me almost $20K for it which I used the entirety of as my down payment.
Went through Tesla loan approval, got an email in about 10 minutes saying “your application has been approved, log into your Tesla account for your loan offer and details”. I’ve been logging on since yesterday, and on my Tesla account it still says “Credit decision pending” despite already receiving that approval email. Have not received my VIN, but my contact at Tesla that I purchased with said it was fine to go ahead and apply online.
Anyone experience this scenario? How long did it ultimately end up taking and what happened?
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2023.06.01 16:43 SpeechEmbarrassed85 My ex liked my old IG pics after one month no contact?

We were together for a few months in which he ended things. We’ve unfollowed each other on social media since then and have gone no contact for a month. (Quick back story - he did reach out a week after the breakup wanting to talk things out and saying he wants to try with me again and it went nowhere). Yesterday was the first time his name popped up in which he randomly liked a few of my photos. We still don’t follow each other on social media - so I thought it was super weird. Personally, I’m taking this super lightly as I find it immature. If someone wanted to grab my attention, be mature about it and simply reach out. However, I’ve never had this experience with an ex before. Thoughts/advice?
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2023.06.01 16:43 Slimsmcgee Paint job prices GE8

Hey guys. I have a 2010 Fit Sport. It has a rusty hood and chipped up bumper (previous owner did a lot of US travel in it). My plan is to get a new bumper and hood, but I also kind of want to paint the car. I really like Sonic Gray Pearl, but since that's a specialty color I don't know where to begin. I'm assuming it would cost a lot more than a more common color? Would there only be certain paint shops able to do this? I tried looking up some of my local companies in central IN, but I don't want to give up all of my contact information just to receive a rough quote.
Any ideas and help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.01 16:43 FlippyGoose Why do I still miss him

I dated my ex almost a year ago, only for three months officially but six or seven total. We broke up August of last year because of long distance but I still Snapchat with him to stay in contact because we were really close friends although after breaking up both of us have pulled back a bit. Last night I had a dream about him and this morning it’s like I can’t get out of bed, my heart just hurts. Usually I’m pretty good with breakups, they’re really painful for a month or so but then I’m able to start healing. How can I get over him if the relationship could’ve worked out, it was just the distance between us that made things impossible? I feel like I can’t keep holding out for him forever but I’m not over him and am not ready to move on
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2023.06.01 16:42 SerifGrey How to best approach setting up a game via many multiple Canvases and UI elements ?

My game is a 2D game where the character doesn't move or is in the scene, but rather only appears during combat, but the perspective is through the characters eyes in my locations like a Text based adventure game, but with more visual elements, I have a MainCanvas which holds all my interactive UI elements, which consist of 2 panels one on the top and one on the bottom of the screen, and within those panels are my UI buttons.
I have a system that sets up my UI and instantiates these buttons to a corresponding area on my UI which I fill up with empty game objects, so for example I can send button 1 to "top left" and it'll load there on play the reason I did this is because in different locations of my game (all in one scene) buttons can change on the fly to fit unique gameplay exclusive to that area, however I had a new idea I want to implement recently in that there is other buttons of my UI that act as travel locations, so I have a main locations, which acts like a HUB to the "sub locations" each time one of those buttons on my UI is pressed I change the background of my game.
initially it was just an image with some art that I had drawn, but I felt it looked too flat so I decided to try to create fake depth, and move my backgrounds into separate canvases and cut up, the images and push those layers back, so there is a foreground, middle ground and back ground, now the results didn't add much, until I added particle effects, like smoke or dust in-between the layers which brought much my backgrounds to life more visually.
However, when I put these canvases (again, 1 canvas for "foreground", 1 canvas for foregroundFX, 1 for middleground, 1 for MiddleGroundFX and 1 for Background and 1 for backgroundFX, so a total of 6 canvases) and put them into a parent empty game object, so I could make them a prefab.
Then I set another empty game object to be the parent on which they get instantiated from, this works, but for some reason my background prefabs loads in super small and each of these canvases are set to "Screen Space - Camera" and when they became prefabs they lost their cameras connection, so I wrote a bit of script to attach the camera at the awake function.
but they still turn up small, and Im confused on how to set this up, because if I set my UI elements to Screen Space Overlay then my particle effects do not show up in the scene, so how do I go about setting my backgrounds up correctly keeping in mind I already have a main UI, and I would rather avoid putting my backgrounds into 3D world space, because later I want things like more buttons over these backgrounds so players can turn off the main UI via a toggle button and interact with like a screen saver with more UI elements on them perhaps I also want to have items appear in my UI that players can click and collect.
Does anyone know where I can learn more about this or from peoples own experience which is the best way to approach this?
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2023.06.01 16:42 politenoisemaker Is 5+ gap yrs too much

28yrs old, interested to apply for STEM(Math/Comp science-software eng)programs in the USA for fall 2024 universities enrollment. I'm from Africa, did my highschool equivalent exams 2015 - scored an average of B, got admitted to local university, transfered programs to Electrical and Telecomm Engineering, unfortunately I dropped out in my 2nd yr(2018) after my sister was diagnosed with brain tumor- a painful stage in my life! She eventually passed on the yr 2021. During this period(2021 - 2023)I learnt programming, software engineering read books on the side, did some undergraduate level math on the side- Calculus, Linear and Abstract algebra, Number theory, Real and Complex analysis etc, Searched through some math major curriculum and downloaded pdfs, books just to get the feeling. I also worked different temporary jobs in an effort to help my family financially. I also assisted the elderly in our community with farm work, particularly with tasks such as digging and planting. Additionally, I participated in local clean-up initiatives, some of which were government-sponsored job programs aimed at engaging young people in community service. Coached 2 students during the past holiday.

My goal has always been to go back to school, as at now I feel am old and the admission officecommittee won't even read my essay with 5+ gap yrs.

Your opinion, view and advice is much appreciated and welcomed. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.01 16:42 billerspinholds30 How are we feeling about $AGBA?

How’s it going everyone? I’ve been seeing a lot of buzz on AGBA on Reddit and Stocktwits the last couple weeks so I put them on my list of companies to check out. Had a little bit of extra time this morning so I decided I’d see what I could find on these guys. Got to their Yahoo page premarket to see that they were up 17% on the day already which is pretty cracked lmao. I also saw that they had released their 2023 Q1 results in the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d go over them and make a post on it to see if I could get anymore insight on how other ppl are viewing them/how they feel about them.
Revenue for Q1 2023 of USD$11.1m, up 533% on the same period in 2022
In March 2023 they recorded the highest level of new business applications in the past three years
In AGBA’s Platform Business, the Group onboarded 10 new insurance partners and released more than 170 new insurance and investment products
In April they mentioned that they’re continuing to expand their international business by acquiring Sony Life Financial Advisers Pte Ltd, a licensed financial adviser and insurance broker in Singapore
I like what I’m seeing in the PR and ofc I love to see their stock going up today but how do we really feel about them? I’m feeling bullish on them based on what I’m seeing but I could for sure use some more insight into them and some more opinions on them. I can easily see them continuing this trend they’re on with China and Hong Kong nearing an economic rebound. But yeah pls let me know what yall think about them!
Q1 2023 Results
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2023.06.01 16:42 Prize_Rub_9294 Was there an NDA? (Help me examine/build this theory)

So.. last night, when talking about Randall, Andy asked James if he signed an NDA for his time spent with him in Palm Springs.
James says “Me? No. I havent.. I didn’t.. I never signed an NDA in my life.” Weird question for Andy to ask and a weird response from James. James looks a little off being asked this.
You see Sandoval get super uncomfortable (expression-wise). There is then a break for lunch and Sando and Raquel say in the trailer that they know they aren’t liars.
Did Sandy and Raquel ever hang with Randall?
Could there have been an NDA somewhere and then the truth came out? Or maybe it hasn’t yet?
If there was an NDA, who could have been involved?
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2023.06.01 16:41 ilovemylilguy Trying to accept it

My boyfriend of a year and a half dumped me almost 2 months ago. There were problems in the relationship, but I felt completely blindsided by it. He had tried to break up with me a couple times before, but each time was really impulsive (he hadn't planned on breaking up with me) and he ended up changing his mind when I asked him what his reasons were. He's a recovering addict ( 5 years sober), this was his first serious relationship since his sobriety, and I knew he had problems with intimacy. I wanted to be patient with him even though it hurt which I now feel really stupid for. I told him that of course he could break up with me, but I asked him to consider it before hand and make sure it was a planned conversation, not just an impulse. I was committed and really wanted to work through things. He dumped me over text after a fight while I was leaving for a long trip. I was stuck in a car bawling my eyes out. It was devastating. It brought me to a 12 step program for codependency, which was a life saver. He did not explain what had been going on for him when he broke up with me. I was left deeply confused. Two weeks before he told me he was committed to the relationship. He had been away on a trip of his own, and when he returned he gave me a huge pile of presents. He told me he had been thinking really fondly of me on his trips. It has been so hard to accept.
I took the three weeks of the trip NC, and then worked for a few days on a letter which I reviewed with my friends and my therapist. It was basically a reflection on the relationship, on the problems I could see with my behavior, and an invitation to try again with a couples therapist. In retrospect, I was pretty hard on myself. I felt like I must have done something wrong to warrant being broken up with in that way. I also thought he was just overwhelmed and didn't know how to talk about his own issues within the relationship. I really thought he loved me, that he just didn't know how to have conflict or work through things. He responded quickly with an email where he told me his therapist and the people around him thought he shouldn't talk to me. He told me that he was sorry it was messy but "this is just how breakups go sometimes." He didn't provide any information on why he broke up with me. I responded impulsively asking him why he broke up with me, laying out some guesses I had. He never replied.
I took another three weeks. I wrote another email saying that I was accepting that the relationship ended but I was still really confused, that I really wanted to talk through what happened to get some closure. He replied quickly again saying that his therapist told him he shouldn't talk to me in person or on the phone, that he wasn't ready nor did he know if he would ever be ready to talk about what happened. His reply was really robotic. He told me the guesses I mentioned in my previous email were not the reasons, but didn't clarify with his actual reasons. I was completely gutted, but I took my time to respond. I have been trying really hard to handle this breakup in a sane, mature way.
In my previous letters I had been pretty diplomatic. I hoped that we would be able to actually have a discussion about what happened so I didn't go into much detail about how the breakup had hurt me. I think I didn't want to scare him off by confronting him with how his behavior effected me. I decided that since he was unwilling to talk, I would say my piece and establish that I would not reach out again. The last one I sent, I laid out what happened from my perspective. I told him how confused I was, how I really didn't suspect that relationship was going to end. I told him how I felt blindsided, how I felt that he was withdrawing and shutting me out. I told him all of the guesses I had about what might have been going on for him, but reiterated that they were only guesses because he hadn't told me what happened. I told him that I was angry, that I felt betrayed. I told him that the way he broke up with me left me feeling like a monster. I told him it is how I would draw a boundary with someone who had crossed a serious line with me. It felt like I had done something really wrong to warrant such a harsh cut off with no explanation. That his constantly referencing his therapist was inappropriate and also left me worrying, in darker moments, that they felt like I was dangerous. I also told him that I didn't think he was acting maliciously. I told him that I guessed he was acting this way because he was overwhelmed or didn't know how to handle the situation. I told him that I cared for him, that the relationship was incredibly important to me. I told him how much it hurt not to know why the relationship ended.
He replied that he felt like the breakup had been months in the making and implied that it was obvious to him. He said felt stressed out by the relationship. I was aware of that, but he never told me what was specifically was stressful about it. Not during our relationship, and not in any of his responses. He said that he didn't think I did anything wrong. That he didn't understand where my guesses were coming from. He said that I was an "amazing person". He also turned a bunch of things I said in my email around on me. He said I was bringing up "side issues", that I was "litigating" the relationship. He said he felt that what *I* had brought up was "none of his business" which is the phrase I used when I mentioned him bringing up his therapist in our conversations. He said he hadn't withdrawn or shut down because he replied to me emails even though a) I was the one who reached out post break up and b) his emails contained no actual information about what happened. He finished off by saying he would not read any more emails from me, despite the fact that I told him in my email I wouldn't contact him again. He had to leave it at "you can't fire me! I quit!"
When I first got the email, I felt completely insane. It felt like he and I were on completely different planets. I felt like, oh my god, did I just miss all of this stuff completely? Was it obvious we were going to break up? It was devastating. I am coming back to myself. I know that there is something really off. I know that his behavior and the way he handled the breakup is extremely immature. It's like how you would break up with someone in high school or college (we are in our 30s) with a little therapy jargon thrown on top. I know that healthy adults don't treat people they care about like this. That even in a breakup, people deserve answers and a sober discussion of what happened. I also know that he can't give that to me. That people leave relationships the only way they know how. It has been so hard to accept. I really really believed in him. I believed he was working on himself. I know that addicts in recovery often come up against codependency and find relationships to be really triggering. I know that his unwillingness to work on the relationship in a collaborative way (not just bottling things up til he reaches a breaking point) and his subsequent cutting and running have to do with the unresolved issues that under-girded his addiction. I know he will probably have to repeat this pattern to recognize it and want to change it. But I miss the person I love. I don't want him to be hurting and I don't want to lose him. I wish I could help him fix it. In my recovery work I have been praying for a willingness to accept what is actually happening. I know I'm moving closer to it, but I feel like I have been cut open. I'm tired of crying every day. This is the first time in my life I have really tried to be open to my grief. I know I am healing but it hurts so much.
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2023.06.01 16:41 Katzenpuff Help removing channel meeting automatic post and reply

Looking for some help
A former employee scheduled a meeting inside a channel and subsequently cancelled it, then eventually left the company
As an admin, and channel owner i was able to remove most of their previous posts and clean up our channels for future use, but this random meeting and cancellation post is not removable.
I also reassigned a license to the former user, and logged in as them to try. it did not work
i checked this forum post https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/microsoft-teams/delete-a-scheduled-but-canceled-meeting-in-a-channel-post/m-p/2569394
but there is no answers. Any idea who to contact or what to do?
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2023.06.01 16:41 Jessisaurous Why is the "best friend who's secretly in love with your partner" such a common trope in relationships??

I've seen this happen so much, and idk if it's a psychological/biological thing. Was talking about this with my husband this morning, and would like to hear y'all's input. Whether it be stories of your own, possible causes, anything. It's just something that I feel like so many of us have dealth with, and I'm wondering if there's a root cause or issue.
So, in literally every relationship I've been in, there has always been a best friend of the opposite sex that made me feel uneasy. Not out of jealousy or insecurity, but because it was clear that they had feelings for my partner. I'd always say something along the lines of "hey, it really seems like X has feelings for you, and it makes me uncomfortable when you guys say 'i love you' or go on 'friend dates' because it may mean something different to her, and I just don't want you to lead her on or make her get the wrong idea." Every time, without fail, I've been told that I have nothing to worry about, I'm being crazy, jealous, insecure, toxic, delusional, etc.
Then, one of two things will happen later down the line. We'll break up, and they end up getting together immediately afterwards. Or, the best friend will end up confessing their feelings for my partner, and I'll have the best "I told you so" moment of my life. Which is what happened with my current partner. I told him early on that his female best friend had feelings for him, got told that I was being toxic/insecure, she confessed her feelings to him months later, and he never spoke to her again.
Why is it a thing for them to completely disregard their partners' feelings and write them off as being jealous or insecure? I've never been against having friends of the opposite sex, my husband has several healthy friendships with other women and I can see that they're totally platonic. The only time its ever made me uncomfortable is when they obviously have feelings for him, but they never believe me when I point it out.
Do they see it too, and keep them around because they like the attention and feeling of being wanted?? I've considered this because, from experience, they get SO defensive when you bring it up. Are they just oblivious to it until the friend directly tells them that they have feelings for them?? I just don't get it, and would like to hear other perspectives.
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2023.06.01 16:41 lordelan I got myself a pre-modded OLED Switch for retro gaming and here's why

I got myself a pre-modded OLED Switch for retro gaming and here's why
Maybe this post helps a few users to decide whether or whether not a hacked Switch is suitable for them. Either way I was just in the mood of writing it down because I'm pretty happy currently.
OLED Switch Zelda TotK Edition with modchip
First off, here's my current handheld list:
  • Miyoo Mini and Miyoo Mini Plus (both with Onion OS)
  • New Nintendo 3DS XL with custom firmware
  • Nintendo Switch V1 (Super Mario Odyssey Edition) with custom firmware
  • Steam Deck
I'm also waiting for my Analogue Pocket (ordered in February '22) but I think I will die of old age before it arrives (I'm in my mid 30's now).
Why was I not satisfied with what I already had? The Miyoos are super pocketable and the Steam Deck literally plays anything. Well the obvious answer would be: "Because... is anyone in this sub ever satisfied? Heck, no!" but jokes aside, the Miyoos were too small for my big hands (yes, even the Plus) and the Steam Deck despite being amazing for PC games on the couch, is too chunky and playing retro games on it doesn't feel right. Gotta admit that emuDeck is amazing though.
So I was looking for "the perfect 4:3 device" for me as I'm mainly interested in the classic 2D systems. Given that the 405M was the first ever handheld with a 4" 4:3 screen I was pretty hyped. However, the fact that it runs Android and the D-Pad placement eventually made me skip it.
Yes I get it, the Switch also has the analog stick on top and I know that many of you claim that the Joycons are not comfortable/ergonomic to play with. However to my own surprise I never had any problems with long play sessions on my V1 Switch. Plus it plays pretty much all those old 2D systems I'm interested in via RetroArch just fine.
Then suddenly a few circumstances went together:
  1. The new Zelda was about to come out which would cause me to carry my Switch with me again anyway
  2. I had the opportunity to test-play on an OLED Switch at a friend of mine and fell in love with the display (have to add that I play 95% handheld and only 5% docked so the bigger 7" display really is a big advantage for me)
  3. I got in touch with a dude in a Telegram group that claimed to be a good "soldering guy". People in that group promised me that he's trustworthy and already sold pre-modded OLED units to many of them so I figured I'd take the risk of paypalling a big amount of money to a stranger and hope not to get tricked.
  4. Since I already had the V1 Switch I knew what to expect performance-wise (same goes for ergonomics) and I was fine with it
  5. Since I'm lazy I used ChatGPT to calculate how 4:3 content would be on that 7" screen and it turned out it would still have freakin' 5.7" which in a way wipes the floor with the RG405M and made me accept the fact that I have to live with black bars on the left and right since I'm playing on a 16:9 screen.
  6. I did what I consider to be the perfect D-Pad mod to one pair of my Joycons in the past, using a kit from AliExpress and already enjoyed the heck out of it playing RetroArch and Switch indie games the last couple of years and since I can just re-use them on my new OLED it almost became a no-brainer.
So here I am in an odd position. When the original Switch was announced in early 2017 I said to myself "God please let it be hackable at some point, this thing just screeeeams RetroArch!" and as we all know, that exact thing just happened and I was happy. Then a weird psychological effect for which I don't have a name happened to me after I got sucked into this whole retro handheld scene for the last two years. I've watched thousands of YouTube videos, especially from Retro Game Corps and tried not to get it out of hand but still ended up with two Minis and the Steam Deck only to come back to the Nintendo Switch now but in the form of the "superior" OLED model.
It's the most comfortable to play for me (!) since it's bigger than the Miyoo Mini Plus but super lightweight compared to the Steam Deck and for the time being I'm happy playing my retro games (and the new Zelda of course) on there. The screen is a joy every time I turn it on and I don't regret it yet having payed so much money for a device that I didn't really need since I already had the old Switch. Yes, it doesn't fit in any pocket but it's still easy to throw in a backpack.
I still love playing on my Steam Deck everyday and one of my two Miyoo Minis is always in my pocket just in case™ and act as a pocket museum of all retro games that I can hand over / show off to any friend but currently my OLED Switch is my "main device" for retro gaming and the fact that it plays Switch games natively (obviously) makes it even better lol.
Feel free to ask me any questions. Also feel free to downvote this post to hell if you disagree or think I'm super stupid. I had fun writing this down though. And now I'll give Super Luigi Land (great rom hack btw) another go on my OLED Switch. =)
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2023.06.01 16:41 as2565 Left my boyfriend of 6 years and am absolutely devastated

My boyfriend and I (27) had been dating since we were 20, and we lived together in various scenarios pretty much the entire time. Our relationship with amazing and full of so much love and understanding and our families very much became each other’s families. The big issue was that I had made sacrifices along the way and prioritized the relationship and because of it he always just got to enjoy the situation he wanted to be in with me there. This was definitely partly my fault for being too afraid of conflict, and I regret that.
We ended up living in a place I really disliked for three years, and the plan was to live there for almost two more. Almost all of our friends lived there and although friends are extremely important to me, for him it was crippling to think about moving away. I tried desperately for those years to make myself happy there and happy with our arrangement (he had a ton of plans every week that were routine and I didn’t feel like he was ever willing to break them to spend time together), but I snapped yesterday and couldn’t do it anymore. I felt like I never truly developed an strong identity and never fully nurtured my hobbies– Partly because we were together so much for formative years, partly because we were so codependent (me even more so), partly because I was always living with his friends in college, and partly because I hated living where we lived so much.
I’m beside myself with grief because I love him infinitely and even the break up was filled with love and understanding. I do see myself with him long term and wanted to marry him and have kids with him, and part of me will absolutely hold out hope that he eventually wants to move to be with me someday. I know I can’t control the future and I think we need the space to grow and mature and become the best versions of ourselves in the meantime, whether that’s for each other or other people.
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2023.06.01 16:41 SpeechEmbarrassed85 Why did my ex like my IG pictures?

We were together for a few months in which he ended things. We’ve unfollowed each other on social media since then and have gone no contact for a month. (Quick back story - he did reach out a week after the breakup wanting to talk things out and saying he wants to try with me again and it went nowhere). Yesterday was the first time his name popped up in which he randomly liked a few of my photos. We still don’t follow each other on social media - so I thought it was super weird. Personally, I’m taking this super lightly as I find it immature. If someone wanted to grab my attention, be mature about it and simply reach out. However, I’ve never had this experience with an ex before. Thoughts/advice?
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2023.06.01 16:41 No-Award5905 Potential Amnesty Eform1 User Error - chance of rejection?

Howdy, So I did my amnesty stuff last night, but I put "MM" as the unit of measure and "300" and "338" for the calibers when entering my info (300 Blk & 8.6 Blk)
Was that combo wrong & does anyone know if I'll get rejected for it? I tried to look it up but didn't find anything
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2023.06.01 16:41 Mayonaise_Malaise He needs affection to want sex, I need sex to be affectionate

My relationship (34F) with my partner (36M) is unfortunately sexless. He's realized over the course of our 3 years together that he's Demi (gotta love finding that out while in a relationship with a HL person). He needs to feel "safe" emotionally to get aroused (to him, that means no pressure for sex to actually happen and the knowledge that the person will never ever leave him ever). For him, cuddling is foreplay. Full stop. For me, it is.... not. It can be, sure. But I need STEAMY in my life too.
Here's the thing. I can be an affectionate person, but I don't get full-on lovey-dovey unless I'm having consistent sex with someone. That gets those love-juice hormones going. Sex me and I'll fawn all over with sustained affection, cuddles, pampering, etc.

He can't have sex without that consistent, purely sweet and innocent affection that carries zero expectation of sex first.
I can't be as affectionate *as he needs* without having sex first.
SO what a freakin' cycle this is. Recipe for success!!

Looking back at our first couple months that were crammed with sex, I wonder how much was just him trying to keep me and get me settled in a relationship (and he had some personal ego stuff to boost. He hadn't been with anyone for 4 years before me). I was so happy, though the sex wasn't particularly creative. Then, it dropped tf off. We stayed together because pandemic, because I try to have flings and end up in multi-year relationships, etc.....
Not looking for advice. I'm literally leaving the country in a couple months (the only way I can actually break up with someone is to flee the state or the country!!). I love him and we're such good friends, but resentment from this and other stuff has really build and we're not compatible. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else has experienced this absurd pattern.
Please lmk if this is better for another group... I'm pretty new to reddit. Always late to parties.
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2023.06.01 16:41 I_need_healing Shifting focus from non-essential tasks as a CEO to create a more productive system.

I’m the founder of a small startup (30 team members). We’ve raised $9,5M so far.
After growing nicely for like 1 and a half years, our investors started to get nervous because we are flat in growth for 6 months. Our monthly revenue is not decreasing but is not growing either.
In the last catch-up with one of our investors, he gave me the feedback that I was spending too much time on the “daily tasks” and almost no time on thinking about the big picture and long-term strategy 🤔. Probably this makes sense; if I take a look at my day, I spent most of the time solving “urgent fires”.
He recommended me to improve my personal prioritization, and he also introduced me to a coach for CEOs.
I have spent a month already working with that coach, on how to improve my productivity and allocate more time to the most impactful tasks. These are some of the tools and habits I have started to use that may also be helpful for you.

The Eisenhower Matrix
It is a 2x2 grid that categorizes tasks into four quadrants:
The thing is that I did the first exercise with the coach to classify the tasks of my previous week in this matrix. Almost 60% of my time was on B tasks! So, now I've made it a ritual. Every Monday, in the morning, I set aside some 'me' time to classify my tasks for the week, ensuring I've got a healthy balance going on.

I find myself spending heaps of time fielding questions from my team. Questions that we've already tackled in a document or hashed out in a previous meeting. I wonder if this normal at our company's stage, or maybe I'm just not the best at spreading the context around. You basically train this tool with your company documents (and meeting notes), and your team can shoot their questions straight to it via Slack. It's like having a 'chatGPT-like' search through your docs.

This is the coach I mentioned, recommended by one of our investors. Right now I’m working with them on being more productive but when you start with them, you do an exercise to select the goal you work to work on. You keep track of how you are evolving in your goal weekly. A bit expensive though, the company is paying for this for me and the managers.

I do a lot of multitasking. According to many people, this is not optimal :D But I can’t get rid of it. My problem with multitasking is that when I move from one tool to the other (email, slack…), I find new messages that makes me lose a lot of time. I think I may have some ADHD. With this tool, you can write commands and it executes it on other tools. For example “create a meeting for X”… and it creates it on calendar.

I frequently engage in multitasking, a practice often deemed suboptimal by many. However, it's a habit I find hard to break. The challenge I face with multitasking is the constant shift between different tools such as email and Slack. Each transition often presents new messages, which significantly consumes my time. I sometimes wonder if I might have some form of ADHD. With this tool, you can input commands, and it will execute them across various platforms. For instance, if you type 'create a meeting for X', it will promptly schedule it on your calendar, so you don’t swap to another tool.

From Gmail to Superhuman
You may already be aware of this tool. I was initially hesitant to transition away from Gmail. I also found the alternative to be somewhat costly. However, it has proven effective in minimizing distractions as I navigate through my emails.
I've also begun to implement a new strategy where I close my email during periods of focused work. I've scheduled specific 30-minute slots throughout the day, three times daily, dedicated solely to checking emails. Admittedly, I'm still acclimating to this new routine.

I often find myself inundated with an overwhelming amount of spam emails and newsletters, many of which I don't recall subscribing to. This tool helps you monitor your subscriptions and unsubscribe from all unwanted ones.
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2023.06.01 16:41 Beneficial-Rent-8852 I think my roommate is toxic

Well I can't tell the difference with people sometimes but my roommate is a good friend of mine of little over two years. Just pointing out a few things I'm starting to notice more as of late.
I was upset one day because I was worried that I couldnt get my dogs here in the time frame I needed to. I threw my worries at them to see if they could make me bounce back because I have taken care of my animals alone before. I just didn't feel like because of my mental state at times that I wouldn't take good care of them. The statement she made floored me and actually made me upset. They ended up looking at me and saying "We can't even take care of ourselves. What makes you think you can take on both your dogs again?" Like I have the mental of 'i did it once. I'll do it again!' I just never understand where this came from. I have taken care of her animal on my own and she gets very annoyed at her animal when it's becoming needy.
Another situation is is that I had to go to urgent care and I mentioned the fact that I paid the electric bill fully (roughly like 92$), my cell phone bill (50$), and had to pay 200$ for urgent care and my medication for it. This is the third time I mentioned I might not make the half of the rent but most of it. (Times before were because of me paying the bills fully or me buying food for the both of us). They stated to me "You can't keep doing this." Which in a way it is true but I told her what I paid and they brought up the month prior when my employer messed up my pay.
A big issue I have is another good friend of hers, which I do not get along with, is my boyfriend's ex. The ex girlfriend speaks ill of him but they dated years ago and he did mention he was toxic at times during it and understands the mistakes during the relationship. She keeps comparing things about their relationship to mine. But the worst of it was the ex ended up saying "I don't know if I should be friends with him because what if he leaves her for me? Because... After all we are similar people." Like what? He barely talked to her now because of the relationship they had and the fact she jumped the gun on something completely on her own. And honestly I felt offended that she even told me this shit.
The last thing which was another red flag for me is when I was talking about my boyfriend at the time (it's a rocky relationship because of the roommate/friend) I was mentioning family and other friends of his. She dead ass looked at me and mentioned "I didn't know he had a sister and honestly I don't care". When he mentions it but doesn't go into too much detail about stuff because it's private. She's known him for years! I have only met him about a year ago and know a lot more about his family then she does. I just personally love talking about my other friends accomplishments with other good friends. But it just seems like they don't listen and it goes out their ear.
These are only a few things but there is a lot of others which are good things on top of this. It's just the last part of 'not really caring' because of their friendship was on a thin line for awhile apparently. I'm just trying to figure out where I stand because it seems like they don't want to be friends anymore because I'm taking my boyfriend's side more then theirs. I also keep inviting this person to do things with other friends but the roommate keeps complaining they don't know anyone so they don't wanna do anything. Nor do they want to get to know the others by the sounds of it.
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2023.06.01 16:40 EnvironmentalBee4462 AITAH for thinking about breaking up with my bf (28M) because he won’t let go of his ex

So I (28f) have been with my bf (28) for almost a year and things have been going very well. We recently bumped heads a while ago because he still has things that remind him of his ex (pictures on his phone, old message threads, and her phone still being connected to his car). I saw an old message thread on one of his social media accounts which upset me and I ended up deleting and telling him about it later. I just felt that it was weird that he would look at her account every time I would sent him messages and he thought it was okay. I expressed to him my discomfort because when I break up with someone I remove them entirely from my life. I believe that’s it’s a way to assert a healthy boundary and to respect my new partner. He on the other hand thinks I’m trying to control him but everyone I’ve talked to thinks it’s weird that he willing to understand my point of view. I believe he has issues setting boundaries with people and he still may be emotionally attached to her. I’m thinking of having a conversation with him tomorrow night to get rid of those pictures and delete those messages or we’re breaking up because this whole thing is making me feel insecure and a bit disrespected in our relationship. AITAH?
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