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2023.06.01 17:11 _strategic_carrot_ Friday Night Yoga Club (free yoga)

I'm working on setting up a weekly Friday night yoga event for women, and thought I'd post here in case anyone was interested. It's a free meetup in East Peoria and a very informal situation, just something I'm doing because I moved back here after 10 years in San Francisco, and the bar scene is just not for me at all anymore. So I'd love to meet more people who would rather be hanging out with friends in their sweatpants at 8 PM on a Friday. (There will also be lunges, sorry. Nobody likes that part, including me.)
The building I work in has a large room with a large screen that makes it easy to host these sorts of things for small groups. There's no instructor, we'll just be following along with video, so it's probably not a good fit for complete beginners. But if you've done yoga before and are familiar with the basics, I think you'd be fine.
If you're interested, you can sign up once you've joined the Meetup group: This group has other casual fitness events too sometimes, though now that the weather is heating up I'll probably mostly limit activities to whatever I can set up indoors.
The first one is June 9, and I'll have them weekly after that if I can get a group going. I have six attendees so far, and am limiting the number of spots to make sure everyone has tons of room. (I hate that feeling of "I'm going to smack someone in the face if I extend my arms all the way," which unfortunately seems to be common in studios that are trying to make ends meet!)
Happy to answer questions here or over DM. If you're a man who would love to attend something like this, I'm truly so sorry that there's always some creep who ruins it for everyone. Tell the women in your life about it, because once the group is rolling I'm going to explore allowing men as +1s or something.
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2023.06.01 17:11 Acrobatic_Tennis_598 Insanely jealous of my best friend

I’ve never been like this before but OMG I’m soo jealous of my friend. It’s just like everything seems to come so easily to them compared to me. They’re surrounded by other “friends” All the time and honestly I feel like I’m being pushed out because I don’t get invited to things they do by them. It sounds so childish but when the friends life was in a bad patch I was there even though I wasn’t well myself and now that things are looking up I feel like I’m being pushed out. I feel under appreciated and hurt but I don’t know if it’s rational or just my BPD. Whenever we go out guys are always all over the friend and not me, we try for the same thing and they get it and not me, they try for one time and get the thing I’ve been trying years repeatedly for. They seem to be more talented, pretty, perfect and basically everything I imagined for myself is literally happening to them!! I try to be happy and I pretend I am but inside it’s eating me up. I hate feeling like this because jealousy is ugly but I honestly can’t help it. It’s always all about them but as soon as I open my mouth about anything I’m just “being dramatic etc”. There’s 5 years between us and when I was their age I was attractive without even trying and guys were all over me but now I might aswell be 50 years older because I feel it. Idk what to do or what to feel and I absolutely cannot say it to them.
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2023.06.01 17:11 Sea-Imagination-8514 F4F

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2023.06.01 17:11 Remarkable-End-9183 Need help to process my feelings for someone who once embarassed me.

I feel this is just a small problem but its been bothering me for a long time na since I wasnt able to process my feelings.
Alam niyo yung feeling na alam mo namang hindi magkakagusto yung tao sayo pero you still can't make your feelings fade away from them. For context, I am gay. And nagka crush ako sa isang straight guy na common friend namin ng high school friend ko. Naging close kami nitong guy pero never ako umamin. I felt genuinely happy pag kasama ko sya and I really enjoy his companion. Wala rin kasi ako masyadong kaibigan na lalaki. Since gay nga ko, sa previous friendships ko madali ako mailang pag inaakbayan ako or pag nagiging touchy saken. Insecure kasi ako kasi baka kung ano isipin ng ibang tao. Baka isipin na binabakla ko sila. Pero with this guy, sa kanya ko lang naachieve yung dynamics na hindi ko naranasan sa iba. Kakaiba yung feeling. Ang comfy namin sa isat isa. Tabi kami matulog. Magkaakbay kami. Nagkakapitan kami sa braso pag naglalakad. Ayoko maging delusional kaya lagi kong iniisip na ganito sya sa lahat ng kaibigan nya, na hindi exclusive sakin ung ganitong treatment. I feel loved pero I must know na this love is not a romantic one. Sweet lang talaga sya sa lahat.
Pero one day, eto na yung ilalabas kong mabigat sa dibdib. Nag iinuman kami kasama sya with our college friends. May isang nagtanong if may time daw ba na nagkagusto siya sakin. Maybe napapansin nga kasi nila na lagi kami magkasama, laging magkadikit, at may pagkasweet sa isa't isa. Then he replied with a hard no. Expected ko naman yung sagot na "no" pero the way it was delivered really hurted me. Ang lungkot lang kasi he never said it to my face. He just shouted "no" in front of everyone, na para bang diring-diri. I felt humiliated kasi pwede naman sanang di niya na lang sinagot yung question. O kaya sana a simple "no" would do. Alam ko rin na hindi pa siya lasing non kasi halos kakasimula lang namin.
Wala lang ang lungkot lang kasi after namin mag inuman inalagaan ko pa rin sya since nagsusuka at wala syang malay buong byahe namin. (Manila kami nag inuman and he lives out of the metro).
Sa totoo lang, di ko alam kung ano dapat kong maramdaman mula nung gabing iyon. Hindi naman kasi valid na ipilit ko na magustuhan ako ng isang tao.
Dapat ko bang aminin sakanya na may feelings ako sa kanya, just for closure, or i-enjoy ko na lang ba dapat yung companion naming dalawa. Please don't advice na i-cut off ko sya since he is a good friend naman and magkaklase rin kami so no option ang burning bridges.
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2023.06.01 17:11 theabsentmindedgirl2 Does anyone else feel dizzy or pass out when you see other people in distress. No, I'm not talking about fainting at sight of blood, but simply seeing other people cry in pain.

I have to talk about 3 different instances to explain what happened to me:
  1. My sister fainted one night after watching a gruesome scene on a series and she hit her head during the fall. She didn't move when she fainted and I panicked trying to wake her. After she woke, she realized she had a bump on her head due to the fall and my father and I took her to the hospital, where they said that she was fine. Once all was fine and my dad went to pay the bill, I started feeling dizzy and they had to make me lie down even though there was nothing in that moment that could have triggered a reaction like that. It was embarrassing and I felt horrible.
  2. My sister was getting a wound dressed at a health centre and I was accompanying her. I couldn't see anything, but I saw my sister crying in pain when the nurse wasn't being gentle while cleaning the wound. Though I couldn't see the wound, and could only see my sister crying in pain, I passed out for a few seconds. A friend told me that my eyes rolled in my head while I fainted. Once again, embarrassing and I felt weak.
  3. One morning when I woke up, I saw my mother had fallen down and dislocated her shoulder. Though at that moment no one knew it was dislocation, all we could see was she was crying in pain. The situation was under control, so i decided to make some juice for her to calm her, but while I was trying to make the juice, I started feeling dizzy and blurry. So I quickly walked to the bedroom to lie down. Once again, I felt weak and it was confusing because I wasn't in distress or stressed out.
These reactions seem so blown out of proportion to the situations that happened. It seems so silly and I felt weak.
Does anyone know what this could be? I have heard of vasovagal syncope, but it mostly talks about fainting at sight of blood or gruesome scenes. But my situation seems unlike those things, so it feels confusing to me. I have seen blood, but never fainted at the sight of it. It seems there is something to do with people crying in pain.
Anyone knows anything info or articles or details, do share and enlighten me.
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2023.06.01 17:10 lofisevil Weed & Shrooms

Tripped w friend/siblings Had a pillow up to my chest the whole time idk how many I did but I ripped a bubbler while I was coming down from my trip and it went back up , I can’t stop thinking about how uncomfy my heart was and how bad of a trip it was . Next morning I woke up my body was shaking uncontrollably walking to the bathroom took a shower then went back to sleep, Every time I think about it it feels hard to breathe and my chest feels weird is there a way to overcome this?
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2023.06.01 17:10 qwerty7873 Is it possible to get DHT cream in australia?

I'm ftm and kind of disappointed with my bottom growth, I've seen great results online from people using DHT cream and pumps, I can't find any way to get DHT here, I don't want to look silly asking my doctor if it's blatantly illegal or something lol. If so how did you do it? What was the cost?
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2023.06.01 17:10 manikandanramkumar Help finding family doctor

Hello Friends , we recently moved to KWC . I am having hard time finding family doctor , can anyone in the group know any family doctor that are currently accepting new patient or refer me to their family doctor . Please help !
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2023.06.01 17:10 i_am_cyberadmin Solo dev answers if Flutter good enough for you game

Hey there, solo dev here, working on a cyberpunk-themed roguelike card game using Flutter.
I wanted to share my experience with you all.Using plain Flutter (without the Flame library) might suffice for your needs. Personally, I'm using vanilla Flutter to draw and animate cards on the screen, as well as for menus and similar elements. It's an UI toolkit that's easy to use, well-documented, and functions effectively. However, if you require a more dynamic UI or if your game has less of a focus on UI (think of a typical 2D platformer), you can consider using the Flame library.
Development is quick and efficient, thanks to the godsend features of hot reload and hot restart. Hot reload allows you to instantly see your UI changes as you save them, while hot restart restarts your app in less than a second, resetting all game logic.
It's multiplatform ready, although consoles aren't supported. It's astonishing how you can have your game available on Android, iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux, and web platforms without needing to modify your code. However, do keep in mind that some sound libraries may not be compatible with web or Windows/Mac/Linux. Since I will be first launching on mobile platforms, I'll address those issues later on.
Dart is an okay language; think of it as a more modern, less verbose version of Java. It may seem dull, but that's actually a good thing, as it allows for a smoother development experience.Performance is decent overall. The only noticeable issue I encountered was some initial lag when rendering certain screens on iOS the first time due to shader compilation. Fortunately, this has been resolved with the new Impeller rendering engine for iOS. However, there's that engine has a problem with text outlines, so I'll wait for the next release to enable it.
All in all, it has been a pleasant experience, although not perfect. I have no regrets about choosing this platform. Initially, I considered Godot, but I believed it would have been more challenging to develop in a different language and with a different developer experience compared to a more "conventional" developer experience like with Flutter.
I'm currently seeking beta testers, so feel free to check it out:
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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2023.06.01 17:10 aoanalyst Parking Garages in the Heights

Long shot, but why not.
I have a friend coming in from New York on Saturday, and I know how bad the parking situation gets over the weekend. Are there any garages in the area that you’ve had good experiences with? I’m close to Christ Hospital.
Also, in the situation where we do find street parking, we can stay parked on that spot overnight on Saturdays, right?
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2023.06.01 17:10 Localfishpopulation Looking for bicyclists in metro manila to interview online

Hello! I am a senior high school student currently searching for interviewees for my research project “The Risks and Difficulties of Urban Bicycling in Metro Manila”. The people i aim to find must be of legal age, lives and uses a bicycle in Metro Manila, I will be hosting the interviews on zoom and the interview should last less than 30 minutes so I won’t be taking up much of your time.
PM me if interested!
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2023.06.01 17:10 IamTheHype23 “Because of low interest, you’ve been taken off the map.”

So for the past few days I would go on the app to receive absolutely no passenger requests. I live in a fairly populated city (approx. 123,000 people) and have tried many different areas. I’ve even sat in the middle of a surge. Nothing.
Finding this odd, I finally co tasted support. The agent assured me there is nothing wrong with my account or anything on my end of things. After a few minutes on hold, the agent comes back on to inform me that because of “low passenger interest” in my area, my car was randomly taken out of the air of Uber drivers waiting to pick up a pax. At tbis point I’m annoyed and frustrated because I’m still able to go live on the driver app with no notifications telling me I’m not in the virtual que. I even logged onto my Uber passenger app and it did not show my car on the GPS map when it normally does.
So now I’m waiting for Uber to “investigate” the situation, effectively killing my income for now. Has this ever happened to anyone else?
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2023.06.01 17:10 Agreeable-Voice1581 Trying to get transphobe suspended

I got a DM in my Instagram requests the other day of threatening transphobic messages calling me slurs and telling me to kms from this kid and we’ll..The idiot has his FULL NAME and school in his bio. (Victor Flores from LHHS) I would love some help/advise on how I can find what school this is so I can reach out to his principal. Thanks!
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2023.06.01 17:10 Willing-Fisherman145 33 [F4M] Manila / Online As Rainy Season hits in here, do you mind staying in and just hang out?

As I welcome the rainy season with open arms, you're probably excited to go on out and about on this fine summer weather. Summer is somewhat over for me which I am very relieved about as the sweltering heat has been consuming my energy. But now that it's pretty late to enjoy the cold weather outside (sort of hahaha), I'd just stay at home and get ready for bed in a few hours and would love to hang out and chat! 😊
So, hi! I’m from Manila and looking for people to talk to (and maybe hang out with if there comes a time you visit here or I travel to your country, who knows?!). People say I’m very extroverted and I certainly agree. The pandemic was not good for me mentally and emotionally as I usually get energy from being with people. I’m very sociable. 😊 I tend to ramble on about anything and everything and would love to hear about your travels and how your week is going! Any out of the ordinary plans this week as it's also the first weekend of the month? Any summer getaways? I want to know what keeps you up at night or what side of the bed you usually like to sleep in. I want to know if you sing in the shower and what you usually think of when you’re washing your face. I want to know if you sing in your head while you brush your teeth to make sure you hit the 2 minutes or if you rap or sing like me when you wash your hands to make it up to the hygienic minimum of 20 seconds. Are you also an overthinker like me who overpacks on trips? Or maybe as spontaneous as me who would be going to trips every now and then with friends or maybe alone? Are you the observant friend who notices if your friends would like to dip their fries in ketchup or not? Do you love music that you’d already know from the first few notes it’s this certain song because you’ve listened to it a thousand times? Let me know your quirks or something interesting about you! If you’ve read this far, tell me your favorite travel memory!
I really don’t mind the distance because I’ve met people through travels and online who are from different walks of life. And it’s just so fascinating to learn about another culture! I like knowing what makes you you.
I’m rambling again so I’ll leave it at that. I hope you are having a good week! 😊
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2023.06.01 17:10 SnowCricket1 Looking for a foundation similar to NYX Bare With Me Concealer

Hi everyone!
I've been recently using my NYX Bare with me concealer (shade Light) as a sheer foundation by mixing it with 1 drop of jojoba oil. This works great for the cold months, but as summer is approaching, it's starting to get too oily for me. If I don't dilute it with some sort of oil, it's too heavy (lol that's why it's concealer, I know).
The issue is I'm having a hard time finding a hydrating skin-like foundation. I like a sheer coverage and a glow. I recently tried Missha BB cream, but it's too pink/gray for my skintone (light neutral olive, dry skin). I also got Catrice Tinted Serum foundation, but it's too heavy and cakey (the lady at the drugstore convinced me it's not but... :( ..). I'm very new to foundations so I haven't really tried many.
I also haven't tried any high-end foundations because the shops in my country do not have a return policy and things never look the same color on me when I try them at the drugstore vs at home.
Please let me know what you would suggest. Thanks for your time!
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2023.06.01 17:10 readAndTravel First time visit advice requested - thank you in advance!

Hi! Posting here after looking through old posts for the last couple months - this subreddit has been a great resource in helping me plan for my upcoming trip w/ friends (no kids/elders) on July 2-8, staying in Canmore. This post may look long but just trying to list out as many details as possible to help those willing to respond w/ advice
Completely understand that this will be a very busy time in Banff, we picked out which activities we want to try and do but having trouble finalizing which days we should do what - any suggestions would be great!
We will check into Canmore AirBnB on July 2 at 4/5 pm and will be on the road between 12-4 pm before that after checking out from Calgary that morning. We considered seeing if there’s something we could do on the way from Calgary to Canmore before checking in but not sure.
July 8 is checkout morning, so we have essentially 5 full days (July 3-7)
Current ideas to fit into schedule:
  1. Anything you would suggest doing on particular days, or any advice about spreading out drives/activities? We are trying to account for crowds, possible fire issues, etc.
  2. Is 1 day relatively enough in Jasper? We saw things like Athabasca Falls but not sure if that’s doable when the icefields tour itself will take 2-3 hrs.
  3. We are also trying to be realistic and account for things like meals/breaks, is it usually common to do outdoor things after dinner time (as in how late until it gets dark/things close)?
Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions!
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2023.06.01 17:09 Luluafficionado Should I move an hour away?

Hi all,
Currently looking for some advice! I’m a first time home buyer just out of college renting in Raleigh Nc. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck finding something in Raleigh/Durham in my budget that I like. However, I found a beautiful home an hour away from where I currently live. The home is in a smaller town but close to the interstate and local businesses. Given it’s location I would still be able to maintain my lifestyle, for the most part, there is a gym under ten minutes away as well various stores and restaurants. On the other hand, I love my life in Raleigh and the various commodities it offers. I’m worried about potentially losing some of these, the town the house is in doesn’t seem to have much of a nightlife for younger folks. This town is mostly older homes and families. It seems dumb to consider the lack of night/social life since this isn’t something I need but do occasionally enjoy. Likewise, I don’t want a factor like this to affect me potentially buying a really nice home but want to make a reasonable decision for my lifestyle.
I work from home so moving an hour away will not affect my job. Although I am worried about the job prospects given the smaller town. My current job is fine but isn’t something I would want to make a career of. This is why I’m hesitant to move also. Raleigh has a huge job market and am worried I will be missing out on future opportunities if I move an hour away. Same goes for my bf that will be living with me.
My total budget is 300k, this house is 275k. I have seen houses in Durham at the top of my budget that are move in ready but they are not as nice as this one. Similarly, everything in my budget in Durham is only 1000 sq ft while this house is almost 1700 sq ft. Houses in Durham also rarely have a decent yard which I want given my two dogs and cat.
Ideally, I would like to host my family and friends. This house would also allow me to do that given it has two living spaces, a bar, and a decent sized yard. Though I’m worried my friends won’t want to drive and hour to come visit. Although this house is only thirty minutes away from my family so this wouldn’t be an issue for them. I know my extended family would love for me to host here.
On the other hand I’ve heard many mixed opinions about Durham. But I was raised there so I don’t think it’s too bad although I am hesitant to move back. My parents are helping me with closing costs and would prefer me to live in Durham. Despite their opinion I am really considering this house but am worried about making the wrong decision. My only concern with this house is the location but I highly doubt I will be able to find a house this nice in my budget in Raleigh/Durham. Please offer advice!
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2023.06.01 17:09 andis93 P3i only audio on one side

I just got the P3i delivered from amazon. I connected them to my iphone and they were both working fine for about a minute. While listening to music i clicked on the button on the right speaker and it stopped on the right one and now only the left headphone is working. I tried resetting, put them in the case and reconnected them with my phone. I also tried with an ipad. Still only the left one is playing music, but i can control pause/play and volume and the anc with the right one. So the right one is still connected. I just don‘t know if the right one is just broken or if i somehow activated mono mode or something. I don’t see any option on the app to change it. I‘m about to get a replacement from amazon on them, i just want to make sure i try every troubleshooting possible. Google didn‘t really help much, i already tried the whole resetting progress. Both of them have 100% battery on them and since the the right one is able to control play/pause i assume it‘s not just broken. Amazon will probably refund them or replace them but i wanted to take them with me this weekend so that sucks… Anyone has any ideas for troubleshooting?
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2023.06.01 17:09 summer_breeze0701 NUS Scholarship for Current Student (not entrance)

Hello, you could lend your hand if you are an NUS SENIORS OR GRADUATE!
I hope this message finds you well. I am a Malaysian A-Levels graduate who is currently in the process of applying to NUS for Computer Science and Mathematics. I am reaching out to you today to kindly request more information regarding the scholarship opportunities, as the details provided on the official website are rather limited.
Before I proceed, I would like to briefly introduce myself, not with the intention of boasting about my accomplishments, but to provide you with a better understanding of my background. Throughout my academic journey, starting from high school, I have maintained a consistent track record of excellence. I am proud to have achieved a full A* in IGCSE, followed by 4 A's in my AS level examinations, and a commendable 1540 SAT score. Additionally, I have been fortunate to receive international-level awards and recognition in Math Olympiad and Competitive Programming. As an athlete and committee member of the Student Representative Council, I have dedicated myself to maintaining a well-rounded extracurricular profile. Based on these achievements, I have a good chance of securing a scholarship, don't you agree?
Unfortunately, I encountered a setback during my A-Levels (A2) examination, where I fell ill and consequently did not perform as well as I had hoped. I was devastated by this outcome, as it jeopardized my chances of receiving the prestigious scholarship I had been aiming for. However, I am determined to move forward and explore the best available solutions for myself. I am aware that NUS is renowned for its generosity and offers numerous full-ride entrance scholarships, such as the Asean Undergraduate Scholarship, Science and Technology Scholarship, among others. Nevertheless, I am concerned that my less competitive A-Levels results may hinder my chances of obtaining these scholarships.
My primary question is whether there is still an opportunity for me to be considered for a full-ride scholarship during the second semester of the first year or second year if I can demonstrate excellent academic performance. If given this chance, I can assure that I will be fully committed to my studies and possess the confidence and ability to excel. In order to compensate for my less-than-desirable results, I am prepared to cover the tuition fees for the first semester using my personal savings. However, I would prefer not to rely on my family for financial support in the subsequent semesters, as I understand the burden it would place on them.
As senior or graduate of NUS, your insights and experiences would be invaluable to me. I kindly request any information, relevant cases, or suggestions you may have to share. Pursuing my passion at my dream university has always been my ambition, and I am determined to avoid any missteps that may hinder me from achieving my academic aspirations.
I genuinely appreciate your assistance and clarification on this matter. If you require any further details about my background to guide your response, please feel free to ask.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Warm regards.
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2023.06.01 17:09 daju_l Why did my friend with ADHD go quiet out of nowhere?

My friend was his normal self yesterday, we were interacting as we usually do, but today he came to school and was kinda.. quiet.
When I tried to talk to him, he became smiley and talkative as usual, but when I started to talk to somebody else, his face just went blank. I felt like I needed to leave him alone, so I wasn't talking to him that much today, but it somehow made him more withdrawn. Even when I started to talk to him after that, he just put on an obvious fake smile and distanced himself. He was even fidgeting more than usual, and.. hid under the table, but he was probably just being random. But he wasn't interacting, so I thought it was weird.
I'm not sure why though? The only thing I could think of is that he recently started to give me small gifts. Yesterday and the day before he bought be chocholate, and today too. I'm not gonna lie, I was somehow weirded out, since it were 3 days in a row, but I appreciated it anyway. It's just, I felt like I didn't appreciate it enough and then it made him.. quiet. He even hugged a friend of mine, and he never hugs people, usually only me.
I'm not sure what did I do or if he was just out of energy today, I just want to make sure..
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2023.06.01 17:09 Just_Caliber A dream that replaces someone's reality

The novel that I am writing right takes place in a dream.
For context, my character, a police officer, took a bullet wound to the head and was in a coma for several weeks, and lived literally an entire life within a dream. Think of it as the movie Inception where 5 minutes, in reality, is 1 hour in the dream. Anywho, she goes in deep undercover and falls in love with a man in her dream and started a family.
She wakes up from her coma and forgets everything about her pre-coma life. Her entire reality has been replaced with this dream. She doesn't remember her own fiance, her job, etc. She struggles with the fact that everything she ever knew was just a dream. Suffering from PTSD, she seeks out answers that are not there and tries to find people from her dream that do not exist.
I am no psychologist, but would anyone know what this effect would be called? I have looked online, but haven't found any answers, or I am not asking the right questions.
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2023.06.01 17:09 Hour-Ad-528 unexplained bed shaking?wth

Posting for a friend. He has been experiencing his bed shaking slightly at night. No known cause. It's causing him to loose sleep. We've gone as far as researching local seismic activity. But one one day matched up to where he felt the shaking and there was activity close by. Until lately he was the only one who felt it until last night he woke his girlfriend up and she felt it also. We can't seem to find the source. Please help us were beginning to think it's paranormal
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