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2023.06.01 17:06 BangBangDropDead Chess for newbies

Hey all,
Saw a couple of posts over the last 2 years but just incase the info is out of date - can anyone recommend a chess club for someone who is totally new to the game? I live in the city centre so any that are walking distance or on the tram route would be perfect. My skill level is about zero so any that have either other newbies, or higher skilled that don’t mind coaching a little would be a big bonus
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2023.06.01 17:06 meeestershane Shrooms gaining moisture

My dried mushrooms seem to have regained a little moisture in storage and dont snap quite as easily anymore but dont smell different or have any visible mold. Are they still good to eat and will the potency be affected?
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2023.06.01 17:05 Fitzfuzzington What do you think of the way Rory handles the aftermath of sleeping with married Dean?

I think the way Rory behaves in the first three episodes of season five is really interesting.
First, she sleeps with Dean again the next day. So even though she is now stressed about the situation, and she's on the outs with her mother because of it, and she has new qualms about sleeping with him when he's married, the lust/chemistry/connection between them instantly overpowers everything when he walks in the door.
Then, after overhearing Lindsay, which makes it clear to Rory that the marriage is not at all over, Rory accepts Emily's invitation to go to Europe. She doesn't see or speak to Dean before she departs and he has no idea she's going anywhere.
Basically, she runs away. She ghosts him. She literally flees to another continent to get away from Dean.
Doesn't the running away seem like part of a pattern for Rory? And often she runs to her grandparents. Like in the first season, when she had a fight with her mother and she spent the night in Hartford. Or when Mitchum tells her she hasn't got what it takes, and she drops out and runs to her grandparents.
Anyway, she doesn't contact Dean at all for six or seven weeks, and then right before she's due to return from Europe, she writes him a letter. In the letter, Rory tells Dean that she's not sorry it happened, but he's married, and she's going to remove herself from the picture so he can sort his life out.
This is what she should have told him before she left! Or she could have posted it to him her first week in Europe if she couldn't say it in person. And isn't this exactly what she did to Jess after she kissed him for the first time? She leaves town and cuts off contact with him completely. I guess it's how Rory copes when she finds herself acting on her attraction to someone against her better judgement.
Lindsay finds the letter and throws Dean out. When Rory returns from Europe, she calls on Dean at his parents' house and he is angry at himself and angry with Rory. He tells her he threw away his marriage for someone who dumped him and then bailed on him. Rory is taken aback and she says very little except for denying that she bailed on him.
This conversation between Dean and Rory is the most aggravating of all. Dean says "I was married Rory! Married." OH REALLY. Too bad you didn't remember that sooner! What happened to 'my marriage is over' and 'Lindsay can't make me happy' and all the other bullshit Dean told Rory before they slept together?
And why isn't Rory angry at Dean? He deserves it. He misled her about his marriage, making a fool of her, and he deceived Lindsay about being with Rory, making a bigger fool of Lindsay. Immediately after sleeping with Rory he returns to his wife and acts as though nothing has changed. And he has the nerve to be mad at Rory because her letter accidentally ended the marriage he told her was over in order to get her into bed? Had someone punched Dean in the face at this point it would have been very satisfying.
But back to Rory. She did bail on him obviously, and bailing is a nice way of putting it. Why does she deny it here? Was she actually angry at him back when she overheard Lindsay? Maybe bailing on him and cutting contact was her passive aggressive way of lashing out at Dean for misleading her.
Does Rory ever get angry at Dean? Im pretty sure she gets angry at both Jess and Logan at different times. But I can't think of a time she angrily confronts Dean. And Rory certainly puts up with a lot of angry outbursts from him over the years.
And after all this, they get back together at the end of the next episode.
What do you all think? Is the way she behaves in the aftermath part of a pattern we've seen before from Rory? Or is it the start of something new? In what ways do you think she handles it well, if at all?
These questions are brought to you by someone who has just recently watched season four and the first few episodes of season five for the first time since they aired!
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2023.06.01 17:05 namodik I’m stuck and don’t know how to progress more

I started learning French on and off a few months ago and can capture the grammatical structure of a sentence well (since Spanish is similar). I'm not worried about conjugations, I have those covered. My accent needs a little bit of work but decent. My vocabulary is basic but enough to describe my day in various tenses...but vocabulary is the main thing I'm worried about.
I don't know how to get more.
Currently I watch some native French content on YouTube, on TikTok (to be exposed to super casual French but I know enough to point out errors), Lupin on Netflix, and search up forums to clear up confusion with words.
The thing is my vocabulary doesn't grow fast enough and is rather slow/limited when trying to express thoughts, feelings and specific scenarios. I can journal in French but I probably sound like a baby.
Is there anyway to speed this up? What do you guys do to directly grow vocabulary? Or am I just stressing and doing fine?
It’s just don't trust my brain to pick up words 😭😂 (I only vividly remember all of a sudden understanding « malade » and « enceinte »)
My goal is to sound natural, casual and native instead of robotic, too proper and outdated.
On YT I watch cooking, gaming and travel videos. I try to watch things stuff InnerFrench and EasyFrench but that type of content is boring (ik it’s crucial)
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2023.06.01 17:05 ItsJaaaaake I miss my mom

Shes been gone for a little over 2 months. Cancer took her in 12 days. I talked to her every day. My girlfriend doesn't seem to understand the grief im going thru. She doesn't understand the depth of it. I hurt inside. I just want to talk to my mom again.
I know everyone has to go thru this type of thing in their life. And I was lucky enough to have her for 33 years. I have friends that lost their parents in their teens.
I try to remind myself of the positives. Like I was there with her when she passed. I got to say goodbye. A lot of people don't get the chance.
It just doesn't help some days.
If you still have your parents, hug them. If you're fighting over stupid shit, call them. Tell them you love them. Because there will be one day when all you can do is tell reddit how much you miss them.
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2023.06.01 17:05 jdkmundo Stable finances but looking to take it to the next level and retire early

Hi All, just wanted to get some input on strategy for retiring early.
I’m currently 28 years old and have a lofty goal of retiring by the age of 40. My current annual gross is around 260K and should be rising soon if my promo goes through. 200K of that is base salary and the remainder is RSU based. All our expenses are based on base salary alone so RSUs are typically gravy that we either reinvest or use a little to pay for a piece of furniture we’ve been wanting, etc.
At the moment, I am maxing out my company offered 401K which represents around 10% of my annual pre-tax income. Each month I also have 10% going into zero cost index funds (80% domestic and 20% international). And then an additional 10% going into a ~4% interest savings account.
Currently have around 100K in 401K, 50K in index funds, 15K in savings, and 10K sitting in crypto.
I own a house with around a $3,700 mortgage and pay $4,000 each month. We bought the house two years ago for 700K and have 638K remaining on the mortgage at 3.375%.
My wife and I maintain zero credit card debt month to month and own our two cars outright making the mortgage our only line of debt.
I’m trying to figure out the best next steps to make with additional funds. Mentally I want to delete the mortgage as soon as possible but at 3.375% it doesn’t make much sense when even savings accounts are returning over 4%. However, having an additional 4000 a month sounds enticing and gives an amazing amount of freedom.
The other option I have considered is getting into the residential or commercial rental space to create an additional revenue stream.
Curious what opinions are or other things I am not thinking of or can improve on. I read through the community faqs and think the only thing I have not explored is a back door Roth to increase tax benefits.
I just want to say that I am incredibly blessed already and am extremely happy with my current lifestyle so I’m looking for how to get to a point where I can enjoy that without needing to slave away at a desk.
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2023.06.01 17:05 grvsm Piracy Nostalgia: Farewell to Forgotten Pirates.

Yesterday, when RARBG went down, many of us who have been pirates for a long time remembered some websites from the past that were really important to them.
I'm a German speaker, and I failed English class when I was around 10 years old in the summer of 2003 or something. I loved South Park, so I downloaded the movie and the latest episodes with BitComet to practice English, but I also just wanted to always see the latest episodes. I legit don't even know the name of that website anymore. It always had the latest South Park episodes and other cartoons back then, then it went down! (Maybe someone knows?)
I knew about P2P networks from my dad years earlier. We used a lot of Kazaa to download songs to put on our iPod!
Then I got more into torrenting, never really stopped. I used Mininova, ThePirateBay, KickassTorrents, and lastly RARBG, which was online forever, and I thought the good times never end.
TLDR; My personal story is not important and not the point but I say thanks and goodbye to:
..And the ones I have forgotten about, but I used way too many!
I would love to hear about what websites you used that have been forgotten about about!
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2023.06.01 17:05 SnooLemons7289 Day One Done! 10 hours of ca and az mountains no problem!

Day One Done! 10 hours of ca and az mountains no problem!
In case anyone was curious! Had to load the trailer a little more than I’d like but against my better judgement we press on. Made it past Arizona from California on the 40. Now, to say I was speeding wouldn’t be accurate, on some grades I was in third going forty but I made them up no problem! I couldn’t imagine with a cvt though, having control of the gears helps a lot! 2 more days to go I’ll keep you updated.
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2023.06.01 17:05 ScootMaPoots Planted more flowers and annual plants this year than I usually do, loving all the color in my little garden. 😁

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2023.06.01 17:05 t-ryansaurus-rex The SE actually has a totally usable range!

I was a little worried when I got my 2023 SE back in January because the cold winter months and the need to use the defogger and heater gave me a range of 80 miles, but now that the summer is here and the average temperatures in my region are 75-80F, I’ve been easily getting 150-160 miles on a single charge! I hope everyone else out there is getting great summer ranges too!
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2023.06.01 17:05 palebluedot365 Everyone appreciates a lovely garden

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2023.06.01 17:05 RapidoVino How to know if my Garden Tiger Cocoon was unsuccessful?

Hi all, this is my first time observing & caring for a caterpillar. Withing two days of having a Wooly Bear he made a cocoon on the 12th May. From what I've read they usually emerge after 2 weeks but I've also read they can stay in the cocoon much longer. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow & I'm starting to feel a little disheartened he hasn't emerged yet 😔 What are signs of it being unsuccessful & is there anything I can do that may help if he's just taking longer than expected? Any info is appreciated as I am a complete beginner with this!
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2023.06.01 17:05 TimmyTurnersDad6 Hi, my name is *truck drives by* but everyone just calls me dad.

Note please don't call me dad.
But yes! Hello it's my first time on reddit! A little-lot about me:
  1. I first used reddit as of posting this about 2-ish weeks ago but I've shadowed Reddit for much longer. I never wanted to make an account due to shyness, confusing rules, and the dreaded censorship that seems to plague every platform. (Plz don't ban me reddit, I beg.) However due to my introvertedness taking over more and more, now seemed like a good a time as any!
  2. Yep! The name comes from a Nickelodeon cartoon, and if I have to explain from: ¹ how dare you. ² we can't be friends!
  3. I browsed over hundreds of subreddits, always thinking if I ever did join - where would I start? I had ideas of where, but not-so-much when...And given said strict rules, I always thought I had a knit and knack for sentence structure, spelling and grammar as I've been complimented on my penmanship and organization skills...yet, reddit I'm sure will truly test me on that. I've been out of an English class for many, many years now. So forgive me in advance I'll try my best!
  4. Speaking of many, many years - I'm not so young and not so old either! It's a mystery. And as per reddit guidelines to not share sensitive information - I suppose I will keep it that way. You'll just have to think of me as an enigmatic mr. magoo-like shape; formless in the hands of it's users, but an organized cut figure in staunch of his allies. Think of Inspector gadget except more mysterious. (And who trips on his own shoelaces.) So...basically Timmy's dad!
  5. I'm a gamer, hobbiest writer and photographer, and a perspective teacher (in my former years) and I plan on adding a bit of each into their respective subreddit categories in some form of time. I write amateur poetry from time to time, stemming from natural & creative to erotic prose gasp! and when I feel like it - short stories. I tend to also gravitate towards shapeable wordless songs and giving them my own spin (like ost's), as well as coming up with songs lyrics of my own. I went to a magnet school in my younger years for all of the above forms of writing as well as screenwriting and playwriting. All of this is fun to me and that's the extent of it. Nothing more. If you stumble upon any of my former pieces searching for an answer as to why I wrote some of the things I said, or why I said comes down to just whatever floats into my peripheral vision in that given moment; sometimes it's music that inspires me, and othertimes it's just what needs to be said. And hey, sometimes I'm blindsided by my blindspots. And other, other, some times I stop using the word "time" so often! Grrr!
  6. As for games, I'm a replayer of not-so-old games that are not so timeless, but not-so new anymore eiGarrett! This is mainly due to financial tightness and that older games charm I can't forget. Games such as:
(There are others, but these are some games I hold dear that come off the top of my head.)
I've found games sometimes help shape and induce flow-like states to help us ease into transitions of moment-to-moment actions defining our playable characters, some. Or in other cases, defining ourselves most when we need to caught between a rock and a hard in a gunfight...(I'm looking you Apex Legends, Uncharted, and Destiny.) But yes, in those instances - I've found that what help shape me along with some of the game's life-lessons taught to our characters, did indeed help shape me into the person I am today. (Inb4 someone says I identify as Harumo-chan the master of hoe-jitsu), lol no I'm saying the best parts about our characters can help shape us sometimes without us even knowing it. (But Harumo-chan did help shape me Timmy, why can't you see that?) More power to you then. The best parts for some and the worser parts for others i suppose. :P
6½. What i mean to the last point is, part of my strength I've found is from when I draw strength from other strong characters I've seen and what they've been through; (or put you through and thus you're going through the sh*t-show together.) Characters that have really inspired me are probably namely Sora, Riku & Roxas from Kingdom Hearts, Nathan Drake from Uncharted, Sonic, and Yusei from Yugioh 5d's. I know, very adult of me right? Mm, I am interested however where others draw their strength from? Which form of medium do they choose, why did they choose it and who do they draw strength from if not in a show or game?
I could talk about why I choose these individual characters but I believe that's best suited for another thread/post. P.s. as for tv shows though? A huge inspiration i draw from is Rick, from the walking dead. I don't watch many new shows anymore. (As for why that is, maybe that's also best suited for another post.)
  1. Speaking of shows - I don't really have time to watch anime all that much but some influential ones I've grown to be very fond of are:
There are others, and I've seen all series of Yugioh and DragonBall alike, but these in particular stood out to me. For DragonBall Super mostly due to the absolute insanity the tournament of power was and that last fight. I've seen other animes or stopped, started and stopped again as I couldn't get invested into them. That's why Golden Time really took me by surprise. Same with Yugioh 5d's and S1 of Sword Art Online. I am interested to see what other subreddits with differing views on what sorts of animes other people prefer or recommend I watch.
Same with games, music or movies.
To wrap up,
Tldr; you can call me Timmy (Timmm-aH!) For short, or even shorter than short - dad, just don't get weird with it, (unless? I'm joking, unless?...) and I'm here like anyone else to peruse reddit on useful or entertaining things!
Anything else I'll either edit this big jumbo post or add on later!
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2023.06.01 17:04 nuclearedreactor WHAT THE HECK

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2023.06.01 17:04 mangopepperjelly New to the sub, this is what has brought me here.

New poster here, I searched for this sub shortly after returning home after meeting with my friend. I've been checking out a lot of posts, and I feel like the pieces are finally clicking together.
I was having a conversation with a close friend after not seeing her in over a decade, and we were discussing our childhoods and how we are doing now. She's been in therapy working out issues with her parents and I realized we had much more in common growing up than I thought. I've been going through stages of anger recently. I couldn't figure out why. I've been less eager to spend time around my parents. I hate feeling obligated to be around them so much. There's little to talk about, they don't want to talk about anything of substance, but they want me around. They're focused on my son when they do have attention to give, not so much when it comes to how I'm doing. Unless they need a favor. So I've made myself less available. That includes my child and I think it bothers them.
My husband had an obvious traumatic childhood, like from the outside looking in. I was the one with the "good" childhood. My dad was always working and never played with us. My mom had little energy for anything "fun" because she was always getting sick or she was also too busy taking care of the house. She was in and out of hospitals until I was in high school. I had no reason to ever complain about my life, my parents always reminded me. They came from poverty. If I wanted discussion and understanding, I was shut down and told to pray about it, or lectured about how I could have had it worse. I was never allowed to complain about anything. But I carried a heavy emotional burden. I longed for love and acceptance and I thought that was strange. If I was ever alone, I'd be crying in my room with the door locked so nobody would get bothered by it. I had too much to deal with at too young of an age, what the hell was I supposed to do?
I met a guy in high school, he became the best friend I've ever had, he's been that safe space for me. He's seen me at my worst and still accepted me. I was so happy and my family couldn't understand why I pulled away. We've been together since ever since. And along the way, I found friends who I've been vulnerable with, and they have been extremely supportive.
I'm giving my son what I never had. I am invested in who he is, his growing personality, what he feels and what he wants to talk about. And I think my parents have taken notice. They're becoming better people towards my son. They seem more invested, they surprise him with gifts all the time, sometimes they overstep and want to spend so much time with him that I have to remind them that I am his mother and I too want to bond with my child. I want to enjoy being a parent. It's almost like my parents are surprised that they're not the favorites?? That he never wants to sleep over, or spend extra time with them, he misses us and wants to tag along with us on errands or wherever, as long as we are together.
It breaks my heart to see them be better for him, and I can't say shit about it. I feel like we're pretending the past never happened and I don't have the energy to rehash this with them. My dad will feel bad but say nothing, and my mom will become an emotional wreck and I'll feel bad for shaking up the family. My sister might blame me for ruining things by being overdramatic- the usual stuff I hear.
We have enough issues with other family members that I don't want to ruin this for my son, but it still hurts to sit with the memories and wanting to move on. Why couldn't they be like this for me first? My child is not their chance at a do-over. Maybe they learned from their mistakes, but nobody is talking about it and the hurt is still there. I feel like Eleanor in The Good Place when she sees her mom treated the next kid better, and feeling like she wasn't good enough to get that version herself.
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2023.06.01 17:04 Accomplished_Egg_580 Venting

It's a thought that if u miss any religious event like someone's wiladat. You are a bad person. Yesterday I decided not to go. Cause my friends are here. And they question me about why u still unemployed for months and i don't have an answer. Yesterday, i wanted to take the time to do some self-work instead of going. I just never been a happy and i can't hold my smile. Every day i go there i meet people and they ask me the same question of my unemployment. I started making lies. Yea, i got an internship. And i try to be little religious. But that's not enough. My mom everyday telling me goto mosque. So i can meet people who will think of me, still haven't got a job. He must have nothing to do. My dad saying you should come here to the wiladat and made a dua. I have been unemployed for so long and i am still lacking acceptance of dua. I haven't called my brother for months cause ik he will ask that question. The idea in my parents whoever goes to masjid and pray jamat are best. And the people who doesn't come and busy on their jobs and wanna relax are lazy. I don't wanna go their, I'll study about the person on my own.i am the last person u should invite to birthday celebration. I can't keep a smile. I am not a cheerful person. And people of my family telling me to come to town for 10 days of Muharram next month Asking me to come stating first since u are unemployed. Why u expecting that i won't get a job in this month. I have to say: i made time for workout yesterday. I made time to scroll reddit and yt. If u sum it up it's more than 2 hrs of celebration. My thinking is wrong Ik. I only look at the negatives. I let my emotions overcome me and i wasted my day today just feeling sorry for myself. Suggest me anything.
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2023.06.01 17:04 SwampFox2 Advice, sanity, or comfort. Any of the above.

Please keep in mind I'm writing this not in my right mind as I am sobbing on my keyboard.
I have been strongly CF my entire life. I just recently turned 31 and have been with my amazing partner for almost 2 years now. I started working as a pediatric dental hygienist about a year ago as well, and over the past few months I have started to become a fence-sitter.
As you can imagine I am now completely confused, distraught, and quite frankly I'm eating xanax like candy to prevent my panic attacks. My partner is also a fence-sitter as he has raised his younger siblings since he was 9. He isn't completely against the idea either.
In any case, I am sitting here sobbing because I'm so torn. On one hand I LOVE every moment I spent with my partner, and I don't want to ruin it with kids. On the other hand I see that we both could have great joy from it. My fears are this:
I know there is no right answer to this, but I am running out of time to make a choice and it kills me. I wish I had 10 more years I could spend with him and then have them later. Life is too short, and it isn't fair.
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2023.06.01 17:04 PapaChoff Breaking down a library

Breaking down a library
Hello, I’m responsible to break down my bosses library of a couple thousand books. The vast majority are political and economic books from the 40s and 50s that I assume have little value. He does have a few shelves of some books that might have some value.
What would you suggest the best way to have a collection of this size evaluated and dealt with?
He is a deceased multi multi millionaire and the wife is not interested in maximizing the value, but a reasonable price and I’m looking for minimal effort.
I’ve posted a few pics from the collection that I found interesting from my limited knowledge.
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.01 17:04 Thedemonbehindu I just slow blinked at a stray cat and it worked. I even got to pet her.

today while returning from the gym i saw a stray cat sitting on my car, as i got closer it quickly got up and then looked at me. ready to run at the first sign of danger. i rememberd reading on reddit that if u want to show affection to a cat you should slow blink at them, so i looked at the cat and did a very slow blink. it looked at me but now it was more at ease. then it just sat like a loaf and looked at me and then gave me a slow blink.
i was like "dam" then i went inside and poured some milk in a little bowl and then put it on the cars roof. he smelled it first then started drinking after he was finsihed i took the bowl. then i went inside and gave him half a slice of bread.
then while he was eating i gently put my hand on his back, there was a slight shiver but he dident even look at me and kept on eating. it felt special, like i was a disney princess or something.
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2023.06.01 17:04 Geovenox When and where to apply Testogel?

I’ve just been prescribed my testosterone after waiting 5 years for it (woooo), and they’ve given me Testogel to start off with before switching to shots later on. I’m prescribed one 20mg dose per day.
The leaflet in the box says to apply on the upper arms/shoulders, but my doctor advised it to be applied on the thighs, and I’ve heard of other people switching up the locations each day. I’ve also heard that applying it in particularly hairy areas results in less absorption, so I kinda want to avoid the outer thighs if possible.
As well as this, it says to apply the gel in the mornings after taking a shower. The thing is, I am NOT a morning person. I probably wake up at 11am at the earliest, and it’s not consistent either, some days I’ll wake up earlier and some days later, depending on what I’ve got going on on the day. I’ve heard of people taking theirs in the evenings and being fine, so I was considering maybe putting it on before I go to bed?
I’m just a little unsure about where the best place on the body is to apply the gel, and what time of day is best to apply it with my terribly inconsistent routine.
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2023.06.01 17:04 LashesFauxDays Update after being M.I.A.

Hey crew!
So sorry for being away this past week or so. I went back to work and life got hectic and then I got sick so here we are lol.
I went back to Affordable today to get my immediates remade since they never suctioned after extractions. Turns out they are making me permanent premium set. I go back in a week for my first wax try in.
This makes me a little nervous because I know my gums will continue to change and I shouldn't be getting my perms yet but the simple fact that I can design these to how I like them is kinda making it worth it. I cannot even begin to describe how horrible my immediates looked. A part of me didn't wanna risk what they design again. I want a beautiful smile and functioning mouth and I didn't go through all this for anything less. Having said that, I do still have a few grand saved so in about 8 months time if I need a new permanent set because of all they changes then I'll pay again.
So all in all, I'm happy because I know they'll be what I want but I'm also upset I'm still without teeth. Tomorrow makes 21 days post op. So here's to hoping everything goes well and I can have my beautiful new smile on my birthday on the 12th.
How is everyone?!
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2023.06.01 17:04 IsiahE4112 My Star Wars Story

I made a character and this sotry for star wars (i made this story for my English finals, i had a month to make it and got an A on it), the characters name is Saya Eban and is a character I have been thinking of for over a decade now (im not in my 2nd decade so since i was super young). Saya at this time is 13-14 years old and was given inspiration by almost all the other jedi and also star killer. He is human and with reliance on the force he can live up to 1000 years with hi peak being between 35, 40 ish to around 800 years of age. In terms of prime power level and potential, in my canon he is 3rd most powerful character just underneath luke and anikan Skywalkers, but could contend with them at some points. Little background: he was a prodigy in school before he became a padawan, he always had an intrest in a character named Ahsoka Tano but never became more than friends because of the Jedi teachings. He was a fast learning youngling and became a padawan earlier than most other younglings, becaming a padawan at the age of 11 - 12. He was in the first battle of Genesis but his troop transport ship was blasted out of the air, landing behind enemy lines leaving him the sole surviver, and scarring him, making him want to never see uneeded bloodshed ever again. He met Count Dooku before he had met Obi-Wan and Anikan on geonosis, he locked blades with him once... once, before he was thrown aside like a house fly, not worth his time, he was out until the retreat of the battle was initiated. This gave him night terrors and nightmares, after this day he could never sleep more than an hour, if that, before he woke up feeling the dark side creeping in. So he had learned to use sleep meditation. Sleep meditation allowed him to accelerate his trainings and connect greater to the force, he had unlocked 1/3 of his life now, the force helping his cells heal his body while he sat and meditated.
This story is of how he lived through one of the bloodiest battles and worst losses of the Republic, the battle of Sarrish, and of how he had obtained his later main star ship, a Kom'rk Mark 1 class star fightetransport, aka the Puro (i made this story before I have watched the 3rd season of the Mandalorian, as of right now i still haven't so Idk if thats in season 3 or not).
There is about 11,340 words in the story, and I don't 100% know of what I should make him look like so have your imaginations run wild.
Ok here we go:
Tales of Saya Eban's Puro
Chapter 1
 The battle of Sarrish was one of the worst battles of the Clone Wars, it was a great devastating loss to the Republic and the Jedi, and I was in the middle of it all. Before the battle I was doing some touch-ups on my A-wing Fighter. I had managed to get my hands on a hyperdrive that would fit in my small fighter, although being able to enter hyperspace without an external hyperdrive wing is very convenient, fast, and easy, it does slow my fighter and hinder some mobility, but not an uncontrollable amount of loss. Little did I know it'd save my life later that week. After I had finished my work, gotten it restocked for my next battle, I was called to the Jedi command center for a briefing by Master Yoda, saying it was an urgent mission and I was needed now, with his backwards way of speaking annoying me slightly. In a flash, I had gathered my battle ready loadout and headed off to the command center. When I entered the command center with the center planning table showing starships from both Confederate and Republic sides, One chasing another. I look and see Masters Yoda and Windu and a holoprojected Obi-Wan Kenobi surrounding the Table, with deeply serious thoughts in their eyes, fingers on their concentrating chins. When I swiftly strolled in, I was greeted with Master Windu's cheerful, but serious voice: "Ah, Padawan Eban, good you're here, come quick, we must act with persistence if we want to gain an upper hand in this war." "Master Windu, good to see you, you too Master Yoda, Master Kenobi, what's the situation?" Master Obi-Wan states, "We are currently chasing Separatist forces to the planet Sarrish and we will need some back up, could you bring your part of the 104th battalion right away, we have heavy casualties and they're going to have reinforcements when they reach the planet." "Is there not anyone closer than me, it may take a few days for me to get there, yall mabe finished by the time I get there!" I said with hope in my eyes. "I'm afraid that you're the only one that is available with the most minimal time of arrival, you'll have to be quick though, it will be anytime now they will reach the planet and have reinforcements. we need this win, it will be a great victory for the Republic if we are able to capture the planet." Stated Obi-Wan with certainty. "All other generals are on missions right as we speak, you are the only one that can provide back up at this current time." Master Windu added "Closer to Knight after this mission you will be, great padawan you are, your great swift improvements, Master Plo is pleased with, believe in you I do." Master Yoda said with a jolly old-man voice. "Now go, there's not much time to waste, gather your men and go help Obi-Wan!" Rushedly said by Master Windu. "With determination in my voice, I yell "Yes Masters, right away!" And like a flash, I was gone. As I'm running off, I catch a glimpse of a green swoosh and the sound of a bolt deflection. I stumble to a stop and put my legs in reverse to give curiosity the wheel. When I peer in, I see Master Skywalker and Ahsoka, along with roughly 8 clone troopers all in a circle around Ahsoka and her one blade ignited. Master Skywalker had her eyes welded to her as he walked around the trooper. I could see Captain Rex standing and watching as well, although he seems to be the only one who spotted me poking in my head. He motioned his finger to his lips as to tell me to shush and not interfere, so I watched with anticipation. And after a lifetime stillness ending in a second after Master Skywalker yelled "START!" And stun doughnuts fire from the blasters of the troopers, sending a volley of blue twords Ahsoka from all directions. With great flexibility I pair with, she jumps into the air, spinning like skates on a skate rink in mid air deflecting all incoming plasmic projectiles landing with swift grace ready for more, And more came, she stands in the center blade moving almost faster than what my eyes could keep up with, until that one bolt punches her right in the back, knocking her to the ground, diminishing the blade back into the hilt. I spring into the room, speaking with worry in my voice when I squeak out "Ahsoka! Master Skywalker, what was that!?" 
"She was just training deflecting blaster fire, she's going to be outmatched a lot in this war, and clones are better than droids to practice with." Anakin said with pride that she was able to last little over a minute, thats improvement.
"Well I guess you're not completely wrong, but your going to give her a brain injury at this rate! Could you not go a bit easier on her?"
"She'll never learn if I go easy on her." Master Skywalker said with little arrogance in his voice.
"W- well, here, l-let me wake her then." I stuttered as I walked up to Rex holding Ahsoka like he's a pillow.
"Rex, do you mind if I-"
"Not at all General, here." Rex said as I sat next to him holding Ahsoka's top half of her body.
 As he caringly sets Ahsoka's rhythmically beating top half in my lap, head facing the heavens, I softly lay my hand over her forehead, close my eyes, and concentrate. A few suspenseful seconds later, I take my hand off and observe Ahsoka's hand softly glide to her now curling forehead, eyes fluttering open. 
With a smile I voiced"Wakey Wakey warrior princess, have a good nap?" Smirking the whole time.
"Well aren't you a sight for sore eyes Nicksters." She groaned with fading pain.
"What are you doing here?" She leisurely grumbled as she started to lie propped up by her desirable, fluorescent orange arms made of flexible muscle.
"I was walking by, and saw a 'damsel in distress', I HAD to come and 'save the day'." I joked, smirking the whole time, annoying her little bit more.
"You know I have been dying to use my force heal on you since I had learned it. I bet you don't even feel bad at all right now hm?" I said leaning in
Ahsoka starts to stand as to get a feel for her own body.
"You're right, I feel better than I did before, not bad for someone named Nicks." Ahsoka said smirking right back at me.
"Oh come on, that was one time, that was even before we became patiwans!" I said with little dramatics in my vocal verberations.
"Ok Master, I'm ready to try again." Ahsoka said to Master Skywalker
"Not now Ahsoka, we have a mission from the Jedi council we have to attend to while Obi-Wan is on his own mission." Anikan said to Ahsoka, elongating his 'not' like he usually does
"I'm actually about to go give help to Obi-Wan right now… WHICH I NEED TO GET PREPARED FOR NOW!! Karabast, got to go! See yah Ahsoka, Master, Rex." And like a ship entering hyperspace, I was gone.
Chapter 2
 After 2 boring days traveling in hyperspace, me and my 5 Veneter class Cruisers are nearing our destination, this would make 12 Cruisers for the Republic side. A new commander CT'-4112 or Zerek, debriefs on the battle situation. As I had sensed, Obi-Wan was outmatched seeing as backup was on planet Sarrish for the fleeing Separatist ships, now it's 11 Munificent class Cruisers and 2 command stations blockading the planet. Kenobi was starting to be pushed back, relying on our Cruisers longer ranged cannons to hope the Sepies didn't get too close. Our Cruisers have longer ranged main canons and toms of fighter room, while the Sepies Cruisers have more fire power at closer ranges with more fighters than our Vendor class Cruisers, at closer ranges, the Sepies would completely destroy a Venetor class Cruiser, but we have strategies and will power. 
"Glad to see a friendly face Saya." Kenobi said exhaustingly.
"Well, it looked like you needed help. You know I need to be the one to save everyone. I'll move into position to fortify our defenses to push the Sepies back and for us to make a plan. What is your fleet's condition?"
"We have 2 Venetors heavily damaged and the rest either have mild to no damage. And we have lost half our fighters as of now." Urgently said by Kenobi.
"Ok, I'm sending men and supplies to you right now, let me take the front so I can take the damage if they send another attack." I calmly said to Kenobi.
"Men battle positions and set all power to front cannons and shields. Venators get into pincer position and get ready for an attack. Fighters get ready to launch." I commanded to all my Cruisers
"Master, if you could, could you add in your undamaged Venetors? " I wandered and directed with much mastery, I even made Obi-Wan himself visually impressed considering my inexperienced mind in life, and especially war. I even managed to make him smile.
"Getting in position now." Obi-Wan stated, still smiling.
"Understood, While you get everything fixed, I'll see if I can weaken their defenses, it seems as if they're in attack positions so we gotta be ready for anything." I said in deep thought.
"Ok, 10 to 13, I like those odds, makes it even, more so for the Sepies." I grinned.
"Now Saya, remember this is still a battle, don't be too cocky, you're starting to remind me of Anakin." Obi-Wan said with conviction.
"Yes Master, sorry about that." I answered to Obi-Wan, pulling back a little.
 Just then, many starfighters come from the enemy Cruisers, hundreds of them lightning fast, closing distance fast. 
"All right men, time for some fun. Obi-Wan, if you want to take command of my control center, I'll lead this fight." I said before Obi-Wan could respond.
"Ok- but Saya! Blast, maybe he's too much like Anikan." Obi-Wan said defeatedly.
As I get into the hangar I yell "Alright Wolfpack, let's get goin!" Then I hop into my modified Jedi A-wing.
We rush out from the center roof door along the Cruiser with my squadron aka The Wolfpack, with me leading my 23 fighters into battle and many more friendly's following from the hangars.
"Ok Wolfpack, let's make a break for them Cruisers, get as many of them gone as possible. 411 you ready?" I asked R2-411. R2-411 bleeps with readiness.
"Ok, time to blow them out of the sky, remember, stay in formation" I commanded.
"Yes sir!" The Clones bellowed.
 Then we hit the swarm with a mighty thundering sound of lasers flying through the emptiness of space seeing one after one of enemy fighter droids dropping all over the place. Me and my Wolfpack fly through all the 2 winged Vulture droids that look like each wing was sideways and has 2 prongs each side for wings. They were way more quick and maneuverable than us, but we had a duty to win, and we won't lose today. It's like a firework show, but you're dodging all the fireworks, and they're aiming right at you. While we are defending the Venator Cruisers, they're mostly firing at the Sepies Cruisers, slowly dwindling their energy shields down. 
"Boys, I have a plan, but I'll need yall to get back to the Cruisers." I urged
"Obi-Wan, how's the 2 heavily damaged Cruisers? We've been out for a long while. They should be good by now right?" I questioned Master Kenobi.
"They're about to come back into the fight, but one of our Cruisers is at a quarter shield, few good hits or bombing runs and it's gone, what's your plan Saya?" Obi-Wan said, perplexed.
"Just give me an opening to the left Separatist control center, that's all I need to get on that ship." I stated with confidence.
"I'll try my best, but don't be stupid Saya, we can't afford to lose you."
"Yeah yeah I know, just get me an opening please Master!" I begged.
 After the words fleeted from my mouth, all the Cruisers fired a hole through the droid fleet with friendly fighters also making way for me to get through. I blast the afterburners straight through the enemy swarm that's been lesson by the commotion, just barely being hidden by smoke from a just destroyed fighter straight into the leftmost control ship hanger landing with an explosive entry. And immediately I jump out, igniting both, my straight emerald green saber in my left, and my yellow saber with a curved hilt similar to the Count's hilt himself in my right. I'll face him again one day, it's inevitable, like me. I land and immediately cut a group of B1 battle droids heads off with my yellow saber facing out, giving me more reach, but as I start to take fire from the army that quickly form from my landing, I swiftly doge left to right almost able to doge the sight of a human eye. Left, pop goes the heads of 3, right, pop goes 5, jump through the air on an almost straight path through the thick of the army, spinning with a light show if one were to be an onlooker at this chaotic organization of flying red plasmic bolts going to a mix of yellow and green, then proceeding to fly straight back at the shooter with twice the velocity. I land on my feet with a thunderous "BOOM" with what seems like an explosion that incinerates half of the whole hanger with an electric yellow glow seeming like yellow lighting exploded from the epicenter of the explosion. When the smoke cleared, it seemed that everything within a 5 meter radius was completely incinerated, and everything within 40 meter radius was heavily damaged, and any technology within eye shot was either scrape or short-circuiting, but all B1 battle droids and super battle droids were out. 
I sighed with relief with little heavy breathing when I looked around me, but with no time to rest, 6 Vulture droid fighters came through the hanger's magnetic shield door, transforming to walk on its pronged wings like they were legs. They scanned me and started raining a flurry of red down onto me, but with my lightning fast reflexes, I raised my sabers to block the incoming hellfire from all six fighter's. Then came the flurry being deflected in any direction possible, and I could just barely see the 6 droids started to surround me by going behind my back, but I ain't done yet. As I'm blocking, jumping, spinning, twisting on a micrometer, I stomp with a mighty force, launching through the air, slowly spinning straight for a Vulture that has became the prey. Bolts whizzing by me, inches, centimeters near my skin, singeing my arm hairs to their roots. I land on top of the droid with a thunderous boom crunching where my foot had landed, driving my sabers straight through the brain of the story high droid, with a counterclockwise rotation around my back, dragging my sabers across the metal of the droid, I leap off the droid landing with the feathers and fly forward with a flashing dash slicing through 2 other droids legs, leaving gravity do its magical job. 3 down, 3 to go, but with little time left. I launch forward running on hairs dipping and dodging blots, I leap up slicing through one leg of a droid and pushing off of its gravity taken hull, coming down on another droid's leg, cutting with ease. I land like a leaf in the autumn skies, and launch with a swift leap, flying my yellow saber straight down the middle of the 6th and final droid with no time to spare.
 I land with caution, ready to fend off another foe, but none came at that second, so I took the opportunity and ran with it straight to where the main reactors should lie. I swiftly sprint with force leaps through the air to get to the reactor, the ship is 270th of a circle with a ball where the command center is, the middle is the only connected between the back of the ball and the inner back of the circle, that's where the reactor is, im at the left most side, may take me a minute to reach it, but I can get there without being seen. My plan was to quickly fix and rewrite a Vulture droid's code to go with my command, not going to be the best work but it will work, hopefully. I had to act fast because I knew there were going to be hundreds more droids to come to see the commotion, I'd say within the minute. The codes used on the droids are not the best, because of mass production, so It was an easy fix, I just needed it to fly a small bit. It comes back to life with a putt to its movement, I directed it to start flying while I'm on its back, putting the whole time with smoke, just what I needed. I start to move forward as fast as possible. As we get around the hundreds of battle droids below, I'm starting to speed up, and as I see the reactor room, I could hear B1's yell " HEY! STOP! YOUR GOING TO FAST" in their robotic voice. Before I hit the Shield covering the reactor room, I jump off to the left where the blast door is for the room. With the distraction of the droid smashing into the shield, I use this time to slowly cut through the blast doors with both sabers starting at the bottom of the door, going up and around to form a circle I can fit through. I was through within a Minute, unnoticed, or so I was led to believe. When I get into the reactor room, I throw explosives all over the reactors, with a detonation in T minus 1 minute. I fly out of the room, calling for 411 to bring my ship as fast as possible, 55. Running across the hanger, I'm spotted by the hundreds of battle droids, which immediately start firing right as they see me 50. The explosion of the fighter droid caused a chain to nearby explosive barrels, exploding more Vulture droids causing tons of smoke and fires to spread around the hangar area, 45. As I'm running, my yellow saber is blocking multiple bolts flying at me while I'm jumping, spinning, performing acrobatic movements while being shot by hundreds of droids, from B1's, to super's, to droideka's, all firing at me, adding to the smoke, 35. Running with young blood in my veins, I perform 1, 2, 3 long jumps and leap onto the side of a slanted destroyed Vulture droid, 30. I jump up, reaching for the cloudy sky just as 411 swoops in predictively shoving my hand into the side of the sharp A-wing hull, 25. I grab the side of the hull and pull myself up into the cockpit, grabbing the controls, 20. I spin to the exit with roughly 67° of the hanger I need to shoot out of, I fire the afterburners using the circumference of the circle and my fighters movment to my advantage, 15. Pushing forward, I am drifting an A-wing around the hangar of a Separatist capital ship skimming the walls centimeters away from an explosive fiery death, 10. I barely screamed out of the hanger, to be able to see a view of the capital ship flying stright for the other Sepie capital ship, 5. Im still firing the afterburners to try and attempt to get a safe distance away from the soon to be collision sight, 4. I let 411 take the control's, 3. I turn my head to look back, 2. I see the collision of the 2 270° hangers, 1. I watch as i get the view of a star being formed right infront of my eyes, and seeing many Sepie Cruisers being absolutely engulfed by the flames, and a blast wave decimating the Vulture droids… blast wave…. BLAST WAVE! Just then I'm thrown far, along with the debri. I manged to gain control of the craft and start performing advanced monuvers to avoid being hit by debrie that will demolishe me and my tiny fighter. 
"Saya, can you hear me? Saya?" Master Obi-Wan Kenobi pleaded.
"Yeah, yeah master, I'm good, I'm fine. Woo…!" I said with a sigh of relief.
Chapter 3
 The explosion had decimated the Separatist forces leaving 4 Cruisers sustaining heavy or mild damages, but with an opening, Obi-Wan and I travel to the ground along with Captain Cody to go for a large ground assault. Master Obi-Wan's plan was to drop in and gather our troops and split them between Obi-Wan and commander Cody. We were west, they were east. The Separatists had the high ground seeing as they had a cliff to their advantage. Flying in on gunships, we were taking heavy fire from their anti aircraft cannons. Commander Cody and I are debriefing the squad on the way to the rally point, seeing gunships after gunship falling to the rocky ground in a fiery explosive ball of red hot metal, and screams, with no plants in sight, just rocks, gunships, and red streaks flying by. Explosions booming right next to us with our doors right open. We have been ordered and ordering troops to stay far away from the mountain top gun fortifying the mountain top of the cliff, leaving that gun for the gunships and the best of the clone troopers, or ARC (Advanced Recon Commandos) troopers to deal with that later, seeing as a ground assault is too dangerous for us. As some of the clones have said, it's not an easy mission, but hops are high. 
"30 seconds until landing." A clone trooper yelled to me and Cody.
Cody starts with "All right, listen up! Maintain squad formations, 'A' squad, You're on me-" ZZZZZEEEROW- BOOOM!
"Where hit!" I yell "Everyone! Hold on!"
Before we hit the ground I leap out of the gunship with a backwards somersault, force pulling all the troops out of the burning fireball heading for the ground, grabbing all of the men, including the 2 pilots at the front, breaking through the windows. I land like rain from the sky, catching the troops I just pulled out with my powers and have them roughly land on the fluffy rocks next to our now downed gunship, no casualties yet. I rush over to take cover under our gunship on its left side behind enemy lines. I sit and meditate as they come up with a plan.
"What's the status lieutenant?" Cody asked
"5 injured thanks to General Saya, but that's not that bad news… Does that Rock look familiar?" The lieutenant asked.
"Yea, the mountain, right where we're not supposed to be." Said Cody
"General Kenobi ordered us not to try taking this section from the ground." The lieutenant regenerated back again with what was already established.
"That's what he said…but what would the general do if he were here?" Cody rhetorically asked.
"Saya sir, what do you think?" A trooper asked me somewhat desperately.
"I think Cody should take this one, I've got your back Cody." I answered with my legs crossed, eyes closed, slightly levitating over the rocks.
"Eight-Eight-Six-Seven through Eight-Eight-Six-Nine and Saya, fix your grapples and come with me. Everybody, prepare for covering fire." Cody ordered.
I get up, eyes still shut, ready to block anything coming our way.
"NOW!" Cody yells, sprinting across what is our no-man's-land
I open my eyes, ignite my Sabers, Green in left, yellow in right, and dash towards the now incoming blaster fire. I sense it, left side, block, right side, deflect, one for Cody, deflected. We get to some stalagmites at the bottom of the mountain, sustaining heavy fire, I pose as a distraction for all the fire, deflecting as many blots as I can back at the metal men. One troop trips and falls, pow, bolt straight through the head. Cody and the men shoot the grappling hooks up towards the top of the mountain and start climbing. I jump from my spot reigniting my sabers, driving them through the mountain side, helping me grab hold with my feet. And when I look up, I see a grapple fall behind me. I tried to grab the rope but I was too late. When I managed to obtain it, he had already hit the ground. Another tragedy, one that never had to happen, life being wasted away. I look up, a droid stairs emotionlessly down into my emotion filled eyes. A blue bolt shoots past me, impacting the droid's head, sending the body backwards.
Cody and the other clone rises from the cliff side as I leap up from the side, landing in front of the clones and immediately start deflecting with my 2 sabers having nothing pass. Cody takes this opportunity to run around my defense and attacks the droids head on, bashing one droid with the butt of his rifle and swinging his rifle at another, destroying both of them. The droid manning the anti aircraft gun turns and aims at Cody. Instinctively I jump in front of the cannon as it fires, I deflect the large bolt away with my right yellow saber, knocking my body to the right, making me stumble. But with the motion throwing me to the right, I use the momentum to throw my green saber with my left hand, impaling the droid in the metal chest. Cody then hops onto the turret, points the gun at the droids firing at our men, and lets loose, destroying all in its reticle.
"Thanks General, I owe you one, ill getcha next time." Cody said slowly getting off the turret.
"You're alright my friend, just pay it forward, let's go see how Obi-Wan did." I slightly worried, staring off to the north.
 We group up at the randevu, where we have set base camp on the planet in a small raven a bit away from where we captured the cliff with some makeshift scouting towers dotted around our position. Obi-Wan had more resistance than what he had anticipated, he was a little banged up, but he was fine in the end. This was a huge victory seeing as we have been able to set base on a planet that allows us to get resources through this hyperspace route and onto parts of the army past this point. Before, General Grievous snipped our route to where we couldn't get resources to our army on the other side from Coruscant. 
Chapter 4
 12 hours later, we have rested and have managed to build up a good base incase of a surprise attack. We are still fighting a few fronts of Separatist holdouts with a fortress a few klicks west, or about 4 miles west. 
I sit in my tent meditating, reflecting back on the weeks events, and what Ahsoka was doing back at the temple, training hard. I recite what I did with an almost overwhelming amount of blaster fire attempting to fly into me, how I was just mostly averting the blots away from me and not in a direction that would benefit me most.
 The ground started to shake out of nowhere, breaking my peace. I rush out of my tent, only to be met with a face full of B2 battle droid. I jump back over my tent flipping onto my feet as I see my tent being lit into flames from heavy bolt fire flying at me. Igniting both my sabers, I deflect the incoming fire away from me up into the sky as much as I physically could. I took a glance around, it was becoming more sunlit as we fought. It was a slaughter, clones dying left and right, Kenobi was on the Command ship getting patched, so it was just me, and the clones down here, being manicured. With a swift right step, I change lightsaber form, combining my form 3, (defensive form blocking anything coming way, and either making, or waiting for an opening to strike) with a combination of form 2 (saber to saber form, putting least amount or saber movement and preferring precise efficient movements) and form 4 (saber from using the force to enhance physical abilities, and heavily utilizing fast acrobatic movements to move around and disorient the opponents, using wide sweeping saber movements to block and hit targets) I use the power if the many bolts to propel my body onto my right leg, crouching down and taking a huge lead in to the air. Looking around like it is moving in stop motion, I see thousands of droids around, completely outnumbering my men. Glancing down where I had jumped from, there seems to be a super battle droid rising from the ground, looking as if it has been there for at least a few days. Time seems to start like normal again, immediately I have to block bolts coming for my body, twisting, turning, deflecting every. single. bolt. right to another droid. I can't have any more unneeded deaths in my hands. I land with an impactful explosion of yellow lighting, rendering half of the electronics on the field obsolete. Shots fire over the wall, exploding near me. 
"Everyone, Retreat!" I yelled into the comms.
I ran towards the lieutenant that I had survived the crash with, he was running for a troop transport.
"Get to the ships, return to the Venators! Get Kenobi and relay what has happened!" Urgency blowing through my voice.
 I push him into the ship as it takes off. As it's doing so, I force push it away from the field as to be in less danger of being shot down. But rockets fly through the air, I reach through the force and grab onto the hurdling death traps, I grab 1, 2, crash them into one another, 3, grab, 4, grab, 5, miss. ERRROW… BOOOM! With a hopeless explosion, the ship bursts into an explosive ball of fire, right in front of my eyes, out of my grasp. Shots fly past my head from behind me, I ignite my sunlit yellow saber to block incoming bolts. No men, only metal remains, and it wants me dead. I dash for my ship on the other side of the airstrip, luckily barely touched from this horrible surprise party that invited everyone I very much dislike. Hopping into my A-wing, I lift-off dogging left, right, up, down, roll left, roll right, barely being passed by on all sides by cannon fire. When I reach the point past the clouds, there's a whole war above. Separatist forces have surprised Kenobi with an overwhelming number of ships, putting our war torn 12 Venators against 16 Munificent class Cruisers. We were greatly out matched. But the time I was in space we had lost 3 Vectors compared to there 1 lost. Droids noticed me coming from the planet and started to verge onto my position. 
"Obi-Wan! You there? Can you hear me?" I yelled, pulling evasive maneuvers.
"Saya, is that you?" Kenobi asked.
"Yes, we got surprised on the ground, seems the same happened here." I rushingly said.
"Yes, they came out of nowh-" Kenobi is cut off by a blaring siren from my cockpit.
"Wait, my ship is damaged, it's starting up my hyperdrive, 411 can you fix it?" I said dipping left and right while trying to stop the hyperdrive activation.
With a few bleeps of fear, I understand what's happening.
"When I was thrown from the capital ship explosive wave, I must have been hit near the hyperdrive, and explosions from my escape, along with the maneuvers I have been pulling, it may have caused damage that is registering a hyperdrive activation. Master Obi-Wan, I don't know, I-I don't know what to do!" I claimed with fear in my eyes.
"Can you deactivate the hyperdrive at all 411?" Kenobi asked
411 bleeps with a sad toon.
"Blast, Saya, does it say where you're going?"
"N- No, my council just says ERROR." I stated, now with much fear in my voice.
 I managed to steer my craft into the position of the hyperspace lane. 
"Tell Ahsoka good bye if I don't-" I get cut off when the the hyperdrive powered up woth a vvvvvvvvvvvVVVVERRRRRRR PEEOW, and just like that, me, my A-wing, and R2-411, are gone.
Chapter 5
 It's been days since the battle, mabe 2 or 3 days. Luckily I always keep many ration bars in my fighter to last me a good few days, along with my extra water and my ability to go into a deep meditative state, conserving food and water. Keeping me company is my meditation and 411. We have almost hit some unknown objects, could have been planets, asteroids, other ships, but we seem to be staying in hyperspace lanes luckily, or I would have been dead a long time ago. My class 2 hyperdrive could have taken me all over the galaxy by now, I could be heading towards Coruscant right now for all I know. 
My hyperdrive warning kicked on, showing that there is a massive gravity force in my path. The console flashed with big red dangerous letters "Exiting Hyperdrive" on the screen.
"YES! FINALLY!" I yelled with excitement.
 I watch through the glass to see a barren looking planet, and a similar looking moon, a moon I was heading to. I was moving fast, as I entered the moon's atmosphere, Im grabbing the controls, barely anything. My craft is red hot from the rate at which I'm coming in on. I'm grabbing the stick, pulling back as much as I can, as to try and save myself and 411 from a fiery death. I scraped by a big rocky mountain dealing more damage to my A-wing. 
"HOLD ON 411!"
"Come ooooon. Pull pull pullllll…. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!-" VERRROW BOOOOSH!!! The crash landing sounded like a bomb flying through the air, then landing on its target. I try to get from my seat just to find my strap and window will not open. Using my saber I cut off my seat strap and broke the window from the hinges and leaped out, taking 411 from the craft, swiftly landing on a tall mountainous rock. The craft seemed to have pushed through the land 50 meters from the initial impact spot. The area I was in seemed to be very rocky terrain with many rocky canyons and huge rocks that are almost mountainous. The sun was close to setting down for the night but was still a good hour away from sleeping.
 With the force by my side, I felt a very uneasy sensation telling me to stay out of sight. I duck down on the tall skinny rock taking 411 down with me. 411 confusingly bleeps when I do so. "Hey, I have a feeling right now, just keep quiet real quick, there's somebody coming. Trust me." Me and 411 peer over the edge looming over my crashed ship just as a group of 6 men in full armor covering their whole body fly in with jetpacks strapped to their backs, blasters in hand. As they land, they search around my wreckage, presumably looking for survivors. One seems to be ordering the others around, pointing at one to look in one direction, another a different direction, and scanning around for the unexpected visitor. I look down at my Wrist link, my distress signal wasn't sent, I guess that was damaged from entering the planet at such high speed with no deflector shields surrounding the ship like a protective blanket. 
"Blast, 411, what's your S.O.S signal situation, did it go through?" 411 beeps with a little drama like I should know it didn't go through.
"Well sorry for busting your rusty bolts you rowdy rancor, better to try than to just give up mister sassy pants. Maybe I should wipe your memory for a change, see how you like it."
"Now shush, don't want them to find us spying on them, won't look too good." I demand. "Now here, in case we get caught, I don't want them to know I'm a Jedi, so here, take my sabers, I'm not gonna need them anyways." I said shoving my lightsabers into 411's storage compartment and looking towards the crash again.
 Just then the suit of armor that had been commanding his squad bursts up into my view right on my face out of hyperspace blue. 
"Ah, found ya trespassers, you 2 are coming with me." Demanded the Mandalorian with a snickering sound in his voice as the others rise from the portal of the abyss from down below.
 It was a good thing my ropes where in the tent back on Sarrish, or this may have been an even worse situation, Mangalorians like them hate Jedi with a passion, and it's a good thing I always have a broken blaster in 411 for any cases where I need to blend in with a crowd or pose as a normal civilian; although, the ability to become a civilian at any point is great, I've had little need to do so much. I'm quite popular with the people for being one who tries to connect with the population as a fellow citizen. So I rarely stay in the temple for too long. I love being with the people and learning skills without the force, like being a mechanic, electrician, public speaker, security guard, an all around great person to talk with about anything. I'm quite known on all levels of Coruscant for being one of the most friendly Jedi to be around. Right now though, I need to focus on not being caught, at least That's what my gut is telling me. After they searched my character for any weapons and found the broken blaster that 411 had put in my holster where my lightsaber usually is, they were satisfied and pushed us into one of their big Kom'rk Mark 1 class Mandalorian starfightetransport ship. 
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